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The 1990 Freedom Holocaust - Page 5 

Victory Through Agony - Page 8 ^U^vl ^4^' -, 

The Realization of a Forty Year Drea^at --^.Page 10* ~ 

Three Reasons Why I Don't Pray caid One Reason Why I Do- page 14 

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Studies in Ephesians 

Tom Julien 

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Tbm Julien and his wife, 
Doris, served 28 years as mis- 
sionaries in France where 
Tom was also field director 
and European area director. 
In 1986 he became executive 
director of Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions. 

The Brethren 
Missionary Herald Co. 

P.O. Box 544 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Telephone 219/267-7158 (Indiana) 


HERALD/ January 15, 1990 


Here we are, standing on the 
edge of another great opportuni- 
ty. Not just because it is the 90's, 
but because we are alive and 
have a few more days to serve. 
The world is exploding with 
change, and most of us are not 
great on change. It brings the ele- 
ment of uncertainty - when we 
do not know what is going to 
happen we feel a bit uneasy. 

It is certain that this year will 
not be like the old one. There is 
change in the world and 
everyone is talking global. 
"Global" may well be the fad 
word of this decade. There is 
change in the political structure 
of the East European countries. 
They want change from a system 
that has not been working well. 
What form that change will take 
is not certain. If things are nor- 
mal the change will not come 
fast enough for people . . . old 
systems do not die with ease and 
new ones are not formed in a 
perfect state. 

This unrest and change 
presents a challenge to the 
church. Will the church be ready 
for the challenge? I hear of 
businesses getting ready for the 
change and the new global era, 
but churches are still struggling 
with old problems. They cannot 
decide where to attack the prob- 
lems or even which problem to 
attack. The old role of the 
evangelical church was to 
change persons and society by 
an internal change of heart. This 
meant that the Gospel of Jesus 
Christ was the centerpiece of the 
attack. We picked up another old 
idea of change through society 
and a need to help society. Keep 
in mind that both truths are 
necessary to win the battle. 

Our present society is short- 
term oriented in solutions to 
problems. They must see results 
now and not in the distant future 
" so we have set out to change 
laws and rulers on this earth. 
There is the Biblical reminder 
that we are pilgrims and when 

we put our roots down too deep- 
ly here, we tend to lose sight of 
our mission of redemption and 

What a dilemma to be in when 
the needs are so great! The 
global concept fits well into the 
prophecy of the Bible. I think our 
newspapers and TV are telling us 
that we are about to see the Word 
of God fulfilled. If our media is 
telling us about it, we need the 
same awareness from the pulpit. 
Men are becoming lovers of 
pleasure more than lovers of God 

— yet mankind has always been 
self-centered and eager to please 
self. Whether we are more so in 
our age is open to debate. 

The real question is: What is 
our clear-cut mission? What are 
we seeking to accomplish? This 
will sharpen our vision and get 
us headed in the right direction 
for God. The opportunities and 
avenues of service to preach the 
Gospel have never been better. 
Yes, the church has "egg" on its 
face from religious figures who 
have recently fallen by the way. 
However, that does not change 
the fact that if there is any hope 
at all for humanity, it must come 
through Jesus Christ. There are 
not a lot of "right ways" that will 
lead to Heaven. The Bible states 
there is only ONE . . . the way to 
the Father is through the Son. 

We may be accused of being 
narrow with such an approach, 
but we had better get the 
message back in focus. If it is 
narrow, that is not our problem. 
We did not make the Bible, so it 
is not our task to reshape it. It is 
our responsibility to preach it 
and the working of the Holy 
Spirit will activate it. The Grace 
of God will take care of the 

The opportunity of a New Year 

- whether to a global society or 
your neighbor - is tell them of 
the love of God and the awful 
consequences of rejecting Christ. 
The opportunity is open, what 
will we do about it? 






by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ January 15. 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 

January 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

A Wonderful Yeeir 
of Opportunity! 

Charles W. Tlirner 

5 Current Christian Issues 

The 1990 
Freedom Holocaust 

Fran Fredericks 

8 Devotional 

Victory Through 

J. Timothy Coyle 

14 WMC 

Three Reasons 
Why I Don't Pray 
and One Reason 
Why I Do 

Mary Thompson 

10 Home Missions 

The Realization of 

a 40 Year Dream is Fellowship News 
Lloyd Wenger 

6 Foreign Missions 

Memories of 
a Friend 

12 Home Missions 


18 BEM 

The Parable of the 
Life Saving Station 


If you have read through the Bible in 1989, we'd like 
to list your name on our honor roll. In this first issue 
of 1990, we're pleased to have responses from several 

"I finished reading my Bible thru for 1989, and am ready to start 
over in 1990. I think this is 19 times." 

-- Mrs. Ray Andrew, Leon, Iowa 

"The past two years, I have read through the Bible each year." 

-- Thelma Boren, Findlay, Ohio 

"We have read through the Bible in 1988 and again in 1989. Thanks 
for the encouragement. We plan to do it again in 1990. 

-- Phyllis and Russ Dunlap, Winona Lake, Indiana. 

Publisher Charles W. TUrner 
Printer BMH Printing 
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Christian Education 

Ed Ixwis 
Foreign Missions 
Tom Julien 
MaryBeth Kaylor 
Grace Schools 

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Joel Curry 
Home Missions 

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Jesse Deloe 
Women's Missionary Council 
Linda Unruh 
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The Grand Teton 
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by Dr. Lester E. Pifer) 

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HERALD/ January 15, 1990 


The 1990 Freedom Holocaust 

FREEDOM! The Berlin wall is now open. Tens 
of thousands of East Germans are fleeing across 
the border in search of freedom. As missionaries 
in West Germany, my family is living in the mid- 
dle of history in the making. But will the world's 
refugees find real freedom? Will we find real 

As a parent in our "freedom society," fear grips 
my heart from time to time. An example -- my re- 
cent visit to the local grocery store. While 1 waited 
in line to check out, 1 stood next to the magazine 
rack. My eyes swept across the selection of porn- 
ographic magazines openly displayed at eye level. 
There is a 13 year old boy standing behind me. It's 
. . . my own son! Our eyes meet briefly and my 
heart sinks. How will he possibly escape the 
misuses of freedom at every turn in this "freedom 
society?" He needs a power greater than his own. 

"Holocaust" - this word immediately brings 
graphic pictures to mind from some fifty years ago 
. . . pictures of suffering, torture, starvation, and 
injustice. All flowing from the hands of a madman 
through the power of his SS officers, Gestapo and 
war machinery. If you haven't read about the World 
War II Holocaust, pick up an encyclopedia and get 
the highlights. To learn about the Holocaust of the 
year 1990. pick up your daily newspaper, visit a 
courtroom or your local hospital. 

We have a runaway, modern-day holocaust in 
1990. It is accelerating at a frightening speed. 
Abortion, drug abuse, AIDS, pornography, family 
deterioration is today's "freedom holocaust." It is 
not inflicted by the power of others, but by each 
one of us exercising our personal freedom to make 
a deliberate choice. For every baby that is term- 
inated, there is a web of involved individuals who 
exercise their freedom. Recreational drug users 
seldom look ahead to the mainliners, whose bodies 
appear to have known their own concentration 
camp. AIDS provides its own sentence in a death 
camp. Porno is the gas chamber that is available 
in the privacy of our own homes. Here in West Ger- 
many pornographic magazines are at the finger- 
tips of every child and adult. Families in the 1990s 
are not separated by a wall or jerked apart by rifle- 
wielding soldiers. They are torn apart by mutual 
incompatibility or infidelity, because parents have 
lost touch with the whole concept of home and 
love. Children, who once represented a hopeful 
future, are too often placed before the firing squad 
of television, negligent supervision and immediate 
gratification advertising. Parents who have 

by Fran Fredericks 

prioritized their time and energy are elsewhere. 

How can we possibly escape the lust and self- 
seeking at every turn in our freedom society? Oh, 
you say, "I know missionaries need to know and 
talk about freedom and the power of choice in one's 
life. But for me it's not so critical." 

If that couple's unborn baby is to live . . . If that 
teenager is to be able to say "no" when certain 
well-understood, but questionable matters come 
up . . . if our youth group is to remain in the world, 
and yet not be swayed by its spirit . . . if our families 
are to reflect love and commitment ... if our 
churches are to be radiant with worship, and led 
by the Holy Spirit ... if our work is to be free of 
those compromising entanglements, then each 
one of us must have a rare persuasive power in his 
freedom. Yes, more power than some of us know 
anything about . . . yet. 

Here is the wonder. God has provided for all our 
needs in life. Where His Holy Spirit is "there is 
liberty." Freeing power! Power for every choice - 
power for every strong temptation, for every cry of 
need, every sigh of disappointment, every disheart- 
ened look into tomorrow. Every longing heart has 
that ringing promise of His - "If the Son shall 
make you free, you shall be free indeed." 

Let us begin afresh today to humble ourselves 
on bended knees with an open Bible, listening to 
the Liberator's voice of promise. Let us learn 
through the empowering of His Holy Spirit the 
marvelous wonder that we may be "free" . . . real- 
ly free! 

Fran Fredericks (lower center in photo above), her hus- 
band Jim and their four children serve as missionaries 
in Calw, West Germany with Grace Brethren Foreign 

HERALD/ January 15. 1990 


Memories of 

A Tribute to Jake Kliever 

"I told the Lord if He 
could do something with 
nothing, then I would do 
my best. He wanted 
nothing so He could do It 
all." Jake Kliever Is living 
proof that God can use 
whoever is willing to do 
His will. His former 
teammates and friends 
remember how willing 
Jake was to be about the 
Lord's work. Here are a few of their memories of him. 

Dr. Jacob Kliever was a man that, once met, was 
not easily forgotten. His quick grasp of humor in any 
situation and his zest for life were quickly perceived. 
But who was Jake I^iever, once you really got to 
know him? What was he like on the mission field? 

Jake was a man who left his mark on the fields 
of Central African Republic and Chad where he 
served for so many years. He was a tender, loving 
man who at times found it necessary to hide it 
under a stern crust. He was steadfast in his princi- 
ples and his philosophy of missions. He believed in 
an indigenous church that would stand on its own. 

Wherever Jake was, there was always a crowd -- 
especially an awe struck group of kids. His slighest 
of hand tricks drew "oohs and ahs", and also won 
him a hearing for a gospel message. 

Jake was a man of varied and considerable 
talents. He was a composer. Some of the most loved 
songs sung in our African churches came from his 
pen. He was an organizer and the African churches 
benefited from his ability to help them organize and 
to do so along New Testament lines. He was a stu- 
dent. Anyone, working on the station with Jake 
knew that a couple of hours before dawn, Jake 
would be up and at his study of the Word. He was 
a communicator. Jake was a student with a purpose 
- to communicate in the most effective way possi- 
ble the truths of God's Word to the people whom he 
served. He was a pioneer in Bible School ministry, 
in developing refresher courses and further study 
for pastors to help keep their ministry fresh. Jake 
has left a legacy of written Bible teaching materials 
that have helped younger missionaries and Central 
Africans alike to study and teach more effectively. 

Many, have, and will continue to miss this man, 
Jake Kliever. Yet who would ask him back? He has 
gone to be with the Lord and his beloved Freda, 

- Rev. Marvin Goodman 

Three days before his death I was with him for the 

afternoon, and after reading scripture and praying. 
I felt awkward because I needed to leave and yet I 
realized the gravity of his condition. Jake, I will pray 
for you. You can count on it,' I promised. He looked 
a bit perplexed, and then said, 'Well, thank you, . 
. . but 1 should pray for you. I'm gonna go home 
soon, and you will be stuck down here. You have a 
hard ministry. I will pray for you.' 

Jake was my 
Paul. Even up 
to the last 
hours of his 
life, he was 
concerned for 
someone else 
who was labor- 
ing in the 
church that 
Jake dearly 
loved. But that 
was Jake." 

- Rev. Jeff Hoffard 

Almost every morning at 4:00, he was in his office 
studying God's Word and praying. He showed his 
devotion to Jesus Christ by spending much time 
talking to Him each morning and he allowed God 
to talk to him through His Word. 

- Rev. Roy Snyder 

What do I remember of Jake? Flashes of unrelated 
incidents go through my mind: Jake teasing the 
children at bedtime: traveling along the road 
sighting an antelope, shooting it, and taking meat 
wherever he was going: organizing his "chop box" 
and trunks for his many trips to the bush; Jake 
pelting the intruding goats with BB shots; suffering 
deeply from slights big or little; Jake eating little, 
sleeping little; talking a lot, always ready to throw 
a sermon into the conversation. 

As a young man he laid aside the prospects of a 
successful business career so that he might obey 
God's calling to Africa. All the long years of service 
never changed his conviction that Africa was God's 
place for him. And so, Jake, 

Thou art gone to the grave! 

but we will not deplore thee. 

Whose God was thy ransom, 

thy guardian amd guide: 

He gave thee. He took thee, 

and He will restore thee. 

And death has no sting, 

for the Savior has died. 

(Heber) - Miss Ruth Snyder 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 


A Friend 

A Tribute to Fred Franco 

Fred Franco, an American who was a member 
of the Chalon, France GBC went home to be with 
the Lx>rd September 19, 1989. Although not an of- 
ficial member of the missionary team in France, 
Fred was an honorary member. As Larry DeArmey 
said, "he did regularly and practically the work of 
a missionary." Fred was always looking for and 
creating opportunities to share Christ with others. 

Fred's life appeared to be a difficult one. He had 
a promising future as a printer which was inter- 
rupted by a tour of duty in Vietnam, and then at 
the age of 29 he contracted Hodgkins Disease 
which required cobalt treatments. The treatments 
left Fred physically handicapped. At first this 
handicap had negative effects on his morale. He 
became quite dependent on those around him. 
Because he was no longer able to work, he had 
plenty of time to think and search for answers to 
why all this had happened to him. His search 
began in books on ecology, astrology, world 
history, Judiaism and many more, but finally end- 
ed in the Bible. After reading the Book of Romans 
and the Gospel of John, Fred committed his life 
to Christ. 

When people spoke to Fred of his handicap he 
would respond, "If I hadn't had this physical 
condition, I believe 
I never would have 
met God. Be care- 
ful that the same 
thing doesn't hap- 
pen to you so that 

you'll trust God as 
I did." 

The mission- 
aries in France 
and the French 
believers loved 
Fred. They shared 
some of their feelings and memories of him. One 
thing that impressed all of them was Fred's passion 
for the Word and his conviction concerning its im- 
pact. Fred was never without a stock of books or 
tracts which he distributed with great liberality. He 
rarely missed a chance to give a stranger something 
eternally significant to think about. 

One of Larry DeArmey's clearest memories of 
Fred took place at a cafe in Lyon, where he met Fred 
to discuss some business. Fred excused himself to 
use the restroom, Larry watched him limp across 
the cafe and up the stairs, an ardous process that 
took him about 15 minutes round-trip. When at last, 
Fred returned to the table, he was scolding himself 

for not having taken 

any tracts upstairs 

with him. He'd 

talked with one of 

the cleaning ladies 

and regretted not 

having a tract to 

leave with her. Larry 

said he would've 

been glad to have 

run one up to her, 

but Fred insisted 

that he do so himself 

because he was sure 

it would mean more 

to her. Larry sat there for the next fifteen mmutes 

feeling quite inspired by Fred's passion to share 

Christ in spite of what it cost him. 

Carolyn Nord related this incident: "While taking 
a walk in the park in Chalon-sur-Saone with my 
husband and I, Fred noticed a little league baseball 
team practicing in a nearby field. Right away he 
said, 'You know, as Americans, we ought to go over 
and talk to that coach about baseball. Everyone 
knows that's an American sport.' So Fred did and, 
as always, baseball was just an opportunity to meet 
someone and tell them about their need for Christ." 

Kent Good: "Fred was one of the most honest men 
I've ever met. He sought to know what the scriptural 
principles were relative to any issue. Laws that 
others chose to ignore, Fred sought to know and 
respect because God demanded it. 

Regine Sigot (French believer's testimony at the 
funeral): One of the things that impressed me about 
Fred was his concern for others. He rarely thought 
about himself, but always thought about his son, his 
parents, or his brothers and sisters in the church. 
When he was sick, we would try to help and com- 
fort him, but in fact we were the ones who received 
love and consolation. I think we each have some- 
thing for which we could thank Fred personally. 

Chris Nord. Fred's pastor: Fred left to his friends 
a legacy of courage in the face of the great difficul- 
ty which his handicap caused him. It was hard to 
complain about one's circumstances when Fred was 
unwilling to complain about his. 

Both of these men had a strong conviction about 
the impact of the Word of God. They studied many 
long hours and practiced and shared what they had 
learned. These men have impacted many lives £ind 
their testimonies live on in our memories and in 
other's lives. And by faith they still speak, even 
though they are dead. 

HERALD/ January 15. 1990 


Victory Through Agony 

by J. Timothy Coyle 

When the apostle Paul wrote to the believers in 
Rome he was able to say to them that their faith 
was being proclaimed throughout the known 
world (Rom. 1:8). When he wrote to the Thessalo- 
nian believers he was able to say the same thing 
of them. In fact, their reputation travelled faster 
than Paul could (1 Thess. 1:7-9). These believers 
were living such exemplary lives that their faith 
was the talk of believers everywhere. And to think 
that all of this happened without the aid of 
telephones, modern transportation, or denomina- 
tional magazines! Even with all our advanced 
technology though, we need to ask ourselves 
where the churches are that have this kind of 
reputation today. As we read the New Testament 
and early church history, it seems as though the 
first Christians were taking the world by storm. 
That does not seem to be the case today though, 
at least not within our Fellowship. Something has 
gone wrong, and we are falling short. 

Perhaps part of the problem is that we know little 
by way of experience of a concept that was a part 
of the lives of the early believers. In Philippians 
1:27, Paul encouraged the believers at Philippi to 
conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the 
gospel of Christ. Then he commented on their "ex- 
periencing the same conflict which you saw in me, 
and now hear to be in me" (vs. 30). If we live as 
God intended and take a stand for Christ, we will 
experience conflict in this world. The word "con- 
flict" translates a word in the original Greek from 
which we get our word "agony". The word was 
taken from the world of the Greek games. Ap- 
propriately, it has been immortalized in our own 
culture by the introduction to ABC's Wide World 
of Sports: "The thrill of victory and the agony of 

It is clear though, that there is also agony in vic- 
tory, for the original word referred to the striving 
with every muscle fiber, the agonizing to the very 
limit of one's own strength, in order to win the con- 
test. The term was then used figuratively by the 
New Testament writers to refer to the struggle and 
conflict that we endure in this life as we strive for 
a heavenly prize. Or perhaps we should say if we 
strive. The New Testament makes it clear that this 
effort is to be made in every facet of the Christian 
life. At least seven areas are mentioned in which 
we are to strive. 

Becoming A Believer 

In Luke 13:24 Jesus said to strive to enter by the 
narrow door. It is clear that the entering that He 
spoke of was that of becoming a believer. Our word 

for agonize here is translated by the word "strive". 
Of all the talk there is today about evangelism, this 
is a concept that is rarely if ever mentioned. Yet 
it is consistent with what Jesus said elsewhere 
when He invited people to come to Him. He said 
that a person must deny himself, take up his cross 
daily, and follow Him. 

When we share the gospel though, we tend to 
focus on the good things that result from accep- 
ting Christ and say that all one has to do is just 
believe in Him. But Jesus also said to count the 
cost. Perhaps one reason that this striving does not 
characterize the lives of more Christians later on 
in life is because we do not stcirt them off on the 
right foot. No wonder the commitment of many 
believers today seems so shallow. Yet many 
outstanding Christians of the past like Martin 
Luther, John Bunyan, and John Wesley, knew 
what it meant to strive to enter by the narrow door. 
The same needs to be true today. 

The Daily Christian Life 

Living the Christian life consistently on a daily 
basis involves this same kind of striving, and it is 
taught throughout the epistles. In 1 Timothy 4:7-8 
Paul is writing about the pursuit of godliness. 
Then in verse 10 he says, "It is for this we labor 
and strive." Every Christian is to become more and 
more like Christ, but this does not come easily or 
naturally. Later Paul refers to this life as a contest 
and he tells Timothy to "fight the good fight of 
faith" (vs. 6:12). Forms of our word for agonize are 
used twice in this verse, and both times they are 
translated by the word "fight". We are in a strug- 
gle against the world, the flesh, and the devil, and 
we gain no ground without striving. 

In Hebrews 12:1 we read, "Let us run with en- 
durance the race that is set before us". Once again 
the figure of the games is used, but this time of 
a different event. Here our word is translated as 
"run". Just as the runner must draw from his 
reserves and endure pain and exert every bit of 
energy if he is to win, so in this life we must strive 
to be consistent in every area of our lives and on 
a day-by-day basis. 

Facing Trials 

As the writer of Hebrews continues, he focuses 
on a specific problem that these believers were ex- 
periencing. In verse 4 he says to them, "You have 
not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in 
your striving against sin." The sin that they are 
striving against is not their own personal sin. 
Rather, it is the unjust sinful persecution that they 
were experiencing at the hands of others. The 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 


shedding of blood refers to martyrdom. To en- 
courage them, the writer reminds them of the 
hostility that Jesus Himself endured for us (vs. 3). 
The Bible makes it clear that trials are a normal 
part of the Christian life. While some fall away 
because they feel that God is not being fair to them, 
God actually allows trials to be a part of our lives 
in order to develop us into something truly worth- 
while. God has something much higher in mind 
than our present comfort and ease. 

Overcoming Sin 

Not only do we need to strive against the unfair 
treatment of others, we also need to deal with our 
own personal sin. In 1 Corinthians 9 Paul uses the 
figure of the gEimes to illustrate a point concerning 
the proper exercise of the library that believers have 
in Christ. In verse 25 he says, "And everyone who 
competes in the games exercises self-control in all 
things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but 
we an imperishable." Here our word is translated 
"competes". The context makes it clear that Paul is 
speaking of the training which an athlete subjects 
himself to in preparation for his event. Because he 
wants to win he watches what he eats and does not 
indulge himself. He also builds up his body and in- 
creases his endurance, even at a painful cost, so that 
he will be in the best shape possible. As Paul said, 
"I buffet my body and make it my slave" (vs. 27). 
He then ran according to the rules. 

Tbday, we see a number of people who strive, even 
agonize, to keep physically fit. But that is the extent 
to which we see self-discipline exercised in society. 
The zeal for physical fitness is matched by an un- 
paralleled spiritual and moral unfitness. In our cul- 
ture of anything goes, self-indulgence has replaced 
self-control. Unfortunately, believers are not exempt. 

Our Prayer Life 

Another area in which we are to strive is our 
prayer life. TVue prayer is hard work. Therefore in 
Romans 15:30 Paul wrote, "Now I urge you, 
brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love 
of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your 
prayers to God for me." Of course, we are to pray con- 
cerning our own needs and ministry, but we also are 
to pray for the needs and ministries of others. An 
example of one who did pray like this is mentioned 
by Paul in Colossians 4:12: "Epaphras, who is one 
of your number, a bondslave of Jesus Christ, sends 
you his greetings, always laboring earnestly for you 
in his prayers, that you may stand perfect and fully 
assured in all the will of God." Here a form of our 
word is translated as "laboring earnestly". It is worth 
noting that Epaphras did not pray for health pro- 
blems of the Colossians or that physical needs would 
be met. Rather, he prayed for their spiritual needs 
and for their standing before God. And he prayed 
so earnestly that he agonized for them. 

Ministry Tb Others 

Not only are we to work at those things that lead 

to our own spiritual growth, but we are eilso to strive 
in our own ministry to others. In Colossians 1:28 
Paul states that he sought to present every man 
complete in Christ. In the next verse he adds, "And 
for this purpose also 1 labor, striving according to 
His power, which mightily works within me." For- 
tunately God has not called us to minister in our 
own ability and strength, but in His. Nevertheless 
it does take work on our part. Paul then wrote, "For 
1 want you to know how great a struggle I have on 
your behalf . . ." (vs. 2:1). Here our word is translated 
"struggle", and Paul says that it was great. 

It is clear in 1 Thess. 2:2 that the struggle that 
Paul experienced sometimes involved physical con- 
flict: "But after we had already suffered and been 
mistreated in Philippi, as you know, we had the 
boldness in our God to speak to you the gospel amid 
much opposition." Here "opposition" could also be 
translated "struggling" or "agony". It is one thing 
to endure the agony that comes as we ourselves seek 
to grow in Christ, but it is something else to endure 
it as we seek to minister to others. And yet this is 
part of what Jesus called us to when He said that 
we are to make disciples of all the nations. 

Preserving IWith 

Finally, we are also told that we are to strive as 
we uphold the truth. In Jude 3 we read that believers 
are to "contend earnestly for the faith which was 
once for all delivered to the saints". Here a form of 
our word is translated "contend earnestly". It is true 
the Lord is sovereign and that His Word is divinely 
powerful. But as the body of Christ that is involved 
in a spiritual battle, we are told that we are to 
contend earnestly for what we know to be true. 


In nearly every area of the Christian life that we 
can think of, from our conversion to the various 
facets of daily Christian living, to our ministry to 
others - we are told to work hard, even agonize. Not 
that the Christian life is meant to be a dreary series 
of struggles, but when called to do so we are to strive 
to overcome the battle with the flesh, as well as the 
influences of the world and the devil. As an athlete 
agonizes, drawing from his deepest reserves and 
pushing every muscle to the limit so that he might 
win the prize, so we are to strive in the Christian 
life to win a heavenly prize. 

The theme of our National Conference last year 
was "Deepening Our Commitment". It is hard to im- 
agine how we can truly deepen our commitment to 
God, to His Church, and to the world, without en- 
countering some of this kind of striving. In the last 
letter that Paul wrote he said, "I have fought the 
good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept 
the faith (2 Tim. 4:7). May we all live by that same 
standard so that we have that same assurance. 

J. Timothy Coyle is pastor of the Grace Brethren Church. 
Newark. Delaware. 

HERALD/ January 15. 1990 



(^^(y (/i]X]y\ 

Africa as a teenager 
in the early forties. 
Mary Emmert, was pioneer 
Brethren missionary from 
our church in Dallas 
Center, Iowa, to the 
Central African Republic 
(then, French Equatorial 
Africa). She was 
responsible for my early 
interest. As I saw her 
pictures and heard her 
account of the work, 
I was enthralled. 


by Lloyd Wenger 

After marriage to Barbara in 
1950, there were two of us to 
share the dream. Our home 
has always been open to mis- 
sionaries. We particularly 
sought those who served in 
Africa. Who could tell what ef- 
fect regular contact with mis- 
sionaries might have on our 

We count it a privilege to Barbara Wenger 
have been personally acquainted with the late Dr. 
Orville Jobson, another pioneer Brethren mis- 
sionary to Africa. He certainly encouraged us to 
pursue our dream. The Goodmans, Snyders, and 
Mensingers are other missionaries to Africa who 
have influenced our lives. 

Even though we never met 
Al Balzar, we followed with in- 
terest his career in Africa. He 
directed in the building of 
many of the missionary 
homes, schools, dispensaries, 
and churches still in use today. 
Noting that he was a layman 
with special skills, we 
wondered if there might be a 
place for us in Africa, also. 

Our interest in the dark con- 
tinent was so great that 
whenever we were invited to 
go on a tour of the Holy Land 
or some other exotic place, our 
response was always the same, 
"Let us know when you are go- 
ing to tour Africa." 

One of life's surprises came 
to us in 1984 when I was 
elected to serve on the Board 
of Directors of Grace Brethren 
Home Missions. What an honor and challenge! I 
began to realize that America is a great mission 
field itself. 

I also realized that if Grace 
Brethren missions are to grow 
and prosper, two things must 
happen. First, we Christians 
must become acutely aware of 
the necessity of making in- 
vestments with eternity's 
values in view. Secondly, the 
Grace Brethren Fellowship of 
America must expand its 
Lloyd Wenger numbers to provide prayer 
warriors and financial supporters to undergird its 
missions efforts. 

I am convinced that the Lord will hold His 
children accountable for the investment of their 

Lloyd Wenger recently completed service on the Board of Directors of the Grace Brethren 
Home Missions Council. He and his ivife Barbara, long (I'me members of Dallas Center. loiva 
CBC are retiring to take a volunteer assignment with Grace Brethren Foreign Missions in (he 
Central African Republic. 

tithe, offerings, and time. I am also convinced that 
Grace Brethren ministries provide an excellent 
vehicle for sound investment. 

As people approach their mid-sixties, they give 
considerable thought to retirement - should they, 
or not? If so, when, and what follows? As Barbara 
and I considered our alternatives about a year ago, 
we agreed that one option could be to retire at 62 
and turn our long time dream into reality. 

In February 1989 we made contact with Tom 
Julien of Grace Brethren Foreign Missions to see 
if we could be of service to the mission in Africa. 
Later contact with CAR field superintendent Dave 
Daughterty brought assurance that there would be 
places of service for us. 

We are now planning to leave for the Central 
African Republic in June 1990. We want to serve 
in maintenance or in whatever 
area of need where we can be 
helpful. Our desire Is to serve 
a year or so, come home to the 
States for a brief visit, and 
then return to Africa for 
another period of service. We 
would hope to continue that 
cycle for at least five years, 
God willing. 

Our relationship with the 
Home Missions Council has 
been fulfilling and rewarding. 
I have appreciated getting to 
know the Home Missions staff 
and directors. I have seen the 
dedication and sacrifice of the 
staff, the missionaries, and 
their families. Now, I have 
resigned from the Board of 
Directors to be available to 
serve with our missionaries in 
the CAR. This will be the 
fulfillment of a life-long dream. 

Please pray with us that the Lord will give us 
health and finances to carry on our ministry. Pray 
that we might be a useful part of the African work 
for as long as God may desire. 

Lloyd and Barbara Wenger 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 



Home Mission News 

New Pastors Orientation meetings were held 
in the Home Missions office in Mid-November. Pic- 
tured are the twelve men in attendance. This 
number included ten pastors who have begun 
their ministries since the last orientation session 
in 1988 and two who are hoping to be involved in 
Home Missions churches in the near future. 

Sessions were led by 
Home Missions staff per- 
sonnel and included sub- 
jects like Targeting and 
Reaching the Un- 
churched, Discipleship 
and Leadership, Church 
Finances, and The Pastor 
and the IRS. There were 
presentations also on 
Home Missions policies 
and procedures, as well as 
introduction to the 
ministry of the Grace 
Brethren Investment 

A special feature of the three day session was a 
visit to the offices of CE National with an 
introduction to the leadership in that ministry. 
Director Ed L^wis presented the men with samples 
of the great number of resources available from CE 
National as aids to their ministry in 

Dave Marksbury 
Western Regional Director 

Back Row: Bill Crabbs, Dale Jenks, Dave Kowalke, Mitch Cariaga, 

Will Marling, Perry Huesmann, Brian Chronister. 

Front Row: Greg Perry, Tim Enderle, Al Edgington, 

Steve Makofka, Davis Harbour. 

One new pastor wrote about the seminar: "I im- 
agine by now you have already determined that 
these orientations are useful and even necessary. 

Let me add my 
voice to the 
chorus. For me, 
in particular, it 
helped to make 
me feel part of a 
larger team and 
to deepen my 
respect for the 
Home Missions 

Dave Kowalke, Tim Enderle, Dale Jenks 

News excerpts from pastors' reports 

Around The Nation: 

Columbia, SC, Pastor Jim Jackson - "God is bless- 
ing our efforts to reach out among our neighbors. 
Recently three families from the street on which we 
live were In our Sunday morning services. Out of those 
ten people, two have come to know the Lord." 

Hartford, Ct, Rastor Louis Huesnuum - "Attendances 
have been in the mid to high 60s during the fall. More 
people are committing to vauious tasks and ministries. 
Thirteen attended a teachers training program taught 
by Howard Hendricks in Massachusetts. It is exciting 
to see this vrillingness to lesirn and pursue excellence!" 

North Port, FL, Pastor Lester E. Pifer - "Our church 
has now settled on a permanent site of 3.48 acres of 
land in a newly developing area of North Port. The 
Lord enabled us to make the down payment of $6,960. 
Two new members have been added; and our first 
threefold communion and baptismal services have 
been held." 

Moreno Valley, CA, Pastors Chris Suitt and Mikal 
Smith - "We completed our first new members class 
with ten participants. Our attendance has stayed with 
an average of 70. TWo new teachers are beginning in 
our Sunday School, and two women's groups have 
started meeting." 

Charleston, WV, Pastor Emory Young - "We added 
another family to our flock last quarter. We had our 
record attendance with Operation Barnabas during 
the summer - 101! We have secured more satisfac- 
tory meeting facilities, and our giving increased dur- 
ing the quarter." 

Philadelphia, PA, Pastor Steve Makofka - "We 

started from nothing when we moved here in June. 
We had four converts (two families) in July and spent 
much of the summer in discipleship. We started Sun- 
day morning services in September with an average 
for the month of 20. This includes the Pappas family 
that moved from Ephrata, PA. Cindy Harding, former 
summer missionary. Is coming from Penn Valley to 
help with our children's ministry." 


HERALD/ January 15, 1990 

An Interview with Jim Johnson, 

Director of the Grace Brethren 

Investment Foundation 


Foundation, inc. 

The Grace Brethren Investment Foundation, Inc. 
is celebrating 35 years of service to the Fellowship 
of Grace Brethren Churches. From a good beginning 
in 1955 which saw 300 depositors invest $800,000 
to our current base of 3,650 accounts and 
$18,500,000, we have seen the blessing of God upon 
this ministry. 

We are extremely appreciative of leaders over the 
years who gave so much to the organization and 
success of the GBIF. We gratefully acknowledge the 
contributions of Dr. L.L. Grubb, Dr. Lester Pifer, Dr. 
Bob Thompson, Directors Elmer Tkmkin, Ken 
Rucker, and Walter Fretz, and Brother Frank Poland, 
long time office adminstrator as well as the 
members of our Board of Directors, past and present. 

The following interview was conducted by Jesse 
Deloe, Director of Administration at Grace Brethren 
Home Missions. Responding to his 
questions is Jim Johnson, Director 
of the Grace Brethren Investment 

Deloe: How has the GBIF helped 
the Fellowship in the church plant- 
ing efforts of the Grace Brethren 
Home Missions Council? 
Johnson: Over these 35 years we 
have loaned $30.5 million dollars on 
203 loans to Grace Brethren con- 
gregations. More than 60 percent of 
our churches have received loans 
from us. 

Deloe: What are the advantages 

and savings to our Fellowship in 

borrowing from the GBIF? 

Johnson: First priority has always 

been to our Home Missions points. 

Many of these churches could not 

qualify for commercial bank loans 

because of limited funds for down payments and the 

lack of a credit history. God has been so good: we 

have never had a church default to the GBIF. 

During the past 15 months alone we have made 
22 loans totaling $5 million dollars. Estimated sav- 
ings in closing fees (points) on this group of loans 
is $80,000 to $100,000. In many cases borrowers 
have saved 1 percent or more on interest rates (more 
than 2 percent for Home Missions Churches). Sav- 
ing just 1 percent on an average loan of $250,000 
would effect a savings of $40,000 over 20 years. 
Deloe: Is there really a need for additional deposits 
in the GBIF? 

Johnson: I am so glad you asked. We can probably 
exceed another $4 or $5 million dollars in new 

Jim Johnson, Director 

Grace Brethren 
Investment Foundation 

"Investments with eternal values" 
commitments in 1990 if our Fellowship will respond 
with new deposits. We have used as much of our 
reserves as we dare with current commitments. We 
want to say "yes" to several substantial loans that 
are now in the inquiry stage. These potential bor- 
rowers want the interest they would pay to go back 
into Grace Brethren ministries. 

Deloe: Are there advantages to depositors in the 

Johnson: You bet. First, there is a high return to 
depositors. We are currently paying 6.77 percent on 
our investment passbook. That yields 7 percent an- 
nually with compounding. We require no minimum 
balance and we make no service charges. 

Secondly, with the GBIF, you know exactly where 
your money is invested - in the building of Grace 
Brethren Churches. 

Third, convenience. We like to say 
that "your investment account with 
GBIF is as close as your mailbox," 
and, we pay postage both ways. 

Finally, there's safety. We have 
never missed an interest payment to 
our depositors. 

Deloe: What are your goals for 

Johnson: We've set a goal of 20,000 
accounts, and we really feel that is 
an obtainable goal. Everyone needs 
to save from his or her earnings. It's 
a matter of investing in the future. 
We will pay our investors a good 
return now, but only in Heaven will 
it be revealed what eternal dividends 
have been earned through the invest- 
ment of these funds in ministry. 
Our second goal is to be able to 
respond to the needs of our entire Fellowship to pro- 
vide loans for all their building needs. 

Third, we want to be of service and responsive to 
each depositor and every borrower 
Deloe: Thanks. Jim. for your candid and helpful 
answers. It ought to be apparent to our readers 
that your heart is in ministry to the Fellowship. 
The Grace Brethren Investment Foundation pro- 
vides a way that all of the Grace Brethren people 
can help in building new churches and following 
good stewardship at the same time. Small deposits 
- or larger ones - will yield good earnings for the 
investor and make it possible for the GBIF to lend 
money to congregations who are seeking to provide 
facilities for ministry to their communities. 

Tb open an account, or for more information, call 219/267-5161. 
Remember, interest is 6.7 percent (7 percent annual yield with compounding). 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 



Three Reasons Why I Don't Pray 
and One Reason Why I Do 

by Mary Thompson 

While we worked with the Navajo people I 
learned some things about praying. Mostly I 
learned that I know so little, but I'd like to share 
some of the little I've learned about prayer. Here 
are three reasons why I don't pray and one reason 
why 1 do. 

The first reason I don't pray is BECAUSE THE 
NEEDS ARE TOO BIG - I feel overwhelmed. In 
working with the Navajo people 1 became over- 
whelmed with their great needs -- poverty, lack of 
education, poor home conditions and many other 
serious problems brought on by alcohol and drug 
abuse. I'm convinced that this is the situation on 
every mission field. Every missionary is over- 
whelmed with the need. (Something to remember 
when you pray for missionaries.) 

And you experience the same frustration here, 
don't you? As you become concerned about other 


Second Quarter 

(December, January, February) 

Grace Schools 

Goal: $8,000 

For Teacher Education Lab 

National SMM Offering 

Sponsorship of Director 

of Girl's Ministries 

(SMM - CE National) 

Send before March 10 

We suggest a goal of $3.00 a year per member. 

people you can become overwhelmed with their 
problems. When you read the papers, the news 
magazines, listen to TV cind radio, and observe peo- 
ple in your family and your neighborhood you 
become aware of political problems, moral problems, 
problems between naUons and all sorts of situations 
that seem too big even to pray for. 

Jeremiah offers a solution to the feeling of being 
overwhelmed because the needs are so great. He 
says, "Ah. Sovereign Lord, you have made the 
heavens and the earth by your great power and 
outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you." 
(Jeremiah 32:17) 

The second reason I don't pray is that I'M DISAP- 
POINTED WITH PEOPLE. Even though the Navajo 
people are so needy they often don't respond to 
God's Word. 

My husband Bud had a continuing concern for 
two brothers who had attended Grace Brethren 
Navajo School. Both had rejected any claim of Christ 
upon their lives. The younger had been in jail 
numerous times and a police officer described him 
as an alcoholic at age seventeen. The older brother, 
a handsome young man, personable and with good 
ability, had graduated from a Christian high school 
in another state but had dropped out of college. He 
returned home to New Mexico without any purpose 
in life and spent most of his time loafing around and 
drinking more and more. 

Mary Thompson, with her husband Bud. 
ministered for a number of years at the Grace 
Brethren Navajo Mission. Counselor. New Mexico. 
Now retired, they are living in Winona Lake. 


HERALD/ January 15. 1990 


One evening Bud was taking the two young men 
out to their home in the back country. He had just 
picked up the younger at the hospital where he 
had been patched up after a drunken fight. 

Realizing that we would soon be leaving the mis- 
sion. Bud wanted to take one more opportunity to 
urge these fellows to give up their lives of sin and 
the misery it was bringing them. 

They listened, then the older brother spoke up: 
"Mr. Thompson, don't you realize some people 
don't want to change?" 

It's true some people don't want to change. And 
we become disappointed when people don't re- 
spond to the gospel. But James says, "Be patient, 
brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the 
farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable 
crop and how patient he is for the autumn and 
spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, 
because the Lord's coming is near." (James 5:7) 

The third reason I don't pray is that I DON'T 
KNOW HOW TO PRAY - I don't know what 1 
should ask for. If you've had any involvement in 
a family dispute you know the story is different, 
depending on whom you talk to. Who is right? How 
should you pray? 

This is just as true in dealing with Navajo peo- 
ple. Nobody regardless of the shade of his skin, 
likes to admit he or she is at fault. And being 
foreigners to the Navajo culture we often don't 
understand their customs or the way they think. 
How to pray? 

Regarding this problem, Paul writes, "The Spirit 
helps us in our weakness. We don't know what 
to pray for, but the Spirit intercedes for us with 
groans that words cannot express. And he who 
searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, 
because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in ac- 
cordance with God's will." (Romans 8:26) 

I'm sure you could add to my list of reasons (ex- 
cuses) why I - and you - don't pray. 

But here's the reason I DO pray. I pray because 
God's Word tells me to pray. Jesus gave His 
disciples the sample prayer that we call the Lord's 
Prayer. He often prayed and said we should always 

^m, ij 


">■ . ,.- . 





^ .j« i 

h. m. 







:■:, ■.:->.v... 

pray and not faint. In the epistles we're told to 
"pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)," 
"pray for one another (James 5:16)," "and pray 
when you're in trouble (James 5:13)." 

That's it! That's the reason 1 pray! Because God 
says 1 should. He wants me to pray and He's 
pleased when 1 do. 1 don't have to understand why. 
I just trust Him and do it! 

And. by the way, prayer brings results. You may 
think from the stories I've told you that nothing 
good is happening with Navajo people. We saw God 
answer many prayers during our eight years with 
the Navajos. Here's one of them. 

A primary need of the Navajo church is trained 
Christian leadership. In answer to many prayers, 
three Navajo youth, Dino Butler, Joanne Smith 
and Daron Butler have graduated from Grace Col- 
lege and two other girls are presently students. All 
of these young people are graduates of Grace 
Brethren Navajo High School at Counselor, New 
Mexico. These Navajo youth have great potential 
to minister to their own people - as we continue 
to hold them up in prayer. I'm glad God answers 
prayer. I'm glad we can pray even though we don't 
feel adequate for the responsibility. Keep on pray- 
ing and trust God to do great things. 

Come, my soul, thy suit prepare, 

Jesus loves to answer prayer; 

He Himself has bid thee pray. 

Therefore will not say thee nay. 

Thou art coming to a King; 

Large petitions with thee bring; 

For His grace and power are such, 

None can ever ask too much. 

John Newton (1725-1807) 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 




The 1990 Brethren National Youth 
Conference will be held on the cam- 
pus of Western Carolina University, 
Cullowhee, NC, August 4-10, 1990. 
Cullowhee is located near Asheville, 
NC; Knoxville, TN; and the Great 
Smoky Mountain National Park. 

"Gl Gospel Hour" is trying to make 
contact with people who had a part 
in Christian mission activities while 
they were in military service in the 
Pacific area during World War II. 

"People who found ways to 
promote Christian missions during 
the ravages of war will be gathering 
for a reunion next August. 'Gl 
Gospel Hour' activities by 
servicemen and women in the 
Pacific theatre during World War II 
resulted in establishing a Bible 
college in Manila and an organiza- 
tion of hundreds of missionaries now 
spread around the Pacific rim. For 
information about the reunion, con- 
tact: Ken Lundell, 6624 N. Talman, 
Chicago, IL 60645. Telephone 

Indianapolis, IN. The Board of 
Directors of Grace Brethren Home 
Missions has approved Indianapolis, 
Indiana, as the location for the 
newest church-planting project. 
Beginning January 1, 1990, Pastors 
Al Edgington and Ron Smals will 
head up a core group of families, 
largely from Pastor Edgington's 
former pastorate at the Community 
Grace Brethren Church in Warsaw, 
Indiana, to establish a new church 
in Northeast Indianapolis. 

Pastor Edgington was formally 
commissioned by the Warsaw 
Church as their missionary church- 
planter on his last Sunday as their 
pastor (Nov. 19). In cooperation with 
the Indiana District Mission Board 
and with a special relationship with 
the Bethel Brethren Church of 
Berne, Indiana, the Home Missions 
Council has established a three-year 
plan for the new group to arrive at 
self-support status. 

Northwood, OH. The above picture shows the damage to the Trinity Grace 
Brethren Church. 

A gust of wind apparently knocked over the 40-foot long wood frame as 
workers tried to put it in place. The piece fell against a row of other trusses 
and like a line of dominoes they came crashing down, knocking one man 
off his scaffold and trapping him beneath debris from the roof and walls. 

Rev. John Fahrbach, pastor, had just signed the mortgage papers for 
the church and drove past the construction site when he saw the damage 
to the new church building. This along with the many other drawbacks and 
trials ~ commuting from Fremont where his family lived with relatives; hav- 
ing to move the house he purchased "across a field of mud" in order to 
make adequate room for the new church building; and losing a child to 
crib death. Said the chairman of the building committee, Nick Mariano: 
"Being pastor is hard enough, let alone building a church, moving into a 
new home, and having a child die. He didn't buckle amidst adversity. It's 
a strong Christian testimony. A lot of guys would have cashed it in. No one 
would have blamed him if he did, but he came out like a real storm trooper." 

Pastor Fahrbach was called to the church four years ago with the 
membership at 20. The congregation now consists of over 100 members. 

"God teaches us through trials," said Pastor Fahrbach reflecting on his 
hectic year. "Life sometimes isn't very optimistic but you have to realize 
God is in control. All things work together for good." Paraphrasing a Bible 
verse, he said: "There is a purpose in all of this." 

The pastor has already seen some good come from the turmoil, like the 
congregation pulling together and his chance to minister to other hurting 
parents who have lost children. "All in all," he said, a few damaged timbers 
weren't much to be upset about. It has slowed us down a bit, but I've felt 
God's sustaining power in the midst of trials and that's what Christianity 
is all about. 

A new church has been started in 
the Orangevale, California, area, 
according to word received from 
Pastor Russell Williams. Their first 
worship service was held on 
November 26, 1989, with 20 people 

Some of their needs are signs to 
direct people to the place of meeting 
and also in the area of music. 

They request prayer for the need 
to be recognized by the State of 
California so they can set up proper 
banking procedures. 


HERALD/ January 15. 1990 


Paul Fink, formerly with Grace 
Schools, Winona Lake, IN, and now 
with Liberty University, Lynchburg, 
VA, suffered a heart attack several 
months ago. He is now "back in the 
saddle" carrying on normal activities. 
Hagerstown, MD. The congregation 
of the Calvary Brethren Church ob- 
served their 50th Anniversary with 
services Nov 5-8, 1989. Dr Luke 
Kauffman, Myerstown, PA, highlighted 
the activities. Norm Mayer, pastor 
David and Cindy Kowallie, former 
missionaries to England, have moved 
to Richmond, VA, to begin work plant- 
ing a new church. This is in advance 
of the Richmond Project in relation to 
National Conference in 1990. 
Rev. R. Paul Miller, former pastor of 
the Grace Brethren Church of Mait- 
land, FL, for 21 years, assumed his 
new duties as minister of senior 
adults at the Grace Brethren Church 
of Myerstown, PA. He will also serve 
as chaplain of the Grace Community 
Retirement Center. 
The Grace Brethren Church of Nor- 
ton, OH, pastored by Bob Combs, 
held a mortgage-burning service for 
their sanctuary on Dec. 3, 1989. The 
15-year loan was paid off in 7 years. 
Rev. Paul Dick has completed his 
ministry at the Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church, Winona Lake, IN. 
He had been minister of visitation for 
several years. He previously served 
as pastor of the Grace Brethren 
Church, Winchester, VA, for 40 years. 

Mrs. George Johnson, who serves 
along with her husband as mission- 
aries to Brazil, returned to the States 
in December for knee replacement 
surgery. They returned to Brazil on 
Jan. 10, 1990, to continue their work. 
Several missionaries returned (or 
will be returning) to their respective 
fields of service; they are; Dan and 
Rachel Jackson (Germany, Jan. 3), 
Brenda Welling (Mexico, Jan. 26), and 
Roger Stover (Germany Jan. 31). 


BLAIR: Wendy Fink and Douglas 
Blair were married November 18, 
1989, in the Grace Brethren Church 
of York, PA. Daniel White, pastor 

GROSE: Rachel Jeffreys and Jeff 
Grose were married June 24, 1989 in 

the Winona Lake Grace Brethren 
Church, Winona Lake, IN. Charles 
Ashman, pastor 

HOOVER: Lynette Nutter and Gary 
Hoover were married Dec. 2. 1989, in 
the Susquehanna Grace Brethren 
Church, Wrightsville, PA. Les Nutter, 
father of the bride, and Don Fowler 
took part in the ceremony 
HUNSBERGER: Teffinie Wallace 
and Ned Hunsberger were married 
Oct. 28, 1989, at the Winona Lake 
Grace Brethren Church, Winona 
Lake, IN, by Ralph Burns. 
KELLER: Gale Wenger and Walter 
Keller, Jr., were married on Oct. 7, 
1989, at the Fontana Union Chapel by 
their pastor, Gerald Allebach of the 
Grace Brethren Church, Palmyra, PA. 
MINEAR: Polly Hicks and Tim 
Minear were married on June 10, 
1989, at the Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church, Winona Lake, IN, by 
Dan Michaels. 

TRAVIS: Amy Ridenour and Ron 
Travis were married Oct. 21, 1989 at 
the Winona Lake Grace Brethren 
Church, Winona Lake, IN. Charles 
Ashman, officiated. 
ZELLNER: Brenda Wilcoxson and 
Brian Zellner were married on 
Apr 29, 1989, at the Winona Lake 
Grace Brethren Church, Winona 
Lake, IN. Pastor Charles Ashman was 
assisted by the groom's grandfather 
Edward Lewis, and uncle Ed Lewis. 


FIRESTONE, MILES, 76. Miles was 
actively engaged in the Lord's work 
at the Grace Brethren Church in 
Wooster OH. He was also involved in 
the work of the Gideons and loved the 
Lord demonstrating it by his will- 
ingness to do the Lord's bidding. He 
had been a board member of Grace 
Brethren Foreign Missions, and in 
1988 was honored by the Grace 
Brethren Christian Education National 
Board when he received their annual 
Senior Medal of Honor in recognition 
of his faithful service in Christ. 

$48,000 in 
Scholarships Granted 

Something happened at Brethren 

National Youth Conference last sun> 
mer that made the crowd cheer For 
the first time, Grace College, through 
the work of the Financial Aid Depart- 
ment and the Office of College 
Recruitment, made available $48,000 
in scholarships to eight high school 
juniors and seniors planning to attend 
in the coming semesters. 

The final big announcement re- 
vealed the following scholarship win- 
ners: Lynette Courson, East Side 
GBC, Columbus, OH: Stephanie 
Gregory. Leamersville GBC, Pinellas 
Park, FL: Jerri Hoover Grace Com- 
munity Church of Ruber Heights, 
Dayton, OH: Randy James, Worth- 
ington GBC, Dublin. OH: Stephen 
Lausch, Ephrata Area GBC, Denver 
Pennsylvania: Christy Shay, Worth- 
ington Grace Brethren Church, Co- 
lumbus, OH: and Danielle Thompson, 
Community GBC, Naples, FL. 

The scholarships will be offered to 
high school seniors at the 1990 

Three New Degrees 

Three new masters degrees have 
been added to the Grace Seminary 
curriculum, with an additional masters 
degree and doctoral degree program 
presently under consideration. 

According to Dr David R. Plaster, 
vice president for academic affairs in 
the seminary, students now may earn 
a masters degree in Old Testament. 
The curriculum, he said, features 
heavy requirements in Hebrew 
language exegesis and related 
cognate languages and is designed 
primarily for pre-Ph.D. work. Dr 
Plaster emphasized that the M.A. in 
Old Testament is not designed to 
prepare students for the pastorate, but 
for further academic pursuits. 

Two new tracks also have been 
added in the seminary's Division of 
Christian School Education. Students 
may now earn their M.A. in Elemen- 
tary Education and M.A. in Cur- 
riculum and Instruction. 

The two new degree programs cur- 
rently under study are the M.A. in 
New Testament and a Doctor of 
Ministry degree. The D. Min. degree 
may be offered as soon as January 
1991, he said. 

HERALD/ January 15, 1990 



The Parable 
of the Life-Saving Station 

On a dangerous seacoast where shipwrecks were 
frequent, a crude little life-saving station was built. 
The building was just a hut, and there was only 
one boat, but the few devoted crewmen kept a con- 
stant watch over the sea. With no thought for 
themselves, they went out day or night, tirelessly 
searching for any who might need help. Many lives 
were saved by their devoted efforts. After a while 
the station became famous. Some of those who 
were saved, as Well as others in the surrounding 
area, wanted to become a part of the work. They 
gave time and money for its support. New boats 
were bought, additional crews were trained, and 
the station grew. Some of the members became 
unhappy that the building was so crude. They felt 
a larger, nicer place would be more appropriate as 
the first refuge of those saved from the sea. So they 
replaced the emergency cots with hospital beds 
and put better furniture in the enlarged building. 
Soon the station became a populeir gathering place 
for its members to discuss the work and to visit 
with each other. They continued to remodel and 
decorate until the station more and more took on 
the look and character of a club. Fewer members 
were interested in going out on lifesaving missions, 
so they hired professional crews to do the work on 
their behalf. The lifesaving motif still prevailed on 
the club emblems and stationery, and there was 
a liturgical lifeboat in the room where the club 
held its initiations. 

One day a large ship was wrecked off the coast, 
and the hired crews brought in many boats of cold, 
wet, half-drowned people. They were dirty bruised, 
and sick; and some had black or yellow skin. The 
beautiful new club was terribly messed up, and so 
the property committee immediately had a shower 
house built outside, where the shipwreck victims 
could be cleaned up before coming inside. At the 
next meeting there was a split in the club member- 
ship. Most of the members wanted to stop the 
club's lifesaving activities altogether, as being 
unpleasant and a hindrance to the normal social 
life of the club. Some members insisted on keep- 
ing lifesaving as their primary purpose and 
pointed out that, after all, they were still called a 
lifesaving station. But those members were voted 
down and told that if they wanted to save lives they 
could begin their own station down the coast 
somewhere. As the years went by, the new station 
gradually faced the same problems the other one 
had experienced. It, too, became a club, and its 
lifesaving work became less and less of a priority. 
The few members who remained dedicated to 
lifesaving began another station. History 

continued to repeat itself: and if you visit that coast 
today you will find a number of exclusive clubs 
along the shore. Shipwrecks are still frequent in 
those waters, but most of the people drown. 

What a striking illustration of the history of the 
church. Yet the work of evangelism, of spiritual 
lifesaving, is nonetheless the purest, truest, 
noblest, and most essential work the church will 
ever do. The work of fishing men and women out 
of the sea of sin, the work of rescuing people from 
the breakers of hell, is the greatest work the 
church is called by God to do. 

Rescuing men from sin is God's great concern. 
Evangelism has been called the sob of God. Con- 
cern for the lost caused Jesus to grieve over 
unbelieving Jerusalem: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 
who kills the prophets and stones those who are 
sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your 
children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks 
under her wings, and you were unwilling" 
(Matthew 23:37). 

Oh God, give us that same compassion that 
Jesus had for a lost world. And may our churches 
be true life-saving stations to the spiritually 

Submitted by a Grace Brethren pastor, Author unknown 

Brethren Evangelistic 
Ministries Goes Abroad! 

Through the generous support of Christian 
businessmen, directors Phil Guerena and Tony 
DeRosa traveled to Mexico City and Guatemala in 
November and December in order to encourage 
and stimulate evangelism in our FGBC churches 
in Latin America. Warmly received by national - 
pastors, they preached, ministered, and were 
invited to return for future evangelistic campaigns. 

Joined in Puerto Rico by Ed Waken, Orlando 
Vasquez, Pastor George TVaub, Executive Director 
Ron Thompson and his wife, Thelma, their 
daughter. Angle Ellis, and Juan Isais, a First Love 
Renewal was held in our Grace Brethren Church 
of San Juan, pastored by Carmelo Arbona. The 
seminar was also attended by people from area 
Baptist and Christian and Missioneiry Alliance 
churches. The team was interviewed on a local 
Christian radio station. Several people were saved 
in a downtown tent service following the seminar. 
Pray for our Grace Brethren people in these Eireas! 


HERALD/ January 15, 1990 


NIV Trimline New Testament 

With Your 

Herald Corporation Membership 

This New International Version New Testa- 
ment is bound in bonded leather and is 
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Dr. Wiersbe or those who are just 
beginning to be touched by his 
unique ministry, The Bible Exposi- 
tion Commentary is a complete, 
unabridged guide to the entire New 

With the publication of Be Courageous in 1989, 
Dr. Warren Wiersbe's series on the New Tfestament 
is now complete, and, to commemorate one of the 
most beloved series in history of Christian 
publishing, all 23 Be books, covering each book of 
the New Tfestament, have been gathered together to 
form The Bible Exposition ComTnentary. 

Scholarship and Readability 

This is the rare book that combines a wealth of 

solid Biblical content with warm, personal exposi- 
tion, written in a style that both laymen and pro- 
fessional Christian workers will appreciate. Dr. 
Warren W Wiersbe brings the people, places, history, 
and teachings of the New Testament to life in the 
pages of The Bible Exposition Commentary. 
Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe was formerly General 
Director of Back to the Bible, located in Lincoln, 
Nebraska. He currently is engaged in an extensive 
speaking and Bible conference ministry. 


P.O. Box 544 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(Indiana, 219-267-7158) 


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i . V ", ■ . ^lA 





'"''%> ^ "ca 



1(fur^{i/7n^^£^btriiqjtion ->^Ita^e 6 
Meet feur. WOWjC Miss' t t m tw i eshf the Year --^ 

A Ck)ntinu/lio Commitment -^flo^e 12 -. ~ ^^ ^^ „ , 

Eartfifl5*^lrBaswres to Eternal Ttea su res ^pdge 14 ""''^ 

in My First Love - pa^re lb *^,^-* 

'"^*"^^!^/" '«, 

I -'- 


NIV Trimline New Testament 

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This New International Version New Testa- 
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n f'^'^'^^'^'i 4> 



Can you believe the news? The 
Berlin WALL is tumbling down 
and they are selling the pieces as 
souvenirs. It is cheaper without 
graffiti and they are selling it by 
the pound! Just a few short 
weeks ago if you had attempted 
to get a piece of the concrete -- 
you may have been shot. 
However, there are now more 
holes in the WALL than there are 
in the National Budget. 

The people of Eastern Europe 
are asking for new governments 
and getting it. Things are chang- 
ing so fast that you do not know 
the difference between fact and 
fiction. Maybe . . . Just maybe 
. . . Elvis is still alive! 

You had better get a "Piece of 
the Rock" before it is all over 
because it may not be as plea- 
sant as it all seems. The cry for 
change does not necessarily 
mean it is all going to turn out so 
everyone will live happily ever 
after. A few changes in the 
government does not mean there 
will be more food on the table. If 
they do not get it, out will go the 
next set of leaders. 

There is something else that is 
of interest to us as Christian 
believers - it is an awareness of 
change and uncertainty. Keep in 
mind you are hearing about 
people who are not classified 
with the saints. They are like all 
other persons - fallen in nature 
and interested in themselves. 
But behind all of this you have to 
remember that a call for a 
different form of government is 
not the same thing as a call to 

We in the United States 
learned a long time ago that a 
democratic government is not 
the same thing as a Christian 
conversion and the millennial 
state. However, I am interested in 
all of the change and the reunion 
of some of the governments. It 
could be something really BIG - 
it could be the continued move- 

ment of the hand of God. Israel 
was reborn as a state in 1948 - 
still in unbelief, but the dry 
bones are there and they could 
begin to get some flesh one of 
these days. 

Remember the ten toes of 
Daniel and that big statue with 
feet made of clay! It appears to be 
reforming again in the ECC - 
European Common Community. 
They talk of common money and 
common trade and the elimina- 
tion of borders. The big get- 
together that was mentioned by 
Daniel some thousands of years 

The people who want some 
help are assured of a world leader 
in the future. It will come to pass. 
It seemed all of the pieces to 
bring together the biblical 
prophecy was too complicated 
and hard to understand. It's not 
so difficult to comprehend these 
days as the world rushes on to 
completion. No date setting will 
be done here I assure you, but 
there is at least proof that it can 
all happen. When you begin to 
get enough pieces in their proper 
place in the puzzle, you just 
know that the rest of the pieces 
will come easier. 

I am positive these days are 
days when you are glad to be a 
child of God - even with the con- 
fusion, uncertainty and excite- 
ment. It is time to get out those 
old books on prophecy and that 
old, old book called the Holy 
Scriptures. It is time to take a 
fresh look at the possibilites of 
what God is doing. Mankind 
works and manipulates his 
endeavors -- while God goes on 
working out His eternal plan. 

The efforts of man to attain 
peace outside of the peace that 
God has offered leads to frustra- 
tion. Earthly peace is a goal for 
which to strive, but the peace of 
God and peace with God is of 
supreme importance. 

But There 
Was No 

Peace Is 



All Over? 

by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 

February 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

Peace . . . Peace 
But There 
Was No Peace! 

Charles W. Turner 

6 Home Missions 

By Subtraction 

8 Home Missions News 

10 WMC 

Meet Your WMC 
Missionaries of 
the Year 

12 Grace Schools 
A Continuing 

Liz Miller 

14 Foreign Missions 

From Earthly 
Treasures to 
Eternal Treasures 

Herta Wohnhas 

16 BEM 

Still in 

My First Love 

Marion R. Thomas 

17 Poetry 

TV or not TV 

Dean I. Walter 

18 Fellowship News 


If you have read through the Bible in 1989, we'd like 
to list your name on our honor roll. Let us hear from you! 

"Just wanted to let you know that I have completed reading the 
Bible through in 1989, and I have begun again in 1990." 

-- Ruth E. Reddick, Whittier. CA 
Community Grace Brethren Church 

Publisher Charles W. Ibmer 
Printer BMH Printing 
Department Editors: 
Christian Education 

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Investments with eternal values" 

HERALD/ February 15, 1990 



(Editor's note: Not all Home Missions 
churches begin in exactly the same way 
or with the same early results, but here's 
the story of an amazing beginning for a 
new church that began late last summer.) 

Pastor Brian Chronister introduced a 
Missions Moment tape recently this way. 
"Greetings from the cold, foreboding 
land of igloos and dog sleds in 
Anchorage, Alaska. 
"Actually," he said, 
"that's not true. 
Anchorage is a city 
of about 200,000 
people and no ig- 
loos. Dog sleds are 
only a novelty. 

"It is actually 
warmer here than it 
is many times in 
such large metrop- 
olises in the lower 
48 states as Boston, 
New York, or even 
Winona Lake." 

All kidding aside, 
however, some real- 
ly unusual things 
are happening in 
Anchorage. Pastor 

Pastor Brian Chronister, his 
and children, David and 

Chronister says there are a lot of people in Alaska 
and a lot of people who don't attend church. The 
largest Grace Brethren Church in the state of 
Alaska is the Anchorage Grace Brethren Church, 
pastored by Larry Smithwick. That's where Brian 
served on the pastoral staff for 5 years. 

He reports, "Anchorage Grace 
Brethren had the courage to sub- 
tract from its number and send out 
a core group of people (about 100) to 
start another church in the city." 
The result has been a doubling of 
churches and people. 

To the amazement of everyone, on 
the last Sunday of August, 1989, a 
new church held its first services, 
and 170 people attended! Since that 
time the Grace Community Grace 
Brethren Church has multiplied the 
core group to more than double the 
original number. Late in the fall 220 to 250 peo- 
ple were attending services in the new church. 

Children have come to know the Lord through 
the church's Awana program which began in 
September. There have been eleven conversions 
since that time. 

wife, Happy, 

HERALD/ February 15, 1990 


since its start in Angnst, 19S9, the Anchorage Grace 
Conunnnlty Grace Brethren Church has now reached 
an average attendance of 220-2SO people. 

Tha pastor comments, "We're thrilled at what 
God has done. In fact, we're astounded at what He's 
done." At the same time as we are growing, the 
mother church continues to attract visitors. 

He challenges the rest of us: "We hope that 
maybe this will be an encouragement to those of 
you in other places in the country. Maybe, there's 
something like that you might he able to do. 

The Grace Community Grace 
Brethren Church has multiplied 

the core group of 100 to more 
than double the original number. 

"As for us, we have the dream of being able to 
do it again in this city some day in the future." He 


concludes, "We hope that you're praying for us as 
we try to plant some roots and reach the lost and 
unchurched of this city. And, we are praying for 
you, too, that you might be able to do the same. 

A core group of 
families were sent 
out from the 
Anchorage church 
to start another 
church in the city. 

HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


Home Missions News 

Congratulations, IH-County Grace Brethren 
Church, Royersford, Pennsylvania! Pastor Kenn 
Cosgrove has brought this congregation to the 
point of self-support status, beginning January 1, 

The church had its beginning in 1981 as a Bible 
study led by Pastor Bob Divine, then pastor at the 
New Holland Grace Brethren Church. From those 
few families, a church began in 1983. Penn Valley 
Grace Brethren Church's pastor. Bill TWeeddale, 
sent his Minister of Christian Education, Tom 
Carlson, to be their first pastor. The church was 
adopted as a Home Mission point in August of 
1983. Today attendance averages between 30 and 

Congregation of TH-County Grace Brethren Church, 
Royersford, Pennsylvania. 

The congregation has been supported both by 
the Home Missions Council and the Northern 
Atlantic District for five years. The Council will 
continue helping by providing health insurance for 
the pastor's family for a brief period of time and 
will be available for counsel and assistance as 

Praise God with the Ti^i-County Brethren and the 
Council for this step of faith and indication of solid 

Pastor Dale Jenks, on the field in Saratoga 
Springs, NY, only a few months, reports that 
eleven believers were baptized in late November 
and thirteen new members were received into 
membership. That included representatives from 
at least three families. 

Although without a senior pastor for several 
months, the Bradenton, FL, Grace Brethren 

Church is progressing well under the leadership 
of three elders in the church. Ralph Hall, former 
pastor and later head of building ministries in the 
Home Missions office; Lynn Schrock, former 
missionary in Argentina, and retired pastor: and 
Ernie Bearinger, former missionary in Brazil -- 
these three men are filling the pastoral gap in 
Bradenton, and the work is progressing well. They 

The church has recently moved into a renovated 

have just recently moved into their new facilities, 
a renovated home, and are seeking to remodel an 
existing garage for use as Sunday School space. 

News Excerpts from 

Pastor's Reports 
Around the Nation: 

Anchorage, AK, Pastor Brian Chronlster — "We are 

consolidating now. and our attendance appears to have 
settled on an average per Sunday of 220-250. The elders are 
working on formulating our long term goals." 

NE Columbus, OH, Pastor Will Marling and Perry 
Huesmann -- "Rocky Ridge GBC is conducting Sunday 
evening meetings. The core group is beginning to get a vision 
for what church planting is all about, and God is using many 
individuals to impact people for Christ." 

Lakeland, FL, Pastor Jim Tkylor -- "It is a real en- 
couragement to see visitors at almost ever\' Sunday morning 
service. The children's ministry is growing and there is much 
enthusiasm with those who are working in this area." 

Escanaba, MI, Pastor Gary Hable -- "Last fall we 
focused on prayer on Wednesday evenings. Our Bible study 
was also on prayer. As one person put it. 'Since we have been 
praying for our contacts, everyone has visited the church 
at least once and some have made it their home.'" 

Mishawaka, IN, Pastor Scott Weaver ~ "We are 

regularly having 60 in A.M. worship services. After baptizing 
two men. our membership reached 60. We have had two 
more good decisions which could result in a new family for 
our church." 

Bradenton, FL, Pastor Ralph Hall — "We are seeing 
improvement in many areas for which we praise the Lord! 
We reached a high of 45 in the morning service. In recent 
weeks we have had at least four new families who have 
indicated their interest in becoming a part of the work. Our 
offerings are averaging between $550 and $600 per week 
which are meeting our expenses at present. We have 
submitted the plans for remodeling the garage to the County 
for approval. I frankly believe we are seeing some of the 
greatest results of our work just in the last few weeks." 


HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


Some of the Folks 

Who Buy From BMH Books 

and Herald Bookstore (a Partial List) 




We thought Herald readers would enjoy reading the names of individuals 
and organizations which comprise the customer list of BMH Books and the 
Herald Bookstore. We would have liked to have printed the entire list, but 
it is comprised of thousands of names and would have taken up the entire 

HERALD/ February 15. 1990 



Meet Your WMC 
Missionaries Of The Year 

Each year the Foreign Missions office supplies 
us with the names of five missionary ladies to be 
honored as the WMC Missionaries of the Year. The 
1989-90 Missionaries of the Year are: Mrs. Jim 
Fredericks, Germany; Mrs. Dan Green, Brazil; Miss 
Brenda Welling, Mexico; Mrs. Jim Hocking, CAR; 
Mrs. Ted Ruiz, Philippines. 

Mrs. Jim (Fran) Fredericks 

Fran Fredericks grew up in a Christian home, but 
it wasn't until 1974 that she surrendered her life to 
Christ. Husband Jim was a 25-year-old accountant 
when he received Christ, and immediately he 
discovered a hunger 4o know .God's, Wocd.. Three 
years later, he and his family uprooted to study at 
Grace Seminary, where Jim graduated in 1981. He 
then served on the staff of North Long Beach 
Brethren Church (now Grace Fellowship Church). 
The Fredericks' made a trip to Germany in Decem- 
ber 1985, and this sealed the decisions in their 
hearts to serve the Lord in Germany and ignited a 
deep burden for the German people. They went to 
Germany for language study in the fall of 1986. The 
Fredericks have four children: Debbie, Mike, Angle 
and Liz. 

Miss Brenda Welling 

Brenda first became interested in Mexico while 
studying at the University of Mexico. Later, under 
the TIME program, she was personally challenged 
by the spiritual needs in that country and the great 
need for workers. Brenda is a West Virginia native 
but was raised in Indiana. Through the influence of 
her parents and her church, she came to know 
Christ as her Savior at age seven. The hospitality 
of her parents brought many missionaries into their 
home. This exposure initiated her interest in 
missions. God used many things to help in Brenda's 
preparation - a Spanish major at Grace College, 
TIME experience in Mexico City, teaching one year 
in Canton, OH, studying at Grace Seminary, parti- 
cipating on a Timothy Tfeam, Evangelism Explosion 
training, serving in her local church, and a missions 
internship in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Brenda is a mem- 
ber of the Grace Brethren Church of Goshen, IN. 

Mrs. Jim (Faye) Hocking 

Faye Hocking, who grew up in Ohio, was raised 
in a Christian home, accepted Christ when she was 
a child, and committed her life to Christian service. 
Husband Jim's background was similar except in 
one respect: he was raised in the Central African 

Republic, the son of missionaries Don and Betty 
Hocking. Jim and Faye met at Grace College from 
which they both graduated; Jim went on to earn his 
M.Div. from Grace Seminary. Jim and Faye served 
on a short-term basis in the CAR for 1 1 months. In 
1985, after a year of French language study, they 
returned to the CAR as career missionaries. They 
were already familiar with the Sango language. The 
Hockings are working with young people and train- 
ing them for leadership roles in the African church. 
Jim is also an excellent mechanic and is helping in 
that area. They have four children: Jay, Jenny, Joel 
and John. 

Mrs. Ted (Vivien) Ruiz 

Vivien Ruiz, who comes originally from east Ttn- 
nesse, came to know the Lord while in college. She 
met Tfed, a southern Califomian, when they were in 
preparation for mission work with the Agape Move- 
ment of Campus Crusade for Christ. Being assigned 
to the same team to Guatemala from 1976 to 1978 
gave them valuable experience in mission work as 
well as an opportunity to get to know each other. 
After returning to the U.S., their relationship grew 
and they were married in 1979. Additional prepara- 
tion for full time mission work included involvement 
in evangelism, discipleship, missions, visitation, and 
Deacon Board at the GBC of La Verne, California, 
where they are members, and by Tted's training at 
Tklbot Seminary, from which he graduated. In the 
fall of 1985 they joined Clay and Kim Hulett as the 
pioneer missionary team to the Philippines. They 
have two children, David and Rebecca. 

Mrs. Dan (Nancy) Green 

Nancy Emch grew up in Rittman, OH, where she 
received Christ at the age of seven. After graduation 
from Grace College, she taught vocal music in a 
Milwaukee, WI, Christian School, then moved to Col- 
umbus, OH, to become a receptionist at Worthington 
GBC. Her husband, Dan, whom she met while at 
Worthington, received Christ at the age of twelve, 
but in 1975 he gave total control of his life to the 
Lord. In 1978 he spent the summer as a TIME mis- 
sionary in Brazil, and it became clear to him that 
he could serve the Lord in that country. After their 
marriage in 1979, Dan and Nancy assisted in 
starting the Cincinnati, OH, Grace Brethren Church 
before their departure for Brazil in July 1982. They 
now live and minister in Brasilia, and are the parents 
of three children, Mary Hamnah, Aaron Daniel, and 
Caleb Jeremiah. 

HERALD/ February 15. 1990 



A Continuing Commitment 

The message of Dr. Bill Male, a 30-year veteran of Grace College and Seminary, 

is that planned giving helps further a vital educational ministry 

and helps the giver be a good steward. 

Following is an interview with Dr. E. William 
Male, who is Adjunct Professor of Pastoral 
Ministries at Grace Theological Seminary and 
planned giving officer in the Department of In- 
stitutional Advancement at Grace College and 
Theological Seminary. The interview was con- 
ducted by Liz Miller, a Grace College student. 
Miss Miller is an intern working in the depart- 
ment this year. 

Question: I know that you have been asso- 
ciated with Grace College and Seminary for 
a number of years, but I understand that you 

began in a new position here last fall. What 
is it that you are doing in this new position? 

Dr. Male: It's true that I've been around here for 
quite a while. As a matter of fact, this past school 
year was my 30th as a member of the faculty and 
administration here at Grace -- and I thank God 
for the privilege of serving Him in these capacities 
over all those years. 

The new position to which I have been appointed 
is that of a Planned Giving Officer. It is part of our 
Department of Institutional Advancement. I'm 
excited with this opportunity to continue serving 
Grace by helping to raise the level of gift income 
that is so necessary for the health and growth of 
our schools. 

Who are the people that you are serving? 

I'm working primarily with present and future 
friends of the school who are in a position to make 
contributions to our ministry by including Grace 
in their wills, through purchasing annuities, or by 
entering into one of a variety of available trust 

Could you share a little more information 
concerning these giving programs? For 
starters, what is an annuity? 

An annuity is a contribution based on a contract 
made with the school. Its provisions allow for 
significant income tax savings, as well as a 
guaranteed life income for the annuitant. But 
perhaps I can better explain it by giving an 

Let's say Mrs. Jones, a 76-year-old widow, invests 
in a $10,000 Grace Gift Annuity. She will receive 
an 8.7 percent rate of return. This means she will 
receive a guaranteed income of $870.00 per year 
for the rest of her life, with $484.46 of this $870.00 
taxable and the other $384.54 tax-free. In addition, 
a $5,504.54 deduction from her federal income 
taxes is received in the year she makes her annui- 
ty purchase. 

You mentioned trust agreements. What are 

There are several kinds of Charitable Remainder 


HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


TVust programs. These are especially attractive for 
people with real estate or other securities which 
have appreciated in value. I get really excited when 
I see the possibilities of these programs, because 
not only does Grace receive a needed contribution, 
the donors often benefit financially. 

How are you building on past planned giv- 
ing efforts? 

Happily, a lot of groundwork has already been 
done in this area in recent years. I'm especially ap- 
preciative of the work of Dewey Melton, who was 
my predecessor in this position. Through his ef- 
forts, and those of Read Morrison, our former 
comptroller, and others, we now have over 70 
annuities worth more than $1,130,000 to Grace. 

We also have a file of well over 300 individuals 
who have indicated at some time or other that 
their wills include a provision for Grace College 
and/or Grace Seminary. We thank God that so 
many people have made these arrangements to 
help us continue to educate young people. 

I have already begun to correspond with all our 
annuitants, both to let them know how much we 
appreciate their interest in Grace Schools and to 
let them know that we stand ready to assist them 
any time they want to consider increasing their in- 
vestment in this ministry. 

Of course, many new potential investors will be 
identified through responses to advertising, direct 
mail, and personal contacts. This is already begin- 
ning to happen, and it is my responsibility to follow 
up on all of them. 

How is your background assisting you in 
working with these people? 

In one way I think I may be uniquely qualified 
to minister to them. Such people want to know 
more about the ultimate beneficiary of their 
"planned gift." 

My major function on their behalf is not to figure 
out all of the specific details of the various options 
available to them. We make sure sound financial 
planning is available for all of these donors. And 
in the cases involving wills, they will need the ser- 
vices of a knowledgeable attorney. 

My major functions will be twofold. First. I serve 
as the contact person who can introduce people 
to Grace College and Seminary and to the various 
options available for such major investments. 
Second, it is my job to answer most of the 
questions our friends may have about the exciting 
things that God has done -- and is continuing to 
do -- here at the college and seminary. My yeairs 

of experience in the academic spiritual life of both 
schools are invaluable here. 

After spending 30 years in the academic 
world, is this new position satisfying to you? 

Yes, because I see tremendous ministry 
possibilities in this position. Let me stress that I'm 
not approaching this program only with the idea 
of getting money for Grace. I want to help each per- 
son find the best option for his or her 

Of the older people I've learned to know, I've 
discovered that many don't know what to do with 
their resources. If I can help them to feel confident 
about what happens to their money following their 
death, I know I'll be satisfied in my new ministry. 
The primary goal is to help people be good 
stewards of what God has given to them. 

I see tremendous ministry 

possibilities in this position. 

Let me stress that I'm not 

approaching this program 

only with the idea 

of getting money for Grace. 

I want to help each person 

find the best option 

for his or her circumstances. 

You obviously are committed to the mission 
of Grace Schools. Why do you think other 
people would consider giving to Grace? 

Grace is well known for its stand on the 
inerrancy of Scripture. This makes it unique. Of 
course, high academic standards are stressed as 
well, but these are always coupled with an em- 
phasis on equipping students for the ministry of 
the Lord Jesus. 

These may sound like standard buzz words, but 
the more I travel around, the more I realize that 
this is no longer the norm for so-called Christian 
institutions. The Christian community wants to 
support schools that maintain these foundational 

How can people get in touch with you? 

They can call me at (219) 267-7427 or write in 
care of Grace Department of Institutional Advance- 
ment. I'll be happy to answer any questions. 

HERALD/ February 15. 1990 



From Earthly Treasures 
to Eternal Treasures 

The Story ofHerta Wohnhas 

August 8, 1947 our first child. Slbylle, was bom. 
The war had been over for two years and we were 
lix-lng ven.- comfortably. My husband had started 
a successful construction company with a friend. 
They employed 160 workers. Nothing we wanted 
to buy \^"as out of our reach. We had all our needs 
met and could afford all of our wants. 

Two years after our daughter's birth. Falk was 
bom. At first 1 stayed home to care for him. but 
there was an inner emptiness that drove me out 
of the house. I lo\'ed my children and my husband, 
but there was something missing. After Falk v,-rs 
a year old I took emplo^Tnent in a china and cn.-stal 
shop while my sister tended my children. Since 
there was no financial need for me to work, my 
husband could not understand my desire to be 
employed. I reasoned that if I worked I cotild fUl 
the void in my life and keep my mind occupied so 
that my thoughts would not wander to subjects 
like heaven and hell. As the years passed I began 
to realize that work was not helping. I told myself 
that if I had another child, then maybe things 
would chamge. However, when Frithjof was bom 
in 1956 nothing changed. 

In 1961. Sibylle was to be confirmed, but she 
refused to do so. We were concerned because the 

Mrs. Herta Wohnhas 

state church taught us that with Confirmation one 
seals the faith that has been imparted by infant 
baptism, and without it one can not be sure if he 
is going to heaven. We pleaded wixh her and final- 
ly she gave in and participated in Confirmation. 

When Sibylle married James, she changed and 
things changed around our home. They u-anted to 
pray at the table and use their own words instead 
of church prayers. 

Then one day James told us that he was giving 
up his job as a stock broker and going to the United 
States so he could study theolog\-. Why was he 
uprooting his family and taking our daughter and 
granddaughter to America? When my husband 
asked. "Who will take care of the three of you?" 
They replied. "God. our heavenly father." 

I loved my children 

and my husband^ but there 

was something missing. 

When my husband finally began to write to them 
in the United States, e\'er\' letter James and Sib\'lle 
■wTote to us had a tract in it with the pro\'oking title: 
How to get to heaven from Albstadt. (The town that 
we lived in -was called Albstadt.) Often we would 
throw the tract away, but sometimes someone in the 
family read it. Some of the sentences were strange. 
We were told that we were sinners, one of the worst 
swear words in German. Surely we were not sinners 
We were sprinkled as infants! We were confirmed! 
We had a nice Church wedding! We raised our 
children as good Christians! 

My husband was in America \'isiting Sib\ile and 
her family when my sister died of cancer. They all 
{[ev,- back to Germany for the funeral. After the 
funeral, my husbatad, the man that could not live 
^Aithout his work, that only took a 10-minute lunch 
break, never darkened the door of his business 
again. Shortly thereafter his partner had a heart 
attack and could not go back to work. Their com- 
pany went dowTihill and finally they were forced 
to declare bankruptcy. My husband did not cEu^e. 
He would only say. "AH that is left of one's life is 
a cam of ashes" (as was e\'idenced by my sister's 
cremation). Mv husbamd died Januairv 4. 1986, 


HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


we are .' 

literally of a broken heart. His death was sudden. 
Who would take care of me now? I had always 
depended on either my sister or my husband and 
now God had taken both of them. In addition. He 
had taken my daughter away from me. she would 
never return to Germany. Before I had even.-thing 
and now 1 had nothing. 1 had to live on social 
security. Is this a fair God? Why me. Lxird? 

WTien my husband died Sibylle was in Germany 
with Euro-Missions Institute. She stayed on in Ger- 
many and helped me straighten out some things, 
but she soon returned to the States. In the spring 
of 1987. James and Sibylle wrote and told me that 
they were coming back as missionaries. 1 thought. 
"What do I tell my friends and neighbors? We do 
not need missionaries in Germany, we are a Chris- 
tian nation! What do they think 
Heathen?" My sons and I decided that 
we would not pick them up at the air- 
pon nor did we want them to live at 
my house. It would be too em- 
baLTrassingl Dan Ramsey picked them 
up at the airpon and they stayed with 
the Remiseys until James went to 
language school. In December, be- 
tween terms of language cmd Bible 
schools they needed a place to stay 
and I reluctantly agreed that they 
could stay with me. Where was their 
Heavenly Father now; could He not 
even pro\ide a place for them to live? 

No one in my family or my hus- 
band's had ever reached the age of 
se\-enty. Wotild I? The night before my 
seventieth birihday. a strange thing 
happened. Ever>-one was in bed when 
James remembered that he had left 
his wallet in the car. He got out of bed. 
went through the basement to the car. 

He noticed a strong smell of gas. He discovered we 
had a gas leakl He woke ever\-one up and we open- 
ed the windows, put on coats and hats and called 
the gas company. We sat in the li\ing room waiting 
anxiously for them to come and fix the leak. It 
never occurred to us to leave the house. If James 
would not have forgotten his wallet and noticed the 
leak, we would either have died from gas inhala- 
tion or from the explosion that would have occur- 
red when my son who smokes came to wish me 
a happy birthday. Why did God let me celebrate 
my seventieth birthda\-? Why had He spared me 
in such a strange wa}-? 

One day I lay on my bed 
just wishing I could die. 

After finishing Bible School. James and Sibylle 
moved in with me until they could move to Calw. 
Life seemed totally hopeless to me. One day 1 lay 
on my bed just wishing I could die. James came 
in and asked. "Mama, why do you lie here waiting 
to die?" I responded. "Life has no more meaning 
to me. but according to you and Sibylle I am not 
ready to die because I wont go to heaven." James 
told me that I would be separated from God forever. 
Then he explained to me how I could get to heaven. 
That very afternoon 1 asked Jesus to be my Lord 
and Savior and my burden was lifted. 

I still live only on my social security, but I would 
not trade this lifestyle for the one I had without 
Christ. I am now a child of the King of kings and 
Lord of lords. I have eternal treasures waiting for 
me in heaven where I will live with my Heavenly 
Father forever. 

by Herta Wohnhas 

James, Sabine and Sibylle Belton 

HERALD/ February 15, 1990 



Still In My First Love 

by Marion R. Thomas 

I greatly love First Love Renewal. The ideas 
taught in this dynamic flow of witness for Christ 
I have used for many years. Speak for the Lord 
wherever you are in whatever the circumstances 
you are in, and take advantage of all happenings 
to witness of Christ and His marvelous love for us 
and His ability to meet all our needs. After having 
planted five Grace Brethren Churches in Ohio, 
South Carolina, and Florida, and being active in 
sowing seed for churches in Arizona and Indiana, 
I can say with great confidence and joy, witness 
where you are! Use any open doors to make a 
friend to win him or her to the Lord. Have good 
literature to back up or spearhead your witness. 
Sow in tears and we shall reap, without any doubt, 
the Word of God assures us. I could write books 
about the many occasions when just a hunger to 
witness for my Lord caused him to open unusual 
contacts and results in soul-winning. God uses 
every willing person. First Love Renewal is just you 
and me, any of us willing, being used of our Lord 
for rekindling the fires of soul-winning. 

It is easy to talk of the person you are in love 
with. Oh, I love You, my Lord Jesus! I worship and 
praise You today. My eyes sparkle to think on You 
in the night time, and all the day. When I sing 
hymns I am thrilled with Your salvation given to 
all of us in the family of God. It is great joy to tell 
those I meet in any place. He is wonderful. A happy 
heart is a great advertisement in this sad world. 
A bright light shines a long way in the dark. I am 
the lamp. You be the light, my Lord! Joyful tears 
wash my eyes as I think of You, Lord Jesus, and 
it is joy to tell those folks of You! After some time 
with You, I want them all to know You, my Lord! 
Worship and praise singing prepares us to over- 
come fears that the Devil gives and seeks to hinder 
us in the only business that will last. Cause me 
to put first things first. We are not charismatics, 
but I tell you, we are happy, happy believers. 

"We are not charismaticSf 
but happy believers." 

Brethren, join us across the nation in all our 
Grace Brethren Churches, missions, schools, 
homes, and hearts in fresh awakening and return 
to first love that will sweep through all our Grace 
Brethren Fellowship in fresh revival and Holy 
Spirit, New Tbstament, great awakening that will 
cross America again like when the Wesleys came 
to these beloved shores! 

Get churches together for First Love Renewals. 
This is a movement of design by the Holy Spirit 
for the terrible needs of these endtime days. 

Pastor Marion R. Thomas is a retired elder, 
serving in the Findlay Ohio Grace Brethren 
Church. He and his wife. Yvonne, reside in 
Bluffton. Ohio. 


HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


TV or not TV 

by Dean I. Walter 

I heard this message on TV: 
"Your Ufe's not what it ought to be!" 
They said I need more loving care . . . 
And this is what they had to share: 

I need some Cheez-Whiz with my snack, 
And Carter's pills to soothe my back; 
A box of Bufferin for my head, 
And Nitol "Z's" 'ere going to bed: 
Then Folger's Coffee in my cup 
lb help me with my getting up. 
And for my breakfast, I should plan 
lb eat a bowl of Fruit and Bran . . . 
No sucrose, but a SugarTXvin 
lb cut the fat and keep me thin. 
But I may have fried eggs and ham. 
If first 1 spray the grill with PAM. 
Alas, my teeth will fill with cracks 
Unless I brush them well with Plax: 
And if my words come out with clicks, 
I need a tube of Orafix. 
My hair needs something called Finesse 

If I would win my wife's caress. 
And when 1 wear my Sunday suit, 
I need to add a touch of Brut. 

All this I needed to keep well, 
Plus things of which 1 cannot tell. 
A score of things were for my wife 
lb help her live a long, rich life; 
And add another score to that 
lb have a healthy dog or cat. 

In one short hour 1 took these notes 
From Quaker Oil to Quaker Oats . . . 
And this is just a partial list . . . 
I tremble at the things I've missed. 
For I may die and miss the one 
Without which 1 become undone! 

(Editors note; Dean I. Walter is Associate Pastor 
of the Grace Brethren Church of Greater 
Washington. D.C. I think it would be appropriate 
to call him the "Poet Laureate" of the Fellowship 
of Grace Brethren Churches! - CWT) 

Plan now for your financial future 

A Grace Schools annuity brings regular income for you 

• Guaranteed income for life 

• Non-fluctuating payments 

• Liberal income tax savings 

• Savings of estate and inheritance taxes 

• No re-investment problem 

• Partnership in a vital Christian ministry 

Clip this coupon and mail it to us for free, no obligation information. 

Grace Schools, Inc. 

Attn: Dr. William Male Name 

Planned Giving Officer 

200 Seminary Drive Address _ 

Winona Lake, Indiana 

(219)372-5100 City 

Toll-free 1 -800-54-GRACE (U.S.) 
1 -800-845-2930 (in Indiana) Telephone . 


Zip . 

Date of birth 

HERALD/ February 15, 1990 




Carl J. Beridon 

Dr. John J. 
Davis, President 
of Grace College 
and Grace Theo- 
logical Seminary 
announced that 
Carl J. Beridon 
has joined the col- 
lege and seminary 
tion as Dean of Enrollment. 

Beridon, a Michigan native, 
moves to Grace from his position as 
president of Trans Continental 
Underw^riters, Inc., an aviation 
insurance agency, and Sources 
International Corporation, a 
marketing firm. He is a sales agent 
for Datex USA, Inc., and previously 
was vice president and general 
manager of another Michigan 
aviation insurance agency. 

Beridon has served as principal of 
Oakland Christian School in Pontiac, 
Michigan, and The Kings Christian 
School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 
and he was an associate pastor at 
Easton Union Church in Mount 
Holly, New Jersey. 

As Dean of Enrollment at Grace 
College and Grace Theological 
Seminary, Beridon heads student 
recruitment, admissions administra- 
tion, student financial aid, and 
career planning and placement 

The Grace Brethren Church of 
Lititz, PA, is accepting resumes for 
the position of Maintenance Super- 
visor This is a full-time position in 
charge of all volunteer, staff and con- 
tract workers in the areas of 
maintenance, equipment, janitorial 
services, and grounds. Resumes 
should be sent to the church at 501 
W. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, PA 18543, 
directed to the attention of Tom Avey 

Eddie IViiiler, missionary to Brazil, 
was severely injured by a bull in Brazil 
and was returned home to Modesto, 
CA, for medical help. He underwent 

surgery to replace the ball in a hip 
and is in a brace for back injuries. 

Greg Shipley received his Th.D. 
from Westminster Seminary and is 
now serving as a missionary to 
England with Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions. He is a member 
of the First Brethren Church of 
Philadelphia, PA. Mike Brubaker, 



Mapledale Ave., Mansfield, OH 


Rosslyn Ave., Columbus, OH 43214. 

Haviland Ave., Whittier, CA 90601. 

COLE, NEIL. 1126 Shaw St., Alta 
Loma, CA 91701. 

DELOE, JESSE. 102 Third St., 
Winona Lake, IN 46590. 

INBODEN, BUZZ. 182 Longshore 
Rd., Sunbury, OH 43074. 

PEUGH, ROGER. Phone number is 



Sweet Potato Ridge Rd., 

Englewood, OH 45322. 

SMALS, RON. 9325 Champion Dr., 
Indianapolis, IN 46256. 

SUITT, CHRIS. 13181 Running Deer 
Rd., Moreno Valley, CA 92388. 

WEDERTZ, LARRY. 1633 Cherry 
Place, Escondido, CA 92027 

WINTER, CHUCK. 120 Pioneer, 
Harrah, WA 98933. (The mailing 
address remains the same.) 

CHURCH. Their address has been 
changed to: 643 Dovalon PI., 
Galloway, OH 43119. 

CHURCH, of Harrah, WA, is 111 
Pioneer, Harrah, WA 98933. (The 
mailing address of the church 
remains the same.) 


HAMMER, JUNE. January 12, 1990. 
She was the wife of James Hammer, 
a former pastor in the Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches. Burial 
was in St. Louis, MO. 
IMMEL, KEITH. He was a faithful 
member of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Rittman, OH, and a father 
of Missionary Howard Immel, 
passed away on July 31, 1989, after 
a long illness. Bud Olzewski, pastor. 
1989, 65. She was a member of the 
Ghent Grace Brethren Church of 
Roanoke, VA. Nathan Leigh, pastor 
December 25, 1989. He was a 
faithful member of the West Kittan- 
ning Grace Brethren Church. The 
Reverends Ronald Jurke and 
Richard Cornwell officiated at the 
memorial service. Richard Cornwell, 

KINGERY, COY. August 27, 1989, 81. 
He was a faithful member of the 
Ghent Grace Brethren Church of 
Roanoke, VA, for over 50 years. 
Nathan Leigh, pastor 
PETERS, HESTER. October 12, 
1989, 102. She was a member of the 
Ghent Grace Brethren Church of 
Roanoke, VA. Nathan Leigh, pastor 
RUNYON, ETHEL. 96, December 
31, 1989. "She was a faithful saint of 
God, having served with her hus- 
band on the Deacon Board, and 
many other areas of service in the 
First Grace Brethren Church, 
Dayton, OH. She was a member for 
43 years. Friendship Village had 
been her home for the past fifteen 
years. She was an inspiration to all 
who knew her Our loss is heaven's 
gain." G. Forrest Jackson, pastor 
SHANKLE, OMER C. 87, January 
10, 1990. He was a faithful member 
of the West Kittanning Grace 
Brethren Church for 57 years. 
Richard Cornwell, pastor 


HERALD/ February 15. 1990 


Studies in Ephesians 
Tom Julien 

FREE Ultra-Thin Bible 
with orders of $300 and up. 

The retail price of 
this King James Ver- 
sion Ultra-Thin Bible 
is $36.95. Contains 
the Old and New 
Testaments, center- 
column references, a 
presentation page and 
family record section. 
It is 51/2" X8V2" in size, 
and just 5/8" thin. 

Orders of 
$150 » $300 

receive a copy of TYie 
Marriage Builder, by 
Dr. Larry Crabb. 
Regular retail price, 

The Brethren 
adult series for 
March, April and 
May will feature 
this study of 
Ephesians by 
Ibm Julien. Just 
$2.95 a copy. 

You will enjoy this 13-week study in Ephe- 
sians as the theme -- the Church as Christ's 
body - is discussed. Clear outlines begin each 
of the organized chapters, and questions of 
discussion end each chapter. The author has 
made this exposition of Ephesians very 
understandable with practical illustrations and 
a very readable style. Regular retail price $5.95, 
quantity orders $2.95 each. (Leader's Guide 
available at $3.75.) 

Ttom Julien and his wife. 
Doris, served 28 years as mis- 
sionaries in France where 
Tom was also field director 
and European area director. 
In 1986 he became executive 
director of Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions. 

The Brethren 
Missionary Herald Co. 

P.O. Box 544 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Telephone 219/267-7158 (Indiana) 


HERALD/ February 15, 1990 


The complete 
'*BE" series by 
Warren Wiersbe 
in 2 Volumes! 
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compiled. For long-time readers of 
Dr. Wiersbe or those who are just 
beginning to be touched by his 
unique ministry. The Bible Exposi- 
tion Commentary is a complete, 
unabridged guide to the entire New 

With the publication of Be Courageous in 1989. 
Dr. Warren Wiersbe's series on the New Testament 
is now complete, and, to commemorate one of the 
most beloved series in history of Christian 
publishing, all 23 Be books, covering each book of 
the New Testament, have been gathered together to 
form The Bible Exposition Commentary. 

Scholarship and Readability 

This is the rare book that combines a wealth of 

solid Biblical content with warm, personal exposi- 
tion, written in a style that both laymen and pro- 
fessional Christian workers will appreciate. Dr. 
Warren W Wiersbe brings the people, places, history, 
and teachings of the New Testament to life in the 
pages of The Bible Exposition Commentary. 
Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe was formerly General 
Director of Back to the Bible, located in Lincoln, 
Nebraska. He currently is engaged in an extensive 
speaking and Bible conference ministry. 


P.O. Box 544 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(Indiana, 219-267-7158) 

Use your MasterCard, Visa or Herald Card 


P.O. Box 544 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Address Correction Requested 

Nonprofit Org. 
U.S. Postage 


Winona Lake, IN' 
Permit No. 13 

Brethren Missionary 



With the publication of Be Courageous 
in 1989. Dr. Warren Wiersbe's series on the 
New Testament is now complete, and, to 
commemorate one of the most beloved 
series in history of Christian publishing, all 
23 Be books, covering each book of the New 
Testament, have been gathered together to 
form The Bible Exposition Commentary. 

Scholarship and Readability 

This is the rare book that combines a 
wealth of solid Biblical content with warm, 
personal exposition, written in a style that 
both laymen and professional Christian 
workers will appreciate. Dr. Warren W 
Wiersbe brings the people, places, history, 
and teachings of the New Testament to life 

The complete 
''BE'' series by 
Warren Wiersbe 
in 2 Volumes! 
Regular retail 
price is $59.95; 
^n sale now at 

^y «>>^ 27 • S7 9 • 

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If you purchased the 
complete set in paper- 
back, the cost would be 
more than $170. 

This handsome two-volume set 
will establish itself as one of the 
most practical reference books ever 
compiled. For long-time readers of 
Dr. Wiersbe or those who are just 
beginning to be touched by his 
unique ministry. The Bible Exposi- 
tion Commentary is a complete, 
unabridged guide to the entire New 

in the pages of The Bible Exposition 

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe was formerly 
General Director of Back to the Bible, 
located in Lincoln Nebraska. He currently 
is engaged in an extensive speaking and 
Bible Conference ministry. 


P.O. Box 544 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 


(Indiana. 219-267-7158) 

HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


The bitter cold of December had 
given way to the mild 
temperatures of January. The 
snow was replaced with the slow 
gentle rain. This was great for 
February when you consider the 
other possibilities. Rain, wind, eind 
a mild 40 degree day -- not too bad 
to get around and do a little bit of 
the daily activities. 

First, a stop at the post office to 
see what the mail person has left 
in the box. A couple of bills and 
a half dozen appeals from my 
favorite mission projects. Normal 
day so far, but all was to change 
soon. The rain was picking up and 
the wind was a little stiffer com- 
ing off of beautiful Lake Winona. 
So with head down and face to the 
ground 1 headed for the car. There 
was the first find of the day. A 
shining new penny in the middle 
of Park Ave. Without hesitation I 
did not feel a ripple of temptation 
-- it remained in its little pothole 
in the pavement. 

Off to the super market to get 
some calorie counters for the 
morning coffee break at the 
Herald. A couple of jelly filled and 
a half dozen caramel covered 
beauties and some unsugared 
ones for those sensitive to good 
things. Back to the car and the 
wind and the rain brings my head 
down to keep the cold out. This 
time to my surprise there were 
two pennies in the midst of some 
dirt and grime that had fallen off 
a car. Again, no temptation -- I 
kept moving and the pennies re- 
mained for someone else to 

1 did have a conscience problem 
about this because I remember 
when a penny found would bring 
joy for days. Then, however, a pen- 
ny could change a young kid's life. 
A nickel was a major problem 
because it resulted in making 
more decisions than 1 was 
prepared to make. It could mean 
fifteen or twenty pieces of candy. 
That meant big decisions. But 
now a penny was not as much a 
problem to my budget as it was to 
whether or not I wanted to expend 
the energy for so little return. A 
penny is not what it used to be! 

But then came Sunday and as 

I walked down the aisle of the 
church I spied another object. Tb 
my surprise it was a 357 
magnum shell -- alive and 
useable! I had been hearing 
about the disagreements among 
the Brethren but this helped 
focus how intent we were all 
becoming. I did pick this one up 
and turned it over to the police. 

So that was the week - two 
finds of pennies without a stop. 
One bullet ... a quick pickup. 
Monday 1 found a quarter, it was 
worth the time. 

What does it take to make us 
stop and pay attention in our cur- 
rent world? We hardly pause for 
a moment when we see folks 
shot or maimed on TV. We see it 
happen so often it hardly upsets 
our sensitivity any more. Almost 
daily the news brings us word of 
another politician involved in 
some compromise of his duties. 
We just seem to know that is 
about average. Do we pause 
when we hear another bank just 
went under? No use getting ex- 
cited about the fact that several 
hundred had to re-open under 
another name during the past 
several years. 

Pause when you see the latest 
price on sneakers at $175.00 a 
pair? You can pump them up to 
the right pressure! Stop and 
think it over when you hear the 
newest church in town is going to 
cost two million, three million or 
about $30 million. No, we have 
reached the place when it is 
about like a penny in a puddle in 
the parking lot. Too much trou- 
ble to pause and pick it up. It just 
isn't worth that much time or 

Not many things in an increas- 
ingly jaded society retain a sense 
of great worth. We take a glance, 
do not hestitate and go on our 
way. We Christians are about as 
guilty as everyone else. It is a 
rather sad commentary on our 
times. We have been inundated 
with commercials, false claims 
and materialism for so long, it 
just does not come through very 
often. Indeed, we are losers by it 

A Penny In 
The Puddle 
In a 

Time Tb 
And Pick 
It Up? 

by Charles W. Turner 

"HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


Brethren Missionary 


ITolume R2 No. 3 ^^^ March 15. 199( 

March 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

A Penny in the 
Puddle in a 
Parking Lot. Time 
to Pause £ind 
Pick It Up? 

Charles W. Turner 

6 Foreign Missions 

Living Under a 
Death Sentence 

Beverly Sharp 

7 Foreign Missions 

Celebration 90 


Guidelines for 
Forums on Church 

10 CE National 
CE Day at 

11 CE National 

TIME That Counts 
for Eternity 

12 Fellowship News 

14 Home Missions 

An American 
in Paris 

Larry Chamberlain 

16 Home Missions 

From Around 
the Nation 

17 WMC 

WMC at Work 

18 BEM 

A Visit to Three 
Mission Fields 


"I read my Bible through twice last year. I have been doing it twice 
for the last couple of years, and at least once for the last 15 years. 
My husband, Shimer, has been reading his through once a year for 
the last 20 years." -- Mrs. Shimer Darr, Meyersdale, PA 

"I read through the Bible again last year. This is the fifth year I 
have done it." -- Mrs. Virginia Leaf, Winona Lake, IN 

"I Just wanted to let you know that I have completed reading the 
Bible through in 1989 (17th year)." -- Minnie A. Vance, York, PA 

Publisher Charles W. TVimer 
Printer BMH Printing 
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Cliristian Education 

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cover with new address. Please 
allow four weeks for the change 
to become effective. 

HERALD/ March 15. 1990 


Sponsored by CE National 

1990 Brethren National 
Youth Conference 

August 4-10,1990 


Speakers: Ken Davis 

Mike Curry 
Becky Pippert 
Peters Brothers 

GBC Speakers: Ed Lewis 

EJ Underwood 
Dave Bogue 
Denny Brown 
Ken Brown 
Scott Distler 
Chuck Lavreon 


Living Under A Death Sentence 

by Beverly Sharp 

"If you were told that the Lord was coming back 
on a certain day and hour or you were told you had 
only a short time to live, what would you do with 
the time you had left?" As a Sunday School 
teacher I have used this question to encourage 
myself and my students to evaluate our lives, never 
dreaming it would become something I would have 
to actually deal with in my family. 

In August of 1988 my son, Tom Sharp, mis- 
sionary to Mexico, became very ill. It seemed to be 
a severe attack of Crohn's disease which he had 
had for a number of years. It had been a very 
stressful time in their family life as 2V2 year old 
Mandy had had a TVa hour life threatening surgery 
in April. Then their son Benjamin was born in 
June. By August 20th Tom had to have an 
emergency operation to take care of a blockage in 
the colon. Suzie, his wife, anxiously waited for 
surgery to be over. The doctor came to her and 
said, "Your husband won't be going home with 

"What do you mean?" she asked. 

"He won't live through the next 72 hours. He has 
advanced colon cancer. It is everywhere." It was 
the beginning of a death sentence. 

In God's planning Tom did live through that time 
period and got out of the hospital. It was decided 
that they should move back to Ohio so our family 
could help with transportation, baby-sitting, and 
encouragement. Tom did not want to move their 
belongings home because he was determined that 
with God's help he would return to the mission 

The missionaries on the border, the San Diego 
and Pasadena Churches were such a help. Thanks 
for all you did. At home in Bellville, the 
Ankenytown church cleaned, painted, papered, 
and filled with furniture, bedding, pots and pans 
- everything needed for Tom and Suzie and the 
children to live a normal life. What a blessing that 

Our first visit to the doctor in Ohio was not any 
better. His opening words were "Tom, you know 
this cancer is going to kill you, don't you?" So what 
do you do when you are 36 years old with a wife 
and three children that you love dearly? 

First of all Tom chose to live positively with hope 
and faith in the Lord that he would be able to raise 
his family. We didn't talk about dying. Cancer 
means doctors, nurses, hospitals and other 
patients. It was an opportunity to witness for his 

His chemo treatments were new for this area, 
and he had to stay at the hospital for a week each 
month. Soon he asked to take them as an outpa- 
tient so that he could be home with his family. 
Time was precious. 

Tom worked part time at Ankenytown Grace as 
he was able. So eight months came and went and 
we became quite confident that the doctors were 
wrong. But each 20th of the month we looked at 
the calendar and thanked the Lord for another 
period of time, it was so special. 

In March, just before Easter, Tom found a growth 
in the lymph gland of his neck. He didn't tell 
anyone -just went to prayer meeting, played his 
guitar and taught the lesson on the end times. The 
next day he showed the doctor, but he had given 
Suzie one more worry free night. It meant two 
more kinds of chemo plus the ones he already was 

There were many good days, and some very bad 
ones. Extra time in prayer and with his Bible and 
a loving, caring wife were the things that kept Tom 
going. There were some difficult things that hap- 
pened apart from the physical illness, for Satan 
was busy. 

If you live under a death sentence you do the im- 
portant things. He spent a lot of time with the girls, 
a lot of time holding Benji while he slept but no 
one teased him about spoiling him. When Grand- 
ma Reed died they took the girls to the funeral and 
explained about dying and heaven with Jesus. In 
spite of an ileostomy, a catheter and a chemo 
pump, he got in a few games of church softball. 
He told his sister he couldn't run like he used to 
but he always made sure he came in standing up, 
and that's the way he was dealing with his life. 

Tbm and Suzie Sharp, Cristi, Amanda. Benjamin. 

HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


In July an opportunity came to go back to 
Tijuana, Mexico. He had the special privilege to 
dedicate a meeting place for the Mexicans at Otay 
Mesa. He came home so excited. What a gift from 
God that trip was! 

But it was the beginning of the end, for the next 
week great pain set in. He made a trip to Winona 
Lake to the Missions Conference to give his testi- 
mony but it was right to the hospital on his return. 

Three weeks later the doctor's prediction came 
true: but it was one year and seven days later in- 

stead of 72 hours. 1 believe this was a result of 
dedicated prayer across our Fellowship. Our 
families can never express our appreciation ade- 
quately for the encouragement the Foreign Mis- 
sions staff, the missionaries and our churches gave 
during this time and since Tom's homegoing. 
Grace Brethren people do care! We thank you. 

Tom didn't win his hard fought battle with 
cancer for God chose otherwise, but he ac- 
complished with great courage and faith a good 
testimony for his Lord. 


ETERNAL. As part of your Grace Brethren church, you have par- 
ticipated in the planting of over 720 Grace Brethren churches 
overseas. Thousands of people have come to know Jesus Christ as 
their Lord because people like you were faithful to the Great Com- 
mission. That's something to celebrate. 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions is commemorating its ninetieth 
anniversary with a Celebration 90 in your area. This exciting rally 
will acquaint you with the work the Lord has accomplished through 
Grace Brethren Churches in the last ninety years and will encourage 
you to even greater commitment to the Great Commission during 
the next decade. Come join us for this special presentation of music, 
media, and missions. 

March 3 Findlay, OH September 14 

March 4 Fremont Grace. OH September 15 

March 16 Parkersburg, WV September 16 

March 17 Washington. PA September 21 

March 18 Myersdale, PA September 22 

March 25 Ashland, PA September 23 

March 30 Johnstown. PA (Riverside) October 5 

April 1 Martinsburg. PA October 6 

April 6-7 Hastings, MI iDist. Conf) October 7 

April 8 Alto. MI October 12 

April 20 Norton,OH October 13 

April 21 Canton, OH October 14 

April 22 Wooster. OH October 20 

April 27 Anchorage, AK October 21 

April 27 Eagle River, AK October 26 

May 6 Soidotna, AK October 27 

May 6 Homer, AK October 28 

May 27 Warsaw, IN November 4 

June 8-9 Garwin, lA iDist. Conf.) December 2 

June 10 Waterloo, lA 

Philadelphia 1st, PA 
Telford. PA 
Myerstown, PA 
York, PA 
Lititz, PA 
Elizabethtown, PA 

Columbus, OH lEast Side) 

Licking County, OH 
Columbus, OH 
Hagerstown, MD 
Lanham, MD 
Temple Hills, MD 
Richmond. VA 
Virginia Beach, VA 
Telford, TN 
Aiken, SC 

Greater Atlanta, GA 
Port is, KS 
Sunnyside, WA 

For further information call or write to: 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 

P.O. Box 588, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(219) 267-5161 

Attention Mary Ann Barlow 

HERALD/ March 15. 1990 


Guidelines for Forums on 
Church Membership Issue 

The 1 989 Conference passed the following motion 
(Annual, p.24): "A motion prevailed to refer the mat- 
ter of the Baptism-Church Membership issue to the 
Fellowship Council with the directive that they 
prepare for a forum of study and discussion and 
come back to the conference with creative alter- 
natives as soon as feasible but not more than 3 years 
from now. The following action was taken at the 
meetings of your Fellowship Council in Simi Valley. 
California. Jan. 13-16.- Roger D. Peugh. Moderator. 

I. Goal/Purpose of the fortiin(s) mandated by 
1989 National Conference regarding Baptism 
and church membership: the WHY. 

To effectively communicate with one another at every 
level in order 

A. to properly understand one another in an at- 
mosphere of mutually demonstrated Christlike 
humility and respect, maintaining highest commit- 
ment to the biblical standards of spiritual unity and 
integrity in all communication of and discussion 
of differences. 

B. to study and come to a mutually shared deeper 
understanding of the biblical and practical issues 
involved in the whole discussion. 

C. to seek to arrive at a consensus which will then 
be converted into inductive Bible study 
discipleship tools useable at several levels of 
discipleship and leadership training in all churches, 
districts and in our training institutions. 

D. to recommend creative alternatives for the 
resolution of as many tensions as possible to the 
Fellowship Council for presentation to National 

II. Suggested (not exhaustive) list of forum 
topics arranged in order of importance: the 

A. Baptism: 

1. What is biblical baptism? Is trine immersion 
the "best" mode or the "exclusive" mode 
taught in the Scriptures? 

2. What does the Bible teach about the rebap- 
tism of a believer who claims to have been 
"baptized," subsequent to salvation, by a form 
other than trine immersion? 

B. Membership: 

1. What is church membership as defined from 
the Scriptures? (Are all of the aspects of our 
"legal membership" biblically derived or does 
our culture influence our practice 

2. Are there allowable exceptions for taking peo- 
ple into membership who cannot be baptized 


because they are sick or have some other 

"legitimate" reason for not being baptized? 

Must baptism always be public? (Are private 

baptisms biblical?) 
3. What are the required practical steps to show 

that one agrees with the Statement of Faith? 
Local churches: 

What does the Bible teach about the 
autonomy of the local church? 

2. What does the Bible say about how churches 
relate to each other? (Under whose jurisdic- 
tion do our districts fall and how do our 
presently constituted districts relate to the Na- 
tional Conference?) 

3. What authority does a central ecclesiastical 
body have in determining policy in a local 
church (e.g. National Conference through the 
Fellowship Council?) 

4. What biblical teaching on separation would 
mandate the dividing of Grace Brethren from 
Grace Brethren over the issue of open and 
closed membership policies? (What does the 
Bible teach about the issues over which Chris- 
tians should separate from other Christians? 
What are the implications of such separation 
for fellowship with or support of other Chris- 
tian groups?) 

D. The matter of our common mission: 

What does the Bible teach about tolerance of 
something in the practice of another brother (or 
church) which 1 may not be willing to reproduce? 

E. Faithful perpetuation: 

1. How can we ensure the perpetuation of our 
fellowship since we are a voluntary organiza- 
tion and since there are no "policemen" to en- 
force the rules? 

2. How is pastoral leadership to be trained, ex- 
amined and certified? 

F. Honoring commitments: 

If agreement over these membership matters cannot 
be reached, how will the binding commitments which 
have been made to our FGBC ministries (e.g. care for 
pension of widows of pastors) be honored? What are 
the biblical ramifications of simply dropping or ignor- 
ing these promises made? 

m. Means of reaching the goal: the WHO and 

A. A forum Coordinator appointed by the Moderator 
will assemble existing study materials and make 
them available to those requesting them (expenses 
to be borne by those requesting materials). 

B. The Forum Coordinator will assign study articles 
addressing the above questions, to be written from 
as broad a spectrum as possible. 


HERALD/ March 15. 1990 


C. District ministeriums appoint a contact person as 
representative of the district at the broader level. 
Any expenses incurred to be borne by districts. 
(Fellowship Council members are not to be con- 
sidered for the position of District Representative.) 

D. Lay representation be appointed in each district 
by the District Conference officers. Any expenses 
incurred to be borne by districts. 

E. These representatives, in cooperation with the 
Forum Coordinator, solicit materials, arrange and 
chair district-sponsored open forums, giving 
careful attention to all sides of the issues as fairly 
as possible. Lay participation is to be actively en- 
couraged. Forum meetings are to be opened with 
prayer session and interspersed with prayer times, 
recognizing that without God's help we will not ar- 
rive at His conclusions on the issues. 

IV. Plan for reaching the goal: the WHEN. 

A. District-level forums held by the fall of 1990. Dates 
for these fall meetings set by District Conferences 
or Ministeriums spring 1990. 

B. Input from these district forums reviewed and 
revised at a three-day meeting of the district 
representatives immediately prior to Jan. 91 
Fellowship Council meeting, a report given at that 
time to the Fellowship Council. 

C. The Fellowship Council then see that the material 
is organized into the best format for distribution 
at district conferences in spring of 1991. 

D General Forum to be held in connection with the 
1991 National Conference for review of the 
materials presented and to receive suggestions for 
further review at Jan. 1992 Fellowship Council 

E. Fellowship Council to report to 1992 Conference 
with creative alternatives for the resolution of as 
many tensions as possible in our fellowship. 

F. Fellowship Council also will initiate the formula- 
tion of in-depth inductive Bible study materials 
which represent the consensus of the Forum in- 
put and are to be available for adoption by Con- 
ference 1992. 

f^. Plan now for your financial future 

' A Grace Schools annuity brings regular income for you 

• Guaranteed income for life 

• Non-fluctuating payments 

• Liberal income tax savings 

• Savings of estate and intieritance taxes 

• No re-investment problem 

• Partnershiip in a vital Chiristian ministry 

Clip this coupon and mail it to us for free, no obligation inforn^ation. 

Grace Schools, Inc. 

Attn: Dr. William Male Name 

Planned Giving Officer 

200 Seminary Drive Address 

Winona Lake, Indiana 

(219)372-5100 City 

Toll-free 1-800-54-GRACE (U.S.) 
1 -800-845-2930 (in Indiana) Telephone . 



Date of birth 

HERALD/ March 15. 1990 



Continuing Education Day 
Monday, July 30, 1990 


Also included in the day will be the two 1990 
Operation Barnabas teams to present their 
ministry of music and drama following the lun- 
cheon. This complementary day of "Continuing 
Education" is an integral part of the National Con- 
ference of the FGBC. Won't you Join CE National 
in Richmond? 

CE National Providing Challenging Seminars 

The CE Day will include over 30 seminars from 
CE National. This year's theme is "Developing A 
Ministry Mindset." The seminar topics are 
resources and ideas to help in church leadership, 
children's work, youth work, adult ministries, and 
with senior pastors. All seminars are "how to" ses- 
sions to enhance local church ministries. 

Operation Barnabas Teams Sharing in Music Ministry 

Continue to pray for the 


Listen to some of 
the encouraging 
quotes being 

received from our 

"Heather was one of the girls in my 
counseling group at conference this year. 
She has been witnessing to a boy she met 
in Kentucky during conference. Since con- 
ference he has become a Christian! She 
wrote and told me of this. She keeps in 
touch with him and savs he is growing in 
our L^rd! PTL!" 

"We are seeing great things this year as 
a result of YOYO. Our teens are talking to 
friends, and our attendance has increased 
from 6-10 a week to 12-16 a week! Our 
teens are sharing Christ!" 

"I have had great opportunities to share 
with a boy at school, whose name is 
Richard (If you could pray for him and 
many others). I have seen at least eight big 

answers to prayer in the last two months, 
and I'm excited about what the Lord has 
in store for me for the rest of the year!" 

"I had the opportunity to talk to Sharon 
about what would happen if she didn't ac- 
cept Christ and about how Christ 
purchased a place for her in Heaven, and 
she could have it if she wanted. She said 
she did. My pastor then came over and 
talked with her about the commitment she 
would be making. And she accepted Christ 
as her personal Savior." 

I've been involved with Teen Evangelism 
Explosion for three semesters now and it's 
amazing to go out and share Jesus Christ 
with other youth. The reason I say it's 
amazing is because people are really 
shocked when they discover teenagers go- 
ing out and sharing their faith . . . This was 
such an encouragement to me because 
they showed me that people do need the 


HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


that counts for eternity • . . 

CE National's TIME pro- 
gram (Training in Mis- 
sionary Endeavor) is an in- 
vestment that can count for 
eternity. TIME affords young 
people short-term missions 
opportunities allowing them 
to investigate missions and to develop a heart for the lost. 
This year's TIME teams will experience TIME orientation 
training in inner-city Chicago and leave 

TIME participants share their faith at inner-city Chicago orientation 

for the fields in France. 
Spain. Brazil, Africa, the 
Mexico border and the 
Navajo mission. 

Please prav for the 
1990 TIME applicants as 
they prepare for their 
ministries, as they in- 
\'estigate missions and as 
they develop a heart for 
the lost. 

Investigating missions 

develops church leaders • • • 

CE National's 1990 Operation Barnabas teams give 
growing senior high youth a thirst for ministry and train 
them for future ministry inside and outside the body of 
Christ. OB teams encourage our churches as they 
minister to them during their five week summer tour The 
1990 tour begins June 29th with orientation in 
Myerstown. PA and concludes as they minister at Na- 
tional Conference in Richmond. Virginia. 

Please pray for the 1990 Operation Barnabas team 

Operation Barnabas participants share their faith 

Developing a thirst for ministry 

CE National 

P.O. Box 365 • Winona Lake, IN 46590 

For Further Information, Contact: 

Chery Otermat • Associate Director of Short-term Missions 


)0l HERALD/ March 15, 1990 




Tim Hawkins has recently been 
licensed to the Brethren ministry. He 
and his wife, Julie, are preparing to go 
to Portugal as missionaries. A special 
day has been planned in their honor 
by the Grace Brethren Church of Ritt- 
man, OH. It will be held on July 15, 

Piiil Valentine, son of Grace College 
student Rod Valentine, had surgery 
for a cancerous tumor on Feb. 6. Phil 
is 2 years old and has had one and 
one-half years of chemotherapy treat- 
ment. There are plans for a bone 
marrow transplant. 
Pastor Wayne Hannah is "back on 
the job" following his recent surgery. 
He is pastor of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Richmond, VA. He wants 
to say "thanks" for the many who 
prayed for him. 

Paul Bauman and Ralph Gilbert are 
conducting a tour to the Holy Land 
and Austria and back to the Oberam- 
mergau Passion play May 15-28. If in- 
terested, you may contact them either 
by mail or telephone: 214-758-8875, or 
mail to: Paul Bauman, P.O. Box 8181, 
Longview, TX 75607 

Warren Tamkin and wife are plan- 
ning a trip to Europe June 8-17 The 
Tamkins will be visiting such places 
as the Oberammergau Passion play, 
the Chateau in France, and also Stutt- 
gart, Germany. If you are interested 
in joining the Tamkin party, the cost 
is $1595 from New York City. For more 
information, call 717/432-4177. 

Roy and Ruth Snyder are working 
with a Haitian group from the Grace 
Brethren Church of Fort Lauderdale, 
FL. On a recent Sunday there were 
59 present. Dr Herman Hoyt's mater- 
ial on "Brethren Beliefs" is being 
translated into French for their use. 

James Taylor was ordained to the 
Christian ministry in November 1989. 
He is pastor of the Lakeland, FL, 
Grace Brethren Church. Members of 
the ministerium were on hand to 
assist in the service, along with Pastor 
Dan Eshleman of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Elizabethtown, PA. Pastor 
Taylor was licensed to the ministry in 
1986 at the Valley Grace Brethren 
Church where he served as associate 
pastor prior to assuming his respon- 
sibilities at Lakeland. 


DAVIS, MARTHA B. 68. She was a 

member of the West Kittanning 
Grace Brethren Church, Kittanning, 
PA. Richard Cornwell, pastor 


January 15, 1990. She was a faithful 
and the oldest member of the 
Vicksburg Grace Brethren Church, 
Hollidaysburg, PA. Rev. Dean 
Walter, a son-in-law, and Pastor Grif- 
fith conducted the memorial service. 
Robert Griffith, pastor 


JEFFREYS: Leslie VanDeWater 
and Doug Jeffreys were married on 
December 9, 1989, at the Winona 
Lake Grace Brethren Church by Roy 
Roberts, Chaplain at Grace College. 
John Teevan, pastor 

MORENO: Becky Disbro and 
Martin Moreno were married 
December 23, 1989, at the Winona 
Lake Grace Brethren Church by 
Charles Turner John Teevan, pastor 

Editor's Note: The following information is 
presented to make available the same material to 
all members of the fellowship. This and other ar- 
ticles are for the purpose of information ~CWT. 

Submitted by Keith Merriman and John Fahrbach: 
Recently, two meetings were held at the Orrville Grace 
Brethren Church in Orrville. Ohio. The primary purpose of 
the first meeting (Nov. 13. 1989) was to gather together a group 
of pastors who had a desire to rescind the 1964 Resolution, 
to have questions answered and theological, biblical convic- 
tions put into print to be presented to the Fellowship. Many 
hours of work were put into a statement that reflected the con- 
victions of a majority of those who were present. The state- 
ment was not able to befinished in the time allotted so it was 
decided that a second meeting was necessary. The primary 
purpose of the second meeting (Feb. 2-3. 1990) was to finish 
the "We Believe" statement begun at the first meeting and 
to inform those pastors at the meeting of the complexity and 
depth of the problems now facing our Fellowship. 

The following "We Believe" statement was finalized at the 
Feb. 2-3 meeting. 

We Believe 

1. We believe Matthew 28:18-20 is the only definitive 
passage in the New Testament concerning the 
form, function, and formula of water baptism. 

2. We believe that trine immersion and the practices 

of threefold communion are vital in the life and 
identity of the church. 

3. We believe the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Chur- 
ches must safeguard and perpetuate all biblical 
truth which includes baptism by trine immersion. 

4. We believe that Christ commanded the church to 
baptize all believers by trine immersion (Matt. 

We believe, therefore, that Point 9 ("Ordinances") 
of the Statement of Faith ("the Christian should 
observe the ordinances of our Lord Jesus Christ 
. . .") should be understood to mean "the Christian 
must observe ..." 

5. We believe that all members of New Testament 
churches were trine immersed upon entering the 
local assembly for the purpose of being discipled 
in all that Christ commanded (Matt. 28: Acts, 
passim), [scattered passages] 

6. We believe that the resolution made at the 1964 
National Conference has helped to foment even 
greater disunity in our Fellowship. 

7. We believe that we as a Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches must rescind the resolution of 


HERALD/ March 15. 1990 


1964 and must require that every church belong- 
ing to the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches 
have trine immersed members only (except for 
medical limitations), in accordance with the 

We believe that when an individual becomes a 
member of a Grace Brethren Church that he is to 
understand the Statement of Faith to be a descrip- 
tion of his own personal conviction concerning the 
basic truths taught in the Bible for faith and 

"Accordingly, the Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches. Inc., believing the Bible, the whole 
Bible, and nothing but the Bible to be the infallible 
rule of faith and of practice, and feeling the respon- 
sibiHty to make known the divine message of the 
Bible, presents the following articles as a statement 
of those basic truths taught in the Bible which are 
common to our Christian faith and practice." 

(Article II. Covenant and Statement of Faith, page 
5. BYLAWS of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches. Inc.. adopted August 7, 1984.) 


'ur beautiful residences are ready 
for immediate occupancy. Visit us and 
see for yourself wfiy others have already 
chosen to enjoy all the advantages of life at 
Grace Community. 

Carefree, independent living . . . privacy and 
security . . . continuing health care ... are 
waiting for you right now, right here. Let the 
start of a new decade be the start of a won- 
derful new life for you at Grace Community! 

You're welcome 
right now at... 

Please send me a free brochure on Grace 
Community, ready now for immediate occupancy. 

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PHONE ( . 



a conlimdng care rcsidenlial cotnmunily 

sponsored by 

Myerstown Grace Brclbren Church 

(717) 866-3200 or 

Call Toll Free: 1-800-223-5704 


HERALD/ March 15, 1990 





by Larry N. Chamberlain 

Larry Chamberlain is Executive 
Director of the Grace Brethren Home 
Missions Council. Grace Brethren Nava- 
jo Ministries, and the Grace Brethren In- 
vestment Foundation. He writes here of 
his experience as a participant in the 
World Missions Institute in France last 
fall. Seeing missions, not as local, home, 
or foreign, but as world-wide, Mr. 
Chamberlain comments on what he 
considered to be significant lessons 
from his experience. 

Lt began with a simple invitation from Tom 
Julien. Executive Director of Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions: "Larry we'd like you to join us 

this year at the Chateau of Saint-Albain in France 
for the Institute of World Missions." What followed 
was an odyssey of unforgettable significance. 

It wasn't the travel that was significant, 
although, except for some brief trips across the 
border into Canada, this was to be my first visit 
to a foreign country. It was a great challenge, 

especially the lang- 
uage. Using a handy 
translation book, I was 
able to get around, but 
simple things, like 
ordering lunch or 
purchasing a bus ticket, took on new meaning -- 
especially for those taking my order or issuing my 
ticket, Reading a map of downtown Paris -- where 
I spent a day as a walking, unguided tourist - was 
a thrilling accomplishment. I felt as though I had 
personally discovered Notre Dame and the Eiffel 

No, although it was exciting, it wasn't the travel 
that was signficant. Of great significance was the 
opportunity to see first-hand the vastness of our 
Lord's Great Commission. To realize anew that the 
earth is indeed round and doesn't simply drop off 
at the protective shores of the USA. To meet, on 
their tough turf, the faithful missionaries 
our Fellow- 
ship as a 
team. To 
hear them 
speak about 
their minis- 
tries , , . 

"We are 
battles in 
England." - 
Bill Kiddoo, 

are waiting 
at the 
doors of 


HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


East Germany is opening up for evangelism, op- 
portunities." -■ Dan Ramsey 

"France's hour is coming. We are at the begin- 
ning of exponential growth in France." ■■ Larry 
De Armey 

"Never before have I seen more people open to 
the Gospel. Yet. the people are very philosophical, 
very argumentative." - Florent Varak 

"God is choosing a team of churches that will 
rise to a sense of destiny." - Tom Julien 

What was of great significance 
was the opportunity to see 

first-hand the vastness of our 
Lord*s Great Commission, 

Of great significance was the fellowship with key 
people attending the conference from churches in 
the States: Jeff Dunkle (Myerstown, PA), Bob 
Belohlavek (Columbus-Worthington, OH), Lloyd 
and Nancy Bartel (Wooster, OH), Norm Johnson 
(Ashland, OH), Mike and Margie Brubaker 
(Philadephia, PA), Steve and Paula Popenfoose 
(Warsaw, IN), and Madelyne Underwood (Colum- 
bus, OH). To pray with them, walk and talk with 
them, hold communion with them. These were 
precious times, unforgettable, significant times. 

Of great significance was the time set aside for 
"A Day with God," hiking up the steep hillside at 
Solutre. finding a quiet place, alone, with a 
panoramic view of the French countryside, with 
time enough to read through the entire Book of 
Psalms. To pray for America. To pray, with univer- 
sal vision, for the nations of the world. To pray, 
with renewed appreciation, for our faithful church- 
planters at home and abroad. 

High In the hills of Solutre, France, Larry Chamberlain 
finds a quiet place alone to spend "A Day with God." 

neighborhoods of America and the nations of the 
world. And thank you for this great opportunity, 
at the World Missions Institute, to expand my 
horizons to see our ministry in America as com- 
plementary as essential for the ongoing fruit- 
fulness of world missions. 

God be gracious to us and bless us. 
And cause His face to shine upon us - 
That Thy way may be known on the earth. 
Thy salvation among all nations. 

(Psalm 67:1-2, highlighted in my Bible on a 
hillside in France, September 27, 1989.) 

Key people were in attendance for the Institute of World 

HERALD/ March 15. 1990 


From Around the Nation 



Mayport, FL, Chaplain John Diaz, U.S. 
Navy - "Attendances have increased in 
youth and morning worship services. I bap- 
tized four, including three adults, in a re- 
cent month." 


Willoughby, OH, Fastor Joe Cosentino 

"We are thankful for God's faithfulness 
as we reflect upon the recent celebration 
ol' our first anniversary as a church. We 
liave experienced good attendance, a com- 
mon sense of purpose, and greater 
exposure in the Cleveland area." 

Lakeland, FL, Pastor Jim Taylor - "We are 

grateful for a couple who recently transferred 
membership here and for seeing new faces in our 
congregation each week. We praise the Lord for our 
people and their willingness to be involved in 

NE Columbus, OH, Pastors Will Marling 
and Perry Huesmann - "It is going well. There 
is vitality, growth, and excitement. Praise the Lord! 
Plans are on schedule for public services in April." 

Blain, PA, Pastor Dennis Huratiak - 'Praise 
the Lord for the election of two new elders to the 
leadership of our church and for some new folks 
visiting the church as well as additional prospects. 

Belmont Heights, CA, Pastor Greg Perry - 

"The Lord has been increasing our numbers this 
past month. Sheena Butler received the Lord in 
December, and a recent addition to our Church 
brought the membership to 20." 

North Port, FL, Pastor Lester Pifer - "We 

are on a 60-day waiting period to clear all con- 
tingencies for the purchase of our property. Clos- 
ing will be around March 1st. Our people are 
faithful to all meetings and are concerned about 
reaching new people. The offerings have held up 
well with another record of over $1200 recently." 

Bradenton, FL, Pastor Ralph Hall - "We 

recently had a new high attendance of 45. An adja- 
cent homeowners' association met in our facility 
with 40 people from the immediate area, and we 
established a favorable contact with these people." 

Yakima Valley, WA, Pastor Abner 
Solano - "We continue to hold Bible 
studies in Grandview, Sunnyside. and Mab- 
ton. We also have a family training pro- 
gram. We have about nine family units and 
six other contacts with possible additions." 

Indianapolis, IN, Pastors Al 
Edgington and Ron Smals - "We 

have six core families and a single 
man moving from the Warsaw, In- 



diana area and Pennsylvania to 
become the ministry team in In- 
dianapolis. T\vo of these families 
have already moved to the area and 
the third hopefully will be moving 
around the end of March. We have 

8-10 good contacts that need to be 
followed up on in the Indianapolis 
area and that will happen soon. The 
ministry's off to a great start!" 

Albuquerque, NM, Roger Moore, elder - "We 

now have two Bible studies weekly and plan on a 
third soon. Without a pastor we are striving to keep 
busy and keep our few families strengthened and 
faithful." (Please pray that God will send a pastor to 
this congregation very soon.) 

Anchorage, AK, Pastor Brian Chronister - 

"We are surprised and pleased to notice that our at- 
tendance on Wednesday nights is averaging 60 per- 
cent of our Sunday A.M. service. Our most effective 
evangelism of children is occurring then with nine 
professions of faith last Fall." 



HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


WMC at Work 

Thank You's 

I want to thank you for your gift of $1,721.00 for 
the Brethren Biblical Seminary at Bata. The gift 
is designated for Library books and we are 
delighted that this addition to the library will 
enable more students to work more efficiently with 
their studies and research. It is a "on-going" gift 
and will be used and appreciated by many 
students in the coming years. I am also sure that 
many of the faculty members will use these new 
books as resource tools. 

Through the years, the Africa Team has been 
conscious of your good-will and financial support 
and they join me now in sending our sincere 
thanks. We also appreciate your strong prayer sup- 
port of the missionaries out here. 

David S. Daugherty 

C.A.R. Field Superintendent 

We would like to express our deep appreciation 
to the ladies of the national WMC for their con- 
tribution to our support this year. It means so 
much to us to have a nationwide network of pray- 
ing saints for us. Please extend our thanks to all 
the appropriate ladies. 

Tom and Laura Hickey. France 

Thanks to all those who saved Campbell labels 
and bonuses (117,000 total). We were able to pur- 
chase the following for the Navajo Mission School: 

1 - Bell & Howell 16mm projector 

2 - Sewing Machines for Home Economics 
I - Film strip projector 

" Elaine Marpel 

Grace Brethren Navajo Mission School 

Meeting Idea 

The April Meeting is on 

Saturday morning, April 7 

It's a Breakfast Meeting! 


We've never done it that way before, you say?? 

You're right!! 

(Isn't that GREAT?) 

District News 

The Mid-Atlantic District provides a booklet for 
the year which includes WMC National Conference 
Highlights. Also, it contains information about the 
program packet, plus district and national goals. 
A pie shaped graph of our national offerings is 
included and is a very helpful visual. 

North-Central Ohio District puts out a publica- 
tion called "Lead-Her" which includes a district 
president's moment, SMM Happenings, Officer's 
Roster, reports from each circle, recipes, an- 
nouncements, and other helpful information. 
Thanks for a well done publication! 

WMC Offering: 

March, April, May 

Foreign Missions 

Goal: $9,000 

Send before June 10. 

Multi-Nations: Argentina, Chad, 
England, Japan, Spain. 

Missionaries of the Year 

Offerings may be given in the month of your 
birthday or at a special emphasis throughout the 
year toward the support of WMC Missionaries of the 
Year honoring their service. We suggest a minimum 
of $1.50 per member. Send before June 10. 

Missionaries of the Year 
for 1989-90 are: 

Fran Frederlclcs - Germany: Nancy Green - 
Brazil: Faye Hocking - C.A.R.: Vivien Ruiz - Philip- 
pines: Brenda Welling - Me.xlco 

HERALD/ March 15. 1990 



A Visit to 
Three Mission Fields 

Last November and December Brethren 
Evangelistic Ministries Directors Phil Guerena and 
Tony DeRosa had an opportunity to visit and 
minister in three beautiful Latin cultures: 
Guatemala City, Mexico City, and San Juan, Puer- 
to Rico. 

Children participated in the seminar in Puerto Rico. 

Guatemala City was overwhelmingly heart- 
shaking with all its contrasts. It is blessed with 
gorgeous scenic views - lakes, volcanos and moun- 
tains, but over half the Indian population with its 
24 languages seems to be poverty-stricken. Our 
Grace Brethren Church in this capital city is 
pastored by Rodrigo Argueta. The work began nine 
years ago through missionaries from Mexico City 
and today has over 50 members. Rodrigo displays 
a willingness to learn and has a vision to reach out 
and start other Grace Brethren Churches. It was 
a moving experience visiting Wycliffe Bible 
Translators Tim and Lois Carey who are laboring 
sacrificially in an Indian Village. Brethren 
Evangelistic Ministries hopes to conduct an 
evangelistic seminar in Guatemala in the future. 

Mexico City became the location for a 
delicious Thanksgiving meal, including roast 
suckling kid (goat). Mariano Azcarate pastors our 

Pastor Rodrigo stands with his children and Phil Guerena. 

Grace Brethren Church 
in Mexico City, a group 
blessed with young 
couples and a thriving 
youth group. Mis- 
sionaries Brenda Welling 
and Bess Farrell assist 
with women's work and 
youth. Martin and Kristy Missionaries Bess Farrell 
Guerena are the newest ^^^ Brenda Welling 
missionaries on the field. Time did not permit a 
visit to two other Brethren outposts in Mexico. 

Puerto Rico was the final leg of the tour. Nine 
individuals from the mainland associated with 
Brethren Evangelistic Ministries met to plan future 
strategy and lead in an evangelistic seminar at the 
Grace Brethren Church of Summit Hills, located 
in a suburb of San Juan. This church, now a part 
of the South Florida District, is pastored by 
Carmelo Arbona. Several other evangelical 
denominations were represented by those who at- 
tended the seminar. The warmth and hospitality 
of the people was very evident. Pray that God will 
lead His people there to new heights of spiritual 

Seeing these ministries gives one the impression 
that they have a bright future. They do. But much 
depends on our Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches reaching out in prayer and ministry to 
these brothers and sisters in Christ. They are 
hungry to learn from us and to be with us. 

Phtl Guerena and Wycliffe Bible Ttanslators Tim. and 
Lois Carey (standing). Seated are Guatemala national 


HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


The struggle to plant a new church can 
be very lonely unless you have good allies 
and friends. The Grace Brethren Invest- 
ment Foundation has been such a good 
friend to our congregation and to me per- 
sonally. This was my first building pro- 
gram as a pastor so I was easily frightened 
and intimidated. The team at GBIF was 
far more encouraging and enthusiastic in 
their help than I could imagine any finan- 
cial organization could be. 

Pastor Terry Hofecker 
Dublin, Ohio 

They were patient with my inexperience and accommodated 
several crises and changes which came up in our program. 
We went through three major changes of our plans as our 
congregation kept growing out of our blueprints. Each 
change was hassle-free. This spirit of cooperation clearly 
revealed that GBIF was part of our ministry team. Thanks 
to our friends at GBIF. we are now moving into a building 
which can handle 708 people at one service and we have 
room for growth because of their ministry skill and the 
faithfulness and ministry heart of all the depositors. We have 
found true friends and allies. 



JEou can be a part of our 
ministry team, helping to build 
churches and provide capital 
improvements, by becoming a 
depositor at GBIF. Call us collect 
or write today about how you 
can Join the team. 

P.O. Box 587 • Winona Lake, IN 46590 • 219/267-5161 

i * 

HERALD/ March 15, 1990 


NIV Trimline New Testament 
With Your 
Herald Corporation 

This New International Version New Testa- 
ment is bound in bonded leather and is 
checkbook size -- 6V2" x 3V2" -- which fits in 
pocket or purse. It is in easy to read, single 
column format, and contains complete foot- 
notes and special sections on "Promises from 
the Bible" and Perspectives from the Bible." 
Regular retail price is $14.95. 

Join the Herald Corporation by sending 
your contribution of $25.00 or more. You will 
receive the following benefits: 

* FREE NIV "n-imline New Testament 

* FREE one-year subscription to the Herald. 

* You become a voting member of the Herald 

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during National Conference. 
Your Corporation Membership begins as 

soon as your gift reaches the Herald offices 
and lasts for one year. Send your check for 
$25.00 or more today! 

The Brethren Missionary Herald • P.O. Box 544 • Winona Lake, IN 46590 

John MacArthur, Jr. pastors Grace 
Community Church of the Valley in 
Panorama City, California. His Bible 
teaching and tape ministries reach millions 
around the world. He is also the author of 
many popular books. 


P.O. Box 544, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Phone: 219 267-7158 
Ibll-Free Number For Orders: 

1-800-348-2756 (except Indiana) 

The Brethren Adult Series for June, July 
and August will feature this interesting 
study of Matthew 23 by John MacArthur. 

Jesus condemns the false spiritual leaders of His day in Matthew 
23. That same condemnation applies to false leaders today. Learn the 
characteristics of false spiritual leaders and why such people are cursed 
by God. This is cin especially important study in the face of today's 
many cults and pseudo-ChristiEin groups. 

Some of the topics covered include the character of false spiritual 
leaders, the condemnation of false spiritual leaders, and Jesus' last 
words to Israel. 

Copies of the book will be priced at $4.25 each. (For individual orders 
please add $1.25 for postage.) 


• Orders of $300 or more -- The New Tfestament (King James Version) 
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• Orders of $150 -- $300, a copy of The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook, 
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I have been around for so 
long that I remember when a 
standing ovation was impor- 
tant. In the present day, it ap- 
pears that if someone can 
whistle a couple stanzas of 
Dixie with a bit of accuracy 
they are in line for a standing 
ovation. I have been to a cou- 
ple of concerts recently when 
the most surprised individual 
in the house was the artist. 

Not knowing the full back- 
ground of where all of this 
started makes it a little difficult 
to be fully objective. I grew up 
with the impression that when 
something was so outstanding 
it required a very special 
recognition -- it was time for a 
standing ovation. Now it is a 
matter of just showing up to 
perform and you are in line for 
the ultimate compliment. 

Maybe the thing which 
upsets me is because we are so 
quick to honor the mediocrity 
of our times. We have used 
language in such a cheap 
manner that we have nothing 
left in the vocabulary to use 
when there is a need for it. 
"Awesome" is one of those 
words and "awesome's" cousin 
- "fantastic" get tossed about 
like they had meaning. God is 
"awesome" but is "awesome" 
meaningful to a pair of 
sneakers or an overpriced 
automobile? I think not. 

It is all part of our times, 
part of the madison avenue 
"hype" that has entered our 
vocabularies. We have brought 
the truly important down to 
the level of the everyday and 
the mundane. Our sense of 

values is so distorted we can- 
not recognize those things of 
value. If you use your standing 
ovation on the average what do 
you have for the truly great? 

Can you find a description 
for the work of man's hands 
and then move on to describe 
the work of God in creation? It 
is interesting how God 
handled it. "In the beginning 
God created the heavens and 
the earth." We praise the work 
of an artist in a painting which 
we cannot understand, or see 
what he is attempting. His 
work looks like it came out of 
a kindergarten first wet paint 
session. People will pay a 
million for it and say he is a 
genius. But we hardly lift our 
heads to see God paint a pic- 
ture on the horizon in the late 
summer sky - in brilliant 
oranges, blues and multi-hues. 

When the end comes and 
mankind has terminated his 
endeavors, it will not end in a 
standing ovation as much as a 
bowing of the knee in submis- 
sion. To stand in the presence 
of God -- the truly great one -- 
is almost a sacrilege. Drue 
greatness does not permit us 
the luxury of lifting our heads, 
true greatness demands a 
bowed head and body that are 
prostrate at his feet. 

We need to use care in 
extending words that are 
beyond their actual meaning 
and reserve for the true great 
times in life those special acts 
of tribute. Having used our 
symbols and words to 
recognize the average, we need 
to have something to say that 
will be special when that time 

for the 

for the 
Awful and 
for the 

by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 

April 15, 1990 


1 A 





m^ M 


3 Editorial 

StEUiding Ovation 

Reserved for 

the Ordineiry! 


for the Awful euid 

Fantastic for the 


Charles W. Tlirner 

6 BEM 

How "Great" 
is the Great 

Pastor George Traub 

8 Home Missions 
Reflections from 
Red Lake 

Larry N. Chamberlain 

10 Home Missions 

Reports from 
Around the Nation 

11 FGBC 

You Are Invited 
to the 1990 

12 Foreign Missions 

in Training 

MaryBeth Kaylor 

14 WMC 

A Dream 
Come Tl-ue 

Elaine Brenneman 

15 Devotional 

The Feud Between 
Form and Freedom 

Pastor Paul Anderson 

16 Church Humor 

Bulletins, Babies, 
Pulpits, Pews ~ If 
Anything Can Go 
Wrong, It Will 

Tbm Raabe 

17 Fellowship News 


"On January 1, 1990, I began again to read through the Bible as 
I have done for the past 15 years. It was my joy to complete it at 5:30 
a.m. on March 13." - Ruth Shipley, Eaton, OH 

"25th time in 1989" -- Leila Humberd -- Fort Myers, FL 
"20th time in 1989" - Paul Humberd -- Fort Myers, FL 

"Since 1973, 1 have read through the Bible every year except 1988. 
In 1989, I read through it twice.'-'- Bob Schumacher, Plymouth, IN 

"I have read through the Bible in 1988 and 1989." 

- Madelyn Shipley, St. Petersburg, FL 

"Once again in 1989, the Lord allowed me the opportunity to read 
through the Bible. Each time I read it, the Lord seems to reveal more 
and more." - Linda Guillard, Williamsport, MD 

Publisher Charles W. TUrner 
Printer BMH Printing 
Department Editors: 
Christian Education 

Ed Lewis 
Foreign Missions 
Tom Julien 
MaryBeth Kaylor 
Grace Schools 

John Davis 
Joel Curry 
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Larry N. Chamberlain 
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Women's Missionary Council 
Linda Unruh 
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The Beautiful paint- 
ing "The Way to 

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HERALD/ April 15, 1990 

Without You 
There Would 


X our deposits at the Grace Brethren In- 
vestment Foundation do two things. They 
earn a large 6.77 percent interest (7.0 per- 
cent compounded annual yield). Secondly, 
they provide Grace Brethren churches 
building and capital improvements loans. 
Without you this funding would not be 

depositors in the GBIF have a significant 
ministry in building Grace Brethren chur- 
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Foundation, inc. 

"Investmenis with eternal values" 



How ''Great" 
is the Great Commission? 

Have you ever had a chat with a friend so warm 
and engaging that you wished you could talk 
another couple of hours? I recently had that kind 
of conversation with a very dear friend who is a 
foreign missionary. Inevitably, our thoughts 
turned to the Great Commission. As we talked 
about Matthew 28:18-20 he shared his concerns 
that very few people seem to understand that our 
commission is to make disciples. In an age 
where evangelistic methods abound, somewhere 
lost in the shuffle is the fact Christ has asked us 
not only to evangelize, but to make disciples as 
well. Anyone who comes to Christ and then enters 
the process of maturity through the impact of a 
believer is vastly different from someone becom- 
ing a Christian and being left alone to flounder in 
a dog-eat-dog world. The responsibility to help 
someone goes beyond leading them to Christ: it 
also involves a willingness to be involved deeply 
with a new believer as he struggles to mature. 

1 couldn't agree more! With more crazy things 
going on in our world than ever before, the in- 
fluence and impact of a maturing believer on a 
newborn Christian is essential. It is required if 
we are going to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Curiously enough, though, I've had to come to 
grips with a gnawing reality as I have visited many 
of our Grace Brethren churches in the last two 
years. When I spoke of evangelizing the lost and 
discipleship, I saw reactions mixed with fear, guilt, 
and even cynicism. I began to inquire about these 
reactions, and to my surprise, many, many people 
were not hearing the Great Commission as "great". 
They were afraid to share anything of the Gospel 
because they would not be able to see people ac- 
cept Christ, much less develop a discipling rela- 
tionship. Some had tremendous guilt because, 
although they were witnessing and people were 
coming to the Lord, something invariably had 
broken down a discipling relationship (a move, 
death, or a falling away from the Lord). Others were 
downright cynical, feeling the Lord had asked 
them to do something they did not have the gifts 
or abilities to accomplish. It became apparent to 
me that many people were not hearing the Great 
Commission as an exciting opportunity to be us- 
ed by God. Instead, they were perceiving conver- 
sion and discipleship as something that had to 
be accomplished every time, or they were 

by Pastor George Traub 

not evangelizing! Unless sharing the Gospel 
produced this result, one was not obeying Christ's 

I remember a conversation I had with a woman 
after I taught a CE track at National Conference. 
As soon as I explained some Biblical principles 
found in the Gospels and Acts about the freedom 
we have to share the Good News, she said, "George, 
I've been trained and trained, even re-trained on 
how to share the Gospel and disciple people (about 
seven years altogether), but I never did it! When 
I asked why, the same answer I've run across for 
the last two years came back: "I couldn't do it the 
right way. The more I was trained, the more afraid 
1 grew because I didn't want to mess up." And 
because she wasn't witnessing, the guiltier she 
became as well. 

Not long ago I talked to a teenage Christian at- 
tending a Catholic high school. She confided she 
was petrified of sharing her faith because she 
didn't know if she could do it the right way, or how 
she could handle the criticism that might occur. 
Consequently, she never shared the Gospel at all, 
much less considered discipleship. 

As I thought about all of this, it occurred to me 
that the key word between evangelizing and 
discipling is balance. The Lord Himself en- 
courages us to be ready to witness at any time, 
without worry or premeditation, because He will 
provide words for us through the Holy Spirit (Mat- 
thew 10:18-20: Mark 13:9-11). The parable of the 
sower in Mark 4:1-20 instructs us to sow regardless 
of the type of soil it falls upon. Paul explains when 
you meet someone and share with them, you 
become involved in a process (I Corinthians 
3:5-8). Some plant, some water, others will gather 
the harvest, but God does all the work. If I am sow- 
ing the Gospel and it falls on "thorny" ground, or 
I am planting a seed that someone else may water 
later on, does that mean I have not obeyed sim- 
ply because I did not bring that person to conver- 
sion and a discipling relationship? Again, I think 
the word is balance. I must be willing to obey the 
Lord's command to be an ambassador at 
whatever level or situation He brings 
along. If I plant a seed, I cannot feel guilty or 
afraid to share the next time simply because I did 
not see someone come to the Savior and thus be 
able to disciple him. Christ Himself discipled 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


twelve, but there were many others He did not 
disciple (see Mark 5:1-20 for example). On the 
other hand, if, through the power of the Holy 
Spirit. I am used to lead others to Christ, my 
responsibility to them is just beginning. 
Discipleship is essential and required according to 
Matthew 28:18-20. Too often we feel conversion is 
the major work, leaving the new believer's develop- 
ment into a committed disciple as a job for some- 
one else. Not so! 

Is discipleship the missing dimension in 
evangelism? 1 would say it may be a missing 
dimension. We must always be ready to disciple 
if that is where we find ourselves in the process 
of someone's salvation. 1 personally feel the miss- 
ing dimension in evangelism is our conscious, pas- 
sionate awareness of our own relationship to 
Christ, and our dependency on Him to use hum- 
ble, earthen vessels through the power of the 

Holy Spirit. When I am able to shift my thinking 
in evangelism from "doing it the right way" to 
understanding my love relationship with the 
Savior, and the freedom from fear and guilt that 
results when 1 am able to evangelize, or disciple, 
or both (depending on the opportunity He gives), 
then I will be willing to do it! When I realize that 
Revelation 2:4 implies a living, breathing relation- 
ship with Christ is at the core of my efforts to obey 
Him, and out of that union comes a natural, 
competent ability to share because the Holy 
Spirit is the agent of impact (II Corinthians 3:4-6), 
then 1 will he free to plant, water, reap and disci- 
ple -- whatever opportunity the Lord provides in 
His ultimate plan! 

George Traub is Pastor of the Washington 
Heights GBC. Roanoke. Virginia, and serves as 
a teacher with First Love Renewal. 

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Date of birth 

HERALD/ April 15. 1990 


Reflections From Red Lake 

Red Lake. Arizona. 

If you look for it in a Rand-McNally Road Atlas, 
you wont find it, not even in the map's index. It's 
located on the 25.000 square mile Navajo reserva- 
tion, extending into four Southwestern states. But 
if you call the good folks at the Navajo Mission at 
Counselor Post. New Mexico, you'll get good 

According to missionary Steve Galegor. assistant 
superintendent: "From Flagstaff, go north on Rt. 
160 to Tonelea. There is a trading post on the right. 
Go six or seven miles and there is a rock forma- 
tion called Elephant Feet. The Red Lake GBC is 
about a half-mile further on the left." 
(Guestimating the location on the map, I notice 
that the Grand Canyon is only 60 miles to the 

I'm driving with fellow Navajo Committee 
members Luke Kauffman. Al Bowman, and GBIF 
Director, Jim Johnson. It's Sunday morning and 
we're on an indirect route to the Navajo Mission for 
committee meetings in order to visit with Navajo 
Pastor John Ti"ujillo and his congregation. It's cold 
(17 degrees), not unusual in the 7,000 ft. high- 
mesa country of Navajoland. 

Sure enough, there's the trading post. A few 
miles later. "That sure looks like elephants feet to 
me." so much so that it resembles the petrified legs 
of a prehistoric elephant, stopped dead in its 
tracks. And the church is only a little ways beyond, 
just like Steve said. 

We're a little early, about 9:45 for the 10:00 a.m. 
services. The church is small, approximately 20 
X 40. with several out-buildings for pot-lucks and 
outdoor services during the summer. There is no 
indoor plumbing, so two other small woodframe 
structures are located about 100 feet away, ap- 
propriately bannered "Adam" and "Eve". 

Inside the church, a few people are already 
gathered: they greet us warmly. The woodburning. 
cylindrical furnace was fired-up several hours ago 
and it's doing a good job. This attractive church 
was built several years ago by the Navajo people 
under Pastor John's leadership. The smell of a 
fresh coat of paint testifies to the special prepara- 
tions for the guests expected this morning. You 
sense, as well, a special pride of ownership in this 
house of praise and worship. 

Others arrive now, including Navajo Pastor John 

by Larry N. Chamberlain 

T^ujillo and his wife, Nora, dependable servants of 
Christ for many years. John has been a faithful 
shepherd of this flock of believers. The service 
begins with a lot of singing, in Navajo, which is a 
challenge for a not-so-very-good lip-syncher. (I'm 
about one and a half notes behind). 

Marvin and Arnold and Bessie (Arnold's wife), 
students at Southwestern Indian Bible College in 
Flagstaff, commute each weekend to help John in 
his ministry. This week. Marvin is teaching the 
adult Sunday School: 

"My people think that there are many gods, but 
there is only one true God. the One who created 
us. This true God is the One that we should wor- 
ship. The more time you spend with Him, the more 
you know Him. 'Faith comes by hearing, and hear- 
ing by the Word of God.' Since I have been saved, 
it's like Spring . . . showers, green grass, trees . . 
. and I want to pass it on. I want someone else to 

Arnold shares his testimony: 

"It's a tremendous blessing to be going to school 
and to be learning about the Word. I'm willing to 
give my life to the Lord. And I hope you do that, 

Pastor John is sitting in the front row and it 
looks like he is cleaning his glasses. No. he is weep- 
ing. He is weeping because, as he will share later, 
these young men have been miraculously saved 

Marvin currently attends Southwestern Indian Bible 
College and travels over 100 miles each weekend to help 
the Red Lake church. 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


out of alcohol, drugs, and Navajo religions. They are 
an answer to his prayers of many years, that God 
raise up Navajo people to reach his nation for Christ, 
"I used to do everything in the church. Now Mar- 
vin, Arnold, and Bessie teach Sunday School and 
lead in the singing. And all I have to do is preach!" 

And preach he does. A seven-point sermon 
entitled, "New Things for the New Year": faith, posi- 
tion, assurance, service, joy, prayer life, testimony. 

"Faith should be centered in Christ. No matter 
where you are, live for Christ ... in the hogan, at 
the trading post, at work, with your family , . . live 
for Christ! When you have Jesus, you have joy." 

IVventy-two Scripture references are listed with the 
outlines on the blackboard. The pages of Navajo 
Bibles are rustling throughout the sermon with 
verses underlined with varied-colored markers. As 
the verses are read by the Pastor, the congregation 
voices the words along with him in a murmured, 
reverant response. 

It's now 2:00 p.m. (Navajo Sunday "morning" ser- 
vices normally run to mid-afternoon), and Pastor 
John leads in an invitation hymn. We sing several 
verses: nine Navajos of various ages come forward 
and kneel at the altar to pray, to cry. Some are pray- 
ing and weeping for their unsaved family, an alcohol- 
ic husband, or wayward children. Some are praying 
for a closer walk with Christ. It is a powerful scene 
of the Spirit working in the hearts of these dear peo- 
ple, a people forgotten by the rest of America, 
"tucked away" against their will in a rugged, bar- 
ren country, a reservation, far from their homelands. 

Afterward, we take a group picture of the con- 
gregation and guests, reproduced on this page with 
yours truly holding the camera (unseen, of course). 
We enjoy a pot-luck dinner of frybread, soup, and 

The children of the Red Lake Grace Brethren Church. 

snacks. We learn names, we shake hands, we talk 
about families, we compliment them on their 
building and their gracious spirit and warm 
hospitality. We hug and say our good-byes. 

As we begin the sLx-hour drive east to the Mission, 
we look back In our minds to the preceding hours 
and praise God for the good and faithful ministry 
of John and Nora, for the life-changing Good News 
of the Gospel received so joyfully by these people. 

For those who support Grace Brethren Navajo 
Ministries we are so very thankful. God has blessed 
your gifts and answered your prayers with three 
Grace Brethren Navajo churches, led by Navajo 
pastors, and a school of 120 precious children who 
are learning to live for Jesus. 

Because of you Navajos of all ages are coming to 
Christ. On behalf of them, I thank you very, very 

The Navajo congregation at Red Lake, Arizona, Grace Brethren Church. 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


Here are Home Mission reports from 

Around the Nation: 

Atlanta, GA, Pastor Ernest Usher - "The at- 
titude here is great! We are seeing growth in our 
men that is very encouraging. We have started a 
men's group and also a weekly mens Bible study, 
and we are in the planning stages of a full-fledged 
Sunday School program. The church also adopted 
our largest budget ever for which we have filled our 
first month's obligations totally. 

Lakeland, FL, Pastor Jim Taylor - "There has 
been an expansion of our mission outreach pro- 
gram . . . We are experiencing visitors almost every 
Sunday morning ... It is a real encouragement 
to see the interest on behalf of our children's 

Mishawaka, IN, Pastor Scott Weaver - "God 
gave us our best year in 1989 with an average of 
61 per AM service. Recently a young man was 
saved for whom we had been praying for two 

Columbia, SC, Pastor Jim Jackson - "We are 

targeting the unchurched through radio advertis- 
ing on a popular, contemporary station. God is 
answering the prayers of many as the number of 
non-believers in our midst climbs and our hearts 
rejoice. God is at work here!" 

Charleston, WV, Pastor Zeke Young - "Our 
work is progressing nicely. We have set some ex- 
citing goals for 1990: hoping to have an average 
attendance of 60 by year's end and secure land for 
a future church home." 

Anchorage, AK, Pastor Brian Chronister - 

"We had a record high 286 in attendance and more 
than 80 in Awana. The Lord overwhelms us! We 
have selected three more elders in the congregation." 

Brunswick, ME, Pastor Darrrel Taylor - "It 

has been a good month. TWo new families began 
attending, and our people have received them 
openly. It is great to see love in action and to see 
how unbelievers are attracted to the real thing." 

Hartford, CT, Pastor Louis Huesmann - "We 

began 1990 with a spirit of enthusiasm and 
renewed vision for ministry in the Greater Hart- 
ford area. We have had visitors every week which 
is very encouraging." 

US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, 
Chaplain John Schumacher - "We are now in 

the Advance Course phase of the academic year. 
I am responsible for the Ethics Advance Course 
and find it totally fascinating. Opportunities 
abound for ministry in relationships with faculty 
and students." 

Y.<^e^ ^^^''^ 


The girls of the Grace Brethren Navajo 
Boarding school say thanks to the ladies of 
the National WMC for their generous gift of 
nearly $9,000 to equip the home economics 
classrooms in the new Navtech Center. This 
gift will provide appliances and utensils for 
training in food preparation and sewing. 

HERALD/ April 15. 1990 




July 28th - August 2nd 



• Come and go RECEPTION - Sat. 7/28, 7:00-9:00 
p.m. Fellowship with friends and meet some of 
our leaders. 

PEUGH'S MESSAGE - Sun. 7/29, 9:00 a.m. 
Great music, wonderful worship and a powerful 

• GRAND MISSIONS RALLY (Foreign & Home) - 
Sun. 7/29, 7:00 p.m. Meet our missionaries and 
hear the up-to-date reports. 

• CE NATIONAL DAY - Developing a Ministry 
Mindset - All day Monday, 7/30. A great day full 
of challenges and seminars galore. 

• Tbesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be three 
exciting days packed with Bible Hour 
Challenges, Prayer Times, Conference Business 
and the organizational meetings of the Women's 
Missionary Council, Grace Brethren Men and 
Grace Brethren Ministers. After lunch enjoy the 
Challenge Hours of Grace Schools and Grace 
Brethren Home and Foreign Missions. 

held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. A climax of great 
fellowship and rejoicing. 

• Late afternoons and evenings on Mon.-TUe.-Wed. 
will be open for special ministry and sightseeing 


will be provided at the hotel during all the regular 
sessions of the Conference. Nominal daily or 
weekly fees will be charged. 


At 500 E. Broad St. in downtown Richmond it is 
located right next door to the new Richmond 
Center and to the Sixth Street Marketplace - a 
unique mall where you'll enjoy shopping and 


• Please contact your pastor (Information has been 
sent to all the churches). 

• Or contact our Fellowship Coordinator, 
Charles Ashman, P.O. Box 386, Winona Lake, IN 
46590. Phone (219) 269-1269. 


• Call Travelmore - "Ask Mr. Foster" 
1-800-348-2540. Ask for "Group Dept." and iden- 
tify yourself as Grace Brethren attending the 
Conference in Richmond, VA. 

(In Indiana the number is 1-800-541-5938). 


• When you arrive, contact Groome TYansportation 
in Richmond (804) 222-7222. They have regular 
van service from the airport to the hotel. 


• Write to the Metropolitan Richmond Chamber of 
Commerce, 300 E. Main St., Richmond, VA 
23219. Or call 1-800-365-7272. 

There are numerous historic, cultural and 
entertainment attractions. Richmond itself is 
full of interesting places to visit. Historic 
Williamsburg, Jamestown and Washington D.C. 
are a short trip away. Williamsburg Pottery and 

Kings Dominion theme park are exciting 
INFORMATION will be available at the 
Hospitality desk at the Conference. Plan to 
come early and see on your own or join one of 
our group opportunities during the conference 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 



Nationals In Training 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions seeks to plant in- 
digenous churches or in other words, it seeks to 
plant churches that will be under the leadership of 
the nationals without the help of our missionaries. 
On most of the mission fields GBFM has Bible In- 
stitutes and/or other forms of leadership training. 
They seek to train young men for eldership and 
eventually a few will become pastors. 

Daniel Dutruc of France and Adan Panizales of the 
Philippines are just two of the young men being 
trained to take over leadership responsibilities in 
their churches. GBFM is looking forward to what the 
Lord will do through these men. 

Daniel Dutruc 

A nationally recognized modem French Christian 
author or thinker just cannot be found today. Men 
of God who submit themselves to God's Word, are 
rarely recognized in the salons of Paris. While there 
is no modern French Francis Schaeffer. Billy 
Graham, C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tblkien, there is at least one 
French Christian today who has literary ability. You 
won't find Daniel Dutruc-Rosset listed anywhere on 
the roster of the Academic Francaise in Paris. But 
you might find him taking a walk somewhere in the 
countryside near the city of Lyon, with his wife and 
two daughters. You might also notice him shopping 
or doing some other routine task. What you wouldn't 
notice is that he is probably deep in thought about 
God and Scripture. He might relate some 
fashionable new product he sees displayed in a shop 
window to an end-time prophecy. 

On most weekdays you can find Daniel working 
behind a post office window in Lyon. That's where 
a German couple found him about six years ago 
after they had been robbed of everything except the 
clothes on their backs. They were telephoning for 
emergency funds so they could return to Germany 
and Daniel offered them a place to sleep. Even 
though Daniel and his wife, Julia, couldn't com- 
municate in German, their prayers before meals and 
hospitality during the stay left a lasting impression 
of Christian love on the couple. 

Daniel has done much thinking and praying 
about his fellow Frenchmen. He believes that the 
French people and particularly the French 
Evangelicals need "recognized" writers, thinkers, 
musicians, poets, artists who see things from the 
BiblicaJ view rather than the man-centered view 
which pervades everything in the French culture. 

by Mary Beth Kay lor 

But Daniel himself doesn't feel called to pursue 
recognition of his own literary or musical talents, at 
least not yet, he says. He keeps busy working a full- 
time job, spending time with his wife, and trying to 
teach his two daughters, Gabrielle, 16, and Rachel, 
12. how to cope in an increasingly hostile, non- 
Christian society. Besides, it would not be 
characteristic of Daniel to week worldly recognition. 

Daniel has a burden for the souls in France. He 
believes the most important thing in life is whether 
or not people know the Lord. It's not owning one's 
own home (every Frenchman's dream): it's not wear- 
ing a suit and tie and polished shoes to work or 
church; and it's not recognition from the world; it's 
simply knowing that people have put their faith and 
trust in God. Daniel's father, a long time skeptic of 
Christianity, made a profession of faith just before 
dying of stroke complications. What could be more 
important or special to Daniel than seeing his own 
father come to know the Lord? 

He has been associated with the Chateau de Saint 
Albain and Grace Brethren foreign missionaries 
since 1964. He was a student at Lamorlaye Bible 
School between 1967-1969 and an active missionary 
and evangelist with Dan Hammers between 
1970-1975. These experiences have been good 
preparation for Daniel and the work that he is com- 
mitted to doing for the Lord in France today. 

Since 1986, Daniel has translated four Bible com- 
mentaries from English to French. He translates 
every other afternoon using his computer. In 

In the 1970s Daniel Dutruc was very involved in music 


HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


addition to that work, he teaches Bible studies one 
evening each week and preaches in the church in 
Lyon at least once every three months. He has 
taught himself Biblical Hebrew, modem Hebrew, 
Dutch, Spanish, and English. 

Much conscientious study of the Word and put- 
ting it into practice, has given Daniel a desire to 
become an elder in the Lyon church where he can 
act as a peacemaker among his sometimes divisive 
French brothers in Christ. 

Larry DeArmey, long-time friend of Daniel, whole- 
heartedly agrees that the Lord has used Daniel's 
youthful talents in the past to help win souls for 
Christ. The Lord is continuing to use Daniel and his 
sharp objective mind, as well as his abilities as an 
artist and a dreamer. Only the Lord knows for sure, 
but perhaps Daniel Dutruc-Rosset will also become 
one of the "recognized" French Christian thinkers, 
writers, or spokesmen which the Evangelical 
Church in France needs so very much. 

Adan Panizales 

God has been blessing the new church at Valle 
Verde, located in Metro Manila. Our Valle Verde 
church is the second begun in the Philippines. The 
attendance has reached about 50 per Sunday and 
continues to grow. The dedicated national leaders 
are a blessing God has provided. Adan Panizales is 
one of those leaders. Here is his testimony: 

My life was a mess! I was involved with drugs, 
alcohol and women. In fact, 1 was under the in- 
fluence of drugs at my own wedding. Esmeralda, the 
beautiful woman I married, became thinner and 
thinner because of the heartache I had brought her. 
Our marriage was in ruins. 

We were blessed with a daughter and then a son. 
When our son was only a month and 10 days old 
he became sick. His heart had a hole in it that grew 
larger and larger. I asked God to spare his life, but 
my son died three days later. 

During this time of grief, 1 began to search for a 
Bible study. I found the little church at the top of 
the tenement building. My shame and lack of 
understanding kept me from making a decision that 
first Sunday. On the fourth consecutive Sunday that 
I attended, I accepted Christ as my Savior. As I came 
forward tears ran down my face. That was the begin- 
ning of a new life! I put away my old vices and 
started to study the Bible every day. My wife, 
Esmeralda, began to harass me. She asked, "Why 
did you change your religion?" She was a devout 
Roman Catholic, a leader in Fatima (Followers of 
Mary). I continued to study the Bible and to obey 
the Lord. As a result my wife accepted Christ two 
years later. 

I had been working in a high class restaurant 
since 1977, but I transferred to a different one and 
forfeited my "days off on Sundays. That was the 
beginning of my spiritual backslide. I couldn't go to 

Adan and his family. 

church and 1 didn't have time to read my Bible or 
pray. Little by little 1 slipped back into the ways of 
the world. I applied to work abroad to make more 
money so I could eventually go to Bible school full- 
time because even though I was living in sin, 1 knew 
that God had called me into the ministry. 

My uncle, who was a new Christian, invited me 
to a Wednesday night Bible study. The speaker was 
Brother Bob Juday, a missionary from Virginia. As 
he spoke the Holy Spirit began working in my heart. 
That night 1 surrendered my life completely to 
Christ. Afterwards 1 spoke with Brother Bob and told 
him 1 was going abroad to work because 1 could 
make more money for Bible school. He said, "1 will 
pray that God will give you wisdom concerning your 
desire to go abroad." I'll never forget that! I asked 
if services were held on Sunday because I wanted 
to be faithful until 1 left. As I began to study the Word 
again, the Lord made it clear to me that it would not 
be best for me to go abroad! 

1 still desired to become a pastor, but financially 
it seemed impossible. But God provided through the 
Educational Assistance Program and 1 am now stu- 
dying full-time to be a Grace Brethren pastor. 

1 give thanks to my Lord and God for saving me 
on the rooftop of a tenement building in Manila. We 
also thank the Juday family for their love, support 
and encouragement. Thank you, too, for your 
prayers and support. 

Brother Adan is being trained to assume pastoral 
leadership of the Valle Verde Grace Brethren 
Church. He is a tremendous leader and student of 
the Word. God has already used him and his wife 
to lead many Filipinos to Himself We thank the Lord 
for sending Adan and his family to us and for the 
extraordinary qualities we see in his life. He is a 
"pastor" as well as a "preacher." 

Pray for these men tn training as they prepare 
to become leaders and help to establish indigenous 
Grace Brethren churches. 

HERALD/ April 15, 1990 



A Dream Come True 

by Mrs. Elaine Polman Brenneman 

From a little girl's praying for the missionaries 
in the 'cornfield" to visiting a daughter and family 
who are missionaries was really a mother's prayer 
and dream come true. 

My visit to Spain will never be forgotten. Sun- 
day is a special day to me and this was true in 
Valencia, Spain. Getting to Bible study was ex- 
citing " the traffic was terrible. To get into the 
apartment building where the believers meet, we 
had to ring a door bell. That opened the door. Then 
we walked up to the second floor where we rang 
another bell. Carmen Laper, the TIME worker 
welcomed us with a kiss on both cheeks (a Euro- 
pean greeting I like!). The smell of coffee warmed 

At 11:00 a.m. we sat down in a big circle with 
a cup of coffee in one hand, a song sheet in the 
other and we sang. The only song that sounded 
familiar to me was "Hay Poder" (There is Power in 
the Blood). 

Bible study is what the Sunday service is called. 
It is very informal and is taught by my son-in-law. 
Walter Poupart. While he is teaching the adults, 
Ruth, my daughter teaches the children in another 
room. (The Spanish that Walter and Ruth learned 
growing up in Puerto Rico is a big help!). 

Ruth Poupart with her children's class. 

At 12:00 noon, after their Bible lesson, the 
children gather in the kitchen for their hot 
chocolate and cookies. (No, that doesn't spoil their 
lunch for the noon meal is usually at 2:00 p.m.). 

Even though Valencia is on the Mediterranean, 
it is not tropical in the winter. It was raining and 
cold. The summers are very hot and dry and no 
air conditioning. The town is old - lots of apart- 
ments, and the people are very friendly. 

My grandsons, Joshua and Joel, attend a 
Spanish speaking school and are learning the 
language. Missionary children are a plus in 

missions for their playmates make some good con- 
tacts for the Bible study. 

Yes, a dream come true . . . but returning home 
I realize that I must pray harder for those mis- 
sionaries in Spain, and for the new babes in Christ 
like Alex, Margarita, and the children in Ruth's 
Sunday School class. Will you pray with me? 

Mrs Elaine Polman Brenneman. active WMC 
lady and retired missionary from Puerto Rico 
visited her daughter and family (The Walter 
Poupart's) in Spain. She shares some experiences 
from her trip. 

The Bible study group in the Poupart home. 

WMC Offering: 

March, April, May 

Foreign Missions 

Goal: $9,000 

Send before June 10. 

Multi-Nations: Argentina, Chad, 
England, Japan, Spain. 

Missionaries of the Year 

Offerings may be given in the montti of your 
birthday at a special emphasis throughout the year 
toward the support of WMC Missionaries of the Year 
honoring their service. We suggest a minimum of 
$1.50 per member. Send before June 10. 

Missionaries of the Year 
for 1989-90 are: 

Fran Fredericks -- Germany; Nancy Green - 
Brazil: Faye Hocking - C.A.R.: Vivien Ruiz - Philip- 
pines: Brenda Welling - Mexico 



HERALD/ April 15. 1990 


The Feud Between Form and Freedom 

An effervescent woman wandered into a liturgical 
service. As the pastor preached, she echoed his 
words with "Praise the Lord!" Another woman 
leaned over to say. "Excuse me. but we don't praise 
the Lord In the Lutheran church." A man down the 
pew corrected her: "Yes we do; it's on page 19." 

In a charismatic service, an old man stood up and 
said, "I just got word from the Lord. He says He's 
sick to death of guitars and tambourines." 

These light-hearted stories illustrate the continu- 
ing conflict between form and freedom. 1 think of 
it as a continuation of the Old Testament feud be- 
tween priest and prophet. 

The priest is part of the establishment: the 
prophet points out the weaknesses of the status quo. 
The priest comforts the afflicted: the prophet afflicts 
the comfortable. The priest represents the people 
before God: the prophet represents God to the peo- 
ple. While the priest offers, "Peace, peace," the 
prophet thunders about repentance and judgment. 
He challenges the hierarchy, usually with the tact 
of a marine sergeant. There appear only two options 
- fight or switch. 

A prophet shows up out of nowhere. Headquarters 
certainly did not give him credentials. His ap- 
pearance and manner do not endear him to anyone 
but his disciples. 

You feel like asking. "Where do you get your 
authority?" His only answer is that God has put a 
word in his mouth and he must speak it. 

Prophets can be compelling, and that makes it 
hard on priests who have been trying to point peo- 
ple to God all along. Agreeing with the prophet 
automatically reveals their guilt or negligence. So 
the priest goes back to his dally sacrifices. The pro- 
phet yells, "That's not what God wants: he wants 
your life on the altar, not your bull." 

So the fight goes on. 

The cry for change, whether from prophets In the 
past or renewal movements in the present, calls us 
to self-evaluation. Some modern-day prophets urge 
more freedom and spontaneity: others preach digni- 
ty and form. 

When does ritual become "rut-ual"? When is "let- 
ting the Spirit lead" simply an excuse for lack of 

Even If renewal movements want to Identify with 
the church they address, they have an anti- 
establishment ring. In calling for change, they are 
judging the present state of affairs. Psychiatrist Karl 
Menninger says, 'AH people regard all changes as 
loss, and it Is followed by anger." Can you blame 
them? Who wants to hear they will be missing God's 

by Pastor Paul Anderson 

intent if things don't correct themselves? Renewal 
movements tend to look suspiciously at "office." The 
feelings are mutual. 

So the tension between God-ordained structure 
and spontaneous, unstructured authority continues. 

We have both sides in our congregation. Some 
wish we would throw out the liturgy so we could be 
free to "move with the Spirit." Others are tired of the 
changes we are always introducing and want us to 
return to the good ol' days when they could follow 
the bulletin play by play. 

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? 
We say a resounding yes. The issue of structure and 
freedom is not either/or. God has no preference for 
formless spiritualism over Spiritless formalism: He 
rejects both. Spontaneity offers no innate advantage 
over liturgy. Liberty is where the Spirit Is, not where 
the preacher has thrown away his notes. Order and 
ardor can be happily wed. Thjth is cannonized but 
style is not. Even in our liturgical church we have 
learned to enjoy varieties of creative expression in 

In the past decade we have been waking up to the 
fact that worship deserves a higher priorty. Pro- 
testants have traditionally been better workers than 
worshipers. Pastors may spend 15 hours on sermon 
preparation and 15 minutes throwing the service 
together. Can we accurately call a preaching service 
a worship service? Are good listeners good 

God wants worshipers before he wants 
anything else. Jesus told the Samaritan woman 
that "the Father seeketh such to worship Him." Karl 
Barth wrote that "Christian worship is the most 
momentous, the most urgent, the most glorious ac- 
tion that can take place in human life." If we agree, 
then worship is not what we do before we get to the 
Important stuff One glimpse Into heaven reveals 
worship is of eternal significance. The entire Book 
of Leviticus was written to teach a nation how to 
worship. The feasts of Israel were not add-ons to an 
otherwise secular life, but an acknowledgment that 
at the center of life Is the worship of God. 

Like so many other disciples of the Christian life, 
worshiping in spirit and truth requires that we find 
the balance between two often-contradictory poles. 
The paradox of praise calls for harmony between 
such emphases as the priestly and the prophetic, 
the objective and the subjective, the transcendent 
and the imminent, the corporate and the individual, 
the timely and the timeless. 

Reprinted with permission from Christianity Tbday. 

HERALD/ April 15. 1990 



Bulletins, Babies, Pulpits, Pews — 
If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will 

by Tbm Raabe 

We all know Murphy's Law, the universal dictum 
of despair made famous by a man whose vision of 
life was summed up in the fatalistic axiom: "If 
anything can go wrong, it will." 

While such cynicism has no rightful place in the 
Christian faith -- we are a hopeful people -- we all 
must admit to having entertained such a defeatist 
attitude from time to time. While on this side of 
eternity, we can count on our share of unpredic- 
table and embarrassing turns of events. 

This law even makes its way into the worship 
service. Sermons riddled with sound system feed- 
back, ushers running out of bulletins just as they 
come to you, clergy singing erroneous hymn 
verses while their microphones are on - these 
things do happen. 

Who has not sung with the other gender during 
"men only" or "women only" hymn verses? Who 
has not blurted out the first note of a hymn stan- 
za when an organist was embarking upon an in- 
terstanza solo? Can you explain why when one 
baby in the sanctuary starts crying, all the rest of 
them stcirt crying, too? Or why, when you don't 
have a bulletin, you can stand on your pew wav- 
ing railroad flags, and the ushers still won't see 

What is a Christian's proper response to these 
things? Does he slam his book shut and refuse to 
sing for the remainder of the service? Or does he 
laugh? If we can't laugh at ourselves, how can we 
smirk at our pastor when he moves into the pulpit 
three verses too early during the sermon hymn? 

Given the logical premise that the more the 
laughter, the better the tonic it becomes, here is 
a list of churchly applications of Murphy's Law: 


• The number of bulletins available is inversely 
proportional to the importance of those bulletins 
in following the service. 

• When all the pews in a church are half-filled, 
the usher will shoe-horn the party of nine that 
wants to sit together into your pew. 

• The pew pencils are never sharpened. 

• At an average service, in a building equipped 
with average-sized thermostats, four ushers are 
needed to adjust one thermostat. 

• If the service is crowded, it takes six. 

• Ushers who aren't adjusting the thermostat are 
checking the doorstops. 

• Usher Fact: The last usher actually to have 
listened to a sermon while on usher duty died in 


• When you are early for church, attendance 
that Sunday will be down, but when you're run- 
ning late the narthex will be filled with occupied 
folding chairs. 

• As a latecomer, the distance you must march 
up to the front in search of a seat during a crowded 
service is equal to the distance you must march 
back when you don't find a seat there. 

• At some point in every service you will have 
to crawl over somebody's legs. 

• Those lucky enough to avoid crawling over 
somebody's legs will have somebody crawl over 

• When you want to sit at the end of the pew, 
the person sitting there will refuse to move to the 

• The attentiveness of a congregation during a 
sermon is inversely proportional to the number of 
Greek words the preacher explains. 

• When you have no offering envelope and no 
bills and must deposit coins in the plate, nothing 
will be in it to muffle the clanking, 

• When you accidentally drop your bulletin, it 
never lands at your feet but sails away. 

• The distance the bulletin travels corresponds 
directly to the number of inserts implanted therein. 


• The church growth potential for a given con- 
gregation is directly proportional to the number 
of babies in attendance at the early service. 

• The meaningfulness of that service for a given 
parishioner is inversely proportional to the 
number of those babies in the next pew. 

• The babies that stop crying when taken from 
the sanctuary will begin crying again upon re-entry. 

• The kid who becomes lost on his way back from 
children's church is always your kid. 

And, to add perspective to this body of cynicism 
- Murphology is, after all, a negative science - we 
should keep in mind this concluding postulate, 
"Murphy' we are told, "was an optimist," 

Tbm Raabe is a free-lance writer from Aurora. CO. 


HERALD/ April 15. 1990 



Rodger Williams, former pastor of 
the Grace Brethren Church, Mabton, 
WA, announced his resignation. He 
and his family will be moving to Blue 
Springs, MO, where he will continue 
to serve the Lord. 
Ocala, FL Grace Brethren Church 
congregation has held its first 
service in their new building. 
Art Johnson has returned to the 
Christian ministry after fifteen years 
of Christian school teaching. He is 
now pastoring the Grace Brethren 
Church of Pompano Beach, FL. 
Randy Poyner has moved to Port 
Orange, FL, and will be a marriage 
and family therapist with a treatment 
center with the desire to build a 
Christian counseling center. 

Jeff Thornley, Pastor of the Grace 
Brethren Church of Greater 
Washington, D.C. - Waldorf Branch, 
was included in the 1989 edition of 
Who's Who Among American Chris- 
tian Leadership. The branch church 
he started in Waldorf in 1980 will be 
completing its second-phase building 
program this summer, almost tripling 
the size of their first-phase facility 
Currently the church holds three wor- 
ship services (one on Saturday even- 
ing) with 435 in attendance. Their 
dramatic Easter musicals in the past 
have drawn over 1,000 people to the 
church. This year they are an- 
ticipating an attendance of approx- 
imately 1,400. Almost 100 of their 
members have been certified in 
"Evangelism Explosion." Professions 
of faith occur weekly. 

The New Holland, PA, Grace 
Brethren Church has announced 
that a call has been extended to Dr 
Roy Roberts to become their pastor 
He has accepted the call and will 
shortly assume pastoral duties. 
Richard Sellers will complete his 
pastoral duties at the Grace 
Brethren Church of Flora, IN. He will 
be involved in special speaking 
assignments in various churches as 
he is anxious to be involved in Chris- 
tian ministry. 

Ray Sturgill has been released from 
the Veterans' Hospital in Lexington, 
KY, and is now back at work. 
Rob Mayes will assume his duties 
in April as associate pastor of the 
Grace Brethren Church in Fremont, 
OH. He will also work in the area of 

Grace Theological Seminary, 
Winona Lake, IN, announced that its 
West Coast Campus ministry will be 
phased out at the end of the current 
semester. Slower enrollment growth 
than anticipated sadly requires the 
main campus to conclude its finan- 
cial subsidy of this operation. 
The Grace Brethren Church of 
Waterloo, lA, will observe its fiftieth 
anniversary May 4-6, 1990. The 
celebration will include messages 
from four former pastors of the 
church: Reverends Arnold 
Kriegbaum, Lewis Hohenstein, 
Richard DeArmey, and John Aeby. 
Former associate pastors, choir 
directors, charter members, and 
alumni now serving the Lord 
elsewhere have also been invited to 
return for the occasion. Everyone is 
invited to attend. For more informa- 
tion contact the church, or call 

Rev. Robert Divine has accepted 
the call to pastor the Grace Brethren 
Church of Norwalk, CA. He began 
his pastoral duties April 1, 1990. 
The Grace Brethren Church of 
Orlando, FL, will hold a mortgage- 
burning service at 2:00 p.m. on June 
23, 1990. All past members and 
friends are invited to this time of 
celebration. Earl Futch, pastor. 
The Fremont, OH, Grace Brethren 
Church held its fiftieth anniversary 
on Saturday evening, March 24, 
1990. The meeting held at 7:00 p.m. 
was followed by a reception. Former 
pastors in attendance were: Lee 
Friesen, Ormond Beach, FL; Lester 
Pifer, Bradenton, FL; Tom Hammers, 
Winona Lake, IN; Robert Culver, 
Houston, MN; and Ward Tressler of 
Fremont. Associate pastors Buck 

Summers and Phil Johnson were also 
present. Special music by an alumni 
choir was presented. 

The Eastside Grace Brethren 
Church of Columbus, OH, held their 
missions conference recently On Fri- 
day evening, fellowship times with 
missionaries were hosted in eight 
homes. On Saturday there was a 
morning breakfast, an afternoon door- 
to-door evangelism outreach, and a 
banquet was held that evening. Roger 
Peugh, current moderator of the Na- 
tional Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches and on the faculty of Grace 
Schools, spoke on Sunday morning. 
David and Becky Schwan, mis- 
sionaries planning to serve in 
England, presented a concert during 
the evening service. 

Will Marling, pastor of the Rocky 
Ridge Grace Brethren Church, 
Gahanna, OH, reported that this new 
church celebrated its premier public 
service on March 25, 1990. 

Ed Trenner, pastor of the Grace 
Brethren Church, Orange, CA, recent- 
ly spent some time in the Central 
African Republic for a master- 
planning session on evangelism. 



killed in an auto accident on February 
22, 1990. He was the son of Jacques 
and Mickie Crapuchettes. Lew Ing- 
waldson, pastor. South Bay Com- 
munity Church, San Jose, CA. 


February 17, 1990. He was a member 
of the Grace Brethren Church of 
Hagerstown, MD. Ray Davis, pastor 
GRAHAM, DONALD, 84, January 
20, 1990. He was a member of the 
Grace Brethren Church of Kenai AK. 
Glen Welborn, interim pastor. 
HOUSTON, FRANK, February 12, 
1990. He was a member of the Grace 
Brethren Church of Meyersdale, PA. 
Larry Gegner, pastor. 

HERALD/ April 15. 1990 



1990. She was a member of the 
Grace Brethren Church, York, PA. 
She and her husband, Jim, were 
familiar faces at all our national con- 
ferences. Dan White, pastor 

MON, JULIE, 79, March 5, 1990. 
She was a member of the South Bay 
Community Church of San Jose, 
CA. Lew Ingwaldson, pastor. 

18. 1990. She was a member of the 
Grace Brethren Church, Hagers- 
town, MD. Ray Davis, pastor. 


DePACE: Addie Reed and Foster 
DePace were married March 3, 
1990. The ceremony was performed 
by Tim Coyle, pastor of the Grace 
Brethren Church of Newark, DE. 


DAVID MITCHELL. His new phone 
number is 808/671-3619. 


Johnson is the new pastor of the 
Grace Brethren Church of Pompano. 

HOPE, NJ. Gene Wall has resigned 
from the Hope Grace Brethren 
Church and accepted the call from 
the Community Grace Brethren 
Church of Vienna, WV 

LONDON, OH. Tim Enderle is no 
longer the pastor of Grace Brethren 
Church of London, OH. 

ROBERT KULP. He has resigned 
from the Everett Grace Brethren 
Church, Everett, PA, and has ac- 
cepted the call of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Island Pond, VT. His new 
address is P.O. Box 432, Island 
Pond, VT 05846. 

DONALD HALL. He is the secretary 
of the Grace Brethren Church of 
Willis, VA. His address is Rt. 2, Box 
347-A, Boones Mill, VA 24065. 

SIDNEY, IN. The phone number for 

the Grace Brethren Church of 
Sidney, IN is 219/839-0400. 

EAGLE RIVER, AK. Chris Hay has 
resigned, effective January 31, 1990, 
from the ministry of the Grace 
Brethren Church of Eagle River, AK. 

GILBERT HAWKINS, has resigned 
as pastor of the Beaver City, NE, 
Grace Brethren Church. Gilbert has 
pastored the church for the past 10 
years. He is seeking the leading of 
the Lord for a new field of service. 

Shadows R.V. Resort, 1295 S. 
Cawston Ave., Sp. 42, Hemet, CA 
92343 (Tel. 714/766-1045). 

CENTERVILLE, OH. The zip code 
for the Grace Brethren Church 
should be 45459. 

CHURCH. Their address should be 
changed to 3324 S. Calhoun St., 
Fort Wayne, IN. The mailing address 
remains the same. 

MITCH CARIAGA. 7588 Sweetwater 
Lane, Highland, CA 92346. (Tel. 

DALE JENKS. 50 Hathorn Blvd., 
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. 

address is: 19A Garrison Lane, Car- 
lisle Barracks, PA. 17013. 

States Chaplains' School, Ft. Mon- 
mouth, NJ 07703. 

ZEKE YOUNG. 5232 Bethany Dr., 
Cross Lanes, WV 25313. 

520, 38.400 Uberlandia, M.G., Brazil, 

JIM HOCKING. B.P 240, Bangui, 
Central African Republic. 

number should be (011-55) 

R. PAUL MILLER. 11 Wilhelm Ave., 
Lebanon, PA 17042. 

St., Rittman, OH 44270. Tel. 

FOSTER TRESISE. 95-303 Waioni 
St., Mililani, HI 96789. 

class, Coronel Silva Telles 132, 
Bairro Cambui, 13023 Campinas, 
SP, Brazil, S.A. 

OCALA, FL Their new address is: 
6474 N.E. 7th St., Ocala, FL 32671. 
The temporary address is no longer 

STEVE BAILEY. 1875 Wilde, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South 

BESS FARRELL. (page 32). Xola 
125-103, Colonia Alamos, 03400, 
Mexico D.F., Mexico. 

BRENDA WELLING, (page 31). Xola 
125-103, Colonia Alamos, 03400, 
Mexico D.F., Mexico. 

BARRY ROWE'S (wife's name, 
Jean) home address is 321 27th 
Ave., Altoona, PA 16601 (Tel. 
814/942-0907). His membership is 
held by the First Grace Brethren 
Church of Altoona, PA. 

MARK BRITTON. 24320 Hospital 
St., Cassopolis, Ml 49031. 

HERMAN HEIN. 2400 Miller Or, 
Niles, Ml 49120. 

13-395, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 

TERRY POSTLE. 1638 W. Mound 
St., Columbus, OH 43223. 

Ministries, P.O. Box 292006, Port 
Orange, FL 32129. Tel 904/760-2424. 

JOHN TEEVAN. 1200 Kings 
Highway, Winona Lake, IN 46590. 

2442, Kokomo, IN 46904. 

EMORY YOUNG. 5321 Sunrise 
Lane, Charleston, WV 25313. 

IRASBURG, VT GBC has a new 
address: P.O. Box 41, Coventry, VT 

sheimer Str 55, 7250 Leonberg, 
West Gemany. 

RAMSEY'S HOME: Egerlaenderstr 
3, 7250 Leonberg, West Germany. 


HERALD/ April 15, 1990 


New Grace Brethren churches 

desiring official membership in the 
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Chur- 
ches should write and request an 
F.G.B.C. Membership Application 
from our Fellowship Coordinator, 
Charles Ashman, P.O. Box 386, 
Winona Lake, IN 46590. This ap- 
plication should be secured and 
returned by July 1 in order to be pro- 
cessed in time for this year's na- 
tional conference. 

Kenneth E. 
Bickel, pastor of 
the Grace Breth- 
ren Church in 
Goshen, Indiana, 
has accepted an 
appointment to 
the position of In- 
structor in Pastor- 
al Ministries at 
Grace Theological Seminary. Prof. 
Bickel has been a part-time instruc- 
tor in the Pastoral Ministries Depart- 
ment at the seminary since 1988. 
He is a graduate of Millersville 
State College in Pennsylvania and 
holds Master of Divinity and Master 
of Arts in Biblical Counseling 
degrees from Grace Theological 
Seminary. Prof. Bickel's appoint- 
ment is effective September 1. 


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Berlin, Germany. Evangelist Billy Graham visits the Brandenburg Gate 
where nearly two miles of the Berlin Wall have come down since his last 
visit. He stopped to greet several groups of Germans arriving from East 
Berlin and he spoke (through his interpreter) with several East German 
border guards, giving each of them a copy of the Gospel of Mark and in- 
viting them to a meeting on March 10. 

The UltraThin 
Reference Bible 

Available in these versions; 

* New International 

* King James (Genuine Leather only) 

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Scourby. Reg. price 

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Pocket Bible Handbook, edited by Walter A. 
Elwell. Regular retail price, $8.00. 

The Brethren Adult Series for June, July and 
August will feature this interesting study of 
Matthew 23 by John MacArthur. 

Jesus condemns the false spiritual leaders of His day in Matthew 
23. That same condemnation applies to false leaders today. Learn 
the characteristics of false spiritual leaders and why such people are 
cursed by God. This is an especially important study in the face of 
today's many cults and pseudo-Christian groups. 

Some of the topics covered include the character of false spiritual 
leaders, the condemnation of false spiritual leaders, and Jesus' last 
words to Israel. 

Copies of the book will be priced at $4.25 each. (For individual 
orders please add $1.25 for postage.) 

John MacArthur, Jr. pastors Grace 
Community Church of the Valley in 
Panorama City, California. His Bible teaching 
and tape ministries reach millions around the 
world. He is also the author of many popular 



P.O. Box 544, Winona Lake, IN 46590 
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. Celebrates SO 

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The high-tech age has reached 
even the hamburger crowd! 
Having just returned from San 
Jose, California (which is in the 
center of SiHcon Valley). I 
returned amused and con- 
fused. Amused, because it 
seems that in the midst of all 
the high-tech of that computer 
area there was something 

Most of the major companies 
of the computer industry have 
headquarters buildings in that 
part of the world south of San 
Francisco. Being a computer 
bug. I had to wander around the 
territory and see what was go- 
ing on. (My wife accuses me of 
being an easy touch for anyone 
with a gadget.) I confess that 1 
did bring home a new com- 
puter, but that is not what I 
wanted to tell you about. I went 
into the local McDonalds for a 
bit of refreshment and there by 
the cash register was what 
brought the amusement. 

A fax machine was conve- 
niently located -- ready for 
business. The sign read "fax 
your Macs." It was not a joke, 
just an up-to-date method of 
ordering your Big Mac by fax. 
Now many people are not used 
to this new instrument of com- 
munication. We brought one in- 
to the Herald operation a cou- 
ple of years ago and it proved to 
be a time and money saver. You 
can send written copy to 
another fax machine anywhere 
in the world by a simple phone 
call. The cost averages about 
twenty-three cents - less than 
a first class stamp. 

McDonalds knows the ter- 
ritory and so they have local 
customers fax in their orders 
and their Macs will be ready at 
the drive-up. When I asked 
about it they said, "The 
customers love the idea". No 
mixed up orders and it is in 
writing. I was amused and 

delighted. Isn't it interesting to 
note how the secular World is 
able to take the latest devices 
and turn them into profitable 
use? I admit the wisdom of the 
world will not get them saved. 
but I must admire their ability 
to do their task with such great 

Now I admitted to not only 
being amused but I also con- 
fessed to being confused. The 
church and the Lord's work is 
so often carried out with such 
dull imagination. This is a com- 
pliment because I almost had 
to say "no" imagination. While 
the world communicates in 
split seconds to get the 
message to their customers, the 
church is still etching their 
message in a pencil and paper 
era. You can fax an order for a 
Mac but you have to wait till 
Sunday at 9:30 for your 
message on the subject of eter- 
nal truth. Yes, a few visionaries 
have used the air waves and TV 
to hurry things up -- but they 
have received mainly criticism 
. . . justly so in many cases. 

We have tried to speed up the 
news to you and now it takes 10 
minutes to report where it used 
to take six weeks. We want to 
begin to fax materials to you, 
but there are no fax machines 
in the churches to receive the 
message. Times are not chang- 
ing -- they have already 

Please accept in good faith 
my comment, but it seems to 
me that it takes a long time to 
accomplish things in the 
church. We hold meetings, ap- 
point committees, come up 
with a mediocre decision and 
take one year, two years or 
longer in the process. 

I can fax a Mac in thirty 
seconds for which I am both 
amused and confused. Are we 
doing something important? If 
so, what is the big delay? 

Pax for 






In San Jose! 

by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ May 15. 1990 


Brethren Missionary 


Volume 52 No. 5 ^i^ Mav 15, 19S 

May 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

Fax for Macs! 


Is Up lb 

Date in San Jose! 

Charles W. Tiirner 


Fremont, OH GBC 
Celebrates Fifty 
Years of Ministry 

6 Foreign Missions 

Stephany Craig 

7 Foreign Missions 

Churches Planted 
in Buenos Aires 
and Lyon 

8 Fellowship Happenings 

Our Brothers 
in Brazil 

Russ Ogden 
10 Home Missions 

Spiritually United 

Larry N. Chamberlain 

12 Home Missions 
Reports From 
Around the Nation 

13 BEM 

My Home 

Church ... A Look 
at the Evangelism 
of Our Influence 

Ron E. Thompson 

14 WMC 

Fbcus on SMM ~ 
WMC's Daughter 

15 WMC 
1990-1991 WMC 
Reading Books 

16 CE National 

Developing a 
Ministry Mindset 
Education Day at 

17 FGBC 

You Are Invited to 
the 1990 Nationed 

18 Fellowship News 


"I read my Bible through in 1989 and have started to read it 
through in 1990." - Irvin Harbaugh, Warsaw. IN 

The following persons from the Ankenytown Grace Brethren 
Church. Bellville, Ohio have read through the Bible in 1989: 
Vonnie Bradrick Tkmsin Denman Ernie Rousseau 

Rex Brokaw Donna Gamble 

Clarence Denman Reta Ridenour 

Publisher Charles W. TUmer 
Printer BMH Printing 
Department Editors: 
Christian Education 

Ed Lewis 
Foreign Missions 
Tom Julien 
Stephany Craig 
Grace Schools 

John Davis 
Joel Curry 
Home Missions 

Larry N. Chamberlain 
Jesse Deloe 
Women's Missionary Council 
Linda Unruh 
Cover Photos: 

The Grace Brethren 
Church of Fremont. 
Ohio. Lower left: Jack 
Peters, Jr. and Pastor 
Gene Klingler. Lower 
right: The group of 
former pastors able to 
be present for the 
50th Anniversary Ser- 
vice. (Photos by Lois 

Herald News Service: 

Indiana 1-800-962-8951 
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HERALD/ May 15. 1990 


Fremont, Ohio Grace Brethren Church Celebrates 

Fifty Years of Ministry 

On March 24th the Grace Brethren Church of 
Fremont, Ohio celebrated their fiftieth anniversary' 
not only with a special service at 7:00 p.m., but 
Eilso with a day that was different and memorable. 

Many former members and former pastors were 
present from all over the country -- many from 
Florida, some from Indiana, Minnesota, Penn- 
sylvania, Michigan, Texas, Iowa, and many parts 
of Ohio. The charter members present were young 
people when the church began. They have often 
spoken of those great, exciting and difficult first 
days. To start a church fifty years ago was not easy, 
but the charter members proved that they had the 
stamina to do it, and now they especially enjoyed 
the reunion fifty years later. 

It was a pleasant surprise at 8:30 a.m. when we 
came for the Christian Workers' Breakfast to find 
our guests had already arrived, and the fellowship 
we enjoyed continued all day. The breakfast of 
omelets with cheese, ham, homemade coffee cake, 
bran muffins and a drink was filling. The 
Fellowship Commission with Paul Kuieck. Minister 
of Music, and some young people as servers did 
an excellent job of making everything run 

After breakfast, many guests attended the 
seminars for Christian workers led by Dr. Kenneth 
Gangel from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

During the free time until the evening service 

there was more time for fellowship, reminiscing 
and seeing Fremont for the first time in many 

However the evening celebration at 7:00 p.m. 
was the service to which we had all looked forward. 
As we entered the sanctuary, we were handed a 
gold booklet put together with a gold cord and 
tassel. If we had not been in the mood for celebra- 
tion before this, this booklet would make us aware 
of the significance of this time. In it was the pro- 
gram for the evening along with a short synopsis 
of what each pastor had done since leaving Fre- 
mont, a brief history of the church, the charter 
membership list, the special ministries of the 
church and the statement of faith. 

The program included former and present musi- 
cians playing the piano and organ, leading the 
singing, singing in the choir, and playing their in- 
struments. In between these musical numbers 
each former pastor gave a brief greeting. To con- 
clude the program. Voices of Grace sang "Thank 
You", Pastor Klingler gave his closing remarks, and 
the congregation sang "The Family of God." 

The hors d'oeuvres reception was held in the 
Friendship Hall. With cameras clicking and much 
talking and hugging, everyone celebrated. Lois 
Michaels contributed significantly to our pleasant 
memories of this outstanding evening, with many 
pictures of former and present members. 

Past and present choir members joined together to form a special choir for the evening service. 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 


Stephany Craig 

Stephany Craig remembers a missionary couple 
she met when she was nine years old: "The man 
had the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen. 
There was one picture with an African lady. She 
had bracelets hanging from her long arms and 
necklaces draped around her rich, dark neck. Sit- 
ting in her lap was a little girl wearing a huge smile 
and a green t-shirt! I couldn't believe it — where 
did that little girl get a t-shirt in the jungle? For 
the first time, I realized that little girls in Africa 
were just like me." 

Stephany says the missionary noticed her 
fascination with the picture and told her all about 
the little girl and her mother. The missionary's 
name was Jake Kliever. "From that day on, I was 
hooked. I fell in love with Jake and his wife, Freda, 
for showing me what 1 could do with my Chris- 
tianity. Whether it meant sharing Christ with 
others next door or across the ocean, at that point 
I knew my faith was to be given away." 

Today, Stephany serves as the Communications 
Coordinator for Grace Brethren Foreign Missions. 
She joined the staff in March. Stephany is a 
member of the Wooster (OH) Grace Brethren 
Church, and her parents, Keith and Diana Glanco, 
attend the Rittman (OH) Grace Brethren Church. 

Stephany and her husband, Mark, were married 
in October of 1989, They come from Chicago, 
where she was employed at Awana Clubs Interna- 
tional as an Editor, and Mark worked at the 
Lincoln-Belmont YMCA as Youth/Family Program 
Director. Mark is now employed at the Huntington 
(IN) YMCA as Camp/Youth Program Director. 

The couple met at Moody Bible Institute. 
Through the advice of her father, Stephany 
attended the school and was convinced that she 
could best participate in the Great Commission 
after learning technical skills as a Communica- 
tions Major. Mark felt the Lord's leading to minister 
to unchurched youth and completed his degree in 
Youth Leadership/Physical Education at Judson 
College in Elgin (IL). 

"I feel an indebtedness to Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions and to the Fellowship as a whole 
because of the influence that godly Brethren men, 
women, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, 
pastors, and youth leaders have had on my life," 
says Stephany. "I am excited about my new oppor- 
tunity at the Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 
home office to serve the Lord by communicating 
what the Lord is accomplishing around the world 
through our fellowship." 

Mark and Stephany Craig 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 


Churches Planted in 
Buenos Aires and Lyon 

The first Sunday of the new year and a new 
decade saw the formal dedication of a new Grace 
Brethren Church — the Community of Grace in 
Buenos Aires. Argentina. TVenty-two believers 
signed a covenant of membership showing their 
commitment to Christ and His church. 

Five from 
the Com- 
munity of 
Grace were 
March 11. 

■5 HMDR 

Missionary Stan Nairn, with Community of 
Grace Church members. 

The day began with the baptizing of five in a 
neighbor's pool. In the afternoon, three-fold com- 
munion was held, and the founding members were 
registered. Also, a commission of men was named 
to study the Scripture and divide ministry 

This church-planting endeavor was initiated in 
1985 by a handful of missionaries. In spite of times 
when several made decisions yet did not follow 
through, and other times when there were no deci- 
sions at all, God has been faithful. Todays 45 ac- 
tive believers worship at the Community of Grace. 

Stan and Betty Nairn and Alice Peacock remain 
at the work. Valuable ministry input must be ac- 
credited to Earl and Lita Futch, Dave and Sue 
Guiles, and Steve and Wilma Bailey. Benjamin 
Navarro, graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute, 
has been working in the church for the past three 
years. He is currently being considered for a 
pastoral leadership position. 

Pray for the Community of Grace. It has moved 
from birth and infancy to a childhood level of 
maturity. The entire mission staff in Buenos Aires 
is grateful for your prayers. 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 

is pleased to announce 

the official incorporation 

of another church 

under the leadership of 

missionary, John Viers. 

The Lyon Grace Brethren Church 

registered 37 charter members 

on March 11. 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 


Our Brothers in Brazil 

The spiritual high points of my life have been 
visits to mission fields. I've had seven of them, and 
every one has been a thriller. 1 confessed this to 
a veteran missionary, and said it's probably true 
because I stay such a short time. He said. "No, it's 
always the same." This seems to me a great incen- 
tive for becoming a life-long missionary. 

So. when Eddie Miller and our Brethren in Brazil 
invited me to minister ten days last November, 1 
was eager to go. Here are my impressions and sug- 
gestions. They bear no official authority. 

The Evangelical Church of the Brothers of Brazil 
(Portuguese doesn't have a word for Grace) were 
meeting November 22-26. 1989. for their Thirtieth 
Annual Convention. Their program honored 
"Jeronimo" ("Jerome" Keith Altig) as founder of 
the mission more than forty years ago. The con- 
verts of our pioneers are still the pillars of the 

The convention met in the Marambia church in 
a suburb of Belem, a city of over one-and-a-half- 
million people on the south shore at the mouth of 
the Amazon River. We have about a dozen chur- 
ches in the area, and a dozen more spread from 
Macapa in the north to Brasilia inland and 
Uberlandia in the south. Most of the churches were 
represented at the convention. 

A new generation 

is now arising 

to lead 

our churches in Brazil. 

It was great to see my missionary friends on 
their own turf. I have known most of them since 
school days, but had never seen them function as 
Brazilians. As on other mission fields, the spiritual 
appetite was keen, the singing exuberant, the food 
delicious, and the hospitality overwhelming. 

At their request I spoke to the convention each 
evening on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, 
and conducted a series of seminars for pastors and 
leaders on the same theme. Why so much interest 
in the Holy Spirit? They are troubled by the same 
question we often hear at home, "Why are charis- 

by Russ Ogden 

matic churches growing faster than ours?" (My 
answer won't fit in this article.) Pray for a greater 
realization of the power of God's Spirit in the lives 
of our brothers and sisters in Brazil (and in the 
U.S.) as we labor with Christ to build his church. 

A new generation is now arising to lead our chur- 
ches in Brazil. The president of this convention 
was Pastor Ivanildo TVinidade. His father was led 
to Christ and trained by "Amazon Bill" Burk, 
started six churches along the river, and has been 
pastor at Macapa since 1966. His sister was con- 
vention choir director, and his brothers are active 
in the churches. 

Ivanildo is a graduate of the University of Belem, 
and of Grace Theological Seminary at Winona 
Lake, Indiana. He is a gifted preacher and leader 
who has a vision for reaching all of Brazil with the 
gospel. He supports his family by promoting 
tourist products for the State of Para, and editing 
their English publications. 

Most of the pastors are young men with families. 
All of them work part time Jobs to support their 
families. This is a hardship on both churches and 
families. Many are discouraged and thinking of 
leaving the ministry. Some of their wives are urg- 
ing them to do so. The problem is not lack of 
dedication, but the stringent demands of survival. 

Financial help is a great need in our Brazilian 
churches -- as in all economically emerging coun- 
tries. The inflation rate (2,000 percent last year) 
raises costs faster than incomes. It takes all the 
work a family can do to put food on the table and 
clothes on their backs. They simply have no 
resources for paying a pastor adequately. A salary 
of only $100 a week would enable a pastor to give 
full time ministry to his church. 

Neither do they have resources to pay for church 
buildings. The Marambaia church where the con- 
vention met is led by Pastor Tiago (James, in 
English). A wall was knocked down to combine two 
large rooms, creating an auditorium that will seat 
about 300 people. The church has a goal of 
reaching 400 people. An attached building next 
door is for sale, and could be used now for Sunday 
School. The cost is $20,000 -- little to us, but out 
of reach to them. Many of our Brazilian church 
buildings were provided by gifts of love from 


HERALD/ May 15. 1990 


Christians in the United States. More love of this 
kind will enable more church growth in Brazil. 

Our Mid-Atlantic Grace Brethren Churches en- 
couraged the Brazilian pastors by helping them at- 
tend a training seminar in Brasilia January 29 to 
February 2, 1990. "Generation 90" drew 
evangelical leaders from many countries and of- 
fered a life-transforming view of Christian 
ministry. The cost in U.S. money was only $100 
per man for the entire five days, including 
transportation, room, and meals. We asked each 
church to sponsor one pastor. The gifts were 
enough for a dozen men, but only seven were able 
to go. The balance of the fund will be used for other 
projects to help the churches. 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions recognizes the 
need for American churches to encourage sister 
churches in other countries. We cannot give to indi- 
viduals (our tax laws forbid this), but churches can 
help other churches. We recognize the danger of 
developing dependence upon the United States sub- 
sidies; but we also recognize the Christian mandate 
to show God's love to our brothers by sharing our 
"material possessions" (I John 3:16-18). As we move 
toward an International Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches - our target date is 1995 - 1 
believe this kind of tangible love will be essential. 

Ivanildo TWnidade will be in the U.S. this sum- 
mer to enlist our churches at home in working 
partnerships with our churches in Brazil. He will 
have a list of church growth priorities developed 
in Brazil. I have agreed to help as his contact per- 
son in the U.S. If you want information about 
Ivanildo's visit and Brazil church partnerships, 
please get in touch with me. 

In my opinion, it is time for us who have so 
much, to share our substance with our brothers 
and sisters who have so little. Our investment is 
in making disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations. 
The benefits are eternal. 

Russ Ogden is pastor of the Grace Brethren Church. Lanham. 
Maryland. He is also a member of the Brethren Missionary 
Herald Co. Board of Trustees. 

Mtt -T^-Tjr 

! • n -1 

Pastors on platform at convention 


Convention choir, led by Celeste Hodgdon (Ivanildo's 
sister married Hodgdon's son) 

Marambia Church, where National Convention met 

Pastor Tiago, Eddie Miller, Ivanildo Trinidade 

New baptistry in remodeled Marambia church 

Dorothy Hodgdon on the Casio Keyboard, and Daniel (a 
pastor's son, age 14] on electric guitar 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 



Spiritually United 

by Larry N. Chamberlain 

X he Grace Brethren 
Home Missions Council 
is committed to the 
establishment of new 
Grace Brethren Chur- 
ches throughout North 
America. Reaching the 
nations of our world 
with the Gospel of 
Christ should be the 
highest priority on all of 
our agendas, consistent 
with the post-Resur- 
rection commands of 
Christ recorded in Mat- 
thew and Acts: 

Larry Chamberlain is Execu- 
tive Director of the Grace Bre- 
thren Home Missions Council, 

Go therefore and make disciples 
of all nations . . . (Matt. 28:19) 

You shall be my witnesses ... to the 
remotest part of the earth. (Acts 1:8) 

The Apostle Peter, following the dramatic. Spirit- 
filling experience on the day of Pentecost, preached 
a powerful sermon to the crowds of people who had 
gathered to hear the apostles speaking in different 
languages. Three thousand of this multi-national 
crowd immediately responded to Peter's message 
and were baptized! 

I believe that the task of reaching 

our world for Christ was never 

intended to be a solo effort; rather, 

it is a shared responsibility. 

These converts represented the first recorded 
group of believers in the church age. What 
characterized their unified response to the Gospel? 
How can we, in our churches today, be encouraged 
by their spiritual unity as we seek to fulfill the 

commands of Christ? Please read the exciting text 
of Acts 2:37-47, reproduced on the opposite page. 

I see in these verses three factors 
which created a significant sense 
of spiritual unity in the hearts of 
these new believers. In verses 
37-41, there is A Shared Objec- 
tive . . . they were spiritually 
united behind a common cause. What united 
them that day was a common submission to the 
claims of Christ and a united response to the global 
message of the Gospel . . . "For the promise is for 
you and your children, and for all who are far off, 
as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself." 
Our churches today must be challenged to place 
the Great Commission, the global message of the 
Gospel, at the top of their agendas. How distracted 
we become with lesser things in our programming. 
The church today must rethink its focus, redirect 
its engergies, reprioritize its agenda, and collective- 
ly, with spiritual unity, cross geographic and ethnic 
boundaries, . . . yes, even the high fences of indif- 
ference . . . reaching the nations of the world for 
Jesus Christ. 

Second, these early believers 
sensed A Shared Responsibili- 
ty .. . they were spiritually 
united with prayer and sup- 
port. From the very beginning, 
the early church taught us 
selflessness, not selfishness. They taught us how to 
look out for one another, totally contrary to the 
American philosophy of "looking out for number 
one." They pooled their resources, they gave of 
themselves. Their response was spontaneous and 
generous, a natural spill-over of their new-found faith 
in Christ. Our church-planters in America and 
around the world need our prayers and financial 
support. How much more could be done in Great 
Commission outreach if our giving today followed 
the example of spontaneous, sacrificial generosity 
demonstrated by these new believers in Jerusalem. 


HERALD/ May 15. 1990 


Third, there was A Shared 
Celebration . . . they were 
spiritually united with joy 
and praise. The early church 
was characterized by mutual en- 
couragement, not criticism. They 
came together, some in the midst of significant 
persecution, for the purpose of praising God and 
encouraging one another. 

When we come together as groups of churches, 
on district or national levels, we ought to celebrate 
our victories and uphold one another in our strug- 
gles. We should celebrate the new churches 
established in the USA and in nations abroad. We 
need to present, with joy and praise, our church- 
planters and their families as the courageous heros 
that they are. conquering new frontiers at the cut- 
ting edge of the Great Commission. They need to 
hear our applause and our words of appreciation. 

I believe that the task of reaching our world for 
Christ was never intended to be a solo effort; 
rather, it is a shared responsibility, as we spiritual- 
ly unite behind a common cause. The task is too 
large to accomplish alone. And with generous 
prayer and support we must labor together in an 
environment of joy and praise. 

God has uniquely prepared the Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches to meet the significant 
challenges and opportunities of this next decade 
and the century beyond. We must stand together 
in our commitment to Christ and to His Word, and 
to the world for whom He died. We must stand 
together, with oneness of purpose and resolve. 
Spiritually united, we can usher in a decade not 
of decline or dissension, but a decade of renewed 
dependency upon God and an accelerated ad- 
vancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 
America and around the world. 



Acts 2:37-47 (NASB) 

37 Now when they heard this, they were 
pierced to the heart, and said to Peter 
and the rest of the apostles. '"Brethren, 
what shall we do?" 

38 And Peter said to them. "Repent, and let 
each one of you be baptized in the name 
of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of 
your sins; and you shall receive the gift 
of the Holy Spirit. 

39 "For the promise is for you and your 
children, and for all who are far off. as 
many as the Lx)rd our God shall call to 

40 And with many other words he solemn- 
ly testified and kept on exhorting them, 
saying. "Be saved from this perverse 

41 So then, those who had received his word 
were baptized; and there were added that 
day about three thousand souls. 

42 And they were continually devoting 
themselves to the apostles' teaching and 
to fellowship, to the breaking of bread 
and to prayer. 

43 And everyone kept feeling a sense of 
awe; and many wonders and signs were 
taking place through the apostles. 

44 And all those who had believed were 
together, and had all things in common; 

45 and they began selling their property 
and possessions, and were sharing them 
with all, as anyone might have need. 

46 And day by day continuing with one 
mind in the temple, and breaking bread 
from house to house, they were taking 
their meals together with gladness and 
sincerity of heart, 

47 praising God, and having favor with all 
the people. And the Lord was adding to 
their number day by day those who were 
being saved. 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 



Mayport, FL, Chaplain 
John Diaz, US Navy - 'We had 

a very successful marriage enrich- 
ment weekend with Dr. Randy 
Poyner. Ten couples attended of 
which eight were new to the 
chapel. We praise God, too, for the 
salvation of a young Navy father 
of two children. We had a new 
record attendance in January of 90 in our Sunday 
School program." 

Ocala, FL, Pastor Chuck Davis - "Our 
building program was completed and the con- 
gregation held their first services in the new 
building on January 28, and a baptismal service 
was held the second Sunday. First-time visitors are 
present at almost every service. Plans are being 
made now to launch out into the community with 
the Gospel." (Dedication service was March 31.) 

McAllen, TX, Pastor Bob 
Soto - "Our youth program 
recently had an 'All-Night Shut- 
in.' At one point there were 32 
young people attending. It was a 
very fruitful event with six 
teenagers coming to know the 
Lord. I also had an opportunity to 
meet with parents of three of the 
teens, and they expressed great interest in atten- 
ding our church." 

Macedonia, OH, Pastor Ron Boehm - "In 

1986 (our first full year) we averaged 52 in worship 
and 36 in Sunday School. This past year we 
averaged 92 and 58. We have received $16,017.61 
toward the Building Fund since paying off our 
land. General Fund offerings have averaged 
$898.07, or nearly $100 more per week than we 
anticipated at the beginning of the year. Conse- 
quently, $4,893 was sent out to missions, over 
$500 more than we had budgeted. PTL!" 

Seattle, WA, Pastor Bob Gentzel "The 
planning team has begun to worship together on 
Sunday morning. About 27 of us were involved in 
the planning for our birthday service on April 15." 
(152 attended the inaugural service.) 

Atlanta, GA, Pastor Ernest Usher - "Attend- 
ance has remained steady, although it has not in- 
creased. However, our membership has increased by 
eleven! We had the great Joy of baptizing eleven peo- 
ple, nine as the result of confession of salvation and 
two from another denomination." 

Saratoga Springs, NY, Pastor Dale Jenks 

- "Things are progressing nicely so far this year. 
A family of six has joined us from the Island Pond, 

VT, church. This not only broadens our financial 
base but also gives us much needed help in our 
Christian Education department and in music. A 
young Navy couple has also started attending and 
give every indication of continuing. This will give 
us contacts with others at the local Navy base." 

Mishawaka, IN, Pastor Scott Weaver -- "Our 
attendance in the AM service is 20 percent ahead 
of last year's. We have a new young man attending 
whom we are discipling. David Newhouse, a new 
member, is doing a great Job as Music Director." 

Belmont Heights, CA, Pastor Greg Perry - 

"Since January first, six people have come to know 
Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We have 
celebrated five baptisms. Our offering has grown 

NE Columbus, OH, Pastors Will Marling 
and Perry Huesmann - "We have been public 
since March 25 (PTL!) There is excitement and 
momentum. The church family really does want 
to reach unsaved people. We continue to grow. 
What a joy to be in God's commission!" 

NE Indianapolis, IN, Pastors Al Edgington 
and Ron Smals - "The Smals are now settled in 
Indy, and the Edgingtons moved to the area in late 
March. Another family has already moved to In- 
dianapolis as well. The Indy team has been travel- 
ing to Indiana District churches, as well as others, 
to encourage prayer support for this new endeavor. 
Many folks in the northeast area are responding 
positively to the new church." (First public worship 
services were held on Easter Sunday.) 

Anchorage, AK, Pastor 
Brian Chronister - "Attendance 
in January averaged 250 people 
which was a dramatic increase 
from the average of 217 in 
December. Suddenly we are strug- 
gling to provide adequate parking 
and seating. We started a 
children's church service which 
enabled us to dismiss the kids early and provide 
more seating for adults. But this is not going to be 
enough. In mid-February we had 293 in attend- 
ance and were overwhelmed!" 

FIFTY • y/eA^R S 



HERALD/ May 15, 1990 


My Home Church . . • 

A Look at the Evangelism of our Influence 

by Ron E. Thompson 

Today I visited my home church. I see changes 
everywhere. The building is new, as are many of 
the people who have become members since I 
moved away. Wow! Has it been 37 years already 
since I was a part of the teen group there? A 
beautiful new edifice now sits miles away from the 
little wooden frame building where I first attend- 
ed as a junior boy. Modern heating and air- 
conditioning have replaced the old pot-bellied 
stove that stood near the door of the place where 
once I worshipped. Spacious and neatly-decorated 
classrooms bring to mind memories of green 
burlap divider screens that served as walls where 
1 sat in Sunday School. The old upright piano on 
which I nervously played hymns for the congrega- 
tion to sing has given way to an electronic digital 
organ and a modern, console piano. But some 
things never change! On a poster still at the front 
of the beautiful new sanctuary are those same 
familiar words we quoted every month when some- 
one had a birthday. I vividly remember the tears 
welling up in my grandmother's eyes as she stood 
one Sunday while everyone in the congregation 
quoted that meaningful poem: 

Many happy returns on the day of thy birth. 
May sunshine and gladness be given. 
And may the dear Father prepare thee on earth 
For a beautiful birthday in Heaven! 

I miss those saints who made such a profound 
impression on my life. Some of them have long 
since been promoted to Heaven, but their finger- 
prints are still on me. Part of what I am today is 
the direct result of their prayers, support and love 
for me. Had it not been for them, I wonder who, 
or what, or where would I be? Directly or indirect- 
ly they discipled me by their words and ways. 

Today I stood in the pulpit and preached in my 
home church. Jesus spoke about how a prophet 
has little or no honor in his own country, yet I felt 
exceptionally honored to be where I am today. I 

respected and revered "Preacher" H the 

man I remember most behind this sacred desk. He 
left his mark upon my life. Now that I have been 
a pastor, I too can appreciate the privilege and 
honor of ministering to God's people. What an 
awesome responsibility it is to shepherd the flock 

of God over which He has made us overseers. How 
I pray that my words and my life will impact the 
lives of others as I was ministered to in this place. 

Today I worshipped God in my home church. 
Some folks look familiar, but many 1 do not know. 
I am singing and praying with a different genera- 
tion now. These are the children and relatives of 
those who were my elders when I was younger. 
The influence and legacy of those who have gone 
on before me is still strangely present. It is 
manifested in their children. As I engage in some 
humor with two retirees I recall that twinkle in 
their mother's eye when this sage of the church 
laughed with me as a preacher boy, then gave me 

some wise counsel. 1 miss Mrs. C "s fancy 

hats and those touching children's stories she 
often told. But I caught a glimpse of her en- 
thusiasm as I greeted and looked into the eyes of 
David, her son. I observed some of that meek and 

quiet spirit of Ethel J as her daughter 

served me punch at a reception in the fellowship 
hall last night. 

Yes, there are also the familiar faces of people 
who still worship at the church, entire families 
who have stood faithful through the years. How 
blessed I am because God gave me Thelma, my 
wife of 33 years, from one of them. This is the place 
where I spent much of my life as a child and 
teenager. Here is where I was introduced to the 
Savior and challenged to serve Him. My spiritual 
roots go deep into the heart of this church: not this 
building, but this body of believers. Whatever I am 
today 1 am because of God's grace, but people 
played an important and vital role in it all. How 
I thank them for their prayers, their faith and pa- 
tience, their investment in my life. And thank You, 
Lord Jesus, for giving me an opportunity to visit 
my home church once again! 

Rev. Ron Thompson is the Executive Director of 
Brethren Evangelistic Ministries. He served for 1 7 
years as pastor of the Patterson Memorial Grace 
Brethren Church in Roanoke. Virginia, and for five 
years as pastor of the Grace Brethren Church in 
Richmond. Virginia. 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 



Eocus On SMM -- WMC's Daughter! 

Thank You . . . WMC! 

The month of May brings to mind the special holi- 
day known as "Mother's Day" As I think of a 
mother/child relationship, 1 am reminded of the 
parenting role WMC has with our SMM program. 
WMC has consistently overseen the needs of SMM, 
provided financially and given prayer support and 
spiritual direction. Just as a mother oversees the 
needs of her child, so WMC provides for the girls of 
our fellowship involved in SMM. 

This past year, WMC has provided financially by 
encouraging each WMC member to contribute $3 
to SMM. This support, while being a small amount 
for each member, collectively totals over $11,000. 
WMC has faithfully given input to our revisions 
whether through participating as SMM cabinet 
members or as one who has reviewed the revisions 
and given input. WMC members serve as SMM 
leaders providing hands-on involvement in the lives 
of our SMM girls. 

Our WMC ladies have faithfully provided the 
prayer support that is the foundation upon which 
we have based our SMM revisions. The prayers of 
WMC along with our SMM leaders are allowing us 
to realize our goal of completing the revisions and 
meeting our target date of July 6 to have Books 1-6 
available for sale. 

NEW IDEA! BrookviUe, OH WMC ladies have sweat 
shirts with our WMC logo on them. They are available 
for all the ladies in the district, with a small profit going 
to a missionary project. Modeling the sweatshirts are 
Sally Neely and Margaret McBride of the BrookviUe WMC. 

Just as many of us have expressed our love and 
appreciation to our mothers this month, we at CE 
National and the girls of our fellowship involved in 
SMM want to express our gratitude and sincere ap- 
preciation to the ladies of WMC. Your investment is 
one that will return eternal rewards. 


In 1939, 4 months after the beginning of WMC, 
the president, Mrs, Homer Kent, Sr wrote the follow- 
ing letter to councils, which was printed in the 

"Several months have passed since we stepped out 
upon faith to undertake a new ministry for our Lx)rd. 
We began in such an pretentious manner, yet so 
much has already transpired. We cannot help but 
witness the hand of blessing upon our efforts. We 
began with no financial endowment - in fact, we 
began with a very loose organization. But these very 
facts have thrust us upon Him to clear each step of 
the way. We have His inexhaustible grace as our en- 
dowment, and what more could any child of God 

WMC Offering: 

March, April, May 

Fbreign Missions 

Goal: $9,000 

Send before June 10, 


HERALD/ May 15. 1990 

WMC Reading Circle 


t Jensen 


1 ^5- 


'V. "F^^ymond 'Edman 






'n til 







by Margaret Jensen 

On February 19. 1934 Margaret Jensen entered Chicago's 
Norwegian American Hospital to begin her nurse's training. 
Here you will meet many of the patients, co-workers and 
doctors she met over the years, share their suffering and 
their triumphs and marvel at the power of faith and 


by V. Raymond Edman 

"Every now and then," writes V. Raymond Edman, "we 
come across a life that is radiant, revealing a richness, a 
warmth, a triumph that intrigues and challenges us." These 
are the kinds of lives to offer as models for our young peo- 
ple, for ourselves. This book traces the lives of 20 such peo- 
ple . . . D. L. Moody, Walter Wilson, J. Hudson Taylor and 17 


by Barbara Flory Reed 

A thrilling story of modern missionary pioneering in the 
jungles of the Philippines. Russell and Barbara Reed thought 
they had spent eight "fruitless" years learning the Tkwbuid 
language . . . but God used them in a marvelous way. 

WMC Study Guide for 1990-1991 


by Dee Brestin 

She will make you cry and laugh as she takes a close look 
at the power and pain in female relationships. 

For other WMC literature remember to use the WMC order 
blank and send it to the WMC literature secretary. 


n VIOLETS FOR MISTER B, $7.95 retail. 

D THEY FOUND THE SECRET, $6.95 retail. 


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HERALD/ May 15, 1990 


MONDAY, JULY 30, 1990 

at the National Conference in Richmond, Virginia 
at the Marriott Hotel • 8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 



"Challenge for 
the Ministry Mindset" 

Rev. Toews has experience in 

church planting, and has served as 

Director of Christian Education for 

a local church, as Senior Pastor, 

and as a staff member with Gospel 

Light Publishers. He is presently 

Director of Educational Ministries of Scripture Press 

Publications. Rev. Toews is an excellent and 

challenging communicator. 



Two high school aged ministry 

teams and their leaders will 

challenge through music, drama 

testimonies and more. 

The Dinner Program will also 
include National CE reports, and 
the Corporation Meeting. 


Thirty three practical SEMINARS 
from which to choose. You select three. 

Some of the topics include; 

How to Set an Effective Ciiurch 

Calendar for Evangelism 

How "Churches Alive" Could 

Strengthen a Discipleship Ministry 

How to Build an Effective Youth 


Biblical Management of Personal 


Assistance for Sunday School 


How to Cope with Life in a Fishbowl 

(Pastors and Wives only) 

How to Build Effective Pre-School 


Spiritual Warfare In and Out of the USA 

How to set a Church Budget, 

Accountability and Controls 

Strategies for Strengthening Marriage 

and Family 

Strategies to Develop Strong Churches 

How to Build an Effective Twenties 


How to Develop Backyard Bible Clubs 

How the FGBC Strategy Can Help Our 


How to Be a Leader People Will Follow 

How to Reach the Foreigner Next Door 

Sponsored by CE National for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. These seminars are available 
at no charge to all attenders of the Annual Conference for Grace Brethren Churches. 
P.O. Box 365, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 • 219-267-6622 




July 28th - August 2nd 



• Come and go RECEPTION - Sat. 7/28. 7:00-9:00 
p.m. Fellowship with friends and meet some of 
our leaders. 

PEUGH'S MESSAGE - Sun. 7/29, 9:00 a.m. 
Great music, wonderful worship and a powerful 

• GRAND MISSIONS RALLY (Foreign & Home) - 
Sun. 7/29, 7:00 p.m. Meet our missionaries and 
hear the up-to-date reports. 

• CE NATIONAL DAY - Developing a Ministry 
Mindset - All day Monday, 7/30. A great day full 
of challenges and seminars galore. 

• Tbesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be three 
exciting days packed with Bible Hour 
Challenges, Prayer Times, Conference Business 
and the organizational meetings of the Women's 
Missionary Council, Grace Brethren Men and 
Grace Brethren Ministers. After lunch enjoy the 
Challenge Hours of Grace Schools and Grace 
Brethren Home and Foreign Missions. 

held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. A climax of great 
fellowship and rejoicing. 

• Late afternoons and evenings on Mon.-TUe.-Wed. 
will be open for special ministry and sightseeing 


will be provided at the hotel during all the regular 
sessions of the Conference. Nominal daily or 
weekly fees will be charged. 


At 500 E. Broad St. in downtown Richmond it is 
located right next door to the new Richmond 
Center and to the Sixth Street Marketplace - a 
unique mall where you'll enjoy shopping and 


• Please contact your pastor (Information has been 
sent to all the churches). 

• Or contact our Fellowship Coordinator, 
Charles Ashman. P.O. Box 386. Winona Lake, IN 
46590. Phone (219) 269-1269. 


• Call Travelmore - "Ask Mr. Foster" 
1-800-348-2540. Ask for "Group Dept." and iden- 
tify yourself as Grace Brethren attending the 
Conference in Richmond, VA. 

(In Indiana the number is 1-800-541-5938). 


• When you arrive, contact Groome Transportation 
in Richmond (804) 222-7222. They have regular 
van service from the airport to the hotel. 


• Write to the Metropolitan Richmond Chamber of 
Commerce, 300 E. Main St., Richmond, VA 
23219. Or call 1-800-365-7272. 

There are numerous historic, cultural and 
entertainment attractions. Richmond itself is 
full of interesting places to visit. Historic 
Williamsburg, Jamestown and Washington D.C. 
cire a short trip away. Williamsburg Pottery and 

Kings Dominion theme park are exciting 
INFORMATION will be available at the 
Hospitality desk at the Conference. Plan to 
come early and see on your own or join one of 
our group opportunities during the conference 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 




Louis Huesmann, former pastor of 
the Grace Brethren Church of 
Greater Hartford, Hartford, CT, has 
been called to serve as the new 
pastor of the Grace Brethren Church 
of Long Beach, CA. He began his 
duties there on May 1. 

Robert Whited has announced his 
retirement as pastor of the Cherry 
Valley Grace Brethren Church, 
Beaumont, CA. He will continue to 
live in the area. The new pastor of 
the Cherry Valley Grace Brethren 
Church is Robert Kliewer, former 
pastor of the Grace Brethren Church 
of Westminster, CA. 

Mick Roclofellow pastor of the First 
Brethren Church of Buena Vista, VA, 
has resigned and will assume the 
pastorate of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Lansing, Ml. 

New Grace Brethren churches 

desiring official membership in the 
Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches should write and request 
an F.G.B.C. Membership Application 
from our Fellowship Coordinator, 
Charles Ashman, P.O. Box 386, 
Winona Lake, IN 46590. This 
application should be secured and 
returned by July 1 in order to be 
processed in time for this year's 
national conference. 

Ed Jackson, director of Church- 
Planting and Development for Home 
Missions, plans to retire from his pre- 
sent ministry in October of this year 
In his retirement he will again lead 
the Grace Brethren Men's organiza- 
tion as he did some twenty years 
ago. He and his wife, Polly, will move 
to Columbus, Ohio, where he will 
maintain an office in the Grace 
Brethren Church of Worthington. He 
will be assisting the districts in that 
area as a consultant in church 

A new daughter-church is being 
started by the Grace Brethren 
Church of Waynesboro, Pennsyl- 


vania. Four couples from the 
mother-church will be assisting in 
this effort, as well as Home Missions 
and the Mid-Atlantic District. Alan 
Clingan has been called as pastor 
and arrived on the field the end of 

Paul Bauman will be conducting a 
tour to Jordan, Israel, Austria, Ger- 
many, Holland, and the world- 
famous Passion Play in Oberam- 
mergau. Date of departure is 
September 15, 1990. If interested, 
you may contact Paul Bauman at 
214/758-8875; or write to RO. Box 
8181, Longview, TX 75607 

Glen Welborn, interim pastor for the 
past 16 months at the Grace 
Brethren Church, Kenai, Ak, has 
completed his ministry there and 
returned to his home in Leon, lA. (An 
interesting testimony of God's grace 
in Glen's life appeared in the Nov. 
1989 Brethren Missionary Herald.) 

For those interested in the history 
of Winona Lake, the International 

Friendship House has been re- 
turned to the name of the 
Westminster Hotel, since the Free 
Methodist Church headquarters has 
been moved to Indianapolis. There 
are plans to use the area surround- 
ing the old Free Methodist head- 
quarters with multi-units of housing. 
It would involve about 95 units when 

For those who have a Fax machine 
available and would like to speed up 
their Sunday School orders, the 
Brethren Missionary Herald Co. is 
now accepting orders by Fax. Our 
number for this special service is 

Mrs. Edith Gingrich, wife of Dr Ray- 
mond Gingrich, underwent surgery 
in Texas in early April. The surgery 
was for the repair of a heart valve. 
She has returned to her home at 
Grace Village, Winona Lake, In- 
diana. The Gingrichs' son, Sam, 
who is a physician, returned from 
Hawaii to accompany his parents to 

Change Your Annual 

Barnhill, Charles. R. 1, Box 
593, Adrian, PA 16210. 

Bryant, Tom. The former 
pastor of the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Lynchburg, VA, is no 
longer associated with 
the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches. He 
should be removed from 
the Annual. 

Hay, Chris. 406 McCullum 
Dr., Kenai, AK 99611. 

Simmons, Bernie, 6726 
Worthington-Galena Rd., 
Worthington, OH 43085. 

Smals, Ron. 9324 Champ- 
ton Dr, Indianapolis, IN 

Vbung, Emory (Zeke). The 
correct address is: 5321 
Sunrise Ln., Charleston, 
WV 25313. 

Lynchburg, VA. The Grace 
Brethren Church's 
phone number is in- 

correct and should be 


Krause: Rhonda Cox and 
Bill Krause, Jr., were 
united in marriage on 
March 31, 1990, at the 
l^eyersdale Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Meyersdale, PA. Larry 
Gegner, pastor 


Landis, Anna E., 71. She 
was a special member 
of the "Pearls of 
Wisdom" group of the 
Meyersdale Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Meyersdale, PA. Larry 
Gegner, pastor. 

Landis, Carrie M., 93, 
December 28, 1989. She 
was a charter member 
of the Jenners Grace 
Brethren Church, 

Jenners, PA. Max 
DeArmey pastor 

IWoehler, Chester J., 76, 
January 13, 1990. He 
was a faithful member 
of the Conemaugh 
Grace Brethren Church, 
Conemaugh, PA. Tom 
Goossens, pastor. 

Parton, Harry E., 92, April 
11, 1990. He was a 
60-year member of the 
Harrah Grace Brethren 
Church, Harrah, WA. 
Chuck Winter, pastor 

Sheehan, Zelda P., 79, 
March 8, 1990. She was 
a member of the Cone- 
maugh GBC, Cone- 
maugh, PA. Tom 
Goossens, pastor 

Wall<er, John H., April 19, 
1990. He was a charter 
member of the Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Parkersburg, WV. 
Richard Placeway 

HERALD/ May 15, 1990 




The struggle to plant a new church can 
be very lonely unless you have good allies 
and friends. The Grace Brethren Invest- 
ment Foundation has been such a good 
friend to our congregation and to me per- 
sonally. This was my first building pro- 
gram as a pastor so I was easily frightened 
and intimidated. The team at GBIF was 
far more encouraging and enthusiastic in 
their help than 1 could imagine any finan- 
cial organization could be. 

Pastor Iferrj/ Hofecker 
Dublin, Ohio 

They were patient with my inexperience and accommodated 
several crises and changes which came up in our program. 
We went through three major changes of our plans as our 
congregation kept growing out of our blueprints. Each 
change was hassle-free. This spirit of cooperation clearly 
revealed that GBIF was part of our ministry team. Thanks 
to our friends at GBIF. we are now moving into a building 
which can handle 708 people at one service and we have 
room for growth because of their ministry skill and the 
faithfulness and ministry heart of all the depositors. We have 
found true friends and allies. 


Foundation, inc. 

Xou can be 

ministry team 
churches and 

a part of our 
helping to build 
provide capital 

by becoming a 

"/nvesimenis with eternal values' 

depositor at GBIF. Call us collect 
or write today about how you 
can join the team. 

P.O. Box 587 • Winona Lake, IN 46590 • 219/267-5161 




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Reg. $299.95 — reduced to 
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The unique Bible study tool 
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The Electronic Bible combines the full text 
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Electronic Bible offers anyone from the 
beginning Bible reader to the scholar an 

exciting and easy new way to explore the 
Treasure of the Ages. 

Reference any word instantly and precise- 
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Winona Lake, IN 
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3 ' 





5v S ' 

"-1 t 











Rethinking the Harvest - Page 10 
Spirituality • Significance • Service 
See You at Conference! - Page 18 

Without You 
There Would 




Z our deposits at the Grace Brethren In- 
vestment Foundation do two things. They 
earn a large 6.77 percent interest (7.0 per- 
cent compounded annual yield). Secondly, 
they provide Grace Brethren churches 
building and capital improvements loans. 
Without you this funding would not be 

Uepositors in the GBIF have a significant 
ministry in building Grace Brethren chur- 
ches. You become a part of this ministry 
team when you open an account with GBIF. 
Join the team today! Call collect or write for 
more information: GBIF, P.O. Box 587, 
Winona Lake, IN 46590, 219/267-5161. 

Foundation, inc. 

'Inveslmenis with eternal values' 



On April 22nd the nation 
took time out to celebrate the 
twentieth anniversary of Earth 
Day. There were celebrations 
all over the place and in all of 
the right places ... on the 
steps of the Capital in 
Washington and on the streets 
of Chicago. Just about 
anyplace or everyplace was a 
good place for Earth Day. 
There was a lot of cleaning up 
after Earth Day as the 
celebrators left behind a lot of 
work for the street crews. It is 
reported that there were more 
styrofoam cups left over than 
would have been appropriate -- 
the litter was enough to lend 
credence to the opinion that 
the message was not getting 

Details aside, the churches 
were a little silent to the 
activities and seemed hopeful 
that the whole thing might go 
away. I must personally admit 
to some sense of frustration to 
it all. Where did the Christian 
community fit into it and what 
is our position on Earth Day 
and the environment? 

First let me be a little critical 
to help cover some feelings of 
guilt. I did not hear or see any 
mention of the creator of the 
universe. The attention 
centered on doing good things 
to keep our physical universe 
a bit cleaner. I have no prob- 
lem with this because we 
should not abuse the land 
about us. However, the ap- 
proach was not a biblical one 
and the general approach was 
as though there was not a God 
who in the beginning created 
the heaven and the earth. It 
seemed to miss the point. 

I do not want to excuse our 
duties as Christians. God 
created the heavens and the 
earth and the major problem 

is that we Eire aJl fighting the 
curse that God put on the 
earth because of the sins of the 
first couple. They were ban- 
ished from the garden because 
of disobedience and hence- 
forth would earn their bread 
and butter by the sweat of 
their brow. Since then we all 
have been trying to beat the 

We also have the knowledge 
as Christians that this is not 
our home and we are pilgrims 
and strangers. Our homes are 
eternal in nature - but this 
does not excuse us from our 
duties as commissioned by 
Adam to tend and care for the 
earth. All of the meaning in 
the command to subdue the 
earth escapes me a bit, but 
there are duties to be done. 

So, somewhere between the 
Earth Day folks and the Chris- 
tian community there must be 
the middle ground of care and 
concern for the earth. The 
world does have a fixation on 
the here and now. Why not? 
This is all they have without 
God and they had better take 
care of it because it is not go- 
ing to get any better. In fact, it 
is going to get a lot worse for 
them than living on this 
cursed earth. For the Christian 
there is the hope of eternity 
and the knowledge of some- 
thing much better than earth 
even though it may be beauti- 
ful and still have a lot of 

With only an earth to honor 
and no knowledge of God the 
creator, it is a futile effort to get 
too excited about the here and 
now. There is also the 
knowledge that one of these 
days the earth will burn with 
a fervent heat and that will be 
the time for a new heaven and 
a new earth. 

Earth Day - 






by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ June 15, 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

3 Editorial 

Earth Day ~ 
But Where Was 
the Creator? 

Charles W. Tltrner 


A Mission Field 
in the 
United States 

Roy Snyder 

6 Home Missions 

Daughter Church 

William J. Vermeulen 

8 Home Missions 

Church Planting 
in Seattle 

Bob Gentzel 

9 BEM 

Who Is 
Missing Here? 

10 Current Issues 

Rethinking the 

Kenneth O. Gangel 

13 SMM 
Tbday's SMM 

14 Foreign Missions 

GBFM Employee 

15 Foreign Missions 

God Protects 
His Children 

Sue Weaver 

16 Grace Schools 

Spirituality • 
Significance • 
Service • 

Dr. John J. Davis 

18 WMC 

See You at 

Betty Ogden 

19 Fellowship News 

A Word About the Daily Devotions Book ~ 

As 1 read this morning's devotions I was so moved by the things he said. 
At first I thought the writer was my brother Herman Hein who cut his finger 
while doing woodwork, but it was Gene Moine who cut his in a mowing 

In all the years I've been reading and using Daily Devotions I've often 
wondered what the person looked like who wrote the message. Today's was 
one of those times. It was such a moving testimony. I am a teacher in Sun- 
day School and I often wonder if I ever leave an impact on one of my little 
students. -- Wilma R. Sommer, Columbia, PA 

Daily Devotions, a booklet containing a devotional reading for each 
day and photos of national board personnel to pray for, is now published 
twice a year. The next issue will cover the period from July 1, 1990 through 
December 31. 1990. 

Writers of scripts are needed. Inasmuch as the booklet is published on 
a cost basis, we are unable to pay for scripts but you will have the satisfac- 
tion of seeing your material in print and helping others. Send scripts or 
requests for information to: Omega Sandy, Daily Devotions, The 
Brethren Missionary Herald Co., P.O. Box 544, Winona Lake, IN 46590. 

Publisher Charles W. TUrner 
Printer BMH Printing 
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Christian Education 

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H. Armstrong Roberts 

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HERALD/ June 15, 1990 


A Mission Field in the United States 

by Roy Snyder 

In August 1988 several Haitian men visited the 
Grace Brethren Church in Ft. Lauderdale. They 
liked the message they heard. Later, after another 
service, they spoke to Pastor Steve Edmonds about 
the possibility of beginning a church service in 
French in the building. Pastor Steve said he would 
have to contact the elder board of the church. The 
board replied that since it is a Grace Brethren 
Church, any regular meetings there should be held 
by a Grace Brethren group. 

This did not discourage the Haitian men. The 
more they heard about triune immersion and the 
three-fold communion service, the more they 
became convinced that Brethren beliefs and prac- 
tices were correct. In January 1989. Wilfred Jean 
was baptized eind became a member of the Ft. 
Lauderdale Grace Brethren Church. 

As a young teenager in Haiti, he had accepted 
Christ as Savior. Later in his teens, God called him 
to preach the Gospel. He had his education in the 
French school system until he was 21 years of age. 
At graduation he received top honors and his bac- 
calaureate diploma. (The equivalent of a Jr. College 

Following his French studies, he graduated from 
Bible School and a School of Commerce. He also had 
additional studies at a School of Theology in Haiti 
before assuming pastoral duties. 

After the removal of "Baby Doc" Duvalier in Haiti 
in 1986. the military took over the government. One 
of their first moves was the imprisonment of profes- 
sional people. Many of the professionals left Haiti, 
including Wilfred Jean. 

In Florida he had several jobs. In his first job he 
was a driver for a company delivering security 
papers. He also worked as a security guard at night. 
However, he was not happy with these jobs as God 
had called him to preach. It was at that time, he 
came to Pastor Edmonds and told him he wanted 
to start a church. 

The actual beginning of the Haitian Grace 
Brethren Church took place May 7, 1989. There 
were 30 at the first service, mostly visitors. Then 
they dropped to ten and built up from there. 

In September 1989, we received an invitation from 
the Ft. Lauderdale church to come for three months 
to work with a Haitian pastor in French. This was 
a challenge for me as it had been more than seven 
years since I had worked in French. After much 
prayer, we accepted the challenge. Upon our arrival 
in Ft. LauderdEile, I met with Pastor Edmonds and 
Wilfred Jean. Pastor Steve said that my goal should 
be to prepare Wilfred for his licensure in the South 
Florida district, especially teaching him Brethren 

A partial view of the Haitian congregation (103 were pre- 
sent on Easter Sunday.) 

beliefs and practices. Much time was spent 
translating materials into French and teaching him 
two afternoons a week. In early March he took an 
eleven page written exam that was translated into 
French for him. Later, Wilfred had a two and a heilf 
hour oral exam before the district examining com- 
mittee. He did well and was accepted for licensure. 

The exciting thing about the Haitian work for us 
was to watch the growth in three months. From 40 
at our first meeting to 80 at our last meeting we at- 
tended April first. The Ft. Lauderdale church now 
has the problem of finding more space for the Hai- 
tian believers as the Fellowship Hall of the church 
is becoming crowded. We believe many Haitians are 
coming because of Pastor Wilfred's radio ministry 
and his visitation program. Pray for his ministry and 
that permission may soon be granted for his wife 
and two small sons to join him in the U.S.A. 

This mission field of Haitians in South Florida 
alone is made up of more than 200,000 people. 
Pastor Wilfred has a burden for these people and 
also for large numbers of Haitians from Paris to 
Venezuela. This burden also is for his people in Haiti 
where there are 7 million inhabitants. His great 
desire is to have Grace Brethren missionaries go to 
Haiti. For a start, CE National is hoping to send a 
team to Haiti in the summer of 1991. 

Roy Snyder and Wilfred Jean. Roy 

comes from Altoona, PA. He attended 
Penn State and spent three years in 
military service during WW II, mostly 
overseas. While in Europe, God 
called him to missionary service. He 
later went to Grace Seminary where 
he met his wife, the former Ruth 
Croker They both graduated in 1949. 
They went to France that fall and then 
to Africa. After 35 years there, Roy 
went on medical retirement because 
of a heart attack. Snyders now live in 
Winona Lake. Indiana. 

HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


Daughter Church Planting 

by William J. Vermeulen 

Editor's Note: The following article was written by William 
J. Vermeulen of the Association of Baptists for World 
Evangelization. It first appeared in The Church Planter and 
is used here by permission of the publisher. The article will 
be concluded in the July issue of the Herald. 


hat best indicates faithfulness to 
evangelism and a church's mission? It is not the 
number of people who profess Christ; it is the 
growth and multiplication of churches. We who 
labor in church planting believe the means and 
end of our missions are local churches -- especially 
mother churches giving birth to daughter con- 
gregations, and daughter churches maturing with 
a vision of giving birth to granddaughters. The 
adding of new churches, as good as it is, is not 
enough. If we are going to even begin to meet the 
challenge of propagating the gospel in our day, 
congregations must multiply. 

But occasionally we are met with some challeng- 
ing questions such as these: "Aren't there enough 
local churches in America that are faithful in 
preaching the gospel?" and "Don't we have a lot 
of small churches with plenty of room for growth?" 
In answer to the latter question, a study was con- 
ducted in the community of one questioner's 
church. The shocking statistics that came from 
the study revealed that if all the churches of his 
persuasion in the area (there were seven) were 
filled to capacity on Sunday morning, the 
combined attendance would be less than six per- 
cent of the population! Furthermore, if all the 
churches in the community - Catholic and Pro- 
testant " were filled to capacity twice on Sunday 
morning, less than 20 percent of the population 
would be in attendance! 

lb answer the former question of whether there 
aren't enough churches already, consider the 
following concerns: 

Why Plant New Churches? 

• There were 28 Protestant churches in America 
per 10,000 people in 1900, 22 in 1950 and 12 in 
1985. The Southern Baptist judge the present 
figure to be about 10. 

• There are over 80 million people in the US who 
have no allegiance to a Christian group while 
another 60 million are on the rolls but inactive! 
And these figures are rising rapidly. 

• The planting of new churches is Biblical. 
Church historians tell us that church planting was 
a major part of the early church's expansion. 

• The planting of new churches is necessary to 
fulfill the Lord's command to "go into all the world 
and make disciples . . . baptizing . . . and teaching 
..." These things are to be done in the church. 

• As much as we may wish the situation were dif- 
ferent, older churches generally are not effective 
in reaching the unchurched and new residents. 
Statistics clearly show that the ability of new chur- 
ches to add new souls through conversion usual- 
ly declines. The problem is compounded even fur- 
ther as communities experience ethnic and 
cultural changes. 

• Movements of people in the US demand new 
churches in growth areas. There has been general 
movement of large numbers to the Sun Belt. 
California, Florida and Arizona are the three 
fastest growing states in the US. San Diego Coun- 
ty in Southern California is growing at the rate of 
117 people per day! And there have been the par- 
ticular movements to economically attractive 
areas such as the hi-tech development in the 
greater Boston area and the diversified growth of 
places like Kansas City. 

• Statistics indicate that the planting of new chur- 
ches is the most effective form of evangelism and 
is a creative way of reaching the unchurched with 
the gospel. 

• Studies indicate that new churches are helpful 
in keeping our adult children within our own chur- 
ches at a time when the attrition rate of Christian 
young people is alarming. 

• New churches tend to be more relevant to con- 
temporary society and to demonstrate an ability 
to effectively assimilate the unchurched. There is 
less of an assimilation and acculturation problem 
in new churches. They are more open to new ideas 
and approaches to reaching the lost. 

• New churches are needed to reach the tremen- 
dous influx and variety of ethnic and cultural 
groups entering our borders as well as to provide 
for the differing socio-economic groups in 

Daughter Church Planting 

By far the most effective way to approach the 
problem is seeing healthy churches give birth to 
daughter congregations. But why should existing 
congregations plant new churches? In addition to 
considering the answers given to the question, 
"Why plant new churches?" consider first the ad- 
vantages to the mother church. 

HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


• Part of the strategy of the early church was to 
multiply churches. In Acts 9:31 we are told the 
churches were edified and multiplied. 

• Daughter church planting assists the congrega- 
tion of the mother church in clarifying its purpose 
and maintaining its mission priority. 

• Daughter church planting fosters unity in the 
mother congregation as members rally around a 
common vision and goal in the church's mission 
project. It becomes a focal point of new 

• Daughter church planting stimulates the 
mother church's prayer life and leads to a greater 
emphasis on Biblical priorities. 

• Members of the mother church grow in their 
concern for finding and enfolding the lost sheep 
Christ died to redeem. 

• There is an observable growth in faith among 
members who are meaningfully involved in the 
church's extension project demonstrating trust in 
the Lord for the many important elements re- 
quired to bring a new church into existence. 

• The mother church usually realizes new growth 
as its members develop concern and as some 
become involved in reaching the unchurched on 
behalf of the daughter church. The new urgency 
for the mission usually spills over into the ex- 
perience of the mother congregation. 

• Daughter church planting extends the ministry 
of a local church into new areas, broadening its 
geographical impact. 

• Daughter church planting involves the unor- 
dained in a significant and meaningful respon- 
sibility. Some of them may not have had a par- 
ticular role to play in the mother church. 

If we are going to even begin to 

meet the challenge of 

propagating the gospel 

in our day, 

congregations must multiply. 

• Daughter church planting stimulates better 
stewardship in the mother church and leads to an 
expanded mission budget, something always 
desirable for a church and honoring to the Lxjrd. 

• Daughter church planting helps move the 
church's mission philosophy from theory to reali- 
ty, testing and improved effectiveness. 

As compelling as these possibilities are, we have 
not yet considered the advantages of the daughter 
church. Consider these eight significant factors 
concerning the value of a new church rather than 
in the vacuum of an unattached pioneer work: 

• Needed leadership is usually more available. 

The daughter church can draw upon a larger 
numl^er and variety of spiritual gifts to provide a 
good "gift mix" for the new work. 

• A stronger agreement concerning purpose and 
philosophy of ministry exists, and the people em- 
brace a common vision of what this new church 
is to become. 

• The mission church has an important resource 
bank to draw upon for assistance in realizing a 
healthy beginning. 

• The daughter church will have a better atten- 
dance in its early days, a factor experience tells us 
is of great importance in seeing first-time visitors 
return. Without a good attendance in the beginn- 
ing worship services, it is very possible the new 
church will experience a "trickle start," a factor 
that discourages visitors to return. I interviewed 
people who did not return to new mission works 
begun with a few people. Their comments 
included the following. "The group wasn't as big 
as my former Sunday School class . . . They're on- 
ly playing church." "It will take too long for this 
tiny group to come to a place of being able to 
minister to the needs of my family," and "A church 
group this size is not credible and is not a viable 
option for my family." 

• The body life of the new church develops more 
rapidly when a number of its people are already 
in regular fellowship with each other. And 
fellowship " especially in small groups - is very 
important to the early development of a new 

• There is a stronger prayer support when there 
is a mother church committed to pray for the new 

• The daughter church and its leadership receive 
hands-on guidance. 

• The mother church provides a strong en- 
couragement and support mechanism so impor- 
tant to effective church planting. This is especial- 
ly needed by the organizing pastor and his family 
in the early days of the new start. 

Used by permission from The Church Planter, adapted from 
an article by William J. Vermeulen. 

The conclusion of this article will appear 
in the July issue of the Herald. Readers may 
wish to subscribe to The Church Planter, in 
which the article first appeared. A subscrip- 
tion donation of $6.00 a year is requested. 
Back issues are available at 50 cents per copy, 
and a list is available upon request. P.O. Box 
30145, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420-0145. 

HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


Church Planting in Seattle 

Starting a new church is difficult, exhausting, 
challenging, and sometimes even frightening. But 
it is also something else. It's enjoyable and very 

My family and I moved from central Alaska in 
the Fall of 1989 to start a new Grace Brethren 
Church in the greater Seattle, Washington, area. 

Seattle is one of the most rapidly growing areas 
of the U.S. Its unemployment rate is among the 
lowest in the country. It was recently selected by 
Money Magazine as the most favorable city in 
America in which to live. Places Rated Almanac 
called it the best recreational area in the country, 
and Savvy Magazine identified it as the second- 
best place to raise children. 

Large numbers of people are reading these 
reports and moving to Seattle, and there are many 
suburbs in which church planting has not yet 
caught up with population growth. 

We are making a start, though. A new church, 
Grace Bible Fellowship G.B.C., held its first public 
worship service on Easter Sunday, April 15, with 
152 people in attendance. The congregation is 
meeting in an elementary school gymnasium in 
Maple Valley, about 10 miles east of the other 
Grace Brethren Church in the Greater Seattle area, 
in the suburb of Kent. 

What is it that attracts men to a ministry of start- 
ing new churches? What causes people to want to 
attend a newly-planted church? Let me suggest 
several reasons why I have enjoyed this ministry 

so fully. 

First, it is very gratify- 
ing to watch something 
take shape and begin to 
grow. When we came to 
Seattle, we had no one 
committed to being a part 
of this project. We had no 
building, no chairs, no 
C.E. materials. By the 
time our birthday had 
arrived, though, God had 
provided all of those 
things. He had also pro- 
vided an organization 
that has given so much in 
Pastor Bob Gentzel j^g ^^y ^f prayer, and 

financial support, and encouragement — Grace 

by Pastor Bob Gentzel 

Brethren Home Missions — and a "Mother 
Church" that has helped in ways too numerous to 
count — the Grace Brethren Church of Kent, 

Second, I enjoy church planting because of the 
kinds of problems that are encountered in new 
churches. Ministry is problem-solving. Whether 
the problem is the need of an unsaved person to 
come to the Lord, an immature believer to grow, 
a broken marriage to be healed, or a lonely per- 
son to find friendship — ministry is 

Planting a new church is an attractive ministry, 
in the third place, because such churches tend not 
to be bound by traditions. My point is not that 
there is anything necessarily wrong with tradi- 
tions but that new churches are generally not 
bound by them. Some people find that attractive. 

When we decided to mail 16,500 invitations to 
our first service, when we stayed up late stuffing 
and addressing envelopes, when we remained at 
the school until 3:00 a.m. preparing for our first 
service, when we purchased our music on 
overhead slides instead of hymnals, no one said, 
"We've never done it that way before." The fact is, 
in a new church, you haven't done anything any 
way before! 

The longer I'm in ministry, the clearer it 
becomes that ministry is the process of imparting 
vision. It is problem-solving, as I've said, but we 
solve problems by planting in people's hearts a 
biblical vision of what God wants them to become, 
what He wants them to do, how He wants them to 

Finally, church planting can provide a great 
sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The 
greatest sense of satisfaction comes from minister- 
ing within the context of your God-given spiritual 

Evaluate your giftedness, your personality, your 
strengths, and desires. Whether it is in a pastoral 
position or in some other capacity, maybe being 
a part of a new church would be a source of great 
joy for you. 

Editor's Note: This article is a summary of Pastor Bob 
Gentzel's chapel address at Grace Theological Seminary. 
Winona Lake. Indiana, in April 1990. 


HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


current Expenses ........ |- " 

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III \».«o»*-*^r^.. ■■*,;. 

^ 3^ ci \ GB r'" ° Missions ■ ■ • • $ . . 

^ Pi O \ GB Home Mis^ .•■■■••■ I 

aS^ \ pRMensMimstnes ....$.• 

Ill »=:==■'"■- I 

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^ Q \ uiet every one 

, fircit day oi tnc QQd navu 

.■Upontbeftrsta y in store, as u 

oC you lay by t^^^ g.2 

prospered Wn.. .. i Corinth^ans 


We hope you guessed it right away. We are the only national organization in the Fellowship 
of Grace Brethren Churches whose exclusive purpose for existence is "to promote evangelism 
throughout the FGBC." Would you prayerfully consider including us on your offering envelopes 
and in your budgets in 1990 and 1991? Thanks to those who already have! 

Brethren Evangelistic Ministries 

P.O. Box 333 

Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 


HERALD/ June 15, 1990 



Rethinking The Harvest 

Mandate for the Mission -- Matthew 9:35-38 

by Kenneth O. GangeU Ph,D. 

Winston Churchill spoke of that "special mo- 
ment" when a person is "figuratively tapped on 
the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special 
thing, unique to him and fitted to his talents; what 
a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or 
unqualified for the work which would have been 
his finest hour" (quoted by William Spoor in a 
speech at Dartmouth College, February 1986). 

Such was the experience of the disciples in the 
early Galilean ministry described in some detail 
by Matthew. In his record, verses 35 of chapter 9 
through 42 of chapter 10 are second only to the 
Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7) on the say- 
ings of Jesus. 

Interesting too that the mandate for the mission 
appears at the end of a chapter in which Matthew 
has not only described his own call but one in 
which Jesus had turned away from the Pharisees 
several times, probably cementing rift between 
their traditional theology and the radical gospel 
he came to proclaim. 

The Perfect Model 

(Matt. 9:35) 
Already the Lord had acquired a strong reputa- 
tion for mercy. In verses 27 through 33 of Matthew 
9 we read, 

As Jesus went on from there, two blind men 
followed him, calling out, "Have mercy on us. Son 
of David!" When he had gone indoors, the blind 
men came to him, and asked them, "Do you believe 
that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied. 
Then he touched their eyes and said, "According 
to your faith will it be done to you"; and their sight 
was restored. Jesus warned them sternly, "See that 
no one knows about this." But they went out and 
spread the news about him all over that region. 
While they were going out, a man who was demon- 
possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus. 
And when the demon was driven out, the man who 
had been dumb spoke. The crowd was amazed and 
said, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in 
Israel" (Matt. 9:27-33). 

This perfect demonstration of ministry was 
played out before the eyes of the disciples and the 
spiritually starving residents of Jerusalem. As 
they watched the Lord move among people 
displaying the characteristics of the Father in His 
care, they could only shake their heads and pro- 
claim, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in 

That was only one side of the response. As the 
Pharisees watched this heavenly model, they 
reacted differently and said, "It is by the prince of 
demons that he drives out demons" (v. 34). They 
had voiced this opinion on more than one occasion 
and one of those times Mark was led to record the 
discussion that led to the passage we commonly 
call the description of the unpardonable sin. About 
these Pharisees Jesus proclaimed, "Whoever 
blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be 
forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." He said this 
because they were saying, "He has an evil spirit" 
(Mark 3:29-30). 

Throughout the chapter the Lord had already 
been building a theme of restoration. Verses 9-13 
describe the restoration of a sinner (Matthew); 
verses 14-17 describe the restoration of John's 
disciples who had been troubled about the 
behavior of Jesus' disciples since it did not appear 
to them to be sufficiently ascetic; verses 18-26 tell 
about the restoration of a family as Jesus brings 
their twelve year old daughter back to life; and 
verses 27-34 describe the restoration of two blind 
men who, in typical response to Jesus' warning 
about telling other people what happened to them, 
"went out and spread the news about him all over 
that region" (v. 31). 

Then we come to verse 35 which tells us that 
"Jesus went through all the towns and villages, 
teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good 
news of the kingdom and healing every disease 
and sickness." Jesus' ministry of restoration built 
his reputation for mercy, called down the rejection 
of the Pharisees and invoked significant reaction 
on the part of the population. The common folks, 
the sick, the diseased, the boat people, the 
refugees, the prisoners, the poor, the broken, the 
dispossessed -- these began to understand the 
Father's mandate now carried out by the Son. After 
all, was this not the One who had just said, "I 
desire mercy, not sacrifice ... I have not come to 
call the righteous but sinners" (v. 13)? 

The Shepherdless Multitudes 

(Matt. 9:36) 
The model Servant opens His pastoral heart and 
Matthew records, "When He saw the crowds, he 
had compassion on them, because they were 
harassed and helpless, like sheep without a 
shepherd" (v. 36). 


HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


This analogy was not a new one, appearing 
numerous times in the Old Testament. 

lb go out and come in before them, one who will 
lead them out and bring them in, so the Lxjrd's peo- 
ple will not be like sheep without a shepherd 
(Numbers 27:17). 

Then Micaiah answered. "I saw all Israel scat- 
tered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd, 
and the Lord said, 'These people have no master. 
Let each one go home in peace'" (I Kings 22:17). 

How bad is it? What kind of a harvest do we face 
compared to the "crowds" that Jesus dealt with 
personally during the years of His earthly 
ministry? According to one estimate (Barnes) there 
were 600 million non-Christians on planet earth 
in the year 1840. In 1980 the Missions Advance 
Research Center suggested that figure had become 
3 billion. Tkking just those two figures we see a 500 
percent increase in unsaved people over 140 years 
of human history. Obviously rethinking the 
harvest forces us to ask questions about both need 
and strategy. 

But our text tells us there were specific reasons 
why Jesus had compassion on the people -- they 
were harassed and helpless. The word "compas- 
sion", by the way, is used only in the New Tfesta- 
ment of Christ. But the words "harassed" and 
"helpless" are more common both in Greek and 
in English; both in the first century and at the end 
of the twentieth. The first (harassed) comes from 
eskulmenoi which means weary and frustrated. 
The second (helpless) translates the word er- 
rimenoi which literally means "prostrate on the 

How this verse reminds us of the beloved TWenty- 
third Psalm! How we see ourselves as part of that 
harassed and helpless multitude, sheep without a 
shepherd, welcoming the coming of the Good 
Shepherd and prepared to cast our weary, frustrated 
selves on the ground in his path, seeking and 
finding no other resource of dependable hope. 

Think how often the human servants of God 
have languished in this posture since the days of 
this encounter in Galilee. Picture missionaries car- 
rying the gospel unto the darkness of heathen 
tribes; pastors crying with broken-hearted widows 
in the quiet of a study: parents praying with a 
teenager desperately struggling to break a drug or 
alcohol habit; Sunday school teachers putting 
their arms around dirty, sweaty little kids from the 
wrong side of the tracks whose parents don't even 
care whether they eat much less whether they 
come to Sunday school! 

Like the martyrs of old, these are those of whom 
the world is not worthy. These servants shepherd 
the multitudes following the model of Jesus and 
they form a remnant minority who have become 
the messengers of the mission. 

But what can they do? What are their qualifica- 
tions for such an enormous task? How can they 

carry out the mandate for the mission? In the 
movife "Funny Girl" Fanny Brice (played by Bar- 
bara Streisand) was asked by the director to do a 
roller-skating scene. She had never skated before 
but with a little practice she went out to do the 
scene. Later the director asked her, "Why did you 
agree to do that when you've never done it before?" 
lb which she responded, "I didn't know I couldn't." 
How like the Savior's volunteers! How many of 
those who serve do so not out of wide experience 
and elaborate training but out of willingness and 
at times even naivete which tells them to try it 
because they really don't know that they can't. 

The Single Mandate 

(Matt. 9:37,38) 

Matthew has painted a dramatic word picture. 
We see Jesus wandering through the dusty 
bypaths of Galilee, up and down the sun baked 
plains, in and out of little villages and through the 
streets of what passed in that day and time for ma- 
jor cities teaching, preaching and healing. We see 
the crowds gathering around, harassed and 
helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Against 
that vivid scenario Matthew writes, "Then he said 
to his disciples. 'The harvest is plentiful but the 
workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, 
therefore, to send out workers into his harvest 
field'" (v 37-38). 

We almost expect a missionary invitation at this 
point; instead we get a command to pray. Rather 
than thrusting out His own disciples (which He 
will do very shortly), the Lord begins by requiring 
their prayer. The verb rendered "ask" at the begin- 
ning of verse 38 is what Greek scholars would call 
an aorist of urgency, emphasizing that the 
disciples must do it as a specific act, and must do 
it now. Interestingly, we find the reverse order in 
Luke's record where the text of Scripture says. 

After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others 
and sent them two by two ahead of him to every 
town and place where he was about to go. He told 
them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are 
few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send 
out workers into his harvest field" (Luke 10:1-2). 

What seems clear from a comparison of the texts 
(to say nothing of the emphasis in John 4) is that 
praying and going are two dimensions of the same 
task. Or to put it another way, those who are 
serious about praying for harvest workers may 


Dr. Kenneth O. Gangel is Professor and Chair- 
man of the Department of Christian Education at 
Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of 
Thylor University IB. A.): Concordia Theological 
Seminary ISt.M.): Grace Theological Seminary 
IM.Dlv.j: and the Uniuerslty of Missouri (Ph.D.). He 
has also authored a number of books and articles. 

HERALD/ June 15. 1990 



^^^Fur beautiful residences are ready 
for immediate occupancy. Visit us and 
see for yourself why others have already 
chosen to enjoy all the advantages of life at 
Grace Community. 

Carefree, independent living . . . privacy and 
security . . . continuing health care . . . are 
waiting for you right now, right here. Let the 
start of a new decade be the start of a won- 
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You're welcome 
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Please send me a free brochure on Grace 
Community, ready now for immediate occupancy. 

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sponsored by 

Myerstown Grace Brethren Church 

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Call Toll Free: 1-800-223-5704 


ver\- well find themselves the answer to their own 
prayers. And those who are walling to go as har\'est 
workers, will soon discover that their going is 
useless wthout a dynamic commitment to prayer. 

Obviously then, as now. the ratio of work and 
workers seemed incorrect. What had happened in 
the divine accounting system? Had God produced 
too many unsaved people and too few saved peo- 
ple? Had He miscalculated the response to the pro- 
phets in the Old Testament, or to John the Bap- 
tist, or to Jesus Himself? 

No. Within the fabric of human freedom the Lord 

of the har\'est has allowed workers to determine 
how they would respond to His mandate. But 
Jesus doesn't ask the disciples to pray for the 
enlightened vision of mildly interested church 
members. The phrase rendered "to send out" is 
ekballo which literally means to thrust or push or 
force. I take it from this text that missionary prayer 
should center on a compulsion of workers for the 
har\'est field, thnast out. not by some emotional 
reaction nor the heavy-handedness of human 
rhetoric, but the clear inner witness of the voice 

of God. (Continued on page 17) 


HERALD/ June 15, 1990 

SMM is a girls' club program that challenges 
girls with Bible truth, goals, missions training 
and ministry opportunities appropriate to their 
specific age level. It provides a fun atmosphere 
in which to learn God's Word and apply it to 
dally living. 

SMM is structured for outreach. Fun games, 
interesting stories and practical goals make 
SMM attractive to non-Christian girls. Through 
programs known as "Main Events," the girls 
reach out in their schools and communities to 
bring their friends to a place where they can 
have fun, where Jesus Christ can be shared in 
an understandable way and where personal 
caring can be given by godly leaders. 

Today's SMM is challenging, exciting, fun 
and relevant to today's girls. Newly revised goal 
handbooks, Bible stories and missions lessons 
are available for sale on July 6, 1990. 

For order forms or additional information, 
call or write: 

CE National 
P.O. Box 365 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(219) 267-6622 

HERALD/ June 15, 1990 



GBFM Employee Profiles 

Meet Cindy Byers 

Our family moved to the Winona Lake area two 
years ago this summer from Southern California, 
where my husband, Don, had been the senior 
pastor at Grace Church of Orange for the past 1 1 
years. Our oldest daughter, TVacy, is an Elemen- 
tary Education major and active in student govern- 
ment as a freshman at Grace College. Our 
daughter, Kerry, is finishing her Junior year at War- 
saw High School and is actively involved in the 
leadership of her church youth group. Our son, 
Dave, keeps busy with the wrestling and track 
team at Warsaw Middle School. Along with work, 
1 have been taking classes in the business and art 
department at Grace College, as time permits. 

"Ministry is an 
attitude in action." 

I was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, though 
the better part of my life has been lived in 
Southern California. It was while 1 lived in 
Michigan that I gave my life to God. It was through 
a childhood misbehavior that my heart was con- 
victed of sin. The realization that I personally 
could not rid myself of guilt compelled me to seek 
forgiveness from Christ. It was then that I 
committed my life to love Him and serve Him, 
anywhere. This is still an active commitment that 
I consider very essential to my walk with God. 

I have had the privilege of being both a 
"preacher's kid" and a pastor's wife. I learned early 

that ministry is more than a title or label. Ministry 
is an attitude in action. 

Two things I have desired since childhood: First, 
to walk with God and to enjoy personal worship, 
intimacy, and fellowship with Him, Second, to live 
my life as a reflection of God's wisdom. In other 
words, to walk with God in such a way as to 
respond wisely to life's circumstances, because I 
know Him and His Word. 

My ministry resume lists many different 
"things" I have done in service for the Lord, but 
they are secondary to my relationship with God 
Himself. I desire God more than I desire ministry. 

I do desire ministry, though, and with the cur- 
rent changes in my life I am actively seeking ways 
to serve God best. My husband, Don, is the Direc- 
tor of Constituent Relations for Grace College and 
Seminciry. It was this job change that brought us 
to Indiana, a change in which we prayerfully 
sought God's leading and believed it to be a part 
of the "anywhere" commitment we both made to 
God. We had both been "stretched" greatly the 
previous fall at the Pastoral Institute in France. 

All that has been a part of my life is a direct 
result of God's "kind intention" toward me. Some 
situations have been harder than others, but God's 
faithfulness has never ceased. I cannot com- 
prehend His love. I rest in the promise that He is 
still conforming me to the image of His Son. 
Whatever that may mean, my joy comes from 
obeying Him. I just want my life to be significant 
for His kingdom. 




Having been reared in a Christian home, I heard 
the Gospel and received Jesus as my Savior at an 
early age. However, our church taught nothing 
about the believer's assurance of salvation, and it 


HERALD/ June 15. 1990 


was not until I was a young man in the army that 
I finally began to grow up as a Christian. 

I met my wife, Nicki, at our church's college. But 
soon I became spiritually despondent and decided 
to drop out of college to join the army. There I met 
committed Christian men of the Navigators who 
taught me the importance of living daily in God's 
Word and memorizing Scripture. Particularly 
because of scripture which we memorized, new joy 
and confidence in our Lord flooded into our lives 
as both my wife and I learned of our security in 
Christ. Soon we joined the fellowship of a Bible- 
teaching church and began to msike rapid progress 
in our spiritual growth. 

During this time, we began to consider the 
possibility of my attending Bible college. I had 
such an intense desire for Bible teaching that the 
Sunday and Wednesday services of the church 
simply were not enough. As soon as I had fulfilled 
my military enlistment, I enrolled in Washington 
Bible College in D.C. 

Under the daily teaching of the Word, my ap- 
petite for Bible study at last began to be satisfied, 
and I developed a deep desire to minister the Word 
of God to others, particularly in the area of mis- 
sionary church-planting. This desire finally 
became so compelling that I could no longer envi- 
sion doing anything else. We recognized that the 
Lord was leading us, and we committed ourselves 
fully to Him for the work of the ministry, whatever 
it involved. 

Eventually we learned of the desperate need for 
missionaries in Iceland, a country without a single 
Bible-teaching church. After graduation, a year in 
an assistant pastorate, and a two year deputation 
ministry, we departed for Iceland. 

Within a year the Lord gave us two Icelandic 
"Timothies" who felt that God was leading them to 
prepare as pastors of the churches which we had 
come to establish. So we found ourselves with a 
pastoral training ministry, which we had not for- 
seen. We finally returned to the U.S. with the Icelan- 
dic men to participate in their training in the pastor 
training school of a local church. One of the men 
was finally ordained and both of them returned to 
Iceland at the completion of their training. 

By this time, our children, Becky, Paul, aind 
Rachel were getting older, and there were urgent 
financial needs which needed to be taken care of 
So we decided to return to the Midwest. With our 
two oldest children now of college age, we feel ready 
to resume our career in full-time Christian service. 

Presently, I am attending Grace College where 
I am studying secondary education to become a 
teacher in a Christian school. In the meantime, I 
consider it a real privilege to be working with 
Grace Brethren Foreign Missions as a maintenance 
and darkroom assistant. It is great to be in this 
support role to the missionaries you have sent 
around the world. 

God Protects His Children 

by Sue Weaver 

It started out as a normal TUesday morning. After 
taking my two older children, Ben and Julie, to 
school, my two-year-old, Philip, and I headed to the 
neighboring village, called Pont de Vaux. I needed 
to make deposits in our account and the Chateau 
account, and I agreed to deposit our neighbors' 
checks in their bank, too. And there were a few 
things we needed to pick up at the grocery store. 

We parked the car and began crossing the street 
to our neighbors' bank. When we had almost com- 
pleted crossing the street, I saw out of the comer 
of my eye two people coming my direction. They 
were walking very fast in the middle of the street. 
The first one was a young lady with wet hair. She 
walked quite close to me and yelled in passing, "He's 
going to shoot!" A man with long dark curly hair 
carrying a large gun followed her. He, too, passed 
just several feet from me, but said nothing. 

It seemed like I should do something, but what? 
They were farther down the street now, and people 
were coming out of stores to see what the yelling 
was about. I figured that maybe the best thing to 
do was to get Philip off the sidewalk, even though 
I wasn't really afraid he'd shoot us, assuming the 
whole thing involved some kind of lovers' quarrel. 

As we headed to the second bank, I saw most of 
the population of Pont de Vaux out on the sidewalk. 
One group gathered around the wet-haired woman, 
so I knew that she was all right. Everyone was talk- 
ing excitedly, but I couldn't understand exactly what 
had happened. The bank teller thought she had 
heard shots, but wasn't sure. 

Pulling into the grocery store parking lot, I saw 
a policeman standing near one of the entrances 
guarding a man who was lying face down on the 
ground. It was the man I'd seen carrying the gun 
earlier. Soon other policemen came and took the 
man away. 

The next day after an CEirly morning hair dresser 
appointment in Pont de Vaux, I bought a newspapjer 
It was only after reading the newspaper article that 
I began to realize how fortunate I was to still be en- 
joying my family and my ministry. 

The man with the gun had started at home, kill- 
ing his own mother, his doctor, and wounding a 
neighbor. Then he took the neighbor's car and drove 
to Pont de Vaux where he entered a beauty shop and 
killed the woman working there. The woman I had 
seen with wet hair had been her client. Just down 
the street from where he had passed me, the man 
killed a woman pushing her baby in a stroller. He 
was finally stopped when a young man who worked 
at the grocery store recognized the man as a 
neighbor of his and went out to talk to him. He was 
able to overpower the man and take the gun from 
him. Praise God, for His protection! 

HERALD/ June 15. 1990 



Spirituality ■ Significance ■ Service 

A message from Dr. John J. Davis 
President^ Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary 

We live in a world of rapid, volatile, and often un- 
predictable change. 

No better example exists than the changes that 
have taken place during the last year £is Eastern 
Europe and some Soviet republics have raced toward 

Some changes societies go through are strictly 
cultural and economic. Those changes often are for 
the better when they mean more freedom or a 
higher standsird of living for oppressed peoples. 

Other social changes, however, involve moral and 
spiritual issues which rarely result in meaningful 
progress. Mankind has demonstrated over and over 
again that morcil and spiritual values degenerate 
when they are not founded on principles God has 
established in His Holy Word for a well-ordered 

That brings me to an important mission God has 
given us at Grace College and Grace Theological 

These institutions of Christian higher education 
are both well known for their unwavering commit- 
ment to the Word of God as the source of truth and 
life. This provides an important foundation for 
everything we do and every course we teach here. 

That does not mean there are no changes on the 
campus, however, because we are constantly refin- 
ing instructional techniques and organizational 
structure to better accomplish the tasks God has 
given to us. 

One cirea of change this year has been in the way 
we are organized to manage this ministry. We have 
refined the way we operate internally in order to pro- 
vide greater mobility in the decision-making pro- 
cess, greater efficiency, and to create greater impact. 

That kind of change does not affect our doctrines 
or spiritual values. But any educational institution, 
if it is going to be viable and have strength in the 
1990s and beyond, will need to be able to change 
methodology in order to accomplish its objectives 
in very rapidly shifting economic and political 

Sometimes changes involve reduction or 
elimination of programs that are too costly or 
ineffective. That is the chief reason we have had to 
very reluctantly phase out the seminary's extension 
campus in Long Beach, California, after the end of 
the spring semester. 

We are phasing it out not because of a lack of 
vision or change in principles, but because it has 

proved just too costly to sustain without a higher 
level of donor support and more students enrolling 
for seminary education. 

Many such decisions are mandated by students 
themselves as they choose to enroll or not enroll in 
certain academic programs. At Grace College, low 
numbers of history and computer science majors re- 
quired that we phase out these programs for the mo- 
ment. A computer science minor, however, remains 

Some other programs have experienced healthy 
increases in enrollment. That is part of the process 
of change, and we are determined to respond as 
students' needs become known. 

Similarly, we have added some academic pro- 
grams in the seminary in response to the needs of 
prospective students and the churches they 

In order to make God-honoring 

decisions in life, 

Grace students must 

receive a strong foundation 

in the Word of God 

In the Division of Christian School Education, 
Grace Theological Seminary now offers M.A. degrees 
in Elementary Education and in Curriculum and In- 
struction, in addition to the original M.A. in Chris- 
tian School Administration degree program. 

Two other new seminary degrees will be added to 
our traditional programs this fall. They are the M.A. 
in Theological Studies and M.A. in Specialized 
Ministry. I am especially excited about this latter 
program because it will have majors in Youth and 
Family Ministries as well as Outreach and 

We have previously announced the addition of the 
M.A. in Theological Studies and M.A. in Old Tfesta- 
ment, enhancements to the M.Div. and M.A. in Mis- 
sions programs, Eind our intention to seek accredita- 
tion of a new Doctor of Ministry degree. 

All this illustrates that we operate in an environ- 
ment of constant change. We must respond to the 
changing needs of students and churches if our 
ministry is to remain vital and ongoing. 

Let me turn my attention now to the future and 
our commitment to students. 


HERALD/ June 15, 1990 


One important goal we have for Grace College 
students is to continue to help them develop writ- 
ten and oral communication skills. Such skills are 
mandatory if graduates are to enjoy success in the 
corporate world, but those skills are even more im- 
portant if they are to share their faith in accurate, 
effective, and practical ways. 

For some of our students, that occurs in 
evangelistic ministries in the jails, rest homes, 
retirement centers, and other outreach ministries 
in which they participate while at Grace. For other 
students, the experience is in a local church con- 
text, where they teach Sunday school and minister 
to young people. 

Another continuing goal for both college and 
seminary students as we look to the future is that, 
through their educational experience in and out 
of the classroom, they learn to be critical 
discerners of valid ideas and behavior in a very 
complex world. 

The Christian life is made up of very serious 
choices. In order to make God-honoring decisions 
in life, the student must receive a strong founda- 
tion in the Word of God through godly instructors. 
Developing discernment skills - learning how to 
make proper choices -- is an integral part of the 
Grace College educational process. 

These factors form the foundation for three very 
clear visions 1 have for the campus in the 1990s. 

First is a vision for spirituality - spirituality in 
a world characterized by materialism, the loss of 
sensitivity for others' needs, and the breakdown 
of relationships at every level. My vision is to help 
our students become Christian adults who are 
determined to honor God and meet the needs of 
a lost world despite its hostile environment. 

Second, I have a vision for significance. I want 
Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary to 
continue their tradition of spiritual, theological, 
and academic significance. That can come about 
only by being distinctively Christian and at the 
same time distinctively committed to excellence 
in the academic process. 

Third is the vision for service to God and 
humanity. Education is mere intellectual enter- 
tainment if it does not produce a lasting impact 

on our world. Service must be our response to the 
msmdates of Scripture and the needs of the world 
we see around us. 

While our students are here, we want them to 
develop a disposition that best reflects the life of 
Christ as He reached out into different cultural and 
economic levels and as He ministered to despised 
people as well as leaders. We want them to be will- 
ing to serve all people in all environments, and to 
have ministries that cross ethnic, racial, economic, 
and cultural lines for the impact of the gospel. 

That is my vision for the '90s aind beyond ~ for 
spirituality, for significance, and for service. 

Dr. John J. Davis 

Rethinking the Harvest -- 
(Continued from page J2i 

In the immediate and historical context, of course, 
the disciples became the messengers for the mis- 
sion. In our day, we talk about missionaries, 
evangelists, counselors and other "professionally 
trained" ChristiEin workers. And, of course, each of 
them stands strategically important to the harvest. 
But in the broad sweeping sense of the New Tfesta- 
ment, the mandate for the mission falls upon all 
who know the Savior, all who wish to follow His 
perfect model, all who have been plucked by Him 

out of the shepherdless multitudes - these come 
under the mandate to pray. With what motivation? 
Love for the Savior which responds to His love for 
us. For what reward? His blessed peace now and an 
eternity with Him in the heavenly home. 

When Mother Tferesa was interviewed by a famous 
television commentator in Calcutta, he asked, 
"Mother Tferesa I wouldn't do what you're doing for 
all the money in the world." Her response was im- 
mediate and brief: "Neither would I." Those who 
hear and respond to the mandate serve for purposes 
known only to Him and His disciples, then and now. 

'HERALD/ June 15. 1990 



See You at Conference! 

In 1737, more than a century after the first col- 
onists came to Virginia, Cal William Byrd founded 
a new settlement on the James River 90 miles 
from the sea. It was named Richmond because it 
was situated much like the Richmond-on-the- 
Thames in England. Tbday Richmond is the chief 
manufacturing city of Virginia and a leading 
southern trading center. Ocean vessels use a deep 
water terminal as they move cargo in and out. 

The town was built, like Rome, on seven hills and 
is also the capital of Virginia. In addition to being 
an important educational center, it is a city rich 
with historical heritage. 

I trust many of you are planning to attend FGBC 
National Conference July 28 through August 2 at 
Richmond, Virginia. The theme of the conference 
is Bonding Tbgether for Ministry. 

If this reads like a travel folder, this is intentionsil. 
You will have three late afternoons and evenings 
free for sightseeing and fellowship. 

Strategically tucked into the conference pro- 
gram are three days of Women's Missionary Coun- 
cil sessions, July 31 through August 2, 10:45 a.m. 


One by one He took from me. 

All the things I valued most. 
Until I was empty-handed; 

Every glittering toy was lost. 
And I walked earth's highways, grieving 

In my rags and poverty. 
Till I heaird His voice inviting, 

"Lift your empty hands to Me." 

So I held my hands toward heaven, 

And He filled them with a store 
Of His own tremscendent riches, 

'Till they could contain no more. 
And at last I comprehended 

With my stupid mind and dull. 
That God could not pour His riches 

Into hands cdready full! 

Martha Snell Nicholson 

to 12:15 p.m. The ladies of the Mid-Atlantic District 
have prepared stimulating and challenging sessions. 
We promise to feature as many missionaries as time 
allows and streamline business. 

Richmond embodies the tradition of southern 
hospitality! What a great place to present our theme 
for 1990-91, FYiends in a World of Strangers. 

If you have never attended a National Con- 
ference, you are really in for a treat. See you there! 
Y'all come! 

- Betty Ogden 
National WMC President 


June, July, August 

WMC Operating Expenses 
Goal: $8,000 

Send before September 10 


HERALD/ June 15. 1990 



William Cochran has been promoted 
to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as 
an USAFR Chaplain. He will be 
transferred to Prescott, AZ, next 
month taking a new position at the 
VAMC with the assignment of 
Chaplain in Geriatric. 

The Fort Myers, FL Grace Brethren 
Church has accepted the resignation 
of Pastor Randall Smith. He has 
received a call to move back to 
Jerusalem, Israel, and will be 
teaching at Biblical Resources Study 
Center outside Bethlehem. 

The Poyners 

Pastor Jim and Charlotte Poyner, 

serving the Lord at the Gulfview 
Grace Brethren Church, Port Ritchey, 
FL, were surprised recently with a 
"This Is Your Life" theme celebration. 
Many gifts, cards, and mailograms 
were received. The highlight of the 
evening was the presentation of a sur- 
prise vacation trip to Hawaii. Cake 
and ice cream were enjoyed by all. 
Special guests at the occasion 
were: LaVera Heidemann, Pastor 
Poyner's mother, of Jessup, Iowa; and 
his brother and wife. Randy and Betty 
Poyner of Port Orange, Florida. Dick 
and Mary Moore, Mrs Poyner's 
parents, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 
were also in attendance. There were 
more than 150 guests present for the 
special event. The unique "This Is 
Your Life" program unfolded as the 
family members, concealed behind 
closed drapes, participated. Special 
music was furnished by Randy and 
Betty Poyner and Thomas and Judy 
Hale. Angle and Paul Poyner, children 
of the honorees, presented their 
"PK.'s" family experiences. Lonnie 
Miller, of Jamar Travel Park, one of the 

founding families, gave the ten-year 
history of the church, with James 
Poyner being called as pastor 
Pastor and Mrs. Robert Whited are 
"retiring," after nearly 30 years of 
ministry in many churches across the 
U.S., with the past nine years served 
at the Cherry Valley Grace Brethren 
Church of Beaumont, CA. 

In appreciation of their ministry the 
Cherry Valley church surprised the 
Whiteds with a reception where they 
were presented with an all-expense 
trip to Hawaii. 

Besides the future trip to Hawaii, 
other plans for the Whiteds include 
more traveling and a continuing 
ministry as opportunities arise. 

Marion, IN. Jerry Franks, 51, passed away May 8, 1990. Jerry had developed 
the "Dimensions in Brass" at Grace College and later at Indiana Wesleyan 
University, formerly Marion College, in Marion, IN. He was artist in residence 
and director of instrumental music and bands at Grace College from 1966 
to 1979, and at Wesleyan University he was in charge of instrumental music. 
He was loved, respected and admired by all who knew him. Memorial ser- 
vices were held at Marion, IN, and also later in Uniontown, PA, his hometown. 
Shown above are some of his former students from Grace College, Winona 
Lake, IN, and from Wesleyan University who prior to his death were able to 
attend a celebration in his honor 

Change Your Annual 

Brown, Jeff. 6204 

Newberry Rd., Apt. 304, 
Indianapolis, IN 46256. 

Centerville, OH. The infor- 
mation given on the 
Centerville zip code was 
incorrect. The informa- 
tion given in the Annual 
is correct. 

Clingan, Alan. P.O. Box 
604, Greencastle, PA 

Duncansvllle, PA. The ad- 
dress for the 
Leamersville Grace 
Brethren Church has 
been changed to 14 
Donnertown Ln., Dun- 
cansville, PA 16635. 

Edgington, Allen. 7617 

Madden Dr, Fisher, IN 

Gregory, John. 14 Donner- 
town Ln., Duncansville, 
PA 16635. 

Harrah, WA. The address 
for Carol Johnson is 
9290 Branch Rd., Har- 
rah, WA 98933. The 
telephone number re- 
mains the same. 

Hein, Herman. His new 
phone number is: 

Milroy, PA. The address tor 
the Grace Brethren 
Church of Milroy is: 99 
Taylor Dr, Reedsville, 
PA 17084. 

Smith, Randall, c/o TAN- 
TUR, P.O. Box 1955a 

Jerusalem, Israel. 

011-972-2-760-911. Fax 

Spence, Phil. 243 Riley 
Rd., Apt 24a Fayet- 
teville, NC 28030. His 
home phone is: 
919/487-0962. His office 
phone is: 919/396-3019. 


Hughett, Fred, 69. March 
14, 1990. He was a 
Nehemiah-type of per- 
son and served as 
moderator and trustee 
for many years at the 
Grace Brethren Church 
of Danville, OH. Albert 
Hockley pastor 

HERALD/ June 15, 1990 


The complete 
''BE" series by 
Warren Wiersbe 
in 2 Volumes! 
Regular retail 
price is $59.95; 
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(Plus Sl.SO postage and tiaiidliag) 

If you purchased the 
complete set in paper- 
back, the cost would be 
more than $170. 

This handsome two-volume set 
will establish itself as one of the 
most practical reference books ever 
compiled. For long-time readers of 
Dr. Wiersbe or those who are just 
beginning to be touched by his 
unique ministry. The Bible Exposi- 
tion Commentary is a complete, 
unabridged guide to the entire New 

With the publication of Be Courageous in 1989, 
Dr. Warren Wiersbes series on the New Testament 
is now complete, and, to commemorate one of the 
most beloved series in history of Christian 
publishing, all 23 Be books, covering each book of 
the New Testament, have been gathered together to 
form The Bible Exposition Commentary. 

Scholarship and Readability 

This is the rare book that combines a wealth of 

solid Biblical content with warm, personal exposi- 
tion, written in a style that both laymen and pro- 
fessional Christian workers will appreciate. Dr. 
Warren W Wiersbe brings the people, places, history, 
and teachings of the New Testament to life in the 
pages of The Bible Exposition Commentary. 
Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe was formerly General 
Director of Back to the Bible, located in Lincoln, 
Nebraska. He currently is engaged in an extensive 
speaking and Bible conference ministry. 


P.O. Box 544 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(Indiana, 219-267-7158) 


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P.O. Box 544 

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Welcome to a New Year in WMC! -Page 8 :, :^^ it. 

tdberty Grace Brethren Church Outreach Day - Page 12 , 
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Here we are in the month of 
July and the world is going wild 
with what appears to be a new- 
found freedom. By the time I 
write this editorial and get it 
printed the major part of the 
world could have changed. 
"Check-point Charlie" is history 
and the Berlin Wall is going for 
a pretty piece of change. You can 
buy your piece of the rock for a 
couple of dollars! 

Who knows what tomorrow 
will bring? Will Gorby decide he 
wants to run for a bigger office 
than the presidency of the 
USSR? I understand the Job of 
the mayor of Washington, DC is 
open and an election is coming 
up soon. The world is a delightful 
place to be these days if you have 
a sense of humor and are not too 
opposed to change. 

In fact, we are all having so 
much fun that it is difficult to 
wait until the evening news to 
find what is the big change for 
the day. It is so much fun living 
today that everyone seems to 
want more of it ... on credit. 

Even the mighty are falling. 
Donald TVump needs a few extra 
million a week to keep up with 
the banks who call him daily to 
check on his well being. 
Remember when credit had a bit 
of a stigma to it? No, you cannot 
be that old. 

Gold was in our coins in the 
"old days" but it got too expen- 
sive to do something like that. 
Then the silver went from the 
coins and copper in a penny 
became more valuable than the 
penny. Now we talk about doing 
away with the things because 

they are a waste of time. But we 
have a good substitute - it is 
plastic. What would we do 
without plastic today? It fills our 
gas tanks and makes our pur- 
chases. We can even buy our Big 
Macs at McDonalds! Think of it 
. . . buy now and pay for McNug- 
gets in the next six months with 
only 18 percent interest. 

Something is very wrong out 
there in a world that moves so 
fast it cannot keep up with itself. 
We have mortgaged our future to 
the failing savings and loan in- 
dustry and the picture is not very 
nice. We have not only run out of 
good credit but we also have run 
out of moral values. We have to 
try to pass a law to stop people 
from burning the flag on the 
fourth of July. Murder, abortion 
and a creeping new virus is mov- 
ing across the land. 

The church is not guiltless in 
all of this. Often we will put 
theological principles aside for 
the convenience of the times. 
Situation ethics is having a field 
day and we respond more to the 
effects rather than starting with 
the scriptures as the basis of our 
action. In a plastic world we dare 
not become plastic Christians. 

The fourth of July is past for 
this year and we trust that the 
work of the Lord will become the 
command of our lives. We are 
proud to be Christians in 
America and we need to fulfill 
the duties of God and country. 
The plastic of our times reminds 
us that we need to be laying aside 
and ahead . . . gold and silver in 
the spiritual realm. 

Gold, Silver, 
Copper, Paper, 
Mixed Metals 
and Plastic! 

the Fk}urth 
in a Plastic 

by Charles W. Jiimer 

HERALD/ July 15. 1990 



Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 No. 7 

July 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

Gold, Silver, 
Copper, Paper, 
Mixed Metals 
and Plastic! 
Celebrating the 
Fburth in a 
Plastic Boat. 

Charles W. Thrner 

5 Fellowship Happenings 

Waterloo, Iowa 
Grace Brethren 
Church Celebrates 
50th Anniversary 

Jody Delagardelle 

6 Foreign Missions 

A Day in the Life 
of Grace Brethren 
Fbreign Missions 

7 Foreign Missions 

News Items from 
Grace Brethren 
Fbreign Missions 

8 WMC 

Welcome to a New 
Year in WMC! 

Knitting With 
Three Strands 

Becky Pappas 

10 Home Missions 

Daughter Church 

William J. Vermeulen 

11 Home Missions 

Among Pastors 

12 Home Missions 

Liberty GBC 
Outreach Day 

13 Fellowship News 

14 Fellowship Happenings 


Reflections - 

The Baptism/ 



Donald P. Shoemaker 

17 BEM 

What Does 
Ministries Offer? 

Publisher Charles W. Tlirner 
Printer BMH Printing 
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Christian Education 

Ed Lewis 
Foreign Missions 
Tom Julian 
Stephany Craig 
Grace Schools 

John Davis 
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Larry N. Chamberlain 
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Women's Missionary Council 
Viki Rife 
Cover Photo: 

"In His hand are the depths of the 
earth, and the mountain peaks 
belong to Him" Ps.95:4). Pictured on 
the front and back of this issue is 
Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon 
National Park. Utah. (Photo by 

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HERALD/ July 15. 1990 


Waterloo, Iowa Grace Brethren Church 
Celebrates 50th Anniversary 

by Jody Delagardelle 

The Grace Brethren Church of Waterloo, Iowa 
celebrated its 50th anniversary May 4-6 with a 
weekend of services and activities. 

Former pastors Arnold R. Kreigbaum, Lewis C. 
Hohenstein, Richard P. DeArmey and John M. Aeby 
were guest speakers. 

A worship celebration service was held on Friday 
evening to begin the special weekend. Saturday 
evening a "Charter Members Dinner" was enjoyed, 
and this was followed by a potluck on Sunday, and 
an afternoon anniversary progrEim. Music for the 
weekend was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Dick Eaves, 
Mrs. Jesse B. Deloe, Mrs. Donna Miller, Mrs. John 
Aeby and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lear. 

"Former pastors and worshipers traveled from all 
areas of the United States, including Ohio, Illinois, 
Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Arizona and 
Florida," Senior Pastor John Burke said. 

The Waterloo Grace Brethren Church had its 
beginning in late 1939 when a group of Brethren 

Former pastors assisting In cutting the annlversitry cake in- 
cluded (left to right) Rev. Richard P. DeArmey, Rev. John M. 
Aeby, Rev. Lewis C. Hohenstein and Rev. Arnold R. Krlegbaum. 

Interior of the Waterloo Grace Brethren Church. 

Pastors' wives also took their turn at cutting the cake. Left 
to right are Mrs. John Burke, Mrs. Arnold Kriegbaum, Mrs. 
John Aeby, Mrs. Richard DeArmey and Mrs. Lewis Hohenstein. 

" HERALD/ July 15. 1990 


A Day in the Life of 
Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 

• In late spring, Jim Hocking, Reinhold Hiller, and 
Bob Skeen traveled to Cameroon with $80,000 in 
checks to buy two trucks. When they arrived in 
Duala, they found that the bank was insolvent and 
wouldn't honor their checks. Stranded with no 
money and without a vehicle, they called Dan 
Hocking in Florida, who contacted Steve Popen- 
foose, GBFM Finance Director. "I worked for the 
next week to get another $80,000 through New 
York to the bank in Cameroon," says Steve. 

• Recently, GBFM received a request from a former 
missionary couple to have a plaque placed on the 
grave of Pastor Marc. Marc had been very helpful 
to them as new missionaries many years before, 
and they now wanted to honor him with the 
engraving of his name and a verse of Scripture. 
Such a plaque is very rare in the Central African 
Republic. As a new missionary in the Central 
African Republic, Lila Sheeley attended his funeral 
in March 1972. Pastor Volongou Marc was a 
respected man, mourned by believers and pagans 
alike. "It was impressive. There was not the wailing 

and crying that I later associated with death in 
that culture. Instead, the people sang hymns in 
praise of the man's life and testimony," Lila reflects. 
Lila currently serves in the home office as 
Distribution Coordinator. She order the plaque 
and shipped it to a missionary who will attach it 
to the gravestone behind the Grace Brethren 
Church of Bossembele. 

• Converts in England are few and far between. In 
a letter early this summer to Terry Julien, who 
redesigned the Life's Most Important Question 
tract for the England team. Bill Kiddoo writes: "As 
a friend of mine here would say, I am really chuffed 
about the new tract. (In a British dictionary that 
means pleased or delighted.) I think they are ex- 
cellent! Thanks for your hard work. We all have a 
good list of people with whom we have shared the 
gospel that we will hand them out to right away. 
It's great to have the tracts in time for our big 
outreach at the Carnival. I think they have all the 
ingredients to make them a very usable tool for the 
Lord. Thanks!" 

Imagine your missionary's ministry without the support services of 
the Home Office. Now picture the Home Office without support! Thanks 
for designating a portion of your giving to Operation Lifeline. 

You Are Invited! 

You won't want to miss the Grand Missions Rally of Grace Brethren 
Home and Foreign Missions at this year's National Conference. It will 
be held on Sunday evening from 7:00 to 9:00. This exciting event 
promises vision for the next century. Come join us for a special 
presentation of music, media, and missions. 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions is commemorating its ninetieth 
anniversary Thursday afternoon from L30 to 3:30. Join us for the 
commissioning of new missionary appointees, our corporation 
meeting, and the chance to meet nationals and our missionaries. 
You will enjoy an exciting time of sharing what the Lord has ac- 
complished through Grace Brethren churches in the last ninety 
years and be encouraged to an even greater commitment to the Great 
Commission during the next decade! 

Visit Our Table and Receive a Free Poster 

You'll want to mount our attractive, four-color poster in a special 
place to commemorate our Fellowship's 90-year commitment to 
church planting. 

In commemoration of our 90th 
anniversary, Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions has published an 
attractive and Inspiring 55-page 
picture book. 

If you enjoyed the current issue 
of Significant Times and want to 
read more about the little-known 
ventures into Persia and China, 
tent meetings in Argentina where 
stones were hurled by angry 
nationals, and Allen Bennett's 
touching last words, as he "went 
from a little mud hut at Gazel, in- 
to the presence of the One most 
dear to him," you may wish to 



Send $5.00 to: 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 

P.O. Box 588 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 


HERALD/ July 15. 1990 


Ninety Years 
of Commitment 

During this year teams of missionaries and 
GBFM staff have been visiting churches 
throughout our Fellowship in anniversary rallies. 
Celebration '90, a service commemorating 90 
years of history, has had a double purpose; to re- 
mind us of the commitment of those who have 
faithfully served and to allow us to renew our own 
commitment as we face the 1990's, the most 
significant period of history the world has yet seen. 

The GBFM staff sees Celebration '90 as an an- 
niversary not of missionary organization, but of a 
Fellowship of churches faithful to the Great Com- 
mission. We hope most every church that has 
faithfully participated in world evangelism during 
the past 90 years will be able to rejoice in the 

At each rally, participants have been urged to 
renew their commitment in a three-fold way. First, 
to pray three minutes a day for one named mis- 
sionary during the coming year. Second, to give 
the equivalent of three days wages to foreign mis- 
sions during the coming year. Third, to share the 
gospel with three people. 

Doors Open 
in Eastern Europe 

Europe Director, Roger Peugh, and his wife Nan- 
cy, recently returned from an investigative trip to 
Eastern Europe. They were accompanied by Dan 
Ramsey, Germany Field Superintendent, and Bill 
Cook, currently in language study with his wife, 
Mona. The Cooks hope to eventually serve in 
Eastern Europe. 

Roger Peugh reports that 300 different Christian 
groups are studying opportunities for evangelism 
in Eastern Europe, but that few are committed to 
church-planting. Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 
is dedicated to evangelism and discipleship 
leading to the formation of local churches. 

Reports of this trip indicate unusual oppor- 
tunities for evangelism at this critical period in 
history. The new-found freedom of Eastern Euro- 
peans has created an almost unprecedented 
responsiveness to the gospel. 

Grace Brethren Churches both in Germany and 
France are responding to needs for Bibles and 
literature and are inviting American Christians to 
join them in this effort. 

President Namsene 

Studies in 

United States 

Through the years, the James Gribble High 
School has been the only Christian Academy in 
Central African Republic with impact not only on 
the churches but also the government. Children 
of influential government officials attend the 
school in Yaloke. The Ministers of Economic 
Development, Water and Forest, Commerce, and 
other departments of government have children in 
the school. Graduates of the school are found in 
many government positions, among them the 
Secretary of State and the Director of National 

Elie Namsene, Director of the James Gribble 
High School and President of the Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches in Central African 
Republic, is currently visiting the United States to 
complete his doctoral dissertation on the history 
of the Grace Brethren Foreign Missions in Africa. 
He will receive his degree from the University of 
Lyon III in France. He and his wife, Martha, have 
eight children and are expecting their ninth. 

lb Be 



National Conference 

□ Ken and Kim Burk - Portgual 

n Tim and Julie Hawkins - Portugal 

n Ralph and Martha Schwartz - Portugal 

D C. Bess Farrell - Mexico 

HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


Welcome to a New Year in WMC! 

From; Janet Minnix, National WMC Program. 
Chairman and the Program Packet Committee for 
1990-91. Elsie Wiley. Rene Wheeler. Darlene 

We don't know how you feel, but we feel like 
we've been around the world this past year -- in 
WMC, that is. And truly we have, for we've visited 
every one of our mission fields, and shared with 
our missionaries in the excitement of seeing God 
at work, even as we've discovered more about each 
country and seen many of the problems faced in 
cross-cultural evangelism. But we're back home 
now, and it's time to turn our thoughts to the 
future and what's in store for WMC this year. 

1990-91 is Year I in the five-year WMC Program 
Planning Cycle (Ibpical Study), and our programs 
this year will focus on the topic of Friendship. 
When God created woman. He placed in her a 

special ability to develop intimate relationships. In 
His Word, God has given us models after which to 
pattern our own friendship-relationships. We will 
be studying these scriptural examples as we learn 
how to become FRIENDS IN A WORLD OF 
STRANGERS, friends not only with others in the 
Body of Christ, but friends with those outside the 
Body, seeking by loving them to draw them into 
the circle of God's redeeming love. 

The Missions emphasis will feature "Friendship 
Experiences" written by home and foreign mis- 
sionaries. These women have shared from their 
hearts some of their own experiences and lessons 
learned about friendship. The following article is 
a preview of the March missionary challenge by 
Becky Pappas from West Germany. Becky has 
served with her husband, John, in Aalens, West 
Germany, since 1977. 

Knitting With Three Strands 

Ten years ago when Edna Haak arrived in Ger- 
many to begin her missionary service, little did we 
realize how God would knit our ministries and 
lives together. Today with the advantage of hind- 
sight, 1 can appreciate how God directed cir- 
cumstances and events to bring about that "weav- 
ing" process. 

Since her first apartment still lacked two 
month's worth of renovating effort, Edna moved in- 
to our home. "Way back then" we only had two lit- 
tle girls, and our Thomas was well "on-the-way". 
In those shared quarters there was much "shar- 
ing" " relating language school experiences, 
learning about one another's families and 
backgrounds, asking and answering questions 
concerning German culture, reading books aloud 
to the girls, laughing at the crazy things kids say, 
discussing insights from God's word, praying for 
one another. This fellowship revealed our shared 
commitments to the spiritual task before us and 
was the beginning of a friendship bonding. We 
could not know then that those two months would 
serve as a springboard to much contact with Edna. 
Several years later she moved to our very 
neighborhood, and eventually joined our church- 

by Becky Pappas 
Missionary, West Germany 

planting team in the city of Aalen. Time shared 
with one another and with God has strengthened 
that friendship and sharpened that commitment. 

Our time together is seldom an extended 
amount. Neither of us enjoys the luxury of a "laid- 
back", slow-pace schedule, so we don't often have 
the pleasure of leisurely chatting (and cross- 
stitching) over a cup of tea, nor do we have the 
uninterrupted conversations we might desire. But 
God has blessed me with "a sharer of burdens" in 
my teammate. Our commitment to the spiritual 
battle causes us to ache (agonize) over the tragic 
"casualties" we encounter. At times we are inward- 
ly shaken at the depravity and darkness around 
us " our sadness over Frau S.'s decision to divorce 
her husband and her total rejection of biblical 
counsel; the ban in certain circles on our 
Children's Work and the bribing methods some 
parents used to prevent their children's attending; 
our frustration at the unfair treatment given to 
refugees (to whom we're ministering); the ag- 
gressive behavior in the supermarket and most 
especially on the roads! 

Special burdens are also in the family context. 
I've observed Edna's response of compassion and 


HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


prayer when she would hear our loner-offspring 
sob, "Edna, I don't have any friends!"; a will- 
ingness to minister in practical ways by cooking 
meals and caring for kids when I was ill or woozy 
with morning sickness; offering to oversee the 
children to give John and 1 a day together with 

Our spirits are not always sober and serious. God 
certainly gives needed balance, and my teammate- 
friend is "a sharer of Joys"! I recall many phone 
conversations (at unearthly hours), when we just 
had to share a special witnessing opportunity; or 
a positive response or encouraging comment after 
a public presentation in which we tried to include 
a testimony to our faith; or the unexpected 
spiritual alertness of a mischievious six-year-old 
in the Bible club; or the thrill of seeing those we're 
discipling sharing the "good news" with others. 
And again out of the personal realm we've reasons 
to rejoice - remembering birthdays and helping 
to make them special; planning and anticipating 
a Pappas-Haak outing (whether it includes a 
basketball game or a stop at McDonald's, a hike 
or an afternoon for music-making); sharing each 
child's delight when he/she returns from a special 
time at Edna's (depending on the child's "bent", 
it might have been to bake, sew, or plant flowers). 

My most vivid memories from this collage of 
shared joys center around John and I departing 

for the hospital for the birth of a baby. Those 
scenefs capture for me the heart-bonding that God 
has granted in our relationship. Those times were 
very emotional for me -- saying good-bye to the 
children and wondering what the next few hours 
would hold. But Edna always sent me off with a 
comforting hug, and she'd promise "We'll be pray- 
ing!", and 1 knew she meant it and would en- 
courage our children to talk with God on this ex- 
citing occasion. That hug and the assurance that 
the children were in loving hands quieted my fears, 
and somehow I was then "ready". 

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." 
(Eccl. 4; 12b) Our gracious God has skillfully knit 
hearts together on this mission team. 1 praise HIM 
for the "three-fold cord" relationship 1 have with 
God and Edna; a bond made stronger through 
shared time, and shared commitment, shared 
burdens and shared joys. 


June. July. August 

WMC Operating Expenses 
Goal: $8,000 

Send before September 10 

Waterloo 90th Anniverary 

continued from page 5 

met in the A. A. Bontrager home for prayer and 
Bible Study. 

Within a matter of weeks a charter was drafted, 
church ofiicers were elected and 39 members signed 
the original charter. 

By the end of the year lots were purchased, 
building plans were approved and construction of 
a meeting place was well under way. During the 
building of the church the group met in the facilities 
of Lowell School. 

One year later, in November of 1940, the original 
building was dedicated with Dr. Charles W Mayes 
as the dedication speaker. Since those beginning 
days, the building has been expanded three times 
to make room for a growing congregation. Major 
remodeling was done in 1961 and 1962. 

Over the 50 years of its history, the Waterloo Grace 
Brethren Church has been led by seven pastors. 
They include Dr. J. C. Beal and Rev. Frank Coleman, 
both deceased. Rev. Arnold R. Kriegbaum, Rev. 
Lewis Hohenstein, Rev. Richard R DeArmey, Rev. 
John Aeby and Rev. John R Burke. 

Presently, the church also has an associate pastor, 
J. Ron Weimer and youth pastor Rob Barlow. The 
youth ministry, known as Inheritance, based on 
I Peter 1:4, has many levels of outreach programs 
for 120 7th to 12th graders who attend activities 

from Waterloo and surrounding areas. Inheritance 
Alive, music, puppet and drama teams traveled to 
Colorado in June as part of their ministry tour. 

The church has a membership of 566 people. Its 
morning worship service is carried live each Sun- 
day at 10;50 a.m. on KNWS radio. 

Over 15 families who originally worshiped at the 
Waterloo Grace Brethren Church have now gone 
on to full time Christian service throughout the 
world including Kay Lane; Mike and Judy Chris- 
tian; Ralph and Nancy Miller: Jim and Charlotte 
Poyner: Randy and Betty Poyner: Tom and Donna 
Miller; Tom and Jane Grady; Steve and Bonnie 
Garcia; Lynn and Lois Schrock: Mark and Rober- 
ta Saunders; Mike and Diane Henry; Jerry and 
Janet Kelley; Tom and Jeannlne Shipley: Gene and 
Ellner Billington; Rex and Eunice Jones; Ron and 
Willa Henry and Joan Lesh. 

Senior Pastor John Burke stated: "As 1 reflect 
upon the fifty years of faithful labor here in 
Waterloo, 1 am reminded of Paul's words when he 
wrote, '1 thank my God upon every remembrance 
of you, always in every prayer of mine for you mak- 
ing request with joy' (Phil 1:3-4). 'I thank my God' 
for a host of committed men and women who have 
sacrificed, served, and supported the work over 
these many years. Most important, 'I thank my 
God' for the way in which He has kept His hands 
upon the work and used it over this half century." 

HERALD/ July 15. 1990 


Daughter Church Planting 

Part 2 by Williani J. Vermeulen 

Editor's Note: This is the conclusion of a two part article 
written by William J. Vermeulen of the Association of Bap- 
tists for World Evangelization. It first appeared in The Church 
Planter and is used here by permission of the publisher. 

Taking the Necessary Steps 

What commitments are necessary for your 
church to develop a daughter congregation? 

• The first commitment needed is to develop a 
plan. This responsibility may be designated to an 
existing group such as the Missions Committee, 
or the church might assign the work to a new 
group such as a Church Extension Tksk Force. The 
group responsible for the planning of the new work 
needs to develop its knowledge aind understanding 
of the task and solidify its vision. It will need to 
gather and analyze data, set goals and plan its 

• The second commitment needed is good promo- 
tion. The group should report its findings to the 
entire congregation who should place stress on 
both the need and the potential. The committee 
should present the project as an exciting adven- 
ture for the entire congregation! It should assist 
the congregation in getting its eyes lifted up and 
away from itself to see the broader horizon of what 
Christ wants to accomplish through them in 
building His church. 

• The third commitment needed is to pray. Prayer 
is one of the most important factors in church 
planting. It is essential to making a healthy begin- 
ning as well as to facing the challenges of the 
future, and it should be organized in a definite way. 
We should not just pray over our plans, but plan 
over our prayers! The plan should include specific 
prayer strategy for broad involvement of members 
and organizations, the whole congregation, and 
other concerned churches. 

• The fourth commitment needed is to expand 
participation. The challenge here exists in two 
areas. First, build a team of people who will play 
an important role in beginning the new work while 
remaining attached to the mother church. Some 
of them may even commit themselves to attend 
the new church for a limited period such as six 
months or a year. They will be an integral part of 
building the new church's core group, making the 
new church known in its community, participating 
in the task of getting people out to the worship 

services (especially the first one) and helping with 
the chores and ministry of weekly services, group 
meetings, and follow-up. 

Second, find families who will commit 
themselves to church planting and be willing to 
move out from the mother congregation to become 
part of the nucleus of the new church. Beginning 
with a strong core group that has mature Chris- 
tians and people with leadership skills is a tremen- 
dous asset. A strong core is also important to the 
task of providing needed ministry to the 
unchurched whom the Lord will bring into the 
new fellowship. Find people with gifts and interest 
in church planting. Seek out people who have 
strong evangelistic zeal, a personal faith that is 
contagious, and a creative contribution to the new 
church's development. 

• The fifth commitment needed is to implement 
the plan. Give the responsible group the authori- 
ty, resources, and initiative to see the plans car- 
ried out, evaluated, and reshaped until they are 
most effective. Assure the group of the church's 
support and give them on-going encouragement 
and assistance in seeing the plan carried out. 

Existing churches need to make church 
planting one of their priorities. The pastors of 
churches are central to making progress in this ex- 
citing challenge and need to encourage their 
churches toward specific steps of action. The 
majority of church members need to be educated 
about church planting and to become more aware 
of the Scriptural imperative and the incredible 
need to develop new congregations. 

Great opportunities lie at the doorsteps of many 
local churches who need to come to grips with the 
challenge to extend themselves into new and 
needy areas. They need to move away from center- 
ing just on present realities: they need to envision 
new possibilities -- from the static sight of what is, 
to the faith-expanding contemplation of what 
could be. The church is called to live and act by 
faith, expecting great things from God. One of the 
best ways the church can exercise faith corporately 
is to multiply through planting a daughter church. 

Readers may wish to subscribe to The Church Planter, in which 
the article first appeared. A subscription donation of $6.00 a year 
is requested. Back issues are available at 50 cents per copy, and a 
list is available upon request. P.O. Box 30145. Palm Beach Gardens. 
FL 33420-0145. 


HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


Postpartum Depression 
Among Pastors 

Mother church pastors may very well suffer from 
postpartum depression after giving birth to a new 
church. It hurts to lose people and resources from 
your regular attenders and supporters. But, God 
is gracious to provide for the "mothers," too. Larry 
Smithwick made an amazing announcement to 
the Northwest District Conference in late May. He 
said that the mother church in Anchorage, Alaska, 
had 700 in attendance a year ago. They gave up 
150 people to a new church plant last Fall. This 
Easter, the new church had more than 400 in 
attendance, and the original church had 800. 
That's a gain of 500 people between the two 
churches! Praise the Lord! 

Another mother-daughter church combination 
has been underway in northeast Ohio for more 
than a year-and-a-half now. The Western Reserve 

Mother-Daughter Churches 

Churches Planting Churches 

Grace Brethren Church of Macedonia, Ohio, is 

only four years old itself, but Pastor Ron Boehm 
and his congregation have a vision to reach the lost 
for Christ and to plant Grace Brethren churches 
in the Greater Cleveland area. So, they launched 
the Lake County church in Willoughby, Ohio, in 
the fall of 1988 with Pastor Joe Cosentino. 

Now the mother church reports nine recent bap- 
tisms and eleven new members, bringing the 
membership total to 63. They have hit a high at- 
tendance of 165. They already have more than 
$21,500 in their building fund and are studying 
the architect's preliminary drawings for their first 
building. Projected cost "will be $308,000, and 
some are wondering if the facility may not be too 
small! Thanks for praying for both new and 
mother churches! 

From Around the Nation . 

Here are reports from Home Mission churches: 

Charleston, WV, Pastor Emory Young - 'We 

continue to grow with new families joining each 
month. We now have a group of about 60. Our 
Mother's Day Celebration saw 64 attenders!" 

Ocala, FL, Pastor Chuck Davis - "The work is 
progressing well. Attendance is up 50 percent over 
last year at this time. New visitors are at every Sun- 
day AM service. For the first time we have several 
teens coming regularly. People's lives are being 
changed. Many are now ready to become 
members, and we anticipate real growth in 
membership this year." 

Philadelphia, PA, Pastor Steve Makofka - "As 

we are doing a better job of meeting the spiritual 
needs of our people, they are becoming more ex- 
cited about reaching their friends for Jesus. One 
of our families has started an SMM-type program 
for the girls in their daughter's school. One of our 
men is working on a Bible literature class for 
foreign students at a major university. And we are 
holding Sunday evening services in the park to be 
available to more people." 

Marion, OH, (self-supporting Sept. 1), Pastor 
Dave Kennedy - "A single parent came forward 
to dedicate her two young children to the Lord on 
Mother's Day. Another family in the church invited 
this new family over for dinner and lovingly in- 
troduced them to real care in the body." 

Mishawaka, IN, Pastor Scott Weaver - "Our AM 
Worship attendance averaged 78 for April! This is 
cause for joy and rejoicing. We baptized two young 
couples May 20. Bids for the new building (were 
to be received) in mid-June." 

North Pole, AK, Pastor Davis Harbour - 

'"Rventy-six attended communion on Easter Sun- 
day evening, six for the first time!" 

Northeast Columbus, OH, Pastor Will Marling 

- "We are working on formal organization, train- 
ing of leaders, and implementing some new 
teaching opportunities. We are also solidifying the 
two keys to our ministry: Sunday morning celebra- 
tion and our small groups, called Care Groups." 

North Port, FL, Pastor Lester Pifer - "We have 
had a fine response from our people in raising 
funds for our property purchase and, also, to 
assume a higher rental hgure for our current 
meeting place. We hope to raise $14,600 for our 
property before closing." 

Navajo Ministries, Counselor. NM, Steve 
Galegor, Assistant Superintendent "The new 
building project (Navtech Center) is underway but 
about a week behind because of bad weather. Six 
seniors graduated from the school at the end of 
May. Recently, the entire Kindergarten class 
prayed to receive Christ." 

HERALD/ July 15. 1990 



Liberty GBC Outreach Day 

Here's a good test for your judgment and com- 
mon sense. Should someone try to get eight Grace 
Brethren Churches to cooperate and have them 
give up a Saturday morning to go door 
to door in the inner-city? Wait, don't 
answer yet. It's on the same day as a 
youth rally, so we'll have to rely on 
adult volunteers. Do you think it 
sounds like a bad idea? You say going 
door to door doesn't work any more, 
and besides, what adult is going to 
want to go door to door in the inner- 
city on a Saturday morning? You say 
the Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches is fast becoming an oxy- 
moron (like "jumbo shrimp")? Maybe 
you're right. Maybe it is a bad idea. 
But Liberty GBC went ahead and did 
it anyway. 

Rev. Steve Makoflai, pastor of 
the Liberty GBC, Philadelphia, 

We have what the people 
need^ they just don*t know it. 

Saturday morning, March 17, saw forty people 
from eight Grace Brethren Churches praying 
together in preparation for making an impact on 
Philadelphia. The group included seven pastors 
and a cross section of laymen. Their purpose was 
to conduct a Bible Knowledge Survey in the 
Fishtown area of Philadelphia. The survey had ten 
questions which dealt with Adam, Noah, and 
Jesus Christ, all of whom experienced God's judg- 
ment for sin. This led to a question regarding the 
person's own eternal destiny. Steve Makofka, pastor 
of Liberty GBC said, "Our purpose was to try to 


R S 

find those who were already under conviction of 
sin and to aid the Holy Spirit's work in their lives. 
To those who were interested we offered the plan 
of salvation, information about our 
church, and a visit from the pastor." 
The survey team knocked on 265 
doors to get 45 completed surveys. 
This generated a list of fifteen homes 
where people were interested in learn- 
ing more about Christianity, the Bible, 
or the church. What would have taken 
one person weeks to accomplish was 
done by the team in a little over two 
hours. Such are the benefits of team- 
work and cooperation. 

But the benefit of the survey was 
not limited to Liberty GBC. All of 
those who participated received per- 
sonal benefits as well. One pastor's 
wife, anticipating the possibility of be- 
ing mugged, left her diamond ring at 
home, but she didn't let that fear keep her from 
coming. Afterwairds, she had this to say: "It wasn't 
as bad as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed 
it. People were not suspicious of us as I thought 
they would be. I was surprised how many people 
think that you get to heaven by good works. I felt 
like we were just getting started. I want to come 
back and do it again." 

Others responded in different ways. One par- 
ticipant was encouraged to see the pastors 

I was surprised 

how many people think 

that you 

get to heaven by good works. 

"practicing what they preach" and leading the way 
in outreach by being examples. Others found the 
experience to be a real eye opener. One man, 
almost overwhelmed by the needs he saw, said, 
"We have what the people need, they just don't 
know it." All returned to their home churches 
challenged to increase their prayer efforts on 
behalf of this church and its community. 

So, what should you do next time someone 
wants to do something for outreach that doesn't 
sound like a good idea? Think about it. Pray about 
it. Pursue it. Fortunately for us, God doesn't con- 
fine Himself to our limited perceptions of good 
judgment and common sense. 


HERALD/ July 15. 1990 



NBA Star Speaks at 
New Holland, PA, GBC 

Every day thou- 
sands of young- 
sters in our country 
"shoot the hoop." 
Many entertain 
dreams of some 
day playing at 
Carolina under 
Dean Smith, play- 
ing on an Olympic 
team, or playing on 
an NBA Champi- 
onship team. Bobby Jones is a true 
example of following dreams, achiev- 
ing goals and overcoming adversity. 
He was a 1970 high school All 
American, who after graduating 
played at the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill, and was a 
member of the 1972 Olympic Basket- 
ball Team. Upon graduation in 1974 
from UNC, he achieved All American, 
and a B.A. in Psychology. He went on 
to play twelve years of outstanding 
professional basketball. 

Bobby is the only player to make 
the all-defensive first team ten years 
in a row, playing in five all-star games 
and winning the cherished NBA 
Championship in 1983 with the 
Philadelphia 76'ers. 

Bobby shared his simple, clear 
testimony on Memorial Day Sunday, 
May 27, at the evening service of the 
Grace Brethren Church, New 
Holland, PA. This growing church was 
packed on Easter Sunday as the 
overflow room was used. Bobby 
Jones drew a crowd that exceeded 
Easter's attendance by 100 plus on a 
holiday weekend. 

Dr Roy Roberts, the new Senior 
Pastor, plans to schedule a profes- 
sional sports personality at least twice 
a year in order to reach men and boys 
who would not otherwise come to 
church. Dr Roberts will draw on his 
contacts of conducting pre-game 
chapels for professional teams span- 
ning three decades. 
Kenai, AK. An installation service 
was held for Chris Hay as he 

assumed the pastoral duties at the 
Kenai Grace Brethren Church. Those 
taking part included James Welborn, 
William Schaffer, Glen Welborn, and 
Ted Titus. Mark Welborn and Richard 
Stables were also installed as elders 
of the Kenai church. 

Dan Allan is now the senior pastor 
at the Grace Brethren Church of 
Ashland, OH. 

The offices of the Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches located in 
Winona Lake, IN, are on Central 
Standard Time — one hour behind the 
East Coast and 2 hours ahead of the 
West Coast. This remains in effect 
from April 1 to October 28 (most of the 
state of Indiana does not change to 
Daylight Saving Time.) 

Howard Immel is the new pastor of 
the Grace Brethren Church of 
London, OH. 

David Rosner is the new pastor of 
the Grace Brethren Church of Flora, 
IN. He began his ministry on June 1. 

Richard Sellers was the interim 
pastor of the Grace Brethren Church 

at Lansing, Ml, until Mick Rockafellow 
assumed the pastorate on July 1. 
John Townsend is the new pastor of 
the Everett Grace Brethren Church, 
Everett, PA. He began his ministry as 
of May 20. 

Ron Guiles has resigned from the 
Grace Fellowship Church of Fort 
Worth, TX, and has accepted a 
unanimous call to be the senior 
pastor at Grace Brethren Church of 
Maitland, FL. 

Steve Edmonds has resigned at the 
Grace Brethren Church of Fort 
Lauderdale, FL, and has accepted the 
pastorate of the Grace Brethren 
Church of Murrysville, PA. 

Bill Stevens, former pastor of the 
Grace Brethren Church of Lake 
Odessa, Ml, has resigned and has 
accepted the pastorate of the 
Brookville, FL, Grace Brethren 

Carl Miller, former pastor of the 
Ankenytown Grace Brethren Church, 
Bellville, OH, has announced his 
resignation. He is open to future 
pastorate ministry. 

Change Your Annual 

Austin, Gary, c/o P.O. Box 

588, Winona Lake, IN 

Bailey, Steve. Guamini 

6498 1875 Wilde, 

Buenos Aires, 

Bickel, Kenneth. 312 Sixth 

St., Winona Lake, IN 

Bowlln, Donald. 489 Chip- 
pewa Dr., SW, Rio 

Rancho, NM 87124. 
Cochran, William. 2920 

Lewis St., Birmingham, 

AL 35243. 
Divine, Robert. 11005 

Foster Rd., Nonwalk, CA 

Hawkins, Gilbert. R. 1, Box 

33, North English, lA 

Huesmann, Louis. 3548 

Orange Ave., Long 

Beach, CA 90807. 
Mutchler, Paul. 1015 Pine 

Hill Rd., Lititz, PA 


Poupart, Walter. C/Casinos 
2, No. 26, Terramelar 
(Paterna), 46989 Valen- 
cia, Spain. 

Quick, David. 134 Ewing 
St., Peru, IN 46970. 

Smith, Eric. P.O. Box 450, 
Davao City, Mindanao, 
8000 Philippines. 

Townsend, John. 20 W. 
Main St., Everett, PA 

Lehigh Valley GBC, (page 
85). Their secretary is 
Phil Ronco, 17 Briarcliff 
Rd., Allentown, PA 


Hastings, Ed, 84. October 
20, 1989. He accepted 
Christ as his Savior, 
and along with his wife 
served the Lord in the 
Grace Brethren Church 
in Homerville, OH, until 

they moved to Califor- 
nia in 1946. They con- 
tinued to serve the Lord 
in the South Gate 
Brethren Church and 
then later in the Com- 
munity Grace Brethren 
Church of Long Beach. 

For many years, Ed 
was head usher at the 
national conferences. 
Many pastors and mis- 
sionaries were the reci- 
pients of Hastings- 
Hospitality, assistance 
in packing, moving, and 
so forth. Practical 
spiritual counsel was 
the trademark of the 
Hastings. One pastor 
remarked: "When I felt 
in need of good advice, 
I always went to Ed." 

An informal memorial 
service was led by Dr. 
Harold Dunning of the 
Grace Brethren Church 
of Long Beach, CA. 

HERALD/ July 15, 1990 



Personal Reflections 

/ have been encouraged by many to open up a limited 
number of pages of the Herald magazine to the 
expression of opinions and beliefs regarding the 
baptism! membership issue in the Grace Brethren 
Church. No practical means of such an exchange has 
been available to persons following last year's national 
conference. A forum plan was adopted at the 1 989 
conference, but has not been implemented in a 
workable fashion to date. No exchanges which involve 
the names of other persons will be included. The use 
of the Herald magazine makes the information 
available to lay persons as well as to ministers. No 
editing will be done on any of the articles and it is 
understood that the material does not have the 
endorsement of the Herald or the Fellowship — it 
reflects the personal position of the individual author. 
— Charles W. TUrner. publisher 

The Baptism/Membership Debate in the 

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches: 

Some Personal Reflections 

By Donald P. Shoemaker, Senior Pastor 
Grace Community Church, Seal Beach, California 


1. Jewish proselyte baptism serves as an impor- 
tant backdrop to the NT practice (William Sanford 
LaSor, "Discovering What Jewish Miqva'ot Can Tfell 
Us About Christian Baptism", Biblical 
Archaeological Review, 1987, 13(1), pp. 52-59). 
Jewish proselyte baptism was a purificatory rite 
administered by immersion. 

2. While NT baptism was most likely 
administered by immersion, the evidence is insuf- 
ficient to conclude that Matthew 28:19 or any other 
baptismal text can be interpreted to say that only 
immersion baptism is biblical baptism. 

3. It cannot be established with any high degree 
of certainty that Matthew 28:19 either demands a 
triple action or that the passage was originally 
intended to be a liturgical formula (which it later 

4. To say that the trinitarian formula focuses on 
the work of the triune God in our salvation is true 
but this is not expressed by Matthew in his final 
discipleship passage. It is very possible that 
Matthew's account of the "Great Commission" 
focuses back on the baptism of Jesus. His baptism 
was trinitarian, too (though certainly not in mode 
or formula). Disciples are to follow their Lord in 
baptism. As God was His Father, as He was a 
Beloved Son, as the Holy Spirit descended on Him, 
so we, too, are beloved sons of the Father through 
the Son and endowed by the Spirit and ready now 
to follow Him in obedience, ministry and suffering. 

5. It is unsound and eisegetical to demand that 
the various baptisms in Acts were by TYine Immer- 
sion. The variation of language between the 
various passages suggests that no fixed liturgical 
formula is in view, although allegiance to the Lord 
Jesus Christ appears to be an invariable factor 
(which is also what the "Great Commission" 

6. The best defense for T^-ine Immersion comes 
from church history, like it or not. The Didache 
presents the earliest inference to T^ine Immersion 
but with a clear acknowledgement of the accept- 
ability of another mode (pouring). Historian Philip 
Schaff says that this document may indicate a 
tightening of practices because liturgical 
ceremonies tend to compound rather than 

7. T^ine Immersion is "biblical baptism" in that 
it fufills the intent and spirit of the Great Commis- 
sion and the biblical theology of baptism. Our duty 
to our Lord is fulfilled in this mode. That is, Jesus 
is pleased with our performance of this ritual when 
it is done in faith. But saying this does not exclude 
the validity of other modes when done in faith. 

8. TVine Immersion is, in my opinion, the best 
mode of baptism in light of all the relevant infor- 
mation that can be gleaned from systematic 
theology, church history, historical theology and 
pastoral theology. 

9. Baptism is initiatory. It was the normal sign 
of entrance into the believing community. Delayed 
baptism is not to be found in the NT and therefore 
introduces an element of confusion into the mean- 
ing of the rite. 

10. Scripture does not supply sufficient specifici- 
ty on mode for this factor to be made a test of 
orthodoxy or fellowship /membership. The prin- 
cipal motif of "cleansing" is satisfied by any of the 
three major modes. Baptism by pouring draws a 
focus on the outpouring of the Spirit, which can- 
not be divorced from baptism and which is a key 
theme of the Lukan corpus. 

11. The lack of NT specificity as to mode of bap- 
tism is harmonious with New Covenant worship 
"in spirit and truth". Undue focus on form con- 
stitutes a violation of our Lord's criticism of the 
same with regard to ceremonial washings. 

12. While baptizo can carry the notion of immer- 
sion when indicated by the context, the thought 
of an overwhelming rite is the key idea. There is 
no way that baptizo in 1 Corinthians 10:1,2 can 
be removed from the debate by giving it a 


HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


metaphorical meaning. The sacramental images 
are too strong in this chapter to eliminate them 
from the debate. And there is no way that baptizo 
can mean immersion in this passage. The 
Israelites were baptized but they were not 
immersed. The Egyptians were immersed but they 
were not baptized. 

13. Rebaptism is to be rejected if the former 
baptism was believer baptism. Rebaptism casts 
aspersion on both the initiatory nature of baptism 
and on our understanding of the meaning of the 
rite of feetwashing (John 13:10). 


1. It is hermeneutically unwise to read Matthew 
28:19 into the Lukan baptism passages, whether 
or not Matthew 28:19 teaches TVine Immersion. 
Such a tactic does not allow the authors to tell their 
own, independent messages. Biblical theology 
must precede systematic theology, not the other 
way around. 

The tendency in many conservative circles to do 
the above often tends toward a "docetic" view of 
Scripture whereby it only pretends to be the 
product of human hands, the "authors" being 
more like stenographers than authors in their own 
right. The nature of Scripture as the inspired, 
inerrant Word of God does not mitigate against my 
observation. It is at once both the Word of God and 
the words of men who were genuine authors. 

2. In the defense of TVine Immersion a tendency 
toward an existentialist, esoteric hermeneutic is to 
be noted. This is hard to "place a finger on", but 
the atmospherics for such a hermeneutic are 

This is to be noted when it is implied that "fuller 
understanding" is available to the more "spiritual" 
person. I quote from the 1984 National 
Conference's ^o/ Three Year Study Committee's 
report No. 1 (|because this line of thinking has 
re-entered into the current debate): 

But where do we draw the line on this delicate 
but infinitely important question of THE CLARI- 
TY OF SCRIPTURE? Actually, there is no such 
thing as an absolute "line" of theological dlscern- 
nient which finite minds can draw. Instead, 
PROVIDES: the closer we walk with our Lord the 
clearer will be our understanding of His will (John 
7:17) — "if any man is willing to do His will, he 
shall know of the teaching, whether it is of God." 
[J 985 Annual, p. 24] 

To arrive at this view of "fuller understanding", 
it is necessary to take John 7:17 out of context 
(which the above report does) and turn the 
grammatical - historical method of interpretation 
and its corollary, the perspicuity of Scripture, on 
their heads. Emergence of spiritual elitism can 


Mat|;hew's concept of discipleship is not the 
modern notion that a disciple is a special sort of 
Christian who has gone on to deeper commitment. 
In Matthew, being a disciple is congruent with 
being a Christian. If Matthew 28:19 clearly teaches 
and demands TVine Immersion, then a non-trine- 
immersed person is not a disciple and the follow- 
ing syllogism becomes appropriate: 

MAJOR PREMISE: In Matthew, being a 

disciple equals being a Christian. 

MINOR PREMISE: TVine Immersion is an 

essential aspect of being a disciple. 

CONCLUSION: One who is not trine 

immersed is not a Christian. 


1. "Church Membership" in its modern con- 
struct is absent from the NT. Rather, it is an 
ecclesiastical concept which attempts to make 
biblical concepts concrete in our modern context 
(like church weddings and baby dedications). We 
will therefore search in vain for firm biblical 
specifics on "Church Membership". 

2. What we commonly call "being in fellowship 
with the church" comes closer to NT patterns of 
"belonging to the church". People can be fulfilling 
their NT responsibilities to their church whether 
they formally "join" or not. 

3. Whatever the NT does lay down as 
requirements for being enfranchised into the local 
church refers more to "being in fellowship with the 
church" than being a "church member". 

4. Therefore, if the Bible demands TVine 
Immersion, no one who lacks it should be 
considered as being in any sort of fellowship 
relationship with the church at all. Those who 
strongly believe the Bible demands TVine Immer- 
sion should not sustain a fellowship relationship 
with those who do not. 

5. It is incongruous to have someone minister 
in any exemplary leadership capacity (such as 
teaching, mission work or pulpit supply) who can- 
not meet the standards of membership that bind 
the man and woman in the pew. 

6. Ephesians 2:13-22 argues for the full enfran- 
chisement into the life of the church of anyone who 
is in Christ and who has access to the Father 
through the Spirit with us. My dictum: "Anyone 
who is accepted by Jesus is acceptable to us." 

7. Because of my connections to Pentecostalism 
in my teens and early 20's, I recoil at any distinc- 
tions created between Christians due to 
water/spirit baptism. I reject any notion which 
might say: "You are a Christian. You are following 
truth as you know it. But we have this 'Full Gospel' 
teaching on 'The Baptism' and if you will only get 
'The Baptism' you can be counted one with us." 

(Continued on page 16) 

HERALD/ July 15, 1990 



(Continued from page 15) 


From twenty-one years' experience as a minister 
in our Fellowship I see three positions: 

1) The Restrictive ("closed") Position Trine 
Immersion is the only true mode of baptism and 
therefore all members ought to be trine immersed. 

2) The Moderate ("conformity") Position -- Tt^ine 
Immersion is a "denominational distinctive." It is 
reasonable to ask incoming members to conform 
to this key mark of our movement for the sake of 
unity. Rebaptism is testimonial and in no way 
repudiates one's earlier baptism. 

3) The Inclusive ("open") Position - Trine 
Immersion should not be required for membership 
in the local church (at least for transfer members) 
because Scripture doesn't demand it and/or 
because of some church polity reason(s). 

My cautious opinion is that many who hold to 
the restrictive position do not acknowledge the 
existence of the moderate position. Yet, I have 
probably heard more people argue for this view 
than either of the other two. Nonetheless, I regard 
the moderate position as indefensible and having 
an unstable, short half-life. It is only a matter of 
time until many of these people move to the 
inclusive position. 


As in the judicial system, there are different 
levels of certainty in doctrine. Some issues fall into 
the category of "beyond a reasonable doubt." Other 

issues fall into the category of "supported by a 
preponderance of the evidence." 

That baptism and communion are rites for the 
church is "beyond a reasonable doubt." But the 
mode of baptism and the exact ritual of commu- 
nion fall into the category of support by a 
preponderance of the evidence. It is my opinion 
that issues which fall into this latter category must 
not be issues over which Christians divide or over 
which judgments as to one's orthodoxy or accept- 
ability as a member should be made. 

It is my opinion that large numbers of pastors 
would accept Ti-ine Immersion as "biblical 
teaching" and personally hold to a "closed " policy 
while at the same time feeling that the level of cer- 
tainty falls short of being "beyond a reasonable 
doubt." Therefore, these pastors are willing to let 
inclusive membership policies operate in the 
Fellowship without sensing inconsistency or 

Nothing is wrong with holding positions with 
tentativeness due to the absence of conclusive 
evidence. Now we see through a glass dimly, for 
a variety of legitimate reasons. The nature of 
inductive reasoning (as well as our "Motto" — 
"The Bible, The Whole Bible and Nothing but The 
Bible") forces changes and even reversals in posi- 
tions previously held. 

May God be glorified as we search His truth with 
willing and loving hearts! 

-Alan Millard- 



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HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


What Does Brethren Evangelistic Ministries Offer? 

I. Who Are We 

A. Creation of National Conference in the early 
days of our Fellowship 

1. Formerly known as the Brethren United 
Crusade Committee 

2. Later known as the Brethren Board of 

3. Since 1987 known as Brethren Evangelistic 

4. Past leadership: Dr. R. Paul Miller, Dean Fet- 
terhoflf. Bill Smith, Scott Weaver, Jim Custer, 
Mason Cooper, Bob Collitt, and Ron Picard 

5. Present structure: Board of Directors 
composed of 6 pastors and 6 laymen, elected 
by National Conference 

B. Purpose: "Tb promote in every way possible the 
cause of evangelism in the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches" (FGBC Handbook) 

n. What We Are Doing 

A. Our past ministry 

1. Evangelistic crusades in churches 

2. Church growth strategy 

3. Cooperated in GROW '73: Personal 
evangelism program for FGBC 

4. DEO 80's: Regional seminars in personal 

5. Supportive role in evangelism with C.E. Na- 
tional in N.A.C. and in evangelism training at 
Grace Schools 

B. Our financial base 

1. Project offerings from Grace Brethren men (in 
years past) 

2. Offerings from churches where crusades are 
held (10%) 

3. Gifts from Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches and individuals (90%) 

C Our present ministry 

1. Revival crusades in churches 

2. Collitt Memorial Award: Honoring those ex- 
celling in evangelism; Operation Barnabas, 
Doug Bray, Ron Picard, Noel Gaiwaka, 
Edward Lewis, Edward A. Lewis 

3. International opportunities: Mozambique, 
Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico 

4. Information on evangelism: Herald articles, 
BEM Newsletter, books, tapes, tracts for con- 
ference delegates, and videos on prayer 

5. Working with C.E. National in Conference 
workshops and BNYC Fastracks 

6. First Love Renewal seminars using teams: 1 1 
sponsored by BEM 

CGBC, Long Beach, CA Island Pond, VT 

Patterson Memorial, Roanoke, VA Brookville, OH 

St. Petersburg, FL Limestone, TN 

Riverside, Johnstown, PA San Juan, PR 

Southern Lancaster, PA Yorl<, PA 

Pil<e, Johnstown, PA 

a. Pastors attending FLR seminars (about 9% of 
our ministerium) 

Don Abshlre Roy Glass III Ken Koontz Kim Robertson 

Jerry Allebach Tom Goossens Brad Lambright Don Rough 

Keith Altig Eldon Grubb Nathan Leigh Lynn Schrocli 

Carmelo Arbona Phil Guerena Edward Lewis Steve Shipley 

Sam Baer Vemon Harris Scott Libby Richard Smith 

Robert Bums Dicl( Harstine Henry Mallon Donald Soule 

George Christie Tad Robert Bob Marldey Lyie Sweeney 

Rick Clark Bill Howard Dick McCarthy Marion Thomas 

Ron Cohen Jim Hunt Paul Michaels Si Toroian 

Robert Combs Steve Jarrell Kurt Miller George Traub 

Mason Cooper Dale Jenks Ralph Miller Emest Usher 

Tim Coyle Mike Johnson Lester Pifer Randy Weekley 

Chuck Davis Les Kennedy Bob Poirer Daniel White 

Gene deJongh Robert Kern James Poyner Mike Wingfeld 

b. Names and addresses of some laymen 

attending: Feel free to contact 

Tim Carson Tony DeRosa Earl Dohner Dale Knepper 

m 2, Box 69A 7026 Glengary 584 Vl/estbfook Rd 1550 Canal M Ext 

Limestone, TN 37B81 Whittiec, CA 90606 Brookville. OH 45309 Manchester, PA 17345 

Duane Rose Sheldon Shelter W. Scott Ratferty Fred Sornck, Jr 

R D 1, Box 183 1244 Elm Ave 22 Ttiird St. 4569 N Hedgerow 

Vintondale, PA 15961 Uncastet PA 17603 Newport, VT 05855 Allenlown, PA 18103 

Bill Kellerman Reed De Pace Ed Waken Juan Nevarez 

2978 Hidden Forest Ct 6 Westfield Dr 4169 Obispo Ave Juan B Rodnguez 

Mariena, GA 30066 Newark, DE 19711 Lakewood, CA 90712 Ext. Roosevelt 

Hato Rey, PR 00918 

c. No serious criticisms from any FLR alumni! 

d. FLR products: The Other Evangelism, 
sheet music and cassette, syllabus 

III, Where We Are Going 

A. Revival Crusades scheduled for 1990: Clear- 
brook, Roanoke, VA; Brunswick, ME: Union- 
town, PA: Manheim, PA 

B. Nightlighters: Youth evangelism program with 
Mike Williams begins March 23 

C. CIA Band: Children's program using rhythm 
instruments now under development 

D. Free literature to FGBC pastors: "101 Ways You 
Can Use Scripture in Evangelism" 

E. Videos on prayer: "How to Have a Revival 
Prayer Meeting"; "Praying with Others" 

F. Audio-visual presentation on our ministry for 
National Conference, Richmond, VA 

G. Working with National Strategy Committee 
and C.E. National in Vision for 90's 

H. Participating in C.E. Convention and Brethren 

National Youth Conference 
I. First Love Renewal Seminars using team 

1. Tentative schedule: Winchester, VA: North- 
west District; Grafton, WVA; Port Richey, FL 

2. Possible international ministries in 
Guatemala and Mexico 

3. Women's ministry team: North Atlantic 
WMC Retreat 

4. Operation Barnabas Orientation: 
Myerstown, PA 

HERALD/ July 15, 1990 


How the Grace Brethren Investment 
Foundation Helps Our Fellowship's 
Grace Brethren Churches 

GBIF has enabled us to build a worship center years 
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planning required by GBIF and the faith of 
the GBIF Board in the Ocala congregation 
have allowed us to establish a permanent 
witness in this community much earlier 
than many dared hope. Thanks, GBIF! i^tor chuck Davis 

The new worship center for the Ocala, Florida, Grace Brethren Church 




Foundation, inc. 

SINCE 1955 

"Investments with eternal values" 

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The Eye 
In The 
Sky . . . 
Was Not 

In The 

by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ August 15, 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 No. 8 

August 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

The Eye In The 
Sky . . . Was Not 
Exactly Pie 
In The Sky! 

Charles W. Thrner 

5 BEM 

Open Doors, 
Money and Men 

J. Keith Altig 

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What Goes 
Around Comes 

Edward A. Jackson 

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10 Grace Schools 

The Waters of 
Bitterness Made 

Alva J. McClain 

12 WMC 

Are You Part 

of a 

Growing WMC? 

14 FGBC 

An Unusual 


for Building at 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ned Denlinger and 
Mike Clapham 

16 Foreign Missions 

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Christian Education 

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Women's Missionary Council 
Viki Rife 
Cover Photos: 

An overview of Downtown Cincin- 
nati. Ohio. Mike Williams ministers 
in music with some of the men from 
the Cincinnati, Ohio GBC: and 
Pastor Mike Clapham encourages 
some new converts. (Photos by 
Jeffrey and Roberta Seebohm.) 

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HERALD/ August 15. 1990 


Open Doors, 
Money and Men 

The Missionary Society Director had just made 
an astounding statement. He said. "We would like 
to open a new field and we have the money to do 
it, but we do not have the people to send." The 
young pastor of the church in which the Director 
was speaking felt his heart burn within him. The 
next evening the pastor and his wife went to hear 
the Mission executive speak again and after the 
serv^ice they inquired, "If we would offer to go, 
would you send us?" The Director responded, "Dry 
us and see." 

In this way the movement was born which 
ultimately, with the cooperation and labor of other 
missionaries, resulted in thousands of people 
hearing the gospel for the first time, multiplied 
hundreds accepting the Lord proclaimed by those 
who preached the Word, a number of churches 
being planted and scores of young people trained 
or in training for the important task of themselves 
taking the message to others. 

God had brought three important ingredients 
together to produce the work He wanted done: an 
open door, people eager to do His will and the 
finances to enable the work to be done. 

Once again our Brethren Fellowship is faced 
with two of these ingredients which are, 1) an 
amazing open door and 2) the people eager to 
enter it. If the third element, the necessary 
finances, is supplied, there is every possibility that 
again we will see an explosive work done for 

The open door is Guatemala. In the person of 
Rodrigo Argueta we have an ordained Brethren 
pastor currently on the field where he and his wife 
and three beautiful children are working, despite 
great difficulties, to establish a church and bring 
the message of salvation to the teeming millions 
of their fellow countrymen. Their vision is to 
branch out into other localities, even into other 
Hispanic American nations with the gospel 

Their vision includes a complex which will 
house the church, Sunday School and a training 
school for those men and women who feel the call 
of God in their lives. The fact is that at the present 
time there are four men and two women enrolled 

and studying in Just such a school. One of the men 
is about ready to assume the duties of a pastor 
under Rodrigo's supervision. The need now is for 
a building suitable for housing these activities 
which currently meet in homes or other 
temporary facilities. 

Not only is there this capable pastor already on 
the field but there are an American businessman 
and a pastor whose hearts God has touched who 
stand ready to go and assist Pastor Rodrigo on a 
short term basis in the areas of evangelism and 
soul winning. 

Our Fellowship is faced with an exciting 
challenge. This could well be the launching pad 
for a tremendous work in all of Latin America. 
Pastor Rodrigo has requested help of Brethren 
Evangelistic Ministries in teaching his people and 
encouraging them to witness to their families, 
friends and neighbors, and the two men 
mentioned above Eire ready to go to Guatemala and 
minister in this way. About $3000.00 will be 
needed for this project. As a Fellowship we need 
prayer for guidance. We need concerted action and 
support if we are to realize the great blessings our 
Lord has in store for us. 

-- Dr. J. Keith Altig 
Member Board of Directors, B.E.M. 




Contributions marked clearly for 
Guatemala may be sent to: 

Brethren Evangelistic Ministries 

P.O. Box 333 

Winona Lake, IN 46590. 

HERALD/ August 15. 1990 


What Goes Around Comes Around 


Edward A. Jackson 

On April 29, 1970, the Lord 
spoke to my heart through the 
student riot on the Ohio State 
University campus. His 
message was so loud and clear 
that shortly thereafter I re- 
signed my commission as a 
Lieutenant with the Ohio State 
Highway Patrol to become the 
founder and Executive Director 
of the National Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Men, Inc., 
formerly the laymen's organiza- 
tion. This full-time ministry 
grew, and out of that growth the 
Grace Brethren Boys' Ministry 
was born. 

Ed and Polly Jackson with Joe Tkylor 

tional. Some years 
ago the men did a 
project at the Chateau 
in France. In January 
and February, 1991, 
approximately ten 
men will be traveling 
to the Central African 
Republic on a Yoke- 
fellow construction 
project. It is our goal 
to see the men in- 
volved in at least one 
overseas project each 
year. Presently there 
are five state-side 

Those were hard times financially for the 
organization, and it was clear we needed a full- 
time director for the growing boys' ministry, so I 
felt led to enter the pastoral ministry and give my 
salary from the men's organization to the director 
of the boys' work. The boys' ministry has been pro- 
ductive, and today many young men are in full- 
time Christian service because of it. Since the 
early days of the men's work, many men have been 
faithful to the boys' ministry; however, there is a 
much broader ministry for the men that has not 
been developed. 

Today there are two groups which are the best 
kept secrets in the Grace Brethren Fellowship: 
Yokefellows, and Acquillas and Priscillas. Both 
groups are a part of the Grace Brethren Men's 
organization. Yokefellows are men or couples who 
volunteer their time and expertise, at their own 
expense most of the time, to help where they are 
needed. A group of such men assisted recently in 

the construction of the 
Ocala, Florida, Grace 
Brethren Church, and 
about fifty, including 
wives who helped in the 
kitchen, worked this 
summer to build the 
Navtech Center at the 
Grace Brethren Navajo 

Because of its Yoke- 
fellow activities the 
Grace Brethren Men 
have now become Grace 
Ed with Yokefellows Brethren Men Interna- 

projects in the planning stages. 

The second group we refer to as Priscillas and 
Acquillas (see Acts 18). These are men and women 
who assist in a church-planting project while 
supporting themselves in secular occupations. For 
example, five families have moved to Indianapolis, 
Indiana, selling their homes and finding new 
employment in order to assist in the planting of 
the Northeast Grace Brethren Church in that 
metropolitan area. 

It is my prayer that for whatever time the Lord 
gives me, I will be able to see the Grace Brethren 
Men extend to many other areas of ministry in the 
Fellowship. Second Timothy 2:2 is our theme 
verse, "... faithful men able to teach others also." 

On March 10, 1990, in light of my retirement 
this Fall from the executive staff of Grace Brethren 
Home Missons, I volunteered to lead the men's 
organization after I leave Winona lake. This was 
just about 20 years to the date when the laymen's 
organization asked me the first time to lead their 
organization on a full-time basis. 

"■What goes around comes around," they say. 
But let me give testimony to these last 20 years, 
and the Lord's blessing. 

During these 20 years I have also been involved 
with Home Missions, first becoming a board 
member in 1967. I served in this capacity until 
1974 when the Lord called me into the pastorate, 
and Polly and I took up residence in Kenai, Alaska, 
as Pastor and wife. Our teenage son, Jim, (now a 
Home Mission pastor at the Carolina Grace 
Brethren Church, Columbia, South Carolina) also 
accompanied us to the North Country. 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 


The Lx)rd was so good! For the five years we were 
in Alaska, we saw our church go self-supporting 
at Kenai. We also saw a church started in 
Anchorage and land purchased in Homer, Alaska, 
for a church plant. Yet, we still did not know — and 
even at times doubted — that we were church- 
planters. It was only after a call all the way to 
Orlando, Florida, and seeing our Home Missions 
church go self-supporting in only 18 months, plus 
seeing three other churches started — Melbourne, 
Lakeland, and Orange City — that we began to 
perceive that the Lord was leading us as 

Some of us are slow learners. Praise the lord for 
his ever enduring patience! 

"What goes around comes around." 

Bob Thompson and Ed Jackson in Alaska 

Now it was back to Alaska again, namely Homer, 
to plant a church on the land purchased some two 
years earlier. With the help of three families of 
Priscillas and Acquillas — the Jerry Sunthimers, 
the Dick Hammers, and the Jim Jacksons — a 
church was planted in Homer. 

The Lord blessed, and in two years Polly and 1 
were off to North Pole, Alaska, a suburb of 
Fairbanks to plant another Grace Brethren church. 
It's called North Pole, not because of its geographic 
location — for it is 150 miles south of the Arctic 
Circle, but because it is one of the coldest places 
in the Arctic. Polly and I were only one year at 
North Pole when the Lord called us back to Ohio 
to pastor the church at Findlay, leaving a congrega- 
tion of 35 who were meeeting in a log house that 
had a sod roof. 

In Ohio, I was asked to assist the Northcentral 
Ohio District in planting new churches in that 
area. That year we saw eight new churches planted 
in the district. 

What goes around comes around. 

We were only one year at the Findlay, Ohio, 
Grace Brethren Church, and assisting in district 
missions, when Dr. Bob Thompson asked me to 

Homer, Alaska— 1978 

join the Home Missions 
Staff as the Eastern Field 
Director. With the North- 
central Ohio District's 
blessing, I accepted the 

It has now been nearly 
five years that I have served 
as the Eastern and 
Southern Director of 
Church Planting, with a 
travel schedule that 
averaged over 50,000 miles 
a year. We have seen many 
answers to prayer, many 
new churches planted, and 
have been blessed far beyond our fondest imagina- 
tion. (For a fisherman to live 20 feet from Winona 
Lake, well, "it don't get any better than that.") The 
Lord surely is good. 

Now, as of October of this year, Polly and I will 
move to Columbus, Ohio, and retire (better said, 
"change hats") because we have arrived at that 
age. The Grace Brethren Men have been very 
gracious and will allow me to lead them as their 
Executive Director once again. I will also assist the 
Northcentral and Northeastern Ohio Districts in 
their church-planting ministries. 

What goes around comes around. 

What a great privilege to serve a great God! 

As I look to the future and the potential ministry 
that can be developed by the men of the 
Fellowship, 1 am as excited as the day I quit the 
troops to lead the men's work the first time. I relate 
very well to Caleb of old, who said, "... give me 
this mountain." I also know, as Caleb knew, that 
the mountain is still possessed by the enemy, but 
I also know, as he did, that we serve a great God, 
and He knows we are here. 

These years I have had in the ministry, and the 
years spent with Home Missions, have been great 
and very rewarding times. The experiences, both 
positive and negative, have not dimmed my vision 

Lakeland, Florida Grace Brethren Church 

HERALD/ August IS, 1990 


at all, but have caused it to be sharpened. 

As I approach this new challenge. I also feel like 
Nehemiah as he looked to the rebuilding of the 
wall at Jerusalem. I am going to take the same tac- 
tic by going to prayer about the task, and 1 am go- 
ing to call the men across the nation to prayer. 

One of my goals for the future is to see a men's 
prayer time every week in each church in the 
Fellowship. This would be a time when the men 
pray with and for their pastors. For some churches, 
this is already an on-going ministry. I just feel it 
is something all men should be involved in. lb me, 
this makes a men's ministry functional instead of 
just existing as an organization. 

As Nehemiah had his Tbbiah and Sanballat, I am 
sure that we also will experience the opposition of 
Satan's workers. But as Nehemiah prayed and 
picked up the sword and trowel — God blessed. 

With this example from God's Word, 1 look for 
the men's ministry to serve in the Fellowship to the 
honor and glory of the Lord. And as Nehemiah saw 
revival through the rebuilding of the wall, we can 
see revival in our churches because of the prayers 
of men. 

Ed in his office at Grace Brethren Home Missions 





interest on 
O • 7 7 "/O investment 

passbook savings! 

(7% compounded annually) 

Your savings earn an exceptional interest 
rate as well as helping finance the building 
of new Grace Brethren churches. Your 
money works for the Lord and you! 

35 Years of Safety for Your Savings ! 

During our 35th year of service to our 
Fellowship we were able to assist nineteen 
Grace Brethren churches with loans. 
Because of your investments, we were able 
to advance $3,710,695 for Fellowship 
expansion and building projects. Praise 
God for an exciting and busy year! Your 
investments are greatly appreciated. 
Thanks for your confidence in this 
ministry and your continued support. 

Write or phone for additional information 
and a prospectus. 

Foundation, inc. 

SINCE 195 

"Investments with eternal values" 

P.O. Box 587 • Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 



A director of development for the 

Grace Christian School of 
Myerstown, PA, is being sought 
and resumes may be sent to 
Randy Maxson, chief administrator 
and principal. He may be con- 
tacted through the Grace Brethren 
Church of Myerstown, or by phone 
at 717/866-7891. 

Norton, OH. -The youth group, 9 
youth and 3 adults, spent some 
time at the Grace Brethren Church 
of Clayhole, KY, helping with Daily 
Vacation Bible School and clean- 
ing the church inside and out. 
Thirty years ago Ray Sturgill, the 
present pastor of the Clayhole 
church, helped with the youth work 
at the Norton (Barberton) Grace 
Brethren Church, and now the 
Norton youth are helping at 
Clayhole. Also, Bob Combs was 
originally from the Clayhole area. 
Roger Scarboro is the youth pastor 
and Robert Combs, pastor. 

Tim and Julie Hawkins were com- 
missioned for their missionary 
work in Portugal. They plan to go 
to the field this month. The com- 
missioning service was held on 
Sunday June 17 Those taking part 
were: Dick Conover and John 
Gurishner of Akron, OH; George 
Hawkins of Winona Lake, IN; 
Homer Miller of Ashland, OH; and 
Gene Moine and George Allen- 
baugh of Rittman, OH. Several of 
the pastors of the district spoke at 
the service- Doug Jensen of 
Cuyahoga Falls and Lee Dice of 
Wooster, OH. Mike Prentovich and 
Pastor Olszewski, both from the 
host church of Rittman, OH, also 
took part. Tim Hawkins was also 
licensed to the Christian ministry 
at the commissioning service. 

Clayhole, KY. The Grace Brethren 
Church celebrated its fiftieth 
anniversary on August 5, 1990. 

The Grace Brethren Church, 

Limestone, TN, welcomed Tom 
Kiefer to their pastoral staff on May 
22, 1990. He came from the 
Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church, 
Akron, OH, and was a recent 
graduate from Grace Theological 
Seminary, Winona Lake, IN. His 
main role as associate pastor will 
be to oversee children, youth, and 
young adult ministries. His wife, 
Laurie, gave birth to their second 
child, Joshua, ten days after their 

The position of youth pastor is 
open at the Martinsburg, PA, 
church. Chalmer Naugle, who has 
served in this capacity for six 
years, will be attending the Denver 
Theological Seminary in the fall. 
Resumes may be sent to Pastor 
Bill Snell if you have an interest in 
this ministry. 

IVIike Wingfield, pastor of the 
Grace Brethren Church, Lime- 
stone, TN, is the founder and presi- 
dent of a new ministry: Prophecy 
Today Ministries. This ministry 
publishes an eight-page monthly 
newsletter which relates current 
events to biblical prophecy. If you 
would like to receive a complimen- 
tary issue, please send a written 
request to: Prophecy Today 

Ministries, P.O. Box 97, Limestone, 
TN 37681, or call Pastor Wingfield 
at 1-615-257-2880. 

Anderson, SO -Tim Betz, one of 
the youth leaders at the Grace 
Brethren Church of Anderson, SC, 
is currently in the process of start- 
ing a puppet ministry team. Since 
the youth are starting from scratch 
and come from a small church, 
they cannot afford to buy a collec- 
tion of quality puppets. 

If you are interested in helping 
this youth group get the necessary 
materials, either by cash contribu- 
tion or supplying old quality 
puppets, kindly contact Mr. Betz in 
care of the Anderson church. 

Grace Village in Winona Lake, 
IN, a retirement and health care 
facility operated by a National 
Board of the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches, is looking for 
a Licensed Health Care 
Administrator and a General 
Administrator of the Retirement- 
Health Care facility or a combina- 
tion of the two positions in one. If 
interested, please send resume or 
inquiry to Mrs. Marie Owen, 2262 
So. Old Ditch Rd., Warsaw IN 
46580 (Phone 219-267-6454). 

Change Your Annual 

Collins, Benjamin. 

1 Hodges PI., Hinesville, 

GA 31313. 
Haag, Walter. 705 Twin 

Oaks Ave., Chula Vista, 

CA 92010. 
Immel, Howard. 510 N. 

Main St., London, OH 

Jenks, Dale. 455V2 Maple 

Ave., Saratoga Springs, 

NY 12866. (This is also 

the address for the 


Marling, Will. 7973 Central 
College Rd., New 
Albany, OH 43054. 

Shackelford, Dave. 5716 E. 
Parkcrest St., Long 
Beach, CA 90808. 

Smith, Mikal. 28355 
Camino Alcala, Sun 
City, CA 92355. 

Stallter, Tom. c/o Dale 
Terrell, 612 N. Miami, 
West Milton, OH 45383. 

Stevens, Bill. 6176 Sumter 
Dr., Rolling Acres, 
Brooksville, FL 34602 
(Tel. 904/799-3736), 

Teevan, John. 102 Apple 
Ct., Winona Lake, IN 
46590. (Tel. 


Pecoraro: Lisa Beth 
Lauffer and Richard 

Garfield Pecoraro, May 
19, 1990, were married 
at the Riverside Chris- 
tian School in Lost 
Creek, KY, by Pastor 
Ray Sturgill of the 
Clayhole Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Clayhole, KY 


Ybder, Billy, February 2, 
1990. He was a faithful 
member of the Summit 
Mills Grace Brethren 
Church, Meyersdale, 
PA, for many years. 
Albert Valentine, Pastor 

HERALD/ August 15. 1990 



The Waters of Bitterness Made Sweet 

A sermon by the late Dr. Alva J. McClain 

(Editor's note: The following has been adapted from a sermon Dr. McClain wrote which was 
among som.e of his papers and books sent last year to Morgan Library by his widow. Josephine 
McClain. who lives in Waterloo. Iowa. The sermon is dated December 4, 1921. when Dr. 
McClain was pastor of First Brethren Church of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Dr. McClain was 
one of the founders of Grace Theological Seminary and its president from 1937 until 1962.) 

* '*t>. 

"So Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea, and 
they went out into the wilderness ofShur: and 
they went three days in the wilderness, and 
found no water. 

"And when they came to Marah, they could not 
drink of the waters of Marah, for they were bitter: 
therefore the name of it was called Marah. And 
the people murmured against Moses, saying. 
"What shall we drink?" And he cried unto the 
Lord: and the Lord showed him a tree, which 
when he had cast into the waters, the waters 
were made sweet: there he made for them a 
statute and an ordinance, and there he proved 
them." — Exodus 15:22-25 

The greatest triumph in the whole history of 
Israel was the marvelous deliverance from the Red 
Sea, through which they had just passed, by the 
overthrow and destruction of Pharaoh and his 

The history of Israel is crowded with great 
experiences at the hand of God. The walls of 
Jericho, how they fell down, entirely at the hand 
of God. The battle against Amalek — Moses mere- 
ly held up his hands, and when they grew tired, 
the people supported him. The bread from heaven, 
the manna, the invasion of Sennacharib — how 
that when the nation of Israel was "up against it," 
the Angel of the Lord went forth and smote 
180,000 in one night and saved Israel! 

These are great experiences. But none of them 
ever paralleled the splendor of that moment when 
the people stood on the banks of the Red Sea and 
watched the rushing waters close forever over the 
heads of the tyrannical king of Egypt and his 
much-vaunted armies! 

So great and glorious was that deliverance at the 
Red Sea that it became the measure of God's holy 
power in the Scriptures. When the prophets and 
the singers wanted to proclaim Jehovah as a God 
of power, they spoke of Him as the God who 
brought the fathers up out of the land of Egypt and 
destroyed their enemies in the Red Sea. 

We might suppose that Israel would never forget 
such a magnificent and triumphant experience. 
Surely the memory of this experience would lead 
them to follow the path that God directs. But this 
is not what we find. Our expectation is not borne 
out. The notes of their triumphant song had 
scarcely passed away until we find them murmur- 
ing against God. 

"And when they came to Marah, they could not 
drink of the waters of Marah. for they were bitter." 
I think the lesson that we may draw from this verse 
is that the most triumphant experiences in life are 
often followed by the most vexing and trying 
circumstances. They had just passed through the 
Red Sea, and now they have come to water they 
cannot drink. 

Here is a people that God has chosen for His very 
own. He has delivered them out of the bondage of 
Egypt, He has delivered them out of the Sea; He 
has destroyed their enemies in the midst of the 
Sea; He has promised to lead them into a land flow- 
ing with milk and honey; He has declared that He 
will go before them and keep them in all their 
ways. And they are following God — 1 want you to 
remember that. They have turned their faces 
toward the "good land," and lo, they have gone but 
three days' journey when they come to the bitter 
waters that they cannot drink, and they murmur. 

Surely, this mystery can be explained. These 
people must have strayed from the definitely 
appointed path. This is what results when people 
disobey the voice of God. This experience is God's 
punishment for their disobedience. 

It sounds plausible as an explanation, but it is 
not true. Mark you, the nation of Israel is walking 
in the very path that God has laid out for them. 
As they walk that path, God is leading them and 
they come to the place where the waters are bitter. 

Doesn't it often happen like that in your life, and 
in mine? We have given ourselves, body, soul and 
spirit to Christ and He has delivered us wondrous- 
ly from the power of sin; we are walking in the 
path, conscious of His leading, and suddenly we 
come to the waters that are bitter. It seems 
impossible to drink of them. Yes, it is impossible 
to drink of them. We cannot do it. 

The waters of life are bitter when we lose prop- 
erty, when we lose our health, when loved ones are 
taken away from us, or when our friends forsake 
us and prove false. In all these things we come to 
the "waters of Marah." 

It is true sometimes that God permits trials to 
come into our lives to chastise us from straying 
from the right path. So we would have every Chris- 
tian turn the searchlight within and see whether 
he is in the will of God. 

But the great central truth of the text is that God 
sometimes permits us to suffer affliction even 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 


when we are walking in the right path. There are 
some people that do not believe that, but we do. 
Some people think that whenever you are sick or 
get into trouble, you are lost, or something like 
that. But it is not true! These people were walking 
in the path of God, and they came to the waters 
and could not drink. 

Was it not true of our Lord? Can you find any 
sin in Him? Was He ever selfish? And yet, walking 
in the very path God had appointed Him, He was 
led into the garden of Gethsemane and to the 
Cross itself. Sometimes things come into our lives 
that are hard to bear, even when we are in the path 
of God and in His will. Sometimes He permits us 
to get into trouble. 

"And the people murmured against Moses." 
The lesson that is taught here is that the greatest 
services of life are often soon forgotten. Moses had 
been a great leader, hadn't he? He had forsaken 
Egypt where he might have had every material ad- 
vantage; he had cast his lot with a despised nation 
of slaves in order that he might faithfully lead the 
people into the "land of promise." The book of 
Hebrews testified that Moses was faithful as a 
leader, and yet Israel had forgotten Moses' faithful 
service in three short days. They had forgotten the 
10 plagues that he had brought upon the land of 
Egypt, in order that they might be free; forgotten 
the Red Sea; forgotten the enemy overcome. And 
they murmured as if it were Moses' fault that the 
waters were bitter! 

Is it not a universal trait of human nature today? 
We still contend with the flesh. We cannot count 
ourselves a great deal better than these Israelites. 

Such murmuring is against God in the final 
analysis. Moses had not chosen the path that 
brought the people to Marah. God chose it. God 
was leading. And our experience may indeed be 
bitter, but let us not forget that when we murmur, 
it is against God, for the bitter experiences come 
only by His 'permission. That is one of the blessed 
facts in His Word. Romans 8:28 — 'And we know 
that all things work together for good to them that 
love God, to them who are the called according to 
His purpose." Because that is true, 1 shall rest in 
Him, being fully persuaded that when He has 
allowed me to suffer sufficiently. He will take me 
out. I believe that is what the Word of God teaches. 
So, let us not forget that when we murmur about 
our circumstances, we are really murmuring 
against God Himself. 

"And he cried unto the Lord." I love that! Moses 
cried unto the Lord when the people murmured. 
The lesson is that it is better to pray than to resign. 
It is better to pray when the way is hard. It mat- 
ters not what it is. 

Note the contrast — the people murmured 
against Moses, but Moses cried unto the Lord. 
There is a difference. Some people murmur and 
some pray. Thank God for those who pray. They 
are the ones that help us. Moses could have 
turned around and murmured against the people. 

He might have said. "Have I not guided you where 
God directed? Am I God that I can cause streams 
of pure water to break forth? Is the bitter water 
more of a hardship to you than to me?" He might 
have answered their murmuring thus, but he did 
not. He kept still but cried only unto the Lord. 

Moses could have resigned officially but he did 
not do that. He prayed! It is better to pray than to 
resign, no matter the circumstances. Don't resign 
and then pray. Pray first, and then there will be no 
occasion for resignation. 

Then the greatest of all blessing. In the midst 
of difficulty the Lord showed him the tree which 
he cast into the waters. The waters were made 
sweet! The lesson is this: For every bitter ex- 
perience in the Christian's life there is an antidote. 
No matter how bitter it may become there is 
always something that will always sweeten. Have 
you lost money? They use gold for paving material 
in that city whose builder and maker is God. This 
is where our citizenship is! Have you lost your 
home? Then remember the place Christ is prepar- 
ing for you! Have you lost loved ones? Think and 
meditate upon that new heaven and new earth 
where God shall wipe away all tears! Have you suf- 
fered much from bodily pain? Remember that "our 
light affliction which is but for a moment, works 
for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of 
glory." Have you been humbled— ^'stepped on" 
perhaps? Humiliated? Then remember that "he 
that is abased shall be exalted." It doesn't matter 
what your experience may be, God always has an 
antidote for it just as He did for the bitter waters. 

Moses did not discover the remedy. A native of 
the country did not point it out. God showed him 
the tree. Apart from God, life must always remain 
a bitter thing. 

Note that it was a tree that sweetened the waters. 
1 love that! So, there is a tree which alone is able 
to sweeten the waters of life which are bitter — the 
tree on which our Lord was made a curse for 
us — the cross! The cross of Christ sweetens life. 
Ask the men who have suffered, who have come 
again and again to the waters of Marah. They will 
bear no uncertain testimony that this tree turns 
ashes into garlands of flowers that never fade. They 
can tell you best how God sweetens the bitter 
experiences of life. 

So, fellow Brethren, here is something that we 
must remember. We cannot side-step the bitter 
experiences of life. Let us settle that here in our 
hearts. We will come upon them even when we 
tread the way which leads unto life. Though our 
path today may be strewn with roses, rest assured 
that in time we will come to the waters of Marah. 

And when we come to them and cannot drink, 
let us not murmur. Let us, by faith, take the won- 
drous cross of Christ and cast it into the waters so 
they will be made sweet. The cross of Christ will 
not keep you from bitter waters but thank God that 
it will make them sweet. 

HERALD/ August 15. 1990 



Are You Part of a 
Growing WMC? 

How can we tell whetJier our WMC group is grow- 
ing? We can count the number of women who at- 
tend the meetings and compare that number with 
the size of our group a year ago, or five years ago. 
But can we see evidence that the WMC members 
are growing in the Lord? Here are some character- 
istics that should be developing in our groups as 
they grow. You might want to discuss these 
evidences at your first meeting this year as you set 
growth goals for your group. This list is not 
comprehensive-your group may want to add other 
evidences to your list. 

A GROWING WM.C. . . . 

• Has members who enjoy meeting together. 

• Gives each lady opportunities to use her gifts to 
help the group. 

• Emphasizes service for others rather than 
convenience for ourselves. 

• Encourages its members to contribute to group 
unity by being willing to consider the ideas and 
suggestions of others above their own. 

• Keeps the pastor and church leaders informed 
of the group's progress and activities, and 
welcomes input from them. 

• Is eager to meet missionaries who are on home 
ministries and to help them feel welcome. 

• Actively seeks opportunities to help and 
encourage missionaries on the field through 
correspondence and special projects. 

• Can count on its members to pray specifically 
for the needs of other individuals in the group, 
in their church and around the world. 

• Encourages both the older and the younger 
members to respect and appreciate each other, 
and to support one another in their spiritual 

• Consists of ladies who are reaching out with love 
to those around them. 


June, July, August 

WMC Operating Expenses 
Goal: $8,000 

Send before September 10 

, i,.*1*W<t 


Discovering how to use a womgin's God-given gift 

for intimacy to become a reflection of Christ and 

an agent of His love in the lives of others. 

Theme Passage: John 15:12-14 NIV 

"My command is this: Lxjve each other as I have 

loved you. No one has greater love than the one 

who lays down his life for his friends. You are 

my friends if you do what I command." 

Theme Song: "What a Friend We Have 
in Jesus" 

Theme Chorus: "This Is My Commandment" 


Several versions of the "Friendship Quilt" were 
popular in this country from Colonial times through 
the nineteenth century. Frequently, these quilts 
were made by young women for purely social 
reasons. A "friendship melody party", usually a sur- 
prise party, would be given by a girl's best friend. 
Each guest would fashion her own pattern from 
fabrics she had at home, and any materials that 
were needed for setting the blocks together would 
be supplied by the person giving the party. Each 
block in the completed quilt, therefore, would be dif- 
ferent in design and color. Later, the girl for whom 
the melody party was given would reciprocate by 
inviting the same group to a quilting bee at her 
home. (Continued on page 13) 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 


(Continued from page 12) 

Sometimes the group of friends would settle on 
a basic motif for the quilt, then each quilter would 
design and make a block, carrying out the friend- 
ship idea by signing her name. Another version of 
this quilt was to have a quilter ask each of her 
friends to supply material for a block, and then 
complete the entire quilt herself, using the cloth 
donations as a reminder of her friends. 

Similar to the Friendship Quilt was the Album 
Quilt or Presentation Quilt. This quilt was made 

in blocks, each block a different design, created by 
the qdilter making it, who also supplied the 
material. In most instances the block was signed 
with an embroidered signature. The quilt, when 
set together and quilted, was presented to a 
minister, the minister's wife, a teacher, a family 
leaving the area, or a leader in the community, as 
an expression of friendship. 

Sources: Quilting As a Hobby by Dorothy 
Brightbill; Quilting Manual by Dolores A. Hinson; 
Quilt World magazine, May/June 1981. 


'ur beautiful residences are ready 
for immediate occupancy. Visit us and 
see for yourself why others have already 
chosen to enjoy all the advantages of life at 
Grace Community. 

Carefree, independent living . . . privacy and 
security . . . continuing health care ... are 
waiting for you right now, right here. Let the 
start of a new decade be the start of a won- 
derful new life for you at Grace Community! 

You're welcome 
I right now at... 

Please send me a free brochure on Grace 
Community, ready now for immediate occupancy. 

Please PRINT plainly. 








a continuing care residential community 

sponsored by 

Myerstown Grace Brethren Church 

(717) 866-3200 or 

Call Toll Free: 1-800-223-5704 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 



Artists' rendering of proposed building for Grace Brethren Church, Cincinnati, Ohio 
"Trusting God for Great Things Together" 

An Unusual Approach for Building at Cincinnati, Ohio 

By Ned Denlinger, Administrator and Mike Clapham, Pastor 

The land has been purchased. The building 
plans have been fine-tuned and approved. All that 
remains is to raise the necessary funds to build the 
new facility debt free. It sounds so simple -- allow 
God to pay for the project before it is even started! 
This is the essence of the "Constructing the 
Vision" program at the Cincinnati GBC. It is an 
unusual approach, one that requires significant 
faith. But before describing it in detail, perhaps we 
should relate how this adventure first began. 

It began with a vision. It is a vision of reaching 
lost souls for Jesus Christ. It is a vision of disci- 
pling believers so that they in turn might spiritual- 
ly reproduce themselves. It is a vision of planting 
New Tfestament churches in the Greater Cincinnati 
area and beyond. The vision is for us to be used 
by God to advance His kingdom until He, in His 
perfect timing, returns to call us home. 

As the dream took shape, we were able to ar- 
ticulate the philosophy of ministry behind it as 
well. Every church, every spiritual leader, and 
every believer should desire to see God's kingdom 
advanced as His Spirit leads us and empowers us 
to accomplish what is humanly impossible. How 
do we set out to achieve the unachievable? This is 
what distinguishes church from church, pastor 
from pastor, and believer from believer. The task 
that needs to be completed is not up for dispute; 
God has given us our marching orders! How we ac- 
complish it means everything as we consider our 
spiritual gifts, our culture, our circumstances, and 
the resources that God has given us. While we 
must keep in mind that Biblical principles Eire not 
to be violated, God has given us a variety of 
methods to finish the task at hand. 

Our philosophy is dependent upon a diversity of 
people who are unified in fulfilling a singular pur- 
pose. Cincinnati GBC has attracted and cultivated 
ministry minded people who share the vision to 
use their spiritual gifts to help the local body ad- 
vance His kingdom. As a result, whenever we have 
asked for resources that will lead directly to the 
ministry of changed lives, God has provided abun- 
dantly through our people. 

The story begins in the early summer of 1986. 
The church in Cincinnati was prepared to go total- 
ly "self-supporting" on September 1st. Many were 
involved with a diligent search for property where 
we could build a pemanent facility. Then it hap- 
pened! We began to pray -- consistently and 
fervently, and God answered our prayers. 

Shortly before National Conference, one of the 
couples in our church, Dave and Sue Collins, 
discovered an available piece of property that met 
our three basic criteria: 

1) It must be close to 1-71, 1-75, or 1-275 to pro- 
vide accessibility. 

2) It must be a minimum of 5 acres to meet 
building requirements. 

3) It must be affordable. 

It was the last requirement that ultimately drove 
us to our knees. From the human perspective, we 
were asking God for the impossible since the go- 
ing rate at that time was at least $50,000 per acre. 
The living God answered with overwhelming 
abundance! He provided us six acres for the price 
of one and the property had been on the market 
for over five years! 

Since the church was about to go self-supporting 
and was seriously considering the purchase of 


HERALD/ August 15, 1990 


property, the leadership team came to pastor Mike 
with what appeared to be a reasonable request. It 
involved preaching a series on giving and biblical 
stewardship. The request was considered by Pastor 
Mike, but because of a personal commitment he 
had made to the Lxjrd years before, he suggested 
an alternative approach which was acceptable to 
all involved. 

An invitation was extended to Ned Denlinger, 
who at the time was serving at the TVoy, Ohio GBC, 
to teach on biblical stewardship for four weeks. Ned 
was willing to "commute" to Cincinnati during the 
month of October. God's timing and choice were 
clear and unmistakable. We had already made the 
commitment to pay cash for the property even 
though our numbers were few and our families 
were young. During those four weeks two incred- 
ible things happened! First, we raised the 
necessary funds to buy the land and second, the 
Lord planted the seed for something even more 

It took approximately two years for that seed to 
germinate. After the property was purchased, the 
leadership team began to dream. Since we trusted 
the Lord to "do the impossible" with the land, why 
not do the same with the building? By the time 
we had secured an circhitect, the body was begin- 
ning to grasp the vision as well. 11 Corinthians 12:9 
became our rallying point. Because of the Lord's 
sufficient grace. He desires to perfect His power 
through our weakness. 

As we considered what our building should look 
like, how large it should be, and how the rooms are 
laid out, the first question asked was "Why do we 
need a building?" What ministries are we current- 
ly successful with that can be improved with the 
use of our own building? What future ministries 
do we have gifted people for, but require a facility 
to accomplish? Through our people, God answered 
these questions. We developed lists of reasons of 
how a permanent building could aid us in reaching 
our community, and serve as a launching pad for 
ministries in the greater Cincinnati area and 

Next we pursued how the building should be 
constructed and what its floor plan and features 
should be. We contracted to have architectural 
drawings made of our vision. These drawings have 
since been completed and unanimously approved 
by our congregation. The cost of the drawings was 
$25,000, half of which was paid for by the en- 
couraging support of the Southern Ohio District 
of Grace Brethren Churches. The rest was raised 
by our own people as we understood this to be the 
next step in our building ministry. 

During the time that the drawings were being 
assembled, our leadership concluded that the Lord 
was leading us to build debt free as well. We 
presented this position to our people and it too was 
affirmed unanimously! Some of our main reasons 

for this decision are as follows: 

1) Being a ministry minded church, we don't 
want the burden of long term debt to distract from 
our participation in local, district, and global 

2) Being an evangelistic church, we want to in- 
vite the unchurched without any expectations that 
we need them for financial reasons. 

3) Having a desire to be involved in church 
planting, we want to be in a position to fund future 
churches around the globe. 

4) Being desirous of God's will and timing, we 
feel that His provision of the finances through His 
people is perhaps the best door that He can open 
and close. Using the philosophy that we could bor- 
row, it would be easy to build in our timing, 
perhaps missing out on God's best for us. 

Since we trusted the Lord to 

**do the impossible** with the 

landf why not do the same with 

the building? 

We established a plan to raise funds that has 3 
stages. Stage 1 was to challenge our church body 
of approximately 30 families to pledge sacrificial- 
ly. They subsequently pledged to give $100,000 
above their regular giving from July through 
December of 1989. This was an exciting commit- 
ment, in that it is well beyond our operating 
budget for the entire year! When December 31st 
came and not all of the funds were in, we con- 
tinued to pray, and a month later we saw our goal 
exceeded by almost $10,000! 

Having successfully concluded Stage I, we are 
now launching the second stage of our plan. We 
believe that with a total of $250,000, we can break 
ground, erect the building, and have a functional 
facility. Stage 3 would be the raising of funds to 
put the finishing touches on the interior of the 
building, as well as provide furnishings and equip- 
ment. Obviously, we need to raise an additional 
$150,000 before we can break ground, lb ac- 
complish this goal, we are trusting God to move 
in the hearts of many people and several local 
churches to provide the necessary funds to initiate 
the construction process, hopefully by September 
1st, 1990. 

The goal of Stage 2, "Constructing the Vision", 
is to confirm God's will for our church body to 
begin construction this year. God can confirm His 
desire by providing $150,000, or He can close the 
door whereby we will acknowledge His perfect 
plan and timing for our church. 

Therefore, in an effort to be good stewards and 
"Count the Cost" of our project, we are seeking 
150 commitments of $1,000, which when raised, 

(Continued on page 18) 

HERALD/ August 15, 1990 



Meet Your Missionaries 

The following are photos of missionaries on Home Ministries this summer. Missionaries attending 
Field Superintendent Meetings in Richmond, Virginia, include: Jack and Rosa Churchill, Dave and 
Karen Daugherty, Larry De Armey, Dave and Sue Guiles, Rich and Kathy Harrell, Clay Hulett. George 
Johnson, Bill Kiddoo, Cecil O'Dell, Dan Ramsey, Walt Poupart, and Ralph and Martha Schwartz. 
Elie Namsene, president of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren churches in the Central African Republic, 
and Pastor Ivanildo TYindadefrom Brazil are also visiting the United States this conference season. 

Rosella Cochran 

Central African 


Dave and Sue Guiles 

Daniel. Mark, Jonathan 


Rich and Kathy Harrell 

Margaret Hul 


ltd. Kristen. and Carrie 



Paul, Louise, and 

Phillip Klawitter 


Betsy Morris 

Margie Morris 

Central African 





S '> 










Chris and Carolyn Nord 

Sarah, Jonathan, Stephanie 


Marian Thurston 

Central African 


Evelyn "ftchetter 

Central African 


Barb Wooler 

Central African 



HERALD/ August 15. 1990 


Earle and Dorothy Hodgdon 

Martin and Beverley Garber 
Central African Republic 

^ ^^ ^ 


Paul and Berta Kuns 

Adam, Emily 

Central African Republic 

Tfed and Vivien Ruiz 

David, Rebecca 






f - ' "^ 






Gary, Jean, and Jonathan Austin 
Central African Republic 

Dave and Susie Hobert 

Emilie, Julie, Ryan 


Dave and Kathy Manduka 

Christopher, Daniel, Anne 


Tbm and Sharon Stalker 

Erin, Megan, Nathan 
Central African Republic 

Larry and Vicki DeArmey 

David, Marc, Ginette, Luc, Mathieu 


Bob and Brenda Juday 

Harold and Margaret Mason 
Central African Republic 

Jack and Marilyn Wainwright 

Timmy, Brian, Philip, Rebecca 

Central African Republic 

HERALD/ August 15, 1990 



(Continued from page 15) 

would hopefully be received by September 1, 1990. 
In other words, we want to receive commitments 
of 150 units of $1,000 before anyone sends any 
money. In this manner, everyone taking part has 
become a member of the team which makes it 
possible for us to begin the construction process. 
As of late June, we have diligently worked to 
solicit the prayers of hundreds of believers around 
the world for our project. With those whom we feel 
might be interested, we have shared the vision of 
our church and asked for them to consider making 
a financial commitment. While the concept has 
been overwhelmingly appreciated, we have yet to 
receive the necessary financial commitments. In 
His wisdom, the Lord may be telling us that it is 
not our plan that is going to work, but His Spirit 
that provides exceedingly abundantly above what 
we could think or ask. Therefore, we are still 

looking to God, the Creator of this universe, to 
provide what is necessary to see our vision 
accomplished. Should our target date come and 
go without sufficient commitments to break 
ground, it will be apparent that His timing for our 
project is yet to be revealed. 

As we have encouraged many to do in the past 
months, we ask you to join us in prayer as we 
pursue this worthy effort. We pray that when our 
building is complete, that all who hear the story 
will come to the conclusion that "God did it." Un- 
til that time, we will continue to pursue our vision. 
A vision of reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ. A 
vision of discipling believers so that they in turn 
might spiritually reproduce themselves. A vision 
of planting New Testament churches in order to 
advance His kingdom until the Lord returns to call 
us home. 

Plan now for your financial future 

A Grace Schools annuity brings regular income for you 

Guaranteed income for life 

Non-fluctuating payments 

Liberal income tax savings 

Savings of estate and inheritance taxes 

No re-investment problem 

Partnership in a vital Christian ministry 

Clip this coupon and maii it to us for free, no obligation information. 

Grace Schools, Inc. 

Attn: Dr. William Male Name 

Planned Giving Officer 

200 Seminary Drive Address _ 

Winona Lake, Indiana 

(219)372-5100 City 

Toll-free 1-800-54-GRACE (U.S.) 
1 -800-845-2930 (in Indiana) Telephone . 



Date of birth 


HERALD/ August 15. 1990 

WMC Reading Circle 


by Margaret Jensen 

On February 19. 1934 Margaret Jensen entered Chicago's 
Norwegian American Hospital to begin her nurse's training. 
Here you will meet many of the patients, co-workers and 
doctors she met over the years, share their suffering and 
their triumphs and marvel at the power of faith and 


by V. Raymond Edman 

"Every now and then." writes V. Raymond Edman, "we 
come across a life that is radiant, revealing a richness, a 
warmth, a triumph that intrigues and challenges us." These 
are the kinds of lives to offer as models for our young peo- 
ple, for ourselves. This book traces the lives of 20 such peo- 
ple .. . D. L. Moody. Walter Wilson. J. Hudson Tkylor and 17 


by Barbara Flory Reed 

A thrilling story of modern missionary pioneering in the 
jungles of the Philippines. Russell and Barbara Reed thought 
they had spent eight "fruitless" years learning the Tkwbuid 
language . . . but God used them in a marvelous way. 

WMC Study Guide for 1990-1991 


by Dee Brestin 

She will make you cry and laugh as she takes a close look 
at the power and pain in female relationships. 

For other WMC literature remember to use the WMC order 
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Grace Village 
Retirement ^ 

the fourth dimension 

in retirement Uving, 


Comprehensive Nursing Care 

Our licensed comprehensive care program provide residents 
with hospital-level care in a warm, home-like environment. 

Robin Hood Leisure Homes 

The Grace Village community also includes one and two- 
bedroom apartment homes for independent living without 
the worry of interior or exterior maintenance. 

Residential Care Apartments 

The residental care program provides those more dependent 
members of the Grace Village complex with extra assistance 
based on individual needs. 

Retirement Complex Apartments 

Within the Grace Village Retirement Complex, you can choose 
from a variety of floor plans, ranging from two-bedroom 
apartments to efficiency suites. 

For more information on the Grace Village senior 
living plan that best meets your needs - or those 
of someone you love -- contact us today. 

Grace Village 
Retirement Community 

Rev. Sherwood Durkee, Administrator 

Wooster Rd., RO. Box 337 

Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 

Phone: (219) 372-6200 


P.O. Box 544 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Address Correction Requested 

Nonprofit Org. 
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Sfe^t'ember IS. 19 






■/^st"*^ ■•>«». "^ 



^jMkyrilcs, Ed an 

• Foreign Missions 


^ J - 
- • Home Missions 

Confi^refice N V. 

Wrap-up (Pages^ i 


Wherever you are ... 

You should be a Herald Corporation Member. 

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There are a couple of in- 
dividuals to whom I would like 
to express my thanks. They 
have worked hard at their tasks 
and have done a very good job. 
Since they are about to take 
leave of their present duties, it 
is time to say, "Thanks". 

The individuals are Ed 
Jackson of Grace Brethren 
Home Missions and Sherwood 
Durkee of Grace Village. Ed has 
served as the field represen- 
tative in the eastern part of the 
United States to help Home 
Missions churches and pastors. 
Sherwood has served as ad- 
ministrator at Grace Village. Ed 
will be returning to a great love 
of his — working with men in a 
number of projects. Sherwood 
will be working in some new 
area of interest. 

It has been a pleasure to 
know Ed Jackson — he is 
refreshing, open and never 
finds a challenge too big or too 
hard. 1 knew his folks in 
Rittman, Ohio when 1 pastored 
there. Ed was a State Trooper in 
Ohio and he served the men 
and boys works in the Brethren 
church. When you get to know 
Ed, you will learn not to be sur- 
prised. He held pastorates in 
Alaska and then in Florida . . . 
if that is not variety, 1 do not 
know what variety is all about. 
To me, Ed seems to be a kind of 
Pied Piper of men. 

Ed can get men involved as 
very few people have done in 
the Grace Brethren Church. In 
the early days of our fellowship 
of churches, R. Paul Miller 
would have men putting up 
tents and pulling them down 
and having them do jobs they 
had not even thought about 

Ed has that same ability. He 
is mobile, from the Navajo work 
to Iowa district conference to 
heaven alone knows where next 
week. Polly was right there with 
Ed and she always has 

that smile. Ed, you may be 
changing addresses, buf I know 
God has some good things in 
store as you inspire men to 
reach their full potential. 
Thanks for the work thus far, 
we will be hearing more from 
you in the future. Hopefully, the 
Lord will protect the rest of us 
because you will probably have 
us doing things we have never 
even thought about until you 
show up. 

Sherwood Durkee, my thanks 
to you for doing a job that cer- 
tainly was a big one. Living 
next door to the village at 
Winona. I saw it all happen. 
You, my friend, have kept dust 
on my window sill for years. 
One project followed another 
and addition after addition was 
built at the village. When I was 
too busy to find time to speak 
at another chapel program, I 
somehow made it for you, the 
Lord and all of the good people 
at Grace Village. 

The village grew and new 
rooms were added. New health 
care facilities went into place. 
Very few people realize how 
much it took to do what need- 
ed to be done or even had the 
vision to see what could be 
done. What a changed place 
from the one you took over 
years ago! 1 just went by the 
village and walked through the 
new independent housing now 
under construction. You had a 
vision and you did it so quietly 
that many missed what was be- 
ing accomplished. It is a big 
area now and it took millions of 
dollars and careful oversight to 
bring it to pass. 1 was next door 
and watched it all happen! 

What you have done for per- 
sons who have needed this kind 
of care is great. To you and 
Joyce a big vote of thanks from 
all of us in the brotherhood. 

So, to Ed and Sherwood and 
Polly and Joyce the best to you 
as you continue to serve Him 
and others. 

Ed and 

by Charles W. Turner 

Ed Jackson 

Sherwood Durkee 

HERALD/ September 15, 1990 


Brethren Missionary 

Volume 52 No. 9 

September 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 

Thanks, Ed 
and Sherwood 

Charles W. Thrner 
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Richmond, VA 

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HERALD/ August 15. 1990 

Your Savings make 
Church Building 


Licking County GBC, Pataskala. Ohio 

Dublin, Ohio 

Harrah, Washington 

Lititz, Pennsylvania 

Foundation, inc. 

SINCE 1955 

'Investments with eternal values" 

P.O. Box 587 • Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 


Portugal Team 

A highlight of National Con- 
ference was the commissioning 
of the team to Portugal. In 1988 
investigative work was done by 
Rev. and Mrs. John Zielasko in 
Portugal as a first step in open- 
ing this field for Grace Brethren 
Missions. As a result of their 
challenge, seven missionaries 
were commissioned on Thurs- 
day, August 2, as the pioneer 
team for church planting in that 

Rev. Ralph Schwartz and his 
wife, Martha, formerly served as 
missionaries in Brazil. Ralph is 
currently pastor of the Santa 
Maria Grace Brethren Church in 
California. They have committed 
themselves to Portugal, and if 
their support is available, they 
will join Tim and Julie Hawkins, 
who depart in September to 
begin language study. Later, they 
will welcome Ken and Kim Burk. 
Miss Margaret Hull, who has just 
finished 25 years of ministry in 

After 25 years of 
missionary service 
in the Central 
African Republic, 
Margaret Hull is 
commissioned to 

Africa, will be transferring to 
Portugal to be a part of the team. 
Joining them in the commis- 
sioning Service was Bess Farrell, 
appointed as a career missionary 
to the church-planting team of 
Mexico City. Bess has already 

served in Mexico City from the 
Grace Brethren Church in Long 
Beach (CA). 

A total of 53 missionaries were 
present at National Conference 
in Richmond (VA). 

Foreign and Home 
Missions Bond 
Together Fbr Ministry 

Grace Brethren Home and 
Foreign Missions shared the 
opening Missions Rally on Sun- 
day evening of National Con- 
ference. This Rally featured 
testimonies from church- 
planting teams around the 
world, both in the United States 
and abroad. 

In their opening remarks, 
Larry Chamberlain and Tom 
Julien, Directors of Home and 
Foreign Missions, shared ways 
that the two organizations have 
been working together and ex- 
pressed the desire that this team- 
work continue. Both organiza- 
tions share the same philosophy 
of ministry — that of serving local 
churches and their Great Com- 
mission ministries. 

It was pointed out that the 
world is not divided between 
home and foreign, but Jesus has 

sent us to Jerusalem, Judea, 
Samaria, and the uttermost 

In a feature media presenta- 
tion, tiny points of light on maps 
both of the United States and of 
the world indicated that the 
Fellowship has seen significant 
growth during the past 50 years. 
This encourages many in the 
goal of seeing every church 
involved in planting a new 
church during the next 10 years. 

Plans Discussed 
for an International 

One of the goals of the 
Fellowship strategy is the crea- 
tion of an international fellow- 
ship of Grace Brethren churches. 
The Fellowship Council has 
assigned this goal to Grace 
Brethren Foreign Missions. 
Participants in discussions con- 
cerning an international 
fellowship included Pastor Ellie 

Namsene from the Central 
African Republic, and Pastor 
Ivanildo Tttndade from Brazil. 

Steps discussed toward a closer 
fellowship between churches 
worldwide: the identification of 
churches and leaders from coun- 
tries with Grace Brethren chur- 
ches and the establishment of a 
communication network; the ex- 
change of pastors internationally; 
a conference of delegates from 
each country in 1995; and the 
eventual creation of a missionary 
society that would allow nationals 
of any country to become mis- 
sionaries to any other country. 

The coordination of these steps 
will be largely under the respon- 
sibility of the regional coordi- 
nators of the four continents 
where Grace Brethren mission- 
aries are serving. Plans are 
already made to bring together 
representatives from the Latin 
American churches during the 
coming year in an effort to bond 
together for ministry. 


HERALD/ September 15, 1990 


Church Planting 

The National Strategy Com- 
mittee has assigned to Grace 
Brethren Home and Foreign Mis- 
sions the task of tracking new 
church planting around the 
world. In the United States, 
many new churches are started 
directly as daughter churches 
from existing congregations. 
Further, a number of ethnic 
churches have begun through 
the efforts of other congre- 

In other countries much of the 
church planting is done by 
nationals rather than mission- 
aries. The most dramatic exam- 
ple of this is in the heart of Africa 
where there is rapid church 
growth both in the number of 
congregations and in the num- 
ber of members. At a meeting of 

Grace Brethren pastors in the 
city of Bangui, it was asked why 
American Christians were not as 
interested in churches planted 
by nationals as those planted by 
missionaries. The answer is lack 
of communication. It is hoped 
that in coming months, a system 
of tracking new churches will be 
developed so that churches all 
over the world will be able to 
rejoice at the birth of new 

In order to accomplish this, the 
assignment was made to Home 
and Foreign Missions to define 
the basic elements of the New 
Tfestament Church. The purpose 
of this assignment was to define 
the criteria that would distin- 
guish between an organized 
church and any group of Chris- 
tians meeting together for prayer 
or study. This document was pre- 
sented to the Fellowship Council 

GBFM Board 
in the prayer of 
at National 
Conference in 
Richmond (VA). 

Board Sees Progress 

Much of the focus of the 
annual meeting of the Board of 
Ti"ustees of Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions was on the 
progress of ministry in 12 fields 
where Grace Brethren mission- 
aries are serving. The presence 
of the field superintendents 
allowed board members to have 
firsthand information and to 
make decisions on the basis of 
field representation. A large 
number of missionaries were 
interviewed during the week 
and were approved for return to 
the fields. Tom and MaryAnn 

Barlow were appointed for mis- 
sionary service to France. 

The new nominees for the 
board for next year are the 
following: Pastor Jay Bell from 
Long Beach (CA), Pastor Roger 
Wambold from Telford (PA), 
Pastor Terry Hofecker from 
Northwest Chapel in Columbus 
(OH), and Pastor Steve Tkylor 
from Aiken (SC). Pastor Tkylor 
was nominated from the floor 
during the annual corporation 
meeting at National Conference. 
The lay nominee will be submit- 
ted at a later date. 

and will be reviewed during the 
coming year. 

Field Leaders Meet 
in Richmond 

A leadership council included 
the 12 field superintendents of 
Grace Brethren Foreign Mis- 
sions, two board members, and 
the home office administrative 
staff. They met for a week of 
reflection and planning July 
16-20. This meeting was the first 
time since 1985 that the field 
superintendents gathered, and 
some of them were meeting col- 
leagues for the first time ever. 

The week was spent in sharing 
reports from the field, studying 
leadership principles, and work- 
ing through strategies for the 
1990s. The highlight of the week 
was a communion service led by 
Roger Peugh on the final 

Out of this meeting grew 10 
mission goals for the 1990s 
presented to the board of trustees 
and adopted the following week: 
100 active missionaries by the 
year 2000; 100 new churches; 10 
new countries; five new people 
groups; 50 new national elders 
who meet the scriptural 
qualifications for eldership; each 
missionary to seek a Great Com- 
mission partner in each support- 
ing church; 100 World Mission 
Churches in the U.S.; yearly 
visits from U.S. pastors to each 
continent; establishment of a 
million-dollar endowment fund; 
and participation in the develop- 
ment of an international 

Ninety Years 

On September 4, a ceremony 
was held under the trees at 
Winona Lake (IN), to com- 
memorate 90 years of ministry 
for Grace Brethren Foreign Mis- 
sions. At that spot in 1900, Jacob 
Cassel and 53 others met to com- 
mit themselves to getting the 
gospel to "the foreign field." 

HERALD/ September 15. 1990 


WMC President's Address 

to National Conference 

In WMC this year we truly did "Go ... to all the 

Beginning in September with Marie Mishler 
urging us to "go in love." we learned that we should 
go in response to His great love in sending His Son 
to die for us. Marie learned to love the Africans 
personally because of God's great love for her. 

In October, June Immel encouraged us to go in 
obedience because "God commands us to go." 
Althea Miller in November said. "Go . . . expect- 
antly," for Psalm 62:5 states: "My expectation is 
from Him." 

December's mission study by Alice Peacock 
from Argentina emphasized, "Go . . . and find." 
She encouraged us to go. find and ask, for a lost 
world awaits us. 

Brenda Juday. who works with her husband in 
the Philippines, declared in February, "Go . . . and 
tell." This command is not for the career mis- 
sionary only, but for every one of us to be ready 
to give an answer for the hope that is in us. 

Alice Haag, retired missionary to Mexico, wrote 
in March, "Go . . . and teach." We are to teach God's 
ways that transgressors will be converted. Many 
times this is done by simply sharing our own 
testimony of what God has done for us. 

In April, Becky Kiddoo urged us to "go and shcire 
. . . joyfully." Becky said. "The Christian's joy 
depends not on his circumstances but on the 
eternal promises of God keeping him going when 
things are hard." 

In May, Nancy Graham from Japan wrote, "Go 
. . . swiftly." As in America. Japan is in a 
hurry — rushing everywhere, but no time for Christ. 

Thirty-nine people die as I say these words. 
Every hour 5,417 people go to meet their Maker. 
What am I doing to reach them with the Gospel 


before it is too late? 

In June, Brenda Welling, Mexico, pointed out in 
her devotional that we should, "Go ... to glorify 
God." (I Chron. 16:24, 25) "Declare His glory 
among the nations, his marvelous deeds among 
all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy 
of praise . . . ." 

In July. Marilyn Salazar, former missionary to 
Spain, cheered, "Go WMC, go!" Marilyn urged, 
"Doors are opening around the world as never 
before." Rev. 3:8: "Behold, I have set before thee 
an open door . . ." As Marilyn encouraged us, "let 
us go in and possess the uttermost parts of the 
world" in the strength and power of the Lord. 

Althea Miller in her August summary of this 
year's devotions said, "Give Him the sacrifice of 
your body. Be a joyous modern-day missionary." 
Rom. 12:12: "I implore you by the mercies of God 
that you present your body a living sacrifice." 

God has given each of us as Christians a 
spiritual gift, and it could be that He wants us to 
devote our entire life to using that gift, (I Cor. 12) 
Ask God to show you what your gift is. If it is the 
gift of helps, see to it that it is used. Many churches 
are suffering today because Christians are not 
exercising their gifts to the local body. Individuals 
are suffering because of our neglect. 

The Church of Jesus Christ should not be 
floundering for lack of workers. If we as believers 
had identified our gifts and were properly exercis- 
ing our gifts in obedience to the Holy Spirit and 
if we were fulfilling our mission of winning the lost 
and making disciples (not just running programs), 
we would have people waiting in line to care for the 
little ones on the nursery, to sing in the choir, to 
teach a Sunday School class, to serve as an officer 
in WMC. Eph. 4:11-16 states that every part of the 
body is to supply something so that the body will 
grow and mature in love. Gifts are given by the 
Spirit of God and not by one's own energy. These 
gifts are not for building the ego of the gift reci- 
pient but for the purpose of benefitting others. God 
is glorified best when believers are exercising their 
gifts in ministering to others. 

Have you asked God to help you discover those 
victories, successes and strengths in your attempts 
at ministry that seem to go beyond any natural 

Along with the successes, how about determin- 
ing weaknesses? Evaluate why some events 
seemed not to work out as you ministered. Look 


HERALD/ September 15, 1990 


at some ineffective attempts at ministry and see 
if you discover a pattern. Tbo often folks are 
recruited and placed into service in the church 
before their ministry gifts have been identified. 
This often results in mediocrity in performance or 
total discouragement for the person. 

Consult Christian friends, mature believers who 
know you well and have observed you during times 
you have ministered. 

Evaluate carefully those gifts you desire to 
use — the ones which give you Joy and effec- 
tiveness. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will 
give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4). 
Then develop your gift as part of your lifetime com- 
mitment. Be in constant prayer and study of the 
Word, seeking God's will and His glory in the ex- 
ercise of your gift. "We are God's workmanship 
created in Christ Jesus to do good works." 

Is your gift teaching, exhortation, words of 
wisdom, words of knowledge, serving, helps, 
leadership, administration, giving, showing mercy, 
discernment, feiith or hospitality? All of you have 
at least one gift. Some of you have many gifts. How 
are you using your gifts to the glory of God? 

Recently Moody Monthly reported that one con- 
gregation had to cancel thirty Sunday School 
classes because of lack of teachers. Almost 
everywhere the shortage of volunteers for 
evangelism, missions and Christian education has 
produced a crisis in the church today. 

Why are so many reluctant to serve? Some feel 
inadequate because of limited training. Others are 
afraid to risk failure, but the largest majority are 
just too comfortable. They only want to be fed. 
There are so many takers in the church today and 
so few givers. Many want their freedom and in- 
dependence to pursue their own desires. 

Jesus, our greatest example of a servant, was 
obedient to all the Father asked of Him (Phil. 
2:6-8). In the same way, we serve, not as an option. 

WMC Offering: 

Sept., Oct., Nov. 

(send before December 10) 

Home Missions . . . Goal: $9,000 

Yakima Valley Church $2,000 

Computer Software for 

Home Missions Office $3,500 

Capital Improvements for 

Dryhill, Ky. GBC $3,500 

Thank Offering 

(Send before December 10) 

• Children's Ministries of Brethren Evangelistic 

• FAX machine for CE National 

• Financial Assistance for Herald News Service 

, b.*<W 


but because it is an essential response for all who 
seek to obey their Lord. 

Life is so brief It is merely a series of happy 
hellos and sad goodbyes. Nothing is permanent. 
Those possessions we guard so carefully will one 
day be taken from us. As a young person I learned, 
"Only one life will soon be past, only what's done 
for Christ will last." 

In light of eternity and the brevity of this life, 1 
challenge you to be obedient to God's command 
to serve Him. There is so little time left. 

We need to serve Him with our time and with our 

My special concerns are for the three offerings 
that have had a shortfall the past several years. 

SMM is the heartbeat of WMC. How many of you 
are former SMM members? I would like to chal- 
lenge all of the councils to give to the ministries 
of SMM - even those who do not have SMM groups 
in their churches. 

The second offering that fell below our recom- 
mended goal is for the missionaries of the year. 
This is a wonderful opportunity for us to honor the 
service of our Grace Brethren missionary ladies. 

Lastly, we need to increase our support of the 
Missionary Residence offering. The repair and 
replacement fund has been seriously depleted by 
necessary projects and there is a constant need to 
replace vacuum sweepers, towels, linens and other 

(Continued on page 131 

HERALD/ September 15. 1990 



Conference Wrap-Up 

Home Missions pastors and wives 
enjoyed a special historical 
presentation at the Staff Appre- 
ciation Dinner. 

Home Missions Staff Appreciation 

More than one hundred Home Missions person- 
nel attended an appreciation dinner at the site of 
National Conference 
on the Friday before 
the FGBC meetings 
convened. Pastors 
and their wives were 
joined by staff mem- 
bers and members of 
the Board of Direc- 
tors and their wives 
for a delicious dinner 
followed by a unique 
program. Actors, 
dressed in period 
costumes, related 
something of the 
historical character 
of Richmond's people 
and her churches 
during the Revolu- 
tionary War and 
Antebellum periods. 

Missions and Church Planting 

Again this year. Missions was a central theme 
at several sessions of the 51st annual Conference 
of the FGBC. A two-hour Missions Rally, jointly 
sponsored by Home and Foreign Missions, empha- 
sized Church Planting both in America and over- 
seas. National representatives from several foreign 
countries were joined by pastors of mother 
churches. District Mission Board representatives, 
and pioneer Home Missions pastors in interviews 
and discussions of their ministries. 

Tom Julien and Larry Chamberlain, Executive 
Directors of Foreign and Home Missions, respec- 
tively, introduced the meeting and led in the 
interviewing and discussion. 

A brief history of the Fellowship, its membership 
and church growth, and the missions accomplish- 
ments of its first five decades were portrayed in an 
audiovisual presentation. 

The program was concluded by a challenge from 
Pastor Jim Custer who led the large audience in 
making decisions regarding commitment to mis- 
sions and church planting. More than 200 filled 
out and handed in decision cards following the 

More than 200 responded to a 
special invitation regarding 
commitment to missions and 
church planting at the Missions 
Rally. Pastor Jim Custer led the 

Chaplains Recognition 

Six active military chaplains were present for 
Conference week. They were hosted at a special 
luncheon sponsored by the Chaplaincy Commit- 
tee of the Home Missions Board of Directors. Each 
gave a very brief report on his current place of 
service and ministry. 

Present were Lt. Cmdr. John Diaz and his wife, 
Brenda, U.S. Navy; Lt. Col. Jim Elwell, U.S. Air 
Force: Maj. John Patrick and his wife, Georgia, U.S. 
Army; Col. John Schumacher and his wife, 
Martha, U.S. Army; Capt. Phil Spence and his wife 
Minda, U.S. Army; and Capt. Charles Card, U.S. 

In addition, reserve chaplains Jerry Young and 
his wife, Lorene, U.S. Army, and Darrel Tkylor, U.S. 

Charles Card. Jim Elwell. and Phil Spence, 

present at the Chaplain's Appreciation Luncheon, 

have been deployed to Saudi Arabia. 


HERALD/ September 15, 1990 


Navy, ministering to the Coast Guard. part;icipated 
in the dinner meeting. 

Brethren are asked to pray for Chaplains Elwell. 
Card, and Spence who have been deployed to 
Saudi Arabia in recent weeks to minister to the 
troops in the staging area of the war-threatened 
Middle East. 

Corporation Meeting 

At the annual meeting of the Home Missions. 
Investment Foundation, and Navajo Ministries 
Corporation, presided over by President Luke E. 
Kauffman, several awards and introductions were 
made. Ed and Polly Jackson were recognized for 
twenty-three years of ministry with Home 
Missions. Ed was presented with a plaque, and he 
and Polly received gifts from the Board of Directors 
in anticipation of Ed's retirement from the 
executive staff next month. 

Pastor Bill Snell. Martinsburg. PA. and Pastor 
Kurt Miller. Palm Harbor. PL. were introduced as 
new Home Missions staff members. Snell will 
replace Ed Jackson as Director of Church Planting 
and Development with responsibilities in the East 
and South. Miller will assist Snell, on a part time 
basis, as Associate Director. 

Pastors Bill Snell and Kurt Miller introduced as 
new Home Missions staff members. 

Home Missions Challenge Hour 

"Rvo audiovisuals were premiered at Conference. 
"History and Opportunity" presents the story and 
challenge of the ministry at the Grace Brethren 
Navajo Mission in New Mexico. Featuring Daron 
Butler, graduate of the mission school and now a 
student at Grace Seminary, this eight-minute 
presentation is being sent to all FGBC churches 
in video format for use in connection with National 
Indian Heritage month in November. 

The second presentation. "Church Planting Is 
Evangelism." consists of quotations and scenes 
from the seven Home Mission churches which 
have begun since the 1989 Conference. All were 
the result of a mother-daughter effort to launch 

new congregations. 

Executive Director Larry Chamberlain 
presented awards to Home Missions pastors whose 
ministries during the last year were worthy of 
special note. Those so honored were Brian 
Chronister, Anchorage. AK; Bob Gentzel, North 
Pole. AK. and Seattle. WA: Ron Boehm. Macedonia, 
OH; Charles Davis. Ocala, FL; Darrel Tkylor, 
Brunswick, ME; Jim Tkylor, Lakeland, FL; Mike 
Wallace, Pine Grove, PA; and Emory Young, 
Charleston, WV. 

Awards were presented to Home Missions pastors 

whose ministries during the past year merited 

special note. (Pastor Darrel Taylor receives his award 

from Larry Chamberlain). 

District Missions Dinner 

Pastor Bob Fetterhoff, Missions Board chairman 
of the Northeastern Ohio District, challenged 
representatives of District Mission Boards across 
America, by relating the work of his own district 
in church extension. He was assisted by Pastors 
Ron Boehm and Joe Cosentino. Ron is a Home Mis- 
sions pastor, but his congregation in Macedonia, 
Ohio, served as mother church to daughter a new 
church in Willoughby, Ohio, pastored by Joe. 




HERALD/ September 15, 1990 




News Release from the 


Grace Brethren Association 

A major (but certainly not the 
only) irritant among Grace Brethren 
people currently is the baptism 

The 1964 decision, which allows 
for churches to receive non-trine im- 
mersed members contrary to biblical 
teaching, is now appealed to as the 
norm for the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches. 

Many Brethren of traditional con- 
victions are disheartened by this 
betrayal of trust. They hold to the 
position which is still the official posi- 
tion of Grace Schools, namely: 

"... we hereby declare that the 
meaning of paragraph 11 in our 
Covenant of Faith is in harmony with 
the historic practice of the Brethren 
Church, being understood by the 
founders of the school, namely that 
triune immersion is a requirement 
for entrance into church member- 
ship." (Jerry Young letter to pastors, 
March 28, 1990 release.) 

In order to honor the Scriptural, 
historical and traditional convictions 
of the Brethren Church, an associa- 
tion was recently incorporated. Its 
purpose is to be an agency through 
which people with Brethren convic- 
tions may support conservative 
Grace Brethren ministries in obe- 
dience to Matthew 28:18-20. The 
association is intended to work 
within the National Fellowship. 

Inquiries and gifts may be ad- 
dressed to The Conservative Grace 
Brethren Association, Post Office 
Box 576, Winona Lake, Indiana, 

Confirmed Board Members: Dr. 
Herman Hoyt, Dr. James Boyer, Dr. 
John Whitcomb, John W. Zielasko, 
Robert Moeller, Keith Merriman, 
Dale Denlinger, Nick Mariano, 
William Crabbs. 

Advisory Board: Robert Devine, 
Marion Thomas, Gary Crandall, 
Frank Poland, John Firebaugh, J. 
Hudson Thayer. 

Perry Huesmann has accepted a 
position on the pastoral staff at the 
Bellflower Brethren Church in 
Bellflower, CA, with Pastor Ed 
Cashman. He began his new duties 
on September 1, 1990. 

Pastor Ron Boehm reports that the 
Western Reserve Grace Brethren 
Church, Macedonia, OH, has voted 
to go self-supporting on December 
1, 1990, marking their fifth anniver- 
sary as a church. 

Pastor Chuck and Marilyn Winter 

were surprised with a plaque and 
reception following the morning ser- 
vice on July 15. The plaque read: "In 
grateful appreciation of 20 years of 
faithful service to God at Harrah 
Grace Brethren Church. Your con- 
sistent dedication and hard work 
have been an inspiration to us all." 
The Winters arrived in Harrah, WA 
on July 6, 1967. In 1970 they returned 

for three years to a previous mis- 
sionary radio ministry in California. 
In 1973 they were called again to the 
Harrah church in the Yakima Valley 
"Brethren Helping Brethren" On 
July 14, 1990, a crew of 18 men from 
the Iowa Midlands District helped 
put a new roof on the Sunday school 
addition of the Pleasant Grove 
Grace Brethren Church, North 
English, lA. The need for a new roof 
was mentioned at district conference 
and with the encouragement from 
Ed Jackson, the men quickly 

Pleasant Grove Grace Brethren 
Church was organized over a cen- 
tury ago with 16 charter members in 
1880. This was the church home of 
many who have served the Lord 
faithfully over the years: Estella 
Myers, Pastor Don and Lois Miller, 
Pastor Paul and Ellen Miller, and 

Change Vbur Annual 

Bamhill, Charles. 131 E. 

Third St., Perrysville, OH 

Cochran, William. 7701 E. 

Spouse Dr., No. 1, 

Prescott, AZ 86314. 
Dickson, CDR. James. 

CHC, USN, Chaplain's 

Office, Naval Air Station, 

Fallon, NV 89406 
Edwards, Larry. P.O. Box 

498, State College, PA 

Gentzel, Robert. 30605 

188th Ave., S.E., Kent, 

WA 98042. 
Guiles, Ron. Spring Lake 

Hills, 895 S. Wymore 

Rd., No. 907-A, 

Altamonte Springs, FL 

MacMlllan, 1480 Parker 

Ave., Tracy, CA 95376 
Patrick, Maj. John. United 

States Chaplain School, 


Fort Monmouth, NJ 

Roberts, Roy. 215 Cindalyn 

Dr., New Holland, PA 

Ryeison, Greg. 39 Peach 

Grove Ave., Centerville, 

OH 45458. 


Coldren: Yvonne Koch and 
Timothy Coldren 
were married on June 
23, 1990, at the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Myerstown, PA. Luke 
Kauffman, pastor. 

Giorgio: Donna Smith and 
Michael Giorgio were 
married on December 
16, 1989 at the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Myerstown, PA, by 
Jeffrey Dunkle. Luke 
Kauffman, pastor 

Miller: Alicia Albert and 
Randy Miller were mar- 
ried on June 16, 1990, 
at the Grace Brethren 
Church of Myerstown, 
PA. Luke Kauffman, 

Moore: Amy Hauser and 
Bret Moore, August 17 
1990, Kenai Grace 
Brethren Church, Kenai, 
AK. The ceremony was 
performed by Chris 
Hay, pastor. 


Andrews, Robert K., 77, 
went to be with the 
Lord on August 7, 1990. 
He was a member of 
the Grace Brethren 
Church of Hagerstown, 
MD, for 17 years. Ray 
Davis, pastor 

Beltler, Mrs. Virginia, 69, 
July 13, 1990. She was 
a member of the Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Hagerstown, MD, for 31 
years. Ray Davis, 

Sliirato, Matthew, 81, June 
6, 1990. He attended 
the Grace Brethren 
Church of Myerstown, 
PA. Timothy George, 
associate pastor, of- 
ficiated at the memorial 
service. Luke Kauffman, 

Valentine, Philip, three- 
year-old son of Rod and 
Jan Valentine of 
Clayhole, KY, passed 
away on Friday, July 13, 
1990, after a long bout 
with cancer. He was 
conscious to the end. A 
memorial service was 
held on Sunday, July 
15, at Hyden, KY. 


HERALD/ September 15, 1990 


Edwin and Connie Jordan. Many 
faithful young people grew up, went 
on to higher education at Grace Col- 
lege and other Christian colleges, 
became teachers. Christian workers, 
and established Christian homes. 

Pleasant Grove Grace Brethren 
congregation is happy to have 
Pastor Gilbert and Rosella Hawkins 
as their new spiritual leaders. 
Needless to say, they have been 
very busy since their arrival in June. 

"Thank you," Ed Jackson, and all 
the men of the churches in the Iowa 
Midlands District who not only 
helped but also to those who sent 
gifts and words of encouragement. 
A big "thank you" to the ladies who 
served all the delicious food to a 
group of hard-working men. May 
everyone continue to be faithful in 
His service. — Mrs. Gretchen White, 
Secretary of the Pleasant Grove 
Grace Brethren Church. 

Brian Roseborough joined the 
pastoral staff of Redlands, CA as 
co-pastor working with Pastor Mitch 

Cariaga. He began his duties on 
September 1, 1990. He had-1ormerly 
been serving as evangelism co- 
ordinator at the La Verne, CA, Grace 
Brethren Church. 

Carl Miller, former pastor of the 
Ankenytown Grace Brethren 
Church, Bellville, OH, has accepted 
the pastorate and began his ministry 
on August 28, 1990, at the Grace 
Brethren Church of Goshen, IN. His 
father, the late R. Paul Miller, had 
ministered to this congregation a 
number of years ago. 
Gerald Kelley has resigned as 
pastor of the Indian Heights Grace 
Brethren Church, Kokomo, IN. He is 
seeking the Lord's leading for his 
future ministry. 

Everett Caes, former pastor of the 
Grace Brethren Church of Elkhart, 
IN, has resigned and has moved to 
the Dayton, OH, area. He is open to 
a staff ministry with a Brethren 
church in that area. 

The Community Grace Brethren 
Church of Coraopolis, PA, has left 

the Grace Brethren Fellowship and 
have become affiliated with the 
Evangelical Free Church. The 
church is located in the Pittsburgh 

Gary and Jean Austin, having 
served 15 years in the Central 
African Republic, have announced 
their intended resignation following 
their state-side ministry. 

Nineteen people from the 
Columbus, Ohio East Side Grace 
Brethren Church spent a week at 
the Navajo Mission doing a variety 
of manual labor tasks as part of the 
Men in Ministry program. 

Fax your order to the Brethren 
Missionary Herald! The Herald Co. 
is now accepting orders by this 
method and churches with a Fax 
machine can speed up their Sunday 
School or merchandise orders. Our 
number for this special Fax service 
is 1-219-267-4745. Customers outside 
Indiana can also use our toll-free 
number for orders— 1-800-348-2756. 

WMC President's Address . . . 

(Continued from page 9) 
necessary items. 

WMC ladies are notorious for responding to 
needs when they are informed. Will you challenge 
your ladies to increase their offerings in these 
areas this new year in WMC? 

In the 1990-91 program, we will focus on the 
topic of Friendship: "Friends In a World of 

My heart was blessed this past winter as I read 
Dee Brestin's The Friendship of Women. When 
God created woman. He placed within her a 
special ability to develop intimate relationships. 
Her strength can also be her weakness, for with 
this comes the danger of her depending on a 
human relationship rather than on God. Dee 
Brestin says. "One of the costliest mistakes we can 
make is having a weak Christian for a best friend." 
I Cor. 5:11: "You must not associate with anyone 
who calls himself a brother but is sexually 
immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a 
drunkard or a swindler." This does not mean we 
should not befriend non-Christians. Certainly we 
have a responsibility to reach beyond our Chris- 
tian friendships and truly love the lost to Christ. 
But our best friends should be strong Christians. 
I made many mistakes in my lifetime, but I learned 

as a preteen to surround myself with friendships 
of those girls who lived in obedience to Christ. 
That changed the course of my life. If your best 
friend cuts down others with gossip, you will 
become like her. She will drive you to God or to sin. 

As older women, we have the responsibility to 
pass on to the younger women the importance of 
obedience to the Lord: to be self-controlled and 
pure, to love their husbands and children, to be 
busy at home, to be kind and submissive 
(Titus 2:3-5). 

When we consider the drastic moral changes 
that have taken place in our country during the 
last ten years and the rapidity at which it 
continues to decline, it is certain the years 
1990-2000 will result in total moral bankruptcy 
unless the Lord intervenes on a miracle level. 

We need to teach the younger women of the 
unique privilege that is theirs to serve the Most High 
God! They need to know that our Sovereign God 
who needs absolutely nothing in order to complete 
His plan for this world, carefully equips each believer 
to be His means to accomplish that plan. 

And now, "May the God of peace . . . equip you 
with everything good for doing His will, and may He 
work in us what is pleasing to Him. through Jesus 
Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen." 

HERALD/ September 15. 1990 



Personal Reflections 

/ have been encouraged by many to open up a limited 
number of pages of the Herald magazine to the 
expression of opinions and beliefs regarding the 
baptism! membership issue in the Grace Brethren 
Church. No practical means of such an exchange has 
been available to persons following last year's national 
conference. A forum plan was adopted at the 1989 
conference, but has not been implemented in a 
workable fashion to date. No exchanges which involve 
the names of other persons will be included. The use 
of the Herald magazine makes the information 
available to lay persons as well as to ministers. No 
editing will be done on any of the articles and it is 
understood that the material does not have the 
endorsement of the Herald or the Fellowship — it 
reflects the personal position of the individual author. 
— Charles W. Thrner. publisher 

The Baptism/Membership Debate in the 

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches: 

Some Personal Reflections 

By Jim Fitch 
Grace Brethren Church. Sebring, Florida 

Please consider this article an attempt to comply 
with your request for input from the laity regard- 
ing the baptism/membership issue. This reply is 
in 3 parts. 

A. Results of a 3 week study in the Mid- Adult 
Sunday School Class. 

B. Results of my own personal independent 

C. Recommendations. 

The class study was too short to cover all the 
topics suggested in the guidelines considering that 
the results had to be in by July 23. Consequently, 
we concerned ourselves with only the first 2 

1. What is biblical baptism? Is trine immersion 
the best mode, or the exclusive mode taught in the 

2. What does the Bible teach about the re- 
baptism of a believer who claims to have been bap- 
tized subsequent to salvation, by a form other than 
trine immersion? 

By way of comment, it's fair to say that some of 
the class saw it as less than a "burning issue", lb 
maintain Interest and to encourage co-operation 
and input, (I mention it here for "our" benefit) I 
suggested that the method whereby we arrive at 
our conclusions pertaining to "baptism", should 
be the exact same method that we use to establish 
all other foundational doctrine by which we live. 
And further, that the conclusions we reached. 

whether on baptism or any other subject, would 
influence what we believe and thus how we behave. 
If that's correct, that our actions stem from what 
we perceive as truth, we'd better be mighty careful 
about what we believe whether we're studying bap- 
tism or anything else. 

lb help us be careful, and because this particular 
issue has such diverse considerations, we chose 
Deuteronomy 29:29 as a "guideline" scripture for 
the study. 

"The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those 
things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children 
forever, that we may do all the words of this law." 

In other words, we determined to keep our focus 
on "those things which are revealed", and to not 
give consideration to what God has not chosen to 
reveal. This was not always easy! It was however, 
absolutely necessary to keep from going in circles. 
I find it necessary even now, to say again with the 
utmost conviction and for the benefit of any and 
all who may chance to read this, "We do not have 
license to formulate doctrine on what God has not 

His revealed work is the only beacon by which 
we can travel. 

So then, we proceed to questions 1 and 2. The 
following conclusions were unanimously approved 
by the class, and were arrived at via the considera- 
tion of 98 references to baptism, baptize, baptized, 
and baptizing found in a concordance. If others 
have knowledge of still more pertinent passages 
we welcome knowing about them. 

gi. (Part 1) What is biblical baptism? 

Baptism is a God ordained rite. 

". . . ; but He that sent me to baptize with water, the same 
said unto me " John 1:33 

John the Baptist is speaking, and if there is any 
concern about "who" sent him, we refer to John 
1:6, "There was a man sent from God. whose 
name was John." 

The ordinance is reinforced by Christ Himself; 

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in 
the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." 
Matthew 28:19. 

The above scriptures should serve as authority 
for the rite, to legitimatize it as doctrine, and to re- 
inforce it as God's will for us. 

Ql. (Part 2] Is trine immersion the best mode 
or the exclusive mode taught in the 

Our answer is based on the following passages; 
Matthew 3:6, "baptized of him in Jordan" 


HERALD/ September 15. 1990 


Matthew 3:16 "And Jesus, when he was baptized, went 

up straightaway out of the water." 

Mark 1:5 "and wereall baptized of him in the river Jordan" 

Mark 1:9 "and was baptized of John in Jordan" 

Acts 8:39 "and when they were come up out of the water." 

Our study of the scriptures leads us to believe 

that "immersion in water" is the exclusive mode 

of baptism taught by example in the word of God. 

92. What does the Bible teach about the re- 
baptism of a believer who claims to have been 
baptized subsequent to salvation by a form 
other than trine immersion? 

We could find no passage that we felt referred 
to such a situation. Acts 19:5 mentions re-baptism, 
but not because of wrong methodology original- 
ly. Our answer to this question is, "nothing." 

This covers what we were able to consider as a 
class. Hopefully we will go on to the other ques- 
tions and look forward to the results and findings 
that come from national conference. 

My own personal reply touches some different 

I appreciate the prudent decision to poll the 
membership, believing that concerned and in- 
volved lay people may have much to contribute, 
and from a fresh perspective. 

Let me also say, not by way of admonition but 
by way of encouragement, to those charged with 
the responsibility of gathering, evaluating and 
acting on this information, "make haste." I detect 
a note of impatience in the tone of the writer of 
Hebrews when he too encourages his hearers to 
"go on unto perfection" instead of building again 
foundations that have already been established 
and are sound, Hebrews 6:1, 2. Nothing can or will 
be gained by an extended debate of the issue ex- 
cept the continued festering of an already irritated 
lesion, and that at the expense of the functioning 
of the body. Make haste! 

I have heard it suggested that if we had sufficient 
and well defined leadership at a national level that 
matters such as this could be resolved by those 
discerning and Godly men. Perhaps, but this 
seemingly could be a two edged sword to those 
who prefer to maintain the autonomy of the local 

I feel a need to expand on what the class has said 
in reply to the question "What is biblical baptism?" 
Certainly that answer is literal and sufficient for us 
to see it as an "ordinance to obey", but to see it as 
only that and not to consider the figurative 
meanings is to miss a blessing. The New Dic- 
tionary of Theology, quoting another source, calls 
it "a participation in the death and resurrection 
of Christ, a washing away of sin, a new birth, an 
enlightenment by Christ, a re-clothing in Christ, 
a renewal by the Spirit, the experience of renewal 
by the flood, an exodus from bondage, and a libera- 
tion into a new humanity in which barriers of 

division are transcended." That may be a bit 
wordy./ but could more properly describe what 
many feel about baptism than the class's answer. 

Personally, I feel that Romans chapter 6 best 
answers the question, "what is biblical baptism?" 
1 won't elaborate, feeling that those responsible for 
evaluating this will be familiar with the 
significance of "death" and all that it means in ch. 
6. The second half of question 1 concerning the 
"exclusive" mode or the "best" mode was 
answered satisfactorily by the class. I won't com- 
ment except to say that there is an exclusive mode, 
and by virtue of that fact it becomes the best mode. 

Also in question 2, I feel that the class answer 
was sufficient if we only consider a "bottom line" 
approach. It may be prudent however, to consider 
further Acts 19:1-5. 

"And it came to pass, that, while Appolos was at Corinth. 
Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to 
Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, he said unto them. 
Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they 
said unto him. We have not so much as heard whether there 
be any Holy Ghost. And he said unto them. Unto what then 
were ye baptized? And they said, unto John's baptism. Then 
said Paul. John verily baptized with the baptism of repent- 
ance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on Him 
which should come after him. that is. on Christ Jesus. When 
they heard this, they were baptized In the name of the Lord 
Jesus." Acts 19:1-5 

From these passages ask this question: What 
was Paul's concern? Was it with ritual and method, 
or was it with men? The question that was of ut- 
most importance to him was "Have ye received 
the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" vs. 2. 1 had to 
reflect on this for a while in order to grasp the 
significance of his concern. Let me call to mind 
some words that bring me much joy and comfort. 

"Hereby know we that we dwell in Him and He In us. 
because He hath given us of His Spirit." I John 4:13 

"And hereby we know that He abideth in us. by the Spirit 
which He hath given us." 1 John 3:24 

"In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of 
truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that 
ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise, 
which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption 
of the purchased possession, unto the praise of His glory." 
Ephesians 1:13-14 

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we 
are the children of God." Romans 8:16 

There are other passages, but these will remind 
us of what Paul knew. If men are truly born again 
of the spirit, they'll know it by the Spirit. These 
men, by their answer, gave Paul no assurance that 
they had been brought to a place of repentance 
and union with Christ. 

He wasted no time in correcting that situation, 
first by the word, "Then said Paul. John verily 
baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying 
unto the people, that they should believe on Him 
which should come after him. that is. on Christ 
Jesus." Acts 19:4, and then by deed, "When they 
heard this, they were baptized in the name of the 
Lord Jesus." vs. 5. (Continued on page 16) 

HERALD/ September 15. 1990 



(Continued from page 15) 

His example speaks loud and clear to me. 
Examine the men. not the method. 

I am convinced, regarding those issues that are 
vital to a full and complete life in Christ, what 1 
call "the fullness of the Gospel of Christ", that God 
has spoken volumes. 

Old Tfestament, New Tfestament, by proclamation 
and revelation He presents again and again those 
things that are both difficult and absolutely 
necessary. An example would be "faith". Over and 
over the subject of "faith" is brought before us until 
we recognize it as the vital ingredient by which we 
must live. God doesn't spare the horses when it 
comes to expounding on "faith". 

Conversely, when it comes to matters that are 
simple, or should be, God speaks "sufficiently". So 
it is with re-baptism. To my knowledge He allots 
only one brief mention in the whole of scripture 
to the matter. Acts 19:1-5. If we are to abide by the 
guidelines of Deuteronomy 29:29 we must for- 
mulate our doctrine on what is revealed in this 
passage in Acts. 

I am further convinced, and this by way of revela- 
tion, that for us, as a Fellowship, to dogmatically 
adhere to a policy that promotes dissension is to 
be outside the revealed will of God. 

"Now I beseech you, brethren, by the nan\e of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there 
be no divisions among you: but that you be perfectly Joined 
together in the same mind and in the same Judgment." 
I Corinthians 1:10 

1 believe that this can be a reality. I also believe 
that this verse stands as an admonition to and 
instruction for, those who disagree with our 
existing requirements for membership. Much 
could be written about the freedoms that we have 
in Christ, the great tolerance that He extends to 
us in those areas that require "judgment". Suffice 
it to say that, in those areas, the same tolerance 
that is extended to believing brothers must be in 
turn, practiced by them. 

My recommendation(s) can be summarized 
briefly and acted on simply and scripturally. 

Change our focus . . . Instead of looking at what 
"method" was used to baptize a candidate for 
membership, be more concerned with the stand- 
ing of the individual before God. Look on the heart, 
not the baptismal certificate. I'm not suggesting 
that we throw caution to the wind as far as method 
is concerned, but I am suggesting that we accept 
all forms of immersion in water, everything else 
considered. If the decision is made to not accept 
other forms, sprinkling etc., at least we Ccin cite 
biblical precedent for our requirements without 
requiring unusual or individual interpretation. 

A major problem, if not the major problem with 
this whole issue stems at least in part from the 
fact, that when we refuse membership to Christian 
brethren based on what cannot be supported 

plainly and clearly in scripture, we encroach on 
the very freedoms that Christ has allowed. I don't 
blame them for getting angry. I'm sure that they 
feel exactly like I do when a Charismatic asks me 
if I've been baptized in the Spirit. Now we all know 
what they're talking about, they're asking if I 
speak in tongues. But what they're insinuating is 
that if I haven't been, (according to their belief), I 
lack something in the Lord. Those are fighting 
words, spoken or unspoken. Yet, we do basically 
the same thing to our brothers. This is why I say 
that we are outside the revealed will of God when 
we adhere to our present policy. 

Our attitude cannot be supported scripturally. 
Our insinuation is unscriptural, and the fact that 
we insinuate is also unscriptural. 

There are added benefits to merely changing our 

By establishing a board, or using one already in 
place, to examine candidates for baptism, we can- 
not only more properly address the condition of 
the heart, but we can also do it locally, thus 
maintaining the autonomy of the local church. 
Also, by creating such a process, we can evaluate 
the degree of spiritual maturity, or lack of it, in an 
individual, and better disciple that one to a con- 
tinued growth in Christ and possible opportunities 
for service. 

There are other benefits that will be readily 
discernible merely by changing our focus. Con- 
cerning ourselves with that with which the 
Apostle Paul was concerned will, I'm convinced, 
open the door to other blessings. 

1 leave it to your prayerful consideration. 


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There are two aspects of 
evangelism which I have been 
considering lately. The first is 
that God communicates the fact 
of His person and righteousness 
quite independently of us. For 
instance, David speaks of the 
heavens proclaiming God's glory 
and in another place of His 
righteousness (Ps. 19:1-4; Ps. 
50:6). Paul described the re- 
sponse that this creates in men 
and women's hearts when he 
preached in Athens. He spoke of 
God making us that we should 
seek Him and in turn we live and 
move. It is important to reflect on 
what this means in our under- 
standing of evangelism. It means 
that evangelism depends on God 
rather than on us. God is the 
great evangelist, and He is in the 
situation long before we ever ar- 
rive. He is there communicating 
the fact of His creative power, 
providential care and the conse- 
quent need we have of a relation- 
ship with Him. He does this to 
people where they work, at their 
leisure and in their homes. This 
means that the work is His. He 
can make sons and daughters 
from the very stones. Moreover, 
He will have given intimations of 
His person and His providences 
to many of the people to whom 
we speak long before we ever 
open our mouths. God is active 
in this world and in a sovereign 
way touches the lives of whom 
He wills. 

The second aspect I have been 
considering is that God willingly 

depends on God 
rather than on 
us, God is the 
great evangelist, 
and He is the 
situation long 
before we ever 

shares the task of evangelization. 
There are lots of things which 
God does which he never shares 
with men and women. It is His 
glory alone to sustain all things 
by His powerful work. It is His 
glory alone to provide the 
purification of our sins. However, 
the task of evangelization which 
is so central to His purposes for 
the whole of humanity. He will- 
ingly and carefully shares with 
His sons and daughters. He does 
this by giving them spiritual gifts 
which enable them to do the 
work of an evangelist. He does 
this by giving them the Holy 
Spirit who enables them to make 
the good confession. He does this 
by giving them His own words 
which, if they abide in the mind, 
make His people powerful in 
speech. He does this by sharing 
His own infinite love which 
enables His children to persuade 

by John R. Reid 

their peers to be reconciled to 
God. He does this by enabling 
His people to reinforce the 
preaching of the gospel by 
sacrificial service. Consequently, 
there is a tension in our thinking 
of evangelization. It is important 
to keep these two aspects in 
balance. Evangelization is God's 
work. He is the Evangelist. He 
constantly communicates 
Himself to men and women. On 
the other hand, God has en- 
trusted His own task of 
evangelization to His people. He 
has made us His fellow workers. 
He has not chosen the ministry 
of angels to be the messengers of 
the Gospel but His own children. 
There is tension here. God com- 
municates Himself without our 
aid. God has chosen His people 
to be the instruments of 
evangelization. These two facts 
give us great encouragement. 
When we speak and serve, we 
know that God has been active 
before us. When we speak and 
serve, we know that God is enter- 
ing into a fresh partnership with 
us to make known how deep and 
long and high and deep is the 
love of Christ. 

The Right Reverend John R. Reid 
is Bishop of South Sydney, 
Australia, and Vice-Chairnian of 
LCWE. This article is reprinted with 
permission from World Evangeliza- 
tion September-October, 1988 
published by the Lausanne Com- 
mittee for World Evangelization. 


HERALD/ September 15. 1990 

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Please Pray for Us! 

Ed and Polly Jackson 


Ed and Polly are native Ohioans. being raised in 
Rittman. Ohio. Ed was an Ohio State Trooper when 
he felt the need to rciise his family in a church 
where the Word was taught. They joined the Troy. 
Ohio Grace Brethren Church in 1954. 

In 1962 Ed was promoted and sent to General 
Headquarters Staff in Columbus. Ohio. The 
Jacksons had a part in the starting of the Wor- 
thington Grace Brethren Church. In 1970. during 
the riots on campuses around the nation, the Lord 
spoke to Ed through the riots. He resigned his com- 
mission as a Lieutenant and became the Executive 
Director of the newly formed Grace Brethren Men. 
Inc. (formerly Grace Brethren Laymen's Organi- 


The organization of 
Grace Brethren Men is 
incorporated and is a part 
of the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches. The 
t^ leadership of the organiza- 
tion rests upon a board of 
28 men. 
The purpose of the 
organization is to promote men's ministries in the 
local church, and to ser\'e the Fellowship to the 
glor\' of the Lord. Presently there are three 
outreach ministries functioning. The one is G.B.B.. 
which is men ministering to boys; the second is 
Yokefellow, (men in missions) which is men help- 
ing in building projects primarily on mission 
fields. The third is the Priscilla and Aquila concept, 
which is the recruitment of couples to assist in 
church-planting as part of a ministr\' team. 

zation). Ed directed this organization for 4 years, 
saw the Grace Brethren Boys formed, and then felt 
the call to the ministn,' and became the pastor at 
Kenai. Alaska Grace Brethren Church. 

For the next ten years Ed and Polly pastored 
churches in Alaska. Florida and Ohio, and were 
used of the Lord to plant 6 new churches. Ed then 
became the Home Missions director for church- 
planting and development for the eastern and 
southern regions of the United States. Ed and Polly 
have now retired from Home Missions and have 
returned to Columbus. Ohio to again lead the men 
as their Executive Director. An office is maintained 
in the Worihington. Ohio GBC. 

Yes Ed and Polly, I want to be a peirt of the Grace Brethren Men's team: 

n I want to receive your Man to Man publication. 

D I will pray faithfully for you and the ministry of 
GBMI throughout our Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches. 

~ I will support you financially by giving 

$ monthly/annually 

n through my local church. 

Ddirectly to Grace Brethren Men Int'l. 
n I am sending a one time gift of S 

directly to GBMI for your financial needs. 
All gifts are tax exempt. 

Correspondence and gifts: 6675 Worthlngton Galena 
Rd.. Worthlngton. OH 43085. Phone 614/888-7733. 








There seems to be a cry in the 
land, "whatever happened to 
good old fashioned dedication in 
the church?" We all seem to miss 
it and expect it in even^'one else, 
but it is really tough to find some 
in our personal lives. In the early 
days of the church there was the 
"no paid ministry'" for preachers, 
we then changed it to the 
"under-paid ministry'" and that 
created a lot of problems, too. 

There were so many needs in 
the church that we started to add 
to the staff. This looked like the 
solution to our problems: Find a 
qualified person and add them to 
the church staff to cover specific 
needs. We then found we had a 
lot of specialists in the church. 
Someone was chosen for the 
senior pastor job. he needed an 
associate, then we had to have a 
man for the mature folks (the 
senior citizens) amd the young 
people had to have a specialist. 
Someone was available to care 
for each and even*' need we 
might have. 

There was a lot to be said for 
this bold new plan . . . The best 
part was we had trained people 
doing what untrained people 
(volunteers) used to do. But with 
every good idea there are a few 
flaws. Flaw one was that we 
accepted the new staff member 
as a trained professional. Now 
there is no question that this 
takes a lot of money to pay for 
these new professional staff 
members. The budget increased 
but we started treating the new 
staff as professionals and judged 
them on the basis of their 
performance. If they did not per- 
form as the church thought — out 
they go. just like anyone else. 

But flaw two in the plan may 
be even more serious — we form- 
ed a new group called "Ministers 
of Giving". They were formerly 
called the laity or the volunteers. 
They found they could be used of 
God to help pay the bills. They 
became specialists in giving. It 
did not take too long for the 
ministers of giving to figure out 
if they performed their work in 

giving, it would free them up for 
the weekends and the summers. 
They used to do cdl of the work 
around the church . . . teaching, 
visiting, caring for the music and 
building maintenance, but now 
someone was doing it for them. 

We all became specialists at 
our tasks and the church lost the 
most precious possession and 
motivation it had — a love for God 
that moved us to action and 
dedication. We lost our calling 
and found ourselves as real 
professionals — similar to Doc- 
tors. Lawyers and the respected 
people of the community. But if 
you are a professional, it seems 
that people judge on the basis of 
performance, not on dedication. 

Now we see the ministry as 
persons who are professionals 
and if they do not perform as 
their employers — the people in 
the pew — e.xpect them to. they 
are invited to take the e.xit gate at 
the ne.xt annual call. There is a 
rapidly increasing cry for help 
from the ministers that they just 
do not get any respect. It is 
obvious that they are getting less 

The number of young people 
headed for the ministry' is drop- 
ping at an alarming rate — this 
former group of volunteers took 
a fresh look at the system. Most 
seminaries are showing dramatic 
drops in the numbers of incom- 
ing ministerial students. At some 
seminaries, enrollment is 50 
percent off and their ministerial 
candidates are down about 75 
percent over the past ten years. 
If we are going to be professionals 
and can ser\e God anywhere, 
why not choose a profession 
other than the ministry-? 

We have lost the call of God 
and this is the call that keeps a 
person dedicated. Ask any 
minister who has been at it a 
long time, "why do you keep 
going?" The answer will be "God 
called me to preach. I cannot do 
otherwise". A large group starts 
on the pathway to the ministry', 
few there be who finish it. 

Now before you pick up your 




Whatever Happened 
Jb Dedication? 

by Charles W. Turner 

phone and call my toll-free 
number at the Herald, let me say 
that I am not against the use of 
multiple staff in a church. Many 
could not survive without it as a 
basis of operation. Others like to 
staff because the "big boys" do it. 
A lot of lay persons like it 
because they can pay the bills 
and do what they want to do. But 
there is not a lot of dedication 
showing up to get the job done. 
We have accepted the plan of 
"pay for performance" in the 
church and it is costing us a lot 
in dedication and acceptance 
from God. 

Lets keep volunteers and 
dedication alive in the church or 
the downward trend will 

HERALD/ October 15. 1990 


Brethren Missionary 


/olume 52 No. 10 ^^"^ October 15. 199( 

October 15, 1990 

3 Editorial 




Charles W. Turner 
5 CE National 

Tbp 25 
Praise Notes 

6 A Church- 
Sponsored Basket- 
ball Camp — Crazy 

Chip Heim 

8 BEM 

Is Jesus Again 
Healing Bhnd 
Jewish Eyes? 

Mike Wing^field 


Statistical Report 



at National 


10 Foreign Missions 
Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions 

Larry Hubant 

1 1 Foreign Missions 

Our Ties in 
Middle East 

Lynn Mackaben Brown 

It Was the 
First Time They 
Had Ever Heard 
the Gospel 

John Viers 

12 Fellowship News 


14 WMC 


WMC Yearly Goals 

16 Home Missions 

A Letter to Mother 

David Kowalke 

17 Home Missions 

Eid, My Comrade 
and Friend . . . 

Larry Chamberlain 

18 Fellowship Happenings 

The Baptism/ 

Dean Risser 

Publisher Charles W Turner 
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Christian Education 

Ed Lewis 
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Tom Julien 
StephEiny Craig 
Grace Schools 

John Davis 
Joel Curr>' 
Home Missions 

Larr\- N. Chamberlain 
Jesse Deloe 
^fomen's Missionary Council 
Linda Unruh 
Cover Photos: 

Top: The 1990 East Side Basket- 
ball Camp. Left: Lee Car>-er. a 
church elder and member of the 
camp steering committee, meets 
with players before team com- 
petition. Right: K\Ta Robinson, a 
former college basketball player 
and cjimp counselor, prepares to 
lead a rebounding drill. (Photos 
by Jay Firebaugh.) 

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HERALD/ October 15. 1990 


Praise Notes 


CE National praises God for many, many answers to prayer. 

1. for Grace College's greatly increased scholarships 
to Grace Brethren youth. 

2. for the 1750 people who attended Brethren 
National Youth Conference and the 1100 who 
participated in the BLITZ! 

3. for the 964 new believers who accepted Christ as 
a result of the Year of Youth Outreach! 

4. for successful completion of teaching seminars at 
CE Day: at National Conference with Rev. Rod Toews 
and at the North East Ohio's seminar on "Teaching 
in the Local Church" concentrating on Sunday 

5. for safety for the 100 persons who traveled on 
summer ministr\' teams. 

6. for growing churches such as the East Side Grace 
Brethren Church. 1990 Church of the Year, and for 
the Grace Brethren Church of Delaware. Ohio. 1990 
Sunday School of the Year, and for the exciting 
"people involvement" in churches. 

7. for the changed lives on Operation Barnabas 
teams, hearing such comments as "It was awesome, 
powerful. I'm closer to God than ever before. I learned 
that God is in control of evers-thing and can use me 
to encourage other. This summer has changed mv 

8. for the ministry- in Brazil, stimulated by the Brazil 
'90 TIME team and for the effective ministries of the 
present TIME workers: Tina Walker. CAR: Sterling 
Snyder. France: Helen Garrett and Jennifer 
Ritchey. NaN'ajo Mission. 

9. for the numerous new locations for TIME in 1991 
including Japan. Romania. Argentina. 
Czechoslo\-akia and more. 

10. for the excellent location of the 1991 Brethren 
National Youth Conference scheduled for Flagstaff 
AZ from August 3-9. 1991. 

11. for a new 1990 Brethren National Youth Con- 
ference video done as a surprise gift to CE National 
by Gary Henley from Worthington. Ohio. 

12. for the exciting SMM reports — new groups 
starting, changed lives, and enthusiasm. 

13. for the teamwork with Grace Brethren Home Mis- 
sions in relation to preliminaPk- church-planting work 
in Canada by two Operation Barnabas teams next 

14. for the great CE Celebration in Lancaster. PA area 
where over 200 friends joined together at the Good- 

n-Plenty restaurant for a complimentan.' meal 
donated by Chris and Dolly Lapp. 

15. for the "pro-active" board members who are 
assisting in ministries such as CE banquets, home 
meetings, and scheduling "Spotlight on CE National" 
in churches. 

16. for the good response to the meeting that was led 
by CE National board member. Steve Peters, to pro- 
mote an evangelism /discipleship emphasis within 
the Fellowship. 

17. for the new class at Grace Seminary- for Master 
of Divinity seniors entitled. "Christian Education 
Philosophy and Methods." 

18. for the "College Care Program" to encourage 
Grace Brethren students who are attending state 
schools or non-Brethren Christian schools. 

19. for the National Youth Cabinet's plans (meeting 
from November 29 - December 2) to discuss the youth 
ministries in local churches, districts. Grace Schools 
and various national emphases. 

20. for the National Children's Cabinet meeting in 
Chicago to discuss a strategy to enhance children's 
ministries in the FGBC. 

21. for the newly established CE Resource Network 
that categorizes church resources combining written 
materials, books, ideas, with the 25 resource network 

22. for the gift of over S12.400 from the National 
WMC to help the SMM program this past year and 
for other gifts received from Grace Brethren Invest- 
ment Foundation, the youth at BNYC. individual 
SMM groups, and districts. 

23. for the CE emphasis that will be in Grace 
College/Seminar>- chapels. November 13-15. when 
Dr. Dann Spader challenges students with the needs 
in youth ministries. 

24. for the many en- 
couraging notes and let- 
ters from people like you 
who are prayer partners 
with CE National as we 
seek to assist and en- 
courage our churches in 
leadership development. 

25. for a wonderful God 
who makes all these 
ministries possible! 


HERALD/ October 15, 1990 


A Church-Sponsored 
Basketball Camp . . . Crazy Idea? 

It was only an idea in February". A crazy idea, 
maybe, but an idea all-the-same: a church- 
sponsored basketball campi WTioever heard of 
such a thing? 

Tim Osbom conceived the idea after reading an 
article about a basketball camp sponsored by 
Focus on the Family. "Why couldn't \re do 
something like that in our area?" he asked me. 1 
jumped at the idea. The "vre" was East Side Grace 
Brethren Church. Blacklick. Ohia In July we saw 
the crazA" February" idea come true. We sponsored 
a week long basketball day camp (8:00 a.m. - 5KX) 
pLm.) for junior high school bo\-s finom srngje-farent 

Tim share z h:? idea with two other men in our 
church - Cru :k Tole and Lee Car\-er. The^" jumped 
at the idea to-c 7h^ four of us - Tim. Chuck. Lee 
and 1 - formed :r.r ; amp steering committee. Our 
first formal decision about the camp concerned 
goals. WTiat could a church-sponsored basketball 
camp accomplish? We agreed on four goals: see 50 
boA's anend the camp: put the bo\-s in contact with 
male role models: make it possible for each boy to 
know what it means to be a Christian: and secure 
key people to speak on drugs^cohol and 

Early in March we made what was to be our 
most critical decision. It was a decision that 
affected virtually e\'ery aspect of the campi And it 
was a decision that e\-entually made the camp 
unique. We decided the camp would be free. Since 
our target group was bo>3 from sin^e-parent 
homes we belie\-ed no boy should be excluded for 
financial reasons. We were confident this decision 
was from the Lord. 

The decision to make the camp fiiee produced 
a charitable response fiiom many we approached 
about the campi Our local junior high school prin- 
cipal enthusiastically offered the school gym- 
nasium for the campi "Til help you in any w»- 1 
can."' he said. 

We approached senior adults in our church who 
form a group called LAF (Life After Fifty)- Would 
the>- help us I wondered? Of course they would. 
The LAFers oflFered to purchase camp shirts and 
basketballs, develop the camp pictures, and pro- 
vide lunch on two erf" the days. Another person ga\Te 
the camp extra basketballs and shirts for awards. 
Three local restaurants- Donato"s Pizza. Snapp's 
Hamburgers, and Subway - provided limch on the 
three remaining da\"s. Our fi"ee camn now had a 

by Chip Heim 

gymnasium. fi\e lunches, shirts, balls, pictures, 
awards, and volunteers from within and without 
our church (49 \T>lunteers in all). But there was one 
Thing missing. 

Bo\-s. >ATiat if we gave a basketball camp and 
nobody came? How Avould we attract our target 
group of bo\-s? How could we promote the camp 
to bo\"s from single-parent homes? 

One of our steering committee members. Chuck 
Cole, submitted articles about the camp to local 
suburban newspapers. His articles described in 
detail the nature of the campi. These articles pro- 
vided exposure to the east side of the Columbus 
metro area. The articles effectively advertised the 
camp but they did not cost us an\T±iing. Ironical- 
ly. Chuck was paid for each article he submlned. 

B>" early June only ten bo>"s had registered for 
the campi I suggested to Chuck. Lee, and Tim that 
we open the camp to all junior high age boys. Not 
exacdy a suggestion of great faith. But all three 
men. nervous like me about the ""success" of our 
camp, reiterated our initial dream we believed 
came &om the Lord. Regardless of how many bo\"5 
registered, the camp would remain for boys from 
single-parent homes. 

Lee, who also serves as a church elder, once 
published a basketball magazine. This experience 
gave him main- connections within college basket- 
ball. As a result three former college basketball 
team captains, two current college coaches, a 
former XBA player, and two Columbus TV sports 
anchors spoke at the camp and also the director 
of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. And. 
th^- spoke for free! They wanted to help, toa 

But what w^re the results? Fifty-three bo\-5 at- 
tended the East Side Basketball Camp and none 
of them were pre%-iously from our church. One boy 
came from a family of five children. His mother is 
a widow. Two other bo%-5 were remo%-ed firjin their 
home due to severe fanuly problems. They are 
being raised b\- their grandmother, .\nother bo^- 
Uves only a few blocks ftom downtown Columbus. 
But during the camp the\- heard Brad HoSman. 
former captain at the University- of North Carolina, 
speak about his relationship with Jesus Christ and 
his shooting touch. They heard Lany- Hunter, head 
coach at Ohio University-, speak about Christ as 
well as demonstrate inside play. Local T\" sports 
anchor Jimmy Crum pressed the boys about the 
importance of a good education. 

There Is no question we affected the lives of 53 

HERALD/ October 15, 1990 


boys. A few made commitineiits to Christ. Several 
mentioned that it was the best basketball camp 
they had attended. One mother told me that the 
camp w^ exactly what her son needed. "He's 
reaDy having a difficult time ri^t now &mlly- 
wise." she added. Another mother said a church 
that would sponsor a &ee basketball camp for her 
son was a church she wxiuld Uke to visit. A father 
wrote a note saying. "My son enjo5i"ed all the 
fellowship and the basketball experience. Your 
ministry is a great way to reach out to kids." 
I Teamed meiny things from th< 

experience. "Rmo thou^ were significant. I learned 
that Ood ^ves us dreams and ideas and we must 
take the risks to achieve them. Second. 1 learned 
that m>- faith or lack thereof does not limit God. 
Our camp was a success not because of our ^th, 
hard woi^ luck, great speakers or &ee lunches. It 
was a success because our God was at wtxk behind 
the scenes to reach boys that he loves. Our camp 
was simply a vehicle for him to reach them. 


Chip Heim is Associate Ristorqfthe East Side Grace 
S^eth'-e". ChiiTh.. Blacklick Ohi-? 

Grace Conrr. _r : . 

Carefree, irr r- :- " ' : r-vacyand 
security ..:::;: i: are 
waiting fear y --:: : : _ _ :he 

start ofan€- ;-:;;-; :: : ; 5. won- 

derful new lut ICC . ;_ a: -j.i;-; _ : ~'j"!ty! 

now at... 


U A 


■i :-::^zi-7j. 

L' 1 









CO\ I\ 1U\IT\ 

717. S66-3200 or 
Call Toll Free: 1-800-223-5704 


HERALD Octob€r 15, 1990 


Is Jesus Again Healing 
Blind Jewish Eyes? 

by Mike Wingfield 

In John 9 Jesus heeded a Jewish man from his 
physical and spiritual blindness (read John 9:1-41). 
After the physical miracle, this man openly 
accepted Jesus as his Messiah (verse 38). Perhaps 
most people reading this passage today would con- 
clude that the greatest miracle recorded here is the 
physical healing of this man's blind eyes. Howev^er. 
those who have been involved with Jewish 
evangelism would agree that the greatest miracle 
here is the healing of this man's spiritual 

Later, speaking to a Jewish audience. Jesus said: 
For judgment 1 came into this world, that those 
who do not see may see: and that those who see 
may become blind" (verse 39). The Pharisees in 
His audience clearly understood the application of 
His statement to refer to them and therefore 
responded: 'We are not blind too. are we? " In reply 
to their question Jesus gave them the parable of 
the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18). In this parable 
He couched the prophetic truth that only a few 
believing Jews would grasp in the future: "And 1 
have other sheep, which are not of this fold: 1 must 
bring them also, and they shall hear my voice: and 
they shall become one flock with one shepherd" 
(verse 16). The context and a study of the book of 
Acts demonstrates that Jesus was telling them 
that the futiire church would be mostly made up 
of Gentiles, and that Jewish believers would 
proportionately be in the minority. Jewish 
evangehsm down through the centuries has been 
a testimony to our Lord's statement. 

How'e\'er. in light of all of this we must remember 
that our Lord has made it very plain in His Word 
that Jewish evangelism is to be a priority in the 
ministn,- of His body, the Church. In Acts 1:8 He 
made it clear that Jerusalem and Israel were to be 
the center of their e\'cmgelistic efforts. You might 
be thinking: "But that is where the apostles lived 
and it is only logical that He would tell them to 
make this their priority. But. that does not indicate 
that it is to be a priority for the church living in 
America today, is it?" The answer is found in 
Romans 1:16. where Paul writes to the beUevers 
in the capital city of the Roman Empire and tells 
them (about 27 years after Acts 1:8) that 
evangehsm is still "to the Jew first." 

Why is this to be the God ordained priority of 
evangehsm? Scripture teUs us that we as beUevers 
owe a great debt to the Jews because everything 
precious to us (Old Testament. New Testament our 

Savior, our Scdv'ation. etc.) has come through them. 
Also, the Scriptures teach us that Israel is the 
"apple of His eye" (Deuteronomy 32:10 & 
Zecharicih 2:8). Therefore, what is precious to our 
God ought to be precious to us as well! 

The Church today needs to au-aken to the priori- 
ty of Jewish evangelism! Wh\-? First, we must 
accept the priority given to it in Scripture. Second, 
we must bring into focus the hour in which we live. 
A detailed study of Romans 9-11 reveals that God 
is not through with Israel. Her spiritual blindness 
(resistance to the gospel) uill dissipate as we 
approach the End Times and "the fullness of the 


jfi J 

Jewish blindness is most evident at the Wailing Wall (or Western 
Wall) in Israel today. Here hundreds, and sometimes thousands, 
of Jews come from all over the world to pray for the coming 

of the Messiah. 

Sheep are seen grazing here in Israel on the Golan Heights, only 
a few miles from the Syrian border. 


HERALD/ October 15, 1990 


Gentiles be come in" (Romans 11:25). 

As a matter of fact, it is possible that we are NOW 
witnessing the beginning steps of a new spiritual 
openness within Jewish circles. Perhaps the blind- 
ness of God's special chosen people is gradually 
being healed. Jews are fleeing by the thousands 
from Russia. Eastern Europe, and other countries 
to Israel because of anti-Semitic threats. Many 
Jewish evangelism agencies are reporting an 
amazing, sudden openness to the gospel by the 
Jews as they wait in Rome and other places for exit 
visas and transportation to Israel. These agencies 
are crying out for more manpower, money, and 
materials to meet the demand for the Jewish 
hunger for the gospel. Even in Israel reports are 
pouring in that many Jewish eyes are opening to 
the gospel as never before. Praise the Lord! 

As Jewish hearts and eyes are opening to the 
gospel where are we in the Grace Brethren 
Fellowship? What can we do? Statistics indicate 
that there are appro.ximately 15 million Jews 
living today. Of this number. 6.6 million live in 
countries where English is the first language of the 
Jewish population. The majority of these English 
speaking Jews, 5.7 million, live in the U.S. 
(2.094.600 in the New York Citv metro area: 
501.000 in the L.A. metro area: 250.000 in 
Philadelphia: 248.000 in Chicago: 238.000 in 
Dade County. Florida: 228.000 in Boston: 196.000 
the San Francisco Bav area: 165.000 

Washington D.C. area: 93.000 in Baltimore: and 
70.000 in Detroit). Surely we can do something! 

If we really love our Lxjrd. we will be concerned 
about "the apple of His eye'— the Jewish people. 
We will be in tune to these End Times as the Holy 
Spirit is restoring Israel physically (500.000 Soviet 
Jews alone are expected to immigrate to Israel in 
1990 and 1991) and spiritually (see Ezekiel 37). 
The Holy Spirit holds the key to spiritual blindness 
and vision and He will make us sensitive to the 
plan of God and the needs of men. 

The same Scriptures that testify that the End 
Times will bring an "apostasy" in the church (2nd 
Thessalonians 2:3) tell us that God will restore His 
program with Israel, which includes the gradual 
healing of their spiritual blindness. Therefore, it 
is time to open our eyes to the Jewish fields that 
are "white already to han-est" (John 4:35). 



Pastor Mike Winqfield is the senior pastor of the 
GBC in Telford. Tennessee. He is also the Founder 
and President of Prophecy Today Ministries IP.O. 
Box 97. Limestone. Tennessee 376811. publishing 
an 8-page monthly newsletter that relates current 
events to Biblical Prophecy. In these ministries, he 
is u-orking with 8 different Jewish missions' 
agencies in his attempt to keep current with 
developments in the area of world-wide Jewish 
evangelism. If you are interested In obtaining a 
complimentary issue of his newsletter, please 
write to him 


Professions of Faith 

Total Baptisms 


Sunday Morning 

Sunday School 

Sunday Evening 


Tbtal Membership 

THne-Immersed Membership 

All Expenditures $39. 


Total Number of Churches 


Number of churches operating schools 

Total Enrollment 


Number of churches 

Foreign field average attendance 












-1- 95 






- 165 



- 375 



- 369 



-1- SI. 203. 665 



+ 1 



+ 2 



- 1.750 



-1- 12 



- 1.459 

HERALD/ October 15. 1990 



Under the oak trees near 
Rodeheaver Auditorium, 43 
held hands to pray at the close 
of a service commemorating the 
founding ofGBFM 90 years ago. 

GBFM Observes Ninetieth Anniversary 

by Larry Hubartt 

Forty-three missionaries, home office staff 
members, and friends ofGBFM met September 4, 
to observe the ninetieth anniversary of the mis- 
sion. Since its birth, 440 foreign missionaries have 
been sent into 17 countries. But there was less 
than complete agreement on the historic occasion. 

At the 10th General Conference in 1900. Jacob 
C. Cassel, an influential elder from Philadelphia, 
presented a paper: Are We Ready to Enter the 
Foreign Missionary Field? There were a variety of 
responses. Some heartily approved. Others were 
hesitant, not sure that the time was right for such 
a venture. Others opposed. 

The conference moderator sympathized with 
Cassel and gave him the opportunity to present the 
idea to the delegates. But there was little 
enthusiasm for the proposal. The moderator then 
encouraged Cassel and his group to discuss the 
formation of a missionary organization outside 

under the trees. 

"The group betook themselves to a little knoll 
to the north of the building where the conference 
was being held . . . On this spot these missionary 
enthusiasts who refused to have their ardor cooled, 
conceived and brought to birth The Foreign 
Missionary Society of the Brethren Church," wrote 
Louis S. Bauman, one of the participants. 

Last month's celebration was held under the 
trees near Rodeheaver Auditorium in Winona Lake 
(IN), the site of the original meeting. Wendell Kent, 
Director of Information Services, read the minutes 
from the historic meeting and names of the 53 
charter members. 

Tom Julien, GBFM Executive Director, 
emphasized the challenge of the nineties. He 
repeated Cassel's question, "Are we ready to enter 
the foreign missionary field?" Are we ready? 

In commemoration of our 90th anniversary, Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 
has published an attractive and inspiring 55-page picture book. If you enjoyed 
reading about the formation of the mission, you may want to read more about 
little-known ventures into Persia and China, tent meetings in Argentina where 
stones were hurled by angry nationals, and Allen Bennett's touching last words 
as he "went from a little mud hut at Gazel into the presence of the One most 
dear to him." Send $5.00 for your copy of Remember the Commitment: A 
Story of Vision to GBFM, P.O. Box 588, Winona Lake, IN 46590. 


HERALD/ October 15. 1990 


must contin- 
ually concern 
with raising 
their support, 
but you*d be 
surprised at 
which mis- 
sionary has 
the greatest 
support need! 
Ws the home 
office funded 
by Operation 
Lifeline. The 
France team 
is at a 98 
percent level; 
the Brazil 
team is lOO 
percent sup- 
ported. But 
Lifeline giv- 
ing is only at 
56 percent. 

Our ties in Middle East 

by Lynn Maclcaben Brown 

Although GBFM does not 
presently have missionaries 
assigned to the Middle East, the 
mission has a special historical 
interest in the area of conflict. 

The first missionary supported 
by the Foreign Mission Society of 
the Brethren Church, now Grace 
Brethren Foreign Missions, was 
Yonan Y. Auraham, an Iranian. In 
1903 the Foreign Missionary 
Society sent Yonan and his 
family to their native city, the 
area around Lake Urmia 

(modern day Reza'iyeh). 

His salary was $400 a 
year — half for personal expenses 
and half to support the ministry. 
The field was closed in 1906 at 
the recommendation of Charles 
F Yoder whose travels in the area 
confirmed wholesale slaughter 
in the vicious war between the 
TUrks and the Armenians. 

Yonan stayed in his home 
country on a self-supporting 
basis and remained a missionary 
until his death in 1915. 

It Was the First Time 
They Had Ever Heard 
the Gospel 

by John Viers 

Following are highlights from the Romanian trip made early 
this summer. Five from Lyon. France, reported to the church on 
the Sunday of their return. 

There were several occasions to preach the gospel. Both Daniel 
Dutruc and Florent Varak preached, and the other members of 
the team shared their testimonies. One of the most surprising 
events of the trip was totally unplanned. 

The team was visiting a museum when Florent snapped a pic- 
ture of a child playing nearby. Moments later the teacher asked 
that he take a picture of the whole class and send it to them. When 
it was learned that the team was French, a meeting was organ- 
ized in the school for all who wanted to attend. 

They wanted to hear all about France, so Daniel spoke of his 
country. Then Florent gave a message on John 3:16. By then the 
room was packed with both students and adults. Some were 
weeping, saying that it was the first time they had ever heard the 
gospel. On another occasion more than 1000 people gathered for 
a worship service. 

The team distributed 1500 Bibles and New Testaments in 
addition to 1000 gospels of John. They also took specific types 
of medication, food items, and clothing requested by a contact in 
Romania. The Grace Brethren Church of Lyon, France, donated 
an electronic typewriter, printing supplies, and a public address 
system. Two printing presses will also be shipped. 

HERALD/ October 15, 1990 




Change \bur Annual 

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garten 12, 7712 
Blumberg, West 

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PIR. 82nd Airborne Div. 
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Altamonte Springs, FL 

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Dublin-Granville Rd., 

Wtesterville, OH 43081, 

(Tel. 614/523-3388). 
Miller, W. Carl. 1735 

Oatfleld Ln., Goshen, IN 

Poyner, Randy. 460 Cham- 
pagne Circle, Port 

Orange, FL 32127 
Smith, Eric. This name 

should be removed from 

the mailing lists. 
Smith, Mikal. 28955 

Camino Alcala, Menifee 

\^ley, CA 92355. 

Sellers, Richard. 14281 
76th, Clarksville, Ml 

Snell, William. 1210 W. 100 
South. Warsaw, IN 

Stallter, Tom. 2809 S.E. 
Clinton, Portland, OR 

FL, Maitland. The address 
of the Grace Brethren 
Church is: 1185 N. 
Wymore Rd., 32751. 

IN, Fort Wayne. The ad- 
dress of the First Grace 
Brethren Church of Fort 
Wayne is 8631 U.S. 
Hwy. 27 S. (Mailing ad- 
dress: P.O. Box 12718), 
Fort Wayne, IN 46816 
(Tel. 219/447-6369). 

PA, Greencastle. The ad- 
dress of the Con- 
ococheague Grace 
Brethren Church is: Box 
604. 17225. 

fVk, State College. The ad- 
dess of the Grace 
Brethren Church is P.O. 
Box 498, 16801 (Tel. 

SC, Aiken. The correct ad- 
dress for the Grace 
Brethren Church is: 142 
Talatha Church Rd., 
Aiken, SC 29803. 


Haag, Walter The address 
is correct as listed in 
the present Annual. 


Drudge: Heidi MacGregor 
and Darrin Drudge were 
married on June 1, 
1990, at the Winona 
Lake Grace Brethren 
Church, Winona Lake, 
IN. John Teevan, pastor. 

Oeize: Linda Horton and 
John OeIze were united 
in marriage on August 
11, 1990, by Dale Doron 
at the Winona Lake 
Grace Brethren Church, 
Winona Lake, IN. John 
Teevan, pastor. 

Owen: Jackie Johnson and 
Ken Owen were united 
in wedlock on May 26 
1990. by Lee Jenkins at 
the Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Winona Lake, IN. John 
Teevan, pastor 

Swing: Doris Fluke and 
Steve Swing were mar- 
ried June 2, 1990, by 
Charles Ashman at the 
Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church, 
Winona Lake, IN. John 
Teevan, pastor 


Bish, Dorothy 65, August 
4. 1990. She was a 
member of the West Kit- 
tanning Grace Brethren 
Church, Kittanning, PA. 
Richard Cornwell, 

Reeves, Joseph Andrew, 
was promoted to glory 
on September 19, 1990. 
He was the father of 
Betty Hocking, wife of 
Don Hocking of the 
Cameroons. He was the 
grandfather of Jim and 
F^ye Hocking of the 
C.A.R. and Tom and 
Tammy Hocking, short- 
term missionaries to the 
Cameroons. On 
September 17, a great 
grandson was bom 
bearing his name. The 
parents — Tom and 
Tammy Hocking. 

Lehmann, Karen Marie 
Steiner, 29, killed in an 
auto accident. She was 
a graduate of Grace 
College and served as 
secretary to the youth 
pastor at the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Columbus, OH. A 
memorial service was 
field in the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Wooster, OH, on 
September 20, 1990. 
Robert Fetterhoff, pastor. 

The Grace Brethren IVien Interna- 
tional, have moved their offices 
from Winona Lake, IN, to Columbus, 
OH. This includes the Yolkfellows 
Ministries. The new address is: 6675 
Worthington-Galena Rd., Wor- 
thington, OH 43085 (Tel. 614/ 
888-7733). Please direct all inquiries 
to Ed Jackson, Executive Director. 

As a result of the Year of Youth 
Outreach between August 1989 and 
August 31, 1990, 964 became 
believers! This year CE National is 
encouraging a continuation of the 
20/20 goal by encouraging 
churches to report their "target 
three." The TARGET THREE 
program is to encourage members 
to pray for three non-believers daily 
and seek to make contact with them 
monthly in an attempt to share 

Warren Zellner, a member of the 
Board of Brethren Evangelistic 
Ministries, experienced a bad fall 
while doing roof construction on a 
church in Ohio. He is hospitalized in 
Lima, OH with severe breaks in both 
his left wrist and left leg. Surgery 
took place on September 29 to put 
a pin in his leg. He will be confined 
to a wheel chair for several months 
of recuperation when he returns to 
his home in Winona Lake, IN. 

Robert Griffith, former pastor of the 
Vicksburg Grace Brethren Church of 
Hollidaysburg, PA has announced 
his resignation after 12 years of 
service to the church. He is open to 
further leading of the Lord in Chris- 
tian service. The church is open to 
contacts from interested individuals 
to pastor the church. Pastor Griffith 
will complete his ministry there in 
late November. 

The Grace Brethren Church of 
Marion, OH, held a dedication 
service recently. The church has 
also gone self-supporting. David 
Kennedy, pastor, stated that Dean 


HERALD/ October 15, 1990 


Risser was the morning speaker and 
Ed Jackson spoke in the afternoon. 
About 140 people from the church 
and community gathered for the 
service. With much volunteer labor 
and their own construction, the 
quarter-million-dollar plant has a 
$57,000 mortgage. 
Over 1700 attended Brethren 
National Youth Conference in 
Cullowhee, North Carolina this past 
August. Eleven hundred participated 
in the BLITZ and 51 people in the 
Cullowhee/Sylva community 
became believers as a result of their 
ministries. Plans for next year are to 
have Brethren National Youth 
Conference and the Twenties 

conference at Northern Arizona 
University in Flagstaff, AZ. It will 
include opportunities to see the 
Grand Canyon and the majestic 
scenery in that area. The dates are 
August 3-9. It follows the adult 
conference that will be at the 
exciting Worthington. OH church. 
The First Brethren Church of 
Buena Vista, VA, is searching for a 
senior pastor. The church is 
celebrating its 100th anniversary, 
and is located in the Blue Ridge 
Mountains of Virginia. Resumes of 
experienced men may be sent to 
Ralph Dyer, chairman of the Pastoral 
Search Committee. 100 E. 29th St.. 
Buena Vista, VA 24416: or phone the 

moderator. Buddy Smals at 

This fall churches have been 
encouraged to send the names of 
college students who are not 
attending Grace Schools in Winona 
Lake. CE National is coordinating 
the "College Care Program" to keep 
contact with Grace Brethren college 
students by mailing them informa- 
tion on the TIME program and 
Twenties program. We will be 
working with others in finding people 
who will visit students throughout 
the year letting them know of Grace 
Brethren opportunities and that the 
Grace Brethren care for them. 

Plan now for your financial future 

A Grace Schools annuity brings regular income for you 

• Guaranteed income for life 

• Non-fluctuating paynnents 

• Liberal inconne tax savings 

• Savings of estate and inheritance taxes 

• No re-investment problem 

• Partnership in a vital Christian ministry 

Clip this coupon and mail it to us for free, no obligation information. 

Grace Schools, Inc. 

Attn: Dr. William Male Name 

Planned Giving Officer 

200 Seminary Drive Address 

Winona Lake, Indiana 

(2 1 9) 372-5 1 00 City 

Toll-free 1 -800-54-GRACE (U.S.) 
1 -800-845-2930 (in Indiana) Telephone . 



Date of birth 

HERALD/ October 15. 1990 



WMC Yearly Goals 


1. Read and study the Bible regularly. 

2. Be a faithful prayer warrior.* 

3. Active in Evangelism.* 

4. Encourage increased interest in SMM or aid in the 
establishment of SMM in your local church. 

5. Give regularly to WMC-time, talent, and money 
as the Lord leads and prospers.* 

6. Support regular family devotions.* 
Use of Daily Devotions is suggested. 
* Refer to WMC Handbook. 


1. Observe a special time of prayer on the 15th day 
of each month.* 

2. Emphasize prayer for local youth and those who 
made decisions for full-time Christian service. 

3. Support district rallies and projects. 

4. Contribute to Major Offerings: 

Please send all money to the WMC Financial 
Secretary using the proper offering slip from the 
TVeasurer's sheet in the Program Packet. Make 
checks payable to - Grace Brethren National WMC. 

A. September, October, November 
Project: Yakima Valley church: computer software- 
Home Missions Office; capital improvements- 
Dryhill, Kentucky. Send before December 10th. 

WMC Offering: 

Sept., Oct., Nov. 

(send before December 10) 

Home Missions . . . Goal: $9,000 

Yakima Valley Church $2,000 

Computer Software for 

Home Missions Office $3,500 

Capital Improvements for 

Dryhill, Ky. GBC $3,500 

Thank Offering 

(Send before December 10) 

• Children's Ministries of Brethren Evangelistic 

• FAX machine for CE National 

• Financial Assistance for Herald News Service 

THANK OFFERING- We suggest a minimum of 

$1.50 a year per member. 

Send before December 10th. 

Project: Brethren Evangelistic Ministries- $1,400 for 

children's mmistries; CE National- FAX machine for 

office: Herald News Service expenses 

B. December, January, February 
GRACE SCHOOLS- Goal $8,000 
Send before March 10th. 
Project: Entrances to McClain Hall 


Sponsorship of Director of Girls' Ministries (SMM, 
CE National) Note: SMM is the heart of WMC. We 
suggest a minimum of $3.00 a year per member. 
Send before March 10th. 

C. March, April, May 
Send before June 10th. 

Project: Printing of Hungarian tracts- $3,000: 
Vehicle for Portugal- $6,000 

given in the month of your birthday or at a special 
emphasis throughout the year toward the support 
of WMC Missionaries of the Year honoring their ser- 
vice. We suggest a minimum of $1.50 per member. 
Send before June 10th. 

Missionaries of the Year for 1990 - 1991 are: Rosa 
Churchill-Mexico, Kathy Harrell-Chad, Becky Kiddoo 
-England, Berta Kuns-C.A.R., Betty Nairn-Argentina 

D. June, July, August 

Send before September 10th. 
5. Encourage the reading of the following books, 
which may be purchased from the Brethren 
Missionary Herald Company, Box 544, Winona Lake, 
IN 46590. Violets for Mr. B by Margaret Jensen; A 
Light In Darkness by Barbara Reed: They Found 
the Secret by Erdman. 

6. Use Brethren talent when available and support 
Brethren works, support SMM.* 

7. Aid in expenses, if possible, of local president or 
representative to attend each district meeting and 
National WMC Conference. 

8. Elect officers in April or May to assume their 


HERALD/ October 15. 1990 


duties in September. The local Annual Reports 
compiled by the retiring local presidents must be 
in the hands of the district president by May 31. 
Seating of the delegates at National Conference is 
permissible only if annual report is returned. 
Reports will not be accepted at National 

9. Keep membership cards current.* The member- 
ship chairman is responsible for giving her card 
to any member transferring to another council and 
seeing that a new member receives and signs a 
membership card when she joins the local coun- 
cil. (These cards are available from the National 
Literature Secretary.) 

10. Refer often to the WMC Handbook. This can 
be obtained from the National Literature Secretary, 
Box 7n, Winona Lake. IN 46590. 


1. Honor those reading the entire Bible or tapes of 
the entire Bible within a year. 

2. Recognize the SMM at a District WMC Program. 

3. Use Brethren talent when available and support 
Brethren works. 

4. Send District Newspaper to National President, 
National Editor, and District Editors. 

5. Sponsor at least one project, said project to be 
cleared through the National First Vice President, 
to avoid duplication. The project may be kept 
within the district, but the National First Vice 
President should be advised for completion of her 
report. Send before March 10. 

6. Send all district offerings for National Brethren 
works to the National WMC Financial 

7. Contribute an annual freewill offering, to be 
used as the committee in charge sees the need, 
toward furnishing and repair of the Brethren 
Foreign Missionary Residence at Winona Lake, 
Indiana. Send to the National WMC Financial 

8. Pay the District President's expenses to National 

9. Give financial assistance, so that the District 
SMM Leader may attend National Conference. 

10. Contribute annually to the National WMC 
Operation Expenses. Send to the National WMC 
Financial Secretary-TYeasurer, by September 10. 

^ 1990 -199i 


President- Mrs. Betty Ogden, 8400 Good Luck 
Road, Lanham, Maryland 20706, (Tel. 

1st Vice Pres.- Mrs. Geneva Inman. 2244 Fernwood 

Dr.. Colorado Springs, CO 80910, (Tel. 


2nd Vice Pres.- Mrs. Janet Minnix, 3314 Kenwick 

TVail S.W.. Roanoke, VA 24018, (Tel. 703/774-4078) 

Secretary- Mrs. Nancy Eshleman. 3395 Bossier 
Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022, (Tel. 

Asst. Sec- Mrs. Lucy Snow, P.O. Box 6. Portis. KS 
67474, (Tel. 913/346-2085) 

Financial Sec.-IVeas.- Miss Joyce Ashman, 602 
Chestnut Ave,, Winona Lake, IN 46590, (Tel. 

Asst. Fin. Sec.-IVeas.- Mrs. Donna Miller. R.R. 8, Box 
277, Warsaw, IN, (Tel. 219/267-2533) 
Literature Sec- Mrs. Lillian Teeter, 2706 Sharon 
St., Winona Lake, IN 46590, (Tel. 219/267-5513) 
Prayer Chairman- Mrs. Joyce Griffith, R.D. 1, Box 
555, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648, (Tfel. 814/695-4240) 
Editor- Mrs. Viki Rife, 2186 W. 350 S.. Warsaw, IN 
46580, (Tel. 219/267-4252) 

HERALD/ October 15, 1990 



/pitm'^ A Letter to Mother 


Editor's preface: The following is a letter written by the new Grace 
Brethren Church in Short Pump. Virginia, (Pastor David Kowalke) to its 
mother church in Richmond (Pastor Wayne Hannah). The families making 
up the core group of the new congregation were commissioned by the 
sending congregation on May 13. 1990. and the new group held its first 
public services on May 20th. Mother's Day. 


6. 1990 

Wayne Hannah 

Dear Mother. ,^ ^.ni a -ek away, but 1 :ittl^^}xZ 

pves of hope ana ui ^^^ °5 The birth might be, as ^ of 

Lss after birth- m^gW ^^^^^,,^ ^^^'^^'ant Y^^ ^° ^"""'elen hough you 
..U,ok how pretty ho ^^^ deUvery? _ l ^^^^ you. even 

^nat about f r^Xt^ent that 1 already ^^^ ^^ y„, 

the love and cornm ^^^ ^'^^'t ken from you. 

doht see me yetj ^ ^^^^ . fingers, toe-, ^Y^ .^ T' u'b dTff"rent. Doht 
Jd^rsfpSr^ro-^^^^ have that 

and rm glad'- Even ^^oug^ ^, ^^ ^he differs ^^^^^^, ^^^ 

S that -ake you afrajfo the P-P;f,^:J^Jhter. 1 warit tobey^^^^^^^ 

^-y^' 'T. m%mgVt°gether. we eould beeo ^^ ^^ 

"^ "^'^ Uties want that. too. But. Mom, eireumstances 

SafsTeSaS ^our Lovmg Daughter 

o habv sister^'. 
^ I fjoing to have a baoy 
PS. When am 1 gotrife 

Dave Kowalke 

Editor's footnote: Pastor Kowalke adds this 
note: "We hope that the sentiments above will 
encourage some (other churches j to consider 
the Joy of daughtering a church. Churches 
Planting Churches. Isn't that God's 


HERALD/ October 15, 1990 


Ed, My Comrade and Friend . . . 

by Larry Chamberlain. Executive Director 

On January 29 of this year, Ed 
Jackson came into my office and 
announced to me his plans for 
retirement on October 10, the 
date of his 65 th birthday. For 
twenty-three years, Ed has been 
involved with Home Missions, 
serving as a member of our 
board of directors, next as a 
pioneer church-planter in 
Alaska. Florida, and Ohio, then 
as director of church-planting 
and development for the eastern 
and southern divisions. I've had 
the personal privilege of working 
with Ed for thirteen of those 
years, since 1977, the year I 
signed on the team. 

I've never known Ed to relax 
his intensity for life, for the Lord, 
for the Church. Now, you'd think 
that while he's fishing (his 
favorite pastime), he'd relax, yet 
he even fishes with such intensi- 
ty that the Indiana Fish and 
Game Commission has con- 
sidered confiscating his boat and 
bait bucket in order to conserve 
the fish population in Winona 

January 29 was a tough day 
for me. My feelings for Ed and 
Polly are very strong. He desired 
for me to keep his plans con- 
fidential for the time being, so 
when he left my office I penned 
a "confidential," hand-written 
note which I am privileged to 
share with you now as a public 

^MCSn&N i^!i^i=^- January 29, 1990 

Ed, my comrade and friend . . . 

Thank you for advising me of your plans for retirement 
this year. I am very happy for you and Polly, to know that 
this decison will allow for your life to be less distracted, 
less interrupted, than the demanding schedule of the past 
would permit. 

For the entire time I've had the honor to know you. Ed, 
you've given us 200 percent of your energy, time, and 
prayer life. Your schedule and level of spiritual intensity 
would have buried the best of men long ago. 

My confidence in your leadership is extremely high. My 
appreciation for your management/people skills is best 
seen in the rarity of my personal direction of your division 
of this ministry. Rarely have I felt ill at ease with your 
judgment calls. 

The great sense of teamwork in the eastern/southern 
division is a direct tribute to your personal example and 

Even throughout the turbulent times of our Fellowship. 
I've keenly sensed your loyalty, your commitment to the 
team, your personal affection, your companionship and 

My heart is very sad as I consider the loss of your 
presence here in the office. You are a joy to be around and 
one in whom I confide for counsel, for a spiritual lift. 

We have many memories, you and I, and I hope to 
continue to enjoy your companionship for many, many 
years to come. Your contribution to the team will continue, 
I am sure. 

Well, here I am . . . eulogizing as if you were already 
retired . . . but I'd rather you hear my praise and feelings 
now, my good friend, as I feel them most keenly today. 

I love you. 

Ed Jackson 


Larry Chamberlain is Executive 
Director of the Grace Brethren Home 
Missions Council. 

HERALD/ October 15, 1990 



Personal Reflections 

/ have been encouraged by many to open up a limited number 
of pages of the Herald magazine to the expression of opinions 
and beliefs regarding the baptism I membership issue in the 
Grace Brethren Church. No practical means of such an 
exchange has been available to persons following last year's 
national conference. A forum plan was adopted at the 1989 
conference, but has not been implemented in a workable 
fashion to date. No exchanges which involve the names of 
other persons will be included. The use of the Herald 
magazine makes the information available to lay persons as 
well as to ministers. No editing will be done on any of the 
articles and it is understood that the material does not have 
the endorsement of the Herald or the Fellowship — it reflects 
the personal position of the individual author. 

— Charles W. Turner, publisher 

Maintaining Our Distinctives 

By Dean Risser 

I was reading in Exodus about the golden calf 
episode at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses had taken 
so much time up on the mountain with God that 
the Jews doubted he was coming back down, so 
Aaron made them a golden idol shaped like a calf 
and told them this was the god who brought them 
out of Egypt. 

When Moses descended from Sinai he saw the 
dancing and heard the singing as the Jews 
worshiped the idol. In his anger he threw down the 
stone tablets with the engraved commandments 
and broke them. Three thousand people died for 
their wickedness that day. 

But the worst thing that happened was when the 
Lord said he was not going to lead the people into 
the Promised Land personally, but would send an 
angel to do it instead. Moses, in a face to face 
conversation with God, said to him. 

"If your presence does not go with us. do not send 
us up from here. How will anyone know you are 
pleased with me and with your people unless you go 
with us? What else will distinguish me and your 
people from all the other people on the face of the 
earth?" Exodus 33:15-16 

What is to distinguish the people of God from 
other people? What sets us apart from the ungod- 
ly? What are our "distinctives?" 

Through the years I have heard it mentioned 
many times that we Grace Brethren people need 
to maintain our distinctives. The thought was, "We 
need to remain different from other Christians." At 
least, that's what the term spoke to me. 

I've asked myself, "Just what are those distinc- 
tives, and from whom are we trying to distinguish 

Coming back to Exodus 33. it seems that Moses 
wants himself and the Jewish people to be 
distinguished from all other peoples because the 
Jews were the only true people of God, the only 
ones who had a covenant relationship to Him. All 
the other ethnic groups were pagans and 
idolaters — good reason to be different from them. 

What was it that Moses said made the Jews 
different from all the pagan nations about them? 
Circumcision? Passwords? Wearing some symbol 
about their neck? The way they dressed? Riding 
only white camels? A pious manner? No, none of 

What made the Jews different, if we can believe 
Moses, was the presence of God in their midst. The 
kind of Deity Jehovah was made the Jews the kind 
of people they were. His Presence, and its effect on 
the Jewish nation, were the "Israelite distinctives." 

We as Grace Brethren want to be different from 
the unsaved people of our day, and for much the 
same reason. There should be a distinction 
between us and the unregenerates that surround 
us, but just what should it be that distinguishes 
us? Style of baptism? I don't think I need to prove 
that triune immersion doesn't always make a per- 
son a dedicated Christian who is distinct from the 
pagans who surround us. 

But does God really want us to be distinct from 
dedicated Christians that are not Grace Brethren? 
I don't think so. According to Ephesians 4:3. we are 
to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit 
through the bond of peace. Paul goes on to say that 
there is only one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one 
faith, one baptism (I Cor. 12:13). 

We have a clear command in the New Testament 
to work hard at maintaining the unity of the Spirit, 
but I can't find a single command to maintain 
practices that distinguish us from true believers 
in other churches. 

I believe the same thing that distinguished the 
people of God in the Old Testament should 
distinguish God's people in the New 
Testament — there should be evidence in our lives 
that the presence of the Living God is with us. And 
frankly, baptism Just doesn't do that, regardless of 
what style it is. 

What distinctives should mark the true believef? 
They should be something visible to everyone who 
knows him or her. Baptism is not visible to all our 
friends, unless they happened to be there when it 

^A^hat our friends, both saved and unsaved, 
would like to see in us is a life-style filled with the 
fruit of the Spirit. This is what you would like to 
see in me, and I in you. The Lord would like to see 
it in both of us. Shouldn't this be our emphasis, 
our basis for fellowship and working together? 
Wouldn't this move us forward toward a unity of 
the Spirit through the bond of peace? 

These are "distinctives" worth maintaining! 

Dean Risser is Associate Pastor of the Grace Brethren 
Church. Delatvare. Ohio. 


HERALD/ October 15, 1990 

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Church Building 


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Permit No. 13 

Brethren Missionary 

November 15, 1990 

Volume 52, Number 11 










Kenneth Herman 


Announces Scholarships for 
Grace Brethren Students 

COLLEGE in Cooperation with CE National, Inc. 

Listed are available scholarships with brief descriptions, minimum 
requirements and dollar value. These scholarship opportunities are 
provided in cooperation with of CE National. Inc.. an official member 
organization of The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. These 
scholarships are only vaUd at Grace College. Winona Lake. Indiana. 
For additional information concerning these and other financial 
scholanhips. contact the Office of Student Financial Md Senices, 
Grace College. 200 Seminarv Drive. Winona Lake. Indiana 46590. 

FGBC Christian Education Scholarship 

This prestigious 4-year. lOO'^'o tuition scholarship is presented annually 
by CE National at Brethren National Youth Conference. The recipient 
will be chosen from all nominees as the Grace Brethren student who 
best exemplifies excellent leadership potential in the FGBC, has been 
involved in N.AC or the Bible Quizzing programs, has been faithful in 
local church, district and national ministries, and desires to serve in full- 
time Christian ministry. 

Brethren National Youth Conference Scholarship 

These 4-year, SlfOO renewable tuition scholarships are awarded during 
Brethren National Youth Conference by CE National. Recipients are 
chosen from nominees who demonstrate excellent leadership potential in 
the FGBC, have been involved in NAC or Bible Quizzing programs, have 
served faithfully in their local church, distria and national ministries, 
and desire to serve full-time in Christian ministry. 

Operation Barnabas Scholarship 

These 4-year, SIOOO renewable tuition awards are a\ailable to Grace 
Brethren students participating in Operation Barnabas prior to 
admission to Grace. 

BNYC All-Star Bible Quizzer Scholarship 

These SIOOO tuition awards are a\ailable to the five top individual 
Bible Quizzers at Brethren National Youth Conference for their 
freshman year at Grace. 

BNYC Winning Quizzers Scholarship 

The six members of the winning quiz team at Brethren National Youth 
Conference are each eligible to receive a S500 tuition award their 

freshman vear at Grace. 

BNYC National Achievement Competition Awards 

Grace College awards bonus gifts to students who win individual NAC 
competitions at BNYC. The annual total amount offered varies according 
to the area of competition, and are awarded for the freshman year only. 

other Scholarships Available Through 
Grace College 

■ Foreign Missionary Society: FMS Benefits, lor children of Grace 
Brethren Foreign .Missionaries. .Amounts vary. 

■ FGBC Missionary children are eligible for Indiana State Grant 
.Assistance. Contact the office of Student Financial Aid Services 
for additional information. 

Partner In Education Grants 

In partnership with your local FGBC congregation, Grace College will 
provide a matching grant to prospective college freshmen who are 
members of any FGBC congregation. Grace College will match the 
scholarship given to the student by their church. Each church must 
complete a special application indicating its agreement with the 
established guidelines, and notify the college regarding the amount it 
will support each student. Application deadline is April 1. Churches 
must contact Grace College for additional requirements and restrictions. 

FGBC Christian Ministries Children's Grant 

These 25 '^o tuition awards are given to dependent, unmarried children of 
pastors and missionaries sening full-time with the Fellowship of Grace 
Brethren Churches. 



200 Seminary Drive 
VNinona Lake, Indiana 46590 

1-800-845-2930 (Indiana) 


There is a lot of criticism of 
pastors, but they are a great 
group as a whole. There are 
some who should be in another 
profession, but the same is true 
of school teachers, doctors, 
lawyers or any other line of 
work. So be nice to them and 
accept them as a gift from the 

However, I heard about one 
preacher who got into the 
ministry' that 1 fully believe was 
unqualified. He is now ordain- 
ed and the name "Fluffy" does 
leave me with a little confusion. 
The age of the newly ordained 
minister also caused me a bit of 
concern inasmuch as he is just 
six months old. It certainly 
makes the individual a little 
young for making mature 

Well, here is the whole story 
on the newly ordained minister. 
He is a 6 month old half- 
Pekingese. half-Poodle dog. The 
owTier is a Chicago detective by 
the name of Bruce Walsted. He 
has the identification papers to 
prove it and the ministerial card 
reads "Reverend Fluffy 
Walsted." The ordaining source 
is the American Fellowship 
Church in Rolling Bay, 

Mr. Walsted filled out all of 
the papers for Fluffy, sent in the 
application and of course the 
necessary' fee. Back came the 
OK and Fluffy, the beige- 
colored puppy was declared an 
ordained minister. Now if you 
will excuse the pun ... we have 
an ordained minister who is a 
real dog. 

The Walsteds haw tried to find 
a clerical coUar to fit Fluffs', but 
up to now ... no luck. Fluffy 's 
human mother is a Catholic 
and her husband is a Lutheran 
... so fax, the newly ordained 
dog has not admitted to any 
denominational inclination. 
Now the storv' is cute on the 

surface, but there is a rather 
sad note to it all. 

The most obxious of the prob- 
lems is a group that calls 
themselves a church — ^The 
American Fellowship Church in 
this case. It has nothing better 
to do than to pass out ordina- 
tion certificates for a few 
dollars. The church does not 
care whether the applicant is 
human or canine as long as 
there is the necessary ap- 
plication and the enclosed 

Christianity has been under 
a great deal of abuse of late. We 
have let the standards drop to 
the level where it matters not 
what is done as long as there is 
a dollar. The sharpness of the 
message is edged more by the 
circumstances rather than by 
the conviction of the heart. The 
church has recently undergone 
a number of public scandals in 
the full view of the public and 
TV cameras. It has not been a 
good time for us and the world 
has lost much of their respect 
for Christianity by it all. 

The illustration of the or- 
dained puppy is an outrageous 
example of the misuse of the 
name "church" in the 20th cen- 
tury. But the church has in all 
periods of time done some 
rather outlandish acts. You 
could pay for your sins through 
the channel of money in the 
Middle Ages. Even in Biblical 
times there was the necessity of 
Jesus cleansing the temple. 
The Corinthian church was fill- 
ed with a lack of understanding 
of the Lord's supper. So it goes 
. . . the need to be alert to what 
is the main purpose of the 
church in preaching the Word 
of God and bringing men into 
a closer understanding of His 

However, from time to time, it 
may just happen that a dog gets 






a Dog 

by Charles W. Turner 

HERALD/ November 15. 1990 


Brethren Missionary 


Volume 52 No. 11 ^i^ November 15. 199 

November 15, 1990 

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The Preacher 
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Charles W. Jhrner 

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How Is Your 
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Lyle Sweeney 

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On Their Own! 

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National Indian 
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12 Fellowship Happenings 

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James L. Boyer 
14 WMC 

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HERALD/ November 15. 1990 



by Lyle Sweeney 

I used to be quite an authority on the family. 
Then the Lord was kind enough to bless me with 
a wife and three children! Since then my percep- 
tion of being an "expert" on the family has been 
radically altered. Have you ever experienced 
similar feelings? 

It is interesting when we as groomsmen walk the 
aisle to become one with our brides, how eager we 
are to assume our roles as husbands. We can 
hardly wait! We firmly believe that we will be 
caring, that we will remember all the special 
events, that we will be gracious in opening car 
doors and that we will give our best to be perfect 
gentlemen. However, experience soon reveals how 
far short we fall of being godly husbands. You do 
not have to be a Greek scholar to figure out that 
it takes a lifetime to live out the directive that God 
gave husbands in Ephesians 5:25, "Husbands. love 
your wives." 

As children of the living God we have been given 
an equal privilege to love those who do not have 
a relationship with the Lord. That too, is a difficult 
task to live out. It is impossible in the flesh, but 
probable in the strength of the Holy Spirit. When 
we consider the privilege of sharing the love of 
Jesus Christ with others, we ought to be chal- 
lenged far beyond mere fulfillment of a duty. It is 
for this that we ought to earnestly dedicate 
ourselves to sharing that Good News, the Gospel 
of Jesus Christ. 

I recall my first attempt of sharing that love of 
Jesus Christ with a friend who was very familiar 
with my ways before the grace of God came into 
my life. 1 was so enthused that I felt I just had to 
share the gospel with him. Our conversation in the 
mornings before we left for work on a construction 
site consisted of the usual small talk and it 
continued on into a discussion about the weather 
and where the day's assignment might take us. 
Finally, I was determined to share this love of 
Christ that I had experienced. I asked him the 
question, "Are you interested in knowing God?" 
"Well, I am not really interested in talking about 
God." With that I put my pocket New Ttestament 
back in my lunch box, determined that I was not 
called to "share the Good News of the Gospel." 

IVIy motives were noble but my method of 

"witnessing" left much to be desired, similar to my 
naivete as husband. Of course scripture 
commands us to be witnesses for Christ, (Acts 1:8). 
But somehow my 20th Century approach to 
evangelism actually missed the mark of what it 
meant to be a witness of the love of Christ. To that 
point in my life. Christian witness consisted of a 
nice, neatly packaged presentation of the "Four 
Spiritual Laws." 1 had an attitude of "one size fits 
all" for squeezing the gospel message into a few 
carefully selected scripture passages only suited 
to "instant" conversions. 

There are many methods that can help us clear- 
ly communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ, 
but we need to remember that the Lord never asks 
us to "do witnessing," rather to "be witnesses." 

It has been a personal privilege for me to be 
spiritually rejuvenated by the principles offered by 
a First Love Renewal. The primary tenant of First 
Love Renewal is that there are as many methods 
of communicating the gospel as there are people. 
Each individual who is willing to share the gospel 
should do so in their own unique style. There is 
no solitary method. Each new opportunity is 
different than the last. 

Just as I am continuing to learn how to be 
flexible in my marriage role. 1 am learning also to 
be flexible and sensitive in "being a witness." As 
a husband, my greatest task is to willingly allow 
God to change and mold me. It is likewise true in 
evangelization. My task is to be yielded to the Holy 
Spirit. As unique opportunities come into my life, 
I need only to be willing to share. So. how's your 
love life today? 

Lyle Sweeney is pastor at Pike Grace 
Brethren Church in Johnstown. 

HERALD/ November 15. 1990 



GBFM Report Card 

The following is an update on six of 12 fields where GBFM serves. 
Next month, you will read exciting news from the remaining six fields. 


The England team lives in the 
Solihull area, a suburb of Birm- 
ingham. The team of seven in- 
cludes: the Kiddoos, the Shipleys, 
Roy Angle, and the Schwans, who 
arrived this summer. 

Though a church has not yet 
been organized, in early fall, more 
families were reported to be 
attending Sunday morning wor- 
ship. Please pray for the England 
team members as they search 
suburban Birmingham for a 
church site and continue in their 
Bible study ministries. 


The work of GBFM in the 
Philippines was begun in 1985 
with the arrival of Clay and Kim 
Hulett in Metro-Manila, a city of 
15 million people. They settled in 
the Calumpang neighborhood, an 
area with 80,000 people and not 
a single church. Tfed and Vivien 
Ruiz joined them a year later. 

After eight months of evan- 
gelistic work by the Judays, who 
also arrived in 1985, the first 
Grace Brethren church in the 
Philippines was organized. By 
1989, a second church had been 
established. In the past year, the 
Philippines team was joined by a 
fourth missionary family, the 
Beavers. The Grace Brethren Bible 
Institute has also been organized 
in which seven men and their 
wives are preparing for the 
ministry. Each of the men will 
soon be sent out to pastor a Grace 
Brethren church. 


As a mission field, the Central 
African Republic (C.A.R.) had a 
beginning full of foreign viruses, 
negative answers from author- 
ities, ill-suited living conditions, 
and prolonged waiting. 

James and Dr. Florence 
Gribble led the first group of mis- 
sionaries to the C.A.R. in the 
early part of this century. After 
three years at Camp "Wait-Some- 
More," the Gribbles were granted 
permission from the French 
government to begin a ministry 
that has made the country the 
most evangelized GBFM field. 

Missionaries are stationed in 
five cities: Bangui, Yaloke, 
Boguila, Bata, and Bossangoa. 
Bangui is the capital of the 
C.A.R. with 320,000 people. 
Yaloke is where the James 
Gribble High School is located. 
Boguila has suffered a cut of at 
least half of its missionaries due 
to retirement; Bata is home to 
the most C.A.R. missionaries; 
and Bossangoa has only one mis- 
sionary couple. 

Pygmy ministry is a recent and 
exciting outreach in the C.A.R. 
During a five-year ministry. 
Pastor Jadin, a national, bap- 
tized 52 pygmies. In the last year, 
there have been more than 400 


HERALD/ November 15, 1990 



1990 mEirks the 40th Einniver- 
sary of GBFM operations in Brazil. 
The original church-planting 
effort was launched by pioneer 
missionaries, Keith and Vivian 
Altig, in the northern Brazilian 
city of Icoaraci in 1949. Within a 
year there were 13 new believers. 
Forty years later in 1990, there are 
13 Brazilian Grace Brethren 
Churches with more than 1200 
members. Seventeen missionaries 
now serve in both north cmd south 

Currently second and third- 
generation believers are being 
trained at the Grace Bible 
Institute in Belem, as future Grace 
Brethren pastors. Meanwhile, 
other missionaries have arrived. 
Bruce and Lisa Triplehom have 
completed eight months in 
language school and have moved 
to Uberlandia, joining Dan and 
Nancy Green in church planting 
and development. 


More than 70 yeeirs ago. Miss 
Estella Myers was the first GBFM 
missionary to French Equatorial 
Africa, modern day Chad. In 
1935, Reverend and Mrs. Curtis G. 
Morrill opened the Bekoro station 
in southern Chad. Four years 
later, Reverend and Mrs. Jacob R 
Kliever joined the Morrills. 

During the civil war in the 
Chad, missionaries were forced to 
leave. But eager Chadians pur- 
sued a gospel education, cmd the 
church continued to grow. 

Missionaries, Rich and Kathy 
Harrell, returned to a formerly 
occupied home, but their library 
had been preserved. Les and Ruth 
Vnasdale arrived in Chad in 1988 
to aid the Harrells in their 
ministry. But 71 churches and 
two GBFM missionary couples in 
the Chad are unable to reach 
5,200,000 Chadians. Pray for 
more missionaries. 


The O'Dells and the Grahams 
were the first GBFM missionaries 
to Japan. They began their work 
in 1984 and were joined by the 
Kirnbauers in 1986. A year later, 
28 Japanese met together in 
Tokyo, for the first Grace 
Brethren Church service in 
Japan. Soon after, the Grahams 
in Osaka, saw the first convert 
when a college coed received 
Christ as her Savior. 

Although Japan is often 
regarded as a difficult mission 
field, the Japan team is grateful 
for the fruitful results they con- 
tinue to see. This past spring, the 
Grahams reported a conversion 
every month since October 1989. 

HERALD/ November 15, 1990 

Waldorf, Maryland 

From the East Coast 
to the West Coast . • . 

Harrah, Washington 

Foundation, inc. 

SINCE 1955 

"Investments with eternal values" 

Your deposits with GBIF are helping 
people reach others for Christ. 

You can be a part of a ministry that allows churches 
to grow and expand in ministries to their local 

GBIF accounts currently earn 6.77% (7% effective 
yield compounded annually). 

For more information call or write today! 

Grace Brethren Investment Foundation, Inc. 

P.O. Box 587, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590, 219-267-5161 



The La Loma Grace Brethren 
Church, Modesto, California, 
celebrated fifty years of existence 
during the past year with a catered 
barbeque dinner for 350 people on a 
Saturday evening where lots of 
fellowship was enjoyed. The following 
morning attendance reached over 
300 people, including four former 
pastors: Peter Bury, who served the 
church from 1944-45; Harold Painter, 
pastor during 1945-1953; J. Paul 
Miller, 1954-1973; Darrell Anderson, 
1973-1978; and Joel Richards, to the 
present. Each of these men shared 
in the morning service in special 

The La Loma church has truly been 
a missionary church as a number of 
our missionaries were or are being 
supported, some having been reared 
and nurtured by this church. Among 
them are: Eddie and Eileen Miller and 
Ed, Jr and Susan Miller, Brazil; 
Marvin and Dorothy Goodman, Don 
and Lois Miller, Martin and Beverley 
Garber, and Mary Cripe (all retired 
and now stateside). Mary Beth Munn 
had also been supported by this 

The congregation is looking forward 
to continuing to serve the Lord in 

The Allegheny District observed a 
"Day of Prayer" September 29, 1990, 
at Camp Albryoca in the south- 
western part of Pennsylvania. A good 
number of pastors and lay people at- 
tended. The day focused on seeking 
God's face and petitioning for His 
blessing upon our district. 
The Allegheny District "Day of 
Prayer" is in harmony with one of the 
basic objectives set forth by the 
Strategy Committee of the Fellowship 
of Grace Brethren Churches. (Submit- 
ted by Emory Young) 

James Kennedy has resigned from 
the pastorate of the Makakilo Grace 
Brethren Church, Ewa Beach, HI. He 
and his wife plan to return to the 

mainland sometime during 1991. 
Charles Card, Grace Brethren 
Chaplain serving in Saudia Arabia, 
reports the following: "We have 
started a soldier's Bible study which 
meets six days a week. We have a 
Wednesday night 'Praise and Prayer' 
service. Every Sunday we conduct 
three Protestant worship services. 
During this time of crisis, there's a 
heightened awareness of spiritual 

The North Central Association has 

approved the accreditation of the 
Doctor of Ministry degree for Grace 
Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, 
IN, according to the Director and 
Dean David Plaster. Classes will 
begin in the summer of 1991. 
The Bowling Green, OH, church is 
seeking a pastor Contacts may be 
made directly to the church by letter 

The Makakilo, HI, GBC is seeking a 
pastor Interested person(s) may 
contact the church by calling 

Change Your Annual 

Austin, Gary. 9390 W. 
Thompson Rd., R. 1, 
Box 59, Lake Odessa, 
Ml 48849. 

Caes, Everett. 414 Elm 
Grove Dr, Dayton, OH 

Elwell, James. 108 Shef- 
field Ln., Yorktown, VA 

Guerena, Martin. Apdo. 
Postal No. 173, Cuautitia 
Izcalli, 54700 Edo, de 
Mexico (Tele, remains 
the same.). 

Mason, Norris. R. 1, Box 
437, Homer City, PA 

Sellers, Richard. His 
telephone number is 

Taylor, James. 1100 
Oakbridge Pkwy., No. 
113, Lakeland, FL 


Boyce: Rana Seal and 
Scott Boyce were united 
in marriage on October 
5, 1990, at the 
Meyersdale Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Meyersdale, PA. Larry 
Gegner, pastor 

Durst: Tami Joy Rumsey 
and Jeffrey Wayne Durst 
were united in holy 
wedlock on October 13, 
1990, at the Grace 
Brethren Church of 

York, PA. Larry 
Humberd and the 
pastor, Daniel White, 
officiated at the 
Miser: Pamela K. Hillard 
and Steve Miser were 
married in the Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Altoona, PA, on August 
18, 1990. Tim Waggoner, 


Anderson, John A., 58, 
was promoted to the 
heavenly choir on 
September 27, 1990. He 
was choir director at 
Grace Community 
Church of Huber 
Heights, Dayton, OH, for 
the past four years. 
Howard Mayes, pastor 

Barndt, Ruth, 71, went to 
be with the Lord on 
October 12, 1990. She 
was a member of the 
Riverside Grace 
Brethren Church of 
Johnstown, PA, for over 
35 years where she was 
involved In various 
ministries, such as 
retired church counselor, 
former Brownie leader, 
and a Sunday school 
teacher. Don Rough, 

Dorman, Mabel A., 88, 
went to be with the Lord 
on October 22, 1990 
She was a faithful 
member of the 
Vicksburg Grace 

Brethren Church. Robert 
Griffith, pastor 

Jensen, Matilda B., 90, 
went to be with the Lord 
on September 12, 1990. 
She was a long-time 
member of the Grace 
Brethren Churches in 
Harrah and Yakima, 
Washington. Chuck 
Winter, pastor 

Richardson, K. E., 92, 
August 31, 1990. He had 
served as the pastor of 
the Fairlawn Grace 
Brethren Church in Rad- 
ford, VA, for 18 years. 
He had also held 
pastorates in Grafton, 
WV; Johnson City, TN; 
and Riner, VA. He had 
retired in Roanoke, VA, 
where he served as 
visitation pastor at 
Ghent Grace Brethren 
Church for many years. 
Memorial services were 
conducted by Pastors 
Kenneth Teague, Nathan 
Leigh, and Daniel 
Wright. His membership 
was held by the Ghent 
church in Roanoke. 
Nathan Leigh, pastor. 

Winkler, Ruth, 67, 
September 19, 1990. 
She was a member of 
the Grace Brethren 
Church of Canton, OH, 
and also served for a 
number of years at the 
Brethren Navajo Mission 
in Counselor, NM. 
Terrance Taylor, pastor 

HERALD/ November 15. 1990 



On Their Own! 

Three Home Missions Churches are step 
ping out on their own this fall. After five years, 
seven years, and thirteen years, they are leaving 
the relative safety of their district and Grace 
Brethren Home Missions oversight to go it alone. 
Sufficient growth has been achieved so that, 
without the financial assistance of district and 
national agencies, these congregations will be able 
to provide the resources necessary to carry on 
their ministry and continue to grow. 

Marion, Ohio. 

Pastor David Kennedy led his church in a 
celebration of self-support and building dedication 
on September 9. Ed Jackson was the guest 
speaker at the dedication service, and Jim 

Johnson, Director of the 
Grace Brethren Invest- 
ment Foundation, also 
participated. Begun in 
1983, the core families 
were from three area Bap- 
tist churches. Daryl Emch 
and Dean Risser preceded 
Dave Kennedy as pastors. 
Risser was one of the 
speakers on self-support 
Sunday. Membership is 
now in the forties. 

Home Mission 

Churclies Going 



Jan. 1. 1990- Makakilo, 

HI, GBC. Pastor Jim 
Kennedy. Church began 
1982: membership 23. 
Jan. 1. 1990- 
Royersford, PA, Ti-i- 
County GBC. Pastor Kenn 
Cosgrove. Church began 
1982: membership 31. 
Aug. 1, 1990- Anchor- 
age, AK, Comm. GBC. 
Pastor Brian Chronister. 
Church began 1989. 
membership 100. 
Sept. 1, 1990- Marion, 
OH, GBC, Pastor Dave 
Kennedy. Church began 
1984; membership 46. 
Oct. 14, 1990- Pine 
Grove, PA, Echo Valley 
GBC. Mike Wallace. 
Church began 1979: 
membership 87. 
Dec. 1. 1990- 
Macedonia, OH, Western 
Reserve GBC. Pastor Ron 
Boehm. Church began 
1985, membership 62. 
Jan. 1, 1991- Nortli 
Pole, AK, GBC. Pastor 
Davis Harbour. Church 
began 1983: membership 

Jan. 1. 1991- Ocala, FL, 
GBC. Pastor Chuck Davis. 
Church began 1984; 
membership 44. 
Jan. 1, 1991- Redlands, 
CA, Orange Grove Com- 
munity Church. Pastor 
Mitch Cariaga. Church 
began 1986: attendance 

Pine Grove, 

The Myerstown. PA, 
church started this work 
in September of 1977. 
Howard Gelsinger was the 
founding pastor and 
served for nearly nine 
years. Ground breaking 
for the building was in 
May, 1982, and the project 
was completed in 1983. 
Construction funds were 
provided by the Grace 
Brethren Investment 
Foundation. Home Mis- 
sions Executive Director 
Larry Chamberlain was 
present for the self- 
support celebration on 
October 10. The church is 
known as the Echo Valley 
Grace Brethren Church, 
and its mailing address is 
in TVemont, PA. Member- 
ship is in the eighties. 

Macedonia, Ohia 

Pastor Ron Boehm met with two interested 
families in the fall of 1985, and five years later, the 
Western Reserve Grace Brethren Church will 
achieve self-support status on December 1. Land was 
purchased on their third anniversary, and construc- 
tion of a worship facility is scheduled for 1991 with 
financing by the Grace Brethren Investment Foun- 
dation. The congregation launched another new 
church in 1988 when they themselves were only 
three years old. The EasUake GBC (Pastor Joe 
Cosentino) is the daughter church of WRGBC. The 
mother church currently has more than fifty 

Three other churches have indicated their 
intention to go self supporting on the first of 
Jfinuary, 1991: 

North Pole, Alaska. 

Pastor Davis Harbour recently asked us to pray 
that the church in North Pole would be able to go 
self-supporting by July, 1991. Since then, the con- 
gregation has planned to move up its self-support 
status to the first of the New Year. Praise the Lord! 

Pastor Harbour has been on the field only one 
year. The North Pole work was begun by Ed and Pol- 
ly Jackson in 1983. Its current membership is 24. 

Ocala, Florida. 

Dr. Charles Davis' congregation will also be arriv- 
ing at self-support at the beginning of the year. 
Pastor Davis has led the church in a building pro- 
gram this year and, aided by the Yokefellow men, 
a beautiful new facility was dedicated earlier this fEill. 

With a current membership of 44, the church 
looks back on 6 years of history, having begun as 
a Bible study led by Arnold Kriegbaum, former 
pastor and retired Dean of Students from Grace 

Redlands, California. 

In 1986 Mitch Cariaga graduated from Grace 
Seminary and moved back to his home area to plant 
a church. He began building his dream all alone. 
Home Missions was asked to help out for a couple 
of years. Now, Pastor Mitch and his people have con- 
tinued to grow and to work out unique ministries 
in connection with a wedding chapel where they 
hold their services. Their attendance is currently in 
the nineties and they expect to leave the Home Mis- 
sions support roster on January 1, 

We offer our congratulations to these churches 
who join Makakilo, Hawaii; Anchorage, Alaska; and 
Royersford, Pennsylvania, who went self-supporting 
at the beginning of 1990. They are all grateful for 
the help given them by the churches of the FGBC 
through contributions to The Grace Brethren Home 
Missions Council and District Missions Boards. 


HERALD/ November 15. 1990 


National Indian 
Heritage Month 

November is National 
Indian Heritage Month. 
During this month we 
encouraged the pastors 
and churches of the 
Fellowship to become ac- 
tive participants in the 
Provider of the Promise 

Since 1946 the Home 
Missions Council has 
been involved in a 
ministry of compassion 
to the Navajo Indiam. 
Through our Grace 
Brethren Navajo Mission 
the promise of hope 
through Christ is offered 
by programs of 
evangelism and educa- 
tion on the Navajo reser- 
vation, housing the 
largest tribe of native 
Americans in the United 

Like all Home Mis- 
sions programs, the 
Navajo Mission must 
develop its own support 
base; it must be funded 
by gifts designated solely 
for this work. The "Pro- 
viders of the Promise," a 
support group of Brethren interested in Navajo 
Ministries, has been established for this purpose. 

By becoming a contributor, donors will be respon- 
ding to the Great Commission, assisting in bring- 
ing some of the more than 200,000 Navajo people 
to Christ. They will also provide young people and 
adults with a Christian education. 

Readers of the Herald are invited to become "Pro- 
viders of the Promise" by making a generous con- 
tribution today and regularly through their local 

Back Row (left to right): Pat Harris, Larry Edwards, Scott Miles, 
Steve Edmonds. Mike Govey. Gary Austin. Front Row (left to 
right): Wilfred Jean, Bob Belohlavek, Tim Marlier, Don Bowlin, 
Howard Immel, Ed DeZago. Alan Clingan. 

church or directly to the Mission at Grace Brethren 
Navajo Ministries. Inc., Counselor. NM 87018. 

New Pastors' Orientation 

New Home Missions pastors attended a three day 
orientation workshop in Winona Lake October 16-18. 
Five current Home Missions pastors and nine men 
considering Home Missions work attended. The cur- 
rent pastors of Home Mission churches were Don 
Bowlin, Rio Rancho, NM; Alan Clingan, Greencas- 
tle. PA; Steve Edmonds. Murrysville. PA; Larry 
Edwards, State College, PA; and Howard Immel, Lon- 
don Ohio. 

Among the guests was Pastor Wilfred Jean of the 
Haitian church meeting in the facilities of the Grace 
Brethren Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This 
church has made application to become a part of 
the Home Missions family. 

During the three day seminar, the men received 
an overview of Home Missions and the Grace 
Brethren Investment Foundation. Members of the 
Home Missions staff led sessions on targeting and 
reaching the unchurched, prayer, discipleship, and 
leadership development. 

HERALD/ November 15. 1990 



Personal Reflections 

/ have been encouraged by many to open up a limited number 
of pages of the Herald m.aga2.ine to the expression of opinions 
and beliefs regarding the baptism I membership issue in the 
Grace Brethren Church. No practical means of such an 
exchange has been available to persons following last year's 
national conference. A forum plan was adopted at the 1989 
conference, but has not been implemented in a workable 
fashion to date. No exchanges which involve the names of 
other persons will be included. The use of the Herald 
magazine makes the information available to lay persons as 
well as to ministers. No editing will be done on any of the 
articles and it is understood that the material does not have 
the endorsement of the Herald, the Fellowship or the local 
church — it reflects the personal position of the individual 
author. — Charles W. TUrner. publisher 

Baptism as a Requirement 
for Church Membership 

By James L. Boyer 

Probably the most commonly used argument for 
the acceptance of members into Brethren 
churches without requiring trine immersion is a 
claimed distinction between "convert baptism" 
and "church membership baptism". Put very 
briefly the argument is that Biblical baptism was 
for new converts, that there is often no connection 
between that and admission to a local church 
today, therefore all Biblical arguments for baptism 
or for mode of baptism as a requirement for church 
membership are inapplicable. 

More specifically, the "open membership" posi- 
tion claims that there is "no clear biblical link" 
between water baptism and local church member- 
ship: therefore we must use "logical inferences" 
to decide. Within that group there is wide 
difference of logical inferences, some arguing that 
there should be no baptism at all required, simply 
a confession of faith. Others, probably most of 
them, would at least require immersion, without 
insisting on trine action. 

Argument Proves Tbo Much 

Before exploring the validity of this claim, let it 
be pointed out that the same argument would rule 
out all Biblical teaching for anything done by 
Grace Brethren Churches, since there is no 
"Biblical authorization" for the banding together 
of local churches into a fellowship, nor for home 
and foreign mission boards, nor for Grace Schools, 
nor for any program of our Grace Brethren 
fellowship; and the same is true of every other 
church or Christian ministry in existence today. 
The only movement with "clear Biblical authoriza- 
tion" is the individual, autonomous, local 
congregation in each locality. Fortunately most 
people are not consistent in their logic. 

Baptism and Church Membership 

It is my intent to show that there is indeed a 
Biblical link between Universal Church member- 

ship and local church membership, and that the 
link specifically involves the requirement of Chris- 
tian baptism. 

There are only two ways in which the word 
"church" is used in the NT (not including a couple 
of places where the word is used in a non-Christian 
sense, for the OT "congregation" and for the 
political "assembly" in a Greek city). These two 
"churches" are (1) the Universal Church which is 
the body and bride of Christ, the true Church, the 
so-called "invisible" Church, and (2) the local 
congregation of believers in a city, a country, and 
ethnic group, or which meets in someone's home. 
References to the Universal Church are few (chiefly 
Matt. 16:18, 1 Cor. 12, Eph. 5:25-32). References 
to the local church are many (too many and too 
commonly known to need listing). 

What is the relation between these two 
churches? Simply put, they are counterparts. The 
one is the real, the true body of believers, those 
who genuinely have been transformed by grace 
into His family. The other is the actual group of 
"believers" who meet for worship and instruction 
in any place. It certainly included all the members 
of the THie Church in that locality, but there would 
be also the "tares", the mere professors who 
claimed to be part of Christ but were not. 

What were the requirements of membership in 
the Ti^ue Church? The Bible is very explicit. In 
answer to the crowd who on the day of Pentecost 
(the "birthday" of the True Church) asked Peter, 
"What shall we do?" he answered, "repent and be 
baptized." The scriptural account continues, 
"those who had received his word were baptized, 
and there were added that day about 3000 souls" 
(Acts 2:37-41). In the next verses the same group 
is called, "those who had believed." In our termi- 
nology, the requirement for membership in the 
TVue Church is salvation by faith, demonstrated 
by water baptism. 

What were the requirements of membership in 
the local church at Jerusalem? Obviously it was 
the same as required for the TVue Church, for there 
was no hint of a distinction nor of an exception. 
The claim that the Bible does not give any re- 
quirements for local church membership is sim- 
ply not true. And note that not only was baptism 
plainly included in the requirement, but also that 
it was Christian baptism — by trine immersion. The 
claim that we can "only assume" that the baptism 
at Pentecost was trine immersion (because "the 
Bible doesn't specifially say so"!) even though we 
(Brethren) agree that Christ taught trine immer- 
sion in the Great Commission, is to impugn the 
character of Peter by implying that he knew Christ 
had commanded trine action but refused to obey 


HERALD/ November 15, 1990 


that command. That is not exegesis, it is twisting 
the scriptures for one's own purposes. 

Changed Circumstances 

But it is insisted that the situation is different to- 
day in two major respects: (1) that in Bible times all 
candidates for church membership were new con- 
verts and had never been baptized; also. (2) that 
there was not a plurality of churches in a given 
locality (each with its own mode of baptism) be- 
tween which the convert must choose. There was 
no such thing as Baptists wanting to join a Brethren 
church. For better or for worse, that is correct. 

Does that mean that we have a right to relax 
"membership baptism" to include other modes, 
but retain trine immersion for "convert baptism"? 
This seems to be the "open membership" position. 
Let it be noted that this is a far more drastic 
change on the authority of "logical inference" than 
anything we have spoken of yet. It is the invention 
of an entirely new "baptism" never hinted at in 
scripture, one therefore which needs no Bible 
support and could be made to consist of a simple 
"hand of fellowship". Some of the "open" advocates 
indeed insist that there should be no baptism at 
all in the reception of members into local 
churches, a position which is more consistent, but 
of course further yet from Brethren convictions 
concerning the Word of God. 

Denominational Distinctives 

Are denominational distinctions and multi- 
plicity of church groups un-scriptural and wrong 
simply because they are not mentioned in Scrip- 
ture? Admittedly they have often come about 
because of doctrinal disagreements or errors, 
sometimes from some leader's lust for worldly 
power or position or riches, too often from 
personality conflicts. And it is always a wrong 
when God's people cannot get along as brothers. 
But also the wrong has often been over-ruled and 
used by God to cleanse His church and to further 
His work. I believe we can see a scriptural exam- 
ple in Paul and Barnabas (Acts 15:36-40). 

There is no Biblical teaching which authorizes 
such divisions and groupings, but neither is there 
any Biblical teaching forbidding them. Certainly 
there is no reason why autonomous local churches 
cannot cooperate with other churches with which 
they are in agreement. If they wish to build a 
denominational superstructure for mutual 
support, encouragement and fellowship there is 
nothing improper about that. In fact, it has been 
blessed of God again and again in the past 
experiences of our own Grace Brethren fellowship. 

It follows that such a superstructure is depen- 
dent on those common distinctives which brought 
those churches together and characterizes them. 
If any of those churches finds itself no longer in 
agreement with the basic distinctives of the group. 

the honorable thing is to withdraw. For such a 
church, or a group of such, to try to change the 
standards already used in building the structure 
is to undermine this basis of cooperation; it is 
treachery and betrayal. 

A Warning from the Past 

Dr. Alva J. McClain, in a letter dated June 25, 
1959, clearly stated the historical, and some 
resulting legal, facts: 

"The Brethren Church is a denomination, in the ordinary 
sense of that term, with a legal charter of incorporation 
under the laws of the state of Ohio in 1883. The 
organizers at that time declared themselves and their 
churches to be 'the true conservators of the doctrines of 
the Brethren church', with no purpose 'of secession or 
departure from the original church organized in Germany 
in 1708'. In the 1940 division, the organizers of our pre- 
sent national conference (NFBC) likewise declared 
themselves and their churches to be the continuation of 
the original church of 1708 . . . the second general con- 
ference of the Brethren Church (1887) declared that "the 
apostolic idea of congregational church government 
relates alone to the incidental affairs of the congregation, 
and not to doctrinal practices, which must be universal." 
The third general conference (1892) defined these doc- 
trinal practices, the first being '1. That the ordinance of 
baptism is trine immersion only.'. . . Thus defined, water 
baptism has been practiced as the Biblical initiatory rite 
into the Brethren Church from its beginning in 1708. 
There is no recorded official action to the contrary until 
the recent action of the two Southern California congrega- 
tions. (The action of the Church of the Brethren cannot 
be recognized because it was under a modernistic and 
apostate leadership). The notion that water baptism 
should be observed as a Biblical command, but not as 
the required initiatory rite into the visible church, is con- 
trary to both Biblical and church history. On this point, 
among all branches of Christendom, there is probably 
no instance of greater uninimity in the interpretation of 

He goes on to speak of the legal jeopardy brought 
on by a person "from a position within a religious 
organization" who would seek to violate or destroy 
the principles for which it was established", or "to 
alienate its funds and properties for other purposes 

"No better basis for a successful law suit could possibly 
be found than an official departure from the Brethren 
practice of trine immersion as a requisite for church 
membership .... We who are Brethren should be men 
of honor, not needing civil courts to decide questions of 

It seems obvious then, that for a Brethren 
church or organization or person to alter the 
historic requirement for membership in the 
Brethren church, is the most serious violation of 
both legal and ethical standards that it is possible 
to conceive; it is a criminal betrayal of trust. 

Dr. James L. Boyer is Professor Emeritus at Grace 
Theological Seminary. Winona Lake. Indiana. For 
many years. Dr. Boyer taught Greek and New 
Testament at the Seminary. 

HERALD/ November 15, 1990 




HERALD/ November 15, 1990 



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HELD JULY 28 - AUGUST 2, 1990 


December 1990 
Published by 


Charles W. Turner, Publisher and General Manager 

Table of Contents 


Allegheny ^^ 

Arctic ^ 

East Central Florida 53 

Florida Suncoast 54 

Hawaii °* 

Indiana 55 

lowa-Mldlands 56 

Michigan • • •■ 56 

Mid-Atlantic 57 

Mountain-Plains 58 

Nor-Cal 58 

Northcentral Ohio 59 

Northeastern Ohio 60 

Northern Atlantic 61 

Northwest 52 

Southern California-Arizona 63 

South Florida-Caribbean 64 

Southern Ohio 65 

Southern 66 

Southwest 66 

Virginia 67 

Western Pennsylvania 67 


Churches, Directory of Brethren 69 

Districts, Directory of 50 

Ministers, Roster of 88 

Minutes of 1990 National Fellowship- 
Business Sessions ''3 

Moderator's Address 5 

Organization and Committees 3 

Statistical Report 21 


Brethren Evangelistic Ministries 48 

Brethren Missionary Herald Company 38 

Brethren Women's Missionary Council 40 

CE National ^^ 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions 25 

Grace Brethren Home Missions Council 31 

Grace Brethren Investment Foundation 34 

Grace Brethren Financial Planning Service 35 
Grace Brethren Men International 46 

Grace Schools 35 

National Fellowship of Brethren Retirement 

Homes, Inc ^^ 

National Fellowship of Grace Brethren Ministers 44 
SMM ■*2 

ellowship of Grace Brethren Churches 


Moderator — Jerry R. Young 

Vice Moderator/Moderator-Elect — David Plaster 

Conference Secretary — Ken Koontz f 

Treasurer — Steve Popenfoose 
Statistician — 
Fellowship Coordinator — Charles Ashman 


srator, ('90:91), (Ex OfTicio) 

f R. Young 

srator-Elect ('90:91) (Ex Officio) 

srator ('9i:92) 

i Plaster 

Moderator ('89:90) (Ex Officio) 

sr Peugh 

wship Coordinator 

les Ashman 

(r E. Pifer, ('91), Eastern 

Luke Kauffman, ('92), Eastern 
H. Don Rough, ('93), Eastern 
Ray Davis, ('94), Eastern 
Michael Funderburg, ('91), Central 
James Custer, ('92), Central 
Jesse Deloe, ('93), Central 
John Mayes, ('94), Central 
Larry Smithwick, ('91), Western 
John Mcintosh, ('92), Western 
Greg Howell, ('93), Western 
John Snow, ('94), Western 



irles Ashman 


Donald Eshelman 


ry Wedertz, Chm. 
le Brubaker 
ry Gegner 
me Hannah 
er Wambold 


er Peugh and two of his selection 


)ry Young, ('91) Chm. 

Davis, ('91) 

Thornton, (92) 
srt MacMillan, ('92) 
I Woodruff, ('93) 

Boehm, ('93) 


e Deloe, ('91), Chm. 
Belohlavek, ('92) 
; Howell, ('93) 


Jim Poyner, ('91), Chm. 
Curt Miller, ('92) 
Brian Smith, ('93) 


(Terminus - 1993) 
Donald Shoemaker, Chm. 
Russell Ogden 
Bob Fetterhoff 
John Teevan 

Greg Howell 


Larry Chamberlain, Chm. 
Morgan Burgess 
James Custer 
Dewey Melton 
Charles Turner 


Lee Jenkins 

For information regarding the national organizations and cooperating boards of e 
Fellowstiip of Grace Brethren Churches please refer to the section of this ann i 
entitled "National Organizations" beginning on page 25 


1940-Charles H. Ashman, Sr* 
1941-L. S. Bauman* 
1942-Roy Patterson* 
1943-Herman A. Hoyt 
1944_Russell D. Barnard* 
1945— Kenneth Ashman* 
1946-Bernard Schneider* 
1947-W. A. Ogden* 
1948-Paul Bauman 
1949-Miles 'Kiber* 
1950-Conard Sandy* 
1951-Orville Jobson* 
1952— Arnold Kriegbaum 
1953-J. L. Gingrich* 
1954-R. Paul Miller. Sr* 
1955— Thomas Hammers 
1956-Bernard Schneider* 
1957-Miles T^ber* 
1958-Paul Dick 
1959-Harold Etling* 
1960-Ralph Colburn 
1961-John Aeby 
1962-Mark Malles 
1963-Kenneth Ashman* 
1964-L. L. Grubb* 
1965-Richard Grant 

1966-Glenn O'Neal* 
1967-Homer A. Kent, Sr* 
1968-Russell D. Barnard* 
1969-Wesley Haller 
1970-William Tweeddale 
1971-Robert Collitt* 
1972-Wayne Beaver 
1973— Charles Ashman 
1974-Scott Weaver 
1975-Charles Turner 
1976-Robert W. Thompson 
1977— James Custer 
1978-David Hocking 
1979-Jesse Deloe 
1980-Knute Larson 
1981 -Luke Kauffman 
1982-Homer A. Kent, Jr. 
1983-Edwin Cashman 
1984-Lester E. Pifer 
1985— John Mayes 
1986-'Ibm Julien 
1987-Dean Fetterhoff 
1988- John J. Davis 
1989-Roger Peugh 

Year listed denotes the year in which the pen 
was elected moderator. (*Denotes deceased.) 


1990 Moderator's Address 
by Roger D. Peugh 

gather with joy and anticipation here in 
jreat historic city of Richmond, Virginia 
ir annual conference and especially to the 
host Grace Brethren Churches of 
nond for the warm welcome we have 
ved. Special thanks to Pastors Wayne 
lah and Dave Kowalke and Coordinator 
iryant for the countless hours of prepara- 
you have invested in us. And, being 
led myself and knowing what I do about 
len work, we want to say a special thanks 
o your wives for their tireless support at 
(Sides, to your secretary Morag Spence, 

Childcare Coordinator Donna Mesiano 
ieir loving support and hard work, 
have been chosen by you to be your 
irator is a great honor. I have been 
oled by literally hundreds of you who have 
■ed me throughout the year that you have 
praying for me and intensely interested 
e spiritual purity, vitality and global 
liveness of our precious Fellowship of 
3 Brethren Churches. 

1 Analysis of Our Situation 

3 my job to analyze our situation and I 
I by first looking at the very significant 
.1 context into which God has placed us 
r. The Communist grip has been broken 
inuch of Eastern Europe! The Berlin Wall 
jtory! On May 6 I walked through the 
of real estate which had been severed by 
/all. I had the privilege, directed by East 
tan border Guards, of picking up this 
of the Berlin Wall. I also got several other 
3 - 56 pounds to be exact! I never thought 
Id see the day. I stood there as a teenager 
61-62, thinking many times: "This will 
■ open up again." And now Germany is 
ng to reunify. The barbaric regime of 
sescu in Romania has fallen and 
plied thousands have turned to Christ 
since them. Tsams have been preaching 
5 streets of Russia this past year, sharing 
ospel openly with PA systems. These are 
utely amazing historic developments!! 
;lobe has also been rocked by devastating 
quakes and natural catastrophes. Our 
n heaven has again made His great love 
jn by freeing untold millions from a prison 
had been in for half a century. They now 
freedom we have long since taken for 
ed! Multitudes have also suffered 
ndous pain this past year as oxir God has 
at work. 

1. Some of the positive things in our FGBC 

But not only in the lives of interesting people 
in exotic and faraway places has our loving 
Father been working. He has also been doing 
a highly significant work in our midst as a 
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. 
Precious people have been won to Christ, 
ruined lives have been reclaimed from the junk 
heap of sin and fractured families have been 
reunited by our Lord. Over 800 have found 
Christ because of The Year of Youth Outreach 
started last year at National Youth Conference. 
Seven new churches were established by Home 
Missions last year and there are 10 new Home 
Missions pastors. In this calendsu- year 6 
churches plan to go self-supporting. The new 
chiu-ch in Anchorage, Alaska was self- 
supporting within just 10 months after 
starting and the combined Easter Sunday 
attendances of mother and daughter churches 
was 500 higher than Easter a year ago! Grood 
numbers growth has forced double services in 
some churches and many of our facilities are 
being maximized for the Great Commission. 
Hundreds of Sunday school teachers have 
faithfully taught their classes and seen many 
come to Christ, grow in Him and become active 
in service. Youth and children's workers have 
labored faithfully week by week, and a host 
of unrecorded life-changing decisions have 
been made in quiet corners across the nation. 
VBS ministries touched thousands this 
summer! My own son returned from a district 
junior camp with the remark: "It was 
awesome!" speaking specifically of the 
influence of the Bible messages upon his life. 
Over 100 from across the country have rolled 
up their shirtsleeves together to build at the 
Navajo Mission. Your sacrificial giving has 
sent out TIME and BARNABAS teams who 
have touched the lives of thousands of others. 
Grace Seminary has seen a 55 percent jump 
in new M.Div. applications over a year ago at 
this time. Dr. Davis reports we see the highest 
interest expressed in the Seminary in 10 years. 
Some district conferences were reported to 
have been outstanding because of God's 
evident working in all who attended. 250,000 
Grow tracts and over 10 tons of books from our 
BMH publishing evangelized and edified 
countless thousands of readers here as well as 
beyond our shores this past year. We are a team 
of churches in this country which has 
experienced great blessing - and where we 

have labored together harmoniously that 
blessing has been greatly multiplied by our 

God also is working cross culturally! 
Missionaries on all of our fields have had the 
thrill of seeing people choose to follow Jesus 
Christ, become baptized and move forward in 
spiritual growth. The Bafio Grace Brethren 
Church in Bangui, Central African Republic 
had an evangelistic crusade in January and 
followed this with the bapism of 900 new 
converts! There are 34 Grace Brethren 
Churches in the city of Bangui alone! Several 
hundred Pygmies were baptized in the C.A.R. 
Believers in Lyon France, Aalen, West 
Germany, Manila, Philippines have consti- 
tuted themselves legally as churches and God 
has wonderfully renewed a church in 
Argentina that had been struggling. About 
2000 have come to Christ, been baptized and 
a church with 15 full-time workers has been 
established in Site B Cambodian refugee ceimp 
on the Thai border of Cambodia through the 
ministry of Cambodian Pastor Vek Huong 
Tking, a Grace Brethren elder who is a full- 
time Campus Crusade worker and a member 
of our GBC Long Beach. Our GBC Long Beach 
and some other churches of the Southern 
California district have been vitally involved 
in supporting this outreach endeavor to 
Cambodians living in Thailand. Senior 
Citizens have gone overseas to labor and have 
been greatly blessed and been a blessing to 
many. Financial giving to Grace Brethren 
Foreign Missions is excitingly stronger than 
ever before with thousands in our FGBC 
sacrificially involved. Faithful growth in your 
prayer support continues to thrill us all. Many 
of you have visited mission fields this past year, 
returning home with a much deeper under- 
standing of the work and a commitment to 
pray and give as never before. 

God has continued to be God this past year 
and to show us that He loves us! Though we 
have not deserved His kindness, and never 
vdll, He has taught us, changed us, helped us 
and used us to bless others - in spite of some 
serious difficulties. In researching this list of 
Grod's blessings I concluded: It's been a great 
year in our fellowship of churches. 

And by the way, we must always begin 
looking at things from this perspective, for our 
perspective determines what we see. It's like 
when you line up your closest friends to take 
a picture. You forget and put the sun behind 
them, and when you take the picture you end 
up with blackened silhouettes. Your camera 
was looking from the wrong perspective and 
the image of your friends was black! However, 
when you change your perspective and put 
light on the subject, you get a great picture. 

Tbday, with God's good light on the subject 

we see that Christ is still on the throni 
is still all-powerful, still all-knowing, 
sovereign and still doing a superb job of ri 
the universe. He has also richly blessed 
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. W(, 
His and He will ultimately bring us to 
perfection He has planned for us. Please c 
misunderstand! I am not blaming the Lop 
the things we did wrong or left undone - 
simply reminding us that He has gracio 
and sovereignly blessed us this past yeaii 
also has excellent solutions ready for 
problems - solutions which He is anxio\| 
show us. He has good plans to bless us in c 
to make us a blessing to many others. 
2. Four major problems of this past ; 
in the FGBC: 

However, the job of the Moderator is n 
look at things through rose tinted gla 
Problems and tensions force me to tell you 
all has not been well. It is my responsil 
to assess our spiritual state, as fairly 
accurately as possible, and to give prac! 
recommendations for improvement 

On the one hand, because of God's mate' 
grace, we are doing much better thai 
deserve. On the other hand, quite frank 
has been a hard year for many of us ii 
family of churches. There has been much 
and confusion and the rumormill has 
working overtime. Let me briefly discusi 
clarify four major things: 

1) The debate we experienced ove: 
rebaptism/ church membership issue pr 
and at last year's conference cont, 
throughout the year. The rumblings of c 
division have been heard and we have; 
deeply disturbed by them. 

2) Serious allegations of supposed doc, 
deviation on the part of some profess^ 
Grace Seminary have been made. As 
Moderator, I investigated the charges an( 
personally questioned those professor; 
had been charged regarding their sup 
doctrinal deviations. 

I report to you that the allegation that 
Seminary is on a subtle drift away ft-O) 
inspiration and authority of the Bij 
absolutely untrue. Tb a man the fac\ilt 
administration are joyfully committed w 
reservation to the inspiration and aut 
of the whole Bible. The whole facu, 
committed to biblical creation, believir 
teaching that God created everything 
nothing as literally reported in the G 
account. The charges of drift from C 
historic position on what the Bible ti 
about God's coming kingdom and other 
events proved to be without substancf 

Though Grace Theological Seminary 
perfect, all faculty members demor 




uestioned integrity in their commitment 
ir Lord, to the inerrancy and authority of 
original text of Scripture, to the use of 
id principles of biblical interpretation and 
;he theological heritage of Grace as 
essed in the Statement of Faith. In fact the 
ied stance of today's Grace professors on 
teral and recent creation week, while 
ting any accommodation to the theory of 
iition, is much more narrow than the 
sion taught there 50 years ago. I fervently 
gree with the charges that Grace 
inary is defecting from its historic 
tnmitments to God's inspired and perfect 
d faithfully interpreted with sound 

The membership debate 
Grace Seminary 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions, and the 
)pean Ifeam in particular, have been the 
Bt of serious allegations. The governing 
•d of Trustees of the mission made a 
ough investigation of the charges and 
limously reported that though there were 
3 very unfortunate communications 

Iups, no insubordination or sin was or is 
Ived. Our foreign mission administration 
(missionary staff are not drifting away 
\ our theological heritage. 
;]A number of pastors began expressing 
t intention to stay away from Richmond 
iiuse of the official involvement of 
erence in the Richmond Project. They saw 

consciences violated by being involved in 
^ly assisting in the establishment of a 
ch with an "open" membership policy. On 

12, and writh great reluctance, the 
)wship Council voted to cancel official 
Ivement of this conference in the 
mond Project because the Council did not 
t to see Conference be the mechanism of 
iion in our Fellowship, 
btors Wayne Hannah and Dave Kowalke 

Coordinator Bob Bryant and our two 
:e Brethren Churches here in Richmond, 
ell as Project Coordinator Lee Dice - sis 
erator I express to you our deep sorrow 
the pain and confusion this decision has 
ed all of you. 

liblical Solutions for our Problems: 
^was a good year, but it was also a tough 

for many. Brethren, we urgently need 
3 help! We have a host of wonderful things 
g for us, but year after year our unresolved 
ions are blocking the blessing of God, 
ing our resources and seriously hindering 
orporate witness. The Lord has laid on my 
t three biblical absolutes as the direction 
e solution for our problems, 
ese three things are the eternal basics 
1 to us by the Holy Spirit in 1 Cor. 13:13: 

"And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; 
but the greatest of these is love." These words 
were written to the Corinthian church plagued 
with serious carnal disunity over spiritual 
gifts! The context in Corinth, in many waj^, 
is similar to ours and the solution they were 
given is so fitting for us in our present 
1. Faith 

First, it is the hour to trust our infinite God 
together! It is not the time to spread doubt and 
pessimism. God is still alive! He is sovereign 
and His excellence in managing our universe 
is unexcelled, including His oversight of the 
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Trust 
every promise of His perfect Word and rest in 
His care. His protection and His provision. 
Missionary candidate needing support, you 
can Irust HIM! Pastor, needing help and 
guidance for a painful time in your ministry, 
you can trust HIM! In a recent meeting, a 
number of those present said this has been the 
most difficult year of their lives. Perhaps you 
are here with that same testimony. Congrega- 
tions having a difficult time relating to your 
church leadership - you can trust God to give 
wise help. Youth worker, Grod has all the 
resources you need for the challenge of work- 
ing with broken young people in this per- 
missive age! District leadership facing wide 
open ministry challenges, you can trust our 
God for guidance and provision! Grace Schools, 
Foreign and Home Missions, CE National, 
BEM, BMH, Men's, Ladies' and Youth 
ministries, WE CAN TRUST HIM 
Some years ago it was our privilege as a family, 
along with my parents, to visit the orphanage 
in Bristol, England which had been estab- 
lished by George Mueller. We found a quote 
there which my Dad put on the refrigerator 
at home. It reads: "I steadily refuse to gratify 
the devil by becoming discouraged - Isa. 41:10." 
Let me name four things which biblical faith 

1) Biblical faith in God leads to 
dependence. Christ said: "Without me, you 
can do nothing" and faith says: "I will trust 
God to do His work!" Faith leads to humble 
dependence on God, and the dependent 
Christian prays and asks God for the help and 
resources he needs. Prayer, among other 
things, is telling God I love Him and I really 
trust Him. At the end of this message 
"Destiny" will sing Eifter which we will go to 
prayer in small groups of two and three. We 
will be praying together much at this 
Conference and living out the conviction that 
without Him we can do absolutely nothing to 

please Him. We cannot find our way in the 
dark without His help. 

2) Faith in God leads to obedience. Faith 
in His Word will drive us to trust Him and then 
to obey every single directive His Word has 
given. A hallmark of our fellowship of churches 
is its unbending faith in the absolute truth of 
all of God's Word coupled with the desire to 
obey it all. I see no evidence of a shift away 
from this commitment among us (though our 
practice is somewhat different!). We are 
obviously not agreed on some important issues 
• but in our disagreement we have not said that 
a certain portion of the infinitely precious 
Word of God is of no valua Forbid the thought! 
Rather we say, humbly, we don't completely 
understand it and study harder, learning from 
one another in the process. 

3) Faith in God rests the past with Him. 
The decisions of previous Conferences were 
much prayed over and, by faith, we must accept 
the fact that the Lord sovereignly directed the 
outcomes of 1964 and 1989. We prayed for His 
will to be done, we agonized together over the 
matter, and now we can and we must rest con- 
fidently in the fact that He did indeed direct us. 

4) Faith in God confidently anticipates 
His help in problems. The great God who 
opened the Berlin Wall 9 months ago is the 
same almighty and all-wise God who can break 
down the walls which have been erected 
between us. According to James 1, let us ask 
Him for the wisdom we need to find the 
solutions we do not have. He tells us that if 
we ask IN FAITH, unmixed with doubt. He 
will joyfully give us His wisdom. 

2. Hope 

Our second absolute and lasting value is 
Hope. What is hope? We hope our picnic doesn't 
get rained out. We hope the farmer has a good 
harvest at the end of the summer. We hope the 
new shirt fits. But this vague uncertain hope 
which is dependent on stmshine, good fertilizer 
or an accurate guess of someone's shirt size is 
not the hope the Bible means here. The hope 
of the Christian is sure and certain - Christ 
is coming again. Amen? Recent world events 
hint that His coming may be very soon! Christ 
will finish what he started! Christ wiU solve 
our problems, one way or the other. He will 
either use us significantly as a fellowhip of 
churches in the 90's, or He will take us out of 
the way so that He can use others! Christian 
hope gives a steady light at the end of the 

I know something about a dark tunnel. Just 
10 years ago right now, following the peiinful 
division of the Stuttgart church, I suffered a 
period of despair for about 4 months. My 
prolonged focus on the circumstances of the 
problem only pushed me deeper into despair 

- and then I began lesirning to look for h< 
apart from the immediate circumstances - hi 
found only in God himself. 

lb focus on the problems and the failurei 
people only increased my pessimism, lb fa 
on Christ Himself brought light and hop 
began to learn the practical importance 
obeying Philippians 4:8 to meditate constai 
on things which are true, lovely, noble, p\ 
of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. ( 
day late in the fall of 1980 a verse of Script; 
met the problem and God's truth turned on 
lights in my heart again. That verse was: '" 
Lord has given, the Lord has taken, bles 
be the Name of the Lord." Our God. 
sovereign. God directed all of those preci 
people away from the Stuttgart church to 1 
me begin learning something about His H : 
in my affairs. He restored my hope - and I ■ 
that His promise to never leave me nor fors< 
me had been true all along, I just had i 
grasped it. 

I believe that our Fellowship of churches j 
well be suffering with depression. Many f 
have spoken with me seem to have lost h» 
Brethren, may I reverently and confidel 
say: Our God has not gone to sleep! He ^ 
been watching and working among us fron ] 
beginnings including this past yesir. Hei 
heard our groanings and our prayers. At 
these things have happened to us for some ;« 
purpose. There is no reason to lose hope i 
there is no reason to manipulate peoplo 
situations to accomplish what I might pen:ii 
to be God's will for them. He, who began a na 
work in us, will complete it until the di d 
Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:61 This is not a ca a 
passive inactivity but rather a call to s,ee.<i 
as ultimately responsible for His churclfll 
bought her. He owns her and He is perfei o) 
her This is the crucial perspective which it 
(jod's light on the subject. 

If I am filled with evil stispicions li 
interpret everything my Christian brna 
does with the eyes of the cynic, imagining jl 
to have sinister motives in all that he d i 
am sinning! This perspective chooses ta 
only the blackened silhouette of a brottj 
imagines that a fellow Christian is only le 
with devious and wicked motives, ii 
discredits the certain work of God's Spi ; i 

The Apostle I^ul did not view other bel: « 
in this way. In Romans 15:14 he s£iid: "I r 3fi 
am confident concerning you, my bret i 
that you also are full of goodness, filled n 
all knowledge, able also to admonisl* 
another." Where did their fullness of goon 
come from? From the Lord. Where did ii 
knowledge and their counselling ability ^ 
from? From the Lord! Paul chose firs a 
foremost to focus on what God was doigl 

he life of his fellow-believers. When he met 
new believer, I believe he did not start that 
slationship from the perspective of cynical 
listrust, but rather with the confidence that 
iod was at work in his brothers. And he not 
aly saw that and thought it, HE TOLD 

A study of 1 Cor 1:4-9; 2 Cor. 7:4 & 13-16 
lows he had this confident hope of God's 
orking in the Corinthians. In 2 Thess. 1:3-5 
e also read: "We are bound to thank God 
ways for you, brethren, as it is fitting, 
!cause your faith grows exceedingly, and the 
ve of every one of you all abounds toward 
ich other, so that we ourselves boast of you 
nong the churches of God for your patience 
id faith in aU yovir persecutions and tribula- 
)ns that you endure, which is manifest 
idence of the righteous judgment of God, that 
u may be counted worthy of the kingdom of 
xi, for which you also suffer." Paul told the 
lessalonians of his joy over God's working in 
em, and he boasted about God's working in 
em behind their backs, 
fhis is a vital part of the practical solution 
our despair as a fellowship of churches. Let 
learn from the example of the Apostle Paul 
d make the choice to first look for God's 
ident working in our brother or sister 
mndly, let us tell them we see it. Thirdly, 
us talk about God's working in them behind 
!ir backa (By the way, husband, when is the 
t time you told your beloved wife you saw 
d evidently working in her life and boasted 
)ut His work in her to others? Wife, when 
i« you told your husband you saw Christ 
rking in him and let others know how 
Jikful you are for it? F^ents, tell your 
ieving children you see Christ in them'! 
lat God wants in us as a fellowship of 
uxhes. He also wants for our homes!), 
his perspective reminds me of a very 
ctical illustration my father once used in 
'home church of Harrah, Washington. One 
i he brought a huge piece of white paper 
>> class with a black dot up in one comer 
•he course of the Sunday School lesson, he 
li up that paper and said: "What do you 
•" One of us very wise young men in the 
i row raised his and and said: "I see a black 
I' My father asked: "Doesn't anyone see the 
te paper?" We sat in sheepish silenca 
de biblical perspective of confident hope 
\3 for the white paper - looks for God's hand 
Iwk in the life of my Christian brother and 
;r Catch them doing something good and 
^em you see it. Let's pray for the boldness 
► at this conference to tell our brother or 
sr how happy we are about God's evident 
.ting in them! Instead of gossip sessions in 
hallways, let's be found encouraging each 
ir and boasting about God's work in each 

I 9 

other behind our backs! Let's huddle for times 
of prayer and rejoicing in the halls. 

Now, don't get me wrong. The black dots are 
still there, and they still have to be dealt with. 
But Christ commanded that this confrontation 
be done face to face, not behind backs fMatt. 
18:15-18). The purpose of that confrofitation 
is the restoration of my brother!! SEEN FROM 
CENTER! Christ and His work in the other 
person are the center of my perspective - and 
that gives us hght and hope when confronta- 
tion is needed. And sharing with other 
believers that we see God working in them 
does tremendous things to bind us together in 
Christ, encouraging us to ministry. Just tell 
me how you would feel if the Apostle Paul 
would walk up to you today and say: "I'm 
confident that God's at work in you!" Just tell 
me how you would feel about ftul? 

3. Love 

The third thing we have in our text is that 
great bibUcal word; Love! "FAITH, HOPE, and 
LOVE. Let's rescue this wonderful biblical 
word back from the enemy who has twisted 
and perverted it. I am not ashamed to say the 
biblical word love. I'm not ashamed to tell 
people I love them and I don't believe any of 
us should be. Christians committed to the 
Bible don't mean some kind of warm feeling 
or sweet sentimentality or ecumenical 
compromise when they use this word. Christ 
said that to love God and to love our neighbors 
THE LAW, the kingpin of the Old Testament. 
God's Spirit through Paul said that love is the 
fulfillment of the law (Romans 13:8-10). 

The Bible teaches that six good things are 
worthless without biblical love. Here in 1 Cor. 
13:1-3 are five of them: first, eloquence without 
love is just irritating noise; second, great 
insight and wisdom are empty bubbles without 
biblical love; third, visionary faith which can 
remove mountains is valueless without bibhcal 
love; fourth, generosity which motivates one 
to give it all away is an empty shell without 
biblical love; fifth, martyrdom - the sacrifice 
of one's own life for a cause - is a waste without 
biblical lova Revelation 2 adds a sixth, name- 
ly that theological orthodoxy and correct prac- 
tices without bibUcal first-love fall under God's 
judgment. Brethren, if it is that important, 
then we must passionately rediscover what it 
means to live out this directive of our Lord. 
A. First we need to love God - seek liim 
fervently, daily and live only for Him. At last 
year's conference we were called to commit- 
ment. Love for God commits to put Him above 
everyone and e\'erything - It motivates a joyful 
servant spirit which seeks to obey every single 

directive He gave us to follow. It motivates us 
to CtasUike purity in every thought, m every 
word and in every deed Brethren o- 
thoughts cannot be dominated by God s Word 
and fhe wicked mindset of TV cnme and 
violence. Many foreign beUevers visiting in our 
Country have been appalled at the grea 
American love affair with TV entertainmen 
and material pleasures. Our visitors are most 
shocked to see many true believers swept along 
^^h the tide. Many who find 15 minutes a day 
in God's Word and in prayer an impossiblity, 
hink nothing of 15 hours of TV a week^ 
Runaway personal indebtedness due to greedy 
pursuit of this world's trinkets is causing a 
landslide of bankruptcies nationwide. As 
followers of Christ, we are to march m step 
with God's word, rather than keep pace «ath 
a world running fast and far from God. Let s 
invest our minds, our time, our resources and 
our lives for ONE thing: Loving God and 
bringing Him glory. 

B We also need to biblically love our brothers 
and sisters. Christlike "brothering and sister- 
ing" means that we will pray for and seek the 
highest good of fellow believers. We will give 
a call to encourage. We will send a note. We 
will bind up the wounds and cheer the faint- 
hearted. But, since biblical love is perfectly 
balanced and rejoices in the truth we will also 
admonish the wayward; we will kindly but 
directly confront those in sin; we will gently 
but firmly correct and discipline the rebellious. 
Whom the Lord loves. He chastens, and if we 
are Christlike, we must be ready not only to 
give a hug, but to gently speak words which 
L hard to hear - face to face to the offender. 
Biblical love will lead us to stop evil suspicions, 
to stop sinful judging and gossip and will drive 
us to go to others in order to help them and 
to build them up. 

This mandate to be men and women ot 
biblical faith, biblical hope and biblical love 
must become practical in our fellowship ot 
churches. We have dissipated countless hours 
and untold energy on conflict. However, none 
of us has any more time and spiritual energy 
to expend on anything but the Great Commis- 
sion The vote of last year's conference made 
the clear statement that most of us in our 
Fellowship do not desire to divide over the 
issue of rebaptism and church membership. A 
great many of you have told me in the course 
of this year: "Roger, we are tired and wea^J 
of the conflict with its evil suspicions, its cW 
secretive meetings, the continued striving. 

A very small group in our midst has 
theological convictions of conscience which 
apparently hinder them fi-om continuing to 
iovfully cooperate in harmonious mimstry with 
those in our Fellowship whose interpretations 

are not identical to theirs. I have been assure 
that they intend to continue to tight to 
conviction on these issues. . . . . 

I repeat the obvious: The majority of oi, 
churches and our leaders desire to remw 
toeether in cooperative mimstry under tl 
conditions of the 1964 Conference decisio 
Most of those with a "closed Practice a: 
willing to accept and minister with the: 
whose position and practice is oper 
something we have been doing together no 
with no basic change, for 26 years There is : , 
sinister plan to push our whole fellowship ir 
an open position and practice. 

This is the hour for faith in our great & 

confident hope in God's working and God s Ic 

for our brothers which leads us to resolve t 

conflict. I believe the Bible teaches us we c 

and ought to resolve this and that all of us c 

continue in cooperative ministy together. 1 1 

no biblical mandate to separate over the fc 

of issue which is involved. Let us biblics 

reconcile our differences and begin to m 

ahead again, believing that God will guide 

However, Brethren, with great heavines 

heart I state publicly to us all what I have ( 

some, face-to-face, who told me it is their de 

to keep striving over these issues: It i 

evident that biblical reconciliation, clear 

spiritual unity and harmonious coopera 

i^nistry are not possible because of differei 

on the rebaptism and church member. 

issue, then the sooner there is a grac 

separation between us, the better it will b 

all concerned. By "gracious separation In 

that we will make an organizationa b) 

with each other but we will keep talkir 

each other and treating each other Witt 

love and mutual respect charactensfc 

mature men and women of God. 

First, God is concerned. He is not gloi' 

in the Church when we carnally strive ag 

each other. He has equipped us with His 

in order that we might be spiritually owi 

as there is unity in the triune Godhead ( 

17-21-23). The Glory of God in our midst 

be the very highest priority in ^1 of our h 

Anything that falls short of His glory 

and must be dealt with. Tbday I call th 

us who have sinned and who have not 

with it to repent and to seek God s forgiv 

Then go to your brother and cleanse 

relationship with him. This is no tin 

waiting until the other person comes t 

We must humble ourselves before God ai 

Brethren and take the initiative to resol 

existing conflicts we are aware of We 

have a passion that God's glory be restc 

our midst where it has been tarnished 

sin The honor of His Name is attache., 

and the credibility of our witness is at 


Second, each side is concerned. Neither 
ide is edified and built up, rather both are 
eing injured and torn down by the strife 
leither group can focus fully on obedience to 
le Great Commission while they are wasting 
recious time and spiritual resources on 

Third, those caught in the middle are 
urt and concerned. Missionaries overseas 
-e demoralized by the fight much like the 
jyastated children of divorced parents. You 
in't know how we've wept overseas over the 
■oblems in the States. National churches are 
atching with anxiety and intense interest, 
n African pastor in Bangui recently asked 
GBC pastor visiting there: "How are mother 
id father doing?" (meaning how are we do- 
g in the FGBC who have parented the huge 
lowship of churches in Africa). He said- "I 
ve heard that mother and father are fighting 
d might get a divorce. Please tell them that 
;hey do, it will tell us here that the way to 
ve our differences is to simply get a divorce" 
ace Brethren seminary students are 
tching how we resolve this conflict. We have 
eady lost some tremendous future leaders 
other denominations and para-church 
listries because they lost heart for ministry 
ong us as they observed the conflict in our 
1st. Others are right now in the throes of 
decision about where they will invest their 
rs in future ministry. 

iurth, the watching world is vitally 
Icemed about our solving the conflicts 

[ The watching world is also waiting for 
\ s love through us. We are commanded to 
' God, then fellow-believers and thirdly to 
; Chnstlike love for the lost He died to 
pm. Do we really love the lost of this world 
I God's selfless, compassionate love'' 
iiren, we stand before unprecedented 
irtunities to share the Gospel and plant 
fches nationwide and worldwide 
is a world of more open doors now than 
Ibefore I travelled 16 days in May with 
Iral others through E. Germany 
loslovakia, Hungary and Romania. The 
)se of our visit was ministry as well as 
estigate what God is doing over there We 
3d to learn if we as a Fellowship and 
on have work to do in evangelism, leader 
ng and church planting behind what 
o be called the Iron Curtain. Everywhere 
mt we found the doors wide open and 
>elievers anxious for us to send in teams 
kers to reach the lost in their countries 
establish new churches. A TIME team 
»ted for Romania for next summer Our 
Prance church sent a ministry team to 


Romama in June and the German churches 
are bonding together to send a ministry team 
to former East Berlin in October We can now 
freely get the Gospel into Eastern Europe's 
bewildered and spiritually hungry millions, 
further millions in western Europ«, Asia 
Africa and Latin America languish, waiting 
for us to cease our conflict and to bring them 
the Gospel. Fteople everywhere need the Lord" 
Do we really care? We must bond together for 
ministry - to love the lost beyond our borders 
to Him! 

It's a great thing to send missionaries to 
faraway places to share Christ in exotic sur- 
roundings. But it is just as glorious and urgent- 
ly needed that we share Christ with people this 
week here in Richmond, and next week in your 
home town. Millions across this land need the 
Lord we know so well. Without fervent 
evangelism and churh planting here in North 
America, there are some serious limits impos- 
ed on our mvolvement in global outreach Are 
we ready and willing to reach out and love the 
lost right around us? 

I make the following practical recommenda- 
tions. Be sure to view these recommendations 
in the light of the commendations given at the 
outset of the message. 
I appeal to each individual to: 
1) Commit to the abiding Biblical values of 
taith in our great God, hope because of His cer- 
tain work in our world and our Christian 
brother, and biblical Christlike love which is 
both gentle and firm, kind and confi-ontiva 

2) Tb commit anew to personal holiness and 
to a passion to become Christlike in every area 
of your personal conduct. 

3) 'lb commit to personally share the Gospel 
regul^ly with unsaved people everywhere you 
can. Personal evangelism must become a 
regul^ prayer burden and passion of our daily 
lives. Smg the prayer chorus every day "Lord, 
lay some soul upon my heart and love that soul 
through me, and may I humbly do my part to 
win that souJ to thee." 

4) Tb commit to avoid evil suspicioning Let's 
not put the most negative interpretation on 
everything we hear. Give fellow believers the 
benefit of the doubt, just like you would 
appreciate having the same fi-om them. Check 
out rumors carefully and personally before 
being forced by the facts to conclude that a 
brother is driven by evil motives. 

5. lb commit to looking for God's good work 
m your Brother and Sister, and then tell them 
you see It; boast as Paul did about God's work 
in others behind their backs. 

6) lb commit to biblically confi-onting those 
who are sinning face to face with gentleness 
and firmness, according to the biblical direc- 
tives m Matt. 5:18, Gal. 6:1 and 2 Tim. 2:24-26. 

- i fa 

a — -^ rT3Trx: 

■ I yzrzi^r^. 

_ ii: - El 

^ i::-:^-! 

Business Sessions 

futfi sEssicfm. 


.ze -^ 

-^s-. 2. 12. 

3 ^Jle =ri-'- 

Crsc ^ i : 

&SCS ?: la . 

nrf Sec 


July 31. 19M. 9tM ■-, 


Ne^ :_^ 

X !■«.■ 


-^ ze«tT 


Mayes, Chairman 

9 Report on the progress in developing the 
forums for discussion of the Baptism- 
Church Membership and related issues as 
directed by last year's conference, 
Fellowship Council . 

10 Report on Fellowship Council activities 
■ and the time and place of the 1991 and 
future conferences, Charles Ashman, 
Fellowship Coordinator 

11. Additional Reports 

12. Unfinished business 

13. New business 

14. Installation of the 1991 conference officers 

15. Adjournment (sine die) 
Ed Cashman reported for the Nominating 

Committee. The following were presented tor 
nomination: Office of Moderator-Elect: James 
Dixon and David Plaster; Fellowship Council: 
Western Region - David Mitchel John Snow, 
Glen Shirk; Central Region - Steve Peters, 
Tterrance Taylor, John Mayes; Eastern Region 
- Steve l^ylor, Ray Davis, Emory Young. 

A motion prevaUed to place these names in 
nomination. Additional nominations were made 
from the floor Moderator-Elect ^ Charles 
Turner; Eastern Region - Jay Fretz, Jett 

Thomley , ... 

A motion prevailed that the nominations 
cease. The election was then carried out. 

The following appointments were announced 
by Charles Ashman in behalf of the Fellowship 
Council. Conference Secretary, Ken Koontz; 
Conference Treasurer, Steve Popenfoose, Con- 
ference Statistician, Sherwood Durkee. 

A motion prevailed to ratify these 
appointments. . 

Charles Ashman gave the list of appoint- 
ments of Conference Committees. 


Jerry Young presented the following report | 
the Strategy Committee. 


A Masterplan for the Fellowship of Gri: 
Brethren Churches was approved by delega* 
at Annual Conference last year. Adoption of ' ! 
report included the recognition that everyth ^ 
is "written in pencil, not ink." Goal refinemt 
and implementation is a continmng w! 
assigned to the Strategy Committee. The gci 
of the Fellowship Masterplan can be achieve( a 
each church, district and organization revi j 
the goals and determines on which goals t 
will focus their energy and resources. 

Moderators Address - Roger Peugh and two 
of his selection. 

Parliamentary - Jesse Deloe ('91) Chm., Bob 
Belohlavek ('92), Greg Howell ('93); 
Resolutions - Jim Poyner ('91), Curt Miller 
('92), Brian Smith ('93). 
Pastorless Churches / Available Men - Greg 


Auditing - Donald Eshelman 
Membership /Credentials - Emory Young 
(■91) Chm ; Ray Davis ('91); Dan Thornton (92), 
Robert MacMillan ('92); Paul Woodruff ( 93), 
Ron Boehm ('92). ,„„o>r^ u 

Social Concerns - (Tferminus - 1993) Donald 
Shoemaker Chm., Russell Ogden, Bob 
Fetterhoff, John Tfeevan 
Retirement Planning Committee - Larry 
Chamberlain Chm., Morgan Burgess, James 
Custer Dewey Melton and Charles Turner. 

Progress Report j 

1 The Strategy Conunittee gathered the- 
visory Group during the 1989 Conference, 
purposes of goal refinement and implemei 
tion Using a workshop format, members d i 
Group provided written reports on each olgj 
six objectives in the Masterplan. | 

2 The Committee met again in Winona J 
on November 16 - 17 to initiate implement; l 
strategies. The meeting included a workmi '. 
sion with leaders of cooperating organiza i 
in the Fellowship. Regional meetings r 
established to encourage implement 
strategies at the district level. Projected 
and places are as follows: ., „,. .^d 

Eastern -Harrisburg, PA-April 3/4 19t 
Central - Winona Lake, IN-October 9/10 1 
Western -Los Angeles, CA-February . 

3. The Elizabethtown GBC hosted the Es 
regional meeting as scheduled, with 20 pe 
in attendance. Evaluation of the meetings 
attending is very positive. District rep 
tatives were able to give input to the bti 
Committee and executives of the Fellc 
organi2ations. Each representative now h 
tools to begin implementing the strategy ui 
own districts. The meeting cost of $3,b/ 
almost entirely borne by districts, church 

4 The Committee met again on July 27 
sider recommendations for goal refmeniei 
newly refined Masterplan is attached i 

5. A new member will be appointed to ) 
Tbm Julien. It is recommended that there 
member from each region, and that Ed 1 
be retained as a consultant. Accordingly 
Plaster will leave the committee m 19 
Jerry Young will leave in 1992. 



f the Fellowship of 

race Brethren Churches 

Sis, 1990^'"""°^"'^ ^^ Fellowship Council 
In the light of the needs of our world, the con- 
rns within our churches, and the mandates 

T I'u y,^^^ ^^'^^^^ Committee recom- 
snds the following purpose statement, six ob- 
tives and goals for the 1990's. We believe the 
lowing dreams reflect the kind of Fellowshin 
^desire in the year 2000 AD...a Fellowship 
th alive with faith and pleasing to our Lord 
e Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches 
ists to Encourage and Enable Member 
arches in Equipping and Uniting the Saints 
Fulfilling the Great Commission. 
Continuing Objectives of FGBC 
Tb encourage personal fellowship with 
Jesus characterized by love and obedience 
to His Word. 

LipTs^r '"""^' '^^"^^"^"" ^"'^ 

lb disciple leaders for present and future 

ministries throughout the Fellowship 

To plant Grace Brethren Churches 


To develop clear communication 

throughout the Fellowship 

^ strategize and implement vision 

throughout the Fellowship 


encourage personal fellowship with Jesus 

icterized by love and obedience to His 

disc'SJl/shir''' '"""' '''"^^"^" '''' 
Pvl„^"'^"/..'*'"^'^^ t'^^t promotes 
B. Encourage every pastor and missionary to 
formulate a personal strategy of evangelism 

^tSy "^ ^"^"^'^"^ ^°^'^ ^"^ 

3^ Tb disciple leaders for present and future 
ministries throughout the Fellowship 

A. Design an integrated training process that 
develops and mobilizes leaders among our men 
women, children and youth 

iHpnrf"'T^^^ T^ '"'*"'=* ministerium to 
iTr, '' 1 ! "'^^^ °^ ''' P^^t"'-^ ^nd provide 
training help in maximizing their leadership 

4. To plant Grace Brethren Churches 
world-wide v.-nuii.nes 

nl^nf^! ^^^ Conference prayerfnlly assist the 
w^h n f>, ^ "'^ ^'^'' ^"-^thren Church 
sT e InH .^^"""'""^u"^*^' y^^''' <^onference 
t nn,1 r / ^"^"^ ^^^^ y^^^ thereafter Na- 
tional Conference convene in a major city for 
the same purpose. 

rSi^R^ *°u" ^^^ identifying elements of a 

SrTdUr''"" ^'^"^'^ '" ->' -•*"- 

rh^;r^r°"^i? ^^I^ ^''''""S Clrace Brethren 
Church world-wide to initiate a daughter 
church by the year 2000. ""Snier 

...^K^Tiul'^P'^ ™°deis of church planting 
usable both here and abroad utilizing ivailawf 
resources and lay leadership 

Stimulate a renewed and creative em- 
s on the systematic practice of prayer bv 
encouraging a "Day with God" in each 
church at least once a year 
encouraging each district to conduct a 
ct Prayer Retreat at least every three 

naking a "Day with God" and Commu- 
egular events at National Conference 
ncourage each pastor to make himself ac- 
ible on a monthly basis to another pastor 
personal holiness, prayer and example 

■courage spiritual revival in our churches 

ncouraging every pastor to adopt the 
mt of Spiritual Unity 
reaching that encourages obedience to 
Vord, and is in harmony with the State- 
1 raith, 

'deling a standard of holy living for our 
to follow, 

oviding ministry opportunities that de- 
ourageous faith and sacrifice. 


fhe'^Fea.t" "'^™"- *^-^hout 
A. Create a central information gathering 
and distribution center for the Fellowship ^ 

R,«fn • 1^ ^"^ ^^'"y revisable, pictorial 
P&stor s Prayer Directory. 

tin^ni"""""!^^ ^^^^^' communication, rela- 
chu^J/ .T°""'''''"'y ''^*^««" Pasto.^, 

2n2 t^""^ '^"*"'*' °" ^^^ basis of natura 
geographic clusters. 

D. Track our progress in fulfilling the goals 
of our Masterplan by developing a reportTng 
system for churches, districts ^d organSadonf 
bLstgT ^'^"^"^^"' achievements and 

s.roihr^hS^iiir'^-^"^ ^^^^- 

A. The strategy committee continue its work 
of coordinating a Fellowship strategy. 

Sori^nlti^on^""^^ "' -plementition^Zd 

dint' t^U^^^u""^^^'. ^'^^ suggestions for fun- 
ding to be submitted by the committee. 

c. Provide for lay participation in all 
decision-making bodies of the Fellowship. 

B. Implement plans to establish an Interna- 
tional Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. 

a. Identify the leadership of the interna- 
tional fellowship. 

b. Establish a communication system to 
track church planting world-wide. 

C. Organize an international conference by 
1995 with representation from each country. 


Spiritual unity is necessary for the blessings 
of God in the midst of our earthly spiritual 

Areas of disagreement are inevitable; 
however, spiritual disunity must be dealt with 
and the principle of reconciliation be applied. 

Gossip and destructive criticism need to be 
dealt with quickly. 

When problems arise, they should be resolved 
vdth the person concerned and not with others. 

Constructive criticism is welcomed, but must 
be directed to the individual concerned. 

Manipulation of others to fulfill a personal 
desire is to be avoided. 

Consideration, sensitivity, grace, love, and 
tolerance of personal differences must be shown 
to each other in the spirit of Matthew 18;15-17, 
Galatians 6:1-2 and I Corinthians 13:1-8. 


A Grace Brethren Church is a local assembly 
of believers in Jesus Christ who are affiliated 
with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren 
Churches, or its counterpart Fellowship in other 
nations, and are committed to: 

1. One another as a spiritual family; 

2. The Statement of Faith as a summary of 
our biblical belief and practice; 

3. The practice of triune-immersion, baptism 
and three-fold communion; 

4. Oversight by an elder (or elders) who fulfill 
(s) scriptual qualifications; and 

5. The observance of regular worship services. 
The purpose of a local church is the worship of 
God, the edification and fellowship of believers, 
and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

A motion prevailed to adopt this report. 


John Davis presented the Moderator's Ad- 
dress Committee's report. 

The committee wishes to express its deep ap- 
preciation to Moderator, Roger Peugh, for a well 
prepared, thoughtful and challenging address. 
His mandate to assess the fellowship noting its 
strengths and weaknesses was carried out with 
care and loving concern. Equally important and 

very relevant to the future vitality of thi 
fellowship were his very practical admonitiorii 
and suggestions. 

His emphasis on what is right and biblicall; 
honorable about the Fellowship of Graci 
Brethren Churches was most welcome and ver 
appropiate. Indeed, God has been at work in ou 
midst in very substantive and measurable ways 
Very vital to his assessment was a globs 
perspective which reminded us that we are, iij 
effect, an international fellowship. j 

But a physician who only praises the stron 
and vibrant parts of the body to the neglect ( 
the bleeding parts will do little to restor, 
complete health. Roger is to be commended ft, 
his forthright accurate and carefully researche , 
analysis of where we're hurting and why. H 
dealt with four very tough issues gracefully anij 

After proper attention was given to problei: 
analysis, he suggested godly solutions based di 
I Cor 13:13 which relate to faith, hope and lov 
Spiritual problems demand spiritual solution, 
he insisted, and he was right on target. j 
Continued carnal strife without any dispof j 
tion to resolution is of concern to God, each si( 
in the conflict, those in the middle and 
watching world, he noted. Biblical harmoi 
and cooperation he viewed as great necessiti 
if we ever intend to impact our world for Chrii 
In the light of the above, we fully support h 
call to commit ourselves to the abiding biblic 
values of faith in our God, to holiness in cc 
duct, to personal evangelism, to end exercis 
in evil suspicions, to look for God's work II 
others and to directly confi-ont those for whi) 
we have concerns. 

We further support and commend to eve 
church in our fellowship the challenge to praj) 
evangelism and church planting. 1 

His encouragement to broad involvemenb 
the F.G.B.C. Strategy goals, the forums and. 
annual meeting between national boards a| 
district leaders we support and heartily recol 
mend. We strongly suggest the fellowship mi 
in the direction of expanding the current ps| 
time position of Fellowship Coordinator! 
full-time. ' 

Moderator Pfeugh has not only established! 
exciting and God-honoring contact for t 
year's conference, but he has provided 
spiritual agenda that will move our enlj 
fellowship into the decade of the 1990's W| 
power and a world-wide impact for our Gdj 

A motion prevailed to adopt this reportii 

The Covenant of Spiritual Unity was r 
aloud by the Moderator (See end of Stratij 
Report for the Covenant.) | 

A proposed change for the by-laws was t( f 

A motion prevailed that this be added to the 

The proposed change was presented by Greg 



1. ARTICLE VII Committees 

Section Three: Nominating committee, pp 

6. Each cooperating district shall annual- 
ly submit to the nominating committee the 
name of one member of a church within its 
district as a nominee for the Fellowship Coun- 
cil. These names shall be placed on the ballot. 
If a district fails to submit a name in timely 
fashion, the committee may add a nominee of 
its own choosing from that particular district. 

2. ARTICLE V Fellowship Council 
Section Four: Election, p. 12 

1. Members of the Council shall be elected 
by vote of the delegates present and entitled to 
vote at the Conference from a ballot presented 
by the Nominating Committee. 

2. Voting for nominees from each of the 
three regions shall be restricted to delegates 
from the churches in those regions. 

3. Nominees elected to the council shall be 
the one from each region receiving the largest 
number of votes from the delegates represen- 
;ing those regions. 

J. Section Five. Responsibilities 

Add #13. Each elected member of the Coun- 
;il shall be responsible to communicate with 
me or more districts in his region as deter- 
nined by the Council. 

A motion prevailed that these by-law 
imendments be received. 
A motion prevailed to adjourn. 

iVednesday, August 1, 1990 

Moderator Peugh called the second business 
lession to order. 

The moderator led in prayer 

The printed minutes of the first session were 
listributed and corrected. 

A motion prevailed that the minutes from 
I\iesday be approved as corrected. 

The membership conunittee gave a corrected 
eport that totaled 359 lay delegates and 289 
ninisterial delegates for a total of 648 

The results of the election were given. 
Vestern Region representative elected was 
ohn Snow. 

! Further elections were needed for Moderator- 
llect between David Plaster and Charles 


Turner; Central Region • Steve Peters and John 
Mayes; Eastern Region - Steve Taylor and Ray 
Davis. This election was then carried out. 

A report was given by the Rules Committee 
concerning the proposed by-laws changes. 

A motion was made and seconded to adopt 
these by-laws. 

A motion prevailed to table this motion 
until a recommendation from the Indiana 
District could be discussed. 

A motion from the Indiana district was made 
and seconded. 
The motion was as follows: 

1. That we expand the membership of the 
Fellowship Council to the number correspon- 
ding to one representative for each district. 

2. That the district representatives be 
nominated and elected by the individual 
districts for a three year term, with one third 
of the total number of district representatives 
being elected each year 

3. That the following portions of the existing 
by-laws be repealed: Article V, section 2, and 
section 4; and Art. VII, section 3, #1-7. 

4. That an equitable plan of transition be im- 
plemented by the Fellowship Council that will 
allow present Fellowship Council members to 
finish their terms while district-elected 
representatives join the Council. 

After much discussion a motion prevailed 
to move the previous question. 

The motion of the Indiana district was then 
voted on and defeated. 

A motion prevailed to bring back the tabled 
motion to amend the by-laws. 
After much discussion a motion prevailed to 
move the previous question. 

The motion on the by-law change as recom- 
mended by the Fellowship Council was voted 
on and passed. 

A motion prevailed to adjourn. 

Thursday - August 2, 1990 

Moderator Roger Peugh called the session to 
order and led in prayer. 

A motion prevailed that the minutes of the 
second business session be approved as printed. 

The Membership Committee gave a final 
report that gave the final total of delegates at 
359 lay delegates and 289 ministerial delegates 
for a total of 648. 


Ron Thompson introduced the Brethren 
Evangelistic Ministries report. 

What an honor and privilege it is to serve the 
Lord . . . and you . . . working together in God's 

harvest field, promoting evangelism throughout 
our great fellowship of churches. Brethren 
Evangelistic Ministries is really an extension of 
you. As the offspring of National Conference, we 
are especially appreciative of your prayers, 
criticisms and support. Our new slide-tape 
presentation, "Tbuch Your People Once Again", 
will better acquaint churches with our burden 
and ministry. Here are a handful of gleanings 
God has given us since our last conference: 

* Edward A. Lewis, Executive Director of CE 
National in Winona Lake, IN, was recipient of 
the 1989 Robert B. CoUitt Memorial Award for 
excellence in evangelism. 

* A housewife in Ohio has ordered her checks 
with Scripture verses printed on them! It is one 
way she wants to share Christ in her own in- 
dividual way! 

* A teen group in Ohio has decided to write 
and distribute their own Gk)spel tract. 

* A young man stands at the altar in a church 
in Ftennsylvania and smswers God's call to enter 
the Christian ministry! 

* A junior-age girl in Virginia, after attending 
a CIA Band seminar, relates to her pastor that 
she wants to be a helper to him in the work of 
building God's Church. 

■* A church in California provides the means 
for a slide-tape production of the ministry of 
BEM, as well as needed computer equipment 
and a portable keyboard and public address 
system to enhance our road ministry! 

* Open doors to a future international 
ministry in Mexico and Guatemala! 

* A pastor in Pennsylvania reports a dynamic 
turnaround in the spirit of the church he 

Thank you again for allowing us to represent 
your evangelistic interests in the fellowship. 

Respectively Submitted, 

Ron E. Thompson, Executive Director 


January 1, 1989 to December 31, 1989 

Balance on hand 
Received to 12-31 
Transferred from Savings 

Disbursed to 12-31 
Balance on hand 

Balance on hand 1-1 


Balance on hand 12-31 
Tbtal Cash on Hand 

Churches General 
Churches Thompson 
Individuals General 
Individuals Thompson 
First Love Renewals 

Tbtal Income 


President's Support 

President's Expenses 


Board Meetings 

Herald & Annual 


First Love Renewals 

Office Salaries 


Office supplies, etc. 

CoUit Memorial 

Tbtal Expenses 

Balance on Hand 1-1-89 


Tbtal Cash on Hand 

Tbtal Income 
Tbtal Expenses 

$ 2,549.41 



5 1,638.50 


$ 8.063.90 





2,7; 6i 
3' 00 

3; 01 

39,0! '9S 

518,31 0( 
2,21 01 
2,2' ,8 


11,3 ,i6 


9 2 

3,3 ,( 

1,0 1 








$ 1,' 

$ 1,746.00 

Balance on Hand * 

A motion prevaUed to accept this report 

Chuck Davis then presented the ballot ft, 
B.E.M. board. Laymen: Don Dollens, Elida, 
*Fred Sorrick, AUentown, Pennsylvanii^ 
Waken, Lakewood, California; *Warren Ze^ 
Winona Lake, Indiana. Ministers; *G, 
Christie, Spokane, Washington; *Chuck 1; 
Ocala, Florida; George Traub, Roanoke, Vir 
Ratification of 1 year term replacing Don F 
Timothy George, Lebanon, Pennsyh 
* denotes incumbent. 
A motion prevailed to receive this balk i 
place the names in nomination. 
A motion prevailed that nominations ') 
The election was carried out. 

Don Shoemaker gave the following repll 
the Social Concerns Cormnittee. 


The world of mid-1990 is a very different 
from when our conference last gathered i 
the wisdom of Daniel could have foreset 
world events between our gatherings, 
moral sphere we are facing challenges wi 
not thinking about one year ago. The re i 
vigor and determination of the so-callec 
choice" movement is a strong example ol 


lb help our fellowship of churches be a voice 
b our world, this conference established a Social 
loncerns Committee. In the past year your 
^cial Concerns Committee has been active 
jveral ways. 

■Our first mailing to the churches was in 
jovember, 1989, and focused on how to start a 
xial Concerns Committee in your own church, 
ji materials for a Sanctity of Life Sunday, on 
ws and court decisions relative to church 
jscipline, on the phenomenon known as 
jleconstructionism" and on abortion and 

Our second mailing was in May, 1990. It 
bused on church activism relative to "homo- 
Kual rights", on church policy regarding AIDS, 
' public attitudes and religious viewpoints 
jivard abortion and on Operation Rescue, 
pur committee members are frequently called 
iOn to offer guidance to our churches, pastors 
jd laypeople on various social issues, 
j^ goal of our committee is to see our fellowship 
churches as active in social concerns as is 
^isonable and appropriate, lb achieve this, we 
In to produce a manual on how to create and 
bate a social concerns ministry in the local 
Ijrch. We urge each church to consider begin- 
Ig such a committee and developing the 
Sources you will need. We wish to facilitate you 
fhis all we can. 

i/e also urge our churches to inform 
mselves and prepare to be active in such 
tters as (1) euthanasia and the "right to die", 
lomosexuality and the social goals of the gay- 
its movement, (3) the abortion issue and the 
;wed determination of the pro-abortion move- 
it, (4) the threat of secularism and the erosion 
sligious liberty, and (5) the right and duty 
1 Christians and Christian churches have to 
ress social problems from the standpoint of 
istian values and to act upon those values, 
ir expenses in the past year totalled $836.83. 
jr ministry is renewed, we anticipate ex- 
ies up to $1,000 in the coming year, 
spectfully submitted by the Social Concerns 

Donald P. Shoemaker, Chairman 
luss Ogden 
•3ob FetterhofT 
lohn Tfeevan 

otion prevailed to receive this report. 

'Ction results were given by the Moderator 

[oderator-Elect (1990-1991) - David Plaster 

=llowship Council- 

•entral Region— John Mayes 

'.astern Region— Ray Davis 

In Guiles gave the following report of the 
:'lutions Committee. 



The Resolution Committee, after examining 
the continuing resolutions now before Con- 
ference and after inviting recommendations to 
the committee from the pastors and the lay peo- 
ple of the Fellowship, and after corresponding 
with the chairmen of the district ministeriums 
asking for suggestions or resolutions that the 
districts may have adopted, presents no addi- 
tional resolutions to Conference at this time. 

We call on Conference to reaffirm its commit- 
ment to the continuing resolutions adopted in 
previous years. They are: 

1985 Sanctity of Life 

1987 Free exercise of religion as guaranteed 
by the First Amendment of the Constitution. 

1988 Greater personal devotion to Jesus 
Christ, the Word of God and prayer, to fellowship 
and ministry, to evangelism, and to living in ex- 
pectancy of His coming. 

We urge each local church to review these con- 
tinuing resolutions and to adopt them as part 
of its ministry if it has not already done so. 

We recommend that these resolutions be 
published in the Herald magazine so that they 
will be available for the Brethren to review. We 
further recommend that each pastor set a goal 
to devote either a sermon or a series of sermons 
to these resolutions to explain their implications 
and applications to the life of each believer 
Respectfully Submitted, 
The Resolutions Committee 
Ron Guiles, Chairman 
Jim Poyner 
Kurt Miller 

A motion prevailed to receive this report. 


Larry Chamberlain gave the following report 
for the Retirement Planning Committee. 

We met on May 29. I was asked to continue 
as chairman. 

1. Pension Investment Plan. 

$380,000 -(- with about 100 participants. 

New additions: Worthington, Columbus, and 
Grace Brethren Home Missions. 

An Aetna representative was present at the 
ministerium to review several plan 

2. Our Promise of Honor 

$ 61,702.35 Cash 

77,043.97 receivable from FGBC 
$138,746.32 total cash and receivables. 

Monthly checks issued - $4,000 to nearly 40 
participants, each accompanied with a personal 
letter of encouragement. 

Materials will be made available to member 
churches in the FGBC for a one-time offering ap- 

peal to continue an objective of fully-funding this 
obligation into the next several years. We en- 
courage the enthusiastic participation of all of 
our member churches in promoting this annual 

Respectfully submitted, 

Larry Chamberlain, Chairman 

Morgan Burgess, Jim Custer, Charlie Turner, 
Dewey Melton 

A motion prevailed to receive this report. 

Larry Chamberlain gave the chaplains 
ministries report. 

Report from Morgan Burgess, Chairman of 
the GBHMC Chaplaincy Committee and Lee 
Jenkins, endorsing agent. 

This past year has been one of uncertainty 
because of the events that have and are taking 
place in Europe and in particular in Russia and 
the Eastern Block countries. These events are 
cause for rejoicing because there have been 
reductions of military arms and military forces 
in Europe. 

With the reduction of forces comes the 
diminishing need for service personnel and since 
the quota for chaplains is based on service 
population, this affects chaplains. Our 
Fellowship has been affected already in that we 
have been denied a request to bring a chaplain 
into the U.S. Air Force as a reserve chaplain and 
it will also undoubtedly affect some of our 
chaplains who have enough years for retirement. 
It will affect us also in our ability to replace any 
chaplain that does retire. 

The chaplains that represent our Fellowship 
have been carrying out their ministry in an 
outstanding manner. This has been reflected by 
the reports of Commanding Officers and Com- 
mand Chaplains received by the Endorsing 
agent. Presently there are: 

* two chaplains that are in a teaching assign- 
ment, one at the Army Chaplains School and 
one at the Army War College. 

* four chaplains are assigned to combat units, 
an air borne division, an infantry division, and 
a tactical air force base. 

* three chaplains are assigned to training unity 
(one to a navy submarine school, one to a navy 
air training station, and one to a marine corp 
recruit training base). 

* one chaplain is assigned to a navy base. 

* four of our reserve chaplains serve in an ac- 
tive reserve unit. 

During this reporting period three of o 
chaplains have been reassigned. 

* Chaplain Ben Collins, USA, has been assii 
ed to an infantry unit on the DMZ in Kore 

* Chaplain Jim Dickson, USN, has b( 
assigned to the Naval Air Station, Fall 

* Chaplain Dayne Nix, USN, has been assit 
ed to the U.S. Marine Recruiting Depot, Sj 
Diego, California; 

* and Chaplain Phil Spence, USA, has co 
pleted his Chaplain Indoctrination Course a 
is now assigned to a Military Police Battalii' 
Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 

The Endorsing Agent, through the faithful g 
ing to the Eagle Commission, was able to vi' 
all of the active duty chaplains and three oft 
reserve chaplains during this past year and 
continue to keep our expenses below our incoi 

This past June the Executive Director, Lai 
Chamberlain, was the guest of Chaplain Jo)i 
Schumacher, USA, at the War College, Carlii! 
Barracks, PA. The Executive Director sp« 
several days attending classroom lectur 
special presentations, and interacting vnth fac 
ty and students attending the War College 

It is with encouragement that I send tl 
report. Encouragement because our chaplai 
are not only skilled men in the scripture and i 
by the Holy Spirit but they also possess zeal 
be fit servants both to their calling and to th 
particular command. 

Our chaplains in attendance vnth us this we 
were recognized and honored at the GBHl | 
Challenge Hour this afternoon. J 

Respectfully submitted, 
Larry Chamberlain, 
ex. dir., G.B.H.M.C. 

A motion prevailed to receive this repo 

Charles Ashman presented for the Coimcil i 
following nominees for the Nominating Comr- • 
tee: Mike Brubaker, Ron Guiles, Larry Gegi', 
Wayne Harmah, Robert Kliewer, Ffeul Mutch ', 
Steve Taylor, Ed Trenner, Dan Thompson, Ro ' 
Wambold, Larry Wedertz 

The name of Duane Jones was placed-) 

A motion prevailed that the nominatis 
cease. The election was then carried out. 

Steve Rjpenfoose gave the following confers') 
treasurer's report. 






Checking — First National Bank 
Savings — Grace Brethren Inv. Found. 
Prior Period Adjustments 

Credential Fees 
Conference Expense Offerings 
Designated Offerings: 



Grace Schools 

CE National 
Child Care 

Meal Tickets for Boards 

Ibtal Cash Receipts 


Facilities/Equip Rental 

Child Care 

Printing and Promotion 

; Speaker Travel/Honoraria 
I Committees and Officers 
i Pension Investment Plan 
j Designated Offerings 
! Meal Tickets for Boards 
I Grace Brethren Annual 


I Ibtal Cash Expenditures 
Surplios (Deficit) 


Checking-First National Bank 
, Savings-Grace Brethren Inv. Found. 

I Ibtal 
A motion prevailed to accept this report. 






$ 6,285.02 

































































1 Sherwood Durkee gave the following statisti- 
cians report. 



Regular Senices 1,733 1,613 

Other 2,307 2,448 

\ TOTALS 4,040 4,061 

llbtal Baptisms 2,511 2 427 


^Sunday Morning Services ... . 42,068 41,973 

Sunday School 29,513 30,161 

Sunday Evening Services 16,445 16,610 

Midweek Services 14,438 U^SSg 

Communion Services 19364 19,902 


Ibtal Last Year 



Ibtal Added This Year 


Ibtal Lost This Year 



Net Gain or (Loss) 



Ibtal Membership 

at End of This Year 



TVine-Immersed Members .... 




Vacation Bible School 



Women's OrganizationB 



Men's Organizations 



Coed Youth Minstries 



Girls' Ministries 



Boys' Ministries 






Tbtal Gift Receipts 

for the Year 37,615,376 36,044,626 

Ibta! Non-Gift receipts 

for the year 5,791,836 4,993,484 

Grand Tbtal of All Income.. . 43,407,211 40,983,264 


Brethren Foreign Missions . . 3,728,547 2,607.947 

Brethren Home Missions 823,245 854,699 

Grace Schools 408,532 420,346 

District Missions 243,258 222,727 

CE National 180,635 124,202 

Brethren Evangel. Ministries 31,247 24,683 

Brethren Missionary Herald . 32,315 28,918 
All Other 

Grace Brethren Ministries . 50,729 546,348 

All NonBrethren Ministries . 1,146,691 1,100,618 

TOTAL 7,175,736 5,791,571 

All Pastoral Staff Salaries , . 11,891,276 11,374,727» 

All Other Local Expenditures 21,241,703 20,855,144 

TOTAL 33,249.595 32,281,433" 

Auxiliary Organizations 1,026,816 1,616,608 


OF ALL EXPENDITURES . 40,604,479 39,400,824 


Number of Churches 

Operating Schools 43 41 

Tbtal Enrollment 8,823 10,573 

Tbtal Income 16,489,629* 14,005.202* 


Expense 12,680,382 10,686,434* 

Other Expenses 4,412,131* 3,829,714* 

TOTAL EXPENSES . . 17,100,504* 14,583,466** 

Number of Churches Reporting 

District 1989 1988 

Allegheny 18 18 

Arctic 8 7 

East Central Florida 6 6 

Florida Suncoast 7 6 

Hawaii 4 4 

Indiana 19 22 

Iowa Midlands 13 13 

Michigan 7 7 

Mid-Atlantic 12 12 

Mountain-Plains 6 6 

Nor-Cal 6 8 

North Central Ohio 29 28 

Northeastern Ohio 17 16 

North-Atlantic 29 29 

Northwest 13 13 

Southern Florida 6 6 

Southern 8 6 

Southern Cal & Arizona 36 34 

Southern Ohio 22 22 

Southwest 5 4 

Virginia 15 15 

Western ftnnsylvania 20 20 

TOTAL 306 302 

Number of Churches Not Reporting 

District 1989 1988 

Allegheny 1 1 

Arctic 2 

Iowa Midlands 1 



North Central Ohio 



Southern Cal & Arizona 


South Florida 









*Not all churches reported this item. 
**Some churches reported only total. 
***Some churches did large roll revisions. 


Number of 
Country Churches Membership 

Argentina . 




England . . . 
France .... 
Germany . . 


Mexico ... 







Argentina 900 

Brazil 1,378 

CAR 172,800 

Chad 16,750 

England 20 

France 205 

Germany 315 

Japan 30 

Mexico 568 

Philippines 114 

Spain 13 

A motion prevailed to accept this report with one corr g 
concerning the B.E.M. name as given in the report. 


Don Eshelman gave the auditing comnr 

One mark of integrity of a responsible 
poration is accvirate financial accountabili 
it's constituencies. The by-laws of our fellow 
have mandated that the Fellowship Coi 
examine reports of those Boards that are u 
the oversight of the Fellowship of G 
Brethren Churches, 

I am pleased to report to this Fellow 
Council and Conference that the folio 
organizations have submitted their fina: 
statements for this examination. 

The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Chui 
(Statement of Cash Receipts and Expendit 
Brethren Evangelistic Ministries (Aui 
Financial Statement) 


I have examined the financial statements and 

ports for each of these organizations. The 

ports appear to be accurate and properly 

fleet the financial position of the 


[ recommend that these financial reports be 

cepted as presented. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Donald E. Eshelman 

\ motion prevailed to receive this report. 

toward Mayes gave the report on the com- 
ittee on Pastorless Churches and Available 


)ur activity involved in bringing available 
.itoral candidates into contact with Pastorless 
urches continues to grow, 
'he present function of this office is to be a 
aring house where resumes of available men 

available by request to churches desiring 

/e are very grateful that of the 36 churches 
king our assistance last year, 15 found 
tors from among the 35 candidates whose 
ames we have made available. Currently we 

e resumes available for 20 Pastoral can- 
ates and are involved in some way with 19 
rches who are seeking a Pastor. 

has been a privilege to serve as the coor- 
ator of this service for the past five years. 

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Linda ftnn 

invested hundreds of hours in keeping up- 

ate with the many churches and Pastoral 
didates we have attempted to help during 

time. Few weeks have gone by that I have 
ibeen involved in trying to be an encourage- 
it to churches or Pastors that have sought 


fiave asked the Fellowship Council to name 
jjw coordinator to assume this work effec- 

with the close of the 1990 conference, 
le council has appointed Pastor Greg Howell 
irry on this important ministry and con- 
3 should be made with him at his address 

sted in the Brethren Annual. 

ftespectfully submitted, 

Castor Howard Mayes 

motion prevailed to accept this report. 

aderator Peugh gave the report on the 
ilopment of the forums. 

imber 9 on your Thursday agenda is the 
rt on the progress in developing the forums 
liscussion regarding baptism and church 
ibership and related issues as directed by 


last year's conference. As your moderator, I 
followed the directive of Fellowship Council in 
seeking to find a forum coordinator through the 
spring. We discussed and made the plan for the 
forums and dispersed this plan throughout the 
fellowship following the January Council 
meeting. Throughout the spring we sought in 
vain to find a brother who was ready to agree 
to be the forvmi coordinator. And the Fellowship 
Council met this past week and discussed at 
length the purpose of the original motion and 
the intent and our present status and I am 
pleased to announce to you that Brother Jim 
Custer has agreed to serve as coordinator of the 
forum. And I have asked him to come and give 
a brief report of the plans ahead. 

James Custer reported: Mr Moderator, I'm 
confused. I don't know how many times I heard 
that last year, but often enough to remind me 
that the issues before us are more complex than 
what we would like to admit. And I accept the 
appointment of the moderator, to be a 
coordinator— not a dictator Coordinator means 
that I receive, I colate, I distribute information 
that you generate. And I suggest to you today 
that there are at least five very serious 
problems that are interlocked into that issue 
that we commonly call the baptismal- 
membership issue. 

First of all, we're still struggling to find out 
how, independently, congregationally governed 
groups of people ought to network in the 
National Fellowship. We're sure not sure that 
we have all the answers about that yet. 

A second thing is that we need a system of 
discipline. There may be among us some who 
do not hold the values of our distinctives. And 
there needs to be a biblical, balanced, proper, 
gracious way for those brothers and sisters to 
be confronted and instructed, and if not respon- 
sive, to be properly encouraged to seek active 
ministry in other fellowships. Now that system 
is not, at the moment, in tact. 

Thirdly, we need to settle in on what is our 
biblical hermeneutic What are the presupposi- 
tions that we carry into the interpretation of 
scripture as Brethren? Which are valid and 
which are maybe personally preferred? And 
which are really not to be expected ft-om all of 
us. That becomes a pressing question. 

The fourth besides the ones I've listed here 
is that we desperately need to network and 
learn how to communicate. In our present 
system we are becoming so efficient that the 
only place that you can get a hearing is on the 
conference business floor I don't think it's 
anyone's intention at any conference to be 
disruptive, but I do believe that we need to learn 
to listen. It is easier to talk than it is to listen. 
"The forums, therefore, were designed by the 
Fellowship Council. A structure was suggested 

in last January's Fellowship meeting. That 
information was distributed throughout the 
Fellowship and there has been a variety of 
responses. I'm here to report to you today that 
the issue of the forum is anything, but dead. 
There are a number of very active involvements 
taking place. Some have indicated that they do 
not wish to participate; that they have arrived 
at all the truth there is to have on these sub- 
jects, and for them to participate— well they are 
not interested in participating. In a free socie- 
ty, you are free to do that. Others are very ac- 
tively pursing answers to these questions. So 
through the fall I'll be working with the com- 
mittee on coordinating as best we can, those 
activities, collecting the fruit of that hard study, 
and then trying to follow through with a 
scheduled implementation of the rest of our 
forum discussion and come to those conclusions 
that are biblical and that are Brethren. 

"Without apology I ask for your prayers and 
your enthusiastic participation. I move the 
acceptance of the report." 

A motion prevailed to accept this report. 

Charles Ashman gave a report as to the time 
and places for coming conferences. 

1991 Columbus, Ohio, July 19-Aug.l 
(inclusive dates). 

1992 Winona Lake, Indiana, July 31-Aug. 
6 (core dates). 

1993 Place to be announced, July 30-jg, 
5 (core dates). 

Jerry Young presented the following mo m 
from the Fellowship Council. 

A motion prevailed that the ofFicfof 
Fellowship Coordinator be organized as a 11 
time paid position in order that it may rec ^e 
expanded responsibilities. Research id 
development of the ofBce will proceed as foU s: 

1990-91 - Concept development of the a » 
by the Fellowship Council including fum ig 

1991-92 - Presentation to conference ir 
approval followed by the development jf 
necessary documents. 

1992-93 - Search and screen process f a 
full time coordinator. 

1993-94 - Selection of the Fellow: p 

A motion was made and seconded to an id 
the report of the Strategy Committee to b ig 
it in line with our constitution by inserting le 
2 onlys into #3 of the Elements of a G :e 
Brethren Church. 

A motion prevailed to extend the mee ig 
for 5 minutes for discussion. 

A motion prevailed to refer this prev i; 
motion to the Strategy Committee for inclu : 
into the strategy. 

A motion prevailed to adjourn (sine c 


National Organizations 


1401 Kings Highway, Winona l^ke, IN 46590 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 588, Winona Lake, IN 46590 


Ixecutive Director 

Rev. Tbm Julien 
Hrector of Administration 

Mr. Greg Weimer 
Krector of Information Services 

Rev. Wendell Kent 
inancial Officer 
! Mr. Steve Popenfoose 
■jchnical Coordinator 

Rev. Gordon Austin 
'andidate Coordinator 

Mr. Blaine Horst 
Dmmunications Coordinator 

Mrs. Stephany Craig 
)ecial Ministries Coordinator 

Rev. Roger Pfeugh 

stribution Coordinator 

Rev. Larry Hubartt 
.counts Payable Manager 

Mrs. Lee Ann Horst 
1 ceipts Manager 

Mrs. Cindy Shuler 
5:retary to the Executive Director 

Mrs. Cindy Byers 
5:retary, Administration 

Mrs. Kathy Herman 
S:retary, Information Services 

Mrs. Lillian Teeter 
[iative Consultant (part time) 

Mr. Tferry Julien 

Board of Trustees 

(Term ending 1991) 

Rev. Wesley Haller 

Rev. Edwin Cashman 

Dr. Peter Peponis 

5282 River Forest Road 

Dublin, OH 43017 

Rev. Scott Weaver 


(term ending 1992) 
Rev. Dean Fetterhoff 

Mr. Kenneth Balmer 

Box 30, Meetinghouse Road, 

Itelford, PA 18969 

Rev. John Teevan 

Dr. David Plaster 

(Term ending 1993) 
Dr. S. Wayne Beaver 
Rev. Robert GrifTith 
Rev. Wayne Hannah 

Mr. Lenard Moen 
7914 Michigan Ave. 
Whittier, CA 90602 

Officers of the Board 

President— Rev. Dean Fetterhoff 

Vice President— Rev. John Tfeevan 

Secretary— Rev. Wesley Haller 

Treasurer— Dr. David Plaster 


(Phone numbers follow addresses) 
'Home Ministries - Send mail to home office 


Bailey, Rev. Steve and Wilma 
Guamini 6498, 1875 Wilde 
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA , S.A. 
(011-54) 1-207-9673 

Guiles, Rev. David and Susan 
Ortega 6260, 1875 Wilde 
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, S.A. 
(011-54) 1-207-9673 

Nairn, Rev. Stanley and Betty 

J V Gonzales 2218, 1879 Quilmes Oeste 

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, S.A. 

(011-54) 1-250-1215 

*Home Ministries: Nov-Mar 

Peacock, Miss Alice 

Alem 119, 9 C, 1878 Quilmes Oeste 

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA , S.A. 

(011-54) 1-253-9204 

*Home Ministries: May-Aug 



Burk. Rev. Bill and Imogene 

C:s 101. 65.447 Vila dos Cabanos. PA 

BRA7TT. 5_A 

CThev may be reached at ( 011-55t 753-1138^ 

&een. Rev. Daniel and Nancy 
Av. Joao XXm. Na 520 
3S.400 Uberlandia. M.G. 
(011-55^ 61-274-9915 

Hodfidon. Rev. Earle and Dorothy 
Carsa Pbstal S61. 66.000 Belem. Para 
011-55 91-231-1716 

Johnson. Rev. George and Evelyn 
CaiKa Rjstal S61. 66.000 Belem, Para 
(011-551 91-226^641 

Miller, Rev. Eddie and Eileen 
Caixa Pbstal 368. 66.000 Belem. P&ra 
BR-A7TT. . SA. 
011-55 i91-2a5-2192 

Triplehom. Dr. Bruce and Lisa 
RUA Jose Miguel Saramago 1372 
35-400 L1)erlandia. MG 
'011-55 i 34-234-4620 


Address for all C.A-R. mi^ioruiries is: 
RP. 240. Bansui 

Dial "O"; ask for operator 1602-36: 
give phone number 61-65-23 at Bangui. 
Daugherry. Dr. Dave and Karen 

*Home Ministries: Summer 
Davis. Miss Diana 
Foster. Miss Karen 

*Home Ministries: Jan-May 
Habegger. Miss Mary .Ann 

*Home Ministries: Summer 
Hocking. Rev. Jim and Faye 
Kanfma n iliss Cheryl 
Runs. Mr. Paul and Berca 

*Home Ministries: Jan-Jun 
Mensinger. Miss Carol 
Men Finger. Rev. Eddie and Linda 

*Home Ministries: May-May 
MoeUet Rev. Dan and Mary Lou 
Inters. Mr. Tom and Sue 

•Home Ministries: Jul-Jnl 
Skeen, Rev. Bob and Denise 

Stallter. Rev. Tom and Sharon 

*Home Ministries: Jan-May 
Taylor. Mr. Mike and Myra 

*Home Ministries: Jvm-Dec 
Tschetter. Miss Evelyn 

*Home Ministries: Jan-Jul 
Uphouse Mrs. Miriam 

*Home Ministries: July 
Vamer. Miss Janet 

*Home Ministries: Dec-Dec 
Volovski. Dr. Mike and .Amy 
Wainwright. Rev. Jack and Marilyn 
Wenger. Mr. Lloyd and Barbara 
Wilson. Miss Lois 

*Home Ministries: 
Wooler. Miss Barb 


Harrell. Rev. Richard and Kathy 
BJ>. 1S3. Moundou 
REPL'BUC OF CH-AD . .Africa 
Dial "O" ask for operator - 160235, 
give phone number 397 at Moundou, 
Republic of Chad 
*Home Ministries: Jan-Msy 

Vnasdala Rev. Les and Ruth 
BJ. 153. Mondou 
REPL'BUC OF CH-AD . -Africa 


.Angle Rev. Roy 

100 Langlev HaU Rd.. Olton, Solihii:: 


(011^4' 21-706-1539 

Kiddoa Rev. BiU and Beckie 
25 Rainsbrook Dr.. Monkspath. Solih 
West Midlands. B90 4TH. EXGL-ANl 
'011-441 21-744-7277 

Schwan. Rev. Dave and Becky 
16 Bishopton Close Shirley. Solihull 
W«st Midlands. B90 4TH. "eXGL-ANI 
(011-44 '21-744-5223 

Shipley. Dr. Greg and Cheryl 
146 Knightsbridge Rd.. Olton, Solihi 
West Midlands. B92 SRB. EXGL.AXI 
1 011-i4 1 21-722-3595 
*Home Ministries: Summer 


Burgess. Mr. Greg 
S3, cours de la Republique 
69100 ViUeurbanne FR-AN'CE 
f011-33i 78-85-60-59 


Uyne, Mrs. Ruth Ann 
5, rue Garibaldi 
9006 Lyon, FRANCE 
)11.33i 72-44-98-26 

teArmey, Rev. Larry and Vicki 
OOD, cours Lafayette 
9003 Lyon. FRANCE 
)ll-33» 78-95-38-44 

ktod. Rev. Kent and Becky 
4B blvd. de la Mame 
1000 Dijon, FRANCE 
ni-33i 80-74-09-30 

rtiffith. Rev. Dave and Susan 
3A, rue de Strasbourg 
1200 Le Creusot, FRANCE 
ni-33» 85-80-10-07 

pckey. Rev. Tom and Laura 
3 Place de la Ferrandiere 
9003 Lyon. FRANCE 
Jll-331 60-11-01-51 

iobert. Rev. Dave and Susie 
i rue Georges Clemenceau 
1230 St. Vallier. FRANCE 
11-331 85-58-32-50 

lawitter. Rev. I^ul and Louise 
, rue Ejnest Lorv 
000 Dijon. FRANCE 
11-331 80-66-54-63 

»ris. Miss Patty 
, me Lalande 
006 Lvon. FRANCE 
.1-331 72-74-23-10 

rd. Rev. Chris and Carolyn 
T rue de Martv^rs de la Resistance 
ioO Chalon sur Saone, FRANCE 
1 1-33 1 85-41-53-02 

, IS, Rev. Mark and Joy 
^ ue de Longwy 
=■ 00 Le Creusot. FRANCE 

L-33) 85-80-24-06 

[ome Ministries: Summer 

.^s. Rev. John and Soni 
"'Irue Docteur Oilier 

DO Villeurbanne. FRANCE 

-33) 78-68-98-52 

ver, Mr. Marlin and Sue 
teau de St. Albain 
» Lugnv. FRANCE 
-33) 85-33-14-28 
teau (011-33) 85-33-12-95 


Belton. Rev. James and Sibylle 
AM Herrengarten 12 
7712 Blumberg 
(011-49) 7702-3562 
*Home Ministries: Jul-Jan 

Dobrenen, Miss Beverly 

Roemerstr. 159 
7250 Leonberg 
(011^9' 7152-26104 

Fredericks, Rev. James and Ftan 
Breite Heerstrasse 76 1 
7260 Calw iHeumadem 
(011-49/ 7051-12552 
*Home Ministries: Summer 

TTaak, Miss Edna 
Hegelstr. 123 
7080 Aalen 

(011-49) 7361-35282 
*Home Ministries: SiimmfT 

Jackson. Rev. Daniel and Rachel 

Kolomanstr. 41 

7070 Schwaebisch Gmuend 


(011-49' 7171-76817 

Manduka, Rev. Da^id and Katbjr 
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 167 
7070 Schwaebisch Gmuend 
'011-491 7171-83068 

I^ppas. Rev. John and Becky 

Liebigstr. 7 1 

7080 Aalen-Unterkochen 


(011-49 > 7361-87896 

Ramsey, Rev. Dan and Denise 
Egerlaenderstr. 3 
7250 Leonberg 
1011-49' 7152-45609 
*Home Ministries: Jun-Aug 

Stover. Mr. Roger 
Oberbenringerstr. 104 
7070 Schwaebisch Gmuend 
(011-49) 7171-68229 



Graham, Rev. Ike and Nancy 

Grand Mezon Shin Itami 714 

Itami shi 

Minami Machi, 2-1-20 

Hyogo-ken 664 


(011-81) 727-72-7725 

Huesmann, Miss Natalie 

Fukujuso Higashi Mune 1-F, Minami Hashi 

4-18-8, Cho Me Itami 

Itami City 664, 


(011-81) 727-84-2474 

Kirnbauer, Rev. Ted and Kristen 

Canvon Mansion Hibarigaoka #108 

Kurihard 3-3-16 Niiza-shi 

Saitama-ken, T352, 


(011-81) 424-23-1480 

O'Dell, Rev. Cecil and Debbie 

Dai-ichi Kooshin Mansion #102 

Kurihara 5-6-12, Niiza-shi 

Saitama-ken, T352 


(011-81) 424-22-7452 


Churchill, Rev. Jack and Rosa 
2758 Caulfield Dr. 
San Diego, CA 92154 
(619) 423-7903 

Farrell, Miss Bess 
Xola 125-103 
Colonia Alamos 
03500 Mexico D.F. 
(011-52) 5-579-9550 

Guerena, Rev. Martin and Kristy 

Apdo. Postal # 173 

Cuautitla Izcalli 

54700 Edo. de Mexico 


(011-52) 5-579-9550 

Welling, Miss Brenda 

Xola 125-103 

Colonia Alamos 

03400 Mexico D.F. 


(011-52) 5-579-9550 


Beaver, Mr. Daniel and Tori 
P.O. Box A.C. 527 
Quezon City, 1109 
(011-63) 2-673-48-34 

Hulett, Rev. Clay and Kim 

P.O. Box A.C. 527, Quezon City, 1109 


(011-63) 2-673-31-51 

Juday, Rev. Robert and Brenda 

P.O. Box A.C. 527 

Quezon City, 1109 


(011-63) 2-673-67-09 

Ruiz, Rev. Tfed and Vivien 
P.O. Box A.C. 527 
Quezon City, 1109 
(011-63) 26-99-28-35 


Hawkins, Rev. Tim and Julie 

Av. DR. ELISLO de MOURA, 443 




Hull, Margaret 
*Home Ministries: Jan-May 


Poupart, Rev. Walter and Ruth 

Casino 2, pta. 26 

Tterramelar (Pateran) 

46989 Valencia 


(011-34) 6-138-7672 

Satterthwaite, Rev. Rick and Twinky 

C. Virgen de Africa 18, 3-C 

28027 Madrid 


(011-34) 1-404-7640 


Hines, Dr. Jim and Martha 
4424 Lynndale Dr. 
Saginaw, MI 48603 
(517) 792-2635 



Barlow, Mr. Tbm and MaryAnn 
R.R. 8 Box 182 
Warsaw, IN 46580 
(219) 269-5100 


Pieters, Mr. John (SOWer) 

1117 % Hope St. 

South Pasadena, CA 91030 

I 818)- 799-4535 


Burk, Mr. Kenneth and Kimberly 
1452 Elm Ave. # 108 
.ong Beach, CA 90807 
213) 424-4950 

chwartz, Rev. Ralph and Martha 

11 W. Orchard 

anta Maria, CA 93454 

i05) 922-7184 


Itig, Dr. Keith and Vivian 
175 E. Walnut 
hittier, CA 90602 

: ilzer, Mr. Albert and Eulah 
'!8 Aloha Circle, Villa P 
I ng Beach, CA 90805 

: chran. Miss Rosella 

i». Box 588 

fnona Lake, IN 46590 


pe. Miss Mary 

Teresa St. 
!iesto, CA 95350 
!)) 527-7709 

•/dy. Rev P^ul and Dortha 
S4 Ibal Lane 
1,'aso, TX 79924 
) 751-5889 

ner. Rev Martin and Beverley 

J Box 588 

isna Lake, IN 46590 


'!man, Rev Marvin and Dorothy 
Chestnut St. 

'na Lake, IN 46590 


; . Rev Walter and Alys 
JVin Oaks Ave. 
u Vista, CA 92010 
S 428- 1563 

' Rev Solon and Kathryn 

RO. Box 295 
r w, IN 46580 
> 269-7215 


Jones, Miss Gail 
R.D. 4, P.O. Box 59 
Johnstown, PA 15905 
(814) 479-7428 

Kent, Miss Ruth 

RO. Box 588 i 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(219) 269-4657 

Maconaghy, Rev Hill and Dorothy 
4061 58th Ave. N., Lot #206 
St. Petersburg, FL 33714 
(813) 525-4576 

Mason, Dr. Harold and Margaret 
2075 Chapman Lake Dr. 
Warsaw, IN 46580 
(219) 269-7187 

Miller, Rev Donald and Lois 
24600 Mountain Ave., Sp. 40 
Hemet, CA 92344 
(714) 927-7298 

Mishler, Miss Marie 
62 Coach Ln. 
Akron, OH 44312 
(216) 794-8728 

Sickel, Mrs. Loree 

1462 (Jolden Rain Rd. Apt. 49B 

Seal Beach, CA 90740 

Snyder, Rev Roy and Ruth 
901 Robson Rd., 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(219) 267-3234 

Snyder, Miss Ruth 
RO. Box 588 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(219) 269-4657 

Thurston, Miss Marian 
RO. Box 588 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(219) 269-4657 

Tresise, Rev Foster and Marguerite 
95-303 Waioni St. 
Wahiawa, HI 96786 
(808) 623-2298 

Williams, Rev Robert and Lenora 
150 W Warren St., Box 41 
Peru, IN 46970 
(317) 472-4016 

Zielasko, Rev John and Jean 
114 15th St. 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(219) 267-4808 

December 31, 1989 


General Fund- 
Cash and Investments « 551,039 

Accounts Receivable 

Advances and Prepaid ^^ ^gg 

Expenses .•■;■'" Ws91 

Equipment (less depreciation) .... 347 105 

Land and Buildings 172691 

Other : 

„vx , 1,193,049 

Tbtal -^^:^^:^^ 

Restricted Fund— . . „ 

Cash and Investments ddu.u^u 

Notes Receivable ^ ^^g 

Other '- 

Tbtal ^^i^ 

Annuity Fund- ^. 

Cash and Investments qo'672 

Notes Receivable •^"' ^ 

Accrued Interest 

TV* I . . 353,089 


Endowment Fund- ^^ ^^^ 

Investments '. 

^ , 14.355 


TOTAL OF ALL FUNDS ^1-893,111 

Liabilities and Fund 
General Fund— 

Notes Payable .... .^ « 15,091 

Missionary Outfit Funds ofAin 

Other Liabilities _ ^bl.4ju 

Tbtal Liabilities 304,621 

Fund Balance SSiJA^a 

Tbtal J^^ 

Restricted Fund- .^g,^ 

Accounts Payable 

Fund Balance - Relief ^ ggs 

Fund'salance - Field Projects . . . _ 328,976 _ 

Tbtal ^J5MH 

Annuity Fund- 

Annuity Payments Payable ^.^^0 

Annuities in Force ]lAa\ 

Fund Balance 1°'*'°'''^ 

Tbtal _i!2l2^ 

Endowment Fund— 

fund balance J*'™ 

Tbtal ^-^ 


For the calendar year ending December 31, 198! 


Operation Lifeline * 354,3: 

Field „ „ . „ , 

Support and Relocation 251 

Estates — 

TV* 1 . 3,242,8 

Tbtal ' „„ 

Interest and Miscellaneous ^"'^ 


General Office 

Office Rent 

Legal and Audit 

Office Personnel 

Board and Office Travel 

Candidate Expenses 




Conferences and Deputation . 
Office Personnel 


Missionary and Field- 

Missionary Personnel 

Missionary Travel 

Field needs 



Memberships and 












66 ■ 
63 - 

242 i .;. 


The financial records of the GBFM for the year 19i 
been audited by Dahms and Yarian, Certified . 
Accountants, Warsaw, Indiana. The complete i^ 
report is available for inspection at the GB*M1 




1401 Kings Highway, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 
IMaiJing Address: P.O. Box 587 

Officers and Staff 

res.-Dr. Luke E. KaufTman, 613 Hilltop 
Koad, Myerstown, PA 17067 
Pres.— Rev. James L. Custer, 2515 
Carriage Lane, Powell, OH 43065 

3cy. and Exec. Dir.-Mr. Larry N. 
Chamberlain, 108 Apple Court, Winona 

Lake, IN 46590 

eas.-Mr. Homer Waller, EO. Box 612, 

Sunnyside, WA 98944 

rector of Administration— Rev. Jesse B 

Deloe, 102 Third Street, Winona Lake, 

1 m 46590 
] rectors of Church- Planting 

and Development 
1st and South-Rev. William H. Snell 

1210 W 100 South, Warsaw, IN 46580 
(^sociate Director-South— Rev. Kurt A. 

Miller, 154 Lake Shore Drive, N., Palm 

Harbor, FL 34684 
V 3t-Rev David E. Marksbury, RO. Box 

17148, Long Beach, CA 90807 
Sector of Finance and Information 

Systems-Mr. Allan Bowman, P.O. Box 
^ 144, Winona Lake, IN 46590 
^' amunications Coordinator— Mr. James 

='olsom, Rt. 2, Box 313, Pierceton, IN 
, ,6562 

fc-etary to Executive Director- 
Mrs. Judi Rose 
l}!;utive Secretary-Mrs. Marilyn Orlando 
(S^stant to Director of Finance/ 

?ookkeeper-Mrs. Linda Leonard 
<c unting Assistant (part time>- 

bs. Joyce Clinger 
0' dinator of Donor Services— 

Irs. Cashel Taylor 
3C!tary-Mrs. Jeanette Scofield 
?C5tionist-Mrs. Carla Noll 

Board of Directors 

(Term Ending 1991) 

r. ark Curtis, 3646 California Ave., Long 

1 ach, CA 90807 
'V.lichard P DeArmey, 1963 Noble Run 

Vy, Columbus, OH 43229 


Dr. Luke E. Kauffman, 613 Hilltop Rd., 

Myerstown, PA 17067 
Mr. Joseph Tkylor, 2412 Hidden Creek 

Circle, Sebring, FL 33870 

(Tirm Ending 1992) 
Mr. Morgan Burgess, 163 N. Franklin 

Street, Delaware, OH 43015 
Rev. Robert D. Fetterhoff, 912 Douglas Dr 

Wooster, OH 44691 
Rev. John R. Mcintosh, 2735 N. Beth Place, 

Simi Valley CA 93065 
Mr. Jerry Michael, Route 4, 105 Meadow 

Dr., Martinsburg, WV 25401 
Mr. Clair Floyd, 11251 Lipscomb St 

Anchorage, AK 99516 

(Tirm Ending 1993) 
Mr. Jack Broyles, 1607 Whitehall Rd , 

Anderson, SC 29621 
Rev James L. Custer, 2515 Carriage Lane 

Powell, OH 43065 
Rev C. Lee Jenkins, PO. Box 273, Winona 

Lake, IN 46590 
Dr. John W Mayes, Route 9, Box 559B 

Longview, TX 75601 
Mr. Homer Waller, RO Box 612, Sunnyside, 

WA 98944 

Home Mission Directory 

Atlanta, GA, (East)-Dekalb Community 

Grace Brethren Church. P&stor Ernest 

Austin, TX-Calvary Bible Fellowship. 

Pastor, Fenton McDonald. 
Belmont Heights, (Long Beach), CA- 

Belmont Heights Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Greg Perry. 
Blain, PA-Sherman's Valley Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Dennis 

Bradenton, FL-Grace Brethren Church. 
Brunswick, ME-Down East Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Darrel Tkylor. 
Charleston, WV-Cross Lanes Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Emory Young. 

Columbia, SC— Carolina Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, James Jackson. 
Columbia City, IN— Columbia City Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Robert 

Columbus, OH, N.E.-Rocky Ridge Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Will Marling 
Dryhill, KY— Victory Mountain Grace 

Brethren Chapel. Pastor, Samuel Baer. 
Escanaba, MI— Bay De Noc Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Gar>' Hable. 
Greencastle, PA— Conococheague Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Alsm Clingan. 
Hartford, CT-Grace Brethren Church of 

Greater Hartford. Pastor, Kenneth 

Homer, AK— Kachemak Bay Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Frank 

Hurst (Dallas-Fort Worth), TX-Grace 

Fellowship Church. 
Indianapolis, (Fishers), EN— Northeast 

Grace Brethren Church. Pastors, Allen 

Edgington and Ronald Smals. 
Lakeland. FL — Grace Brethren Church. 

Pastor, James Taylor 
London, OH— Grace Brethren Church. 

Pastor. Howard Immel. 
McAllen, TX— McAllen Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Robert Soto. 
Menifee Valley, CA— New Hope Community 

Church. Pastors, Chris Suitt and Mikal 

Millersburg, OH— Grace Brethren Church. 

Pastor, Charles Thornton. 
Mishawaka, IN— Mishawaka Grace 

Brethren Church. Pastor, Scott Weaver 
Murn,'s\'ille, PA— Grace Brethren Church. 

F^stor, Stephan Edmonds. 
Naples, FL— Community Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Daniel Thompson. 
North Rile, AK-North Pble Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Da\'is Harbour. 
North Port, FL— Grace Brethren Church. 

Pastor. Lester Pifer. 
Philadelphia, PA— Liberty Grace Brethren 

Church. Pastor, Steve Makofka. 
Richmond (Short Pump), VA.— Fellowship 

Grace Brethren Church, Pastor, David 

Rio Rancho, NM— La Mesa Grace Church. 

Pastor, Donald Bowlin. 
Saratoga Springs, NY— Grace Brethren 

Church of Saratoga Springs. Pastor, Dale 


Maple Valley (Seattle), WA-Grace Bib 

Fellowship Grace Brethren Churc! 

I^stor, Robert (jentzel. 
State College, PA— Happy Valley Cor 

munity Grace Brethren Church. I^t( 

Larry Edwards. 
Willoughby, OH-Lake County Gra 

Brethren Church, ftstor, Joe Cosentii 
Yakima Valley, WA-Grace Brethn 

Chxirch (Hispanic). F^stor, Abner Solai' 


- P.O. Box 587, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Telephone: 219/267-5161) 
Endorsing Agent— Rev. C. Lee Jenkins, F 
Box 587, Winona Lake, IN 46590. 
Chaplains: Capt. Charles Card, Arr 
Capt. Ben Collins, Army; Lt. Cdr. John . 
Diaz, Navy; Cdr. G. James Dickson, Na : 
Lt. Col. James T Elwell, Air Force; Lt. Jc ; 
Galle, Navy; Lt. Dayne Nix, Navy; Lt. C 
John B. Patrick, Army; Col. Jc . 
Schumacher, Army; Capt. Phil Spei 
Army. (For current address cont ; 
endorsing agent). 


- Counselor, NM 87018 - 
(Ttelephone: 505/568-4454) 
Officers and Staff 
Pres.-Dr. Luke E. Kauffman, 613 Hil 
Road, Myerstown, PA 17067 
V. F*res.— Rev. James L. Custer, i 
Carriage Lane, Powell, OH 43065 ' 
Secretary and Exec. Dir.— Mr. LeirriN 
Chamberlain, 108 Apple Court, Win 
Lake, IN 46590 

Treas.— Mr. Homer Waller, RO. Box 
Sunnyside, WA 98944 

Larry and Jonnie Lou Wedertz, superii 

dent and secretary. 

Steve and Chris Galegor, assis 

superintendent, promotion and bookk«,j 

Wayne and Terrie Aites, girls dorm ps 

Karen Broach, high school teacher, (j 

Dino Butler, high school teacher, coj 

John and Velma Champion, boys 


Sheilah Champion, 3rd and 4th |( 


Bob and Betty Clifton, building,^ 

grounds maintenance, kitchen supeJl 


J^gie Garber, visitation missionary 

flelen Garrett, kindergarten teacher 

'ohn and Donna Juday, 5th and 6th grade 

eacher, high school teacher 

iob and Norma Lathrop, vehicle 

laintenance, secretary 

laine Marpel, principal and high school 


•etty Masimer, visitation missionary 

.ndy Moyer, high school teacher, coach 

oy and Ladina Sam, 7th and 8th grade 


hurches sponsored by the Navajo Mission: 

edar Hill Navajo Grace Brethren Church 
;! (Tully and Mary Butler) 

ay Mesa Navajo Grace Brethren Church 
n (Johnson and Nancy Chiquito) 
- ;3d Lake ( AZ) Community Grace Brethren 
: I Church (John and Nora Trujillo) 

Officers and Staff 

Navajo Committee 

-*. Allan Bowman, Mr Jack Broyles, Mr. 
rry Chamberlain, Rev. Jesse Deloe, Mr. 
lir Floyd, Dr. Luke Kauffman, Dr. John 
'lyes, Mr. Jerry Michael. 

Board of Directors 

'. Jack Broyles, Mr. Morgan Burgess, Mr 

!irk Curtis, Rev. James Custer, Rev. 
•^khard DeArmey, Rev. Robert Fetterhoff, 

V- Clair Floyd, Rev C. Lee Jenkins, Dr. 
. ijke Kauffman, Dr. John Mayes, Rev. John 
: Slntosh, Mr. Jerry Michael, Mr Joseph 

J 'lor, Mr Homer Waller 

iibined Financial Statements of The Grace 
hren Home Missions Council, Incorporated and 
— 'i;e Brethren Navajo Ministries, Incorporated 





December 31, 1989 



wkk STS; 

rmpl ent Assets 

and cash investments 
ings and other receipts 
transit . 


cash and cash equivalents 
int portion of notes 


r Current assets 

ints receivable 

$ 153,194 



Property and Equipment: 

Land 36,000 

Buildings 369,697 

Mission Real Estate 403,849 

Autos & Trucks 204,932 

Photo Equipment 25,220 

Other Equipment 218,527 


Less Accumulated Depr. (416,089) 

$ 842,136 

Investments & Other Assets; 

Notes Receivable 61,096 

Contributed Property 2,700 

Annuities Invested 590,016 

Leasehold Interest, net 17,923 

$ 671,735 

TOTAL ASSETS $2,011,869 

Current Liabilities: 

Notes Payable $ 475,805 

Current portion of Long Tferm Debt 7,643 

Accounts Payable 34,520 

Accrued Annuity Installments 14,159 

Payroll Withholdings 597 

Deferred rental income 2,600 

Tbtal Current Liab $ 535,324 

Long Tferm debt, 

net of current portion 183,920 

Annuities & Trusts 822,363 


EQUITY 470,262 

TOTAL LIAB. & EQUITY $2,011,869 



Offerings $1,220,573 

Contributed assets 

Estates & Annuities 64,350 

Rent 45,900 

Interest 64,194 

Other 16,316 

Total Revenues $1,411,333 

Operating Expenses: 

Direct Assistance 1,098,270 

Administration 446,715 

Promotion 137,183 

Payments to Annuitants 69,764 

Total Operating Expenses $1,751,932 
Excess (deficit) of revenues over 

operating expenses $ (340,599) 

Other Income (expense): 

Income from church dissolutions . . . 398,597 

Interest (47,561) 

Net expenses relating to prior periods (10,052) 

il Current Assets $ 497,998 Total Other Income 


$ 340,984 

Excess (deficit) of revenues 

over expenses 385 

Equity, beginning of year 469,877 

Equity, end of year $ 470,262 

These reports and the supporting records are audite 
by the CPA firm Ashman, TVggart and Manion, P.( 
A copy of its report is available upon written reques 


P.O. Box 587, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

The Grace Brethren Investment Founda- 
tion has the same officiary as The Grace 
Brethren Home Missions Council, Inc., 
Winona Lake, Indiana. 

Officers and Staff 

Pres.-Dr. Luke E. Kauffman, 613 Hilltop 

Road, Myerstown, PA 17067 
V. Pres.— Rev. James L. Custer, 2515 

Carriage Lane, Powell, OH 43065 
Secy, and Exec. Dir.— Mr. Larry N. 

Chamberlain, 108 Apple Court, Winona 

Lake, IN 46590 
Treas.-Mr. Homer Waller, P.O. Box 612, 

Sunnyside, WA 98944 
Dir of GBIF-Mr James W Johnson, 2704 

William Dr., Winona Lake, IN 46590 
Secy.— Mrs. Florence Figert 
Bookkeeper— Mrs. Wanita Ogden 
TfeUer/Data Processing— Mrs. Lori Judson 
Comptroller— Allan L. Bowman 

Board of Directors 

Mr. Jack Broyles 

Mr. Morgan Burgess 

Mr Mark Curtis 

Rev. James Custer 

Rev. Richard DeArmey 

Rev. Robert Fetterhoff 

Mr. Clair Floyd 

Rev. C. Lee Jenkins 

Dr. Luke Kauffman 

Dr. John Mayes 

Rev. John Mcintosh 

Mr. Jerry Michael 

Mr. Joseph Tkylor 

Mr. Homer Waller 

(Copies of the audited statements, also containing the Auditor's 
opinion, are available at our offices at 1401 Kings Highway. 
Box 587, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590. 

May 31, 1990 


Cash and Cash Equivalent $4,221,2 

Investments 3,312,3 

Accrued Interest Receivable 115,2 

Loans Receivable 13,317,4 

Vehicles and Equipment (Net) . . . 56,5 

Other Assets 3 

Tbtal Assets $ 21,023,2 


Savings Accounts $18,796,5, 

Accrued Interest Payable 213,5 

Other Liabilities 12,£ | 

Ibtal Liabilities 19,023,C 

Fund Balance 2,000,1 

Tbtal Liabilities and Fund Balance $21,023,5' 

For Year Ended May 31, 1990 


Interest on Loans $1 

Interest on Investments 

Tbtal Operating Income 1 


Interest on Savings Accounts .... $1 

Salaries and Services 


Data Processing 

Other Administrative Expenses . . 

Tbtal Operating Expenses 1 

Other Income and (Expenses) . . . 






144, < 

648, 1 



$ 330,11 



P.O. Box 587, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Phone: 219/267-5161 

(A joint ministry sponsored by 

The Grace Brethren Home Missions Council, Inc. and 

Grace Brethren Foreign Missions) 

Director - Mr. Russel Dunlap, P.O. Box 587, Winona Lake, IN 46590 
fest Coast Representative — Rev. Donald Miller, 24600 Mountain Ave., Sp. 40, Hemet, CA 92344 
'ield Representative — Mr. Ronald Dorner, 8115 Green Valley Rd., Mohave Valley, AZ 86440 
Administrative Assistant — Miss Brenda S. Kent, 1401 P&rk Ave., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Executive Committee: 

Larry N. Chamberlain, chairman 

Brenda S. Kent, recording secretary 

Thomas Julien, Allan Bowman, Jesse Deloe, James Johnson, Wendell Kent, Stephen 

Popenfoose, Greg Weimer 


200 Seminary Drive, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

General Administration 

John J. Davis, President 

Ronald E. Manahan, Provost 

David R. Plaster, Vice President for 

Academic Affairs 
'illiam Darr, Director of Library Services 
oy Lowrie, Director of the Division of 

Christian School Education 
Sozella Sherman (Miss), Director of 
'. Nursing 

m Shipley, Registrar 
ary Meadors, Director of Doctoral Studies 

Enrollment Services 

irl Beridon, Dean of Enrollment 
m Henry, Director of Admissions 
ark Booth, Seminary Recruitment 
"m Abbitt, Recruitment Counselor 
eve Wishart, Recruitment Counselor 
eve Petty, Director of Financial Aid 

Student Services 

uce Barlow, Dean of Student Life 

iriam Pacheco, Coordinator of Women's 

fie Poyner, Co-Director of Women's 

; Counseling 

Idlip Dick, Director of Athletics 
I'bert Mathisen, Director of SAAC 
liinette Hieb (Miss), Housing Director 

Doug Wilcoxson, Director of Career 

Counseling and Placement 
Joanne Tkylor (Mrs.), School Nurse 

Business and Financial Matters 

*Ronald E. Clinger, Vice President for 

Business Affairs 
Reid DePace, Director of Supporting 

Paul DeRenzo, Director of Food Service 
Audrey Tobias (Miss), Director of Data 

Steven Fleagle, Controller 
Marlin Rose, Director of Physical Plant 

Advancement Department 

*Reid Morrison, Vice President for Institu- 
tional Advancement 
Andrew Galvin, Director of Development 
Don Ogden, Director of Alumni Affairs 
Joel Curry, Director of Information Services 
E. William Male, Planned Giving 

*Members of the President's Administrative 

Officers of the Corporation 

President— Dr. John J. Davis 
Secretary/Treasurer — 

Mr. Ronald E. Clinger 
Assistant Secretary — Mr. Ronald J. Kinley 


Board of Trustees 

(nrm Ending 1993) 
Mr. Larry Downs, 4 Stone Camp Trail, 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 
Rev. Lester W. Kennedy, 25 Dudley Ferry 

Road, Radford, VA 24141 
Dr. Nickolas Kurtaneck, 6153 Pershing 

Way, Buena Park, CA 90260 
+Dr. John P. Morgan, 6213 Myers Road, 

West Salem, OH 44287 
Rev. Las Nutter, 509 Cherry Street, 

Wrightsville, PA 17368 
Mrs. Miriam Pacheco, 413 Kings Highway, 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 
Chap. John Schumacher, 19A Garrison 

Lane, Carlisle Barricks, PA 17013 
Rev Charles G. Thornton, 3% North 

Crawford, Millersburg, OH 44654 

(Term ending 1991) 
Mr. John Armstrong, 544 West Pleasant 

Home Road, Wooster, OH 44691 
Dr. Robert L. Boze, Route 1, Box 224-D, 

Berne, IN 46711 
Rev Ronald A. Guiles, 895 W Wymore 

i*907-A, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 
Dr. Donald Hedrick, 15033 Lodosa Drive, 

Whittier, CA 90605 
+Mr. Richard Holmes, secretary, 427 David 

Street, Smithville, OH 44677 
Mr. Thomas Homey, 2811 Prospect N.E., 

Box 59, Middlebranch, OH 44652 
Rev Clyde K. Landrum, 1108 Chestnut 

Avenue, Winona Lake, IN 46590 
+Rev. Jerry Young, chairman, 414 S. Cope 

Hill Dr., Manheim, PA 17545 

(Term Ending 1992) 
Rev. John Burke, 1434 Lyon, Waterloo, Iowa 

Mr. Ralph H. Grady, 1168 Ridgemont Road, 

Waterloo, Iowa 50701 
+Mr. John Haller, 5021 Buffalo Run, 

Westerville, OH 43081 
Mr. Mark J. Holbrook, 4445 San Antonio 

Road, Yorba Linda, CA 92686 
Mr. Ronald J. Kinley, 841 Center St., 

Ashland OH 44805 
Mr. Fred C. Mills, 2001-H N. Williamsburg, 

Decatur, GA 30033 
+Mr. William Snoddy, 197 Twp. Road 530, 

West Salem, OH 44287 
Mr. H. Dwight Stair, 510 Oak Street, 

Wadsworth, OH 44281 

Trustee Emeritus 

Rev P^ul E. Dick, 1012 East Walnut Stree 

Warsaw, IN 46580 
+Members and officers of the Executi 



Faculty Members and 

Administrative Officers 

C=College, S=Seminary 
CS=Both College and Seminary 

Avallone, Anthony J. (C) Assistant Profess 

of Business 
Barlow, Bruce S. W. (C), Dean of Studeri| 
Benyousky, Frank (C), Assistant Profess' 

of Communications 
Beridon, Carl (CS), Dean of Enrollmen 
Bickel, Kenneth (S), Instructor in Paste 

Bowling, James (Dr) (C), Associate P 
fessor of Education and Psychology 
dinger, Ronald E. (CS), Vice President 

Business Affairs 
Clutter, Ronald T. (Dr) (S), Professor ' 

Coverstone, Jean L. (Mrs.) (C), Associi 

Professor of Art 
Curry, Shara B. (Mrs.) (C), Assistant F ■ 

fessor of Education 
Darr, William E. (CS), Director of Libr^ 

Davis, Arthur W. (C), Associate Professo i 

Davis, John J. (Dr.) (CS), President, I.- 

fessor of Old Tfestament and Hebre 
Decker, Allyn (C), Assistant Professoil 

DeYoung, Donald B. (Dr) (C), Professo: 

Dick, E. Philip (C), Director of Athlet' 

Associate Professor of Health 

Physical Education 
Dilling, Richard A. (Dr.) (C), Professo 

Mathematics and Science Educatic. 
Ellsworth, Viann (Mrs.) (C), Associate 1 

fessor of Nursing 
Faber, Ardis (Miss) (C), Associate Profes, 

of Music 
Fairman, Richard (Dr.) (S), Professoxj 

Felts, Verna M. (Mrs.) (C), Associate 

fessor of Music (Piano) 
Forbes, W Mervian (Dr) (C), Professo' 

Biblical Studies 

!ffreys, Richard E. (Dr.) (C), Professor of 

breman, Janet (Mrs.) (C), Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Business 

'owler, Donald L. (Dr.) (CS), Professor of Old 
Tfestament and Hebrew 

lordon, William P. (C), Associate Professor 
of Economics and Business 

lorrell, David, (C), Assistant Professor of 

rill, E. Michael (Dr.) (C), Professor of 

ienry, Ron (CS), Director of Admissions 

ildebrandt, Theodore (Dr.) (C), Professor 
of Biblical Studies 

umberd, Jesse D. (Dr.) (C), Professor of 

. Science and Mathematics 

iinocent, Priscilla (Miss) (C), Associate Pro- 
fessor of Nursing 



hnson, Darrell L. (C), Associate Professor 
of Education 

■mt. Homer A., Jr. (Dr.) (S), Professor of 

ii New Tfestament and Greek 
ssler, James C. (C), Associate Professor 
of Health and Physical Education 
rdus, Raymond N. (C), Assistant Athletic 

i Director, Adjunct Instructor in Health & 
Physical Education 

k, Marcia (Dr.) (C), Associate Professor of 

"icohi, Gerald (CS), Assistant Director for 
Library Tfechnical Services 
velady, Edgar J. (Dr.) (C), Professor of 
.English, Greek, and Linguistics 
KTie, Roy (Dr.) (S), Director of the Divi- 
sion of Christian School Education; Pro- 
fessor of Education 

i,le, E. William (Dr.) (CS), Planned Giv- 
ing Officer 

/jnahan, Ronald E. (Dr.)(C), Provost, Pro- 
ifessor of Biblical Studies 
(thisen, Robert R. (Dr.) (C), Director of 
3AAC, Professor of History 
hdors, Gary T. (Dr.) (S), Associate Pro- 
essor of New Tfestament and Greek 
iTison, Reid (CS), Vice President of In- 
ttitutional Advancement 
f bitt, James (Dr.) (C), Professor of Modem 

'i en, Donald E. (CS), Director of Alumni 

^street, R. Larry (Dr) (S), Professor of 

Peugh, Roger (CS), Director, Graduate 

School of Missions, Associate Professor 

of Missions 
Plaster, David R. (S), Vice President for 

Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of 

Sauders, Paulette (Dr) (C), ProfeSsor of 

Sherman, Rozella (Miss) (C), Director and 

Associate Professor of Nursing 
Shipley, Jim A. (CS), Registrar 
Slaughter, George F. (Dr.) (C), Professor of 

Smeltzer, Tferesa (Mrs.) (C), Assistant Direc- 
tor of Libraries 
Snider, R. Wayne (C), Professor of History 
Taylor, Kenneth N. (C), Professor of 

Williamson, Dana (CS), Assessment 

Administrator, Part-time Instructor in 

Zimmerman, Timothy M. (C), Assistant 

Professor of Music and Artist in 


Emeritus Faculty 

Beaver, S. Wayne (Dr), Professor Emeritus 
Boyer, James L. (Dr.), Professor Emeritus 
Felts, W. Roland, Professor Emeritus 
Hamilton, Mabel (Mrs.), Librarian Emeritus 
Hoyt, Herman A. (Dr.), President Emeritus 
Kriegbaum, Arnold R., Dean of Students 

Uphouse, Miriam M. (Mrs.), Associate Dean 

of Students Emeritus 

Alumni Associations 

Donald Ogden, Director 

College Alumni Executive Committee 

Christy Barlow 
Gary Herbruck 
Charles Hunter 
Donna Miller 
Miriam Pacheco 
Gary Woolman 

Seminfiry Alimmi Executive Committee 

Robert Arenobine 
James Nesbitt 

Ed Lewis 
Dave Plaster 


Condensed Financial Report 

Statement of Revenues, 

Expenditures, and Transfers 

For the Year Ended May 31, 1990 


Educational & General: 

Tuition & fees $4,759,176 

Gifts 1,018,481 

Endowment income 19,168 

Other 135,639 

Tbtal educational and 

general $5,932,464 

Auxiliary Enterprises: 

Housing $ 836,158 

Food service 762,239 

Other 414,193 

Tbtal auxiliary 

enterprises $2,012,590 

Other sources $ 114,652 

TOTAL REVENUES . . . $8,059,706 


Education & general: 
Instructional $2,339,27: 

Academic support . . . 
Student services . . . . 
Institutional support. 
Operation of plant . . . 

Student aid 



Total educational and 

general $6,644,28 

Auxiliary enterprises: 


Food service 



Tbtal auxilieiry 

enterprises $1,654,11 


SURPLUS /(DEFICIT) . . ($ 238,75 

P.O. Box 544, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Board of Trustees 

(Term Ending 1991) 
George Allenbaugh 

Larry Gegner 
Gterald Polman 

H. Don Rough 

(Term ending 1992) 

James Bustraan 

Ralph Colburn 

Gerald Kelley 

Paul Woodruff 

(Term ending 1993) 

E. William Male 

Russell Ogden 

Maynard Tittle 

Officers of the Board 

Pres. — James Bustraan 
V. Pres. — Maynard Tittle 

Secy. — Gerald Polman 

Asst. Secy. — H. Don Rough 

Treas. — Ralph Colburn 

Member-at-Large — E. William Male 


Herald Magazine Editorial CommitU 

E. William Male, Gerald Polman 
Maynard Tittle 


Publisher & General Manager — 

Charles Turner 

Asst. to Gen. Mgr., Printing — 

Kenneth Herman 

Asst. to Gen. Mgr., Finances and Reta 

Sales — Jo Disbro 

Finance Office — Mike Baker 

Sunday School Sales — 

Bobbette Ridenour and John Leonar 

Computer Operation, Mailing Lists - 

Delia Nagel 

Herald Subscriptions — 

Bobbette Ridenour I 

Mailing Department — John Leonard i 
Larry Unruh 
Maintenance — Larry Unruh j 

Herald Bookstore 

LaNita French, Ralph Burns 
Amy Burley, Ron Clutter, Dan Pache 

Herald Magazine 

Publisher — Charles W. Turner 
Composition — Charlotte Austin 

Daily Devotions 

)omposition and Copy Acquisitions ■ 
Omega Sandy 

BMH Printing 

lanager and Director of Production — 

Kenneth E. Herman 

Pressroom Supt. — Don Cake 

Composition — Charlotte Austin 

Pressmen — Don Cake, Tbm Miller 

Bindery — Gurney Smith 

Pre-Press — Ray Maurer 


January 1, 1989 to December 31, 1989 


Trent Assets 

'ash and Certs, of Deposit . $ 127,309.25 

Accounts Receivable 88,503.22 

tefundable Payroll T^x 30.00 

nventory-Merchandise .... 706,636.50 

)eposit -0- 

Jontract Receivables -0- 

■repaid Expenses 25,878.00 

Ibtal Current Assets $ 948,356.97 

Investments $ 692,717.72 

n-Current Assets 

-and $ 5,000.00 

iuildings 327,443.93 

"umiture and Fixtures .... 198,568.32 

■rint Shop Equipment 265,691.34 

fehicles 30,087.95 

Ibtal $ 826,791.54 

3s— accumulated 

)epreciation $ 596,318.26 

let Property — Equip 230,473.28 

her Assets 

'ontract Receivables -0- 

.ess Current Portion -0- 

btal Other Assets -0- 

TOTAL ASSETS $1,871,547.97 


Current liabilities ' 

Accounts payable $ 39,274.76 

Employee Payroll Deductions 10.00 

Notes Payable 96,200.00 

Income Tkx Payable 4,455.00 

Accrued Interest 865.22 

Sales Tax Payable 730.39 

Ibtal Current Liabilities . $ 141,535.37 

Long-lbrm Liabilities 

Notes Payable -0- 

Less Current -0- 

Tbtal Long Tferm Liabilities -0- 

Other Liabilities 

Gift Annuities $10,000.00 

Ibtal Liabilities $ 151,535.37 

Fund Balance 1,720,012.60 

Ibtal Liabilities and 
Fund Balance $1,871,547.97 


Merchandise Sales $1,296,978.24 

Cooperating Boards 61,326.50 

Rentals 3,110.00 

Interest and miscellaneous . 40,578.52 
Sale Fixed Assets & 

Securities 27,021.99 

Bequest 54,498.63 

Finance Charges and 

Special Offerings 11,307.30 

Ibtal Business Income . . . $1,494,821.18 


Purchases $ 653,100.32 

Salaries 286,660.80 

Operating expenses 399,854.91 

Free Literature 5,218.93 

Rental Expenses 4,493.45 

Administrative Expense . . . 28,852.59 

Ibtal Business Costs $1,378,181.00 

Ibtal Business Gain 116,640.18 

Publication Offering 32,438.81 

Expenses 25,392.71 

Offering Net Gain $7,046.10 

T)tal Net Income $123,686.28 



Theme for 1990-91 

Friends in a World of Strangers 

WMC Officiary 

President-Mrs. Betty Ogden, 8400 Good 

Luck Road, Lanham, Maryland 20706 

(Tel. 301/552-9660) 
1st Vice Pres.- Mrs. Geneva Inman, 2244 

Fernwood Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 

80910, (Ttel. 719/597-2620) 
2nd Vice Pres.- Mrs. Janet Minnix, 3314 

Kenwick Trail S.W., Roanoke, VA 24018, 

(Tel. 703/774-4078) 
Secretary- Mrs. Nancy Eshleman, 3395 

Bossier Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022, 

(Tel. 717/367-7771) 
Asst. Sec- Mrs. Lucy Snow, P.O. Box 6, 

POrtis, KS 67474, (Ttel. 913/346-2085) 
Financial Sec.-Treas.- Miss Joyce Ashman, 

602 Chestnut Ave., Winona Lake, IN 

46590, (Ttel. 219/267-7588) 
Asst. Fin. Sec.-Treas.- Mrs. Donna Miller, 

R.R. 8, Box 277, Warsaw, IN, (Tfel. 

Literature Sec- Mrs. Lillian Tfeeter, 2706 

Sharon St., Winona Lake, IN 46590, (Tfel. 

Prayer Chairman- Mrs. Joyce Griffith, R.D. 

1, Box 555, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648, 

(Tel. 814/695-4240) 
Editor- Mrs. Viki Rife, 2186 W 350 S., 

Warsaw, IN 46580, (Tfel. 219/267-4252) 

District Presidents 1990-91 

Allegheny— Mrs. Kathleen Opel, 23 Patricia 

Lane, Uniontown, PA 15401. Tel. 

Florida, East Central— Mrs. Nancy Heldt, 

333 Banyan, Maitland, FL 32751. Ttel. 

Florida, Suncoast— Mrs. Ann Davis, 1870 

Florida Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 34683. 

Tfel. 813-785-0733 
Hawaii— Mrs. Letitia Coffman, 91-779 Ft. 

Weaver Rd., Ewa Beach, HI 96706. Tfel. 

Indiana— Mrs. Martha Tusing, 3966 E. 300 

N., Warsaw, IN 46580. Tfel. 219-267-4245 
Iowa-Midlands— Mrs. Glendolyn McClure, 

4309 Sherman St. N.E., Cedar Rapids, 

LA 52402. Ttel. 319-393-4468 
Michigan— Mrs. Nancy Funderburg, 13626 

84th St., Alto, MI 49302. Tel. 


Mid-Atlantic— Mrs. Alice Hartman, 3' 

Cherry Tree Circle, Hagerstown, it 

21740. Ttel. 301-797-7346 
Mountain-Plains— Mrs. Geneva Inme 

2244 Fernwood Drive, Colorado Sprin 

CO 80910. Ttel. 719-597-2620 
Northern-Atlantic— Mrs. Sue Meyers, 

Hertzog Drive, Leola, PA 17540. 1 

North Central Ohio-Mrs. Ruth Berry, 2; 

Kentwood Dr., Mansfield, OH 44903 

Northeastern Ohio— Mrs. Joan GalV 

11849 Keener Dr., Orrville, OH 446 

Ttel. 216-682-1922 
Northwest— Mrs. Phyllis Christie, E. Jjl 

14th Ave., Apt. #107B, Spokane, H 

99202. Ttel. 509-838-4337 
Southern California-Arizona— Mrs. Heo 

Miller, 13138 Michelle Circle, Whittf, 

CA 90605. Tfel. 213-941-5937 
South Florida-Caribbean— Mrs. Agi 

Metzger, 1513 N. W 6th Avenue, :, 

Lauderdale, FL 33311. Tfel. 305-462-51 
Southern Ohio— Mrs. Arlene Glass, 25i(i 

Second St., Tipp City, OH 45371. J 

513-667-8006 , 

Southeast— Mrs. Karen Merrick, 4444 1 i 

Rd., Marietta, GA 30066. 'J 

Southwest— Mrs. Chris Galegor, GBH 

Counselor, NM 87018. Ifel. 505-568-4 'i 
Virginia— Mrs. Molly Simmons, 5,'i 

Yellow Mountain Rd., Roanoke, i 

24014. Itel. 703-774-9680 
West Penn— Mrs. Kathy Bowers, ! 

Thomas St., Roaring Spring, PA 16'{ 

Tfel. 814-224-4059 I 


1. Read and study the Bible regulll|i 

2. Be a faithful prayer warrior.* 

3. Active in Evangelism.* 

4. Encourage increased interest in £ 1 
or aid in the establishment of SM :i - 
your local church. 

5. Give regularly to WMC — time, ta il:; 
and money as the Lord leads i k 
prospers.* (; 

6. Support regular family devotioii* 
Use of Daily Devotions is suggesd v 
♦Refer to WMC Handbook. 



Observe a special time of prayer on the 
15th day of each month* 
Emphasize prayer for local youth and 
those who made decisions for full-time 
Christian service. 
1. Support district rallies and projects. 
. Contribute to Major Offerings: 

Please send all money to the WMC 

j Financial Secretary using the proper 

offering slip from the Treasurer's sheet 

I in the Program Packet. Make checks 

( payable to - Grace Brethren National 

r).. September, October, November 
!1 HOME MISSIONS- Goal $9,000 
Project: Yakima Valley church; com- 
puter software- Home Missions Office; 
,k capital improvements- Dryhill, 
Kentucky. Send before December 10th. 
1" THANK OFFERING- We suggest a 
''•-* minimum of $1.50 a year per member. 

I Send before December 10th. 
^'' Project: Brethren Evangelistic Min- 
- istries- $ 1 ,400 for children's ministries; 
"jCE National- FAX machine for office; 
25^1 Herald News Service expenses 
•) December, January, February 

„.IGRACE SCHOOLS- Goal $8,000 
"^'.jiSend before March 10th. 

Project: Entrances to McClain Hall 
Sponsorship of Director of Girls' 
nistries (SMM, CE National) Note: 
iMM is the heart of WMC. We suggest 
' la minimum of $3.00 a year per member 
J3end before March 10th. 
I 'jjMarch, April, May 
(send before June 10th. 

)ject: Printing of Hungarian tracts - 
!3,000; Vehicle for Portugal- $6,000 


)FFERING may be given in the 

lonth of your birthday or at a special 

S mphasis throughout the year toward 

tfSM lie support of WMC Missionaries of the 

ear honoring their service. We suggest 

U minimum of $1.50 per member. 

is end before June 10th. 


(votioipBO- 1991 are: Rosa Churchill -Mexico, 

fathy Harrell-Chad, Becky Kiddoo- 


England, Berta Kuns-C.A.R., Betty 
Nairn -Argentina 
D. June, July, August 


Goal $8,000 

Send before September 10th. ; 

5. Encourage the reading of the following 
books, which may be purchased from 
the Brethren Missionary Herald 
Company, Box 544, Winona Lake, IN 
46590. Violets for Mr. B by Margaret 
Jensen; A Light In Darkness by 
Barbara Reed; They Found the Secrethy 

6. Use Brethren talent when available 
and support Brethren works, support 

7. Aid in expenses, if possible, of local 
president or representative to attend 
each district meeting and National 
WMC Conference. 

8. Elect officers in April or May to 
assume their duties in September The 
local Annual Reports compiled by the 
retiring local presidents must be in the 
hands of the district president by May 
31. Seating of the delegates at National 
Conference is permissible only if an 
annual report is returned. Reports will 
not be accepted at National Conference. 

9. Keep membership cards current.* 
The membership chairman is responsi- 
ble for giving her card to any member 
transferring to another council and 
seeing that a new member receives and 
signs a membership card when she joins 
the local council. (These CEirds are 
available from the National Literature 

10. Refer often to the WMC Handbook. 
This can be obtained from the National 
Literature Secretary, Box 711, Winona 
Lake, IN 46590. 


1. Honor those reading the entire Bible or 
tapes of the entire Bible within a year. 

2. Recognize the SMM at a District WMC 

3. Use Brethren talent when available 
and support Brethren works. 

4. Send District Newspaper to National 
President, National Editor, and District 


5. Sponsor at least one project, said project 
to be cleared through the National First 
Vice President, to avoid duplication. 
The project may be kept within the 
district, but the National First Vice 
President should be advised for 
completion of her report. Send before 
March 10. 

6. Send all district offerings for National 
Brethren works to the National WMC 
Financial Secretary-Treasurer. 

7. Contribute an annual freewill offering, 
to be used as the committee in cheirge 
sees the need, toward furnishing and 
repair of the Brethren Foreign 
Missionary Residence at Winona Lake, 
Indiana. Send to the National WMC 
Financial SecretaryTreasurer 

8. F^y the District President's expenses to 
National Conference. 

9. Give financial assistance, so that the 
District SMM Leader may attend 
National Conference. 

10. Contribute annually to the National 
WMC Operation Expenses. Send to the 
National WMC Financial Secretary - 
Treasurer, by September 10. 


Balance on Hand — July 1, 1989$12,593.50 


Operation Account $15,832.33 

Home Missions 9,022.94 

Grace Schools 7,371.68 

Foreign Missions 9,689.89 

Thank OfTering 5,784.43 

Missionary of the Year 5,863.29 

Missionary Residence 2,047.27 

Home Missions Specials 2,563.54 

Foreign Missions Specials . . . 

SMM-CE National 

CE National Specials 

Grace Schools Specials 

Prepaid Income and Expense 

50th Anniversary 

Candidate School 



Operation Accoimt 

Home Missions 

Grace Schools 

Foreign Missions 

Thank Offering 

Missionary of the Year 

Missionary Residence 

Home Missions Specials .... 
Foreign Missions Specials . . . 

SMM-CE National 

CE National Specials 

Grace Schools Specials 

Prepaid Income and Expense 
50th Anniversary 


Balance on Hand — 
June 30, 1990 



2,56c i 


$ 9,93 5 

Balance on Hand — June 30, 1990 $ 9,9c 

Operation Account 

Missionary of the Year Account 
Missionary Residence Account . 
Prepaid Income & Expense 


Candidate School 


$ 2(S 
5,3' S 

2,4i ; 

Ibtal Investment & Interest in the 
GBIF not included in the above: 

$ 9,9 .; 

$ 8,7'.' 


Motto— "Serving My Master" 


The SMM colors are white and green. 
WTjfte reminds us to worship God and sym- 
bolizes the purity of Jesus. Green reminds 
us to serve God and to grow in Him. 

District Coordinators 

Allegheny: Joyce Weigle, R 3, Box 35A, 

Stoystown, PA 15563 
East Central Florida: Yvonne Maxson, 2400 

NE 146 Ct. 52, Silver Springs, FL 32688 

\ ltd 

Indiana: Viki Rife, R. 2, Box 2991, Wat 
IN 46580 

Iowa-Midlands: Miss Rose Earnest, E 
Cedar Terr, Waterloo, I A £ 
Cltel. 319/296-2261). 

Michigan: Lila Mensinger, 350 
Glendora Rd., Three Oaks, MI ■ 
(Itel. 616/426-8262). 

Mid-Atlantic: Miss Sally Miller, U 
Morris St., Apt 4, Shippensburi ie- 
17257 (Itel. 717/532-7980) 


llountain Plains: Penny Coby, 950 N. 

I Ridgewood, Wichita, KS 67208 

I Obi. 316/683-3235) 

lorth Atlantic: Dawn Garner, 10 Sweitzer 

Dr., Jacobus, PA 17407 
orthcentral Ohio: Vicki Page, 42 Glen 

Beck Lane, Mansfield, OH 44906 
brtheastern Ohio: Linda Nolt, 28 HiUcrest 
Dr., Rittman, OH 44270 
CItel. 216/925-1348) 
orthwest: Mrs. Ann Glover, 110 N. Main 
St., Harrah, WA 98933 
(uthem California/Arizona: Helen Miller, 
c/o 13138 Michelle, Whittier, CA 90605 
uthem Ohio: Joy Cornelius, 808 W. Race 
St., Troy, OH 45373 
uthern: Jill Moody, R. 1, Box 415-A, 
Tfelford, TN 37690 

rginia: Denise Grubb, 5183 Yellow Mt. 
Rd., Lot 62, Roanoke, VA 24014 
Clfel. 703/982-5549). 

st Perm: Sue Dinsmore, 206 E. Julian St., 
iMartinsburg, PA 16662 


(Make checks payable to: 
CE National) 

jA Operation SMM (Due November 10, 

:j 1990). Goal - $2,000. 

S Foreign Missions (Due January 10, 
1991). Goal - $1,000. 1 computer 
printer, $500 - Spain; 2 tape recorders, 
$100 • Argentina; Literature fund, 
$400 - C.A.R. 

CE National (Due March 10, 1991). 
Goal-$2,000. $200 office doors; $1,500 
Video Camera; $300 Landscaping. 
Home Interest. (Due May 10, 1991). 
Goal - $1,000. Children's church 
material, $200 - McAllen, TX; 
Typewriter and slide projector, $375 - 
State College, PA; NKJV pew Bibles, 
$170 - Yakima Valley, WA; Slide pro- 
jector, $250 - Millersburg, OH. 


le Sisters 
m Each member carries her Bible to 
.^B' church and to SMM. 

Each member invites one friend to 
If, j attend an SMM meeting. 
yjjB Each member demonstrates one way to 

honor her parents. 


4. Each member prays weekly for a 

5. An offering is given for the district 
SMM project and each national SMM 


1. Each member has a consistent Bible 
reading program. 

2. Each member learns one evangelistic 

3. Each member participates in a scrip- 
ture memory and review program. 

4. Each member prays weekly for foreign 
and home missions, CE and Grace 

5. An offering is given for the district 
SMM project and each national SMM 


1. Each member has a consistent quiet 

2. Each member shares the gospel with 
a non-believer. 

3. Each member learns to share her per- 
sonal testimony. 

4. Each member can define TIME and 
Operation Barnabais. 

5. An offering is given for the district 
SMM project and each national SMM 


1. Each member has a consistent quiet 
time and weekly application. 

2. Each member learns follow-up training 
of a new believer 

3. Each member participates in an 
outreach ministry. 

4. Each member is a prayer partner with 
a TIME worker. 

5. An offering is given for the district 
SMM project and each national SMM 


1. Each district choose a district project 

2. The district should help to send the 
district leader to any national work- 
shop dealing with girls' ministries or 

3. The district leader should contact 
newly organized churches or churches 
without SMMs and help to organize 
their groups or give ideas and 


4. The district secretary should send a 
letter to the Director of SMM reporting 
interesting activities within the 
district program. 

5. The district leader should send an 
updated list of women working ai 
leaders in SMM to GBC Christiai 
Education at the beginning of the falJi 


Pres. — Bernard Simmons 

V. Pres. — John Mcintosh 

Recording Secretary — Mike Brubaker 

Asst. Recording Secretary — Lee H. Dice 

Executive Secretary — Ralph J. Colburn 

TUESDAY, July 31, 1990 

The meeting opened with the singing of 
"Grace Greater Than our Sins" and 
"Amazing Grace", led by Roger Myers, with 
Ron Thompson at the piano. President 
Wendell Kent led in opening prayer. 

Announcements included the need for six 
ministers to serve as ushers, and for the 
workshop led by Tex Hudson of "Churches 
Alive" at 3:30 p.m. Wendell then had all the 
missionaries stand and introduce 
themselves, recognizing their presence in 
this 90th anniversary year of Grace 
Brethren Foreign Missions. 

The 1947-49 Seminary Quartet, com- 
prised of Ken Marken, Charles Ashman, 
Jack Churchill and Martin Garber sang 
"I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord" 
backed by 40 years of front-line experience! 

Vice President Bernie Simmons 
presented President Wendell Kent for the 
President's Address, based on Acts 27:29, 
entitled: "Abandon Ship or Drop Anchor?" 
His message caused us to take a humorous 
look at ourselves, and a hard look at our 
priorities. He reminded us that our four 
anchors might well be: (1) God, who never 
fails. (2) the Bible, His eternal Word. (3) The 
Church, whom Christ loved, and gave 
Himself for; and (4) Prayer, for our 
Fellowship, ourselves, and our ministries; 
for a new daybreak in our personal and 
corporate experiences. 

Copies of his message were available and 
quickly snatched up after the session. 

Wendell reminded us of two former 
reports adopted by the Ministerium which 
were made available at these sessions also: 
"Ministerial Discipline" and "Ministerial 

Ethics", the latter of which might ne 
updating and revising, with specific deta 

Ralph Colburn presented the members) 
report, and the financial report, each 
which was properly received by motioij 

A motion from the Executive Commiti 
prevailed that the death gratuities be ra 
to $2500 for ministers and their wi'l 
effective immediately. 

Pastor Tim Boal presented a memoria 
I^stor Charles Martin, who was usher 
to the Lord's presence by a heart attack!) 
day after Conference last year (Augusi t 

Larry Chamberlain presented an upc ( 
of the Ministerial Pension Plan, which )ii^ 
has over 100 participants and is growjj 
well. He introduced Martin A. Brounst 
a representative of Aetna, by whom ] 
plan is managed, who spoke of the streil 
and interest of the company, and of gre I 
benefits and lower costs to us in the revi 
plan. They were available for quest| 
after the session. 

After several announcements, a mol 
prevailed that we adjourn. 


The meeting opened at 10:50 witfcj 
singing of "Blessed Assurance" and| 
How I Love Jesus", led by Roger Myers,' 
Ron Thompson at the piano. Wendell *| 
led in prayer. 

Bernie Simmons presided over the i'| 
duction of 13 new men. The mil 
Chaplains present were also acknowlt 
and introduced. 

Bernie Simmons presided over a pj 
three former "Pastors of the Year", Cl:| 
Ashman, James Dixon and Robert C(ll 
getting their practical responses' 
wisdom in answer to several questioi 

(1) What are some of the blunders jl 
men fall into by looking at heroes i] 


!) On management style, what and how do 

DU delegate? 

How do you handle discouragement and 


I) What have you learned since seminary 

lat you wish they had taught you? 

These questions led to other related ones 

nd brought excellent, heart-warming 


The business session opened with a 
otion to approve the minutes of yester- 
ly's session as printed in the "Epistle." A 
cond motion adopted the additions and 
rrections to the membership list. Both 
Dtions prevailed. 
3a ve Plaster presented the report of the 

; minating committee, ballots were 

( ;tributed and opportunity was given for 

! ditional nominations. The results of the 

t'Ction are: 
'resident: Bernie Simmons (by 

■ cession) 
'ice President: John Mcintosh 
:ecording Secretary: Mike Brubaker 

; assistant Rec. Secy: Lree Dice 

xecutive Secretary: Ralph Colburn (re- 

1 :ted in '88 for 3 year term) 

[emorials were presented for Tbm Sheirp, 

■ of our faithful missionaries who died 

'. ancer late last August, by his pastor, 

' ' 1 Miller. And for Jake Kliever, beloved 
1 sionary who died last November at the 
j of 85, by his pastor Wesley Haller 
le floor was open for old or new business. 
' e was introduced, so after a few 
touncements, a motion to adjourn 

1 JRSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1990 

.' e meeting opened with the singing of 

,li Church's One Foundation" led by 

) r Myers, with Ron Thompson at the 

; 3. President Wendell Kent led in prayer. 

I was a joint session with the laymen. 

: Jackson introduced Mike Penn, who 

3tered to us in song. 

: nie Simmons led introductions of new 

(jthen a motion prevailed to approve the 

, ^( tes as printed in the "Epistle." 

^ ler motion prevailed to approve the 

^ :tions to the membership list as 

' sd in the "Epistle." 

h Colburn presented the "Pastor of 

ar" award to H. Don Rough, for 27 

distinguished ministry at the River 

side Grace Brethren church of Johnstown, 
PA. Steady, significant growth has 
characterized his ministry there through 
local depression, a flood, a major building 
program, and a personal tragedy in the loss 
of a son. The board of his church nominated 
him for this honor, which includes a lovely 
plaque and a $500 check. His wife, Dottie, 
joined him on the platform to receive the 

After another song by Mike Penn, Ed 
Jackson introduced the speaker, an 
industrialist from Bucyrus, Ohio, Ray 
Kincaid, an active layman in the Christian 
& Missionary Alliance. He warmed our 
hearts and challenged us from Eph. 4:1-16. 
The meeting concluded with a brief 
installation of new officers, and prayer by 
president-elect Bernie Simmons. 


Balance, Farmers and 
Merchants Bank, 7/7/89 . . $ 7,239.75 


National dues $36,281.50 

District dues 45.00 

Alamo Rebates 82.21 

TOTAL $43,648.46 


"Epistle" costs 1,485.30 

Exec. Secy. Salary 2,100.00 

Postage & phone 30.63 

Nat'l Ministerium 1,224.15 

Dist. dues refund 45.00 

Nat'l dues ref 295.00 

NAC Scholarships 1,350.00 

GBIF deposit 3,000.00 

Chase Manh. dep 30,000.00 

Annual space 410.60 

Balance, F & M Bank, 7/16/90 3,707.78 



Balance, G.B.I.F, 7/7/89.. . 
No withdrawals. 

Interest earned 

Deposit, from F & M Bank 




Balance, Chase Manhattan 

Bank, 7/7/89 4,976.06 

Interest to 6/12/90 419.46 

Deposits during year .... 30,000.00 

TOTAL 35,395.52 

Death gratuities payments 9,900.00 

TOTAL, 7/16/90 25,495.52 

Tbtal Funds Available, 7/16/90 83,156.9" 

(net gain over last year ($58,833.10 ) 


Respectfully and gratefully submitted 
Ralph J. Colburn, Executive Secretan 



P.O. Box 365, Winona Lake, IN 46590 (Tel. 219/267-6622) 

Pres. — Bernie Simmons ('91) 
V. Pres. - Steve Peters ('90) 
Secy. - Bud Olszevk^ski ('92) 
At Large- 
Denny Brown ('92) 
Mike Brubaker ('93) 
Ron Cohen ('90) 
Greg Howell ('91) 
Mitch Picard ('92) 
Richard Todd ('91) 

Exec. Dir. — Ed Lewis 

Dir. of Finance and Associate Dir. of BNYC 

— EJ Underwood 

Dir. of Girls' Ministries & Personnel; Ass 
Din of Short Term Missions 
— Chery Otermat 
Staff Accountant — Jesse Deboest 

Administrative Assts. — 
Melissa Butler, Mary Beth Kaylor, Jenn 
Gregory, Kim Cooke 

Resource Asst./Data Entry — Becky Hi 

All correspondence relating to Christian ed- 
tion, youth and church growth should be dire 
to CE National, P.O. Box 365, Winona Lake 





Please direct all correspondence to: 

Grace Brethren Men International 

(Yokefellow Ministries) 

6675 Worthington-Galena Road 

Worthington, OH 43085 

Phone: 614/888-7733 

Executive Director 

Edward Jackson 

Pastoral Advisor 

James L. Custer, Grace Brethren Church 
6675 Worthington-Galena Road, 
Worthington, OH 43085 

Board of Directors 

Herb Houts (93), 7996 Guilford Rd., 

Seville, OH 44273. Phone: 

Marlin Rose (93), 384 E. CR 300 N., 

Warsaw, IN 46580. Phone: 

Pfete Caldwell (92), R. 1, Windsor, PA 

17366. Phone: 717/246-1046 
Greg Stamm (92), 507 S. Juniper, 

Tbppenish, WA 98948. Phone: 


Morgan Burgess (91), 163 N. Frankli 

St., Delaware, OH 43015. Phone: 

Roger Hancock (91), P.O. Box 2055, 

Mansfield, OH 44905. Phone: 

Ron Batroff, 2820 Hidden Forest Ct. 

Marietta, GA 30066. Phone: 

W Tted Bland, 1876 Spruce Creek Blf 

E., Daytona Beach, FL 32124. Plj 

904/756-7850 | 

Bob Cam, 209 W. Yates, Findlay, OB 

45840. Phone: 419/422-8744 
Clair Floyd, 11251 Lipscomb Street,' 

Anchorage, AK 99516. Phone: 

Elmer Gable, 11849 Keener Rd., 

Orrville, OH 44667. Phone: 

Robert Grew, RD #1, Meyersdale, Rl 

15552. Phone: 814/634-8945 
John Hetrick, 5980 Spearman Circ 

North Port, FL 34287. Phone: 






Ddney Lingenfelter, 104 Nason Drive, 

Roaring Springs, PA 16673. 
andy Meyers, 72 Hertzog Drive, Leola, 

PA 17540. 717/656-7459 
;rry Michaels, Rt. 4, 105 Meadows 
! Drive, Martinsburg, WV 25401. 
I Phone: 304/229-2477 
jark Miller, 13138 Michelle Circle, 

Whittier, CA 90605. 

nmy Millhollin, 327 S. E. Porter, Des 

Moines, lA 50315. Phone: 


cil Stice, P.O. Box 355, Sawyer, MI 

49125. Phone: 616/4264003 

lyd Welling, 1703 W. Clinton, Goshen, 

IN 46526. Phone: 219/533-7229 

ace Brethren Boys 
ase direct all correspondence to: 
ice Brethren Boys 
•. Box 2055 
Wield, OH 44905 
e: 419/756-8381 


Administrator — Roger Hancock 
Office Secretary — Cindy Dawson 

GBB Director 

Alan Channell 

Field Representative 

Harold Stayer 

District Representatives 

Battis, 10 Waynesburg Rd. 
fashington, PA 15301 

Chuck Young, 357 San Miguel, Winter 

Springs, FL 32708 
Harold Stayer, 304 E. Main St., Flora, IN 

Gib Hawkins, Pleasant Grove Grace 

Brethren Church, R. 1, Box 33, North 

English, lA 52316 
Cecil Stice, P.O. Box 355, Sawyer, MI 49125 
Mountain Plains- 
Northern Atlantic— 
Pfete Caldwell, R. 1, Windsor, PA 17366 
Lyle Taylor, R. 3, Box 3184, Wapato, WA 

98951; Greg Stamm, 507 S. Juniper St., 

Tbppenish, WA 98948 
Roger Hancock, 1012 Neil Circle North, 

Mansfield, OH 44905 
Alan Channell, 757 Main St., R. 5, Bailey 

Lakes, Ashland, OH 44805 
Southern California-Arizona— 
Clark Miller, 13138 Michelle Circle, 

Whittier, CA 90605 
Fred Devan, Clearbrook GBC, R. 5, Box 357, 

Roanoke, VA 24014 
John Townsend, 7826 Shadwell Dr., 

Roanoke, VA 24019 
Western Pennsylvania- 
Bill Rummell, R. 6, Box 257, Johnstown, PA 










P.O. Box 337 
Winona Lake, IN 46590 
Tfelephone: 219/372-6200 

Interim Administrator 

National Fellowship 

Irethren Retirement Homes 

Carol A. Schuler 

lealth Care Administrator 

Michael Andrew 

Board of Directors 

iChm. - Wendell Kent ('91) 


V. Chm. - Donald Ogden ('92) 

Secy. — Elaine Brenneman ('92) 

Treas. - Donald Quine ('92) 

Charles Ashman ('90) 

Ftobert Ashman ('91) 

Paul Dick ('92) 

Noel Hoke ('90) 

Tbm Miller ('90) 

Marie Owen ('91) 

William Walker ('91) 

Sam Yager ('90) 


Executive Director 

Ron E Thompson, 3580 Robin Hood Circle, 
Roanoke, VA 24019 (Tel. 703/992-6595) 

Send all gifts to: 
P.O. Box 333, Winona Lake, IN 46590 


Pres. — Charles Davis ('93) 
3807 N.E. 19th St. Circle, Ocala, FL 32670 

V. Pres. — Vernon Harris ('91) 
104 Dianne Circle, Willow Street, PA 17584 

Secy. - Fred Sorrick ('93) 

4569 N. Hedgerow Drive, Allentown, PA 18103 

Treas. — Warren Zellner ('93) 

103 E. 12th St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

Board of Directors 

J. Keith Altig ('92), 13755 E. Walnut, Whitti. 

CA 90602 
George R. Christie ('93), E. 309 14th Ai 

107-B, Spokane, WA 99202 
Tony DeRosa ('91), 7026 Glengarry, Whitti 

CA 90606 
Earl R. Dohner ('91), 584 Westbrook R 

Brookville, OH 45309 
Timothy George ('91), 324 Ebenezer E 

Lebanon, PA 17042 
Phillip Guerena ('91), 9853 Cedar St. 

Bellflower, CA 90706 
Bill Kellerman ('92), 2978 Hidden Forest ( 

Marietta, GA 30066 
Donald Kendall ('92), 224 Jackson A 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 




Arctic — (Alaska) 

1 — Allegheny 

2 — East Central Florida 

3 — Florida Suncoast 

4 — Indiana 

5 — Iowa-Midlands 

6 — Michigan 

7 — Mid-Atlantic 

8 — Mountain-Plains 

9 - Nor-Cal 

10 — Northcentral Ohio 


Northeastern Ohio 

Northern Atlantic 



Southern California-Arizona 

Southern Ohio 

South Florida 



Western Pennsylvania 





v(i6)y ^' 





District Conference Organizations 


Allegheny Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Nest conference: Meversdale Grace Brethren 
Church. May 18. 1991 


Mod.— Emory Young 

V. Mod.— Michael Ocealis 

Past Mod.-Richard Battis 

Sec%-.-Mrs. Robert lElda i PhiUippi. RD.2. Bos 

94. Somerset. PA 15501 
Asst. Secv.— Ruth Johnson 
Treas.-Robert Riffle. R. 2. Box 106. 

Washington. PA 15301 
J^sst Treas.- Wilson Romesburg 
Stat -Larry Weigle. R. 3. Box 35A. Stoystown. 

PA 15563 
Members-at-Large-Albert Valentine 

Shimer Darr 

RonzQ Jarvis (Chm.), Richard Placeway, Kathy 

Albert Valentine tChm. i. Mary Kay Nicholson. 
Harold Lowry 

Wilson Romesburg, Peggy McCoy, Dale Moon 


Raymond McCoy. Joe Nass. David Lund 

Larry R- Weigle, Larr>- Gegner, Richard 

Chm-— Larry Weigle 
V Chm-— Ronzil Jarvis 
Secy.-Treas.— Joe Nass 
Asst. Secy.-Treas.— Shimer Darr 


Chm.— Richard Place-sray 
V. Chm-— Emory Young 
Secy.-Treas —Richard Battis 
Asst. Secy.-Treas.— Ronzil Jarvis 


Chm.- True Hunt 
V. Chm.— Larry Weigle 
Secy.— John Lancaster 
Asst. Sec— Shimer Darr 


Pres.— Robert Grew 

V. Pres.-Robert Riffle 

Secy.-Ted Evans, KD. 1, Meyersdale, PA 155E 

Treas.— Robert Riffle 


Pres.— Kathy Opel 

1st V.Pres.-^oyce Weigle 

2nd V.Pres.— Ruth Johnson 

Secy.-Marv Kay Nicholson. 419 Beachley S 

"Meversdale," PA 15552 
Treas.— Anna Bertha Yoder, R. 1. Me>-ersda 

PA 15552 
Prayer Chm.— Norma Jean McCracken 
SMSi Leader-Ruth Johnson 
Asst. Leader— Joyce Weigle 
Dist. Editor— Becky Jar%-is 


Sec>-.-Erin G'Donnel, R. 1. Box 1-A, Sma 

"pa 15480 
Treas.— Mar%- Ann E-vans, R. 1, Box 

Meyersdale. PA 15552 
Leader— Ruth Johnson 
Asst. Leader— Jp>-ce Weigle 
Little Sister Rep.-Christine Trexel 
Amigas Rep— Rachel Yoder 

Pres.— Larn.- Weigle 
VPres.-Perry Yoder 
Name of Camp-^Albryoca 
Location of Campgroimd— R. 3, Box 

Meyersdale, PA 15552. Between Salisb 

and Pocahontas, PA 
Telephone Na -S14 634-0023 
Caretaker— Shimer Darr 
Secy— Harold Lowry 
Asst. Sec>-.— Robert Grew 
Treas.— Al Valentine 
Asst. Treas— Paul J. Yoder 

Chm.— Joe Nass 
V. Chm.— Randy Haulk 
Secy.-Richard Battis. 10 Wa>-nesburg 

'Washington. PA 15301 
Business Mgr.— Ray McCoy 
Asst. Bus. Mgr.— \iike Ocealis 
Member-at-Large— Al Valentine 


Accident, MD— First Grace Brethren 


Jeppo, PA— Aleppo Brethren 
Dswell, PA— Laurel Mountain Grace Brethren 
oolville, OH— Coolville Grace Brethren 
ross Lanes, WV— Cross Lanes Grace 

umberland. MD— Cumberland Grace 

rafton. W\'— Grafton First Grace Brethren 
.nners, PA— Jenners Grace Brethren 
stie, PAr-Listie Grace Brethren 

Meyersdale, PA-Meyersdale Grace Brethren 
Me>-ersdale PA^-Smmnit Mills Grace Brethren 
Parkersburg, W\'-Parkersburg Grace 

Stoystown, PA— Reading Grace Brethren 
Uniontown, PA— Uniontown Grace Brethren 
Washington, PA^Washington Grace Br«hren 
Westemport, MD— Mill Run Grace Brethren 
WLndber, PA— Shade Grace Brethren 
Vienna, WV— Community Grace Brethren 


Arctic Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

iext conference: Solid Rock Bible Camp, 
Scddotna, AK; April 22 - 23, 1991 

L— Larry Smithwick 
lfod.-John Gillis 
(f.- Brian Chronister 
^ Box 111505, Anchorage, AK 99511 
t. — John Snyder 
Aih Ave, Kenai. AK 99611 


Q— Larn.- Smithwick 
l.'hm.— John Gillis 


Chm.— Lam- Smithwick 
V. Chm. John Gillis 


Chm.— Larry Smithwick 
Asst. Chm.— John Gillis 


Anchorage, AK— Anchorage Grace Brethren 
Anchorage, AK— Grace Communitv 
Anchorage, AK-Greatland Grace' Brethren 

Eagle River, AK— Grace Brethren 
Homer, AK— Kachemak Bay Grace Brethren 
Kenai, AK— Kenai Grace Brethren 
North Me AK-North ftle Grace Brethren 
Soldotna, AK— Ifeninsula Grace Brethren 


East Central Florida District of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Ixt conference: Ocala, Plorida 

—Ken Koontz 

-Sally Boger, CMaitland), 971 Foxfire Tr 
viedo, FL 32765 

5,— Gerda Rench, (Maitland), 20 Carriage 
ill Circle, Casselberry, FL 32707 
-Janet Howell. (Ormond Beach i 


les Da^-is - Ocala. r)a\-id Herdg - Orlanda 
[chard Maxson - Ocala 


Patch (Chm. I. Bill Dragomir. Ted Boger 


Dd Kreigbaum -Chm.i. Mike Champion 


•-Leland Friesen 
t'reas.— John Graton 


Chm.— Kenneth Koontz 
V. Chm.-Earl Futch 
Secj-.-Treas.— Chuck Davis 

Chuck Davis 
Additional members; Ordained Sr Pastors 


Pres.-Ted Bland 


Pres— N'anc>- Heldt - Maitland 
2nd V. Pres.— L>"nne Bustraan 
Secj-.— Shirley Moore - Melbourne 
Treas.-Gerda Rench, 20 Carriage Hill Circle, 

Casselberry, FL 32707 
I*rayer Chm.— Janice Koontz - Deltona 
SMM I^troness — Marianne Romanowski 


Deltona, FL-€al\-ar>- Grace Brethren 
Maitland, FL— Grace Brethren Church of 


Melbourne. FL — Community Grace Brethren 

Church - Suntree 
Ocala, FL — Ocala Grace Brethren Church 

Orlando, FL — Grace Brethren Church i 
Orlando i 

Ormond Beach, FL — Grace Brethren Churdi ■! 
Ormond Beach 


Florida Suncoast District of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Brooksville Grace Brethren 
Church. Februarr 2-3. 1991 


Mod. — Jim Tarlor 

V. Mod.— Alan Clingan 

Sec.-.-Mary Reed 11033 Basquin Ct., Pbrt 

Richey, FL 34668 
Treas.-John Ilka 6541 72nd Ave N. #1. 

Pinellas Park. FL 34665 
Stat.— ETelyn Shane, 6639 Hammock Road, 

Pbrt Richey. FL 34668 
Members-at-large — 
Past Moderator - hester Pifer 
Host Pastor • BrookFs-ille 


Jay Ciine Ciun. . John Stooke}' 


Peggy Richards -Chm.i. Jeff Davis. Sally Dko 

Bob Richards 'Chm. '. Ernie Bearinger, Eugene 


Chm.— Kurt Miller 
V. Chm —Jim Taylor 
Secy.-Treas.— Lester I*ifer 
Asst. Secy.-Treas. — Jim Poyner 


ftstoral Advisor & Chairman— Randy Weekley 
Secy.— Cheryl Underwood 
Treas.— Chuck Underwood 
X.AC — Cheryl Camerino 
Quizzing — Bill Jordan 

.Advertisement— Cheryl Underwood , 

.-Vti-i-itj- Co-ordinator— Mike Gold j 


Chm.— Randy Weekley 

V. Chm.-Lester Pifer 

Secv.— Kiut Miller, 2255 Nebraska .Aveni 

Pahn Harbor, FL 34683 
Treas. — Jim Poyner 

Chm.— Alan Clingan 
.Additional Members— Ordained Ftetors 


Pres.- Ann Davis - 

1st V. Pres.— Lois McDevitt 

2nd V. Pres — Susan Taylor 

Secv.— Linda CarroU. 2255 Nebraska, fe"*' 

Harbor. FL 34683 
Treas.-PhyUis Wyxe, 7414 E. King ArthuiiPf 

Richey, FL 34668 
Prayer Chm.— Lois Schrock 
District Editor— Bettv Hall 




Bradenton, FI^Bradenton Grace Bretln i 

Brooksville, FL— Brooksville Grace Bretir 

Lakeland, FL — Lakeland Grace Brett 

Church . 

North Port, FL-North Port Grace Bretkf 

Palm Harbor. Fl^-Palm Harbor &ace Bretb 

Port Richey, FL — Gulfview Grace Bretb 

St. Ftetersburg, FL — St. fttersburg Gi 

Brethren Church 



Hawaii District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Waimalu Grace Brethren 
Church. .Aiea. HI. March 9 & 10, 1991 

Mod. — Richard Simafranca 
V. Mod.— Gabriel Marquez 

Treas.— Stephen Procter, 92-374 Akaula 

Ewa Beach, HI 96707 
Stat.-Letitia Coffinan, 91-779 Fort Wea 

Rd., Ewa Beach, HI 96706 


Chm.— David Mitchell 




im.— James Kennedy 


:sident— Mrs. Clifford Coffman 


Aiea, HI— Waimalu Grace Brethren Church 
Ewa Beach, HI— Rainbow Grace Brethren 

Makakilo, HI— Makakilo Grace Brethren 

Mililani, HI— Waipio Grace Brethren Church 


Indiana District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

ext conference: Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church - May 3 & 4, 1991 


S i.— Ron Bowland 
r-Iod.-Ken Miller 
li /.-Roger Krynock, 1701 E. Ireland Rd. 

South Bend, 46614 
t;. Secy.— Tbny Webb 
k is.-Gerald Kelley, 318 Maple Ct., Kokomo, 

N 46902 
;t -Ralph Burns PO. Box 284, Winona Lake, 

N 46590 
Inbers-at-Large— Frank Poland, Louis 



loild Smals (Chm.), Robert Arenobine, 
xjbert Ashman 


'« rt Ashman, Kenneth Bickel, Everett Caes 


h wood Durkee (Chm.), Al Disbro 


h les Ashman (Chm.), Richard Cron, 
!S Deloe 




■i- Keith Shearer 

( m.— Everett Caes 
* -Frank Poland 
« .—George Lord 
Ibional Members— Paul Woodruff, Dave 

Uick, Ron Smals 


II -Roger L. Krynock 

C m,— Davy Troxel 

^Veas.- CJerald Kelley 

St Secy.-Treas.— Dave Jodry 

n:er's Shepherd— Charles Ashman 


n -Charles Ashman 
C n.-Ken Bickel 

Secy.— Everett Caes 

Members-at-Large- All Grace Brethren 
pastors who are ordained and members of 
the Indiana District Ministerium. 


Pres.-Floyd Welling 

V.Pres.-lbm McKinley 

Secy.-Treas.— George Lord, 601 Marston Ct., 

Fort Wayne, IN 46825 
Pastoral Adviser— Ron Bowland 


Pres.— Martha Tusing 

1st V. Pres— Isobel Eraser 

2nd V. Pres-Ruth Kent 

Corresponding Secy.— Dorothy Brumbaugh, 

22864, SR 119, Goshen, IN 46526 
Recording Secy.— Linda Trimble 
Treas.-Donna"Welborn, P.O. Box 623, Warsaw, 

IN 46580 
Prayer Chm.— Mary Stayer 
SMM Patroness-Viki Rife, 219-267-4252 
Asst. Patroness— Karen Loher 
Editor— Dorothy Caes 


Pres.- Dan O'Deens 

Secy.— Greg Serafino, 21 Barberry Dr., Osceola, 

IN 46561 
Treas.— Larry Richeson 


Berne, IN— Bethel Brethren Church 
Columbia City, IN— Grace Brethren Church 
Elkhart, IN— Grace Brethren Church 
Fishers, IN— Northeast Grace Brethren, 

Flora, EN— Grace Brethren Church 
Ft. Wayne, IN-First Brethren Church 
Ft. Wayne, IN— Grace Brethren Church 
Goshen, IN— Grace Brethren Church 
Hartford City, IN-Grace Brethren Church 
Indianapolis, IN— Eagle Creek Grace Brethren 

Kokomo, IN— Indian Heights Grace Brethren 

Kokomo, IN— North Kokomo Grace Brethren 

Leesburg, IN— Leesburg Grace Brethren 



Mishawaka— Mishawaka Grace Brethren 

New Albany, IN— New Albany Grace Brethren 

Osceola, IN— Grace Brethren Church 
Peru, IN, Peru Brethren Church 
Sidney, IN— Sidney Grace Brethren Church 

South Bend, IN— Ireland Road Grace Brethre 
Church . 

Warsaw, IN— Community Grace Brethrt 

Winona Lake, IN— Winona Lake Gra', 
Brethren Church 



Iowa-Midlands Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Leon Brethren Church, 
June 7-8, 1991 


Mod.— Milton Ryerson 
V. Mod— William Faas 
Secy.— Vivian Weimer, 3134 Violet Drive, 

Waterloo, lA 50701 
Treas.-Robert Foote, 2314 Emerald Drive, 

Davenport, lA 52804 
Stat.-Glen Welborn, 702 N. Main, Leon, lA 



Chm.— Steve Burns 
V. Chm.-Russell Betz 
Secy.-Treas.— Robert Barlow 


Chm.— John Burke 
V. Chm.-Robert Foote 
Secy.-Treas.— Jack Lesh 


Pres.— Glendolyn McClure 
1st V. Pres.— Kathy Bums 

Secy.-Kay Betz, 604 N. Main St., Leon, 

Treas.— Zelda Rittgers 
Prayer Chairman— Margaret Andrews 
SMM Patroness— Rose Earnest 
Dist. Editor— Florence Sackett 


Fin. Secy.-Steve Burns, R.R. 1, Box 243 
Dallas Center, lA 50063 


Cedar Rapids, lA— Grace Brethren Churcj 
Dallas Center, lA— Grace Brethren Churo' 
Davenport, lA— Grace Brethren Church 
Des Moines, lA— First Grace Brethren Chm] 
Garwin, lA— Carlton Brethren Church 
Leon, lA— Leon Brethren Church 
North English, lA— Pleasant Grove Gri 

Brethren Church 
Udell, lA-Udell Brethren Church 
Waterloo, lA— Grace Brethren Church 
Morrill, KS-Morrill Brethren Church 
Austin, TX— Calvary Bible Fellowship 
Fort Worth, TX-Grace Fellowship Churc 
Longview, TX-Grace Brethren Church 
McAllen, TX-Grace Brethren Church 


Michigan District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Alto, April 5, 6, 1991 


Mod.— Art McCrum 

V. Mod.— Russ Sarver 

Secy.-Linda Erb, 3749 Brown Rd., Lake 

Odessa, MI 48849 
Treas.-Leo Peters, 14070 E. Fulton, Lowell, MI 

Stat.-John Wedding, 2916 Colchester, 

Lansing, MI 48906 
Members-at-Large— Bob Mensinger, Arnold 



Arnold Erb, John Wedding, Darrel Hawbaker 



Cecil Stice, (Chm.), Kevin Eady, Arnold 


Leo Peters, John Wedding 


Dan Funderburg, Pete Van Stee 


Russ Sarver 


Chm.— Art McCrum 
V. Chm.— Bill Stevens 
Secy.— Darrel Hawbaker 
Treas.— Arnold Erb 


Chm.-Russell Sarver 




. Chm.— Michael Punderburg 
ecy.-Treas.— Mick Rockafellow 

hm.— Mike Ostrander 
: Chm.-Gary Hable 
cy.— Art McCrum 


Bs.— Cecil Stice 

cy.— Bob Mensinger, Route 2 Box 192, Three 
Oaks, MI 49128 
:';as.-Leo Inters, 14070 E. Fulton, Lowell, MI 


F s.— Shirley Stevens 

I V. Pres.-Violet Shipley 

2 1 V. Pres.— Alice McCrum 

Biy.-Sandy Hawbaker, 705 E. State St., 

■Hastings, MI 49058 
kt. Secy.— Deloris Wedding 
rias.-Katherine Geiger, 9327 Keim Rd., 
- piarksville, MI 48815 
\.i. Treas.— Marg Bjork 
^ er Chm.— Alberta Sarver 
^ . Prayer Chm.— Judy Ostrander 
il A Coord.— Lila Mensinger 
li Coord.— Clair Stice 
)i Editor— Roselynne Peters 


Pres.— LeAnna Punderburg 

1st V. Pres.— Mindy King 

2nd V. Pres.— Carrie Ostrander 

Secy.— Tina Miller 

Treas.— Mrs. Lila Mensinger, 3505 W. Glendora 

Rd., Three Oaks, MI 49128 i 

(send all correspondence to Mrs. Mensinger) 


Gen. Director— Art McCrum 
Jr. Camp Dir— Gary Hoble 


Chairman— Mick Rockafellow 
V. Chairman— Art McCrum 
General Camp Director— Michael Ostrander 
Secy.-Treas.— Darrel Hawbaker, 705 E. State 
Rd., Hastings, MI 49058 


Alto, MI— Calvary Grace Brethren Church 
Escanaba, MI— Bay De Noc Grace Brethren 

Hastings, MI— Hastings Grace Brethren 

Lake Odessa, MI— Lake Odessa Grace 

Brethren Church 
Lansing, MI— Lansing Grace Brethren Church 
New TVoy, MI— New Troy Grace Brethren 

Ozark, MI— Ozark Grace Brethren Church 


Mid-Atlantic Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

h it conference: Tb be determined, April 26, 
', 1991 


tK-Russ Ogden 
1 )d.— Dan Pritchett 
c -Christine Blackwell, 8400 Good Luck 

.,., Lanham, MD 20706; Phone (301) 

• 7-4091 
Bi— Ken Heefner, 140 Snider Ave., Apt. 1, 

Viynesboro, PA 17268 

It John Fitz, 16 S. Grant St., Waynesboro, 

I 17268 



Ht TiSowers (Chm.), Bob Wagner, Bob Dell, 
Ri Shank, Ray Davis 


d ecker, Wayne Tucker, David Muritz 

e langes 



Norman Mayer, Larry Humberd, Carl Baker 


Chm.— Larry Sowers 
V. Chm.-Carl Baker 
Secy.— Dan Pritchett 
Treas.— Dave Manges 


Chm.— Roger Myers 
Secy.— Dan Pritchett 
Treas.— Larry Humberd 


Chm.— Roger Myers 


Pres.— Alice Hartman 

1st V. Pres.— Verlyn Mahaffey 

2nd V. Pres.-Eloise Smith 

Secy.— Connie House, 4 W. Wilson Blvd., 

Hagerstovra, MD 21740 
Treas.— P&t Stroop, Rt. 4 Box 136, Martinsburg 

WV 25401 
Prayer Chm.— Lou Ann Myers 
SMM Co-Leaders-Sally Miller & Cindy Goetz 



Chm— Ron Shank 


Pres.-Sally Miller & Cindy Goetz 


Director— Carl Baker 

Name of Camp-Camp Albryoca 

Name of Campgrounds— Camp Albryoca 

Location— Pennsylvania 


Pres— Ron Shank 


Chambersburg, PA— Chambersburg Grace 

Brethren Church 
Greencastle, PA— Conoco League Grace 

Brethren Church 
Hagerstown, MD-Calvary Grace Brethren 

Hagerstown, MD— Grace Brethren Church 

Hagerstown, MD— Maranatha Grace Brethri 

Hagerstown, MD-Valley Grace Brethn 

Lanham, MD— Lanham Grace Brethn 

Martinsbiarg, WV— Rosemont Grace Brethr 

Tfemple Hills, MD-Grace Brethren Church 

Greater Washington 
Alexandria, VA— Grace Brethren Church 
Greater Washington, Alexandria Bran 
Calvert, MD— Grace Brethren Church 

Greater Washington, Calvert Branch * 

Frederick, MD— Grace Brethren Church' 

Greater Washington, Frederick Brand 

Waldorf, MD— Grace Brethren Church ' 

Greater Washington, Waldorf Branch 
Waynesboro, PA-Grace Brethren Church 
Winchester, VA— Blue Ridge Grace Brethi i 

Winchester, VA— Grace Brethren Church 


Mountain-Plains District Fellowship of 
Grace Brettiren Ciiurches 

Next conference: Beaver City, NE (Grace 
Brethren Church) June 7 ■ 9, 1991 


Mod— R. John Snow 
V. Mod.-Chris Ball 
Secy.-Ginger Pletcher, 304 E. 2nd, Smith 

Center, KS 66967 
Treas.-Mack McDonald, 2375 Jet Wing Dr., 

Colorado Springs, CO 80916 
Stat.-Aldo Hoyt, 725 S. Eliot, Denver, CO 



Mack McDonald, Paul Pletcher, Dave Page 


Mack McDonald 


Chm— Thomas Inman 


Pres.— Geneva Inman 

1st V. Pres.— Marsha Ball 

2nd V. Pres.— Melodie Crawford 

Secy.— Lucy Snow, Portis, KS 67473 
Treas.-Kim Page, 7700 Depew St. No. 18 

Arvada, Colorado 80003 
Prayer Chairman— Evelyn Keezer 
SMM Patroness— Penny Koby 
District Editor— Alice Hoyt 


Chm.— Tom Inman 
Secy.-Treas.— Aldo Hoyt 


Chm.— Tbm Inman; 
Secy.— Aldo Hoyt 

Additional Member— R. John Snow and! 
ordained pastors in the District. 


Pres.— Clark & Sharon Wolters 

Jerry & Kim Hooper, Tim & Polly Mini 


Arvada, CO-Hackberry Hill Grace Bret i 

Beaver City, NE— Grace Brethren Chur 
Colorado Springs, CD-Grace Brethren CI J 
Denver, CO-Denver Grace Brethren Ch t 
Pbrtis, KS— Grace Brethren Church i 
Wichita, KS— Grace Brethren Church 


(No district conference held) 


Chm.-Glen Shirk 

Secy.-Treas.— David Glenwinkel 


Auburn, CA-Auburn Grace Brethren 01 


iiico, CA— Chico Grace Brethren Church 
odesto, CA— LaLoma Grace Brethren Church 
rangevale, CA— Ambassadors Grace Brethren 
pon, CA— Ripon Grace Brethren Church 

Sacramento, CA— River City Grace 

Community Church 
San Jose, CA— South Bay Community Church 
Tracy, CA— Tracy Grace Brethren Church 


Northcentral Ohio Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Jext conference: Northwest Chapel GBC, 
Dublin, OH, April 13, 1991 


id.-Jeff Gill 

,Mod.— Ken Brown 

■ y,— Russ Simpson, 740 Boyd Blvd., Gallon, 

OH 44833 

\:t. Secy.— Brad Lambright 
fas.- Dean Risser, 110 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Delaware, OH 43015 
}t.-Sarah Fudge, c/o GBC of Columbus, 

5675 Worthington-Galena Rd., Wor- 
hington, OH 43085 


) id Kennedy, Doug Forsythe, Jack 


i Kanzeg, Don Young, Ron Kuck 


b Scoles, Carl Miller, Brad Gibson 


pii ard DeArmey, Earle Bser, Gary Crandall 


a Melton, Howard Stouffer, Craig Snyder 


1 —Dean Risser 


^'— Jim Custer 


1 —J. Hudson Thayer 


e -Bob Hann 


e: -Ruth Berry 

'. Pres.— Ella Lee Risser 

d . Pres.— Zoe Ann Hockley 

5-Debbie Poole, 1425 Barbara Lane, 

I'lnsfield, OH 44905 

!a-Ruthe Witzky, 2404 Middle Bellville 

I , R. 10, Mansfield, OH 44903 

ij Chm.— Carolyn Page 

^ Zloord.— Victoria L. Page 

Asst. Coord.— Deedee Osborne 
Dist. Editor-Sheryl Hawk 


Pres.— Vickie Page 

V. Pres.— DeeDee Osborne 


Chm.— Dave Bogue 


Ashland, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Ashland, OH— Southview Grace Brethren 

Bellefontaine, OH— Mad River Valley Grace 

Brethren Church 
Bellville, OH— Ankenytown Grace Brethren 

Bowling Green, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Columbus fWesterville), OH— Grace Brethren 

Church of Columbus 
Columbus, OH— East Side Grace Brethren 

Columbus, OH— Hilltop Grace Brethren 

Columbus, OH— Southwest Grace Brethren 

Columbus, OH— Trinity Grace Brethren 

Danville, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Delaware, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Dublin, OH— Northwest Chapel Grace 

Brethren Church 
Elida, OH— Grace Brethren Church of Lima 
Findlay, OH— Findlay Grace Brethren Church 
Fremont, OH— Grace Brethren Chapel 
Fremont, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Gallon, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Lancaster, OH— Lancaster Grace Brethren 

Lexington, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
London, OH— London Grace Brethren Church 
Mansfield, OH— Cornerstone Grace Brethren 

Mansfield, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Mansfield, OH— Woodville Grace Brethren 

Marion, OH— Grace Brethren Church 
Mifflin, OH-Mifflin Grace Brethren Church 
Mt. Vernon, OH— Grace Brethren Church in 

Mt. Vernon 
Northwood, OH— Trinity Grace Brethren 



Ontario, OH-Marantha Grace Brethren Tbledo, OH— Maumee Valley Grace Brethri 

Church Church 

Pataskala, OH-Grace Brethren Church of Tbledo, OH-Tbledo Grace Brethren Churc 

Licking County 


Northeastern Ohio District Feiiowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Rittman, Ohio, Saturday, 
April 13, 1991 


Mod.— Bud Olszewski 

V. Mod— Ronald Boehm 

Secy.-Treas.— Donna Stair, 510 Oak Street, 

Wadsworth, OH 44281 
Asst. Secy.-Treas— Curt Frame 
Stat.-Dwight Stair, 510 Oak St., Wadsworth, 

OH 44281 


Doug Jensen (Chm.), Robert Holmes, Charles 


Chm.— Doug Courter, Tom Romine, William 


Chm.— Ronald Boehm, Glen Bechtel, Joe 
Cosentino, Chuck Buriff 


Chm.— Robert Moeller, Wesley Haller, 



Chm.— Dave Gaston, Ronald Boehm, Stanley 
Watson, Lynn Fish 


Chm.-Bob Fetterhoff 
V. Chm.-lbrry Taylor 

Secy.Treas.— Mike Prentovich, 303 N. Seneca, 
Rittman, OH 44270 


Chm.— Joe Cosentino 
V. Chm.-Galen Wiley 
Secy.— Doug Courter 
Treas.— Doug Jensen 


Chm.-Galen Wiley 
Secy.— Wesley Haller 


Rep. to National Boys— Elmer Gable 


Pres.— Joan Gable 

1st V. Pres.— Harlene Steiner 

2nd V. Pres.— Donna Stair 

Secy.— Doris Beichler, 10662 Irvine 1 

Creston, OH 44217 
Treas.-Ruth Dunlap, 1626 23rd. St. N„ 

Canton, OH 44709 
Prayer Chm.— Marie Mishler 


Leader— Mary Beth Jensen 
Asst. Leader— Carole Knop 


Director— Bob Combs 

Name of Camp— Camp Buckeye 

Name of Campground— Camp McPhears* 

Location of Campground— Loudonville, C 

Tblephone No.-l-614/599-7110 


Chm.— Dennis Erb 
V. Chm.— Steve Cisney 
Secy.Treas.-Doug Courter, 625 Weber h 

North Canton, OH 44720 
Asst. Secy.Treas.— Dave Krizon 
Other Members— Wes Haller, Mary ll 

Jensen and Carole Knop 


Akron, OH— Ellet Grace Brethren Chur 
Canton, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Cuyahoga Falls, OH-Grace Brethren Chi 
Elyria, OH— Spring Valley Community G I ( 

Brethren Chiu'ch 
Homerville, OH-Grace Brethren Churc 
Macedonia, OH— Western Reserve G 

Brethren Church 
Medina, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Middlebranch, OH-Grace Brethren Ch 
Millersburg, OH-Grace Brethren ChuT' 

Minerva, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Norton, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Orrville, OH— Grace Brethren Church I 
Rittman, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Sterling, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Willoughby, OH-Lake County G 

Brethren Church -. - 

Wooster, OH-Grace Brethren Church l! liii 



i 4 



Northern Atlantic District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

>Jext conference: Messiah College, 
I Grantham, PA, May 31 - June 2, 1991 


|d.-Dan White 

Mod— Mike Brubaker 

y.-Treas.— Gerald Allebach, 799 Airport Rd., 

Palmyra, PA 17078 
It. Secy.-Treas.— Warren Diffendefer 
Illness Mgr.— Harold Hollinger, 748 Amosite 
,Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022 
It. Bus. Mgr.— Carroll Bingaman 
lK,.-Rick Clark, 289 W. Hernley Rd., 

Manheim PA 17545 


Ife Makofka (Chm.), Randy Meyers, Jim 


)i Eshleman, Dennis Huratiak, Robert Lutz 


iC^utter (Chm.), Eric Barter 


lif Brubaker (Chm.), Dale Jenks 


t€! Blake, Darrell Taylor, Dennis Huratiak. 


re -Luke Kauffman 
les.— Vernon Harris 

5c-Timothy George, 52 Lehman St., 
V (banon, PA 17042 
«'.- Warren T^mkin 


■"mBower, Mike Lutz, Les Nutter, Luke 


. in - Warren 'Kimkin, Box 275, Dillsburg, 
I 17019 

Cm.— Dave Hitchman 
i^dJOnal members— All ordained elders of 

tj district 


in Bob Kerns 

CI 1.— Ken (josgrove 

y. -eas.- "Ibm Avey 

't. ecy.-Treas.— Dan White 


s. landy Meyers 
/•ijij. (1st)— Richard Snavely 


, (2nd)-Reed DePace 
68 Nutter, R. 2, Box 1 12, Wrightsville, 

Treas.— Ray Derstine, 324 Railroad Avenue, 

Souderton, PA 18964 
Pastoral Advisor— Roy Roberts 


Pres.— Sue Myers, 72 Hertzog Dr., Leola, PA 

17540 (Tfel. 717-656-7459) 
1st V. Pres.-Mary Ellen Leckrone, 665 

Madison Ave., York, PA 17404 

(Tfel. 717-845-2396) 
2nd V. Pres.— Susan Haldeman 
Secy.— Lois Kaylor, 532 N. 8th St., Lebanon, 

PA 17042 


Patroness.— Dawn Garner 

10 Sweitzer Road, Jacobus, PA 17407 


Name of Camp— Camp Conquest 

Name of Campground— Grace Brethren 

Retreat Center 
Location of Campground— R. 2, Forrest Road, 

Denver, PA 17517 
Dir.- Mgr.— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lutz 
Tfelephone No.-215/267-2006 


Chm.— Roger Wambold 

V. Chm.— Leslie Nutter 

Secy.— Michael Wallace, 20 Laurel St., Pine 
Grove, PA 17963 

Treas.— Abner Zimmerman 

Other Members: Eric Allebach, Dave AUem, 
Jack Brown, Mike Brubaker, Rick Clark, 
Don Dodson, Joan Dodson, Mike Doutrick, 
Steve Doutrick, Beth Hyle, Dave Johnson, 
Annette Knepper, Dale Knepper Sr., Dave 
Knepper, Darrel Martin, Dennis Martin, 
Jeanne Mautin, Les Nutter, Tim Placeway, 
Dave Rank, Bob Salsgiver, John Smith, 
Mike Wallace, Roger Wambold, William 
Willard, Doris Wolpert, Pat Wolpert, Abner 
Zimmerman, Joanne Zimmerman. 


Chm.— Carroll Bingaman 

V. Chm.— Lloyd Haldeman 

Exec. Secy.— Harvey Stoneback 

Treas.— Jerry Goodpastor 

Secy.-Mark Saunders, 234 W Main St., 

Ephrata, PA 17522 
Grounds Supt.— Robert Lutz 
Other members: Dave Humberd, Lon Myers. 


Chm.— Timothy George 
V. Chm.— Vernon Harris 
Secy.— Fred Sorrick 


Treas -Harold E. Hollinger, 748 Amosite Rd., 

Elizabethtown, PA 17022 
Other members: Robert Lutz, Doug Tressler, 

Steve Blake, Mitch Picard, Dan Eshleman. 


Chm.-Gary Tucker 

V Chm.-Richard Lenhart 

Secy.-lbm Bowman, 501 King St., Lebanon, 

PA 17042 
Treas— Carl Kaylor 
Nat'l Rep.-Pete Caldwell 
Pastoral Adv.-Daniel White 


Chm.-Donald Hinks 

Jeremiah Kauffman, James Knepper, Warren 
T^mkin, Roger Wambold, Jerry Young 


Bethlehem, PA-Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren 
Church „ „ ,. 

Blain, PA- Sherman's Valley Grace Brethren 

Brunswick, ME-Down East Grace Brethren 

Church , _,, , 

Dillsburg, PA-Hope Grace Brethren Church 
Elizabethtown, PA-Elizabethtown Grace 

Brethren Church 
Ephrata, PA-Ephrata Area Grace Brethren 

Gettysburg, PA-Grace Brethren Church 
Harrisburg, PA-Melrose Gardens Grace 

Brethren Church 
Hartford, CT-Greater Hartford Grace 

Brethren Church 
Hatboro, PA-Suburban Grace Brethren 





Hope, NJ-Hope Grace Brethren Church 
Irasburg, VT-Irasburg Grace Brethre* 

Island Pond, VT-Island Pond Grace Brethren 

Lancaster, PA-Greater Lancaster Grao 

Brethren Church 
Lancaster, PA-Southern Lancaster GraC 

Brethren Church 
Lititz, PA-Lititz Grace Brethren Church 
Macungie, PA-Southern Lehigh Valley Gra(«| k 
Brethren Church W 

Manheim, PA-Manheim Grace Brethren 

Myerstown, PA-Myerstown Grace Brethre 

Church , „ ,11, 

New Holland, PA-New Holland Grai |3 

Brethren Church 
Newark, DE-Newark Grace Brethren Chur. . 
Palmer, ME-New Beginning Grace Brethril P 

Church ^, ilh 

palmyra, PA-Palmyra Grace Brethren Chun F 
Philadelphia, PA-First Brethren Church •• 
Philadelphia, PA-Liberty Grace Brethr^'jf^ 

Church ; 

Philadelphia, PA-Third Brethren Churchiji, 
Pine Grove, PA-Pine Grove Grace Brethr 

Church I 

Royersford, PA-Tri-County Grace Brethijjl 

Church . 

Saratoga Springs, NY-Saratoga Sprir 

Grace Brethren Church 
Tfelford, PA-Penn Valley Grace Brethri > 

Church ' 

Wrightsville, PA-Susquehanna hn 

Brethren Church 
York, PA-York Grace Brethren Church 


Northwest Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Harrah, WA, Feb 14-16, 


Mod— Jack Rants 
V Mod— Duane Jones 
Secy.-Bob Gentzel, P.O. Box 916, Maple Valley, 
WA 98038 , „^, 

Treas.-Neil Paden, R. 1, Box 16-B, Harrah, WA 

Stat.-Ora Gifford, 708 Hillcrest, Grandview, 

WA 98930 
Members-at-Large-Leroy Bussert, Roger 



Dwight Cover, Greg Howell, Greg Stamm 


Patricia Falter, Bob Smithwick 

Homer Bussert, George Christie 


LeRoy Bussert, Dale Hostetler, Greg Ho -I 


George Christie, Jim Holder, Greg Stair 


Paul Brook, Duane Jones, Gordon Stove 


Chm.-Dwight Cover 
V. Chm.-Greg Stamm 
Secy.Treas.-Paul Brook ' 

Asst. Secy.Treas.-Charles Winter 



im— Greg Howell 

Id'l. Members— All ordained men. 


in Williams 


m.— Duane Jones 

Chm.-Paul Brook 

g'.— Ray Feather 

!as.— Dale Hostetler 

stors and one layman from each district 



is.-Phyllis Christie 
V. Pres.-Enid Paden 
y.-Zelda McClure, 2205 S. 18th St., Sp. 71 
Union Gap, WA 98903 
as.-Valerie Cowles, 630 Pfecan Rd., Grand- 
view, WA 98930 
yer Chm.-Nelda Dekker 
M Patroness— Alma Arndt 
trict Editor— Carol Johnson 


ne of Camp-Clear Lake Grace Brethren 

Location of Campground— HC 62, Box 221-G 
Naches, WA 98937 / 

Phone Number-<509) 848-2746 office 
(509) 848-2725 camp 

Caretakers: Del and Kasey Culver 


Charles Winter, Greg Howell 


Charles Winter 


Albany, OR— Grace Brethren 
Beaverton, OR— Grace Brethren 
Troutdale, OR-Grace Brethren 
Goldendale, WA— Community GBC of 

Grandview, WA— Grace Brethren 
Harrah, WA-Grace Brethren 
Kent, WA-Grace Brethren 
Mabton, WA-Grace Brethren 
Maple Valley, WA-Grace Bible Fellowship 

Prosser, WA— Community GBC of Prosser 
Spokane, WA-Spokane Valley GBC 
Sunnyside, WA-Grace Brethren 
Tbppenish, WA-Grace Brethren 
Yakima, WA-Grace Brethren 


Southern California-Arizona District 
llowship of Grace Brethren Churches 

!xt conference: April 28, 1991 Grace 
Jrethren Church of Long Beach 


.—Ed Trenner 

[od— John Mcintosh 

.-Ward Miller 

10 Pacific St., San Bernardino CA 92404 

s.— Dallas Martin 

E. Canton St., Long Beach, CA 90815 
—Norm Schrock 

S. Newlin Ave. #1, Whittier, CA 90601 
ibers at Large-Jay Bell (91), Edwin 
ashman (92), Tferry Daniels (91), Phil 
uerena (91), Roy Halberg (91), Dave 
[arksbury (91), Roger Mayes (92), Richard 
3dd (91). 


' Daniels, Chm. (91), Jim Behrens (91), 
oward Johnson (91) 


-Ed Cashman (91) 

-Ibm Hughes (91) 

:ional Members-Jay Bell (92), Harold 

unnmg (91), Roy Halberg (93), Robert 


Kliewer (93), Dave Marksbury (92) Ward 
Miller (92). 


Pres.— John Mcintosh 
V. Pres-Roy Halberg 
Secy-Treas.-Ralph Colburn 


Pres.-Helen Miller, 13138 Michelle Circle 

Whittier, CA 90605 
1st V.Pres— Marjorie Coburn 
2nd V.Pres-Helen Rempel 
Rec. Secy.— Roxanne Kuns 
Corrsp Secy-Sandy Crawford, 3361 Cortese 

Drive, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 
Treas.-Jayne Reuter, 3500 W Manchester 

439, Inglewood, CA 90305 
Prayer Chm.— Joyce Sterrenburg 
Editor-Marian McBride, 13842 Valma Drive 

Whittier, CA 90605 
Luncheon Chm.— Fanchon Willard 
Retreat Chm.— Jayne Reuter 


Pres.-Bob Hetzler 


Neil Cole, Chm., Jay Bell, Ibm Hughes, Dave 
Marksbury, Greg Perry, Mikal Smith 


Dave Shackleford, Chm. 


Denny Brown, Chm. 


Marilyn Moll, Chm. 


Clark Miller, Chm. 


Alta Loma, CA-Grace Brethren Alta Loma 
Beaumont, CA-Cherry Valley Brethren 

Bell. CA-Bell Brethren Church 
Bellflower, CA-Bellflower Brethren Church 
Covina, CA-New Life Grace Brethren Church 
Cypress, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
La Mirada, CA-Creek Park Community 

Church , . <-,. 1, 

La Verne, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
Lakewood, CA-Iglesia Cristiana de la 

Long Beach, CA-Community Grace Brethren 

Church , _,, , 

Long Beach, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
Long Beach, CA-Grace Cambodian Church 
Long Beach, CA-Iglesia Evangehca de los 


Long Beach, CA-Koinonia Grace Brethr* 

Long Beach, CA-Los Altos Brethren Chun 
Los Alamitos, CA-Grace Church 
Los Angeles, CA-Community Brethr. 

Menifee Valley, CA-New Hope Communi 

Norwalk, CA-Grace Brethren Church i 
Orange, CA-Grace Church ! 

Paramount, CA-Iglesia de los Hermanos, 
Phoenix, AZ-Grace Brethren Church , 
Redlands, CA-Orange Grove Communj 

Rialto, CA-Grace Community Church ! 
Riverside, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
San Bernardino, CA-Grace Brethren Chui 
San Diego, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
Santa Ana, CA-Maranatha Brethren Chu; 
Santa Maria, CA-Grace Brethren Churc 
Santa Paula, CA-Grace Brethren Churcl ,, 
Seal Beach, CA-Grace Community Chui i 
Simi Valley, CA-Grace Brethren Chmch : 
South Pasadena, CA-Grace Brethren Chu i.; 
Tfemple City, CA-Grace Brethren Churcl , 
Tucson AZ-Silverbell Grace Brethren Chi: i 
Westminster, CA-Grace Brethren Churc 
Whittier, CA-Community Grace Breth 

Church ^, 1. ■ 

Whittier, CA-Grace Brethren Church 
Yucca Valley, CA-Grace Community Chu 


South Florida Caribbean District of 
Grace Brethren Churches 


Mod.-Bill Tweeddale 

V Mod —Jay Fretz 

Secy.-Rich Schnieders, 18529 Phlox Dr, Ft 
Mvers FL 33912 

Treas-James Bustraan, 2158 NE 65th St., Ft. 
Lauderdale, FL 33308 

Statistician-Ed Dearborn, 1509 S.E. 7th St., 
Okeechobee, FL34972 

Members-at-large-Dan Ward Lynn Hoyt, 
Wilfred Jean, Art Johnson, Dan Thompson, 
Larry Zimmerman, Chris Jose, Vernon 
Luther, Steve Ott, Tbny Schnieders. 


Chm.-Bill Tweeddale 
Secy.-Treas.— Rich Schnieders 


Chm.-Lynn Hoyt 
Treas.— Marvin Good 


Chm.-Jay M. Fretz 

Additional Members-All ordained m J 


Dan Ward 

Name of Camp-Camp Grace 

Name of Campgrounds-Camp Grace ! 

Location— Bassinger, FL 


Pres.-Jay M. Fretz j 

Secy.-Treas.-Rich Schnieders j 


I>i-es.— Jim Bustraam ; 

Bassinger, FL-Christian Brethren 
Fort Lauderdale, FL-Grace Brethren t 


rt Myers, FL— Grace Brethren Bible Church 
iples, FL— Community Grace Brethren 
teechobee, FL— Grace Brethren, Inc. 

Pompano Beach, FL— Grace Brethren of 

Sebring, FL— Sebring Grace Brethren Church 
San Juan, Puerto Rico— Iglesia Hermanos Pbr 



Southern Ohio District Feiiowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

pfext conference: Brookville Grace Brethren 
Church, Brookville, OH, date to be 


id.— Steve Peters 

Mod.— Greg Ryerson 

y.— Linda Penn, 7456 Elru Drive, Dayton, 

OH 45415 

as.— Roy Trissel, First Grace Brethren 

Church, 2624 Stonequarry Rd., Dayton, OH 


t.— G. Forrest Jackson 

mbers-at-Large— Henry Mallon, Brian 



n.— "Rid Hobert, Henry Mallon, Greg 


jn.-T^d Hobert, Brian White, Henry Mallon 


.a.— Tim Nixon, Patrica Logan 


Ifi.— Greg Ryerson, Ned Denlinger, Mike 


1 1.— Charles Lawson, Ray Johnson, Howard 



tV-Dan Grabill, Jack Peters 


t .-Paul Michaels, Roy Glass, III 


■' nerhood Mutual 


1 —Scott Distler 
*Treas.-Roy Glass III 
l«. Members— Bill Brown, Ed Stutz, Carl 
•imble, Tim Nixon, Tyronne Curtis 


ules Lawson, Acting Administrator, 1010 
ywood, Englewood, OH 45322 


u -Forrest Jackson 


V. Chm.-Dan Grabill 
Secy.-'ftid Hobert 


Chm.-Secy— Charles Lawson 


Pres.— Arlene Glass 

1st V. Pres.-Sally Neely 

2nd B. Pres.-Wilma Hartley 

Secy.— Janice Landis 

Treas.-Faith Shock 

Prayer Chm.— Elnora Schopp 

SMM Patroness— Sylvia Koeller 

District Editor— Chris Huddleston 


Brookville, OH— Brookville Grace Brethren 

Camden, OH— Camden Grace Brethren 

Centerville, OH— Centerville Grace Brethren 

Cincinnati, OH-Grace Brethren Church of 

Greater Cincinnati 
Clayhole, KY-Clayhole Grace Brethren 

Clayton, OH-Clayton Grace Brethren Church 
Covington, OH— Friendship Grace Brethren 

Dayton, OH— Basore Road Grace Brethren 

Dayton, OH-Calvary Grace Brethren Church 
Dayton, OH— First Grace Brethren Church 
Dayton, OH— North Riverdale Grace Brethren 

Dryhill, KY-Victory Mountain Grace 

Brethren Church 
Englewood, OH-Englewood Grace Brethren 

Huber Heights, OH-Grace Community 

Kettering, OH— Calvary Brethren Church 
Lexington, KY— Grace Brethren Church 
Sinking Spring, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Trotwood, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Troy, OH-Grace Brethren Church 
Union, OH— Community Grace Brethren 

Vandalia, OH— Vandalia Grace Brethren 

West Alexandria, OH-Grace Brethren 
Community Church 


Southern District Feliowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Anderson, SC 
May 17-18, 1991 


Mod.— Don Soule 

V. Mod.— Jerry Sunthimer 

Secy.— Marguerite Howard, 446 Springfield 

Dr., Woodstock, GA 30188, Phone: 

Treas.-Bob Carroll, 4492 Dunmovin Dr., 

Kennesaw, GA 30144 
Stat.-lbny Merritt, 980 Pineview Dr., New 

Ellenton, SC 29809 


Chm.— Steve Howell 
V. Chm.— Steve Jarrell 
Secy.— Steve Jarrell 
Treas.— Don Soule 


Chm.— Jack Broyln 


Representative— Ron Batroff 


Michael Fortier, Sr.; Kent Archer; Sb' 
Jarrell; Dave Menzel; Jerry Sunthime 


Aiken, SC— Aiken Grace Brethren Churc 
Anderson, SC— Anderson Grace Breth 

Charlotte, NC— Charlotte Grace Breth 

Columbia, SC— Columbia Grace Breth 

Atlanta, GA— DeKalb Community Or 

Brethren Church 
Atlanta, GA— Marietta Grace Breth 

Johnson City, TN— Johnson City Gr- 

Brethren Church 
Ttelford, TN-Ttelford Grace Brethren Chu ; 


Southwest District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Next conference: Grace Brethren Navajo 
Ministries, May 3-4, 1991 


Mod.— Bob Salazar 

V. Mod— Steve Galegor 

Secy.-Beth Winter, 7608 Basin Creek Ct. NW, 

Albuquerque, NM 87120 
Treas.-Roger Moore, 7608 Basin Creek Ct., 

NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120 
Stat.— Betty Masimer, Grace Brethren Navajo 

Ministries, Counselor, NM 87018 


Chm.-Tully Butler 
Secy.— Bob Salazar 
Treas.— Steve Galegor 


Larry Wedertz 


Chm.— Steve Galegor 

Secy.— Celina Salazar 

Treas.— Roger Moore 

Additional Members— Bob Lathrop, Bob 

Salazar, Don Bowlin 


Chm.-Bob Salazar; Add'l. Memb.-Tj 
Butler, John Trujillo, all ordained ell 
within district 



Pres.— Chris Galegor 

1st V. Pres.— Larren Msires 

2nd V. Pres.— Norma Lathrop 

Secy.-Beth Winter, 7608 Basin Creek Ct, 

Albuquerque, NM 87120 
Treas.-Dottie Moore, 7608 Basin Creel' 

NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120 * 

Prayer Chm —Celina Salazar 


Counselor, NM— Cedar Hill Grace Bretf-i 

Counselor, NM— Day Mesa Grace Breti 

Counselor, NM— Grace Brethren Ni i 

Rio Rancho, NM— La Mesa Grace Breti|hl 


Tkos, NM— First Grace Brethren Churc 
Tbnalea, AZ— Red Lake Navajo Grace Bre■^ r 




Virginia Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

Text conference: Ghent Grace Brethren 
Church, Roanoke, VA, April 5-6, 1991 


d— Doug Witt 
ilod.— George Traub 

jr.-Steve Shipley, 119 E. 28th St., Buena 
Vista, VA 24416 

as.-Bobby Craghead, 236 W. Phillip St., 
Covington, VA 24426 
^-Jerry Cox, 5693 Valley View Drive 
Oublin, VA 24084 

nbers-at-Large-Carl Ratcliffe -1 yr., Wayne 
Hannah -2 yr., Lester Kennedy -3 yr.; Lay 
Member, Gary King 


il Devan, Chm., Buddy Smals, ('91)- Bill 

milhite ('92) 


< Field ('91), Tbm Quilliams ('91), Sonny 
.lartin ('92), Bill Willhite ('92), C. L. Young 
■92), Dick Harstine ('93), Don Minnix ('93), 
-ester Kennedy ('93), James Smals ('91) 


(■ .— Mike Johnson 
hm Secy.— Lester Kennedy 
: —Fred Devan 
"3.— Wayne Hannah 


1..— Danny Wright 
Km.— Steve Shipley 
»-Don Eshleman 
«;.— Nathan Leigh 


I —Fred Devan 
<im— Lester Kennedy 
c'-Doug Witt 

It. Members— Don Eshelman, Nathan 


BhMolly Simons 

, §alem. 

1st V. Pres.-Denise Grubb 
2nd V. Pres.-Charlotte Cox 
Secy.-Carolyn Trail, 515 Decatur St 

VA 24153 
Treas.-Estelle Coffey, 2946 Garden City Blvd 

Roanoke, VA 24014 
Prayer Chm.-Margie Witt 
Dist. Editor-Sadie Weddle 


Chm.('91)— Sonny Martin 

Manager-Mr. & Mrs. Webb 

Name of Camp— Camp Tuk-A-Way 

Name of Campground-Boiling Conference 

Location of Campground— Star Rt., Box 630 

Catawba, VA 24070 
Telephone No.-703/552-9571 


Chm.-Eldon Grubb ('91) 

Secy.-Patty Willhite ('91), 3058 Pfebble Dr., 

Roanoke, VA 24014 
Treas.-Don Eshleman ('93) 
Add'l. Members-, Edith Staton ('92), Danny 

Wright ('92). Gary King ('93) 


Boones Mill, VA-Boones Mill Grace Brethren 

Buena Vista, VA-First Brethren Church 
Covington, VA-Grace Brethren Church 
Radford, VA-Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church 
Richmond, VA-Grace Brethren Church 
Riner, VA-Grace Brethren Church 
Roanoke, VA-Clearbrook Grace Brethren 

Roanoke, VA-Garden City Grace Brethren 

Roanoke, VA-Ghent Grace Brethren Church 
Roanoke, VA-Patterson Memorial Grace 

Brethren Church 
Roanoke, VA-Washington Heights Grace 

Brethren Church 
Salem, VA-Wildwood Grace Brethren Church 
Troutville, VA-Grace Bible Church 
Virginia Beach, VA-Grace Brethren Church 
Willis, VA-Grace Brethren Church 


>rn Pennsylvania District Fellowship of 
Grace Brethren Churches 

:* conference: Riverside Grace Brethren 
Curch, Johnstown, PA, April 27, 1991 


Mod.— Norris Mason 
V. Mod.— Lyle Sweeney 

Secy-John Gregory, Box 538, Duncansville 
PA 16635 


Asst. Secy— Dolores Van Orman 

Treas— Rodney Lingenfelter, 104 Nason Dr., 

Roaring Spring, PA 16673 
Stat.-Rose Snyder, 211 Second St., 

Conemaugh, PA 15909 
Members-at-Large— Timothy E. Boal, Rick 



Craig Manges (Chm.), Chalmer Naugle, Scott 
Pranchino, Timothy Waggoner, Robert 


Richard Beach (Chm.), Richard Antoine, Lloyd 


Don Rager (Chm.), Willard Gates, Mike Sterne 


Ron Carnevali (Chm.), Barry Rowe, Doug 


Norris Mason, Box 188, Vintondale, PA 15961 


Chm.-William Snell 

V. Chm.— James Snavely 

Secy.— Rick Daam 

Asst. Secy.— Timothy Waggoner 

Treas.— Norris Mason 

Insurance— J. Richard Horner 


Chm.-Timothy E. Boal 
V. Chm.— James Snavely 
Secy.-Treas.— William Snell 
Publicity Din- Doug Sabin 


Executive Secy.— James Snavely 
Asst. Executive Secy— H. Don Rough 


Chm.-Robert Griffith 

Secy.-Wanda Webb, R. D. 1 Box 279A, Sidman, 
PA 15955 


Director— Rick Strappello 
Name of Camp— Camp Mantowagan 
Location of Camp-Box 95, Saxton, PA 16678 
Tfelephone No-814/658-3815 


Pres.— Rodney Lingenfelter 

Secy.-Charles Miller, R.D. 2, Box 430, 

Duncansville, PA 16635 
Boys' Rep.— Bill Rummel 
Treas.— Dan Eshelman 


Pres.— Kathy Bowers 

1st V. Pres.— Dottie Closson 

2nd V. Pres.-Nellie Diehl 

Secy.-Mrs. Gail Travis, R.D. 4, Box 

Kittanning, PA 16201 
Treas.-Joanne Beach, 309 E. Bell Ai 

Altoona, PA 16602 
Prayer Chm.— Alice Pollard 
SMM Patroness— Susan Dinsmore 
Asst. Patroness— Mary Lingenfelter, G 

District Editor— Karen Wingard 



President— Susan Dinsmore 

Leader— Gail Bridenbaugh, Rt. 1, Box 1 

Martinsburg, PA 16662 
Leader— Mary Lingenfelter, 104 Nason Dr 

Roaring Spring, PA 16673 


Altoona, PA— First Grace Brethren Churl 
Altoona, PA— Juniata Grace Brethren Chi 
Armagh, PA— Valley Grace Brethren Chi 
Avis, PA— Tiadaghton Valley Grace Brett 

Conemaugh, PA— Conemaugh Grace Bretl i 

Duncansville, PA— Leamersville Gi| 

Brethren Church 
Everett, PA— Community Grace Bretl li 

Everett, PA— Everett Grace Brethren Ch 
Export, PA— Murrysville Grace Bretl a 

HoUidaysburg, PA— Vicksburg Grace Bret n 


PA— Hopewell Grace Bret 

PA— Geistown Grace Bret n 



Johnstown, PA— Johnstown Grace Brettq- 

Johnstown, PA— Pike Grace Brethren Ch 
Johnstown, PA— Riverside Grace Bre 

Johnstown, PA-Singer Hill Grace Bret 

Kittanning, PA— Grace Brethren Chur, 

West Kittanning 
Kittanning, PA-North Buffalo Grace Bre> 

Church . 

Martinsburg, PA— Martinsburg G 

Brethren Church 
Milroy, PA— Milroy Grace Brethren Ch 
State College, PA-State College ( 

Brethren Church 




Directory of Grace Brethren Churches 

Listing 328 churches in 33 states 

sted by States; giving city, pastor's name, church name, membership as of January 1, 1990, 
Jdress, and telephone number; and name, address and telephone number of recording 
icretary or clerk. 


"JCHORAGE (Larry Smithwick) 
Anchorage Grace Brethren Church (200) 
Huffman and Pintail, 12407 Pintail St 

99516 (Tfel. 907/345-3741) 
Mrs. Fran Dunham, 11221 Forest Dr, 


VJCHORAGE (Brian L. Chronister) 
Grace Community Church (98) 
10900 O'Malley Center Dr. (Mailing 
Address: P.O. Box 111505, 99511) 

(Tel. 907/344-7780) 
Cmdy Leonard, 8431 Stacey Cir., 99507 
(Tel. 907/522-3969) 

ttCHORAGE (E. John Gillis) 
IGreatland Grace Brethren Church (37) 
Meeting temporarily at 1709 S. Bragaw 

(Mailing address: 17645 Tbakoana, 

Eagle River, 99577) 

mi 907/694-5331) 
Mary Herndon, 16240 Baugh Cir., 

99516 (Tfel. 907/345-0462) 


■' 'Grace Brethren Church (83) 

.i'.O. Box 770430, 99577 (Mile 1.8 - S 
: i Birchwood Loop) 
(Tfel. 907/688-4010) 
virs. Jill Lester, 18618 S. Lowrie Loop 
(Tfel. 907/694-8198) 

KIER (Frank Gardner) 
Cachemak Bay Grace Brethren Church 
- '.0. Box 2749, 99603 
(Tfel. 907/235-8213) 
iz Hejl, P.O. Box 2089, 99603 
(Tfel. 907/235-6788) 

EAI (Chris Hay) 
lenai Grace Brethren Church (57) 
56McCullom Dr., 99611 
(Tfel. 907/283-4379) 
rs. Rhea Stables (church address) 

OFH POLE (Davis Harbour) 
orth Pole Grace Brethren Church (23) 
lailing address: RO. Box 56982, 
99705, (Tfel. 907/488-1789) 
ndy Harbour, Church address and 

SOLDOTNA (Daniel E. Thornton) 

Peninsula Grace Brethren Church (143) 
34640 Kalifornsky Beach Rd., 99669 
flbl. 907/262-6442) 
Debi Stone, Box 2752, Kenai, 99611 
(Tfel. 907/776-5316) 


PHOENIX (Kevin Zuber) 

Grace Brethren Church (88) 

2940 W. Bethany Home Rd., (just west 

of Interstate 17), 85017 

dfel. 602/242-1885) 
Mrs. Sandra Hurt, 4220 W. Keim Dr 

85019 (Tel. 602/841-4676) 

TONALEA (John Trujillo) 

Red Lake Community Grace Brethren 

Box 108, 86044 

TUCSON (Kenneth A. Curtis) 

Silverbell Grace Brethren Church (25) 
1477 N. Silverbell Rd., 85745 

(Tfel. 602/792-1114) 
Michelle Curtis, 1901 Campana de 
Plata, (Tfel. 602/792-1114) 


ALIA LOMA (Neil Cole) 

Grace Brethren Church of Alta Loma 

5719 Beryl St., 91701 
(Tel. 714/980-0727) 

AUBURN (Paul G. Hoffman) 

Auburn Grace Brethren Church (136) 
P.O. Box 6446, 95604-6446 

(Tfel. 916/823-8330) 
Mrs. Diane Benedict, 10650 Atwood Rd 
(Ttel. 916/885-8788) 

BEAUMONT (Robert Kliewer) 

Cherry Valley Grace Brethren Church 

(59) 10257 Beaumont, (Mailing 

address: RO. Box 655, 92223) 

(Tfel. 714/845-1821) 
Mrs. Robert Wines, 11076 Sandra Dr 

Cherry Valley, 92223 

BELLFLOWER (Edwin E. Cashman) 
Bellflower Brethren Church (688) 
9405 E. Flower St., 90706 

(Tel. 213/925-6561) 
Connie Becker, 2724 Yearling, Lakewood 

(Tel. 213/531-2459) 

CHICO (Louie Ricci) 

Grace Brethren Church of Chico (46) 
1505 Arbutus Ave., 95926 

(Tel. 916/342-8642) 
Dorothy Yeater, 819 Nancy Ln. 

(Tel. 916/342-6749) 

CYPRESS (Charles Covington) 

Grace Brethren Church of Cypress (35) 
9512 Juanita, 90630 
(Tel. 714/826-6750) 
Mrs. Gloria Zuelch, 3063 Ladoga, Long 
Beach, 90808 Clfel. 213/420-9357) 

LAKEWOOD (Juan L. Arregin) 

Iglesia Cristiana de la Comunidad (52) 
11859 E. 209th St., 90715 
(Tel. 213/865-9522) 

LA MIRADA (Jim Behrens) 

Creek Park Community Church (161) 
12200 Oxford Dr., 90638 

(Tel. 213/947-5672) 
Brenda Bashor, 11817 La Serna, 
Whittier, 90604 

(Tel. 213/947-0064) 

LA VERNE (Boy Halberg) 

Grace Brethren Church (176) 
2600 White Ave., 91750 

(Tel. 714/593-1204) 
Denise Locker 

LONG BEACH (Thomas Hughes) 

Community Grace Brethren Church 


5885 Downey Ave., 90805 

(Tel. 213/634-1056) 
Sandy Brannon, 5106 Obispo Ave., 
Lakewood, 90712 

(Tel. 213/633-8381) 

LONG BEACH (Louis Huesmann) 
Grace Brethren Church (1,440) 
3590 Elm Ave, 90807 
(Tbl. 213/595-6881) 
Lissa Cannon, church address 


(Vek Huong Tbing) 

3590 Elm St., Long Beach, CA 90807 
(Tel. 213/423-6312) 


(Alfonso Ramirez) 

16342 Bradbury Huntington Beach, CA 

92647 (Tel. 714/840-8777) 



(Greg Perry) 

291 Nieto Ave., (Belmont Hgts. sectioi 
Long Beach, CA 90803 
(Tel. 213/439-7174 

LONG BEACH (John K. Nagle) 

Los Altos Grace Brethren Church (16< 
6565 Stearns St., 90815 
(Tel. 213/596-3358) 

LOS ALAMITOS (Mick Ukleja) 
Grace Church (862) 
3021 Blume Dr, 90720 
Jean Summers, 3619 Arbor Rd., 
Lakewood, 90712 

LOS ANGELES (Frank J. Coburn) 
Community Brethren Church (51) 
5839 Whittier Blvd., 90022 

(Tel. 213/721-5972) 
Mrs. Dorothy Becker, 525 S. Russell 
Ave., Monterey Park, 91754 
(Tel. 818/573-1570) 

MENIFEE VALLEY (Chris Suitt and 

Mikel Smith, Co-paslJ 
New Hope Community Church 
P.O. Box 2066, Sun City, 92381 
(Tel. 714/656-2729) 

MODESTO (Joel Richards) 

La Loma Grace Brethren Church (1^ 
1315 La Loma Ave., 95354 j 

(Tel. 209/523-3738) 
Judy Williams, 1244 Grinnell St., 91511 
(Ttel. 209/524-1613) 

NORWALK (Robert Divine) 

Grace Brethren Church i 

11005 Foster Rd., 90650 ■■ 

Clfel. 213/863-7322) 
Mrs. A. Adams, 14503 Crossdale Avi 

(Tfel. 213/868-6628) 

ORANGE (Ed Trenner) 

Grace Church of Orange (83) 
2201 E. Fairhaven Ave., 92669 
(Ttel. 714/633-8867) 

ORANGEVALE (Russell Williams) 

Ambassadors Grace Brethren Chun 
8201 Green Eyes Way (Mailing 
Address: 6213 Green Eyes Way, 95 1 
(Ttel. 916/988-5874) 

PARAMOUNT (Phil Guerena) 
Iglesia De Los Hermanos 

Vivos en Cristo 
15733 Orange Ave., 90723 

(Tel. 213/634-5587) 
Martha Valdelamar, 2007 Ward, 
Compton, 90221 

(Tel. 213/603-9391) 



lEDLANDS (Mitchell D. Cariaga and Brian 
L. Roseborough) 

Orange Grove Community Church 
2064 Orange Tree Ln., 92374 
(Tfel. 714/798-8883) 

lALTO (Roy L. Polman) 

I Grace Community Church (64) 

I 690 W. Etiwanda Ave., 92376 

Cftl. 714/875-0730) 
! Robin Fleming, 785 N. Arrowhead 
; (Tel. 714/874-9492) 

PON (Glen W. Shirk) 

Ripon Grace Brethren Church (200) 
, 734 West Main St., 95366 
(Tel. 209/599-3042) 

Dorothy Schaffer, P.O. Box 506 
■ (Tfel. 209/599-6344) 

/ERSIDE (Brian Smith) 
Grace Brethren Church (100) 
P.O. Box 8532, 92515 

(Tel. 714/359-8195) 
Roger Feenstra, 3243 Winnebago St , 

92503 CVel. 714/688-9821) 

fcRAMENTO (Thomas Lynn) 
River City Grace Community Church 

4261 Whitney Ave., 95821 (corner of 
! Whitney and Eastern Aves.) 

(Tfel. 916/972-1106) 

i BERNARDINO (Ward Miller) 
jrace Brethren Church (46) 
•^5700 Pacific St., 92404 
' (Te]. 714/889-8695) 
jonna Carel, church address 

1 1 DIEGO (Philip Teran) 
Jrace Brethren Church (97) 
1455 Atlas St., 92111 
1^ Clfel. 619/277-5364) 
^lolleen Tferan, church address 

' JOSE (Lew Ingwaldson) 
outh Bay Community Church (27) 
610 Camden Ave., 95124 

CM. 408/269-1289) 
toistopher Burke, 1411 Blackstone Ave. 

(Tfel. 408/267-2935) 

kJA ANA (Francisco Javier Peraza) 
•laranatha Grace Brethren Church 
I (Spanish-speaking) (39) 
[eeting at 1704 W. First St., 92703 

(Tfel. 714/541-9312) 
Iva Gonzales, 3817 S. Sycamore St. 

trA MARIA (Ralph Schwartz) 
race Brethren Church (47) 
i3 E. Fesler, 93454 

(Tfel. 805/922-4991) 
mdy Coleman, 4533 Eileen Ln. 

nfel. 805/9274761) 


Grace Brethren Church (42) 
107 a 8th St., Santa Paula 93060 
(Tfel. 805/525-5080) 

SEAL BEACH (Donald P Shoemaker) 

Grace Community Church of Seal Beach 

(258) f 

138 Eighth St., 90740 

(Tfel. 213/596-1605) 
Linda Strong (church address and 


SIMI VALLEY (John Mcintosh) 

Grace Brethren Church of Simi Valley 

2762 Avenida Simi, 93065 

(Tfel. 805/527-0195) 
Mrs. Diane Clark, 3390 Wichita Falls 

Ave., 93063 (Tfel. 805/522-1279) 

SOUTH PASADENA Clfeny Daniels) 
Grace Brethren Church of South 

P&sadena (63) 
920 Fremont Ave., 91030 

(Tfel. 818/799-6081) 
Betty Mitchell, P.O. Box 944, 91031 

(Tfel. 818/799-6461) 

TEMPLE CITY (Stephen Helm) 

Tfemple City Grace Brethren Church (26) 
5537 Tfemple City Blvd., 91780 

(Tfel. 818/286-6342) 
Colleen Helm, church address 

TRACY (Robert MacMillan) 
Grace Brethren Church (60) 
1480 Parker Ave., 95376 
(Tfel. 209/835-0732) • 

WESTMINSTER (Robert Thompson, Interim) 
Westminster Grace Brethren Church 

14614 Magnolia Ave., 92683 

(Tfel. 714/893-5500) 
Carolyn Hastings, 3283 Arizona Ln., 

Costa Mesa, 92626 

WHITTIER (Richard Tbdd) 

Community Grace Brethren Church of 

Whittier (353) 
11000 E. Washington Blvd., 90606 (2 

blocks east of 605 Freeway) 

(Tfel. 213/692-0588) 
Mrs. Virginia Menke, 11026 Abbotsfonl 

Rd., (Tfel. 213/695-7525) 

WHITTIER (Stephen Kuns) 
Grace Brethren Church (81) 
6704 Milton Ave. (Mailing address: PO 

Box 174, 90608) (tfel. 213/698-0914) 
Aracely Villaovos, 6326 Whittier Ave., 
90601 (Tfel. 213/695-8824) 


YUCCA VALLEY (Roger Mayes) 
Grace Communitv Church (26) 
6300 Ruth Dr., 92284 

iTel. 619 228-1785) 
Mrs. Lillian Dohertv. RO. Box 976. 

Joshua Tree, 922"52 

(Tfel. 619 365-1922) 


ARVADA (Chris Ball) 

Hackberr^- Hill Grace Brethren Church 

(117> " 
7100 Wadsworth Blvd.. 80003 

(Tel. 303 424-3116) (Tester's home 
phone: 303 430-8537 

Grace Brethren Church (61) 
2975 Jet Wing. 80916 

(Tel. 719 390-8096) 
Sallv McDonald. 2375 Jet Wing Dr., 

(Tel. 719 597-8177) 

DENVER (Aide Ho\-t) 

Denver Grace Brethren Church (25) 
700 S. Federal Blvd. 80219 

(Tel. 303 934-7876) 
Mrs. Alice Ho\t. 725 a EUot St., 

(Ttel. 303/934-7876) 


HARTFORD 'Kenneth Carozzai 

Grace Brethren Church of Greater 

Hartford il2) 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 11459. New- 
ington. 06111* (Meeting in the 
Wallace Middle Schcxjl, 71 Halleran, 
Newingtoni (Tel. 203 667-12451 
Michael San\ille, 16 Pheasant Hill Rd., 
Salem, 06415 


NEWARK I J. Timothy Coylei 
Grace Brethren Church (33i 
Meeting at the Newark Dav Nursery, 

921 Barksdale Rd. (All mail to 

pastor's address) 

(Tel. 302 834-1722) 
Ron Bove, 6 VS^stfield Dr.. 19711 

Tel. 302 737-0932) 


BASINGER 'Larry Zimmerman) 
Christian Brethren Church (30) 
700 A(Mailing address: 12585 N.W. 

144th Trail Okeechobee, 34972) 
(Location; ^2 mile N. of Hwy.98) 
(Tel. 813467-1863) 

BRADENTON (Ralph HaU, Interim) 
Grace Brethren Church (24) 
5535 33rd St. E.. 34203 

(Tel. 813/758-1556) 
Mrs. Elaine Bearinger, 1200 Aurora 
Blvd.. #150B. 34202 

BROOKSVILLE (Bill Stevens) 
Grace Brethren Church (42) 
6259 Faber Dr.. Rolling Acres. 34602 

(Tel. 904796-7172) 
Mrs. Romavne Wentz, 27313 Framptor 
Ave., (itel. 904/799-0472) 

DELTONA (Kenneth Koontz) 

Calvar\- Grace Brethren Church (42) 
3165 Rowland Blvd., 32725 

(Tel. 904 789-1289) 
Mrs. Charles Dudley, (Tel. 904775-68;; 

FORT LAUDERDALE (W'ilfred Jean) 
Eglise Evangelique Des Freres De La 

oo 1800 N. W. Ninth Ava, 33311 
(Tfel. 305763-6766) 

FORT LAUDERDALE (Ralph Wiley, Inter 

Grace Brethren Church (147) 
1800 N. W. Ninth Ave., 33311 

(Tel. 305 763-6766) 
Mrs. Diane Pbtts, 3821 N.W. Fourth 

Ave., Pbmpano Beach 33064 

(Tel. 305 782^408) 

FORT MYERS (Steven Shipley) 
Grace Brethren Church (50) 
2141 Crj'stal Dr., 33907 (in the ViUa;( 
one block off Rt. 41, five miles soi 
of city) (Tel. 813 936-3251) 
Mrs. Marci Webb, 6317 Hoffstra Ct 

LAKELAND (James l^vlor) 
Grace Brethren Church (38) 
6410 Lunn Rd.. 33811, t 

(Tel. 813 647-5770) 
Tim Howe, 4804 Creek Meadow Tr., 
33809 (Tel. 813 859^745) 

MAITLAND (Ron Guiles) 

Grace Brethren Church (691 
1185 N. Wvmore Rd., 32751 

(Tel. 407 628-8816) 
Sally Boger, co church address 

MELBOURNE (Bill Smith, Interim) 
Community Grace Brethren Church 

Suntree (37) 
1001 Pinehurst Ave N. (Suntree) 32i 

CExit 73 on U.S 95 to Wickham, f ; 

on Pinehurst Ave) 

Tel. 407 254-8993) 
Mrs. Shirley Moore 486 Kale St., 

Satellite Beach, 32937 

(Tfel. 407773-4905) 


'APLES fDan Thompson) 

Community Grace Brethren Church f25) 
I 740 Clarendon Ct., 33942 (Meeting 
I in the Naples Family YMCA, Pine 
I Ridge Rd. I (Tel. 813598-9222) 

PoRTH PORT (Lester E. Piferi 
Grace Brethren Church (16i 
Temporary- address: North R)rt Mall, 
Room 109, 13000 Tamiami Tr. (Mail- 
ing address: 6602 23rd Ave, 
Bradenton, 34209) 
iTel. 813 426-to49, Pastor's phone 
Mrs. John Stookev, 915 Queen Rd., 
Venice, 34293 ' (Tel. 813/493-8013) 

SSRING (Jay Tretz) 

Sebring Grace Brethren Church (72 1 
3626 Thunderbird Rd., 33872 

(Tel. 813385-3111) 
Elsie Miller, 1010 Wightman Ave., 

OfeL 813/385-5774) 

ST. PETERSBURG (Randy Weekle>i ' 

Grace Brethren Church of St. Ittersburg 

1 85 1 
6300 62nd Ave., N., Pinellas Pkrk. 34665 

(Tel. 813546-2850) 
Linda Richards, 9830 Oaks St., Tampa, 
33635 'Tel. 813888-7841) 


CALA (Charles Davis i 
'Ocala Grace Brethren Church (40) 
5474 N.E. 7th St., 32671, 

iTfel. 904 236-236-22111 
Richard Maxson, 2400 N.E. 146th Ct., 

No. 52, Sih-er Springs. 32688 

^Tel. 904 625-3043) 

C EECHOBEE iWilliam Tweeddale) 
rrace Brethren Church Inc (150) 
■jl & Parrott Ave. 34974 

iTel. 813 763-3218) 
•Irs. Brenda Fortner, 401 &W. 12th St., 
34974 Ofel. 813^63-3082) 

ATLANTA ■ Ernest Usher i 

Dekalb Communitv Grace Brethren 

Church (21) 
PO. Box 370837, Decatur, 30037 

ATLANTA "Dean Fetterhoffi 

Grace Brethren Church of Greater 

Atlanta ilSSi 
3079 Hidden Forest Ct., Marietta, 30066 

(Tel. 404422-3844) 
Mrs. Linda JarreU, 450 Springfield Dr., 
Woodstock, 30188 Ofel. 4049244841) 


X.ANDO (Earl Futch) 
>ace Brethren Church of Orlando f87) 
425 & Apopka-Vineland Rd.. 32819 
iTfel. 407 876-3178) 
a%-id Herzig Ofel. 407/656-4727) 

AIEA iNathan Zakahii 

Waimalu Grace Brethren Church (124) 
98-323 Rjno St., 96701 

iTel. 808 488-6006 1 
Harriett Young 98-139 Olepe Lot^ 

iTel. 808488-3180) 


irace Brethren Church of Ormond 

Beach (61) 
060 St. Rd. 40, 32174 

(Tel. 904 673-0145) 
Dhn Graton. 1060 State Rd. 40, 

fifel. 904677-7919) 

I HARBOR iKurt Miller) 

I Harbor Grace Brethren Church (83) 

• Nebraska Ave.. 34683 
Ofel. 813 789-21241 

\N0 BEACH (Art Johnson) 

Brethren Church of ftimpano 
Beach 1 34) 

91 N.E. Third Ava, 33064 (Tfel. 
1 305'941-3176) 

EWA BEACH C. L. "Kip" Coffman) 
Rainbow Grace Brethren Chureh (42) 
91-779 Fort Weaver Rd., 96706 

(Tfel. 808689-5035) 
Mrs. Arleen Alejado, 91-824 Oama St. 

(Tel. 808689-6398) 


Makakilo Grace Brethren Church (21) 
P.O. Bos 2097. Ewa Beach. 96706 

MILILANI I A. David Mitchell) 

Waipio Grace Brethren Church i90) 
95-035 Waimakua Dr., 96789 

iTel. 808623-5313) 
Miss EUen Nagaa 95-108 Waimakua Dr. 
iTel. 808623-2116) 




iew Oace Brethren Church (108) 
Hammock Rd., 34668 iHammock is 
1 1 mile south of State Rd. 52, off 
I Highway 19) (Tel. 813 862-7777) 
. Evelyn Shane, c o church address 

BERNE Robert Griffith' 

Bethel Brethren Church il73. 

718 E. Main St., 46711 (Mailing address: 

PO. Bos 46) iTfeL 219 589-3381' 
Mrs. Larrv Leistner, 1265 Haupstrasse 

St., (TfeL 219 589-2237) 


CLAY CITY (Robert G. Clouse) 
First Brethren Church (37) 
Ttenth and Cook Sts., (Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 85, 47841) 
Miss Lavaughn Backfisch, R. 1, 
(Tfel. 812/939-2620) 

COLUMBIA CITY (Robert Ashman) 

Columbia City Grace Brethren Church 

2390 E. 100 S.(Two miles east of Colum- 
bia City on Route U.S. 30), 46725 
Marion Bolinger, R. 1 
Obi. 219/723^259) 

ELKHART (Ron Welsh) 

Grace Brethren Church (124) 
24775 CR 20 E., 46517 

Clfel. 219/875-5271) 
Susan Sigsbee, 59020 Peppermint Dr. 

(Tfel. 219/522-9911) 

FLORA (David Rosner) 

Grace Brethren Church (58) 
103 S. Willow St., 46929 

(Tel. 219/967-3020) 
Rosanna Fife, R. 1, Bringhurst, 46913 

Ofel. 219/967-3201) 

FORT WAYNE (Larry Richeson) 

First Grace Brethren Church (202) 
8631 U.S. Hwy 27 S., 46816 

(Tbl. 219/744-1065) 
Ruth Hammer, 8001 Harrisburg Ln., 

FORT WAYNE (Robert Arenobine) 
Grace Brethren Church (79) 
4619 Stellhorn Rd., 46815 

(Ibl. 219/485-3021) 
Mrs. Kathleen Hohl, 7222 Valley Dr., 
Leo, 46765 

(Tfel. 219/627-3105) 

GOSHEN (W. Carl Miller) 

Grace Brethren Church (128) 
1801 W Clinton St., 46526 

(Tfel. 219/533-7546) 
Mrs. Dorothy Brumbaugh, 22864 St. 
Rd. 119 (Tfel. 219/533-3715) 

INDIANAPOLIS (Paul E. Woodruff) 
Eagle Creek Grace Brethren Church 
7001 W. 46th St., 46254 

(Tel. 317/293-3372) 
Jan Wilson, 4965 W. 12th St., 46224 

(Tbl. 317/241-4484) 

INDIANAPOLIS (Al Edgington and Ron 


Northeast Grace Brethren Church (21) 
P.O. Box 269, Fishers, 46038 
Otel. 317/578-0535) 


Indian Heights Grace Brethren Church 
(57) 725 E. Center Rd., (300 South) 
46902 (Tfel. 317/453-0933) 
Mrs. Bev Phillabaum, 1106 Tbmahawk 
Blvd. (Ifel. 317/453-1243) 

KOKOMO (Dick Cron) 

North Kokomo Grace Brethren Church 


37 W. 550N, 46901 

(Tel. 317/457-8886) 
Tish Carter (Tfel. 317/457-4884) 

LEESBURG (Jeffrey Hoffard) 

Leesburg Grace Brethren Church (79) 
Church and Pearl Sts., (Mailing 
address: Box 370, 46538) 
(Tbl. 219/453-3401) 

MISHAWAKA (Scott L. Weaver) 

Mishawaka Grace Brethren Church (65) 
4001 N. Main St., (Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 5143, 46544) 

(Tfel. 219/256-5940) 
Mrs. Barbara Kelley, 30822 Oakcrest 
Dr., Granger, 46530 

(Tbl. 219/674-5069) 

NEW ALBANY (Davy L. Troxel) 

New Albany Grace Brethren Church 


3725 St. Joseph Rd., 47150 

(Tel. 812/948-PRAY) 
Mrs. Tbresa Belles, 2806 Victoria Dr., 
Sellersburg, 47172 

(Tbl. 812/246-5826) 

OSCEOLA (Keith A. Shearer) 
Grace Brethren Church (200) 
58343 Apple Rd., 46561 

(Tbl. 219/674-5918) 
Donna Davis, 55949 Guilford PI., 
Mishawaka, 46545 

Cltel. 219/674-0469) 

PERU (Ron Bowland) 

Pferu Grace Brethren Church (173) 
436 S. Broadway (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 552, 46970) 
(Tfel. 317/473-3881) 
Kay Gapski, 470 S. Broadway 
(Tbl. 317/473-3887) 

SIDNEY (Glenn Byers) 

Sidney Grace Brethren Church (44) 

P.O. Box 1, 46566 

(Tfel. 219/839-0400) 
Harold Brandenburg, Box 153, 

(Tbl. 219/839-3292) 


t H 

SOUTH BEND (Roger Krynock) 

Ireland Road Grace Brethren Church 


1701 E. Ireland Rd., 46614 

(Tbl. 219/291-3550) 
Mrs. Doug Milewski, 1325 Lincoln Waji 
East, Mishawaka, 46544 

(Tbl. 219/255-4140) 



URSAW Clbny Webb) 
Community Grace Brethren Church 
I 909 S. Buffalo St., 46580 
(Tel. 219/269-2443) 
Bonnie Bowman, 301 Esplanade, 
Winona Lake, 46590 
(Tfel. 219/267-7304) 

\ NONA LAKE (John Teevan) 
Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church 
1200 Kings Highway, 46590 

(Tfel. 219/267-6623) 
Alice Koontz, R. 8, Box 231, Warsaw, 
46580 (Tel. 219/267-6013) 


COAR RAPIDS (Gary Kochheiser) 
Grace Brethren Church (51) 
2905 D Ave., N.E., 52402 

(Tfel. 319/363-4983) 
Sue Schellenburg, Apt. 2, 308 8th St., 
Marion, 52302 

D .LAS CENTER (Stephen Burns) 
jrace Brethren Church (81) 
)05 Hatton St., (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 477, 50063) 
(Tbl. 515/992-3235) 
virs. Glenn B. Perkins, 400 Kellogg 
(Tfel. 515/992-3325) 

WENPORT (Bob Foote) 
rrace Brethren Church (71) 
919 N. Elsie Ave., 52806 

(Tel. 319/391-5356) 
lary Anderson, 3011 W 67th St. 
. (Tel. 319/391-1447) 


irst Grace Brethren Church (41) 
11 Lyon St. (Mailing address: 
909 E. Lyon St., 50309) 

(Ttel. 515/262-5290) 
ean Travis, 1425 York St., 50316 

(Tel. 515/265-1077) 


A VIN (Milt Ryerson) 

Iton Brethren Church (73) 

1, Box 172, 50632 (6Vi miles 

southwest of Garwin) 

fifel. 515/499-2358) 
1. Carl Kouba, R. 1, Tbledo, 52342 

(Tfel. 515/499-2052) 

I (Russell Betz) 

on Brethren Church (71) 

ner of North Church and N.W. 7th 
ISts. (All Mail to: 604 N. Main St., 
150144) (Tfel. 515/446-7576) 

, Ray Andrew, R. 1 
iCIfel. 515/446-6563) 

NORTH ENGLISH (Gilbert Hawkins) 

Pleasant Grove Grace Brethren Church 

R. 1, Box 33, 52316 (2 Miles east of 

Millersburg, 7 miles northwest of 

North English) 

(Ifel. 319/664-3568) 
Gretchen White, 323 E. Oak St. ' 

(Tfel. 319/664-3108) 


Udell Grace Brethren Church (11) 

(All mail to: Lawrence Powell, R. 1, 

52593) mi. 515/452-6620) 

WATERLOO (John R Burke) 
Grace Brethren Church (566) 
1760 Williston Ave., 50702 

(Tfel. 319/235-9586) 
Mrs. Ward Speicher, 953 Lynda Rd., 
50701 (Tfel. 319/232-6380) 


MORRILL (Richard Kinson) 

Morrill Grace Brethren Church (21) 
(Mail to: P.O. Box 65, 66515) 

(Tfel. 913/459-2487) 
Doris Martney, R. 3, Falls City, NE 
68355 (Tfel. 402/245-3698) 

PORTIS (R. John Snow) 

Grace Brethren Church of Portis (85) 
Box 6, 67474 (on Highway 281) 

(Ttel. 913/346-2085) 
Darrel Wolters (Tel. 913/346-2097) 

WICHITA (Larry Hoffman) 
Grace Brethren Church (6) 
1108 N. Oliver, 67208 
(Ttel. 316/683-3235) 
Penny Koby, 950 N. Ridgewood 


CLAYHOLE (Ray Sturgill) 

Clayhole Grace Brethren Church (55) 
H.C.R. 79, Box 219, 41317 (Highway 

476, 4 miles east of Lost Creek) 

(Tfel. 606/666-7767) 
Mrs. Dixie Lee Noble, Box 189-A, Lost 

Creek, 41348 (Tfel. 606/666-2094) 

DRYHILL (Samuel Baer) 

Victory Mountain Grace Brethren 

Chapel (50) 
H.C. 62, Box 640, Dryhill, 41749 (9 miles 

north of Hyden on Route 257) (Ttel. 

Lois Jean Valentine, Confluence, 41730 

(Tfel. 606/672-2455) 


LEXINGTON (Paul Michaels) 

Grace Bible Church of Lexington (10) 
(Mailing address: 3575 Caulder Rd., 

40517) (Tel. 606/273-2868) 
Mrs. Veronica Walker, 140 Edgemoor 

Rd., 40503 (Tel. 606/278-1009) 

LANHAM (W. Russell Ogden) 
Grace Brethren Church (203) 
8400 Good Luck Rd., 20706-2802 

Clfel. 301/552-1414) 
Lloyd Sampson, 9501 Van Buren St., 
Seabrook, 20706 (Tfel 301/577-6836) 


BRUNSWICK (Darrel Tkylor) 

Down East Grace Brethren Church (15) 
Near U.S. 1 and Maine St. (Mailing 
address: P.O. Box 916, 04011) 
Clfel. 207/729-8283) 
Michael D. Hebert, church address 


ACCIDENT (Paul Mohler, Interim) 
Grace Brethren Church (38) 
Bumble Bee Rd., 21520 (1 mile south of 

Mrs. Shirley Burns, Marsh Hill Rd., 

McHenry, 21541 

Clfel. 301/387-6805) 

CUMBERLAND (Raymond McCoy) 

Cumberland Grace Brethren Church (86) 
R. 2, Box 497, 21502 (From Rt. 48 take 

Willow Brook Rd. to end, turn right 

on Williams Rd.) 

Ofel. 301/777-8362) 
Mrs Nancy Miller, 518 Lousiana Ave. 

HAGERSTOWN (J. Norman Mayer) 
Calvary Grace Brethren Church (92) 
115 Bryan PI., 21740 

Clfel. 301/733-6375) 
Mrs. Yvonne Trumpower, R.3, Box 291, 

Williamsport, 21795 

Clfel. 301/582-2379) 

HAGERSTOWN CRaymond H. Davis) 
Grace Brethren Church (520) 
First and Spruce Sts. (Mailing address: 

837 Spruce St., 21740) 

Clfel. 301/739-1726) 
Mrs. Linda Buchanan, 247 Sunrise Dr. 

Clfel. 301/797-6917) 

HAGERSTOWN (Larry B. Sowers) 
Maranatha Brethren Church (205) 
1717 Jefferson Blvd., 21740 

Clfel. 301/733-1717) 
Mrs. Robin Himes, 57 Scott Hill Dr., 

Clfel. 301/791-1152) 

HAGERSTOWN (Daniel J. Pritchett) 
Valley Grace Brethren Church (123) 
2275 Gay St. (Halfway Area), 21740 

Clfel. 301/582-0155) 
Pam Pritchett, 2019 Virginia Ave. 

Clfel. 301/582-3248) 


Grace Brethren Church of Greater 
Washington (One church in six 


TEMPLE HILLS (James G Dixon) 
5000 St. Barnabas Rd., 20748 (844) 

Clfel. 301/894-2722) 
Mrs. Doris Homan, 3712 Gull Rd. 

Clfel. 301/894-6709) 


Grace Brethren Church (59) 
1301 Commonwealth Ave., 22301 

Clfel. 703/548-1808) 
Mrs. lone Hile, 16 W. Del Ray Ave 

Clfel. 703/836-7893) 

CALVERT CO. (Robert W. Wagner) 

Grace Brethren Church 

9870 Old Solomon Island Rd., Owingsj' 

20736 (Mailing address: P.O. Box 4) 

Clfel. 301/855-2955) 

Mrs. Janet Smith, 4007 Lakeview Tur 

Dunkirk, 20754 Clfel. 301/855-69 

FREDERICK ("R." Dallas Greene) 

Grace Brethren Church of Frederick 

5102 Old National Pike, 21701 ', 

Clfel. 301/473-4337) 
Mrs. Verlyn Mahaffey 1808 Rustic Hii, 

Ct. Clfel. 301/694-7063) M 

WALDORF (Jeff M. Thomley) 
Grace Brethren Church 
Hwy. 5 (5 miles S.E. from Waldorfl, Bi, 

283-1, 20601 Clfel. 301/645-0407) . i 
Barry Goodson, 2685 Yowaiski Mill B 

Mechanicsville, 20659 

Clfel. 301/884-3317) 

WESTERNPORT (John Lancaster) 

Mill Run Grace Brethren Church (25)!' 
R.R. 1, Box 75, 21562 (4 miles north': 

Westemport, west off Route 36) 
Kay Clark, HCR Box 175A Michael I 

Barton, 21521 Clfel. 301/463-664. 



Grace Brethren Church of Palmer ' 

Shaw St. (Mailing address: 54 South l< 

Three Rivers, 01080) ^ 

Clfel. 413/283-7458) I 

Phil Mead, 54 South St., Three Riveiil 

01080 Clfel. 413/283-7458) ' 

0* I 





,lTO (Michael Funderburg) 
Calvary Grace Brethren Church (118) 
13626 84th St., S.E., (corner of 84th St. 

and Pratt Lake Rd.), 49302 

fifel. 616/868-7440) 
ftte Van Stee, 14385 68th St., 

Ofel. 616/869-6345) 

ICANABA (Gary Hable) 
Bay De Noc Grace Brethren Church (10) 
4391 "K" Rd., Bark River, 49807 
Cltel. 906/789-9066) 

I- STINGS (Gerald Polman, Interim) 
Hastings Grace Brethren Church (9) 
'600 Powell Rd. 49058 (Mailing address: 

2222 E. State Rd., 49058) 
Darrel Hawbaker, 705 E. State Rd., 
(Tfel. 616/945-9219) 

L <E ODESSA (Gary Austin) 
prace Brethren Church (69) 
Vedder Rd. (Mailing address: 9390 
W. Thompson Rd., 48849) 
(TO. church: 616/374-7796; 
parsonage: 616/693-2315) 
.hs. Orley HuUiberger, Tksker Rd., 
^ 3, (Tfel. 616/374-7818) 

JISING (Mickael Rockafellow) 
irace Brethren Church (41) 
904 W. Willow St., 48917 

(Tfel. 517/323-2424) 
Irs. Barb Shannon, 217 E. South St., 
Morrice, 48857 (Ttel. 517/625-7586) 

IE' TROY (Ai-thur McCrum) 

ew Troy Grace Brethren Church (45) 
orner of Weechik and California Rds., 

(Mailing address: Box 67, 49119) 

(Tfel. 616/426-3121) 
rs. Robert Gahris, 1006 Wadena Rd., 

St. Joseph, 49085 (Tfel. 616/429-0337) 

•Z^K (Michael Ostrander) 

'ace Brethren Church (48) 
1, Box 212, Moran, 49760 (5V2 miles 
east and 1 mile south of Trout Lake 
on H-40) (Tfel. 906/569-3212) 

lolet Shipley, P.O. Box 125, Trout Lake, 




:R city (Michael Page) 

ce Brethren Church (35) 

■ner of 12th and "0" Sts. (Mailing 

address: P.O. Box 180, 68926) 

(Tfel. 308/268-5821) 

!lyn Keezer (Tfel. 308/268-4950) 


Grace Brethren Church of Hope (58) 
One-half mile south of Hope on Rt. 519 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 490, 
07844) (Tfel. 201/459-4876) , 
Stanley M. Dick, P.O. Box 167 


COUNSELOR (Tully Butler) 

Cedar Hill Navajo Grace Brethren 

Church (20) 
c/o Brethren Navajo Mission, Counselor, 


(Tfel. 505/568-4454) 

RIO RANCHO (Don Bowlin) 
La Mesa Grace Church 
P.O. Box 15863, 87174 
(Tfel. 505/891-9431) 

TAOS (Robert Salazar) 

First Brethren Church of "Kios (180) 
Corner of Pandos and Witt Rds. ( 1 mile 

east on Raton Rd.) (Mailing address: 

P.O. Drawer 1068, 87571) 

(Tfel. 505/758-3388) 
Charlene Anglada, Box 5498, 

(Tfel. 505/758-8505) 


Grace Brethren Church of Saratoga 

Springs (35) 
455 '/2 Maple Ave., 12866 

(Tfel. 518/587-1907) 
Len Kellogg, PO. Box 547, Stillwater 
12170 (Tfel. 518/664-8894) 


CHARLOTTE (Stephen Howell) 
Grace Brethren Church (37) 
5110 Tuckaseegee Rd., 28208 
(Tfel. 704/399-1015) 


AKRON (A. Harold Arrington) 

Ellet Grace Brethren Church (181) 
530 Stetler Ave., 44312 

(Tfel. 216/733-2520) 
Charlotte Marky, 807 Danner Rd., 

T^lmadge, 44278 

(Tfel. 216/633-5517) 


AKRON (Jim Hostetler) 

Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church (181) 
754 Ghent Rd., 44333 

(Tfel. 216/666-8341) 
Nancy Adams, 4679 Ranchwood Rd., 

(Ttel. 216/666-9637) 


Ankenytown Grace Brethren Church 

20601 Old Mansfield Rd., Bellville, 

44813 (4V4 miles N.E. of 

Fredericktown on State Route 95) 

(Tfel. 614/694-6936) 
Mrs. Darlene Smith, 8491 Yankee St., 

Fredericktown, 43019 

ASHLAND (Daniel Allan) 

Grace Brethren Church (613) 
1144 W. Main, 44805 
(Tfel. 419/289-8334) 
Mrs. Leona Miller, 952 St. Rt. 511 
North, R. 3 (Tbl 419/289-7657) 

ASHLAND (Gary L. Tkylor) 

Southview Grace Brethren Church (132) 
810 Katherine Ave., 44805 

(Tbl. 419/289-1763) 
Susan Howman, 1629 SR 603, R. 1, 

(Tbl, 419/289-0749) 


Grace Brethren Church (50) 
121 S. Enterprise St., 43402 

(Tfel. 419/352-6635) 
Tferry Lawrence, 229 E. Merry 

(Tfel. 419/353-7482) 

BROOKVILLE (Henry C. Mallon) 

Brookville Grace Brethren Church (280) 
12152 Westbrook Rd. (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 113, 45309) 
(Tfel. 513/833-5562) 
Eileen Faulkner, church address 

CAMDEN (Elgin L. Green) 
Grace Brethren Church (22) 
96 W. Central Ave., 45311 

(Tfel. 513/452-1290) 
Mrs. Frank (Penny) Brewster, 2170 

Painter PI., Miamisburg, 45342 

(Tfel. 513/847-8480) 

CANTON (Tferrance Tkylor) 

Grace Brethren Church (225) 
6283 Market Ave. N., 44721 

(Tfel. 216/499-3818) 
Mrs. Richard Pakel, 1069 Applegrove Rd. 

N.E., North Canton, 44721 

(Tfel. 216/499-4669) 

CENTERVILLE (Greg Ryerson) 

Centerville Grace Brethren Church (87) 
410 E. Social Row Rd., 45459 

(Tfel. 513/885-2029) 
Stephen Grice, 2357 Arrowridge Ct., 

Miamisburg, 45342 

(Tfel. 513/433-2312) 

CINCINNATI (Michael Clapham) 
Grace Brethren Church 
P.O. Box 388, Loveland, 45140 

(Tfel. 513/683-6246) 
Jeff Seebohm, 3550 Verbena Dr., Share) 
ville, 45241 (Tfel. 513/733-8385) 

CLAYTON (Darryl Ditmer) 

Clayton Grace Brethren Church (63) 
Box 9, 45315 (Salem and Kimmel Rd.) 

(Tfel. 513/836-1689) 
Mrs. Don Dickey, 7920 National Rd., 

Brookville, 45309 (Tfel. 513/833-513 

COLUMBUS (Kenneth Brown) 

East Side Grace Brethren Church (312) 
7510 E. Broad St., Blacklick 43004 

(3 miles east of 1-270) 

(Tbl. 614/861-5810) 
Millie Hedges, 2100 Birchwood Dr, 

43068 (Tfel. 614/866-2966) 

COLUMBUS (James L. Custer) 

Grace Brethren Church of Columbus 

8225 Worthington-Galena Rd., 
Westerville, 43081(Mailing address: 6K 
Worthington-Galena Rd., 
Worthington, 43085) 
(Tbl. 614/888-7733) 
Darwin Jones, 1069 Jobar Ct., 
Westerville, 43081 

COLUMBUS (Tbrry Postle) 

Hilltop Grace Brethren Church (5) 
West Side of Columbus (Mailing AddrS' 

P.O. Box 23573, 43223) 

(Tfel. 614/274-6865) 


Southwest Grace Brethren Church (80 
3150 Demorest Rd. (SDA church next 

Beulah Park, west of Grove City) 
(Mailing address: c/o Mrs. Bonnie Smi 

643 Dovalon PI., Galloway, 43119) 

(Tfel. 614/851-0697) 




COLUMBUS (Howard Stouffer) 

Trinity Grace Brethren Church (196) . 
1712 Courtright Rd., 43227 

(Tbl. 614/236-0616) ■'• 

Jenny McAllister, 7463 E. Broad St. 

(Tbl. 614/864-4616) 


COOLVILLE (George Horner) 
Grace Brethren Church (30) 
Seminary and Rock Sts. (off Routes 5 
and 7 between Athens and Belprei; ■ 
(Mailing address: Box 235, 45723;;' 
(Tbl. 614/667-3710) 
Shirley Bowman, R. 1, Box 27A |ty 

COVINGTON (Don Staley) 

Friendship Grace Brethren Church 
5850 St. Rt. 41 West, 45318 

(Tbl. 513/473-2128) 
Virginia Pfeters, 4666 St. Rt. 41 Wesi 

(Tbl. 513/473-2667) 



UYAHOGA FALLS (Doug Jensen) 
Grace Brethren Church (26) 
1736 E. Bailey Rd., 44221 

(Tfel. 216/923-8203) 
Mrs. Heidi McClure, 600 Woodside Dr 

Kent, 44240 

VNVILLE (Albert E. Hockley) 
Grace Brethren Church (17) 
302 E. Ross St. (Mailing address: P.O 

Box 509, 43014) 
(Tbl. 614/599-6467 or Tfel. 614/599-6350) 

lYTON (Brian L. White) 
Basore Road Grace Brethren Church 

5900 Basore Rd., 45415 

(Tel. 513/837-3747) 
Sylvia Koeller, 335 Leisure Dr 

Brookville, 45309 

YTON (Robert Poirier) 

Calvary Grace Brethren Church of 

Dayton (31) 
|2000 Catalpa, (IMailing address: 3912 

Bradwood Dr., 45405) 

(Tfel. 513/277-5900) 
Ann Felkley, 1010 T^ywood Rd., No 

402, Englewood, 45322 

(Tfel. 513/822-2223) 

TON (G. Forrest Jackson) 

'irst Grace Brethren Church (305) 

!624 Stonequarry Rd., 45414 

(Tfel. 513/890-6786) 
Ars. Roy Trissel, church address 

TON (Howard W. Mayes) 

Jrace Community Church of Huber 
Heights (197) 5001 Fishbure Rd 
45424 (Tfel. 513/233-4324) 

.mda K. Penn, 7456 Elru Dr, 45415 
(Tbl. 513/832-3778) 

TON CRid K. Hobert) 
forth Riverdale Grace Brethren Church 
j (105) 

!l01 N. Main St., 45405 
• (Tbl. 513/274-2187) 
trs. Sally Blades, 203 W. Main St 
Medway, 45341 (Tel. 513/849-6249) 

AWARE (Jeffrey A. Gill) 
race Brethren Church (134) 
'5 Hills-Miller Rd., 43015 

CM. 614/363-3613) 
rs Jennie Ecker, 9090 Ashley Rd 

Ashley, 43003 

tlN (Tferry Hofecker) 

brthwest Chapel Grace Brethren 

Church (114) 
fOO Rings Rd., (Mailing address: PC 

Box 1234, 43017) ' ' 


san Catlin, church address and 




Spring Valley Grace Brethren Chjurch 

1305 Nash Ave., 44035 

(Tel. 216/366-0755) 
Rebecca Dale, 46041 R. 20 W Oberlin 

44074 (Tfel. 216/775-2073) 

ENGLEWOOD (James F. Hunt, Jr) 

S?^',?^??'^ '^'■^'^e Brethren Church (100) 
307 W. Wenger Rd., 45322 
(Tfel. 513/836-1467) 

FINDLAY (Gary Crandall) 

Fmdlay Grace Brethren Church (95) 
209 Lexington Ave., 45840 

(Tfel. 419/422-8148) 
Tbm Cornwall, 945 Bernard Ave. 

FREMONT (Craig Snyder) 
Grace Brethren Chapel (75) 
1611 North St., 43420 

(Tel. 419/332-8190) 
Melissa Esker, 1355 Buckland Ave 

(Tfel. 419/332-4937) 

FREMONT (Gene Klingler) 

Grace Brethren Church (303) 
900 Smith Rd., 43420 

(Tfel. 419/332-2623) 
Judy Loudenslager, 15 Crockett Dr 

Clyde, 43410 

(Tbl. 419/547-7290) 

GALION (Russ Simpson) 

Grace Brethren Church (67) 
1055 Winchester Rd., 44833 

(Tfel. 419/468-6848) 
Sandy Lane, 726 Jackson Rd. 
(Tfel. 419/468-4979) 

HOMERVILLE (Robert F Holmes) 
Grace Brethren Church (168) 
8156 Firestone Rd., 44235 

(Tfel. 216/625-3304) 
Nancy Lilly, 10259 Spencer Rd, West 

Salem, 44287 

KETTERING (Daniel Grabill) 

Calvary Grace Brethren Church (59) 
2850 E. Dorothy Ln., 45420 
(Tfel. 513/293-5822) 

LEXINGTON (Dave Atkins) 

Grace Brethren Church (176) 
215 W. Main St., (Mailing Address- 
PO. Box 3009, 44904) 
(Tel. 419/884-2687) 
Mrs. Edna Wirick, R. 9 
(Ifel. 419/884-2140) 

LIMA (Brad Lambright) 

Grace Brethren Church of Lima (38) 
1812 University Blvd., 45805 

(Tfel. 419/225-5636) 
Mary Hurley (Tfel. 419/228-2459) 

LX)NDON (K. Howard Immel) 
Grace Bretliren Church (64) 
715 St. R. 42W) (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 446, 43140) 
(Tbl. 614/852-4761) 
Marzaima Krupp, P.O. Box 266 
(Tfel. 614/852-5272) 

MACEDONIA/Cleveland (Ronald Boehm) 
Western Reserve Grace Brethren 

Church (52) 
Meeting in the Dodge Middle School, 

Twinsburg (Mailing address: Box 53, 


(Tfel. 216/467-7436) 

MANSFIELD (Gene Witzky) 

Cornerstone Grace Brethren Church (38) 
500 Logan Rd., (Meeting at the 

Mansfield Christian School) (Mailing 
address: 381 Fox Rd., Lexington, 
44904) (Tfel. 419/884-0692) 
Donald Tterry, 130 LaSalle St., 44906 
(Tel. 419/529-8531) 

MANSFIELD (J. Hudson Thayer) 
Grace Brethren Church (243) 
531 Marion Ave., 44903 (comer of 

Marion and Forest) 

fifel. 419/522-3941) 
Carol Harvey, 2061 Ranchwood Dr. 

Obi. 419/756-2204) 

MANSFIELD (Tlobert Russell) 

Woodville Grace Brethren Church (148) 
580 Woodville Rd., 44907 

(Tfel. 419/524-8552) 
Mrs. Stanley Petras, 210 Malone Rd., 

(Tfel. 419/522-8821) 

MARION (Dave Kennedy) 

Grace Brethren Church (45) 
2813 Gooding Rd., 43302 

(Tel. 614/382-6270) 
Bob Gliem, 6284 Gearhiser Rd., Waldo, 

43356 (Tel. 614/387-0426) 

MEDINA (Daniel Najimian) 
Grace Brethren Church (61) 
P.O. Box K, 44258 

(Tel. 216/723-0040) 
Gene High, 7121 Stone Rd., 44256 

Clfel. 216/723-4290) 

MIDDLEBRANCH (Wesley Haller) 
Grace Brethren Church (166) 
2911 William St., N.E. (Mailing 

address: RO. Box 43, 44652) 

(Tel. 216/499-6691) 
Mrs. Mona Collins, 3363 Kinsley Dr., 

N.E. Hartville, 44632 

(Tfel. 216/877-2037) 


Mifflin Grace Brethren Church (104) 
1149 Co. Rd. 30A, 44805 

(Tel. 419/368-3580) 
Alan Channell, 757 Main St., Bailey 

Lakes, 44805 (Tfel. 419/962-46U 

MILLERSBURG (Charles G. Thornton) 
Grace Brethren Church (45) 
Meeting in a church about 4 miles i 
on S.R. 39 (Mailing address: P.O. E 

202, 44654) (Tfel 216/674-1228) 
Mrs. Miriam Weaver, 6521 CR 189, R' 
(Tel. 216/674-6268) 

MINERVA (Galen W. Wiley) 

Minerva Grace Brethren Church (88) 
22797 Ellsworth Ave., 44657 

(Tfel. 216/868-6700) 
Mrs. Marilyn Christen, 16395 Marvir 

dale Dr, S.E., 44657 

(Tfel. 216/868-6726) 

MOUNT VERNON (John E. Bryant) 

Grace Brethren Church in Mt. Vemo:' 

12426 Old Mansfield Rd., Mount 

Vernon, 43050 (Tel. 614/392-42) 
Martha Jacobs, 6361 Crouch Rd. 

(Tel. 614/397-3074) 

NORTON (Robert R Combs) 

Grace Brethren Church of Norton (2.'' 
3970 Cleveland -Massillon Rd., 4420^ 

(Tfel. 216/825-6291) 
Winifred McCune, 1111 Kenmore 31^ 
Akron, 44314 (Tfel. 216/745-29;" 

ONTARIO (Mark Benzie) 

Maranatha Grace Brethren Church ( 
920 N. Lexington-Springmill Rd., 44 

(Tel. 419/747-3959) 
Trudy Benzie, 112 S. Mill St., 
Lexington, 44904 
(Tel. 419/884-3284) 


ORRVILLE (Keith Merriman) 

Orrville Grace Brethren Church (25i 
2200 Paradise Rd., 44667 

(Tel. 216/683-3526) ^ 

Mrs. Janice Hochstetler, 819 N. Kaii 

Rd. (Tel. 216/682-6994) 

PATASKALA (Stephen Miller) 

Grace Brethren Church of Licking i| 

County (139) 
3517 Headley's Mill Rd., 43062 

(Tel. 614/927-6543) 
Peggy Giffin, 309 Poplar St., 

(Tel. 614/927-4318) 

RITTMAN (Bud Olszewski) 

Grace Brethren Church (246) 
44 S. First St., 44270 

(Tel. 216/925-3626) 
Joan Anderson, 153 Douglas Dr. 

(Tel. 216/927-2496) 

I la 



i KING SPRING (Frank Crotinger) 
jrace Brethren Church (27) 
Box 55, 45172 (One block west from 

State Rt. 41 and Rte. 124) 
_ iTel. 513/588-4675) 
N'ma Couser, Sinking Spring 

r RLING (Robert Moeller) 
>ace Brethren Church (56) 
4960 Seville Rd., 44276 

Tel. 216/769-3078) 
.aura Young, 9116 Geyer Chapel Rd 
Creston, 44217 

:ED0 (Jeffrey A. Carroll) 

: mee Valley Grace Brethren Church 

Garden Rd., Maumee, 43537 
el. 419/867-93391 

*ID0 (W. Ray Miller) 
)ledo Grace Brethren Church ( 12) 
■)02 Dorr St., 43615 

'Tel. 419/536-3284) 
-tty .J. Miller, 4860 Catalina Dr 

43615 (Tfel. 419/537-0175) 

KDO (John Fahrbach) 
inity Grace Brethren Church 
'35 Williston Rd., Northwood, 43619 
1 (Tel. 419/698-2201) 
ichele Mariano flfel. 419/697-0759) 

: WOOD (Charles E. Lawson) 
'ace Brethren Church (119) 

Strader Dr., 45426 (across from 
. Trot wood-Madison High School) 

■Tel. 513/854-2521) 

' u.^''^^?^''^®''' ^100 Range Line Rd 
West Milton, 45383 
'Obi. 513/698-6852) 

'Roy E. Glass IH) 
3ce Brethren Church (48) 
-\ -Market St., 45373 

Tel 513-335-1852) 

;h.v Booker, 990 Lee Ave. 

Tei 513 339-3263) 

I 'Stephen Peters) 

nmunity Grace Brethren Church (351) 

b. State Rt. 48, 45322 

Tel 513 698-4048) 

lehne Prim, 950 S. Johnson Rd 

-udlow Falls, 45339 

Te! 513'676-8733) 


dalia Grace Brethren Church I57) 

La.Tv Ave., 45377 

Tel 513/898-8222) 

iT Crist, 219 Dellsing Dr. 

Tel, 513/890-1496) 


JllO U.S. 35E (All mail to pastor- 213 
Marilee Dr., New Lebanon, OH 
45345) (Tel. 513/687-2987) 
• Mrs„ Sandra Swaffbrd, 5793 Halderman 
Rd. (Tfel. 513/839-5291) 

WILLOUGHBY (Joe Cosentino) 

Lake County Grace Brethren Church 

(10) P.O. Box 148, 44094 
(Tfel. 216/975-9844) 
Chuck Laughlin, 469 Riverview 

Eastlake, 44095 

(Tfel. 216/942-5618) 

WOOSTER (Robert D. Fetterhoff^ 
Grace Brethren Church (767) 
1912 Burbank Rd., 44691 

(Tel. 216/264-9459) 
Mrs. Glenn Moore, church address 
(Itel. 216/345-7470) 




Grace Brethren Church (25) 
801 S.E. Ermine. 97321 

(Tel. 503 926-1836) 
Velma Cundiff", 2758 S.E. 7th, No 1 

(Tel. 503/926-6181) 

BEAVERTON lA. Duane Jones) 
Grace Brethren Church (70) 
980 >^W 180th St., 97006 (corner of 
180th and W'alker Rd ) 
(Tel. 503 645-7471) 
Barbara Gilgan. 450 N.E. Edison, 

Hillsboro, 97123 (Tel. 503/640-4187) 

TROUTDALE (Jim Holder) 
Grace Brethren Church (30) 
27938 S.E. Stark St. 97060 

(Tel. 503 666-6146) 
Mrs. Linda Graham, 4340 24th Ave 

Gresham. 97080 

(Tel. 503 663-0736) 


ALEPPO (David Lund) 

Aleppo Brethren Church (62) 
P.O. Box 66, 15310 

(Tel. 412 685-5190) 
Bonnie Riffle, R. 1, New Freeport 
15352 (Tfel. 412/685-5249) ' 

ALTOONA (Richard Horner) 

First Grace Brethren Church (88) 
2934 Maple Ave., 16601 

(Tel. 814942-7642) 
David Wriston. 2823 Maple Ave 
'Tel. 814-942-2835) 

ALTOONA (Timothy Waggoner) 
Grace Brethren Church { 100) 
Broadway and 15th Ave. (Juniata), 

16601 (Tel. 814/942-8861) 
Mrs. Ruth Swartz, 204 25th Ave. 
(Tel. 814/943-4606) 

DILLSBURG (Warren E. Tkmkin) | 

Hope Grace Brethren Church (108) ' 
P.O. Box 275, 17019 (One mile east oi 

Old York Rd.) (Ttel. 717/432-533 
Michael Doutrich, P.O. Box 82, 315 

Main St., Wellsville, 17365 

ARMAGH (Norris B. Mason) 

Valley Grace Brethren Church (94) 
Junction of Routes 56 and 22 (Mailing 
address: Box 178, 15920) 
(Tel. 814/446-6685) 
Sherry Fritz, R. 1, Box 85, Homer City, 
15748 (Tbl. 814/446-6680) 

AVIS (James Snavely) 

Tiadaghton Valley Grace Brethren 

Church (76) 

P.O. Box 299, 17721 

(Tel. 717/753-3275) 
Mrs. Kathie Mitchell, P.O. Box 345, 

(Tfel. 717/753-3239) 


Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church 

580 Bridle Path Rd., 18017 

(Tfel. 215/868-0004) 
Phil Ronco, 17 Briarcliff Rd., Allentown, 


BLAIN (Dennis Huratiak) 

Sherman's Valley Grace Brethren 

Church (20) 
South Main St., (Mailing address: P.O. 

Box 147, 17006) 

(Tfel. 717/536-3676) 
Tkmmy Sue Strube, 18 Pine Tree Ln., 

Shermansdale, 17090 

(Tel. 717/582-7031) 

BOSWELL (Ellwood Keller) 

Laurel Mtn. Grace Brethren Church (76) 
R.R. 2, Box 121-A 15531 (One mile 
north of Jennerstown on Rt. 985) 
(Tfel. 814/629-5545) 
Dale Moon, R. 1 (Tfel. 814/629-7268) 

CHAMBERSBURG (David Manges) 
Grace Brethren Church (64) 
315 S. Edwards Ave., 17201 

(Tfel. 717/264-3767) 
Mrs. Barbara Poe (church address) 

CONEMAUGH (Thomas E. (Joosens) 

Conemaugh Grace Brethren Church (64) 
Corner of Second and Oak Sts. (All mail 
to 115 Oak St., 15909) 
(Parsonage Tfel. 814/539-5333) 
Mrs. William Gillespie, 278 Ross Ln. 
15909-1989 (Tfel. 814/322-4558) 

DUNCANSVILLE (John E. Gregory) 

Leamersville Grace Brethren Church 

14 Donnertown Ln., 16635 (Four mile 

south of Duncansville on old U.S. 

220) (Tfel. 814/695-3739) 
Mrs. Kathie Smith, R. 1, Box 336, Ei, 

Freedom, 16637 

(Tfel. 814/695-5966) 

ELIZABETHTOWN (Daniel Eshleman) 
Grace Brethren Church (223) 
305 Anchor Rd., 17022 

(Tel. 717/367-1281) 
Mrs. Carol Barger, 440 Hillside Aval 
(Tfel. 717/367-3755) 

EMMAUS (William Crabbs) 

Southern Lehigh Valley Grace Bretb 

Church (10) 
3333 Lehigh St., (All Mail to: 170 E.' 

Main St., Macungie, 18062) 
Mrs. Sherri Picard, Apt. P2F, Living, 

and 24th, Allentown, 18104 ^ 

(Tfel. 215/776-1608) 

EPHRATA (Mark E. Saunders and Robe 
D. Kern) 
Ephrata Area Grace Brethren Chur. 

62 Hahnstown Rd. (All mail to: P.O.; 
144, 17522) 
(Tfel. 717/738-1109) 
Mrs. Glenn Burkholder, R. 2, Box 7 
(Tfel. 717/859-2240) 

EVERETT (Timothy Boal) 

Community Grace Brethren Churcl 

P.O. Box 63, Everett, 15537 

(Tfel. 814/652-5405) 
Jeff Troutman, R. 3, Box 476 



EVERETT (John Ibwnsend) 

Everett Grace Brethren Church (11 
14 W Main, 15537 (Tel. 814/652- 
Charlie Wright, 121 Locust Dr., 
(Ifel. 814/652-2840) 

GREENCASTLE (Alan Clingan) 

Conococheague Grace Brethren (12 

Meeting at the Old Train Station, I 

Baltimore and Jefferson Sts., (W 

ing address: P.O. Box 604, 172! 


rRRISBURG (Carroll Bingaman) 
Melrose Gardens Grace Brethren 

Church (111) 
2205 Swatara St., 17104 

CM. 717/238-4186) 
Shirley Winter, 998 Pieffers Ln., 17109 

(Tfel. 717/564-6536) 


Suburban Grace Brethren Church (63) 

749 W. County Line Rd. 19040 

■ (Tfel. 215/675-5818) 

\Vm. Robertson (Tfel. 215/672-1166) 


v'icksburg Grace Brethren Church (121) 
■{. 1, Box 555, 16648 (Four miles south 
of Hollidaysburg, off Rt. 36 at Brooks 
Mill) (Tel. 814/695-4240) 
virs. Paul Magill, R. 1, Box 533 
(Tel. 814/695-2191) 

«i>EWELL (Melvin Van Orman) 
Trace Brethren Church of Hopewell (55) 
tt. 26 (two miles south of Hopewell) 

(Mailing address: 350 Route 36 

South, Duncansville, 16635) 

(Tel. 814/695-3855) 
Irs. Dolores Van Orman, 350 Route 36 

South, Duncansville, 16635 

lE^ERS (Max DeArmey) 
enners Grace Brethren Church (125) 
5546 (Rt. 601 south of Rt. 30) 

(Tel. 814/629-9105) 
Irs. Delores Flanigan, Box 88 

(Tel. 814/629-9471) 



eistown Grace Brethren Church (100) 
•30 Sunberry St., 15904 
(Tel. 814/266-9170) 

D JSTOWN (Alan Myers) 
ihnstown Grace Brethren Church (152) 
15 Napoleon St., 15901 
(Tel. 814/539-7815) 
rs. Pamela Dukery, 558 Highland 
Ave., 15902 (Tel. 814/539-1092) 


STOWN (Lyle Sweeney) 
ke Grace Brethren Church (264) 
R. 6, Box 185, 15909 (old Rt. 22 at 
Mundy's Corner) (Tel. 814/749-8721) 
ncy Wozniak, R. 1, Box 233, Mineral 
iDt.BFbint, 15942 (Tel. 814/322-4983) 

JOHNSTOWN (Ron Carnevali) 

Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church 

R. 8, Box 121, 15909 (on Rt. 271, 2 

miles south of Rt. 22 and Mundy's 

Corner) (Tel. 814/322-4376) 
Opal Stouffer, 202 Ash St., Parkhill, 

15945 (Tel. 814/539-3281) 

KITTANNING (Richard H. Cornwall) 
Grace Brethren Church of West 

Kittanning (255) 
215 Arthur St., 16201 
(Tel. 412/543-4019) 
Sharon Hooks, R. 5, 424-A 
(Tel. 412/543-4030) 

KITTANNING (Robert L. Burns) 

North Buffalo Grace Brethren Church 

R. 4, Box 39, 16201 

(Tel. 412/763-78711 
Cindy Burns, R. 4 

(Tel. 412/545-2702) 

LANCASTER (William S. Davis) 

Grace Brethren Church of Greater 

Lancaster (160) 
911 Rohrerstown Rd.. 17601 

(Tel. 717/397-9991) 
Mrs. Ruth Ebersole, 617 Janet Ave. 

(Tel. 717/397-6400) 

LANCASTER (John F. Smith) 

Southern Lancaster Grace Brethren 

Church (149) 
300 Willow Valley Square, 17602 

(Tel. 717/464-2782) 
Nancy Nelson, 729 Sherrv Ln.. 17601 
(Tel. 717/392-7595)' 

LISTIE (Ronzil Jarvis) 

Listie Grace Brethren Church (112) 
P.O. Box 111, 15549 (3 miles north of 
Somerset on Rt. 281, 1 mile east off 
Rt. 281) (Tel. 814/443-2365) 
Mrs. Sallie Graham, R. 1, Friedens, 

LITITZ (Jerry R. Young) 

Grace Brethren Church of Lititz (528) 
501 W Lincoln Ave., 17543 

(Tel. 717/626-2155) 
Joan Dombach, 230 Reifsnyder Rd. 

(TO. 717/626-6537) 

STOWN (H. Don Rough) 
^erside Grace Brethren Church (255) 

4, Box 61A, 15905 
Ifltel. 814/479-2525) 

s. Linda Gallus, R. 3, Box 222 Fair 
|St., 15904 (Tel. 814/266-6761) 

MANHEIM (Rick Clark) 

Manheim Grace Brethren Church (88) 
333 E. High St., 17545 

(Tel. 717/665-2334) 
Cynthia Clark, 289 W. Hernley Rd. 

(Tel. 717/664-2986) 



Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church 

Mulberry and State Sts., 16662 

Cltel. 814/793-2513) 
Mrs. Gail Bridenbaugh, R. 1, Box 718, 

(Tel. 814/793-3911) 

MEYERSDALE (Larry K. Gegner) 

Meyersdale Grace Brethren Church (266) 
112 Beachley St., 15552 (on U.S. 219) 

(Tel. 814/634-5980) 
Mrs. Joanne Berkley, 240 High St. 

(Tfel. 814/634-5083) 

MEYERSDALE (Albert Valentine) 

Summit Mills Grace Brethren Church 

R.R. 1, 15552 (West of Meyersdale, 3 

miles) (Tfel. 814/634-8200) 
Mary Sgaggaro 

MILROY (Doug Sabin) 

Milroy Grace Brethren Church (68) 
Taylor Dr., Taylor Park, Reedsville, 

(Mailing address: 99 Taylor Dr., 

Reedsville, 17084) (Del. 

Mrs. Vivian Hosterman, 136 Center St., 

17603 (Tel. 717/667-2652) 

MURRYSVILLE (Stephan Edmonds) 

Grace Brethren Church (12) 

Meeting at 1010 Corporate Dr., Export, 
(Mailing address: Murry Corporate 
Park-Suite E, 1010 Corporate Dr., 
Export, 15632 (Tfel. 412/733-5133) 

Steve Martin, 1042 Saybrook Dr., 
Greensburg, 15601 
(Tfel. 412/834-2748) 

MYERSTOWN (Luke E. Kauffman) 
Myerstown Grace Brethren Church 

430 E. Lincoln Ave., (Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 409, 17067) 

(Tfel. 717/866-5704) 
Sherrie Stohler, 18 S. Fairlane Ave. 

(Tfel. 717/866-4010) 

NEW HOLLAND (Roy Roberts) 
Grace Brethren (!;hurch (218) 
415 S. Kinzer Ave., 17557 

(Tfel. 717/354-9229) 
Mrs. Dotty Smith, 225 W. Spruce St., 
CVel 717/354-8205) 

PALMYRA (Gerald Allebach) 
Grace Brethren Church (64) 
799 Airport Rd., 17078 

(Tfel. 717/838-5447) 
Mrs. Margaret Allebach, R. 3, Box 370 
(Tfel. 717/838-3899) 

PHILADELPHIA (Michael Brubaker) 
First Grace Brethren Church (136) 
Oxford Ave. and Knorr St., 19111 

(Tfel. 215/745-2799) 
Mrs. April Johnson, 1059 Tyson Ava 

(Ttel. 215/742-9076) 

PHILADELPHIA (Steve Makofka) 
Liberty Grace Brethren (8) 
2061 E. Dauphin St., 19133 
(Ttel. 215/423-5308) 
John Jurkiewicz, 
2208 E. Huntingdon St. 

PHILADELPHIA (Stephen Blake) 
Third Brethren Church (39) 
Ella and Tioga Sts. (All mail to 204 I 

Tioga St. 19134) 

(Tbl. 215/423-8047) 
Helen Bothwell, 617 W. Elkins Ave., 

19120 (Ttel. 215/424-2215) 

PINE GROVE (Michael Wallace) 

Echo Valley Grace Brethren Church 1 
17 Birch St., Tremont, 17981 ' 

(Tbl. 717/695-2136) 

ROYERSFORD (Kenn Cosgrove) 

Tri-County Grace Brethren Church G 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 249, 1946 

CM. 215/326-5684) 
Marlene Shugars, 161 Larchwood Ct 
Collegeville, 19426 
CM. 215/489-3604) | 

SOMERSET (Bob Parker) J 

Grace Brethren Church of Somerset ■ 

R.R. 3, Felgar Rd., 15501 i, 

(Tfel. 814/445-8645) 1 

STATE COLLEGE (Larry Edwards) 
Happy Valley Community Grace Brethi , 

Church J 

P.O. Box 498, 16804 1 

(Ttel. 814/234-8631) 

STOYSTOWN (Larry R. Weigle) 

Reading Grace Brethren Church (50 
R.R. 3, 15563 (Rt. 281, 9 miles nortl 

Somerset) CItel. 814/234-8631) 
Mrs. Virginia Barron, R. 2 


TELFORD (Roger L. Wambold) 

Ftenn Valley Grace Brethren Church ■'!) 
320 N. Third St., 18969 ■ 

CM. 215/723-5890) | 

Christine Allem, 155 Dietz Mill Rd. ) 

CM. 215/721-1513) 

UNIONTOWN (True L. Hunt) 
Grace Brethren Church (195) 
Grace Ln., 15401 (off Derrick Ave.) 

Clbl. 412/437-3401) 
Mrs. Gilbert Ferree, 713 MorgantowiT- 

Clfel. 412/437-6121) 




liSHINGTON (Richard H. Battis, Sr.) 
Grace Brethren Church (103) 
4 Waynesburg Rd., 15301 

(Ttel. 412/225-8203) 
Mrs. Pauline Minnear fifel. 412/222-1268) 

rVNESBORO (Roger K. Myers) 
Grace Brethren Church (208) 
250 Philadelphia Ave., 17268 (4th St. 

and Philadelphia Ave.) 

(Tfel. 717/762-5826) 
Mrs. Joyce Fitz, 16 S. Grant 

(Tfel. 717/762-6907) 

MDBER (Michael A. Ocealis) 
5hade Grace Brethren Church (15) 
t242 Dark Shade Dr., 15963 

Obi. 814/467-4578) 
Cheryl Black, 1333 Hillsboro Rd. 

(Tfel. 814/467-7188) 

«f GHTSVILLE (Leslie D. Nutter) 
iusquehanna Grace Brethren Church 

:. 2, Box 99, 17368 
Cltel. 717/252-1233) 

X. K (Daniel White) 
trace Brethren Church (133) 
61 N. Newberry St., 17404 

(Tfel. 717/843-7284) 
acquelyn Aby, 1005 N. (3eorge St. 
(Tfel. 717/854-4005) 


If N (Steve W. Taylor) 
race Brethren Church (136) 
i2 Tklatha Church Rd., 29803 
(Tfel. 803/649-3967) 
lil Clepper, 3 Glencoe Ln. 
J. j (Tfel. 803/648-2544) 

N(:RSON (Donald J. Soule) 
ace Brethren Church (50) 
03 Whitehall Rd., 29625 
(Anderson 178, exit off 1-85) 
(Tfel. 803/224-7330) 
: s. Don Soule, Rt. 11, Box 274 
(Tfel. 803/225-6844) 

31 MBIA (James Jackson) 
( rolina Grace Brethren Church (14) 
Iv Box 2025, Irmo, 29063 
( esently meeting at Friarsgate Park 
Recreation Center, Chadford Rd, Irmo) 
.. (Tfel. 803/732-3029) 


)h SON CITY (Michael Fortier, Sr.) 
I ace Brethren Church (34) 
!3 Sunset Dr., 37604 
(Tfel. 615/282-5513) 

TELFORD (Mike Wingfield) 
Grace Brethren Church (142) 
R. 1, Box 431, 37690 (Hwy. 11-E, 6 

miles west of Jonesboro) 

(Tfel. 615/257-2880) 
Mrs. Evelyn Henry, R. 6, Jonesborough, 

37659 (Tfel. 615/753-3855) 


AUSTIN (Fenton McDonald) 
Calvary Bible Fellowship 
Pflugerville, 78660 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 1489, 



Grace Fellowship Church 

Meeting at 1244 Karla Dr, Hurst (Mail- 
ing address: 1209 Princess Ln., 
Hurst, 76053) (Tfel. 817/282-6593) 

LONGVIEW (John W. Mayes) 
Grace Brethren Church (73) 
800 Doyle St., 75601 

(Tfel. 903/753-4912 or 903/753-8133) 
Joyce Roden, 135 Lincoln Way, 75603 

(Tfel. 903/643-3759) 

McALLEN (Robert Soto) 

McAllen Grace Brethren Church (10) 
4206 N. 23rd St., 78504 

(Tfel. 512/686-5757) 
Mrs. Bernice Intermill (acting secy.), 

R.l, Box 51, Lot 925, Alamo, 78516 

(Tfel. 512/783-7016) 


IRASBURG (Scott M. Libby) 
Grace Brethren Church (53) 
Rt. 14, S. of Coventry near Jet. R. 5 and 
14 (Mailing address: P.O. Box 41, 
Coventry, 05825 
(Tfel. 802/754-2363) 
Monica Libby, church address 

ISLAND POND (Robert Kulp) 
Grace Brethren Church (69) 
Rt. 105 (west of town) (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 432, 05846) 
(Tfel. 802/723-4785) 
Claude Marcoux (Tfel. 802/723-5942) 



(Note: See listing Tfemple Hills, MD) 

BOONES MILL (Ralph Miller) 
Grace Brethren Church (32) 
State Rte. 739 (Mailing address: R. 1, 

Box 84, 24065) (Tfel. 703/334-5798) 
Mrs. Vivian Young (Tfel. 703/334-5679) 


BUENA VISTA (Paul Fink, Interim) 
First Brethren Church (315) 
100 E. 29th St., 24416 
(Tel. 703/261-6425) 

COVINGTON (Dan Gillette) 

Grace Brethren Church (134) 
2507 S. Carpenter Dr., 24426 

(Tel. 703/962-9541) 
Gary Malcom, 214 E. Trout St. 

(Tel. 703/962-4360) 

FORT VALLEY (Hugo Ronk) 
Trinity Brethren Church (15) 
Mrs. Ruth Corman, 112 North River 
Dr., Woodstock, 22664 
(Tel. 703/459-5115) 

LYNCHBURG (Brad Kelley) 
Grace Brethren Church (8) 
Meeting at 100 Timheroak Ct., B-1 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 11272, 

24506) (Tel. 804/528-3944) 
Brenda Firebaugh, 7106 Richland Dr, 
24502 (Ttel. 804/237-2587) 

RADFORD (Lester W. Kennedy) 

Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church (83) 
R. 4, Box 275, 24141 
(Tbl. 703/639-1245) 
Arleta Boyd, 30 Brandon Rd. 
(Tbl. 703/639-0975) 

RICHMOND (David Kowalke) 

Fellowship Grace Brethren Church 
P.O. Box 29753, 23229 
(Ibl. 804/360-1433) 

ROANOKE (Nathan Leigh) I 

Ghent Grace Brethren Church (200) ' 
1511 Maiden Ln., S.W., 24015 (Wasem 

Ave. and Maiden Ln., S.W.) 

(Tel. 703/345-2788) 
Mrs. Doris Greenwood, 3522 Greenlar 

Ave., N.W., 24012 (Tel. 703/362-347 

ROANOKE (Don Eshelman) 

Patterson Memorial Grace Brethren 

Church (191) - 

5512 Rollins Rd. (Mailing address: Pj 

Box 7649, 24019) (Tel. 703/362-03£ 
Mrs T^nya Webster, 
4714 Pennsylvania Ave., N.E. 

ROANOKE (George Traub) 

Washington Heights Grace Brethren i 

Church (85) 
3833 Michigan Ave., N.W., 24017 

(Tel. 703/366-7040) 
Jackie Pace, 2919 Neil Dr., N.W. 240) 

(Tel. 703/562-0115) 

SALEM (Ralph Morgan) 

Wildwood Grace Brethren Church (7! 
2222 Wildwood Rd., 24153 (Tkke exit 

off 1-81, turn left at stop sign) 

(Tbl. 703/387-3723) 
Mrs. Loretta Kennedy, 1734 Pexton . 

(Tel. 703/986-0110) 

TROUTVILLE (Charles L. Young) 
Grace Bible Brethren Church (31) 
Co. Rt. 651, P.O. Box 367, 24175 
Mrs. Betty Dobbins, R. 4, Box 467 
(Tel. 703/992-3780) 

RICHMOND (Wayne L. Hannah) 
Grace Brethren Church (131) 
Robious and Cranbeck Rds., 23235 (near 
Rt. 60 southwest of Richmond) 
(Tel. 804/272-9000) 
Bob Smith, 7932 Epic Rd. 

RINER (Carl D Ratcliffe) 

Grace Brethren Church (63) 
R. 8, (Three miles south of Riner) (Mail- 
ing address: P.O. Box 87, 24149) 
(Tel. 703/382-7571) 
Mrs. Linda Snavely, 3794 Five Points 
Rd. (Tbl. 703/382-8394) 

ROANOKE (Fred Devan) 

Clearbrook Grace Brethren Church 

5922 Brethren Rd. (4 miles south of Rt. 

419), 24014 (Tel. 703/774-1265) 
Mrs. Molly Simmons, 5677 Yellow 
Mountain Rd. (Tel. 703/774-9680) 

ROANOKE (G. Douglas Witt) 

Garden City Grace Brethren Church 

3504 Bandy Rd., 24014 

(Tel. 703/427-0103) 
Eldon Grubb, 5183 Yellow Mtn. Rd., 

S.E., Lot 62, (Tel. 703/982-5549) 

VIRGINIA BEACH (Michael Johnson) 
Grace Chapel (89) 
1725 Salem Rd., 23456 

(Ibl. 804/471-5148) 
Gaynelle Day, 3836 Jousting Arch 
(Tbl. 804/471-3446) 


Grace Brethren Church (17) 

R.R. 3, Box 138, 24380 (State Hwy. 

one mile off St. Hwy. 799) 

(Tel. 703/593-3693) 
Don Hall, R. 2, Box 347 A, Boones l! 

24065 (Tel. 703/593-3693) 

WINCHESTER (Kim G. Robertson) 
Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church 

R. 4, Box 501-T (Vi mile west of Wa i 

Plaza on Cedar Creek Grade), 2 | 
(Tel. 703/667-9399) 
Don Gregory, R. 1, Box 157-A, Clef 

brook, 22624 (Tel. 703/667-5C 

WINCHESTER (Bichard Bell) 
Grace Brethren Church (206) 
645 Berryville Ave., 22601 

(Tbl. 703/662-6360) 
Nancy Bell, 1425 Williams Dr. 

(Tbl. 703/662-6189) 




iLDENDALE (Gregory M. Howell) 
Community Grace Brethren Church (35) 
1180 S. Roosevelt St., 98620 
) (Tfel. 509/773-3388) 
Mrs. Miriam Short, 2769 Hwy. 142 
flbl. 509/773-4146) 

■ VNDVIEW (Dwight Cover) 
Jrace Brethren Church (132) 
111 W. Third St., 98930 

(Tel. 509/882-3439) 
lita Harper, 303 Avenue "D" 
Cftl. 509/882-1479) 

IctRAH (Charles H. Winter) 
iarrah Grace Brethren Church (92) 
.701 N. Harrah Rd. (Mailing address: 
■ P.O. Box 69, 98933) 

(Tel. 509/848-2609) 
Irs. Carol Johnson, 9290 Branch Rd. 

(Tel. 509/848-2661) 

ET I Jack Rants) 

race Brethren Church of Kent (207) 
■11135 S.E. 232nd, 98031 
(Tfel. 206/854-4248) 
arraine Nystrand, 23224 100th, S.E. 
(Tel. 206/852-7475) 


race Brethren Church (66) 

ifth and B. Sts. (Mailing address: Box 

216, 98935) (Tbl. 509/894-4477) 
rs. Dianne Artz, P.O. Box 365 

(Ttel. 509/894-4266) 

».E VALLEY (Bob Gentzel) 
■ace Bible Fellowship Grace Brethren 

Church (18) 
eeting at the Lake Wilderness Elem. 

Sch. 24216 Witte Rd. S.E. (Mailing 

address: P.O. Box 916, 98038) 

(Tel. 206/432-1818) 
. dy Miller, 25505 217th Ave. S.E. 

(Tbl. 206/432-3677) 

USER (Chariie Mitchell) 

•'immunity Grace Brethren Church (50) 

32 Sheridan Ave., 99350 

I Tel. 509/786-1675) 

s. Alta Ball, R. 2, Box 2283-B 

(Tel. 509/973-2781) 

SUNNYSIDE (Ray Feather) 

Grace Brethren Church (200) 
Seventh and Franklin (Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 87, 98944) 
(Tfel. 509/837-6096) 
Cindy Allen, 3671 Sheller Rd. 

TOPPENISH (Greg Stamm) 

Grace Brethren Church (82) ' 

507 S. Juniper St., 98948 

(Tfel. 509/865-4007) 
Jean Henriksen (Tel. 509/829-5364) 

YAKIMA (J. Paul Brook) 

Grace Brethren Church (44) 
904 S. 26th Ave., 98902 

(Tfel. 509/453-3720) 
Mrs. Earl Dekker, 3505 Emma Lane, 
90803 (Tfel. 509/248-0558) 


CROSS LANES (E. "Zeke" Young) 

Cross Lanes Grace Brethren Church (20) 
5386 Big Tyler Rd. (Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 7571, 25356) meeting at the 

TVler Mtn. V.F.D. Community Bldg. 

(tfel. 304/776-1355) 
Phillip Scott, 2 Graystone Est., Pinch, 


GRAFTON (Joseph E. Nass) 

First Grace Brethren Church (112) 
45 W. Saint Charles St., 26354 

(Tfel. 304/265-0043 or 265-0048) 
Kay Mayfield, R. 3, Box 98 

(Tfel. 304/265-5392) 

MARTINSBURG (Carl A. Baker) 

Rosemont Grace Brethren Church (148) 
117 S. Illinois Ave., 25401 

(Tfel. 304/267-6330) 
Mrs. Mary Blair, 577% Rock Cliff Dr. 

(Tfel. 304/267-8062) 

PARKERSBURG (Richard Placeway) 
Grace Brethren Church (87) 
1610 Blizzard Dr., Rt. 14 S., 26101 

(Tfel. 304/422-5390) 
Wayne Meadows, church address 

VIENNA (F. Eugene Wall) 

Community Grace Brethren Church (15) 
(Mailing address: P.O. Box 5284, 

Jennie (Jeibig, 25 Meadowcrest, 
Parkersburg 26101 
(Tfel. 304/422-7687) 

: ANE (George Christie) 

: jkane Valley Grace Brethren Church 

: 12407 16th Ave., 99216 

(Tfel. 509/924-9575) 
I ry Roush, E. 2707 DeSmet. 99202 

(Tfel. 509/534-7359) 



First Brethren Church (12) 

Meeting in homes (10 a.m.) Information: 

call 307/632-0613 (Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 5838, 82003) 



Directory of Grace Brethren Ministers 

List of ministers approved by District Conferences of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Chur( « 
giving name, address, telephone number, and church membership. Men listed are ordained, ui ss 
an (L) follows name, indicating licensed. Name in parentheses following minister is wife's st 

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are names submitted by the National Fellowship of G i 
Brethren Ministers, indicating membership. Membership requirements are contingent on y 
ment of annual dues. 

The list is for information purposes only and does not constitute official status. Its accL ;^ 
is dependent upon information supplied to the Brethren Missionary Herald Co. 

ABSHIRE*, J. DONALD (Colleen) 

R. 1, Box 84, Boones Mill. VA 24065 

(Tel. 703/334-5798) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

AEBY*, JOHN M. (Joan) 

3404 Kennedy Ln., Lot No. 233, 


LA 50701 (Ttel. 319/296-3331) 
Denver, CO, church 

AHERN*, JERRY (Dottie) 

1751 W. Citracado Pkwy. No. 235, 

Escondido, CA 92029 
Evangelism and Pulpit Supply 
Simi Valley church 


206 Sharon Ave., Ashland, OH 44805 

(Tel. 419/289-8878) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

R. 3, Box 370, Palmyra, PA 17078 

(Tel. 717/838-3899) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


409 E. Broad St., Souderton, PA 18964 
Telford, PA, church 

ALTIG*, J. KEITH, D. MIN. (Vivian) 
13755 E. Walnut, Whittier, CA 
90602 (Tbl. 213/693-8182) 
Retired Missionary, Brazil 
Pastor Emeritus 
Grace Brethren Church 

AMUNDSON*, LOUIS (Madeline) 
P.O. Box 1203, Homer, AK 99603 

(Tbl. 907/235-8695) 
Anchorage (Greatland) church 

3020 Newtown Rd., No 20, Placerville, 

CA 95667 (Tbl. 916/622-2015) 
Placerville church 


100 Langley Rd., Olton, Solihull, B8 

7HD England 

(Tbl. (011-44) 21.708.1539) 
Missionary, England 
Waynesboro, PA, church 


7619 Regina Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46 

(Tbl. 219/493-2841) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


do Iglesia de Los Hermanos Vivos ( 

Christo, Paramount 
5885 Downey Ave., Long Beach, CA 

Paramount church 

ARMENT*, ALAN (L) (Cheryl) J 

51 W. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, PA 1754: 

(Tbl. 717/627-0531) 
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren i 

Church and Administrator, Litit 

Christian School 


ARRINGTON*, A. HAROLD (Dorothy) i 

315 South Ave., Apt. 12, Tkllmadgel 

44278 (Tbl. 216/633-9272) 
Pastor, Ellet Grace Brethren Churc 


ASHMAN*, CHARLES H. (Frances) 
Box 386, Winona Lake, IN 46590 \ 

(Tbl. 219/267-5566) 
FGBC Coordinator, (Tbl. 219/269-15; 
Winona Lake Church 

ASHMAN*, ROBERT A. (Bernice) 
602 Chestnut, Winona Lake, IN 46 

(Tbl. 219/267-7588) 
Pastor, Columbia City, EM, Grace 
Brethren Church 


i * 

ATKINS*, DAVID (L) (Joyce) 

1909 Sandy Ct., Mansfield, OH 4411^ 

(Tbl. 419/756-2993) jj 

Pastor, Lexington Grace Brethren i 




;USTIN*, GARY (Jean) 
' 9390 W. Thompson Rd., R.l, Lake 
Odessa, MI 48849 
("Ifel. 616/693-3002) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

LISTIN", GORDON L. (Charlotte) 
200 Sixth St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tfel. 219/269-2507; 

office, 219/267-5161) 
Technical Coordinator, Grace Brethren 

Foreign Missions 
Winona Lake church 

'EV, TOM (Sandra) 
100 Homestead Dr., Lititz, PA 17543 

(Tfel. 717/627-4113) 
Church administrator, Lititz church 


l;ER*, SAMUEL S. (Betty Ann) 
,H. C. 62, Box 640, Dryhill, KY 41749 

(Ttel. 606/672-2520) 
Pastor, Victory Mountain Grace 
Brethren Chapel 

EILEY*, STEVE (L) fWilma) 
Guamini 6498, 1875 Wilde, Buenos 

Aires, Argentina, S.A. 

(Tfel. (011-54) 1.254.1438) 
Missionary, Argentina 
Warsaw, IN, church 

B<ER*, BRUCE (Marcella) 
:■ 63 Coach Ln., Newburgh, NY 12550 
(Tfel. 914/564-2567) 
director. Northern Frontier Camp 
3oswell, PA, church 

S..CER*, CARL A. (Donna) 

*36 New York Ave., Martinsburg, WV 
25401 (Tfel. 304/263-2272) 
^ij, ^cStor, Rosemont Grace Brethren 
tftJ Church 

ILOW, BRUCE (L) (Christi) 
l04 5th St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 
(Tfel. 219/267-7286) 
ean of Students, Grace College 
Winona Lake church 

W, ROB (L) 

407 W 7th St., Waterloo, lA 50702 
Waterloo church 

<HILL', CHARLES W. (Lauretta) 

31 E. Third St., Perrysville, OH 44864 

(Tfel. 419/892-3408) 
t'adenton, FL, church 

BATTIS*, RICHARD H., Sr. (Carolyn) 
10 Waynesburg Rd., Washington, PA 

15301 (Tfel. 412/228-7412) 
I^stor, Grace Brethren Church 

BAUM*, F. ARCHER (Eileen) 

7105 Arillo St., San Diego, CA 92111 

(Tfel. 619/277-4992) t 

San Diego church 

BAUMAN*, PAUL R., D.D. (Aldine) 

809 Gordon St., Longview, TX 75603 

(Tfel. 903/758-8875) 
Conference Speaker 
Longview church 

BEARINGER', E. H. (L) (Elaine) 
1200 Aurora Blvd., No. 150-B, 

Bradenton, FL 34202 

(Tfel. 813/747-2324) 
Pulpit Supply 
Bellflower, CA, church 

BEAVER*, S. WAYNE, D.D. (Dorothy) 
P.O. Box 1531, McCall, ID 83638, 

(Tfel. 208/634-7403) (Winter Address: 
9350 Bolsa Ave., #40 Westminster, 
CA 92683) 
Professor Emeritus, Grace Schools 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

RO. Box 323, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tfel. 219/269-4457) 
Pastor, Paul's Chapel Church, Winamac 
Annual Fund Director, Grace Schools 
Warsaw church 


c/o Community (jrace Brethren Church 
7260 S. State, Rt. 48, Union, OH 45322 
Union church 


23831 Via de Gema Linda, Murrieta, 

CA 92362 (Tfel. 714/677-2656) 
La Verne church 

BELL*, JAY (Jan) 

3909 Senasac Ave., Long Beach, CA 

90808 (Tfel. 213/421-9038) 
Missions Pastor, 
Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach 

BELL*, RICHARD E. (Nancy) 

1425 Williams Dr., Winchester, VA 

22601 (Tfel. 703/662-6189) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


feS N. Miami Ave., Sidney, OH 45365 
(Tfel. 513/498-7572) 
nsfield (Grace) church 


239 Rosslyn Ave., Columbus, OH 43214 

(Tfel. 614/848-8456) 
Columbus, OH, (Grace) church 


BELTON*, JAMES O. Jr. (Sibylle) 
Am Herrengarten 12, 
7712 Blumberg, Germany 
Missionary to Germany 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

BENZIE*, MARK J. (L) (Trudy) 

112 S. Mill St., Lexington, OH 44904 

(Tbl. 419/884-3284) 
Pastor, Maranatha Grace Brethren 

BERKEMER*, CHARLES F. (L) (Margaret) 
10331 Woodstead Ave., Whittier, CA 

90603 (Tel. 213/947-1479) 
La Mirada church 


604 N. Main St., Leon, lA 50144 

(Tel. 515/446-7397) 
Pastor, Leon Brethren Church 


312 6th St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tbl. 219/267-7253) 
Instructor of Pastoral Ministries, Grace 

Theological Seminary 
Leesburg church 


2231 Swatara St., Harrisburg, PA 17104 

(Tfel. 717/236-4909) 
Pastor, Melrose Gardens Grace Brethren 


BITNER*, ROBERT O. (L) (Nona) 

752 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, MD 

21740 (Tbl. 301/733-5084) 
Hagerstown (Calvary) church 


4743 "A" St., Philadelphia, PA 19120 

(Tel. 215/329-1414) 
Pastor, Third Brethren Church 

BOAL*, TIMOTHY (%mmy) 

R. 3, Box 116, Everett, PA 15537 

(Tel. 814/652-6228) 
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren 


BOEHM*, RONALD E. (Chery) 

1410 Meadowlawn Dr., Macedonia, OH 

44056 (Tfel. 216/467-6123) 
Pastor, Macedonia Western Reserve 
Grace Brethren Church 


489 Chippewa Dr. S.W., Rio Rancho, NW 

87124 (Tel. 505/891-9431) 
Pastor, La Mesa Grace Brethren Churcl 


Grace Village, P.O. Box 337, Winona 

Lake, IN 46590 (Tel. 219/372-6237' 
Warsaw church 


BOYER*, JAMES L. Th.D. (Velma) 

308 Sunset Dr., Winona Lake, IN 46l 

(Tel. 219/267-6769) 
(Winter address: 800 E. 6th St., 

Englewood, FL 34223) 

(Tfel. 813/474-3303) 
Professor Emeritus, Grace Schools 
North Port, FL, church 

BRICKEL*, CLAIR E. (Martha) 
14319 Brookville-Pyrmont Rd., 
Brookville OH 45309 
(Tfel. 513/833-3630) 
Pulpit Supply 
Brookville church 


BROOK*, JOHN PAUL (L) (Sue) , 

910 S. 27th Ave., Yakima, WA 98902 1 ' 
(Tfel. 509/453-6695) I 

Pastor, Grace Brethren Church ||l){ 

BROWN*, DENNIS R. (L) (Chris) 
17415 Gerritt, Cerritos, CA 90701 

(Tfel. 213/404-0938) 
Superintendent, Greater Long Beach ^^ 

Christian Schools 
Los Altos church 


BROWN, JEFFREY H. (L) (Joyce) fcli 

6204 Newberry Rd., Apt. 304, 

Indianapolis, IN 46256 
Indianapolis (Northeast) church 

BROWN*, KENNETH J. (Margie) 

1415 Crest St., Reynoldsburg, OH 4: 

(Tfel. 614/860-9183) 
ftistor, East Side Grace Brethren 

Church P'S; 

BROWN*, RICHARD (Joan) _, . 

8222 Somerdale Ln., La Palma, CA'W^'' 

90623 (Tel. 714/828-7726) 
Principal, Brethren Elementary Scltalli'iE 
Long Beach (Grace) church Bi)j{ | 


201 Killian Rd., Akron, OH 44319 1 

(Tel. 216/644-6137) 
Cuyahoga Falls church 

R. 2, Peru, IN 46970 
(Tfel. 317/472-2368) 
Pastor, Peru Brethren Church 

822 Knorr St., Philadelphia, PA ISl 

(Tfel. 215/745-6021) 
Pastor, First Grace Brethren Churiil 


RYANT*, JOHN E. (Janie) 
; 5 Northgate Dr., Mt. Vernon, OH 43050 
(Tfel. 614/393-3537) 
ftstor, Grace Brethren Church of Mt 


^^^PoP^"'^^*" *^'<^n Rd-. Columbus, OH 

43221 Clbl. 614/771-6138) 
Assoc. Pastor, Northwest Chapel 
Grace Brethren Church 

l»RK*, BILL A. (Imogene) 
C'' 101.68^447 Vila dos Cabanos, PA 
Brazil, S.A. (Tfel. (011-55) 753-il38) 
Missionary, Brazil 
Los Angeles, CA, church 

IRK*, Kenneth (L) 

c/o Bellflower Brethren Church 
9405 E. Flower St., Bellflower, CA 

90706 (Tfel. 213/925-6561) 
Bellflower church 

BUTTON*, BRUCE L. (Leonore) 

3333 N. Flowing Wells Rd., No 121 
Tucson, AZ 85705 
(Tfel. 602/293-6744) 
Representative, International Ministries 

to Israel 
New Albany, IN, church 

BYERS*, GLENN C. (Dolores) ' 

2691 E. Robby Dr., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tfel. 219/269-1255) 
ftstor, Sidney Grace Brethren Church 

^^lof9''-.°°'^f'FP' t' °- "'"• (Cynthia) 
.,^^"°P°'"* D""-' Warsaw, IN 46580 
(Tfel. 219/269-5078) 
Director of (Constituent Relations, Grace 
bchools, Winona Lake church 


^^^o^H.^^"^^" ^"'■es' Ct., Marietta, GA 

30066 (Tfel. 404/422-6087) 
Atlanta church 

RKE*, JOHN P. (Shirley) 

1434 Lyon, Waterloo, lA 50702 

(Tfel. 319/233-9056) 
ftstor, Grace Brethren Church 

RNS*, JOHN J. (Inez) 

Grace Village, Box 337, Winona Lake. 

IN 46590 (Tfel. 219/372-6287) 
vVinona Lake church 

INS*, RALPH S. (Ruth) 

^.O. Box 284, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tfel. 219/269-3223) 
'ulpit Supply 
Terald Bookstore 
Vinona Lake church 

INS*, ROBERT L. (Evelyn) 

'■ f^°^ ^^' Kittanning, PA 16201 

(Tfel. 412/763-7871) 
^stor. North Buffalo Brethren Church 

NS*, STEPHEN (Cathy) 

■ k?5'' 2'*2A. Dallas Center, lA 

50063 (Tfel. 515/992-3798) 
istor, Grace Brethren Church 


3X 991, Cabazon, CA 92230 

(Tfel. 714/849-2994) 
istor, Cabazon Cummunity church 
laplain LTC, U.S. Army, Retired 
IS Angeles church 


' Grace Brethren Navajo Ministries, 

Counselor, NM 87018 
stor. Cedar Hill Navajo Grace 

Brethren Church 


CAES*, EVERETT N. (Dorothv) 

i\t^^I^ t^t""? ^'■- Dayton, OH 45415 
t-lkhart, IN church 


HHC, 1-505 PIR, 82nd Airborne 
Division, APO NY, NY 09659 
Chaplain, U.S. Army 
Waipio, HI, church 


436 Poppy St., Long Beach, CA 90805 
Long Beach (Grace) church 

^^7l;«?^c:* "'TCHELL D. (L) (Susan) 
^^^°^^'"<^etwateT Ln., Highland, CA 

92346 (Tfel. 714/864 7178) 
Ristoral Tfeam, Orange Grove 
Community Church, Redlands 

K- », Box 121, Johnstown, PA 15909 

(Tfel. 814/322-1625) 
P&stor, Singer Hill Grace Brethren 


^'^""°LL*, JEFFRY A. (L) (Pamela) 

,2^^T^™^" ^■' Maumee, OH 43537 
(Tfel. 419/537-9877) 
P&stor, Maumee Valley Grace Brethren 

CARTER*, DONALD F. (Dorothy) 

''\Tfe?S3f'9623t^"'°°'' ^^ ''''' 
Retired Chaplain, U.S. Army 
Long Beach (Grace) church 


12346 Charlwood, Cerritos, CA 90701 

(Tfel. 213/860-4576) 
Pastor, Bellflower Brethren Church, 


COHEN*, RONALD N. (L) (Bobbi) 

491 Fieldcrest Dr., Willow Street, PA 

17584 (Tel. 717/464-4817) 
Southern Lancaster Grace Brethren 


E. 309 14th, Apt. 107-B, Spokane, WA 

99202 (Tbl. 509/838-4337) 
Pastor, Spokane Valley Grace Brethren 


COHEN*, STEVE (L) (Sheri) 

13759 Gardenland, Bellflower, CA 907t 

(Tbl. 213/920-2577) 
Pastor of Christian Education 
Bellflower church 


4805 Manytell, Anchorage, AK 99516 
Pastor, Grace Community Church 


2758 Caulfield Dr., San Diego, CA 

92154 (Ttel. 619/423-7903) 
Missionary, Mexico 
Los Alamitos church 

CLAPHAM*, MICHAEL C. (Elizabeth) 
10927 Bloomfield Ct., Loveland, OH 

45140 (Tbl. 513/677-3664) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church, 

CLARK*, RICK (Cynthia) 

289 W. Hernley Rd., Manheim, PA 

17545 (Tfel. 717/664-2986) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

CLINGAN*, ALAN N. (Frances) 

P.O. Box 604, Greencastle, PA 17225 
Pastor, Conococheague Grace Brethren 

CLOUSE*, ROBERT G. (Bonnidell) 

2122 S. 21st., Tferre Haute, IN 47802 

(Tel. 812/235-5433) 
Pastor, First Brethren Church, Clay 

COBURN*, FRANK J. (Marjorie) 

13025 Bluefield Ave., La Mirada, CA 

90638 (Tfel. 213/943-0553) 
Ffestor, Community Brethren Church, 

Los Angeles 


6052 Haviland Ave., Whittier, CA 90601 

(Tfel. 213/696-6648) 
Los Angeles church 

COCHRAN*, WILLIAM A., Lt. Col. (Sharon) 
7701 E. Spouse Dr., No. 1, Prescott 

Valley, AZ 86314 

(Tfel. 602/772-1305) 
Pulpit Supply — Veteran's Affairs 

Tfemple Hills, MD, church 


91-779 Fort Weaver Rd., Ewa Beach, HI 

96706 (Tel. 808/689-5035) 
Pastor, Rainbow Grace Brethren Church 


3490 La Jara St., Long Beach, CA 

90805 (Tel. 213/630-2122) 
Associate Pastor, Pastoral Care, Gracej 

Church, Los Alamitos 

COLE*, NEIL (Dana) 

7408 Butterfield, Rancho Cucamonga,. 

CA 91730 (Tfel. 714/941-6998) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 
of Alta Loma 

COLLINS*, BENJAMIN F. Ill (Philinda) 
1 Hodges Place, Ft. Stewart, GA 3131 

Service address: CH (Cpt.) HHB 8 

FAR, APO San Francisco, CA 


(Tfel. 011-82351-870-5666) 
U.S. Army Chaplain 
Simi church 

COMBS*, ROBERT P. (Julianne) 

647 Parkway Blvd., Norton, OH 4420 

(Tfel. 216/825-8966) 
Foster, Grace Brethren Church 


COOK*, WILLIAM "Bill " (L) 

c/o Grace Church, 3021 Blume Dr., L 

Alamitos, CA 90720 
Los Alamitos church 


204 N. Delaware Ave., Martinsbiu-g, > 
VA 25401 (Tfel. 304/267-2039) ' 

Pastor / Evangelist 
Roanoke, VA, (Ghent) church 




215 Arthur St., Kittanning, PA 162*!m 

(Tel. 412/543-4019) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


251 Parkway Dr., East Lake, 4409f«ffc 

(Tfel. 216/942-2404) 
Pastor, Lake County Grace Brethre 
Church, Willoughby 





1706 Walnut Ridge, Sanatoga, PA 

(Tfel. 215/326-5684) _ .. 

Pastor, Tri-County Grace Brethren^ JS 
Church, Royerford 



OURTER*, DOUGLAS A. (Barbara) 
- 625 Weber, N.E., North Canton, OH 

44720 (Tfel. 216/497-5998) 
■Vbuth and Music Pastor, Grace Brethren 


CUSTER*, JAMES L. (Triceine) 

2515 Carriage Ln., Powell, OH 43065 

Clfel. 614/881-5779) 
raster, Grace Brethren Church 
of Columbus 

DVER*, DWIGHT (Sherrill) 
623 E. Second St., Grandview, WA 

98930 (Tbl. 509/882-5083) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

(VER*, ROBERT (Joene) 
258 Fairlawn St., Smithville, OH 44677 
Administrator, Wooster Christian School 
Wooster church 

6701 Wilcox Ave., Bell, CA 90201 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Cypress 

:i'LE*, J. TIMOTHY (Mary) 

700 Clifton Dr, Hickory Woods, Bear, 

DE 19701 (Tfel. 302/834-1722) 
^stor, Grace Brethren Church, Newark 

;UBBS*, WILLIAM (Adele) 
70 E. Main St., Macungie, PA 18062 

(Tfel. 215/965-9487) 
"astor, Grace Brethren Church, 

F IGEN*, TREVOR (Colleen) 
lauptstr 55, 7842 
iandern 1, CJermany 
eru, IN, church 

F NDALL*, GARY (Sherrie) 
02 College St., Findlay, OH 45840 
istor, Findlay Grace Brethren Church 

> IE*, CARL E. Ph.D. (L) (Marjorie) 
mo Royalton Ave., Modesto, CA 95350 

(Tfel. 209/526-5001) 
iculty, Modesto Junior College 
odesto church 

kl Raleigh, Galveston, IN 46932 
J (Ttel. 219/699-7110) 
|Stor, North Kokomo Grace Brethren 

P.U1ER, ROBERT D. Th.D. (Celeste) 
1, Box 166, Houston, MN 55943 
ofessor of Theology, Author, Pastor 
irrah, WA, church 

U44I) IFF*, C. DAYTON (Velma) 

13 Long Meadows Ave., Roanoke, VA 


)any, OR church 

is, KENNETH A. (Gretchen) 
11 Calle Campana de Plata, Tucson, 
lAZ 85745 CM. 602/792-1114) 
|tor, Silverbell Grace Brethren 


c/o Grace Brethren Church of South 

920 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, CA 

91030 (Tfel. 818/799-6461) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church of South 


DARR*, SHIMER (Helen) 

R. 3, Box 92, Meyersdale, Pa 15552 

(Tfel. 814/634-0023) 
Caretaker and Overseer, Allegheny 

Brethren District Youth Camp 

Asst. Pastor, Summit Mills Grace 

Brethren Church, Meyersdale 

B.P 240 Bangui, Central African 

Republic, Africa 
Columbus (Grace), OH, church 

DAVIS*, CHARLES R., D. MIn. (Millie) 
3807 N.E, 19th Street Circle, Ocala, FL 

32670 (Tfel. 904/629-5056) 
Pastor, Ocala Grace Brethren Church 


1870 Florida Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 

34683 (Tfel. 813/787-5254) 
Palm Harbor Grace Brethren Church 

DAVIS*, JOHN J., Th.D., D.D. (Carolyn) 
P.O. Box 635, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tfel. 219/267-6033) 
President, Grace Schools 
Winona Lake church 


833 Spruce St., Hagerstown, MD 21740 

(Ttel. 301/790-2927) 
Pastor Grace Brethren church 


2090 Broad St., East Petersburg, PA 

17520 (Ttel. 717/560-0440) 

Pastor, Greater Lancaster Grace 

Brethren Church, Lancaster 

DeARMEY*, LARRY (L) (Vicki) 

100-D Cours Lafayette, 69003-Lyon, 

France (Ttel. (011-33) 
Missionary, France 
Winona Lake, IN, church 



1963 Noble Run Way, Columbus, OH 

43229 (Tbl. 614/891-9063) 
Minister of Counseling 
Grace Brethren Church 

DELL*, ROBERT L. (Marjorie) 

2225 Clover Leaf Rd., Hagerstown, MD 

21740 (Tel. 301/582-3246) 
Minister of Adults and Visitation 
Grace Brethren Church 

DIVINE*, ROBERT, D. MIn. (Loretta) 
11040 Foster Rd., Norwalk, CA 90650 

Clbl. 213/868-2970) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

DIXON*, JAMES G., Jr., (Dorothy) 

5920 John Adams Dr., Camp Springs, 
MD 20748 (All Mail to church 
address) (Tfel. 301/899-7945) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 
Greater Washington, Tfemple Hills 

DELOE*, JESSE B. (Gladys) 

102 Third St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tbl. 219/269-7925) 
Director of Administration, Grace 

Brethren Home Missions 
Winona Lake church 

DENLINGER*, NED (L) (Kathy) 

110 E. North St., Mason, OH 45040 

(Tel. 513/398-4176) 
Administrator, Cincinnati Grace 
Brethren Church 

DEVAN*, FRED W., Jr., (Margaret) 

5922 Brethren Rd., Roanoke, VA 24014 

(Tel. 703/774-5697) 
F^stor, Clearbrook Grace Brethren 


DIAZ*, JOHN L. LCDR (Brenda) 

548 Ozbourn Ave., Mayport, FL 32227 
Chaplain, U.S. Navy 
Orlando church 

DICE*, LEE H. (Eeva) 

1909 Neal Dr, Wooster, OH 44691 

(Tfel. 216/345-7826) 
Assoc, pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

DICK*, PAUL E. (Esther) 

1912 E. Walnut St., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/269-6360) 
Pulpit supply 
Winona Lake church 


Chaplain's Office, NAS, Fallon, NV 

Chaplain, U.S. Navy 
Mansfield, (Grace), OH, church 

DILLING*, JOHN R. (Patricia) 

2207 Edmar St., Louisville, OH 44641 

(Tel. 216/875-9468) 
Pulpit Supply, Chaplain, Deer Meadow 

Campground, Cook Forest, PA 
Canton church 

DISTLER*, SCOTT K. (L) (Laura) 

28 W Cross St., Pbtsdam, OH 45361 

(Tel. 513/947-1434) 
Youth Pastor, Community Grace 

Brethren Church, Union 


315 Main St., (Mailing Address: P.O. 

Box 82, 17365), Wellsville, PA 
Asst. Pastor, Hope Grace Brethren 


419 Twin Elm Rd., Strasburg, PA 175 

(Tel. 717/687-6792) 
Youth Pastor and Director of C.E 

Southern Lancaster Grace Brethr* 


DOWDY*, J. PAUL, Sr., (Dortha) 
5864 Tbal Ln., El Paso, TX 79924 

(Tfel. 915/751-5889) 
Retired Missionary, Argentina 
Warsaw, IN, church 


535 Cherry St., Lebanon, PA 17042 

(Ttel. 717/272-4075) 
Minister of Christian Education 
Myerstown church 



4363 Paramount Blvd., Lakewood, C 

90712 (Tel. 213/421-5727) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Churo 

Long Beach 

R. 2, Box 225, Butler, TN 37640 

(Tel. 615/768-2284) 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

EADY*, KEVIN (L) (Jill) 

222 Gill Ave., Gallon, OH 44833 

(Tel. 419/468-1708) 
Assoc. Pastor/Youth & Music, Grace: 
Brethren Church 




7617 Madden Dr, Fishers, IN 4603*ijn 

(Tel. 317/578-8007) 
ftstor. Northeast Grace Brethren 
Church of Indianapolis 



745 McArthur Dr., Greensburg, PA 

15601 Clfel. 412/832-9281) 
Foster, Grace Brethren Church, 


EDWARDS*, LARRY (Darlene) 

241 E. First Ave., Lemont, PA (Mailing 
address: P.O. Box 1026, 16851) 
(Ttel. 814/234-8631) 
Pastor, Happy Valley Community Grace 
Brethren Church 

ELWELL*, JAMES T. (Cynthia) 

108 Sheffield Lane, Yorktown, VA 23693 
Chaplain, U.S.A.F. 
Columbus (Grace) OH, church 


c/o Grace Brethren Church 

8255 Worthington/Galena Rd. Wester- 

ville, OH (Mailing address: 6675 

Worthington/Galena Rd., 

Worthington, OH 43085) 

(Tbl. 614/888-7733) 
Columbus (Grace), OH, church 

P.O. Box 7649, Roanoke, VA 24019 
Pastor, Patterson Memorial Grace 
Brethren Church 


3395 Bossier Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 
17022 (Tfel. 717/367-7771) 

Pastor, Elizabethtown Grace Brethren 


406 Truth Ave., Marietta, GA 30066 

(Tel. 404/428-8738) 
Ristor, Grace Brethren Church, Atlanta 

912 Douglas Dr., Wooster, OH 44691 

(Tbl. 216/262-1191) ' 

Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

FINK*, PAUL R., Th. D. (Mary Lou) 
R. 1, Box 259, Madison Heights, VA 

24572 (Tel. 804/384-2513) 
Prof., Liberty University, School of 

Buena Vista church 

FLORY*, WAYNE S., Ph.D. (Jaqulyn) 
4257 Nelsonbark Ave., Lakewood, CA 

90712 (Tfel. 213/421-7269) 
Professor, Biola University 
Long Beach (Grace) church 

P.O. Box 754, Fulton, TX 78358 

(Tbl. 512/729-4076) 
Roanoke (Clesu-brook), VA, church 

FLUKE*, W. MAX (Mary Ellen) 
990 S. 250 E., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/267-3704) 
Winona Lake church 

FOLDEN*, DON (L) (Willie) 

13423 Bechard Ave., Norwalk, CA 90650 

(Tbl. 213/863-2216) 
Pastor, Bell Brethren Church, Bell 


4095 Williston Rd., Northwood, OH 

43619 (Tel. 419/693-0652) 
Pastor, Trinity Grace Brethren Church 

■AIRMAN*, RICK (Judy) 

163 Dell view Dr., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tbl. 219-267-7732) 
Professor, Grace Theological Seminary 
Winona Lake church 


635 Chase Rd., Columbus, OH 43214 

(Ibl. 614/431-9355) 
Missionary, Brazil 
Columbus (Grace), OH, church 

EATHER*, RAY I. (Sharon) 
804 Tbylor, Sunnyside, WA (Mailing 

address: P.O. Box 87, 98944) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren (ihurch 

ELABOM*, Jr., LOREN (L) (Janine) 
417 W. Water, Berne, IN 46711 

(Tbl. 219/589-8964) 
Assoc. Pastor, Bethel Brethren Church 


2314 Emerald Dr., Davenport, lA 52804 

(Tel. 319/391-7209) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

55 W Henderson Rd., Columbus, OH 

43214 (Tbl. 614/268-0030) 
Adult Christian Education 
Worthington church 


Breite Heerstrasse 76/1, D-7260 Calw 
(Heumaden) (3ermany 
(Tbl. (011-49) 7051.12.552) 
Missionary, (Germany 
Los Alamitos, CA, church 

FRETZ*, JAY M. (Beth) 

226 Robin Ave.. Sebring, FL 33872 

(Tbl. 813/382-4640) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church 

FRIESEN*, LELAND J. (Janelle) 

386 Military Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 

32074 (Tel. 904/673-2486) 
Ormond Beach church 


R. 2, Box 257, Unicoi, TN 37642 
Chaplain. Veteran's Home 

(Tfel. 615 743-8136) 
Tfelford church 


30603 188th Ave. S.E., Kent, WA 

98042 (Tfel. 206/631-7777) 
I^stor, Grace Bible Fellowship Grace 
Brethren Church 

13626 S4th St.. SE. Alto. ^^ 49302 

iTel. 616 868-6151) 
ftstor. Calvary Grace Brethren Church 

FUTCH', EARL (L) (Lita) 

7218 Prato Ava. Orlanda FL 32819 

(Tel. 407 352-3881) 
ftstor. Grace Brethren Church of 


324 Ebenezer Rd., Lebanon. PA 17042 
(Tel. 717/273-9536) ,; 

Minister of Evangelism ] 

Grace Brethren Church, Myerstown j 

GIBSON, J. BRAD (L) (Ginger) 

CO P.O. Box 1234, Dublin, OH 43017 

(Tel. 614761-0363) 
Elder, Northwest Chapel Grace 
Brethren Church 


Navajo Ministries, Inc., Counselor, NM., 

Asst. Superintendent. Grace Brethren 

Navajo Ministries 
(joshen. IN. church 


124 Mallard Dr.. Groton, CT 06340 
Chaplain. U.S. Navy 
Bethlehem. PA, church 

GARBER'. MARTIN M. Beverleji 
CO P.O. Box 588. Winona Lake, IN 

Missionary, Africa, Retired 
Modesto, CA church 

GARDNER, FRANK (Adelaide) 

CO Kachemak Grace Brethren Church 
PO. Box 2749. Homer AK 99603 

'Tel. 907 235-8213) 
I^stor. Kachemak Grace Brethren 



113 Woodwav Ln.. Longview, TX 756 

(Tel. 903759-4448) 
Professor, LeToumeau College 
Tour director 
Longview church 


6918 (joldcrest Ave., Long Beach, CA 

90815 (Tfel. 213/430-1659) 
Adult Ministries 
Long Beach (Grace), church 

GILL*, JEFFREY A. (Katherine) 

361 Trov Rd.. Delaware, OH 43015 

(Tel. 614363-1438) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 


115 E. Phillip St.. Covington. VA 24| 

(Tel. 703 962-9541) 
Ristor. Grace Brethren Church 

GILLIS*, E. JOHN (Ruth) 

17645 Toakoana Wav, Eagle River, Mi. 

99577 rrel. 907 694-5331) 
Pastor. Greatland Grace Brethren 

Church. Anchorage 

GARTLAND*, CLAIR W. (Elizabeth) 

457 Lvman Ln.. Conenaaugh. PA 15909 

(Tel. 814 322-1830) 
Pulpit Pastor 
Conemaugh (Pike) chiuxh 


3236 Easton Rd.. Norton. OH 44203 

(Tel. 216 825-35191 
Assoc Pastor. Norton Grace Brethren 



112 Beachlev St.. Meversdala PA 15552 

(^onU.S. 219 1 

(Tel. 814634-8690) 
F^stor. Meyersdale Grace Brethren 



Grace Village, Box 337, Apt. 255-1 

Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(TeL 219 372-6255) 
Professor Emeritus, LeToumeau CcJ 

Bible Conference Speaker, Chril 

Winona Lake church 


70 Chipawa Ave.. Dover. PA 173151^.: 

(Tel. 717 292-4792) 
Pulpit Supply 
York church 

GLASS*, ROY E., (Arlene) fc* 

259 N. Second St., Tipp City. OH l^.T 

(Tel. 513 667-8006) 
Troy church 


ASS*, ROY E., Ill (L) (Carol) 

■08 S. Clay St., Troy, OH 45373 

(Tel. 513/339-4584) 
^lastor. Grace Brethren Church 

I NWINKEL*, DAVID (L) (Linda) 
2760 Luther Rd., Auburn, CA 95603 
. (Tel. 916/823-8330) 
(lSSOC Pastor, Church Administration, 
Auburn Grace Brethren Church 

r GEY', GARY P. 

Box 484, Horsham, PA 19044 

Tel. 215/674-5920) 
uburban Grace Brethren Church, 

CD*, KENT (Becky) 

,iB Blvd.. de la Mame, 21000 Dijon, 
■' France (Tel. (011-33) 

jssionarj-, France 

;. Lauderdale, FL, church 

:DMAN*, DAVID (Nanc>) 
?6 Elm St., Winnetka, IL 60093 
:= .Alamitos, CA, church 

IDMAN*, MARVIN L. (Dorothy) 
)0 Chestnut Ave.. Winona Lake, IN 

46590 (Tel. 219 269-5068) 
jtired Missionary, Africa 
inona Lake church 

13SENS, THOMAS E. rMarthai 
5 Oak St.. Conemaugh. PA 15909 

Tel. 814539-5333) 
s;or. Conemaugh Grace Brethren 

ilILL*, DANIEL J. (Joan) 

'24 Wilmington Pk.. Dayton, OH 

45419 (Tel. 513 298-6734) 
- :r. Calvarj- Grace Brethren Church. 


I AM", IKE (Nanc>) 

and Mezon Shin Itami 714, Itami 

Shi. Minami Machi 2-1-20, Hyogo- 

Ken 664, Japan 

Tel. (011-81) 727.72.7725) 
ijssionap.-. Japan 
imerville, OH, church 

T*, RICHARD E. Mildred) 

8, Box 268L. Warsaw, EN 46580 

(Tfel. 219 372-6301) 

ice Village. Supt. of Maintenance 

nona Lake church 

V, DANIEL B. (Nano,) 
Joao XXin. No. 520. 38.400 
Uberlandia. M.G. Brazil, S.A. 
sionary. (Tel. (011-55) 61-274-9915) 
umbus (Grace), OH, church 

GREENE*, "R." Dallas (Debbie) 

7098 Limestone Ln., Middletown, MD 

21769 (Tel. 301 371-7390) 
F^stor. Grace Brethren Church of 

Greater Washington at Frederick, 

GREGORY*, JOHN E. (Betty) 

14 DonnertowTi Ln., Duncansville, PR 

16635 (Tel. 814 695-3739) 
festor, Leamers\"ille Grace Brethren 



13A rue de Strasbourg. 71200-Le 
Creusot. France 
(Tel. (011-33) 
Missionary France 
Tfelford. PA. church 

RO. Box 322, Berne, IN 46711 

(Tel. 219589-8108) 
Ristor, Bethel Brethren Church 

GRUBB*, ELDON E. (L) (Denise) 

5183 Yellow Mt. Rd., Lot 62, Roanoke, 

VA 24014 (Tel. 703 982-5549) 
Assoc, pastor. Garden City Grace 

Brethren Church 

GUERENA*. MARTIN (L) (Cristy) 
Apdo. Postal No. 173, Cuautitla 
Izcalli, 54700 Edo. de Mexico. MEXICO 

(Tel. (011-52) 5-579-9550 
Missionary- to Mexico 
Dublin, OH, church 


9853 Cedar St.. Apt. 7. Bellflower CA 

90706 (Tel. 213 920-79561 
I^stor, Iglesia de los Hermanos Vivos 

en Cristo, I^u-amount 


Ortega 6260. 1875 Wilde, Buenos Aires, 
Argentina, S. A. 
(Tfel. (011-54) 1.207.9673) 
Missionary to Argentina 
Warsaw. IN, church 

GUILES*, RONALD A. ilrene) 
895 S. Wymore Rd.. No. 907 A, 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 
(Tel. 407 869^831) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 



PO. Box 8369, Chula Vista. CA 92012 
Retired Missionarj-. Mexico 
San Diego church 


HABLE', GARY (Marie) 

4391 K Rd., Bark River, MI 49807 

(Tel. 906/789-9066) 
F^stor, Bay De Noc Grace Brethren 


HALBERG*, ROY (Andrea) 

2435 Magnolia, La Verne, CA 91750 
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

HALL*, RALPH C. (Elizabeth) 

6611 Heritage Ln., Bradenton, FL 

34209 (Tfel. 813/792-4256) 
Architect & Professional Engineer 

(Office: 813/792-6051) 
Interim Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

of Bradenton 

HATCH*, BURTON G. (Marie) 

7742 Long Lake Ct., S.E., Olympia, A 

98503 (Ifel. 206/456-2416) 
Retired Chaplain (Col.), U.S. Army 

Pulpit Supply 
Long Beach (Grace), 

CA, church 


Christian Service Center 

34-2 Wakamatsu Cho, Yokosuka, 

Japan 238 

Los Altos, CA, church 


R. 1 (Mailing address: P.O. Box 33, ' 

52316) North English, lA 

(Tbl. 319/664-3568) 

Pastor Grace Brethren Church 


HALLER*, WESLEY (Virginia) 

2487 Aspen St., N.E. North Canton, OH 

44721 (Tfel. 216/499-8368) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, 

604 Chestnut Ave., Winona Lake, 

46590 (Tfel. 219/267-5977) 
Winona Lake church 


HANFT*, (Rocky) WENDELL (L) (Bonnie) 
18 East Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21740 
Pulpit Supply, Evangelistic Ministry, 

Revival Meetings 
Hagerstown (Grace) church 


2108 Unicorn Ln., Richmond, VA 23235 

(Te\. 804/272-4413) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


B.R 183 Moundou, Republic of the 

Chad, Africa 
Missionary, Chad 
Whittier (Community), CA, church 

HARRIS*, VERNON J. (Glyndowyn) 
104 Dianne Cir., Willow Street, PA 

17584 (Tel. 717/464-9235) 
Assoc. Pastor, New Holland Grace 
Brethren Church 


6733 Musical Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018 

(Tbl. 703/774-3483) 
Minister of Music and Asst. Pastor, 

Patterson Memorial Grace 

Brethren Church 


1908 Manzana Rd., Carlsbad, NM 

88220 (Tfel. 505/885-8772) 
Norton, OH, church 

HAWKINS*, TIM (L) (Julie) 

Av. DR. Elisio de Moura, 443 2° B, 
3000 Coimbra, Portugal 
Rittman, OH, church 

HAY*, CHRIS (Dawn) 

P.O. Box 444, Kenai, AK 99611 

(Tfel. 907/283-5789) 
Pastor, Kenai Grace Brethren Churc 


4711 Pavalof, Anchorage, AK 99507 
Anchorage church 


6777 Laird Ave., Reynoldsburg, OH 

Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Churc 

(East Side), Columbus 

HEIN*, HERMAN H., Jr. (Luella) 
2400 Miller Dr., Niles, MI 49120 

(Tfel. 616/684-8542) 
Evangelism and Supply Pastor 
New Troy church 

HEINSMAN*, WILLIAM G. (L) (Melba) _ 
13232 Lakeview Dr., Leo, IN 46765,* 
Director of TEAM Radio-China 
(joshen, IN, church 


13 Place de la Ferrandiere, 69003 LI 


(Tfel., France 
Ormond Beach, FL, church 


12 Wade Ave., (Gettysburg, PA 1732 

(Tfel. 717/334-1282) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


5, rue Georges Clemenceau, 71230 
St-Vallier, France 
(Tfel. (011-33) 
Winona Lake, IN, church 




)BERr*, TAD K. (Vivienne) 
4230 Crownwood Ave., Dayton, OH 

45415 (Tel. 513/898-1689) 
Pastor, North Riverdale Grace Brethren 

iCKING*, DONALD G., Ph.D. (Betty) 
B.P. 6924 Yaounde, Republic of 

Cameroon, Africa 
Missionsiry, Gospel Fellowship Assoc 
Long Beach (Grace), CA, church 

CKING*, JIM (Taye) 

B.P. 240, Bangui, Central African 

.Missionary, Africa 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

13918 Carpintero Ave., Bellflower, CA 

^sistant Pastor, Bellflower Brethren 

I3KLEY*, ALBERT (Zoe Ann) 
19840 Danville-Jelloway Rd., Danville, 
■ OH 43014 (Tel. 614/599-6350) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 

lOGDON*, EARLE C. (Dorothy) 
Caixa Postal 861, 66.000 Belem, Para. 
Brazil, South America 
(Tfel. (011-55) 91-231-4716) 
Missionary, Brazil 
' "Vooster, OH, church 

« ECKER", TERRY DMin. (Debbie) 
827 Rings Rd., Amlin, OH (Mailing 

address: P.O. Box 68, 43002) 

(Tel. 614/771-9748) 
■astor, Northwest Chapel Grace 

Brethren Church, Dublin 

CFARD*, R. JEFFREY (L) (Judy) 
03 E. Prairie St., Leesburg, IN 46538 

(Tel. 219/453-3960) 
astor, Leesburg Grace Brethren Church 


125 Riverwood D"r., Auburn, CA 95603 

(Tel. 916/888-8094) 
istor. Auburn Grace Brethren Church 


P.O. Box 243, Tuppers Plains, OH 45783 

(Tel. 614/667-6243) 
Foster, Grace Brethren Church, 



2934 Maple Ave., Altoona, PA 16601 

(Tel. 814/942-2665) 
ftistor, First Grace Brethren Church 

HOSTETLER", DALE C. (L) (Dorothy) 
504 Englewood Place, Yakima, WA 


(Tfel. 509/965-6498) 
Yakima church 

HOWARD*, A. L. (Dorothy) 

1731 Brookfield. La Habra. CA 90631 

(Tel. 213/691-9387) 
LaMirada church 


304 Porter Dr., Englewood, OH 45322 

(Tel. 513/836-6247) 
Retired, Pulpit Supply 
Brookville church 

HOWELL*, GREGORY M. (Colleen) 

129 N.W. Second St., Goldendale, WA 

98620 (Tel. 509/773-3996) 
festor. Community Grace Brethren 

HOWELL*, STEPHEN (L) (Sherie) 

1835 Thriftwood Dr, Charlotte, NC 

28208 (Tel. 704/394-8747) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 

HOYT*, ALDO (L) (Alice) 

725 8. Eliot St., Denver, CO 80219 

(Tel. 303/934-7876) 
Foster, Denver Grace Brethren Church 

HOYT*, GARNER E. (Myna) 

235 Edgewater Dr. Dayton, TN 37321 

(Tel. 615/775-6981) 
Educator and Missionary 
Canton, OH, church 

HOYT*, HERMAN A., Th.D. (Harriet) 
101 Florentine Dr., Willow Street, PA 

17584 (Tel. 717464-5860) 
Educator and Minister 
Lancaster (Southern) church 

UER*, JIM(L)(Elta) 
■ S Grace Brethren Church, 27938 S.E. 
Stark St., Trout dale, OR 97060 
(Tfel. 503/661-7632) 
istor. Grace Brethren Church 

I^ES*, ROBERT F. (Alice) 
09 Spencer Rd., Homerville, OH 
44235 (Tel. 216 625-3375) 
stor, Grace Brethren Church 

HOYT*, LOWELL (Rebecca) 
Box 1, Davton, TN 37321 

(Tel. 615775-1948) 
Everett (Grace), PA, church 

HOYT*, LYNN iMarv) 

522 N.E. 26 Dr, Wilton Manors, FL 


(Tfel. 305/568-2140) 
Pulpit Supply B.I. Teacher 
Ft. Lauderdale church 

HOYT*, SOLON (Kathryn) 

R. 8, Box 292 Va, Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/269-7215) 
Canton, OH, church 

HUDSON*, ELLIOTT "Tex" (Betsy) 

3307 Martin Farm Rd., Johnsonville, 

TN 37601 (Tfel. 615/929-3876) 
Johnson City church 

3548 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 

90807 (Tfel. 213/988-0453) 
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 

Long Beach 


do Bellflower Brethren Church 
9405 E. Flower St., Bellflower, CA 

Bellflower church 


9310 V4 Ramona, Bellflower, CA 90706 

(TO. 213/920-3349) 
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren 
Church, Long Beach 


P.O. Box AC-527, Quezon City, 1109, 

Philippines, (1^1.(011-63) 2-673-31-51) 
Missionary, Philippines 
Long Beach (Grace), CA, church 


R. 9, Box 110, Hagerstown, MD 21740 

(Tbl. 301/739-2792) 
Assoc./Youth Pastor, Grace Brethren 


HUNT*, JAMES F. Jr., (Mary) 

185 Hilltop Dr., Dayton, OH 45415 

(Tfel. 513/836-0411) 
Pastor, Englewood Grace Brethren 

HUNT*, TRUE L. (Lucille) 

Grace Ln., Uniontown, PA 15401 

(Tfel. 412/437-4488) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

P.O. Box 132, Ickesburg, PA 17037 

(Ttel. 717/438-3068) 
Pastor, Sherman's Valley Grace 
Brethren Church 


510 N. Main St., London, OH 43140 

{Te\. 614/852-1311) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


182 Longshore Rd., Sunbury, OH 430 

(TbI. 614/965-5392) 
Columbus (Grace) church 

INGWALDSON*, LEW (L) (ftarl) 

5913 Hillview Ave., San Jose, CA 951 

(Tfel. 408/225-8100) , 

Pastor, South Bay Coimnunity Churc! 

INMAN*, F. THOMAS (Geneva) 

2244 Fernwood Dr., Colorado Springs; 

CO 80910 (Tbl. 719/597-2620) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


JACKSON*, DANIEL (Rachel) , 

Kolomanstr. 41, 7070 Schwaebisch 
Gmuend, Germany 
(Tfel. (011-49) 7171.76817) 
Missionary, Germany 
Osceola, IN, church 


3612 Dublin-Granville Rd., Westervi' 

OH 43081 (Ttel. 614/523-3388) 
Executive Director, Grace Brethren 

International, Church Planting 

Columbus (Grace) church | 



172 Burgess Ave., Dayton, OH 4541 

m\. 513/275-4211) 
I^stor, First Grace Brethren Churcl 

JACKSON*, JIM (L) (Sheryl) 

RO. Box 2025, Irmo, SC 29063 

(Tfel. 803/732-3029) 
Pastor, Carolina Grace Brethren CH| 

7543 S. Ogden Wy., Littleton, CO S 

(Tbl. 303/795-8850) 
Campus Crusade For Christ, City 

Venture, Colorado Uplift 
Los Alamitos, CA, church 


450 Springfield Dr., Woodstock, GA 

30188 (Tfel. 404/924-4841) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Chujj 

Atlanta ' 


P.O. Box 69, Listie, PA 15549 

(Tfel. 814/445-5602) 
Pastor, Listie Grace Brethren Chui 


do Grace Brethren Church 

1800 N.W, 9th Ave., Fort Lauderda 

I^stor, Haitian congregation 


Box 273, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tfel. 219/267-6078) 
jHome Missions/Military Chaplains' 

Endorsing Agent 
Winona Lake church 

I JKS', DALE (Dorothy) 
'455V2 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 

(Tbl. 518/587-1907) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

371 N. Thomas Rd., Tbllmadge, OH 
44278 (Tel. 216/945-7086) 

, f'^stor, Grace Brethren Church, 
' Cuyahoga Falls 


5737 Citronella St., Simi Valley, CA 

93063 Clfel. 805/583-1707) 
•Superintendent, Grace Brethren Schools 
iimi Valley church 

C RY*, DAVID (Susan) 
472 Maple Dr., Peru, IN 46970 

(Tbl. 317/473-4717) 
issoc. Pastor, Peru Grace Brethren 

JNSON*, ARTHUR G. (L) (Pfenny) 
60 S.E. 2nd Ave., D215, Deerfield 

Beach, FL 33441 
>1. 305/941-5257) 
astor, Grace Brethren Church 

>NSON*, GEORGE A. (Evelyn) 
aixa Pbstal 861, 66.000 Belem, Para, 
Brazil, S.A. 

(Ibl. (011-55) 91-226-6641) 
issionary, Brazil 
boster, OH, church 

ilJSON*, HOWARD (L) (Sue) 

17 Park Ave., Long Beach, CA 90803 

(Tfel. 213/438-2621) 
isoc. Pastor, Grace Community Church 
of Seal Beach 

IISON', MICHAEL (Shirley) 
69 Marvel Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 
23462 (Tfel. 804/463-1005) 
stor, Grace Brethren Church 

^ SON*, NORMAN (Cleo) 

1 Sandusky, Ashland, OH 44805 

(Tbl. 419/289-3712) 
I St. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

ISON*, RAYMOND (Marilyn) 
5 W. Kessler-Cowlesville Rd., Trov, 
*1 OH 45373 (Tel. 513/335-3516) 

Ipit Supply 
; srton, (Basore Road) church 

JONES', A. DUANE (Katherine) 

18430 S.W. Broad Oak Blvd., Aloha, OR 

97007 (Tel. 503/642-2276) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, 


JONES*, ALAN (Ellen) 

P.O. Box 63, New Troy MI 49119 f 

(Tfel. 616/426-8262) 
New Troy church 

JONES*, EMLYN H., Th.M., D.D. (Kay) 
27 Shetland Dr., Hummelstown, PA 

17036 (Tel. 717/566-3999) 
Chaplain (Lt. Col.), U.S. Army (Ketired) 
Tfemple Hills, MD, church 


204 W. Broad St., Souderton, PA 18964 

(Tel. 215/723-8759) 
Minister of Visitation 
Telford church 

JUDAY*, ROBERT H. (Brenda) 

PO. Box A.C. 527, Quezon City 1109, 

(Tfel. (011-63) 2-673-67-09) 
Missionary, Philippines 
Lynchburg, VA, church 


545 S. Circle Dr. E., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/269-3874) 
Executive Director, Grace Brethren 

Foreign Missions 
Winona Lake church 


R. 5, Kittanning, PA 16201 

(Tel. 412/543-2208) 
Visual Evangelist 
Kittanning (First) church 


613 Hilltop Rd., Myerstown, PA 17067 

(Tfel. 717/866-6325) 
ftistor, Myerstown Grace Brethren 



318 Maple Court, Kokomo, IN 46902 

(Tfel. 317/453-4579) 
Kokomo (Indian Heights) church 


1325 Sunset Rd., Marion, OH 43302 

(Tel. 614/389-1095) 
I^stor, Grace Brethren Church of 


KENNEDY*, JAMES M. (Virginia) 

92-944 Palailai St., No. 91, Makakilo, 

HI 96707 (Tfel. 808/672-4542) 
Makakilo Grace Brethren Church 



25 Dudley Ferrv, Radford, VA 24141 

(Tel. 703/639-6885) 
lister, Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church 


2650 W. Union Hills, 374, Phoenix, 

85023 (Tel. 602/582-3609) 
Tucson church 

KENT*, HOMER A., Th.D. (Beverly) 

305 Sixth St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tel. 219/267-5706) 
Professor of New Testament and Greek, 

Grace Schools 
Winona Lake church 


R. 1, Box 97, Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/594-2565) 
Director of Information Services, Grace 

Brethren Foreign Missions 
Winona Lake church 

KERN*, ROBERT D. (Dorothy) 

13 Cardinal Dr., Stevens, PA 17578 

(Tel. 215/267-2073) 
Co-Pastor, Eohrata Area Grace Brethren 

KERN*, STEVE (Celeste) 

389 Jennings Ave., Mansfield, OH 

Assoc. Pastor, Woodville Grace Brethren 



28 Rainsbrook Dr., Monkspath, Solihull, 
West Midlands England B 90 4th 
(Tel. (011-44) 21.744.7277) 
Missionary, England 
Lanham, MD, church 

KINGSBURY*, ROBERT D. (L) (Beverly) 
4117 Avenida Sevilla, Cypress, CA 

90630 (Tel. 714/952-2507) 
Executive Pastor, Grace Church of Los 


KIRNBAUER*, TED (L) (Kristen) 

Canyon Mansion Hibarigaoka #108, 

3-3-16 Kurihara, Niiza shi, Saitama 

Ken, T352, Japan 

(Tfel. (011-81) 424-23-1480) 
Missionary, Japan 
Long Beach (Grace), CA, church 

KLAWITTER*, PAUL (L) (Louise) 

3c, rue Ernest Lory, 21000 Dijon, France 

(Tel. (011-33) 
Missionary, France 
Tfelford, PA, church 

KLIEWER*, ROBERT C. (Lillian) 

7612 Appleby Dr., Huntington Beach, 

CA 92648 (Tel. 714/848-2550) 
Pastor, Cherry Valley Grace Brethren 



2819 Buchanan Rd., Fremont, OH 

43420 (Tel. 419/334-2112) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church 


855 Trumbull, Deltona, FL 32725 

(Tel. 904/789-6512) , 

Pastor, Calvary Grace Brethren Chun 


KOWALKE*, DAVID 0.) (Cindy) 

2612 Tracewood Circle, Richmond, 

23233 (Tel. 804/360-1433) 
Pastor, Fellowship Grace Brethren 


2400 N.E. 146th Ct., No. 7, 
Silver Springs, FL 32688 

(Tbl. 90.4/625-1991) 
Ocala church 


6240 Exeter Ct., South Bend, IN 466 

(Tel. 219/299-0236) 
Pastor, Ireland Road Grace Brethren i, 


KULP*, ROBERT (Susan) 

P.O. Box 432, Island Pond, VT 05846 

(Tel. 802/723-4785) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


6153 Pershing Wy., Buena Park, CAj 

90620 (Tel. 714/522-5044) 
Norwalk church 

2800 Agusta Lane, # 115, Hays, KS 

67601 (Tel. 913/625-5582) 
Portis church 

969 Richie Ave., Lima, OH 45805 

(Tel. 419/229-1847) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

LANCASTER*, JOHN WM. (Regina) , 
Kyle Hill, P.O. Box 297, Barton, Mil 

21521 (Tel. 301/463-6654) 
Pastor, Mill Run Grace Brethren CI 
of Westernport 



1108 Chestnut Ave., Winona Lake, 

46590 ("^1.219/269-5381) 
Warsaw church 


317 Whispering Dr., Trotwood, OH 

45426 (Tel. 513/854-2066) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 



LECH*, EDMUND M. (Virginia L.) 
19310 S. Harvest Ave., Cerritos, CA 

90701 (Tfel. 213/865-3161) 
Pastor Emeritus of Missions, Mercy and 

Bellflower Brethren Church 

LIGH*, NATHAN (Armida) 
^529 Maiden Ln., S.W., Roanoke, VA 

24015 (Ttel. 703/982-6910) 
^astor, Ghent Grace Brethren Church 

J VIS*, EDWARD (Ruth) 
5117 N.W. 27th St., Margate, FL 33063 

(Ttel. 305/973-7344) 
ivangelist/Guest speaker 
^ompano Beach church 

.(/IS*, EDWARD A. 

'0. Box 365, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tel. 219/267-3928) 
executive Director, CE National 
Vinona Lake church 

I JY*, SCOTT M. (L) (Monica) 
■ 2, Box 455, Newport, VT 05855 

(Tel. 802/334-8203) 
enior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, 


634 Cedar St., Bellflower, CA 90706 
a Mirada church 


233 Krim, N.E., Albuquerque, NM 
— eserve Chaplain, U.S. Army 
OS Alamitos, CA, church 

rENFELTER*, GALEN M. (Kathern) 
0. Box 684, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441 
ummer address: P.O. Box 8, East 

Freedom, PA 16637) 
uncansville, PA, church 

LUNA*, TONY T. (L) (Efren) 

P.O. Box 32-B, Tklpa Rt., Ranches de 

T^os, NM 87557 (Tel. 505/758-9244) 
T^os church 

LYNN*, THOMAS (Debbie) 

4266 Hartlepool Way, Sacramento, CA 

Pastor, River City Grace Community 

Church of Sacramento 


MacMILLAN*, ROBERT (Sharon) 

236 W Beverly Place, Tracy, CA 95376 

(Tbl. 209/836-4848) 
Pastor, Tracy Brethren Church 


4061 58th Ave. N., Lot 206, St. 

Petersburg, FL 33714 

(Tfel. 813/525-4576) 
Retired Missionary 
Philadelphia (First), PA, church 


1808 Rustic Hill Ct., Frederick, MD 

Frederick church 

MAKOFKA*. STEPHEN (L) (Loretta) 

2061 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, PA 

19133 (Tel. 215/423-5308) 
Pastor, Liberty Grace Brethren Church 


1550 Rory Ln., Sp. 125, Simi Valley, CA 

93063 (Tfel. 805/581-4223) 
Simi Valley church 

MALE*, E. WILLIAM, Ph.D. (Ella) 

1615 S. Cherry Creek Ln., Warsaw, IN 

46580 (Ttel. 219/267-7427) 
Planned Giving Officer, Grace Schools 
Warsaw church 

S ENFELTER*, HOMER (Mary Elizabeth) 
3, Box 190, Everett, PA 15537 
(Itel. 814/652-2697) 
■tired — Pulpit supply, Bible conf., 
-u Evangelist 
ferett (Grace) church 



4 Nason Dr., Roaring Spring, PA 
mcansville church 


NZ*, ORVILLE A. (Florence) 
4 Silver Tree, Claremont, CA 91711 
(Tfel. 714/621-9762) 
aplain U.S. Army, Retired 
Verne church 

MALLES*, MARK E. (Phyllis) 

4024 W. Rancho Dr., Phoenix, AZ 

85019 (Tfel. 602/841-5031) 
Phoenix church 


11 Vienna Ct., Brookville, OH 45309 

(Tfel. 513/833-2554) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 167, 7070 
Schwaebish, Gmuend, CJermany 
(Tfel. (011-49) 7171.83068) 
Missionary, (Jermany 
Columbus (Grace), OH, church 


MANGES*, CRAIG (L) (Denise) 

P.O. Box 104, New Enterprise, PA 16664 

(Tel. 814/766-3353) 
Pulpit Supply 
Everett (Community Grace) church 


2090 Hi 11 view Dr., Fayetteville, PA 

17222 (Tel. 717/352-3241) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, 


MANGUM, ALAN (Cheryl) 

P.O. Box 36, Ferguson, lA 50078 

(Tel. 515/478-3313) 
Pastor of an independent church 
Modesto, CA, church 


440 Marchand St., Millersburg, OH 

Millersburg church 

MARKLEY*, ROBERT WM., Sr. (Idabelle) 
P.O. Box 205, Coolville, OH 45723 

(Tel. 614/667-3523) 
Coolville church 


2981 Daisy Ave., Long Beach, CA (Mail- 
ing address: P.O. Box 17148, 90807) 
(Tel. 213/492-9751) 
Director of Church Planting and 

Development, Grace Brethren Home 
Missions Council 
Los Altos church 

MARLING*, WILL (L) (Cheryl) 

7973 Central College, New Albany, OH 

Pastor, Rocky Ridge Grace Brethren 

MARSHALL*, JAMES B. (Margaret) 

571 S.R. 28 W., New Vienna, OH 45159 

(Tel. 513/987-2140) 

Dayton (North Riverdale) church 


R. 1, Box 437, Homer City, PA 15748 

(Tel. 814/749-7031) 
I^stor, Valley Grace Brethren Church, 


MASSEY*, SCOTT (L) (Taffy) 

815 E. Birdsong, Longview, TX 75602 

(Ttel. 214/757-3961) 
Asst. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


1315 Falene PI., Galloway, OH 43119 

(Tel. 614/878-6625) 
Hospital Chaplain Intern 

Columbus (Trinity) church 

MAYER*, J. NORMAN (L) (Dorothy) 

791 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, ML 

21740 (Tfel. 301/733-3058) 
Pastor, Calvary Grace Brethren Churi 

MAYES*, HOWARD, D.R.E. (Nancy) 
4955 Longford, Huber Heights, OH 

45424 (Tel. 513/236-4423) 
Pastor, Grace Community Church of i 
Huber Heights 

MAYES*, JOHN W., D.Min. (Marjorie F.) 
R. 9, Box 559B, Longview, TX 75601 

(Tfel. 903/753-3143) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

MAYES*, ROGER (Ruth Ann) 

7363 Palomar Ave., Yucca Valley, CAt 

92284 (Tfel. 619/365-1514) 
Pastor, Yucca Valley Grace Communii 



23553 Arlen Dr Santa Clarita, CA 
91321 (Tel. 805/253-1418) 

V. Pres. & Dean of The Master's 

Long Beach (Grace) church 


831 Hemlock St., Celina, OH 45822; 

(Tfel. 419/586-5997) 
Cross Lanes, WV, church 

McCOY*, RAYMOND (Peggy) 

R. 2, Box 467, Cumberland, MD 21£! 

(Tel. 301/724-7223) 
Pastor, Cumberland Grace Brethren 


McCRUM*, ARTHUR E. (Alice) 
Box 67, New Troy, MI 49119 

(Tel. 616/426-4710) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

Mcdonald*, h. fenton (Judy) 

801 Pigeon Forge Rd., Pflugerville, 
78660 (Tel. 512/251-5784) 

Pastor, Calvary Bible Fellowship 
Church, Austin 

MclNTOSH*, JOHN R. (Carolyn) 

2735 N. Beth PL, Simi Valley, CA £ 

(Ttel. 805/584-6488) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 

McKILLEN*, J.C. (Bill) (Edna) 

511 S. Sherwood Village Dr., Tucso 

85710 (Tfel. 602/298-1388) 
Arvada, CO, church I 

MEEKER*, MARVIN E. (Jeralyn) 

2621 Wayside Ct., Warsaw, IN 465fi 

(Tfel. 219/269-1298) 
Winona Lake church 


B.P. 240, Bangui, 

Central African Republic 
Missionary, Africa 
Arvada, CO, church 

MILLER*, GARY (Marilyn) 

6213 Constitution Dr., Dayton, OH 
45415 (Tfel. 513/276-3581) 

Assoc. Pastor, First Grace Brethren 

MENZEL*, DAVE (LJ (Carol) 

3507 Catawba St., Anderson, SC 29624 

(Tel. 803/224-1718) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


1532 Harding Ave., Orrville, OH 44667 

(Tfel. 216/683-0850) 
Pastor, Orrville Grace Brethren Church 


18817 Nautical Dr., #306, Huntersville, 

NC 28078 (Tfel. 704/892-4318) 
Ketchum, Inc. Fund Raising Counsel 
Charlotte church 


3445 E. Eastridge Dr., Warsaw, IN 

46580 (Tfel. 219/267-6455) 
Youth pastor 
Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church 

MILLER*, J. PAUL (Ellen) 

3375 Alpine View Ct., Carson' City, NV 

89705 (Tfel. 702/267-3244) 
Ripon, CA, church 

MILLER*, KURT A. (Anecia) 

154 Lake Shore Dr. N., Palm Harbor, 

FL 34684 (Tfel. 813/937-0234) 
Pastor, Palm Harbor Grace Brethren 

MILLER*, R. PAUL (Esther) 

11 Wilhelm Ave., Lebanon, PA 17042 

(Tfel. 717/273-4573) 
Myerstown church 

MILLER*, RALPH F. (Nancy) 

5353 Starkey Rd., S.W, Roanoke, VA 

24014 (Tfel. 703/774-9293) 
Pastor, Boones Mill Grace Brethren 


MICHAELS*, PAUL (L) (Cynthia) 

3575 Caulder Rd., Lexington, KY 40502 

Clbl. 606/273-2868) 
Pastor, Grace Bible Church 

MILES,* SCOTT (L) (Mindy) 

1610 Chestnut Ave., Winona Lake, IN 

46590 (Tfel. 219/269-6297) 
Youth Pastor 
Community Grace Brethren Church, 


MILLER*, CLARK (Eunice) 

12088 Gearhart Rd., Greencastle, 

17225 (Tfel. 717/597-7356) 
Hagerstown (Valley), MD, church 


VIILLER*, DELANE (L) (Sharon) 

1007 Sunday Ln., Winona Lake, IN 

46590 Cltel. 219/269-3081) 
Pulpit Supply 
Indianapolis (Northeast) church 


24600 Mountain Ave., Sp. 40, Hemet, 
CA 92344 (Tfel. 714/927-7298) 
» Retired Missionary, Africa 
11(4 Whittier (Grace) church 

IILLER*, EDWARD D. (Eileen) 

Caixa Pbstal 368, 66.000 Belem, Para, 
Brazil, South America 
(Tfel. (011-55) 91-235-2192) 

Missionary, Brazil 

Modesto, CA, church 


MILLER*, ROBERT E. A. (Althea) 

5772 Karen Ave., Cypress, CA 90630 

(Tfel. 714/995-6140) 
Chosen People Ministries 
Westminster church 


3517 Headley's Mill Rd., Pataskala, OH 

43062 (Tfel. 614/927-9458) 
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 

Licking County 


R.R. 8, Box 277, Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tfel. 219/267-2533) 
Pressman, BMH Printing 
Winona Lake church 

MILLER*, W. CARL (Betty) 

1735 Oatfield Ln., Goshen, IN 46526 

(Tfel. 219/534-0393) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

MILLER*, W. RAY (L) Betty) 

4860 Catalina Dr., Tbledo, OH 43615 

(Tfel. 419/537-0175) 
Pastor, Toledo Grace Brethren Church 

MILLER*, WARD A. (Lucille) 

3130 Valaria Dr., Highland, CA 92346 

(Tfel. 714/864-5136) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of San 

MITCHELL*, A. DAVID (Bettylou) 

94-1070 Hanauna St., Waipahu, HI 

96797 (Tel. 808/671-3619) 
Pastor, Waipio Grace Brethren Church 


MITCHELL*, CURTIS C, Th.D. (Patricia) 
3109 San Juan Dr., Fullerton, CA 92635 

Cltel. 714/525-2964) 
Professor of Bible, Biola University 
Los Alamitos church 

B.P. 240, Bangui, Central African 

Republic, Africa 
Missionary, Africa 
Winona Lake, IN, church 


4584 Fulton Rd., Smithville, OH 44677 

Clfel. 216/669-3768) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Sterling 


NAGLE*, JOHN (L) (Becky) 

6809 E. Killdee St., Long Beach, CA 

90808 (Tbl. 213/425-6061) 
Pastor, Los Altos Grace Brethren 



J.V. Gonzales 2218, 1879 Quilmes Oes 

Buenos Aires, Argentina, S.A. 

Clbl. (011-54) 1.250.1215) 
Missionary, Argentina L 

Middlebranch, OH, church I 


707 Saint John St., Grafton, WV 26354 

(Ifel. 304/265-4624) 
Pulpit Supply 
Grafton and Accident, MD, churches 

MOORE*, EARL D. (L) (Lynda) 

P.O. Drawer 4344, Kenai, AK 99611 

(Ifel. 907/283-7327) 
Kenai church 

MORGAN*, RALPH E. (L) (Jennifer) 
1852 North Rd., Salem, VA 24153 

(Tel. 703/389-8835) 
Pastor, Wildwood Grace Brethren 


c/o Grace Brethren Church 
6675 Worthington-Galena Rd., 

Worthington, OH 43085 
Columbus (Grace) church 


1015 Pine Hill Rd., Lititz, PA 17543 
Director of Christian Education and 

Assoa Pastor, Grace Brethren 


MYERS, ALAN L. (L) (Billee Jo) 

79 Bronx St., Johnstown, PA 15905 

(Tel. 814/255-2837) 
Pastor, Johnstown Grace Brethren 

MYERS*, M. LEE (Lynette) 

1240 Melrose Dr., Mansfield, OH 44905 

(Ifel. 419/589-5009) 
Retired/Available for Evangelistic and 

Prophetic Conferences 
Winchester (Blue Ridge), VA, church 

MYERS*, ROGER K. (L) (Lou Ann) 

250 Philadelphia Ave., Waynesboro, PA 

17268 (Ifel. 717/762-3610) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

NAJIMIAN*, DANIEL T. (Billie Jo) ' 

352 W Park Blvd., Medina, OH 4425i 

(Ifel. 216/723-0040) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

NASS*, JOSEPH E. (Mary) 

45 W. St. Charles St., Grafton, WV 

26354 (Ifel. 304/265-0043) 
Pastor, First Grace Brethren Church !| 

NEWLIN*, STUART (L) (Sherry) 

310 E. Pliler Precise Rd., Longview, 1 

75601 (Ifel. 214/663-4693) 
Principal, Grace Christian School (E 
Longview church 

NIX*, DAYNE (Linda) 

954 Laniwai Ave., Pearl City, HI 967 

(Tel. 808/455-5803) 
U.S. Navy chaplain 
Wiamalu church 

223 St. Barnabas St., Pfensacola, Fli 

32503 (Ifel. 904/476-9953) 
Bible Teacher, Pensacola Christian 

Westernport, MD, church 

18 rue de Martyrs de la Resistancei 
71100 Chalon Sur Saone, Franc* 
(Tfel. (011-33) 
Missionary, France 
Bellflower, CA, church 

NORWICK*, STANLEY (Elizabeth) 
4111 164th S.W. #1, Lynwood, WA I 

(Ifel. 206/745-4228) 
H.C.M.A. Chaplain (Retired) 
Los Alamitos, CA, church 

NUTTER*, LESLIE (Frances) 

509 Cherry St., Wrightsville, PA 

17368 (Ifel. 717/252-3554) 
Pastor, Susquehanna Grace Brethri 



NUZUW, RICK (L) (Tkmmy) 

7276 Terry Jill Ln., Westerville, OH 

43081 (Tfel. 614/890-8362) 
Director of Personnel and Deacons 
Columbus (Grace) church 

PATRICK*, JOHN B. Lt. Col. (Georgia) 
202-B Riverside Ave., Fort Monmouth, 

NJ 07703 Office Info: USACHCS 

(Tfel. 201/532-5147) 
Chaplain, U.S. Army 
La Mirada, CA, church 


4242 Dark Shade Dr, Windber, PA 

15963 (Itel. 814/467-4578) 
Ristor, Shade Grace Brethren Church 

O'DEENS*, DAN (L) (Gay) 

57070 Lake St., Osceola, IN 46561 

(Tfel. 219/674-0711) 
Youth Pastor 
Grace Brethren Church 

PEEK*, GEORGE O., D.D. (Phyllis) 

6917 Andrew Way, Cypress, CA 90630 

(Tel. 714/894-7070) 
Los Alamitos church 

PEER*, EARLE E. (Alice) 

721 Vancouver Dr., Westerville, OH 

43081 (Tfel. 614/891-6659) 
Hospital and Nursing/ 
Retirement Home Ministries 
Grace Brethren Church of Columbus 

O'DELL*, CECIL (L) (Debbie) 

Dai-ichi Kooshin Mansion, No. 102, 
Kurihara 5-6-12, Niiza-shi, Saitama- 
Ken T352, Japan 
(Tfel. (011-81) 424.22.7452) 
Missionary, Japan 
Long Beach (Grace), CA, church 

pGDEN*, DONALD E., M.M. (Wanita) 
, R. 8, Box 245, Warsaw, IN 46580 
(Tel. 219/267-7290) 
Director of Alumni Relations, Grace 

Winona Lake church 

i)GDEN*, W. RUSSELL (Betty) 

8400 Good Luck Rd., Lanham, MD 

20706-2802 (Tel. 301/552-9660) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 

50 Rittman Rd., Rittman, OH 44270 

(Tfel. 216/925-5356) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

R. 1, Box 212, Moran, MI 49760 

(Tfel. 906/569-3212) 
Pastor, Ozark Grace Brethren Church 

ilNTER*, HAROLD (Margaret) 
1295 S. Cawston Ave., Sp. 42, Hemet, 

CA 92343 (Ifel. 714/766-1045) 
Beaumont church 

fPPAS*, JOHN (Becky) 
|Liebigstr 7/1, 7080 Aalen-Unterkochen, 

(Tfel. (011-49) 7361.87896) 
iMissionary, (Jermany 
IColumbus (Grace), OH, church 


R. 1, Box 170G, Martinsburg, WV 

25401 (Tfel. 304/267-6759) 
Missionary — On Furlough 
Winona Lake, IN, church 


900 Charles Dr, Winona Lake, IN 

46590 (Tfel. 219/269-5468) 
Chaplain, U.S. Army Reserve 
Assoc. Pastor, Winona Lake Grace 

Brethren Church 

PERAZA*, F. JAVIER (Ofelia) 

2414 W 6th St., Santa Ana, CA 92703 

(Tfel. 714/835-6697) 
F^stor, Maranatha Grace Brethren 


7430 Crescent Ave., Apt. No. 101, Buena 

Park, CA 90620 

(Tfel. 714/527-5156) 
Chaplain, Kaiser Hospital (Anaheim), 

Pastor, Church of Reflections, Knotts 

Berry Farm 
Beaumont church 

PETERS*, JACK K., Jr. (Deborah) 

356 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, OH 45405 

(Tel. 513/277-1717) 
Grace Brethren Church, Vandalia 

PETERS*, JACK K., Sr. (Maxine) 

127 Cedar Dr., West Milton, OH 45383 

(Tfel. 513/698-5338) 
Minister at Large, Community Grace 
Brethren Church, Union 


600 S. Main St., West Milton, OH 45383 

(Tel. 513/698-3664) 
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren 

Church, Union 


PEUGH*, ROGER D. (Nancy) 

401 Wood St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Ttel. 219/269-1957) 
Missions Professor, Grace Schools 
Elkhart church 

PICARD*, MITCHELL S. (L) (Deborah) 
1523 E. Newport, Lititz, PA 17543 
Minister of Children's Ministries, Grace 
Brethren Church, Myerstown 

POUPART*, WALT (L) (Ruth) 

Caisino 2, pta. 26, Tferramelar (Paterna 
46989 Valencia, Spain 
(Tbl. (011-34) 6.138.7672) 
St. Petersburg, PL, church 


1122 Hickory, Sand Springs, OK 74063ii 
Waterloo, lA, church 

PIFER*, LESTER E., D.D. (Genevene) 

6602 23rd Ave. W, Bradenton, PL 34209 

(Ttel. 813/794-2008) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church, North 


POYNER*, JAMES L. (Charlotte) 1 

10934 Peppertree Ln., Port Richey, FL'l 

34668 Clfel. 813/862-2821) 
Pastor, Gulfview Grace Brethren 


212 W. Parkwood Dr., Dayton, OH 

Kettering church 


2201 Highland Rd., Parkersburg, WV 

26101 (Tel. 304/422-6143) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

PLACEWAY*, TIM (L) (Joellen) 

127 Foxbury, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 

(Tel. 717/361-8729) 
Assoc. Pastor, Youth and Music 
Grace Brethren Church 

PLASTER', DAVID R. Th.D. (Virginia) 
R. 8, Box 232, Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tbl. 219/269-9625) 
V. Pres. for Academic Affairs, Grace Col- 
lege and Grace Theological Seminary 
Warsaw church 


3912 Bradwood Dr., Dayton, OH 45405 

(Tel. 513/274-8220) 
Pastor, Calvary Grace Brethren Church 

POLMAN*, GERALD (Phyllis) 

P.O. Box 385, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tel. 219/269-6772) 
Retired, Pulpit Supply 
Winona Lake church 

POLMAN*, ROY (Judy) 

759 S. Glenwood Ave., Rialto, CA 92376 

(Tbl. 714/874-3526) 
Pastor, Grace Community Church of 


1638 W. Mound St., Columbus, 


(Tbl. 614/274-6865) 
Pastor, Hilltop Grace Brethren Church, 

POYNER*, RANDY, D.Min. (Betty) 

460 Champagne Cir., Port Orange FLf| 
32127 (Tel. 904/760-2424) 

Family Therapist, Stewart Treatment^ '' 
Ctr; Director Covenant Ministries 

Waterloo, lA, church Jfiii 


44 Elm Dr., Rittman, OH 44270 

(Tbl. 216/925-1536) 
Assist. Pastor, Grace Brethren Churclf 

2019 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, MD 

21740 (Tel. 301/582-3248) 
Pastor, Valley Grace Brethren Churcl' 



QUICK*, DAVID C. (L) (Elaine) 
134 Ewing St., Peru, IN 46970 

(Ttel. 317/473-8526) 
Pastoral Asst., Peru church 



RAGER*, DON K. (L) (Hannah) 

667 Highland Ave., Johnstown, PA 

15902 (Tel. 814/288-4869) 
Retired, Pulpit Supply 
Conemaugh church 

RAMSEY*, DAN (Denise) 

Egerlanderstr. 3, 7250 Leonberg, 

Germany (Tbl. (011-49) 7152.4E1 
Missionary, Germany 
Canton, OH, church 

RANTS*, JACK V. (L) (Pamela) 

26312 Woodland Way S., Kent, WA 

98031 (Tel. 206/852-1665) 
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Chuii' 






FtCLIFFE*, CARL D. (L) (Doris) 
P.O. Box 2634, Christiansburg, VA 

24068 (Tel. 703/382-4654) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Riner 

ROGERS*, VICTOR S. (Vivien) 

P.O. Box 546, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441 
Pastor, Mt. Tipton Community Church 
Yucca Valley, CA, church 

niLLY, AL 

2000 Burlingame Dr., Huntsville, AL 

35803 (Tfel. 205/880-6921) 
(Lexington, KY, church 
Pastor of C.E.E. Outreach 

RONK*, HUGO (L) (Sylvia) 

R. 2, Box 186A, Martinsburg, WV 

25401 (Tfel. 304/274-1708) 
I^stor, Trinity Brethren Church, Fort 

Valley, VA 

RVIPEL*, HENRY G. (Helen) 
L120 Northwood Rd., Apt. 186-F, 
Seal Beach, CA 90740 
(Tbl. 213/430-6658) 
jOng Beach (Grace) church 

GUARDS*, JOEL (L) (Jane) 
.■ mi Glasgow Dr, Ceres, CA 95307 
(Tfel. 209/538-4495) 
astor. La Loma Grace Brethren Church 

UtHESON*, LARRY (Norma) 
330 Winnebago Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 

46815 (Tfel. 219/749-5721) 
astor. First Grace Brethren Church 

I! ER*, C. DEAN (Ella Lee) 
LO Pennsylvania Ave., Delaware, OH 

43015 (Tel. 614/369-1113) 
ssoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

1 HEY*, GEORGE S. (Laura) 
J. Box 76, Shawmut, MT 59078 
(Tfel. 406/632-4110) 
ilpit Supply 
ancansville, PA, church 

""jHINS*, D. RICHARD (L) (Betty Jean) 
: 54 Sweet Potato Ridge Rd., 

Englewood, OH 45322 
liion church 

i RTS*, ROY R. D.R.E. Ph.D. (Patti) 
5 5 Cindalyn Dr., New Holland. PA 
17557 (Tfel, 717/355-0234 
iitOT, Grace Brethren Church 

B^TSON*, KIM (L) (Susan) 
'c '4i Woodside Dr., Stephens City, VA 
22655 (Tel. 703/869-7262) 
|tor. Blue Ridge Grace Brethren 

l7 Geraldine Dr, Lansing, MI 48917 
Silial Ifel- 517/886-0525) 

^or, Grace Brethren Church 

ROOT*, GERALD H. (Elizabeth) 

407 N. Garland Ave., Dayton, OH 

45403 (Tfel. 513/252-5294) 
Dayton (Huber Heights) church 

ROUGH*, H. DON (Dorothy) 

R. 3, Box 135, Holsopple, PA 15935 

(Tfel. 814/288-1163) 
Pastor, Riverside Grace Brethren 

ROWE, BARRY (L) (Jean) 

321 27th Ave., Altoona, PA 16601 

(Ttel. 814/924-0907) 
Director: Child Evangelism Fellowship 

of Blair County 
Altoona (First Grace) church 

RUIZ*, TED (Vivien) 

P.O. Box A.C. 527, Quezon City, 1109, 

(Tfel. (011-63) 2-699-28-35) 
Missionanf, Philippines 
LaVerne, (5a, church 

RUSH*, DAVID (L) (Christie) 

735 Dixie Ln., Ripon, CA 95366 

(Tfel. 209/599-6912) 
Ripon church 


460 Brenda Dr, Mansfield, OH 44907 
Pastor, Woodville Grace Brethren 


39 Peach Grove Ave., Centerville, OH 

45458 (Tfel. 513/439-4742) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 


R. 1, Box 172, Garwin, lA 50632 

(Tel. 515/499-2358) 
Pastor, Carlton Brethren Church 

3ER*, STEVE (L) 

jJrace Brethren Church 

iHills-Miller Rd., Delaware, 


■ware church 


SABIN*, DOUGLAS (Barbara) 

R. 2, Box 118, Milroy, PA 17063 

(Tfel. 717/667-3885) 
ftistor, Milroy Grace Brethren Church 


SALAZAR*, ROBERT G. (Marilyn) 
Drawer 1068, Ikos, NM 87571 

(Tel. 505/758-3388) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of Tiios 

SALSGIVER*, Jr., ROBERT L. (L) (Janice) 
305 E. Lexington Rd., Lititz, PA 17543 

(Tel. 717/626-1191) 
Asst. Pastor/Youth 
Grace Brethren Church 

SANDY*, D. BRENT, Ph.D. (Cheryl) 

103 Sparrow Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502 

(Tfel. 804/525-3531) 
Professor of New Tfestament, Liberty 

Roanoke (Ghent) church 

SARVER*, RUSSELL A. (Alberta) 

2222 E. State Rd., Hastings, MI 49058 

(Tfel. 616/945-9224) 
Pulpit Supply; Chaplain, Thornapple 
Manor and Tbnder Care Nursing 
Pastor Emeritus 
Hastings Grace Brethren Church 

C. Virgen de Africa 18, 3-c, 28027, 
Madrid, Spain 
(Tfel. (011-34) 1-404-7640 
Indianapolis (Eagle Creek) church 

SAUNDERS*, MARK E. (Roberta) 

234 W. Main St., Ephrata, PA 17522 

(Tel. 717/733-6018) 
Co-Pastor, Ephrata Area Grace Brethren 



1266 Overlook Dr, Norton, OH 44203 

(Tel. 216/825-2639) 
Assoc. Pastor, CE, and Youth 
Grace Brethren Church of Norton 

SCHAEFER*, JAMES (L) (Elizabeth) 
10 East Luray St., Alexandria, VA 

22301 (Tfel. 703/548-8359) 
Alexandria church 


311 Kulila PL, Kenai, AK 99611 

(Tfel. 907/283-3216) 
Minister of Missions 
Kenai church 

18529 Phlox Dr, Ft. Myers, FL 33912 

(Tel. 813/267-7568) 
Interim Pastor 
Grace Brethren Church of Ft. Myers 


148 Avenue B, 1200 Aurora Blvd., 
Bradenton, FL 34202 
(Tfel. 813/746-6207) 
Bradenton church 

SCHROCK*, NORMAN E. (Claudia) 

6726 S. Newlin Ave., No. 1, Whittier, ( 

90601 (Tel. 213/693-5101) 
Pulpit Supply 
Bellflower church 

226 Hammond Ter, Waterloo, lA 5070 

(Tel. 319/232-5485) 
Pulpit Supply 
Waterloo church 

SCHUMACHER*, JOHN W. (Martha Ann) 
19A Garrison Ln., Carlisle Barracks, 

(Tfel. 717/243-7563) 
Chaplain, (Col.) U.S. Army 
Winona Lake, IN, church 


SCHWAN*, DAVID (L) (Becky) 

16 Bishopton Close, Shirley, Solihull 
B90 4AH, England 
(Tfel. (011-44) 21-744-5223) 
Missionary to England 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

311 W. Orchard, Santa Maria, CA 

93454 (Tel. 805/922-7184) 
Missionary to Portugal 
Santa Maria, CA, church I 


3581 Oaklawn St., Columbus, OH 43^,, 
(Tfel. 614/267-1843) Ji 

Pastoral Staff f 

Grace Brethren Church of Columbus ■ 


c/o Dekalb Community Grace Brethr 

P.O. Box 370837, Decatur, GA 30037 
Atlanta (DeKalb) church • 

SELLERS*, RICHARD D. (Virginia) 
14281 76th St., Clarksville, MI 488] 

(Tel. 616/868-0938) 
Retired, Pulpit Supply 

(Tfel. 616/868-0938) 
Flora, IN, church 


6234 Eckleson St., Lakewood, CA 9 
Cypress church i 


5716 Parkcrest, Long Beach, CA 9C 

(Tfel. 213/425-6268) 
Assoc. Pastor (Children's Ministries 
Grace Brethren Church of Long Be- 


828 Stanwood St., Philadelphia, ?;> 

19111 (Tel. 215/745-7004) 
Minister, Senior Adults 
First Grace Brethren Church 




HANK*, RONALD (L) (Nancy) 
P.O. Box 65, Maugansville, MD 21767 

(Ibl. 301/733-7322) 
Assoc./Youth Pastor, Maranatha 
Brethren Church, Hagerstown 

SjEARER*, KEITH (Laura) 
158343 Apple Rd., Osceola, EST 46561 

(Tfel. 219/674-6098) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church 

SEDD*, DAN L. (L) (Doris) 
5254 Grasswood Ct., Concord, CA 94521 

Cltel. 415/672-8634) 
(Adminis. of Ygnacio Valley Christian 

La Mirada church 

S PLEY*, GREG Th.D. (L) 

146 Knightsbridge Rd., Olton, Solihull, 
West Midlands, B92 8RB, England 
(Tbl. (011-44) 021.722.3595) 
vlissionary to England 
Philadelphia (First), PA, church 

SIMPSON', RUSSELL E. (Joanne Lynn) 
740 Boyd Blvd., Gallon, OH 44833 

(Tfel. 419/468-7363) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

SKEEN*, ROBERT (Denise) 

B.P. 240 Bangui, Central African 

Republic, Africa * 

Missionary to C.A.R. 
Columbus (Grace), OH, church 

SLUSHER*, DAVID S. (L) (Jane) 
1615 Timberlane Ln. NE, Grand 

Rapids, MI 49505 

(Tfel. 616/364-5528) 
Director of Library and Asst. Professor 

of Theology, Grand Rapids Baptist 

College and Seminary 
Winona Lake, IN, church 

SMALS*, JAMES R. (Betty) 

R. 2, Box 163B, Fairfield, VA 24435 
Buena Vista church 

)366 Chandler Ave., Fort Myers, FL 

r Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

♦•IK*, GLEN W. (Lois) 

007 Manor Dr., Ripon, CA 95366 

Cltel. 209/599-4685) 
istor, Ripon Grace Brethren Church 



!51 Knoxville Ave., Long Beach, CA 

90815 (Ttel. 213/598-5298) 
■nior Pastor, Grace Community 

Church of Seal Beach 




■RT*, AL (L) (Johanna) 

21 Dawson St., Long Beach, CA 

90806 (Tfel. 213/494-1037) 

lecutive Director, Greater Long Beach 

1 Youth for Christ 
llflower church 

ll*, RAUL 

llglesia de Los Hermanos Vivos en 

IChristo, Paramount 

15 Downey Ave., Long Beach, CA 


lamount church 

ks*, BERNARD (Sue) 

i Worthington-Galena Rd., 

Vorthington, OH 43085 

" " 614/433-0272) 
loral Staff, Grace Brethren Church 
If Columbus 

MARK (L) (Joy) 

le de Longwy, 71200 Le Creusot, 
■ance (Tfel. (011-33) 
;hington, OH, church 

SMALS*, RONALD A. (Susan) 

9324 Champton Dr, Indianapolis, IN 
46256 (Ifel. 371/578-0535) 

I^stor, Northeast Grace Brethren 

SMITH*, BRIAN (Kathleen) 

10641 Zodiac, Riverside, CA 92503 

(Ttel. 714/687-5427) 
F^stor, Grace Brethren Church 

SMITH, DAN (L) (Michelle) 

4591 Orange Ave. #102, Long Beach, 

CA 90807 (Tfel. 213/422-7526) 
Long Beach (Grace) church 

SMITH*, ERIC D. (Debbie) 

P.O. Box 450, Davao City, Mindanao, 

8000, Philippines 
Missionary, Overseas Crusades 
Long Beach, CA, (Grace) church 

SMITH, JEFFERY (L) (Brenda) 

4496 Algire, Mansfield, OH 44904 

(Tel. 419/884-0139) 
Church Growth Pastor 
Grace Brethren Church 

SMITH*, JOHN F. (Sharon) 

109 Main St., P.O. Box 72, Refton, PA 


(Ttel. 717/786-1591) 
Pastor, Southern Lancaster Grace 

Brethren Church 

SMITH*, MIKAL (L) (Barbara) 

28955 Camino Alcala, Menifee Valley, 

CA 92355 CRl. 714/679-5642) 
Co.Pastor, New Hope Grace Community 

Church of the Valley 


SMITH*, RANDALL D. (Dorothy) 

do 'Kintur P.O. Box 19556, Jerusalem, 
Israel (Tfel. (011-972) 2-760-911) 
Instructor, Biblical Resource Study Ctr. 
Ft. Myers, FL, church 

SMITH*, RICHARD M. (Eloise) 

547 Elder St., Chambersburg, PA 17201 

(Tfel. 717/263-1887) 
Pulpit Supply 
Chambersburg church 

SMITH*, WILLIAM W. (Phyllis) 

9133 Northbay Blvd., Northbay, Orlan- 
do, FL 32819 (Tfel, 407/876-4158) 

Interim Pastor, Community Grace 
Brethren Church, Melbourne 


13540 Baywind, Anchorage, AK 99516 

(Tel. 907/345-4082) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


R. 2, Box 268B, Palmyra, PA 17078 

(Tel. 717/964-2032) 
Pulpit Supply 
Palmyra church 


R. 4, Box 180-A, Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

(Tel. 717/398-0586) 
Pastor, Tiadaghton Valley Grace 

Brethren Church 


1210 W. 100 South, Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tel. 219/269-5647) 
Director of Church Planting and 

Development, Grace Brethen Home 

Missions Council 
Martinsburg, PA, church 

SNIDER*, R. WAYNE, Th.M., M.A. (Hyla) 
Box 691, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tel. 219/267-4684) 
Professor of History, Grace Schools 
Winona Lake church 


1289 N. CR 350 W, Warsaw, IN 46580 
Soldotna, AK, church 

SNOW*, R. JOHN (Lucy) 

P.O. Box 6, Portis, KS 67474 

(Tel. 913/346-2085) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


200 13th St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tel. 219/267-7559) 
Winona Lake church 


1002 N. Fifth St., Fremont, OH 43420 

(Tel. 419/332-5018) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Chapel 

SNYDER*, ROY B. (Ruth) 

901 Robson Rd., Winona Lake, IN 465! 

(Tel. 219/267-3234) 
Retired Missionary, Africa 
Fort Lauderdale, FL, church 


SOTO*, ROBERT (L) (Iris) 

1913 Camellia, McAllen, TX 78501 ' 

(Tfel. 512/686-6696) 
Pastor, McAllen Grace Brethren Churc 

SOULE*, DONALD J. (Cindy) 

R. 11, Box 274, Anderson, SC 29625 

(Tel. 803/225-6844) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

SOWERS*, LARRY B. (L) (Ruth) 

337 Wakefield Rd., Hagerstown, MD 

21740 (Tel. 301/790-1231) ! 

Pastor, Maranatha Brethren Church 


199 College Way, Auburn, CA 95603 

(Tel. 916/823-9307) 
Assoc. Pastor, Outreach, C.E., 

Auburn church 

SPENCE*, PHIL (Minda) 

HHD 503D MP BN, APO New York, 

NY 09657; Home: (Tel. 919/822-36 
CH (Cpt.) 503rd Military Police 

Battalion, Fort Bragg 
Mishawaka, IN, church 


139 N. Wall St., Covington, OH 4531 

(Tel. 513/473-2429) 
Pastor, Friendship Grace Brethren 



2809 S.E. Clinton, Portland, OR 9720 

(on Home Ministry) 
Missionary, Africa 
Osceola, IN, church 

STAMM*, GREG (Sally) 

507 S. Juniper St., Toppenish, WA 

98948 (Tel. 509/865-3877) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

STEELE*, PHILIP C. (Elinor) 

105 Morgan Ave., Ashland, OH 4480 

(Tel. 419/281-9512) 
Mifflin church 

STEVENS*, BILL (Shirley) 

6176 Sumter Dr., Brooksville, FL 34i 

(Tel. 904/799-3736) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 




7402 E. Broad St., Blacklick, OH 43004 
Pastor, Trinity Grace Brethren Church 
of Columbus 

TAYLOR", STEVE W. (Patricia) 

132 Summerall Ct., Aiken, SC 29801 

(Tel. 803/648-7078) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

TOWE*, LANCE (Betsy) 
I 6305 Mariquita St., Long Beach, CA 
90803 (Tel. 213/596-2832) 

Evangelism/Church Growth 

Long Beach (Grace) church 

UITT*, CHRIS (L) (Jan) 
13181 Running Deer Rd., Moreno 
Valley, CA 92388 (Tfel. 
Co-Pastor, New Hope Grace Community 
Church of Menifee Valley 

JMMERS', EARL L. (Barb) 
850 Alandale Dr., Chambersburg, PA 

17201 (Tel. 717/264-7457) 
Pastoral Counseling and Consulting 
Chambersburg church 


18192 Bedford Lane, La Palma, CA 

Family, Marriage, Child Counseling 
Bellflower church 

R. 6 Box 185, Johnstown, PA 15909 

(Tfe!. 814/749-0002) 
Pastor, Pike Grace Brethren Church 

TAYLOR*, TERRANCE T., D.Min. (Elaine) 
143 Wise Ave. S.E., North Canton, OH 

44720 (Tel. 216/497-0924) ,. 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


102 Apple Ct., Winona Lake, IN 46590 

{Te\. 219/269-2258) 
Senior Pastor, Winona Lake Grace 
Brethren Church 

TERAN*, PHILIP M. (Colleen) 

3490 Atlas St., San Diego, CA 92111 

(Tel. 619/278-3715) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

THAYER*, J. HUDSON (Cheryl) 

534 Forest St., Mansfield, OH 44903 

(Tel. 419/522-4433) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church 


Swiss Estates, 608 Lausanne Ave., 

BlufTton, OH 45817 

CM. 419/358-7110) 
Pastor, Bluffton Brethren Church, 


THOMPSON*, DAN (L) (Jacquelynne) 
740 Clarendon Ct., Naples, PL 33942 

(Tel. 813/597-2275) 
I^stor, Community Grace Brethren 


■/ JG*, VEK HUONG (L) (Samoeun) 
715 California Ave., Long Beach, CA 

(Tbl. 213/423-6312) 
'astor, Grace Cambodian Church 

VKIN*, WARREN E., Th.M. (Lois) 
S. Seasons Dr, Dillsburg, PA 17019 

(Tel. 717/432-4177) 
istor, Grace Brethren Church 

OCR*, DARREL G. (Carolyne) 
'■ Riverview Dr., Brunswick, ME 04011 

(Tel. 207/729-5775) 
stor, Down East Grace Brethren 

Y5R*, JAMES (Susan) 
00 Oakbridge Pkwy NO. 113, 
Lakeland, FL 33803 
(Tfel. 813/647-2201) 
Istor, Grace Brethren Church 

405 Administration, Winona Lake, 

46590 (Tel. 219/269-7316) 
Winona Lake church 



433 Tremont, No. 1, Long Beach, CA 

90814 (Tel. 213/439-6974) 
Long Beach (Grace) church 

THOMPSON*, RON E. (Thelma) 

3580 Robin Hood Circle, Roanoke, VA 

24019 (Tel. 703/992-4445) 
Executive Director, Brethren 

Evangelistic Ministries 
Roanoke (Washington Hgts.) church 


378-H Leman Ln., Waldorf, MD 20601 
Pastor, Waldorf Branch of Grace 

Brethren Church of Greater 


R*, MIKE (L) 

flB. 240, Bangui, Central African 
nRepublic, Africa 
iiBth iten, SC, church 


56 N. Crawford, Millersburg, OH 44654 

(Tfel. 216/674-1228) 
ftistor, Grace Brethren Church 



34640 Kalifornsky Beach Rd., Soldotna, 

AK 99669 (Ttel. 907/262-1008) 
Pastor, Peninsula Grace Brethren 


c/o Interclass, Cornwell Silva Tfelles 1 
Bairro Cambui, 13023, Campinas, 
SP, Brazil, S.A. 

Wooster, OH, church 

TITTLE*, MAYNARD G. (Kathleen M.) 
Kreamer, PA 17833 

(Tel. 717/347-3679) 
Milroy church 

TODD*, RICHARD E. (L) (Claudia) 

6242 Washington Ave., Whittier, CA 

90601 (Tfel. 213/945-6891) 
Senior Pastor, Community Grace 

Brethren Church 

TOROIAN*, SIMON J. (Louise) 

225 Willow Ave., Altoona, PA 16601 

(Tfel. 814/942-3650) 
Pulpit Supply 
Duncansville church 

TOWNSEND*, JOHN C. JR. (Yvonne) 
20 W Main St., Everett, PA 15537 

(Tfel. 814/652-9325) 
Senior Pastor, Everett Grace Brethren 



P.O. Box 7351, Newport Beach, CA 
92658 (Tbl. 714/721-0852) 

Principal, Mariner's Christian School, 
Newport Beach 

Whittier (Community Grace) church 

TRAUB*, GEORGE (Charlotte) 

8325 Willow Ridge Rd., Itoanoke, VA 

24019 (Tbl. 703/362-9580) 
Pastor, Washington Heights Grace 

Brethren Church 

TRAVIS*, DAN (L) (Joanne) 

1900 Normandy Dr., Wooster, OH 44691 

(Ttel. 216/262-4942) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

TRENNER*, ED (L) (Carla) 

1413 Lael Dr., Orange, CA 92666 
(Tfel. 714/538-2686 or 714/633-2454) 

ftstor, Grace Brethren Church of 

TRESISE*, FOSTER (Marguerite) 

95-303 Waioni St., Mililani, HI 96789 

Cltel. 808/623-2298) 
Waipio church 

TROXEL*, DAVY (Ronda) 

102 Glenmill Rd., New Albany, IN 

47150 (Tbl. 812/945-PRAY) 
ftistor. New Albany Grace Brethren 



P.O. Box 74, Tbnalea, AZ 86044 

(Tfel. 602/283-4461) 
Pastor, Red Lake Grace Brethren 

Church I 


P.O. Box 336, Winona Lake, IN 4659' 

(Tbl. 219/269-2719) 
Publisher and General Manager, i 

Brethren Missionary Herald Co. 
Winona Lake church 


1277 S.W. 18th Tferr., Okeechobee, FL 

34974 (Tfel. 813/467-2915) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Inc. 



3158 Columbia Woods Dr., Decatur, |i 

30032 (Tbl. 404/286-0503) 
ftistor, Dekalb Community Grace 

Brethren Church 



R. 1, Meyersdale, PA 15552 

(Tbl. 814/634-8200) 
Pastor, Summit Mills Grace Brethre 


VAN ORMAN, MELVIN D. (L) (Dolores) i 
350 Route 36 South, Duncansville, I 


(Tbl. 814/695-3855) 
Pastor, Hopewell Grace Brethren 


VIERS', JOHN D. (Soni) 

54, rue Docteur Oilier, 69100 Villeii 

banne, France ; 

(Tbl. (011-33) 
Missionary, France 
Centerville, OH, church 


1005 Birdseye Blvd., Fremont, OH 

43420 (Tbl. 419/334-7106) 
Minister of Visitation and Counseling 
Grace Brethren Church 


B.P 183 Moundou, Republic of Cha(i| 

Missionary, Chad 
Mansfield (Grace), OH, church 


B.P. 240, Bangui, Central African 

Missionary, Africa 
Duncansville, PA, church 

WEBB*, TONY (Cathy) 

225 S. Roosevelt St., Warsaw, IN 46580 

(Tfel. 219/269-6145) 
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren 


1507 Southwood Dr., Ashland, OH 

44805 Clbl. 419/289-3005) 
Assist. Pastor, Senior Ministries and 

I Visitation 
Grace Brethren Church 


105 W. 15th Ave., Juniata, Altoona, PA 

16601 (Tfel. 814/943-1277) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church (Juniata) 

\GNER*, ROBERT (Diana) 
9155 Nana Russell Rd. (P.O. Box 458, 

20736) Owings, MD 

(Tfel. 301/855-7895) 
j Pastor, Calvert County Branch of the 

Grace Brethren Church of Greater 
] Washington 

WEDERTZ*, LARRY (L) (Jonnie Lou) 

Grace Brethren ^Iavajo Ministries, Inc., 

Counselor, NM 87018 

(Tfel. 505/568-4454) 
Superintendent, Grace Brethren Navajo 

Tbmple City, CA, church 


5945 63rd Ave. N., Pinellas Park, FL 

33565 (Tfel. 813/544-5544) 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

WEIGLE', LARRY R. (Joyce) 

R. 3, Box 35-A, Stoystown, PA 15563 

(Ttel. 814/893-5422) 
Pastor, Reading Grace Brethren Church 

WEIMER*, RON (Vivian) 

3134 Violet Dr., Waterloo, lA 50701 

(Tfel. 319/296-3493) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 

'iLKER*, HARRY F. (Darlene) 
2901 Virginia St., Sioux City, lA 51104 
* Director, Gospel Rescue Mission 
i Stoystown, PA, church 

\4lL*, F. EUGENE (LJ (Sharon) 
c/o P.O. Box 5284, Vienna, WV 26105 
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren 

VLLACE*, MICHAEL D. (L) (Denise) 
20 Laurel St., Pine Grove, PA 17963 
' (Tfel. 717/345-6454) 
Pastor, Echo Valley Grace Brethren 
Church, Tremont 

WELBORN*, GLEN H. (Agnes) 

702 N. Main St., Leon, lA 50144 

(Tel. 515/446-6189) 
Leon church 

WELSH, RON (Donna) 

24775 CR 20E, Elkhart, IN 46517 
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


Beech Mountain Lakes, 77 Avalanche 
Ln., Drums, PA 18222 

(Tfel. 717/788-2599) 
Harrisburg church 

VjLTER*, DEAN I. (Peggy) 
9811 Caltor Ln., Fort Washington, MD 
j 20744 (Tfel. 301/248-2213) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 
Greater Washington 

WMBOLD*, ROGER L. (Phyllis) 
335 Clemens Rd., Harleysville, PA 

19438 (Tfel. 215/256-9620) 
Castor, Penn Valley Grace Brethren 
I Church, Telford 

WW*, RUSSELL M. ("D.D.") 
1007 Loop Dr., Englewood, OH 45322 

(Tsl. 513/836-8839) 
Castor Emeritus, Basore Road Grace 

Brethren Church, Dayton 

« WER*, SCOTT, L. (Betty Lou) 
|717 Lowell Wood East, Mishawaka, IN 

46545 (Tfel. 219/256-5940) 
^stor, Mishawaka Grace Brethren 

WHITCOMB*, JOHN C, Th.D. (Norma) 
P.O. Box 277, Winona Lake, IN 46590 

(Tbl. 219/267-8243) 
Conference Speaker 
Indianapolis (Northeast), IN, church 

WHITE*, BRIAN L. (Janice) 

6857 Park Vista Rd., Englewood, OH 

45322 (Tfel. 513/836-4730) 
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, 



3645 Susquehanna Trail North, York, 

PA 17404 (Tfel. 717/764-4839) 
Pastor, Basore Grace Brethren Church 

WHITED*, ROBERT D. (Jeannette) 

600 Donna Dr., Beaumont, CA 92223 

(Ttel. 714/845-7229) 
Beaumont church 




WIKERT, RANDY (L) (Pamela) 

P.O. Box 9011-367, Tfemecula, CA 92390 
Pastor, Sunridge Community Church 
Los Alamitos church 

WILEY*, GALEN W. (Elsie) 

22713 Ellsworth Ave., Minerva, OH 

44657 (Ttel. 216/868-3296) 
Pastor. Minerva Grace Brethren Church 

WILEY*, RALPH (Dorotha) 

1800 N.W. 9th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 
33311 (Business address: 22713 
Ellsworth, Minerva, OH 44657 
Winter address: c/o 1950 S. Ocean 
Dr. L.C. Hallandale, FL 33009) 
(Tfel. 305/525-5371) 
Interim Pastor, Grace Brethren Church 


Paradise Mobile Park, Lot 138, R. 1, 

New Bloomfield, PA 17068 

(Tfel. 717/834-4310) 
Visitation Pastor Emeritus, Harrisburg 



213 Weaver Dr., Lititz, PA 17543 

(Tel. 717/627-2691) 
Assoc. Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of 


c/o Grace Brethren Church, 375 Hills- 
Miller Rd., Delaware, OH 43015 
Delaware church 


150 W. Warren St., Box 41, Peru, IN 

46970 (Te\. 317/472-4016) 
Peru church 


15154 Goodhue St., Whittier, CA 90604 

(Tel. 213/944-9953) 
Whittier (Comm.) church 

6213 Green Eyes Way, Orangvale, CA 

95662 (Tel. 916/988-5874) 
Pastor, Ambassadors Grace Brethren 


R. 1, Box 431, Tfelford, TN 37690 

(Tel. 615/257-2880) 
ftstor, Grace Brethren Church 


R. 1, Box 152, Boones Mill, VA 24065 

(Tel. 703/334-2873) 
Roanoke (Garden City) church 

WINTER*, CHARLES H. (L) (Marilyn) 

120 W Pioneer St., Harrah, WA (Mail-i 

ing address: P.O. Box 69, 98933) 

(Tfel. 509/848-2609) 

Pastor, Harrah Grace Brethren Chu